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great search term brought someone here: “MRAs are bitter because women get to choose their mates” . Maybe. You got a point there, searcher, albeit a bit crude. This is why I believe in Game/Charisma: Men must develop and perfect THEIR ability to choose THEIR mates, rather than hang out by the wall at the dance and WAIT to get picked by the Ugly Girl after all the Tall Handsome Charming Athletic Leaderly Charismatic Men have been chosen.

So I might be A Little Racist; But I don’t HATE Nonwhites for being Nonwhite; BUT I might also be A Little White Supremacist and believe that As-A-Group, The White Race is a More Evolved, More Intelligent, More Moral, and BETTER Than the Black Race, but I don’t hate blacks for it, in fact maybe even PITY them for it, and recognize that an individual black CAN be as Good as some individual white; but the main thing you CAN say about ME is that I’m Generally Against Mad Multiculturalism – the state essentially FORCING very different groups of people to live together. I say Resegregate the races and all races will be haaaaaappier. Crack down on Illegal Immigration, even Legal Immigration. Use Our Taxpayerz Money to Monitor and Punish Employers who Illegally Hire Illegalz. The End.

Lights were off at 6:30pm last night! Paleo Bedtime. I established that I need the Upper Limit of Sleep – 9 hours – and will make Big Sacrifices to get it: social life, hobbies, wimminz. Because the sacrifices are WORTH IT, because the cost of not getting 9 hours of sleep is THAT bad. BUT: Morally Lazy Loser Depressed people would want to sleep 24 hours a day if you let them, and I do have a little bit of that. BUT the Greedy Plutocrat Medical Establishment might be lying to you about both Sleep AND “Depression” just like they lie about CANCER! So they can SCARE you with CANCER, make a MILLION bucks off your cancerous body, then you DIE in  6 months or one year or 5 years or 10 years of CANCER, when you coulda just CURED yourself of CANCER with a DR HULDA CLARK ZAPPER and eliminating TOXINS from your diet!

Ok was reading something, possib a comment on West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) that American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor referred to anti-semites as “DEGENERATES” or “DEPRAVED” or something else that could be construed as JT/AmRen being Soft On Jews. Jewlovers. Shabbas Goys, hahaha. I don’t know. I guess a quick internet search “amren jews” might help.

OK. had a breakthrough. On Day 48 of Rejection Grief. It’s not Grief over REJECTION, THAT probably only took 21 days or so. It’s MUCH moreso a Struggle To Destroy The PEDESTAL. A pedestal that was 100 MILES HIGH. And I can only take 1 mile off it per day. Thus, 100 days. This makes a lot of sense, considering it WAS a BIGASS Pedestal. At LEAST 100 Miles. Proverbially. So yeah every day I destroy 1 mile of it, and that’s nothing to sneeze at… until I remember the pedestal was at least 100 miles tall anyway. Heh. I considered that I might have to increase 100 days to….120 days or so. 4 months. why not.

Chapter 8 For My Heirz: How To Destroy The Pedestal Once You Realize It’s Not Really The Rejection Per Se That’s Crushing You

Uhh take 100 days and at the end of each day cross off that day’s number and say, “I have now gotten one day closer to destroying the pedestal, today I went from destroying the pedestal 50% to 51%, good job me.” Recently I passed day 50 and thought “does that feeeeeel right? does The Pedestal Reeeeeally Feeeeeel 50% gone?” It’s gone a little bit, but not yet 50% I don’t feeeeeel. So: let’s say 30%, that’s closer. 30/50 as 100/x. 30x = 50*100 = 5000 / 30 = x = 500/3 = 166.66667 days To Fully Destroy The PEdestal.  167 days. Yikes. OH WELL. At least I can do Almost The Bare Minimum Of Life, which, while unfortunately does not include Optimal KareeeeeerBuilding, it thankfully includes Not Getting Fired, not dying on the streets, not getting Raeped In Jail, not having cancer or aids, etc etc. NOT BAD UH?

