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this is WAY TOO LONG, 1398 words, 6 and a half minutes for you Superslow readers. just being a huge spready trackback wh0re for the holidaze. HAPPY TRACKBACK CHRISTMAS! YOU GET A TRACKBACK, YOU GET A TRACKBACK, EVERYBODY GETS A TRACKBACK! (can’f figure out how to do the “related posts” plugin like Eradica but even if I do I will only do it for a very few posts haha not an ATTENTION WH0RE at least not nearly as much as The Average!)

The Tao Of Dirt has a series called “LETTERS TO A YOUNG MAN” which is sorta similar to “A BOOK FOR YOUR HEIRS” (tm BKC). Not RIPPING him off, I think a lot of men want to help the Younger Generation learn from their mistakes, because Wimmin and Public Skools aren’t gonna teach Young Men. Only Older Men can.

Heres a Link For Wimminz-The-Writer. Heh. I gotta read him more than once a month. Though I don’t agree with him calling Jack Donovan a “Fag”, this is just Narcissism of Small Differences (tm Freud, FP, & Ernest Crawley actually “invented” it, son of a COE Rector, prob not a you-Know-Who (tm Mindweapon) ) (heh just see the ABOUT page where I give a Blanket tm to all the terms of other people I steal!) and, unless he starts devoting a large percentage of his efforts towards smearing Donovan, I don’t really CARE. The Vast Majority of Wimminz’s stuff is just too damn good. But Full Disclosure, I do LIKE Donovan and think Wimminz should put a note in his About Page about why he doesn’t like Donovan, hahahaha. I WONDER if some of this comes from Bloggers having Personal Differences with each other, PROBABLY regarding BANNING, where one party is understandably soured because they feeeeel The Banner is being A Hypocrite because the Banning wasn’t Mutual; however I don’t think this really involves people out the “outside” ie Average Readers like Myself.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I AM A “FAG SYMPATHIZER” and thus could be easily accused of BEING A Homosexual Degenerate. Because my biggest problem with Homosexuals is not the disgusting unnatural abominable man-on-man-buggery of the Homsexual Sex Act, but of the Revolting Leftist Marxist Civil Rights SWPL Communist Agenda they SO OFTEN Espouse. Which is at least 90% of Homosexuals, so you might as well throw baby out with bathwater eh, and me being a Sympathizer just doesn’t jive with these numbers, thus I Am A Homosexual, right? Well Believe what you want, I can appreciate A Handsome Man, if my Decadent, Excessive, Obsessive, Abominable, Dishonorable obsession with Prime Of Youth Girls hasn’t sold You on my Heterosexuality, nothing will.


and a newer post by Wimminz. This is why he’s in My Top Tier. He writes great stuff without trying, he couldn’t write bad stuff if he tried.

quote ”
Israel Gunned Down Sandy Hook Elementary School 6 Year Olds? by Nordic Sage

This story is sprouting up everywhere:


Mike Harris, former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and GOP campaign finance chairman, is flatly stating the massacre of 20 children, and 7 adults, in a Connecticut Elementary School last Friday, was done as an act of revenge, by Israel aka Bibi Netanyahu.

Apparently Bibi’s panties are in a twist over the approaching appointment of Chuck Hagel, as Secretary of Defense..
” end quote

So Nordic Sage posted that 13 hours ago, now his Blog is GONE? PressTV is an IRANIAN Newz Network that is, AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT, Pretty Anti-Zionist, but I don’t necess have a problem with that, hahaha. So this final post was still “cached” in my WordPress Friendz/Follow list. Did He/She (I think it might be a WOMAN! Imagine THAT!) pull their blog voluntarily? Did Antiracists complain to wordpress that they were linking to IRANIANS and ANTIZIONISTS and “INCITING VIOLENCE” and the blog was pulled by Higher-Ups?

google who owns wordpress? Automattic Inc. Who owns Automattic?
Lotta names there, All SWPL, Large Amount Obv YouKnowWho-ish, probably some more where it’s Hard To Tell with the Surnames; Automattic founded by Matt Mullenweg. CEO Toni Schneider. Hmmmmm.

