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Hello friends, gonna try another “off-the-cuff” thing here. Less than 1,000 words guaranteed.

Thanks Bill Powell for Liking my post. I have enjoyed Your own blog, esp the Advice for Young Men, & should* take some time to study it more fully. I first discovered You prob through more “MANOSPHERE” (MRA, Game) blogs, then saw you popping up on Mindweapons, which is OBVIOUSLY just a little more Racially-oriented. I do not want to Mischaracterize You as a Man in the midst of a Racial Awakening, or a “WN Sympathizer”, but thank You for not being Scawed to Associate with Scawy White Wacists!

“conservative minded red pill men”

Since I am in the middle of my own Racial Awakening right now, I am trying to chronicle that for anyone else who might be thinking about doing the same. It honestly CAN be A Widdle Scawy at times! but that passes. And then you’re Proud to Be A White Racist.

So I write &write THOUSANDS of words just for fun; listen to some music and write like a teen livejournaling. if i posted all this crap i would have 1000 word posts every day from now till the end of time. I figure this “live improvisation”, with a STRICT eye on the word count, is a good thing atm.

ANYWAY number one thing I wanted to emphasize today was the life and recent death of Jason Molina. Rumors of him having “organ failure” due to massive longterm drinking. Seeeeeeeeems like “lots” of musicians/artists/etc die of drugs, but fact is plenty of people die of alcohol too, ordinary white people.  first discovered Molina in 2005 &appreciated his themes: breddy emo feelzy brokenheart “sad bastard” stuff, but in an honest, unpretentious, non-hipster, non-SWPL, non-faggy way.

stuff like “mumford & sons” or “avett brothers” is breddy mainstream hipster alt-country, which I will have nothing to do with; pure faggotry. whereas molina was honestly sad & tortured.

right now my Album Of The Last Two Weeks has been Neil Young “Tonight’s The Night”.

“Albuquerque” is my Exact Wheelhouse right now, what I & 600,001 faggot music critics call “LONESOME HIGHWAY” songs, which I most often associate with Neil, but Molina captures a lot of that too. Desolate open spaces, emptiness, loneliness, tired, yet chill, wanting to get away, and a bit of tranquil proud beauty in there, perhaps a soaring guitar solo evoking a soaring bird or driving down a Lonesome Highway. Plains, fields, mountains or no mountains, not a lot of people, night, day. A slow but steady drumbeat, slightly fuzzy guitars. works best with that Rock element IMHO. IN many ways I am describing the Average Crazy Horse sound. (though TtN is not a Crazy Horse album.)

“Lookout Joe” is another defining song. Ridiculous lyrics that probably have a deeper meaning. Straightforward, Honest Rock. This one does not fit the Lonesome Highway and is more Gutter Rock Bottom stuff, much like the album as a whole is largely about Death &Darkness.

The other interesting thing I learned this week was that my Buddy Andrew Zimmern is not only JEWISH, but a recovering ADDICT. Of course TV is Horrible Poison and should be Eradicated, but I found myself watching a Zimmern marathon and reflecting on how nice and goodguy and likeable he is. My Kinda Guy. Then I said, “Gee, I hope he’s not JEWISH.”  So I went on J-O-Pedia and my worst fears were confirmed.

So that kinda sucks, but he will now go on the short list of Jews I Like. Also I wonder if Jews become Addicts at rates above or below whites? blacks? mestizos?

Anyway I can respect Zimmern for beating his Addiction and hopefully he stays clean and sober. But I honestly couldn’t TELL he was a J, other than I thought “there’s prob a CHANCE, it’s possible, his face might be kinda jewy”

Makes me wonder if he has Khazar blood, and if those Jews who look “more white” are more “khazar” than “semitic”, which is why they can pass for white much more easily than swarthy jews who look like arabs.

Of course K!ke-O-Pedia resoundingly denounced The Khazar Theory as Antisemitism.

So I HYPOTHESIZED that whites who become addicts do so out of depression, guilt, shame, escapism, self-medication, self-destruction, anger. Whites are very depressive and self-destructive and we must shake ourselves out of that. While Nonwhites are more likely to become addicts from the motivations of Pure Id, Hedonism, Pleasure, just want more and more of good times. YES, of course I’m Generalizing, don’t diss it til you’ve tried it. Hmm note to self, investigate SUICIDE rates of whites. Heh. Try to prove that whites successfully commit SUICIDE at a higher rate than nonwhites.

Note: The Lonesome Highway Airy Breezy Plains Midwestern Railroad Track Soaring Bird Rock need NOT necessarily be intertwined with the super-sadguy music that Molina embodied, which probably explains much of his drinking. BUT Lonesome Highway is def NOT inherently haaaaappy.