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makes a meme with only one good macro, hahaha. Hooray 4 ADDultKidz! But seriously volkz, I am pretty PROUD of this one. Yes I INVENTED this meme; it did not exist until I personally CREATED it.


online free version of “Photoshop” which I used to combine the Lenin and Owl photos

Leonard Cohen, now there’s a Jew I do like. Not just like, but LOVE. Not sure how Zionist he is. I know he’s BEEN to Israel, hahaha. Even if he WERE A Zionist I’d still like him, he’s just THAT good. I will be SAD when he passes. If you’re “too antisemitic” to like LEONARD COHEN, GTFO.

But the newz people are talking more and more about “DEMOGRAPHICS” and being more open about how White Men in particular are losing power, so they have to come up with new ways or possibly even a new message (hope not!) to Grow the Conservative Base. Pretty leery about that. I don’t think the message should be softened. But I AM hopeful that nonw’s ARE capable of taking to a Hard Conservative Message! But if they haven’t by now, or in great enough numbers, maybe that’s further evidence that Multiculti is Bad. Humans Were Not Meant To Mix Like This.

I blame being Too Good of a CHRISTIAN, that I always want to turn the other cheek and give The Outsider the Benefit of the Doubt, Another Chance, another Strike. Christian, and Whites are generally pretty friendly, trusting, and welcoming. So How much MORE do True Conservatives have to DO to “win over” nonwhites and women? Maybe this election is Our Wake Up Call: This Is Not Our Country Any More. No Country For Old White Men. We cannot take it back. We do not have and can never get the numbers.

Although I recall hearing Rush say that Latinos do not support the Dems because the Dems are pro-Amnesty/Open Borders, but for the same reason ANYONE supports the Dems: “Santa Claus; they want Free Stuff.” So, theoretically, Conservative Latinos would not be scared off by Immigration-Restricting True Conservatives.

Vincent Gallo calls himself an extremely radical conservative, but his lifestyle as an Artsy-Fartsy ARTIST and MUSICIAN is very faggy. What’s the deal?

What IS THE MOST Conservative and White Nation On Earth? The “Whitest” Nations have become less white, more left. So let’s not look at Scand any more. But what about other “historically white” nations like, and I guess I’m thinking more western europe, like Switzerland or Austria. I feeeeeeeeeeel the former eastern bloc / commie countries are more resistant to liberal policies of immigration. Ukraine? How about Poland? Hungary? Slovakia? You never hear about Slovakia, hahaha. I’m thinking Nonbalkan eastern countries OBVS, hahaha. Maybe I’m just THAT Anti-Albanian, hahaha.

I repent to White Men for being so pvssy and f4ggy and defensive and apologetic with all my “let’s be polite” and “there’s always exceptions” and “we must always qualify with NAXALT” and “I judge individuals individually”, it’s as if I’m trying to WIN OVER nonwhites. That’s the ironic thing, is, I don’t even have a specific or token nonwhite in my friend-radar, and if I did, I would just be friends with them, and not pander to them like a pvssy. It’s like trying to be A Niceguy to pull Wimmin. It’s weak AND stupid AND dishonest.

Day 43 Of Rejection. Why I am still counting? Because it IS a big deal. I wouldn’t still be counting if it weren’t. My current Stage Of Grief is a mix of Anger and Depression. “Man, f00k this, everything would have been right with the world if she had just said yes, she could have made this a hell of a lot easier just by going the other way, then I would have been White Ubermensch, conquering worlds, working hard, doing good, having heirs, leaving a legacy, creating a better world with my K-selected mate, etc.”  These are the Male Committment Chemicals which only get produced a couple times per lifetime to let you know that This Is The One, so that there’s no doubt, no ambiguity, no indecision, no tubby 37-yo broad trying to Hornswoggle you into Marriage because you’re so beaten and broken and beta to think you can DO any better.

If anything, Day 43 is WORSE than Day 21, for example! But I’m still confident that things will be ALL GOOD by day 100. I just wasn’t expecting this peak at day 43. I might still be moping and wailing at day 60. It’s not a Constant Negative Slope of Suffering vs Time, in other words! I wish there were a Scientific Empirical Graph, just so I could know what to expect, and prepare accordingly! For All I know, it could INCREASE thru day 99, then you wake up day 100, and it’s all gone! So prepare for THAT worst-case scenario. until then I’m going to Paleo Bed at 7pm every day.