Tried to see if Other Bloggers had noticed this. Here is My White Buddy Mindweapon announced Nordic Sages blog in June 2012 and talking about the “SOFT CONTROL” of the Culture War being waged at Home, by WOMEN, who have become the primary Raisers of Children In A Western World where fathers are either Throw Away, Abdicated, or Working like a Slave and “hoping the children can raise themselves”, while Wimmin let the childrens’ Hearts And Minds rot. In other words, WOMEN ARE CRUCIAL. We can’t ignore Women. But I have long been interested in a “Stardusk/Barbarossaaaa” approach to fathering, where you ignore Wimmin altogether, and raise healthy aware conscious children as a Single Father, however I can’t see how this could be done without some wealth first. OR using Tim Ferriss Work-From-Home for only 4 hours a week and then the majority of your LIFE could be devoted to schooling, training, raising your Kidz. IMHO that would be pretty kewl. I think it could be DONE, but I still think the IDEAL is a Father AND a Mother. A Good Mother, hahahaha. Now don’t come at ME bro, I have a very good Father And Mother, although I have become a bit more Politically, Racially, and Sexually Conscious. I’m just Thinking out loud on how I would raise MY Children, In A Modern Western World where it’s much harder for a Man to find a Good Woman that it was X years ago for my father to find my mother, for instance.

Now Firepower did make the very good point that Revolutionary Bloggers don’t NEED to be Thrown in the Memory Hole or Ministry Of Love by Jackbooted ZOG Thugs, because the Jackbooted ZOG Thugs have already won, they already have full control, and Bloggers are just feebly waving their little t-rex arms, and the Jackbootz are just laughing amusedly, or, more likely, not even bothering to notice. Not just the Jackbootz but of COURSE the Public Eye Ruling Elites they serve. But, for the sake of ARGUMENT, say Adam Lanza was linked to such and such a blog or website, even though he ISN’T, he prob just played call of doody all day and stewed about getting rejected by wimminz and jobz, hahahaha. But What THEN, might you be taken in to talk to the Men In Black in person?

CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. Heh. I was so ignorant and naive I keep forgetting about these; and how Jews once again have Disproportionate-To-Their-Numbers Power here, financing large portions of both Dem and Repub candidates campaigns, making it possible for them to even run for office.

Well that’s all the serious talk I can muster, I’m still thinking about this Meaty White Country Girl, about 20, with Fantastic Teats I can’t get out of my mind. I thought her Fashion Style (Sweatpants, PINK! etc) was not great, and certainly she shouldn’t* have been displaying her Cleavage like that, but, she WAS PRime-Of-Youth, and the Teats WERE Fantastic, so I didn’t mind stealing glances. Wouldn’t legally marry or nonlegally monogamously marry, but I’d surely have her in The Harem for at least 20 bangs, or until she turns 23!

Heh that’s another reason I can’t be a True WN, because I’m a Decadent Sex Fanatic like Roosh V, who would gladly Bang Blacks, Browns, anything that moves as long as it was Prime Of Youth. Too Sex-Minded. Although IMHO I am More High-Minded than The Average PUA or Game Blogger, hahahaha.

Anyway Just 1 minute of that 20-year-old girl rubbing her T!t5 on your face would be more Powerful, Worth More, than a full-blown Bang with a Lower Cougar, or a “6” Drunken Party Slut. Quantity AND Quality is my watchword, hahahaha. QUALITY MATTERS.

googled young catholic western world decadence red pill manosphere, try to find some more “christian” oriented blogs but moreso CATHOLIC cuz that’s what I B. happy to find my own blog on the first page of results, hahahaha. then found this one, s/he (but probably he, but yes there ARE Women Bloggers out there, even on Traditional Religion, Non-Neoconz, etc) even uses the same theme as I, good job hahaha have a trackback SON (and a follow)!


heh trackback for Thinking Housewife too!

You can WordPress Follow blogs that don’t have a Follow Button or even on WordPress by simply pasting the URL into the box under the “EDIT FOLLOWING” link

Bill Powell gives his opinions on Career Options For Young Men.

ANNNND just wanted to say “Joys Of Yiddish” defines “Chutzpah” as having a noteworthy Arrogant 4sshole Element which I was not aware of, having viewed it mainly as “Passion” or “Animating Energy.” No there’s a certain Smirking Audacity, like “The Jew Cries Out as HE strikes YOU.” And so “White Chutzpah” might not be such a good idea, hahaha.

No Posts Tomorrow or CHRISTmas! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Be Thankful For Your Family!