Molina’s “hold on magnolia” def betrays me as a Newfag to his music, but it does capture both of those worlds. just imagine slightly more cymbals on the drums and fuzzier guitars and less “alt-country” elements (slide guitar, violin) I guess. NOT saying I would change anything about this song, however. It’s just 60% Sadguy and 40% Lonesome Highway. When I find an example of Molina that has more Lonesome Highway, I’ll let you know, hahahaha, though I hypothesize that the LH Percentage of Molina’s Intimidatingly Huge Catalogue won’t get much higher than 40%!

So Neil Young is prob the better example of this “Lonesome Highway” kick I’m on, but for what he did, Molina is no chopped liver neither. Dead at 39. Of Drinking. Don’t let it happen to You.

(BTW of COURSE I take signif Umbrage when Marxist & J’ish Health “””Professionals””” screeeeeeeech “ADDICTION IS A DISEASE! BAWWWWWK!!” but I’ll have 2save that 4another time.)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand how about funny picture:


have a good day, be strong &Secure the Future of yourself, your Family, &your Super-Extended Family.

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April 4, 2013 · 7:16 pm


Gon try something new here. tired of time machine & so R U. back to extreme fragments. basically a long tweet. a short post. new & fresh. news o the day. friday march 29 2013. Real Time. def under 1000 words!

gay marriage. really amusing is facebook reaction. tons of wimminz changing picture to pink equal sign on red background. good for you. Most amusing hilarious thing is the GUYS who do the same. i mean the straight guys. seeeeems like they are begging for approval &attention from wimmin: “look at me! See, All guys are not homophobic hateful brutes! (“Fwisky Bwute” tm Eradica) I’m a compassionate caring niceguy! Date me! Date me! (heh tm Chapin)

Now, wimmin are FAMOUSLY very Facebook-Activist regarding anti-homophobia, gay rights, gay marriage, loving gays, having contempt for Family Values Rednecks, and in general,  being huge Facebook Fanz of Mainstream Daily Show Rachel Maddow Alex Wagner MSNBC Librulism, etc. Yet any man who’s Ever Lived A Day In His Life knows that Wimmin Find Homophobic Men more Manly, so you’re not helping yourself Get Laid by Pretending to Support Gay Marriage to show how Tolerant , Nice,  Enlightened andLibrul you are, Ya Beta Neckbeard Kissless Virgin!

Even if the guy is Already Getting Laid, putting up this pic ensures he will get laid worse/less. It can only HURT his Sex Life.

Of course maybe you realize there’s more important things In Life than Your Sex Life (and boy is there ever!) and you’re willing to sacrifice that to show your solidarity.

IMHO this should be a States Issue not a Federal one, and I am quite suspicious of SCOTUS. Compared to some Radical Conservatives or Traditionalists, I have less of a problem with gays, &have even gotten along well with gays in the past. their gayness does not bother me as much as the RAFT of Lame Gay Faggy Librul Swpl Marxist YKWish anti-white Issues SO OFTEN associated with Gays.

I don’t want it to be Slippery Slope to Decadence. IMHO Gayness is not as Decadent as the MUCH more worrisome & prevalent pandemic of young white girls taking n00d photos, racking up High Partner Counts, HookUp, Friends With Benefits, Sex-Positive, Soft Polyamory, No Commitment, No Consequences, FunSexperimentation, Moral Relativism, Open Relationships, The Slut Phase, “Dating Around”, Spring Break, Having Fun, Hedonism, Anal Sex, Weirder Fetishes being Normal, They Think It’s Right Because They’re Not Right,  etc. And even more decadent than all THAT – and contributing to the General Moral Decay, and the Gradual Acceptance of That Laundry List of Everyday Decadence –  is the PORN Poison millions of people watch every day.

But then how many Gays are Radical Conservatives who are against all those?

Heh. “CORNUCOPIA” is not a new word, but I’ve not used it till now, so there it is. In my understanding, refers to the abundance &availability &low price of, at very least, the necessities of life (compare with TSHTF & you have to trade guns’n’ammo & yr 18 year old daughter for One Can Of Beans); but can also IMHO refer to general Mentality of Decadence, Materialism, Cheap Fast Food, Excess, Immoderation, Hedonism, Sensualism, Disposeability. Of people as well as products.

Point is, the Cornucopia spoils &poisons &rots people &makes them really unprepared for when The Cornucopia inevitably runs out.

Heh heh REAL profound stuff, hahahahaha. So Go Read Mindweapons. Go Read Eradica. I’m just having fun over here. Just jerkin the gherkin. but at least i’m not exploiting girls of my race.

Trying to Ruthlessly Eliminate Fagspeak, Snark, Irony, Coyness, Cutesyness, Sarcasm, Weakness, Waffling, etc from my language. Hard habit to break, but slowly getting there.

[search: “my little pony friendship is magic bronies as example of New Sincerity” “what is New Sincerity” “My Little Pony New Sincerity”]

Becoming less of a White Nationalist Sympathizer and more of a White Nationalist, heh heh. I feeeeeeeeeel the “label” is breddy Freeing, maaaaan, and not at all restrictive like most labels. maaaaan. Pretty simple (“pretty” is a fagword, as you may have suspected!) but also pretty deeeeeep, maaaaaan. Not to make a mockery of the cause, but I’m Born White, and nothing’s gonna change that, so I can either be ashamed of it, or be PROUD of it, and protect My Race from harm & shame.  Breddy clear choice, MANG.