You know it’s True Pedestal / Luv / Infat / K-selection IF….

…You’re obsessed with HER more than you’re obsessed with YOURSELF, hahahahahahaha.

That’s the thing about us white european k-evolved introvertz, is that introversion can be a slippery slope to NARCISSISM sometimes, haw haw haw. (gotta switch up the style in which I laugh at my own “jokes”!)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Be grateful for your FAMILY, and don’t be a materialistic SWINE going SHOPPING.

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(Officially: I do that just in case WordPress or The Feds are screening my Titles for Suspicious Phrases!)


Interesting Premise examining the Parents of a Loner Boy who perpetrated a Shooting Massacre at his Kollige Kampus, ending with killing himself. Public jumps to the conclusion that his Parents are Psycho. But the Parents are not any more Psycho than average, just maybe a tiny bit “cold” or “distant” but nothing that could justify the kid going Off like that. IMHO, the whole point of a movie like this should* (* MRA’s note proper usage of “should”, hahaha tm Firepower) at least TRY to answer the question of “why” rather than say “well sometimes people do crazy violent things with no explanation.” Sure that’s true, but if we wanted No Explanation, we would have watched No Movie. I’m growing Tired of Media Products Not Having An Opinion on matters. Make a stand, even if you’re wrong. Only time people want to Take A Stand on their Beliefs is Murdererz Vocally Defending Their Right To Murder.

So it had potential but did not really deliver, but “that being said” (Wimminz Wordz Catalogue), it wasn’t as BAD as I make it out to be. Not too long, not too corny, just lacklustre, I expected more, but, MOVIES and HOLLYWITZ (tm Greg) being what they are, I should have Managed my Expectations. B.


Might be this gloomy Frankenstorm and crossing the turning point where Fall really starts heralding Winter, might just be typical Day 27 Of Rejection [actually more like 40 by Post Time!] , but I have been more Gloomy and Misanthropic and Feeeeeeling Hopeless than normal. Solution: Pump Mad Iron till exhaustion; Go in the Sauna; and, this is gonna shock some, but EVEN sit in a TANNING BED for 15 minutes. Not enough to get CANCER or even a TAN, but more to simulate sitting on a Sunny Beach for 15 or 20 minutes. Then go back into the Sauna and Schwitz a little bit. Drink some Creamy Bhang Tea, and listen to Bob Marley. “Uncle Greg” suggests True Race Conscious Whites (in contrast to SWPL’s) DON’T like Bob Marley; but I always WILL, prob cuz he was imprinted on my during my formative years. IMHO he’s great to listen to during The Bleak Winter when you get That Dreadful Feeeeeeling. I realize that as a person, he was a huge Douchebag. If I were an Honorable Woman, I wouldn’t have fallen for his Dishonorable Game, even WITH his great songwriting talent.

So the Jews have convinced me that Black Men are better than White Wimminz. The Jews have TURNED ME AGAINST MY OWN WIMMINZ, and Brainwashed me that I have more in common with people NOT of my race. This actually WOULD be a “great” strategy for the J00z: Turn White Men against White Wimminz. Divide and conquer. “THAT BEING SAID”, I think of some Black MRA’s I’ve heard and thought “Yep He gets it, doesn’t matter if he’s black or white.” So Beware! At the end of my Political Journey I might just turn out to be another “whiny MRA!” AND BOTH a Race Traitor AND a Sex Traitor by being so Anti-White Wimminz!

But do I dislike Black Wimminz More? Are Black Men more Average MRA than White Men? Do Black Men dislike Black Wimmin more than White Men dislike White Wimmin?

How valid is it for Black Men and White Men to join together in their shared dislike of Wimmin altogether?

I might dislike White Wimmin MORE than Black Wimmin because I’m much more indifferent ie Unattracted to Black Wimmin, ie, I WANT them less. They go their way and I go mine, no harm, no foul. But I have a Burning Desire to either Partner-With or Mate-With White Wimmin, which is so often Inflamed by their Repellant, Disgusting, Unlikeable Personalities. So, I dislike White Wimmin more BECAUSE I LIKE White Wimmin More, eh?