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I try to treat myself to Good Book from Amazon every week or every two weeks, something hedonistic and pleasurable, some mind-food, something to Recharge the batteries, positive reinforcement schedule, etc, since drugs and alcohol are bad, my careeeeeer is stalled, lifting weights would be great but I’m too lazy, and meaningless decadent jewsex with decadent sluts in the harem has lost its appeal – and I’ve taken a vow of Chastity so as to Practice What I Preach & be honest and unhypocritical. I usually look for Cheap Books (1 cent plus 3.99 shipping.) This leads to me buying good books which I end up not really feeeeeeeling like reading at the moment, for example Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” which I plan to get to properly but so far I’ve only skimmed. Then there was “Bell Curve”, that turned out to be more up my alley at this moment in my Intellectual Development. This week I decided to Splurge and spend Big Money on a book I reeeeeally wanted, even though it was consid more expensive. This was a good idea, as I got a Big Mindboner when the book arrived Lightning Quick from the white-friendly bookstore. (I woulda bought it direct from Counter-Currents, BUT the seller Lighthouse Literature will be closing its doors soon, they had a cheaper price, I wanted to support them, AND I entered Amazon through the Counter-Currents “gateway” (link) to give them some “affiliate marketing” which they apparently like. Not sure how much money that brings in for them.)

Short book, I took about 90 minutes and skimmed the whole thing, read the first couple essays in full, and so far, so Great! Very satisfied, very glad I spent the big bucks, very worth it, should do this more often. I really relate with Johnson as a Soft-Spoken Polite Niceguy who initially wanted to do an Academic Career. He lives in SAN FRANCISCO and his voice is kinda faggy and beta and niceguy.  since I’m much more Homosexual-friendly than the Avg Far Rightist, this might be a good thing for me. Also, one of the Essays therein argues that WNs need not be anti-homosexual per se because One’s Sexuality is not a foundational part of one’s identity, and the notion that it IS, is of course, a product of the Freudian and then later decadent sex-obsessed postmoderism; and Johnson reminds us of the Manly, Masculine, Heroic, Warrior, Prinicipled Heterosexual Spartans and Greeks and Romans who used to Bugger Boys, and then go on to be more-or-less heterosexual husbands and fathers. Sexual Orientation is not the be-all end-all of Your destiny, and to put it at the forefront of Your Life makes you a decadent sex addict.

(Kinda ironic that Postmodernism emphasizes that everything is a Spectrum and nothing is black-and-white, except for the rather notable exception of Sexuality! Although yes there is the kinsey scale that emphasizes a spectrum, or the idea of “Wimminz Have FLUUUUUID Sexuality!” But by that argument, maybe some homosexual men might be less homosexual than they’ve been brainwashed by the homosex-loving media/culture to believe!)

Johnson talks about A RAFT of interesting issues: Deep Ecology, Alan Watts, West Coast San Fran hippie Dippie and Niceguy Racialists, Race Mixing, immigration, practical solutions, commentary on Harold Covington, SWPL and Christian Lander, Books and Movies of interest (“A Conversation on Race” by Craig Bodeker (not on netflix!) ) Racialist Awakenings, alternate histories, jews, anglo saxons and then later white euro immigrants: slavs & italians; what is white, and the great variation among whites like northern europeans vs dravidians in india; a bracing review of Jim Goad’s “Sh!t magnet” and the pros and cons of Goad (pro: good satirist/writer ; con: decadent, narcissistic, immoral); plenty of talk on “decadence”; a great “primer” on introductory ideas for the Newbie Like Me or You.

Would have liked more on his personal Awakening. The Awakening is an important thing IMHO, possibly just because I’m in the middle of it RIGHT NOW. Hell it might be in there, I haven’t read the whole book.

But yes I like his Niceguy yet not-too-sentimental or fluffy approach. Like me, he is staunchly nonviolent, and he comments on some of the more violent WN literature (“all race traitors must be killed!”) but oooops I jerked-off to an attractive 18-year old black girl one time, looks like I must die.

This is not to say Johnson’s message is “soft” or “watered-down”. It’s just nonviolent, and very cool-headed. Cool as a cucumber.

Again I want more on Johnson’s life: what moved him to the PhD and academic career, what made him throw all that away for WN; I ASSUME his PhD is in literature or philosophy or sommat but he doesn’t say. Also I like that he is “tolerant” or at least friendly and open to Christians as well as homosexuals. Yes, “Tolerance” is generally Bad, but I agree with him here where Christians and Homosexuals can be valuable Whites!

He talks about his friend who was instrumental in his own awakening; this friend VERY, VERY reasonably wanted a mate who was not corrupted by Western Marxist Feminism and Decadence (heh my “new” fave word), so his solution was to marry a Filipina. This I find VERY interesting given my interests in Finding A Good Mate – what if All White Wimminz are Corrupt, and White Men who want a good mate have to look for Nonwhites, because most Nonwesterners are Nonwhite? This is a VERY valid concern. So that marriage did not work out, but apparently the guy did not get hosed either; and he ended up marrying a white woman and having 5 children. Johnson did not clarify if this White Woman was a Decadent Wimminz but I assume he wouldn’t even bring up the anecdote if she were.