But I am still def in the Beginning Newb Stages, a NEWB, need to LURK MOAR.

my tolerance for gays and my Decadent, Jewish Obsession with Sex will not go over well with much of The WN Community. IMHO I can getawaywithit because I do NOT want to have mixed BABIES or nonwhite longterm mates, even though I will totes bang cute 18 year old nonwhite girls (note the youth distinction). Though I certainly don’t find them MORE attractive than 18 year old white girls!

Just trying to be honest with my allies here.  not gonna LIE and say I DON’T find some nonwhite 18 year old girls attractive!

ok enough Meta/Narcissism!

not sure whether “Racist” or “Racialist” is better term. don’t have a prob atm with “RACIST”, like say it loud and say it proud, “I Am A Racist!”, though that might scare off people who’re on the fence, on the verge of Their Awakening. And I was one of them a year ago, so, I can relate. Either word is good. I guess use “racialist” or “race realist” if your buddy is on the fence, but open to discussion.

But you might be pleasantly surprised at how many Whites are A Little Racist!

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Yeah this blog is not really uptodate, trying even less than usual.

Officially in the midst of a Hateful Phase until about June 2013 approx. Just gonna celebrate the hate. no apologies, no excuses. K-kes have turned wh-te men into f-gg-ts and wh-te women into wh-res. K-ke poison infests everything: TV/news/media, health care, jerbz, careeeeeers (k-ke kareeeer kult), i have come out of the closet and begun using the word “k-ke” liberally in my private writing and now, I suppose, my public writing.  my other current favourite racial slurs are “sh-tskins” and “mudslimes”.

plenty of whites are wannabe k-kes. but they don’t even KNOW they want to be k-kes. they’ve just been poisoned by skool and media and Boomer families that didn’t know any better.

k-ke cancer. k-ke pharmaceuticals creating lifetime customers, not curing illness, not helping people. k-kes promoting all sorts of degeneracy and saying it’s right….because THEY’RE not right.

living in a CAVE eating BUGS and ROOTS would be healthier for the white soul than watching k-ke tv, working in k!ke careers, eating k!ke food.

K!ke FOOD! filled with chemicals and toxins and poison. not just k-kes but the Collaborator Race Traitor WHITES who LET all this happen because it meant more MONEY for them, to poison their own people!

Anyway I hope to let the Hate transform me in a Positive Way, make me tougher and meaner and stronger and healthier and better.  that is why i am putting the time limit on it.  If I am “Consumed By Hatred” after june 2013, then and only then I will start worrying, but before then, NO PROBLEM MON.

SOME of it is due to Personal Setbacks and Failures and Weaknesses and Regrets and things I’m not too proud of, that really are no fault of the K!kes, but MY fault alone. Although for a long time I wanted to believe J-w LIES!

And yet I am still the same Niceguy who started this “Blog” almost a year ago, except now I am not afraid to say the word k!ke.  KIKE.

I have not gone off “the deep end”, however I am prob more committed to My Racial Awakening.  It is a tuff thing and it did not happen overnight. But I feeeeeeel I might have turned a corner. Went past the point of no return. Crossed the RUBICON.  For me that is represented by not being afraid to say words like KIKE. For You it might be represented by something else.

There is the objection that “I’m Doing This” because I’m just into Acting Out, Getting Attention, and being POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and what’s more Politically Incorrect than being a RACIST? Next thing you know the most cutting edge artsy hipster Brooklyn SWPLs will be wearing Swastikas like Sid Vicious to protest the Man, or sommat, and will then be inundated with 18 Year Old White P-ssy.

However there are much, much, much more important things in life than P-ssy, even Wh-te P-ssy, if all it is is Decadent K-ke Poison!

Currently a big thing for me is, How Jewish IS Christianity. Is christianity a “jewish conspiracy” to make whites bend the knee to their jewish overlords.

At the moment I currently LIKE much of the characters of, for example, Jesus and Mary. I LIKE the priest at the church go to most often. I have a generally POSITIVE opinion of the churchgoers there, EVEN the nonwhites! However I can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing; and the idea of The White Race is Feeding My Soul more than the Christian Religion; and I certainly wouldn’t put it PAST those sneaky YouKnowWho’s to at least USE Christianity to SOME extent as a weapon against the goyim. the stupid, stupid goyim.

Also something about being BORN white, but you can’t be BORN christian.

Despite an awareness of the J Poison in Televitz, I have been watching tons of it: Gayme of Thrones – is it just filthy p0rn poison pretending to be “fantasy”, or is it actually ok to enjoy it? Star Trek TNG: great characters, but how “poisonous” is it; Breaking Bad (all “caught up”), actually all caught up on the undeniably Filthy K-ke Kancer “Girls”; picking back up on Battlestar Galactica again. wrote a bunch of stuff on these shows, might post some.