Just trying to be HONEST with the reader. Just want you to know what you’re getting into here. It’s the Eradica Crowd, I tell ya! Well, I tell YOU, you’re not going to get nearly as incisive “commentary” here as you will THERE. That and I’ve been in a bad mood the past 28 days, in a bit of an Incisive Blogging trough due to a recent spell of Rejection and Melancholy, which I can hopefully steer from Negative Slope to Positive Slope soon, hahaha. I actually Respected and liked Just Spending Time with the Wimmin, I Feeeeeeelt strangely, unusually, different about her than about Any Other Wimmin, it WAS TRUE Luv, so, the End of That Should (not sure if correct usage of “should”, hahaha) be painful. Very painful. This was a NAWALT! this was a potential mother to my heirs and nonlawful WIFE!! not just some Pump and Dump Decadent Western Wh0re! G0ddam!

Here, my Writing Addiction becomes Bad rather than Good, because at Dark Times like this, Thinking Itself becomes Bad and not good, into what Immoral Jewish Shrinks call “ruminating.” This basically means you think the same unpleasant thoughts and feeeeeeelingz over and over until you get in a “rut.” Despite the Immorality of the Shrinks, I believe this is a valid argument. We all develop Bad Habits sometimes. It’s just especially sucky when one of the things you Like Doing becomes a Bad Habit; and, unlike Drugs or Alcohol or Pornhography or Chicken Nuggetz, WRITING is not INHERENTLY unhealthy.

Remember I started out on GAME here. Not really known for its Political Sophistication, although it is pleasingly politically incorrect with regard to The B!tchez. From Game To MRA To Right To Far Right To White Nationalism.

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[I “should” “probably” comment on the Election, which is occuring Right This Second, but wait a week or so, as I do most posts at least a week in advance, and there’s really nothing Pressing/Immediate for me to say no matter who wins.]

Fun Experiment Re The Decadence of Murdererz/Abortionistz/Wimminz: AT WHAT AGE DOES THEIR “NUMBER” REACH THEIR AGE? 17? 18? 19? 20? Certainly by 21 or 22!

Even Better: At what age does their number DOUBLE their age? Probably starting in the later twenties. And only THEN do Wimminz want to settle down. Congratulations, you get to MARRY a Wimmin who looks less than half as good as she did at 20, has taken TWICE as Manny Cox as she had at twenty, AND she gets older every day, AND you have to pay for this Increasingly-old (and already WELL pre-used!) cvnt about a MILLION times more than the other Men had to Pay for it, who got to Bang when she was at least TWICE as hot! CONGRATULATIONS! SIGN ME UP!!!!

In contrast, I find Men usually need to, by some point, double their own age in order to gain the optimum detachment, unneediness and realistic-mindset, ZEN if you will, regarding Wimminz.

At BARE MINIMUM – and this is NOT ideal, but it’s a helluva lot better than Current Status Quo 2012 – Menz Number needs to EQUAL Wimminz Number for any chance of things not to devolve into an UNGODLY Power Struggle.

Men need to be MORE “Promiscuous”, and Wimminz need to be LESS Promiscuous, in other words.