Then I thought: Given the choice between a Good Nonwhite Mate and a Bad White Mate, what the hell do you choose? Considering: no matter how good the nonwhite might be, you still have to deal with a RAFT of complications from her FAMILY and CULTURE that could be enough to ruin a Good Marriage. Johnson also mentions the idea of the person with ideas of racial purity but they don’t get to put it into practice because they never mate; versus the person that does mate, but interracially. I have to read deeper here. Matt Forney has raised the VERY important issue of: yes whites are slowly dying out and we need to have more white babies, but Most White Wimminz are Decadent Trash who aren’t WORTH having Babies with – is it better to produce White Trash, or White Nothing?

This is where I bring in “my” solution of Voluntarily Single Fathers. And since they can choose their mate/egg, they should choose the healthiest one within their race that they can, then bust their 4ss doing the work of both Traditional Father AND Traditional Mother, because Wimminz sure as hell aren’t going to.

Where’s MY awakening coming from? In short: The DECADENCE of Western White Wimminz. I’ve been concerned with that for a LONG time. THEN when I started reading Eradica via Firepower, I couldn’t help but notice Ryu. I blame Ryu, for talking about WN all the time, hahahaha. I was jolted and thought, “WAIT a minute, how did we get from Decadent Wimminz to this scary paranoid violent idea of WHITE NATIONALISM? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” And as I read more, I find maybe it’s not. AND that WN is not necessarily so scary and violent and paranoid.

PLUS I’ve been reading Counter-Currents for quite some time, been interested in the Far Right and Alternative/New Right for some time, it’s just that the “White” component never really Clicked for me until now. To Ryu’s credit, he is a Really Provocative writer! Also, I’ve been reading Varg Vikernes’s stuff for years (“Articles” near bottom), he’s essentially a New Rightist and should get more active in that, hahaha. So I’ve never been a big stranger to the Politically Incorrect. I’ve also been Suspicious of Blacks ever since childhood because I grew up in an area where there was noticeable Racial Tension. So perhaps I’ve always been a Racialist but never really recognized myself as such.

Oh yeah. Johnson gets “The Thomas Sowell Question” out right away. Because intelligent nonliberals can’t help but run into Thomas Sowell at some point, he’s too tremendous and talented and smart not to be noticed, and then you’re even more surprised when you find out he’s BLACK. Then you think, thank GOD for Thomas Sowell, it means I’m not an Evil Racist! I CAN’T BE a racist because I really like and respect this guy! Why can’t MORE blacks be like him?”

Answer: Because he is an exceptional black. An outlier. Not an average black. And Johnson wisely also immediately mentions that just because you’re a racialist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate INDIVIDUALS of ANY race. You can like Thomas Sowell, you can like Gustav Mahler. We kinda DO need to keep saying NAXALT because The Media portrays Racialists as Crazy Stupid Violent Gun Nuts who Always think AXALT and are too dumb and illiterate to know about Sowell. And this is JUST NOT TRUE.


More importantly, Johnson asks “is one Thomas Sowell enough to compensate for the amount of destruction Blacks have Wrought? For the amount of White Thomas Sowells they have displaced or killed?” Via Vanguard News Networks Alex Linder (and I think there’s been some controversy / falling-out with him since, gotta look into) provocative question “Because the black race produced Thomas Sowell, the white race must die?”

Though at this moment I’m still an optimist, and in my Ideal Race World, Blacks could Nurture Blacks to produce More Thomas Sowells and fewer violent thugs!

Also the idea that Nervous SWPL White “SOLICITOUSNESS” and Niceness/Politeness to blacks makes blacks feeeeeeel whites are being racist towards blacks. Just treat us like Normal People, they’re saying. Don’t give us preferential treatment. (unless it’s for jobs and educationz hahahahahahahahaha)

I would add to this that White Nationalists and Black Nationalists could probably have a more productive conversation together than Average Whites and Average Blacks. Maybe.

Johnson talks about Real and Interesting Stuff every single page. Not a gram of Turgidity or Bloatedness here. If I had the money I would have bought the Hardcover. I would buy a hardcover of every Counter-Currents book. Greg Johnson is my type of guy and I can feeeeeeeeeel a mancrush developing.

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How Many Math Classes Must You Take, before you are Competitive Enough in the Job Market, that you are SO In-Demand, that it’s SO EASY for you to get a Bigboy Job, that the HARDEST thing you have to do is to DECIDE between MULTIPLE ATTRACTIVE JOB OFFERS????

In High-IQ West, Jobs Find YOU!