Ideally will free myself from this J-vvish “need” for ENTERTAINMENT but I have a gloominess and grumpiness and bawwwww feeeeeelz which overcome me during the cold bleak winter months. this is much less healthy than the Little Bit O Hatred, which is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, We must be careful of Trace Elements of POISON which SLIP IN to the things we LIKE and still manage to POISON us bit by bit.

Fun Entertaining New To Me Music:

SARGEIST: Let The Devil In. Sort of new discovery, Finnish Black Metal that proves Sweden and Norway have been Ruined By The J-w. This is exactly what black metal SHOULD* be. this album was released in 2010, quite a late date. Black Metal is alive and well.

TENHI another Finnish group I’ve heard OF but never really listened TO till now. Might make a “Dark Folk” fan out of me.

Even though these musicians might not be personally Race-Awakened, they are definitely still Honest Whites, and their Poison-Free Music can Nourish the souls of other Honest Whites. Especially if you have a hardon for FINNS, hahahahaha.

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LONG POST. feb 1 2013.

Ryu. What a guy. Answer for everything. I like his confidence, boldness, Leadership, & Vision. Maybe A WIDDLE SCAWY, but now I dig that.  def loves his race, &if you’re white, you have every reason to like Ryu, and if you’re not, you have every reason not to. Heh. Prime Specimen of a White; guys like him make You Proud To Be White. Ifn yer white that is. If you’re not, you have plenty of reasons &cheerleaders for being proud about not being white. Meanwhile, everyone who tries to make you Proud To Be White is labeled a hatemonger &neonazi &aryan nations etc. While it IS Right to Monger a Little Hate, especially against The Tribe, hahahaha, how do you make Average Everyday Joe White Proud to be White? Or is he part of the Chaff that’s bringing the white race down?

Thinkin. because Ryu mentioned there are some Blacks &Nonwhites who are apparently betraying their own races &trying to court white racial realists – nonwhites saying white is right, &they prefer company of whites. Exactly the type of nonwhites I might* be willing to ally* with, in other words.

Ryu argues that in situations of life &death, these Nonwhites WILL ultimately “go to the mat for” their OWN race and NOT the whites they claim to love. So they are good for nothing, and so are the whites that allow these “friendlies” into their ranks, &this is a way of separating the white wheat from the white chaff, and it’s happening right now. It might be happening to ME. Say I, as I listen to “Leonard COHEN Live at Isle Of Wight 1970”, hahaha. Whose side am I really ON anyway? Would I be willing to Throw My Whole Race under the bus, just so I can be a fan of Leonard COHEN? But I honestly do love Leonard COHEN, and don’t want to give him up. 90% of other jews I could do without though. Ha, Ha, Ha.

was watching MSNBC or HLN or some Televitz, did story on guy assoc with AryanNations who shot up  Jewish CommunityCenter in LA, killed Filipino-American mailman. Ihad never heard of this guy, Buford Furrow or something. Biff Farrell. Big Balding guy with big glasses & stache who looks like child molester, hahaha. but they brought out some of the jews who said some OMG stuff like “you can’t JUST get over this, you have to have time to Embrace Being A Victim, because you ARE a victim!” then they talked about how aryan nations never recovered. ishould* look it up, happened late 1990s. this is how prowhites are character-assassinated! WWDrWLPD???

Good Leadership is hard to find, especially with White Racialists/Racists, &I wonder if there’s been a “Leadership Void” since Dr Pierce passed in 2002. Who will take his place? Kevin Strom? Greg Johnson? Alex Linder? Chechar? Varg Vikernes? David Duke? Kevin MacDonald? Carolyn Yeager? Don/Derek Black? Hunter Wallace? Harold Covington? The American Nazi Party President who I’ve only seen one video of? IMHO I think Ryu would be pretty good candidate. Mindweapon too! Men under 50 (I assume) who still have lotta fight &energy.

Conchobar, “ERADICASPHERE”  guy big on White stuff, &I was surprised to learn he was such a YOUNG man, early twenties. makes me haaaaappy and hooooopeful!

So I def hate blacks less than A Good White Nationalist should*, &have even suggested WORKING WITH Race-Awakened Blacks. Maybe I was just being IDEALISTIC &looking at a VERY remote possibility. For as unlikely as it is, Whites would be better off not pursuing it. The rewards could never exceed the risks, even if it DID work out.

atm I’m more concerned about The Forces that’ve ALLOWED Blacks &Nonwhites to BECOME the destructive forces they are. I don’t need to tell you, YKW!!!

I agree OmegaVirginRevolt should try to distance himself from that name. Black Pill is nice, go with that instead, not both.