Day 30 of My Rejection. I had the girl on a higher pedestal than I even knew, until now. Good Lord. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be counting at Day 30. The Pedestal is a very dangerous and destructive thing. Essentially, it’s as if your True Love has DIED. Wimminz and other Marxists like to Discount Infatuation as a meaningless thing, – “You’re Overreacting!!” – This is the Cultural Marxist way of saying Love isn’t real, Only Sex Is Real, Love is a Patriarchal Oppressive Myth that drives people apart and subjugates them – BUT I argue to the contrary, that it’s VERY meaningful and powerful, and you need to honestly acknowledge the powerful feeeeeeeeling in order to “process” it, (god i sound like such a marxist fag) ie, Deal With It in a Healthy Way. This is what builds strong families, strong mothers and fathers, which builds strong children, strong families, strong CIVILIZATIONS.  If your Beloved Wife Soulmate had just suddenly DIED, you’d be Sad for a LONG Time. More than 100 days. It might even take more like 200 days. So what do you do? Just take it One Day At A Time. You can LIVE 200 Days, you’ve already lived THOUSANDS of days, and it’s not like YOU’RE Dying, Unless you have CANCER or something. So just be a Grumpy Loser Failure Creep for 200 Days and count the days off on the calendar, and then by the end of it, you’ll have more energy to do stuff. And know that it could be a LOT worse, like if your Wife had BETRAYED you and had taken all your CHILDREN and MONEY. There you’d be right to be ANGRY. But now you’re just Sad. And that will pass, albeit slowly, not as quickly as you’d like. So throw yourself into your Work and Your Careeeeeeer. Make MONEY, Lift WEIGHTS, Sm0ke huge Spl!ffz, Eat Nicely Marbled Juicy Steakz, and BANG the decadent broads in your harem, but don’t let their decadence rub off on You to an unhealthy extent.

But it’s one day at a time, and longer than you would like. But you SHOULD be able to get out of BED and Go Thru the MOTIONS of doing the Bare MINIMUM after 2 or 3 weeks. If you can’t, then beg to God for mercy until you can, and hope you don’t get FIRED or THROWN OUT ON THE STREETZ TO DIE like so many other lost souls.

But this also Proves the Pedestal. If it were some Rando AWALT who had taken 20 Cox, you wouldn’t CARE so much.

But Marxists/Wimminz/Alinskyites will tell you not to care so much, and, strangely enough, prob many MRAs or Game types would tell you not to care so much, not to be a Pedestalizing Beta. Now, while I don’t deny the MRAs are caring for YOU in giving this advice, I simply am offering Vastly Different Advice: Be a huge f00king Sad B4stard for 100-200 days, because the situation WARRANTS it. You DESERVE it. You’re ENTITLED to it, hahahaha. Listen to nothing but THE CURE and JOY DIVISION. Cry Rivers of Bitter Beta Tearz. As long as you’re not DYING or on the streets, It’s All Good, Son. Maximize your White Privilege of Beta Weeping, hahaha.

My POINT Is, BECAUSE it IS TRUE LOVE, you are well within your rights to suffer in TRUE SORROW. This is not an IMAGINARY loss, it’s a REAL Loss, so GRIEVE mournfully, screaming like the widow in “Fanny and Alexander.”  Cut me, I Bleed.

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I used to think being BORING was the worst thing even, worse than being STUPID, or IMMORAL (not that I cared AS much for Morality back then, in those Daze Of Decadence!) Now, as a Grumpy Old Man, I LOVE Boring, Especially wrt Murdererz. Because the more BORING they are, the less likely they are to be Decadent Murdererz! A BORING Woman is a Woman who hasn’t rode Manny Cox, doesn’t WANT to ride Manny Cox! A Woman who goes to bed early, doesn’t “GO OUT” or “DANCE” or “HAVE FUN” or drink etc. GIMME BORING ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Lena “Sex And The City 2012” Dunham, who I Luv To Diss, yet I officially enjoyed her movie “Tiny Furniture” and I look forward to having a Marathon with her HBO show once the DVDs are released (computer crashes too much to watch shows/movies on computer, prob bad motherboard). She makes decadence and decline and immorality very entertaining! I would hang out with her just to get easy bangs from her Hotter Friends, maybe even give her a single Pity Bang too, hahahaha. Then I’d feel shame for Participating in this Immoral Decadence, and be done with her. But she is valuable for Holding Up a Mirror, without herself fully appreciating her own unconscious honesty. Yes, it is Sex And The City for the Millennial Hipster SWPL Generation. My point is, she just came out with that Ridiculous pro-Obama ad, comparing Voting to Losing Your Virginity, and you want it to be with a Real Good Guy, one who Understandz Murdererz. OKAY! Cuz I’m SURE she spreads her uterus and 455 and casts her votes only for Good Guys Gregz!!


Dr Hulda Clark believes most illness, including cancer, is caused by parasites and bacteria and toxins and worms and trace amounts of metals in your body. You can kill the bugs with a “Zapper” and also take steps to eliminate the metals and toxins which get into your body. I looked up “Chronic Fatigue” and “Depression” and lo and behold there’s WORMS that are responsible. WORMS. Now I found out about Dr Clark thru the “notorious” conspiracy website educate-yourself.org but this is the new “kick” I’m starting. It’s more fun and interesting than TV for godssakes. Henry Makow. Illuminati. Zionism. http://www.henrymakow.com/committee_of_300.html  Committee of 300. The 300 core members of the Illuminati, the new world order. bernake, blankfein, george soros, al gore, tons of rothschilds and rockefellers of course, hahaha. George HW Bush but not W. Bill Clinton but no Barry. Rothschild Group is hiring for a FT Admin Asst in WashDC hahahaha now that would be a sweet job to get.

Rejection Day 26: Sad and Demoralizing Dream, very Gloom and Doom sort of Day following. Maybe it Comes and Goes, Ebbs and Flows, Up and Down so you can actually feeeeeeel worse a following day because it’s not a straight constant negative slope hahaha. Googled “business vs engineering” and am today leaning more towards business than engineering. prob cuz I’m not a big tryhard, I hate skool, skool is for faggots. BUT: I’m SMARTER than the Avg Biz Major, and WAY More “introverted” ie Antisocial, Spergy, Creepy, Engineery, better in math. but those arrogant spergy TRYHARD engineers annoy me too. But who’s the bigger FAGGOTS. Probably Biz people. Just cuz I prefer Introverts to Extraverts. Days like this, I take a page from my BUDDY Firepower and say, “Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness!” (The first time I heard this phrase, it was in that J00movie “Raising Arizona”, which I like very much BTW).

It’s not just that 30 year old murdererz are older-looking and higher-number than Younger Wimminz, it’s that they’re CRAZIER and EVILER. Pretty hard to get all excited over THAT. Now, say what you will about Prof Henry Makow’s Conspiracy “nuttiness”, but he started out as a bit of an MRA and fought the feminist pigs at Univ of Winnipeg, where he WORKED before offending their sensitive sensibilities, and wrote a very Reasonable article about Natural Heterosexuality, and made the interesting argument that Men want LOVE, and Women want POWER, and they enter a very natural social contract to get what they want from each other, make an even exchange. Then Wimminz insisted on making their own power through their careeeeeeeeeeeerz; and now we have a lot of faggy men with reduced power who are more and more desperate for Love but don’t have the Power to bargain for that love, so, a Generation of Fagz. The End.

Note to self, read Makow’s articles on Feminism, Wimminz, Heterosex here: http://www.savethemales.ca/archives-subject.html and then read the Zionist and NWO stuff when in the mood for conspiracy stuff hahaha.

If a Murderer gives you a Hard Time about you reading Racist Websites, or being a Creep, or saying the word “Faggot”, Calmly smirk and remind HER of all the C0x she’s taken of guys who said Faggot ten times worse than you, the cox she’s taken of Racist Bullies who beat-up gays and blacks just because they were gay or black, Wimminz Swooning for Raepists and Murdererz, and then soon enough becoming Murderers themselves and “Rationalizing” it all away. And YOU’RE the “Creepy” one because you call a fag a fag sometimes! OooooKay!

Not a MATERIALISTIC man by any stretch, but the one luxury I Do Demand and Appreciate is a Nice SAUNA or Sweat Lodge. I get a RAGING HARDON just THINKING about a Nice SHVITZ in the SAUNA.

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[To Mindweapon: I have not forgotten about You! I am not consciously/intentionally blowing You off, and your email gave me A LOT to think about, which I can’t even begin to respond to all of it in a week. But I have neglected the Common Courtesy of Politely Acknowledging You, so please accept that at least. I don’t want to be like the Narcissistic Teen who never Calls/Emails people back! I appreciate your initiative, action, & network-building, this is a great example for Men to follow! Unfort I am not a Full Man yet, still in the process of struggling-to-become.]