Feminized Western Male so Feminized &Crushed by Sexual Frustration, because he can’t get Any, BECAUSE he’s so feminized, that he becomes OBSESSED with sex as be-all end-all. Sex with any Pretty Young Thing, no regard to race, so that your Main Goal in Life is to be Sex Addict, “Negroid Playboy” to quote commenter on My Favourite Blog, hahaha. FeminizedWhiteMen aspiring to nothing more than being a Groid Playboy is Not Good.

Would problem be solved by Game &White Men actually GETTING laid? NO, because many men DO learn game and DO get the Sex they so desperately want, &successfully transform themselves….but how many graduate beyond that, beyond Just Sex As Their God? Some, but not all.

like OmegaVirgin, I’m IN SOME WAYS a BIT of omega. I don’t think he is PROUD of it, just as I am not PROUD of it… but should* I even MENTION it, even in the case of being HONEST? I can see being Honest with your allies, but why should you be honest with your enemies, or people who haven’t proven themselves as your allies? I know I’ve said Honesty Is The Best Thing Ever, but is it really? Why be honest with enemies or NonAllies? THEY don’t need to know I’m an Omega Loser! F00k no!

Me being Omega Loser is not Society’s fault, not Women or Wimmin or Blacks or Alphas or Family or Skools or Gummint or even You Know WHO, it’s ALL on ME, and just in case you forgot, 20% of this Blog’s Mission Statement is Helping People Improve Themselves, including my Self.

Ok enough WEAKNESS!

Conclusion: Ryu should* start a Youtube channel and give Electrifying Speeches. Including Practical Advice for Men.

Well it’s’not Calc2 haha: Get up early, work out until you’re muscular, strong& athletic, eat well, read read read, don’t be LAZY, learn practical skillz, work on projects, hone yourself into the strongest warrior you can possibly be, journey that never ends. Constantly Hone Yourself.  simple to describe, hard as f00k to DO.

I am inspired by Ryu saying positive things about Hate – atm I’m becoming convinced A Little Hate Is A Great Thing. Thank the j-wg-d for this serendipity.

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screeched in Old Finnish Lady Voice.  Some newf@g on the internet once said Mikko Aspa looks like Butthurt Dweller. And I thought the IDEA of him living in his mom’s basement at age 37 (or whatever) was funny. Although I’m 1000% certain he doesn’t. It’s just a FUNNY IDEA. Also something about both Butthurt Dweller and Mikko Aspa being Grumpy and Hateful and Creepy.

let me plug MIKKO ASPA ‘s DOOM project STABAT MATER, which I’ve not done yet, prob because i haven’t had time to listen to it. but today I righted that wrong, and it is IMMEDIATELY obvious, within ONE MINUTE, that this is top shelf Aspa Goods. If you like Clandestine Blaze, you WILL like Stabat Mater. GUARANTEED.

He uses the Growly, Deeper Creamface voice and it sounds even SICKer than Creamface, I might even prefer this to his Black Metal voice. Music is “basically” Funeral Doom mixed with some sludginess I was not expecting, all with that Bleak Mikkoness you’ve come to expect from CB.

Is it because he’s a GENIUS at getting good production, which is SO crucial in Metal, or because he’s A Real Good Songwriter? Heh. Mehopes both. Because he’s improved his production skills over the years somewhat more noticeably than he’s improved his songwriting. what a BIG FINNISH TEDDY BEAR.


recent MA interview mostly on CB, but some good general aesthetic and even SM talk too!


and while i’m there, lemme remember to link to his main Northern Heritage page. Order Some Stuff From Mikko!

Note To Mikko Aspa: Make a bunch more CB and SM T-Shirts! Come to US and A, and play CB and SM shows and contact me to be in the live band, because I support the Mission of Your “bands” 100%, and will not try any funny f@gg0t rockstar business other than to bring your songs to grim bleak antisocial life, and be your instrument-playing slave!


So if you can use BITCOINS to hire a HIT MAN or BUY ORGANS or buy SLAVES or order a SUICIDE BOMBING or easily find Kiddie Pr0n from the DARK NET, do you think you could buy a phony degree too? Bribe someone for a job? I also find it hard to believe that The Dark Net is 10 times bigger than the Above-Ground net (there’s a term for it, I just forgot it.)

What kind of math went into the development of the Bitcoin? Like the inventor had to plan the rate of inflation, and that he was going to increase the Money Supply by x% until there were X,000,000,000 bitcoins in circulation by the year 2050. there has to be an academic career there, hahaha.



(Note: I’ve been entering a “Dark Night Of The Soul” where I once again doubt my “born-again” Christianness, blame my Racial Awakening hahaha)

was also thinking about how BS The Christian idea of FORGIVENESS is. DON’T FORGIVE.

Ok lemme qualify that: don’t forgive unless the person has repented and Made Amends and PROVEN that they’re sorry, and Paid You Back in a way that you think is fair. Otherwise don’t forgive them. It’s that simple. Now this doesn’t mean you go around being angry at them for the rest of your life. No, you Forget and Don’t Forgive, and just let them be Dead To You. They’ve earned that much. And if they want back in your good graces, they’ve got to Earn It. Don’t go around forgiving the people who screwed you over, unless they are really sorry and UNScrew You.