Half Sigma makes an interesting argument (link) that The College Degree itself is no longer a great demarcation between Prole and Elite/SWPL/Bourgeois/Brahmin/UpperClass because Proles gotta get a Degree eventually to make a Good Prole Living. Nope, the demarcation is, do you complete your degree BEFORE AGE 25? ( see also “Graduate Degrees and Class.” (Hahaha now maybe HS will blogroll me. But I feeeeeeeeeeel I don’t read him enough, hahaha.) )

I know Firepower makes fun of Half Sigma, and perhaps this age-25 thing isn’t Totes Original, but I still give HS credit for spoon-feeding me it! Plus it captures the whole Leet Univs vs Fourth-Tier Sewers distinction as well. I’d wager less than 1% of Bachelors Degrees grads from Ivies are over 25. Over 23 even. You get one shot. Plus I like how HS watches and comments on Real Trashy TV and its Implications. Really Spellz it out for Idiotz like Meeeeeeee.

Ryu apparently did an interview with Robert Stark of Voice of Reason Radio, which in general is something I should be devoting more time to.

Heh. I’m SYMPATHETIC to major PARTS of WN, although not being a full-blown self-identifying WN. Yet. hahaha. Remember, my big weakness is that I would “sell out” heart and soul and race for a Good Job and Good Tail – I might not even CARE about race if I were a “winner” like that. Although I would still prob care about Rightism and America and antiMarxism! It’s the Marxism, not necessarily the JEWS, even if Marx was a jew and ZOG USES Marxism to powerful effect!

Like I’ve said before many a time, I don’t have a problem with Individual Blacks, or Wimminz, or Brahminz, unless they’re directly rude and obnoxious to me. And honestly it’s Wimminz who are the Most Obnoxious to me in my Daily Life, but that’s prob because I encounter many more Wimminz than I do Blax or Brahminz!

Been enjoying the Aug 2012 Christian vs Game Discussion, involving many: Dalrock, Vox, Mentu, GBFM, commenters. Someone ought to Edit A Book, hahaha. Basically, don’t expect Wimminz In Church Or even Christian Pay dating sites to have low numbers. And the rare 1% who DO, expect them to be gamed out from under you IF you’re a Gameless Beta. It is now Beta Men who are the Virginal Brides, and Wimminz who are the Promiscuous Cads with Male Harems. The Roles have changed.


For the benefit of The World And My Future Heirs, I will continue to Chronicle The Experience of Huge Rejection And Debilitating Depression in a NORMAL, HEALTHY, MORAL way, to serve as an example (FOR MY HEIRS!) of how this SHOULD be done.

Distraction and mind-numbing can be helpful just to pass the time, but DO NOT use drugs, alcohol, or, as Wimminz do, Promiscuous Sex with any number of Takers. Just sit there in front of the Boob Tube. This is if you’re too drained to do something actually useful, like Strength Workout or CareeeeeeeeerBuilding. Find a Banal TV Show that puts you to SLEEP and then Sleep Away the Time. Time is your friend. Time DOES Heal All Wounds. Pretty much, hahahaha.

You will have MUCH LESS ENERGY than normal. Just Sleep It Off.

Of COURSE you should not see the person WHATSOEVER! They’re DEAD TO YOU, remember? Delete phone numbers, texts, emails, fagbook, notes, pictures, DELETE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You are not going to have contact with this person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Take some Time Off Work if you can afford that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, and just spend the entire day in BED. Thankfully my job is not demanding and I can still go in there and put up a convincing front. This is really only relevant for the First (Hardest) week anyway.

Now, I have a Calculus 1 test coming up and some homework, but I’ll just half-4ss it on the day before it’s due; copying the majority of the homework from the Solutions Manual, and since it’s not Rocket Science, just Natural Logs 101 and The Chain Rule, I almost “pretty much” know it anyway. I would NOT want to have 20 credits of tryhard hard classes right now, though.

As usual, continue NOT LISTENING to WIMMINZ and anything THEY say. As usual, they are NO help. Listen to your family and friends and those few you actually trust and respect.

Jim Goad paraphrased: “If I don’t work, I’ll starve; If I don’t WRITE, I’ll DIE.” Right on SIR. Heh. yeah I got several Goad books on wish list.

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