So yeah there is something to the “conspiracy theory” that Christianity is just a big J3VVISH PLOT to Destroy Whites. Forgive Forgive Forgive until your Race Is Gone.

Of course my no-forgiveness rule also applies within the race, like beta males forgiving females over and over again, with no change of behaviour on the females’ part. Don’t do that either!

On the other hand, don’t Stay Actively Angry for too long. I claim you can eventually put that anger on the back burner and get on with your life. Heck you can even LOSE the anger and Forget the person, but Not Forget their Transgression, and Not Forgive where Forgiveness is not Earned.

That’s basically the bottom line: don’t Give your Forgiveness away willy-nilly like a Modern Grrlz spreading their 18-year-old Uterus; don’t forgive people who have not d4mn well EARNED it.

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I had just started listening to David Duke’s “My Awakening”, the updated audio version read by him in his nice gentle soothing voice, had a hard time tearing myself away to listen to Election Results after some of the early ET poll closes, 6pm, 7pm ish. REAL Gripping, I recommend it to ALL. Shoulda come to this one a LOT sooner.

So yeah. I am hooooooping for a more true, non-zionist, paleoconservative movement to form, in these next 4 years. I just don’t want to work to do it, hahahahaha. No but seriously folks, I WILL volunteer time and effort. I will even try working with Latinos! I’m willing to give Nonwhite (& Nonzionist / NonNeoCon!) Conservatives a chance, maybe TWO chances, before I give up on them and get more serious about Racial Separatism, WHICH, BY THE WAY, ABE LINCOLN SUPPORTED. According to David Duke. Who actually read what Lincoln wrote. Free the slaves, AND THEN encourage them to Go Back. YES I’m WELL aware of the problemz in LIBERIA. Just saying that The Founding Fathers and Lincoln were NOT in favour of a Multicultural State as it is today, EVEN IF they were in favour of No Slavery.

REALLY like what I’ve listened to of the David Duke book so far.

But I have reached my naptime of 318pm. I am lazy and lethargic which is not a Good White. As a child David Duke would read science books voracious and explore the wilderness voraciously. Including setting up his own Weird Little Zoo. I had no idea he was so into the science. But he would go out there and imagine he was Davy Crockett and get bit by snakes and catch and cook fish and build canoes and learned how to build houses from his father, was the antithesis of lazy and lethargic. His biggest Family Trouble was his Mother was a big drinker but he dealt with that in a healthy manner and forgave her and she eventually stopped drinking. Yeah I know Duke cheated on his wife and gambled lotsa money away too, but overall, I’m very impressed.

But lemme just be honest and say that the major thing holding ME back is not Zionists or Plutocrats or Minorities or Wimminz, but MYSELF. Laziness. My Tragic Flaw. Whatever the Greek word starting with H Firepower used that means “tragic flaw.” For me, it’s Laziness and Cowardice. Period. The End. So don’t think I’m BLAMING Wimminz, Jews, or Blacks for MY Downfall. Just America’s, hahahahaha. I’m no role model, except to say, Don’t Do As I Do, My Son. I haven’t totally Given Up on myself, but I have partially given up on myself, so the Going is SLOOOOOOOW as f00k. At this rate I will be staring down the barrel of Zionist gunz but will have been too lazy to prepare to defend myself. Might not even be Zionist Jackbootz, but just angry violent ethnic mobz looting and killing for fun, endangering my family while I whine about Nawalt Infatuations and Underemployment and Laziness!

Heh. Thinking about cutting back the blogging to 3 posts per week. Until I can personally DO more. Then maybe write about THAT, once I actually DO it. Heh. Good thing I’m only posting HALF of what I write anyway. This is TOO MUCH.



Alex Linder responds to Greg Johnson. Okay this is where a “falling out” is happening, hahaha. Linder is saying Johnson is all talk, no action, just a pointy-headed prognosticator with no balls. Bringing a tiny knife to a huge gunfight.

This blog is “An Appendix to The West’s Darkest Hour” done by this guy Chechar, who are kinda saying Greg Johnson and James O’Meara are homosexuals and not doing a good job with WN. I don’t think I would say that, after all I just confessed a Mancrush on Greg. Then again I WOULD like Greg, because I too am a niceguy pacifist feminized nonviolent scared-to-fight fag coward, hahaha. Infighting like this makes me not want to be part of ANY group and just GMOW. BUT more Significant Social Change can best be accomplished In Groups and not as GYOW Individuals. Cmon fellaz, we’re all against Zionists here!

Anyway he has a nice preview of KMAC’s book “Culture Of Critique”, so, I def recommend that! Also Chechar’s main blog The West’s Darkest Hour is well worth reading – hell might even PRINT OUT 10 pages! – though potentially intimidating to the newb.

Hell NO I’m not a PROFESSIONAL WN or an EXPERT New Rightist! I’m a NEWB!! A NOVICE!! I’m JUST GETTING INTO this stuff! Think of this more as NOTES on a Research Interest! You want something SERIOUS from Established Experts, go to one of the people on the blogroll. They’ve been INVOLVED for YEARS. I’ve just been READING off and on for less than ONE year. Wahh Wahh don’t attack me or leave mean comments or send mean emailz, I’m just a Sensitive Widdle Beta Boy! Waahh waahh, give baby his baba!

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I try to treat myself to Good Book from Amazon every week or every two weeks, something hedonistic and pleasurable, some mind-food, something to Recharge the batteries, positive reinforcement schedule, etc, since drugs and alcohol are bad, my careeeeeer is stalled, lifting weights would be great but I’m too lazy, and meaningless decadent jewsex with decadent sluts in the harem has lost its appeal – and I’ve taken a vow of Chastity so as to Practice What I Preach & be honest and unhypocritical. I usually look for Cheap Books (1 cent plus 3.99 shipping.) This leads to me buying good books which I end up not really feeeeeeeling like reading at the moment, for example Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” which I plan to get to properly but so far I’ve only skimmed. Then there was “Bell Curve”, that turned out to be more up my alley at this moment in my Intellectual Development. This week I decided to Splurge and spend Big Money on a book I reeeeeally wanted, even though it was consid more expensive. This was a good idea, as I got a Big Mindboner when the book arrived Lightning Quick from the white-friendly bookstore. (I woulda bought it direct from Counter-Currents, BUT the seller Lighthouse Literature will be closing its doors soon, they had a cheaper price, I wanted to support them, AND I entered Amazon through the Counter-Currents “gateway” (link) to give them some “affiliate marketing” which they apparently like. Not sure how much money that brings in for them.)

Short book, I took about 90 minutes and skimmed the whole thing, read the first couple essays in full, and so far, so Great! Very satisfied, very glad I spent the big bucks, very worth it, should do this more often. I really relate with Johnson as a Soft-Spoken Polite Niceguy who initially wanted to do an Academic Career. He lives in SAN FRANCISCO and his voice is kinda faggy and beta and niceguy.  since I’m much more Homosexual-friendly than the Avg Far Rightist, this might be a good thing for me. Also, one of the Essays therein argues that WNs need not be anti-homosexual per se because One’s Sexuality is not a foundational part of one’s identity, and the notion that it IS, is of course, a product of the Freudian and then later decadent sex-obsessed postmoderism; and Johnson reminds us of the Manly, Masculine, Heroic, Warrior, Prinicipled Heterosexual Spartans and Greeks and Romans who used to Bugger Boys, and then go on to be more-or-less heterosexual husbands and fathers. Sexual Orientation is not the be-all end-all of Your destiny, and to put it at the forefront of Your Life makes you a decadent sex addict.

(Kinda ironic that Postmodernism emphasizes that everything is a Spectrum and nothing is black-and-white, except for the rather notable exception of Sexuality! Although yes there is the kinsey scale that emphasizes a spectrum, or the idea of “Wimminz Have FLUUUUUID Sexuality!” But by that argument, maybe some homosexual men might be less homosexual than they’ve been brainwashed by the homosex-loving media/culture to believe!)

Johnson talks about A RAFT of interesting issues: Deep Ecology, Alan Watts, West Coast San Fran hippie Dippie and Niceguy Racialists, Race Mixing, immigration, practical solutions, commentary on Harold Covington, SWPL and Christian Lander, Books and Movies of interest (“A Conversation on Race” by Craig Bodeker (not on netflix!) ) Racialist Awakenings, alternate histories, jews, anglo saxons and then later white euro immigrants: slavs & italians; what is white, and the great variation among whites like northern europeans vs dravidians in india; a bracing review of Jim Goad’s “Sh!t magnet” and the pros and cons of Goad (pro: good satirist/writer ; con: decadent, narcissistic, immoral); plenty of talk on “decadence”; a great “primer” on introductory ideas for the Newbie Like Me or You.

Would have liked more on his personal Awakening. The Awakening is an important thing IMHO, possibly just because I’m in the middle of it RIGHT NOW. Hell it might be in there, I haven’t read the whole book.

But yes I like his Niceguy yet not-too-sentimental or fluffy approach. Like me, he is staunchly nonviolent, and he comments on some of the more violent WN literature (“all race traitors must be killed!”) but oooops I jerked-off to an attractive 18-year old black girl one time, looks like I must die.

This is not to say Johnson’s message is “soft” or “watered-down”. It’s just nonviolent, and very cool-headed. Cool as a cucumber.

Again I want more on Johnson’s life: what moved him to the PhD and academic career, what made him throw all that away for WN; I ASSUME his PhD is in literature or philosophy or sommat but he doesn’t say. Also I like that he is “tolerant” or at least friendly and open to Christians as well as homosexuals. Yes, “Tolerance” is generally Bad, but I agree with him here where Christians and Homosexuals can be valuable Whites!

He talks about his friend who was instrumental in his own awakening; this friend VERY, VERY reasonably wanted a mate who was not corrupted by Western Marxist Feminism and Decadence (heh my “new” fave word), so his solution was to marry a Filipina. This I find VERY interesting given my interests in Finding A Good Mate – what if All White Wimminz are Corrupt, and White Men who want a good mate have to look for Nonwhites, because most Nonwesterners are Nonwhite? This is a VERY valid concern. So that marriage did not work out, but apparently the guy did not get hosed either; and he ended up marrying a white woman and having 5 children. Johnson did not clarify if this White Woman was a Decadent Wimminz but I assume he wouldn’t even bring up the anecdote if she were.

Then I thought: Given the choice between a Good Nonwhite Mate and a Bad White Mate, what the hell do you choose? Considering: no matter how good the nonwhite might be, you still have to deal with a RAFT of complications from her FAMILY and CULTURE that could be enough to ruin a Good Marriage. Johnson also mentions the idea of the person with ideas of racial purity but they don’t get to put it into practice because they never mate; versus the person that does mate, but interracially. I have to read deeper here. Matt Forney has raised the VERY important issue of: yes whites are slowly dying out and we need to have more white babies, but Most White Wimminz are Decadent Trash who aren’t WORTH having Babies with – is it better to produce White Trash, or White Nothing?

This is where I bring in “my” solution of Voluntarily Single Fathers. And since they can choose their mate/egg, they should choose the healthiest one within their race that they can, then bust their 4ss doing the work of both Traditional Father AND Traditional Mother, because Wimminz sure as hell aren’t going to.

Where’s MY awakening coming from? In short: The DECADENCE of Western White Wimminz. I’ve been concerned with that for a LONG time. THEN when I started reading Eradica via Firepower, I couldn’t help but notice Ryu. I blame Ryu, for talking about WN all the time, hahahaha. I was jolted and thought, “WAIT a minute, how did we get from Decadent Wimminz to this scary paranoid violent idea of WHITE NATIONALISM? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” And as I read more, I find maybe it’s not. AND that WN is not necessarily so scary and violent and paranoid.

PLUS I’ve been reading Counter-Currents for quite some time, been interested in the Far Right and Alternative/New Right for some time, it’s just that the “White” component never really Clicked for me until now. To Ryu’s credit, he is a Really Provocative writer! Also, I’ve been reading Varg Vikernes’s stuff for years (“Articles” near bottom), he’s essentially a New Rightist and should get more active in that, hahaha. So I’ve never been a big stranger to the Politically Incorrect. I’ve also been Suspicious of Blacks ever since childhood because I grew up in an area where there was noticeable Racial Tension. So perhaps I’ve always been a Racialist but never really recognized myself as such.

Oh yeah. Johnson gets “The Thomas Sowell Question” out right away. Because intelligent nonliberals can’t help but run into Thomas Sowell at some point, he’s too tremendous and talented and smart not to be noticed, and then you’re even more surprised when you find out he’s BLACK. Then you think, thank GOD for Thomas Sowell, it means I’m not an Evil Racist! I CAN’T BE a racist because I really like and respect this guy! Why can’t MORE blacks be like him?”

Answer: Because he is an exceptional black. An outlier. Not an average black. And Johnson wisely also immediately mentions that just because you’re a racialist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate INDIVIDUALS of ANY race. You can like Thomas Sowell, you can like Gustav Mahler. We kinda DO need to keep saying NAXALT because The Media portrays Racialists as Crazy Stupid Violent Gun Nuts who Always think AXALT and are too dumb and illiterate to know about Sowell. And this is JUST NOT TRUE.


More importantly, Johnson asks “is one Thomas Sowell enough to compensate for the amount of destruction Blacks have Wrought? For the amount of White Thomas Sowells they have displaced or killed?” Via Vanguard News Networks Alex Linder (and I think there’s been some controversy / falling-out with him since, gotta look into) provocative question “Because the black race produced Thomas Sowell, the white race must die?”

Though at this moment I’m still an optimist, and in my Ideal Race World, Blacks could Nurture Blacks to produce More Thomas Sowells and fewer violent thugs!

Also the idea that Nervous SWPL White “SOLICITOUSNESS” and Niceness/Politeness to blacks makes blacks feeeeeeel whites are being racist towards blacks. Just treat us like Normal People, they’re saying. Don’t give us preferential treatment. (unless it’s for jobs and educationz hahahahahahahahaha)

I would add to this that White Nationalists and Black Nationalists could probably have a more productive conversation together than Average Whites and Average Blacks. Maybe.

Johnson talks about Real and Interesting Stuff every single page. Not a gram of Turgidity or Bloatedness here. If I had the money I would have bought the Hardcover. I would buy a hardcover of every Counter-Currents book. Greg Johnson is my type of guy and I can feeeeeeeeeel a mancrush developing.

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