Yes, being somewhat facetious, since this is not necess a causational/causal? relationship bw Highest Level Of Math Completed, and Easiness of Total Job Search Per Job Offer!

Does a REAL Sex Addict have to Jerk-off uncontrollably several times a day? Hell YES! So If you don’t do that, then you aren’t a Sex Addict. You might just be a PedestalPerson Oneitis Infatuation Addict! So try jerking-off uncontrollably 10 times a day to break yourself of THAT! That, or constantly getting down on your knees and praying and begging. Obviously Vigorous Physical Strength Exercise is the Best Route here.

It seems to me that those who find Drudkh Boring might find Blood Of Kingu Less Boring. More Compelling.

Don’t Make Excuses for Wimminz! If they do nothing but Be Stupid and Annoying and Suck D’s that aren’t yours, don’t make excuses for them! Don’t HANG OUT with them and listen to them TALK about all those D!X! WEAK! Talking about the Alphas who are Gaming them, or TeeVee, or hair, or the latest “50Shades” type Thing, or how to make the Creepy Betas in their Friendzone Squirm Cuz It’s Fun To Make Betas Suffer. These Wimminz are INFERIOR HUMAN BEINGS! No WONDER they have no problem Murdering Their Babies! Damn! How can You even want to BANG that trash?! You’re better than that!


So basically, if your degree is not on this list (“Best Undergrad Degrees By Salary”), which you should check at least once a year, then just DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. It’s just that simple. They shouldn’t have to make a LAW Outlawing All Arts Degrees. Aerospace Engin, Chemical Engin, Computer Engin, Electrical Engin, Economics, Physics, Mech Engin, CompSci, Industrial Engin, Environ Engin. Period. The End. OK I might make an exception for Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering! Memorize that list from your first day of Grade School.

But what if you get a “High-IQ Degree” from a “Low-IQ” (Fourth-Tier Sewer, Third-Tier Toilet, Second-Tier Sh!tter, etc) Skool? Is that worth any more than a low-IQ degree from a High-IQ Skool?

It Boooooooothers me that there has to be High-IQ vs Low-IQ Kolliges at ALL!

Being A Lazy Loser, I always look for Shortcuts. But it’s smart to look for Shortcuts if the Prescribed Way is Wack and a Scam – like CareeeerCollllige. So how do you know if you’re real lazy, or just smarter than 98% of people, hahahahaha.

Anyway, Poors and Working-Class can DEF get into Harvard with a generous FinAid package, if they’re a good enough lil’ Tryhard. Heh. I should cared more about going to Harvard back in the day. Then I REALLY coulda majored in something Useless and still got a good cushy gummint union jerb, or something in the Top Fortune 400-500 Best Companies To Werk 4. Compared to if you had gotten the same Useless Degree at a Second-Tier Crapper. (Because is there REALLY any difference between Second and Fourth? Either you’re in the First or you’re NOT.) The Bell Curve Part 2, 2012 by BKC.

Is “Manjaw” for Wimminz synonymous with “Well-Defined Jaw”? Dunno. Like if you even NOTICE their Jaw for whatever reason, does that automatically make it a Manjaw, or does it actually have to be a BIG, SQUARE, GI Joe MANLY MAN Jaw? Don’t really CARE, a Wimminz can still be very attractive with a Manjaw (would totes TEAR IN HALF Emily Deschanel a couple times), I’m just concerned about the fidelity/cuckoldry angle. I CARE about my HEIRS, and I WANT them to be MINE, or else they ain’t gettin any o’ my HARD-EARNED money, honey.

Read somewhere that EIGHT SETS of Reps of Strength Stuff is Ideal. Seems like a lot of sets. I guess it depends on the type of exercise, hahaha. Dunno. Just want a Shortcut to a Huge Muscular Manchest & Manshoulders.

I had to finally HEAR Blut Aus Nord for myself, just stop reading reviews. Turns out a good 80% of All BaN’s stuff is surprisingly right up my alley, despite any pseudo-association w Art Or Hipsters or Swpls. To my ears, this is Pure No-Joke Trippy Atmospheric Modern Black Metal that might go VERY well with Medicinal Herb. Mind-expanding but not DIFFICULT to listen to. very DARK, but also very FUN. The guy’s too productive though, hahaha. He CLEARLY ENJOYS MAKING MUSIC. It’s not an EXCRUCIATING CHORE for him.

Was reading on Kratos Power or KratosBlog or KratosSomething (selfImprovement/PersDevelopment blog I found thru RooshForums) talk on Mastery/Learning Curve, and that the biggest thing is just Slogging Thru the Learning Curve of most things, which will be Tuff, Frustrating, and Unrewarding. But one day in the distant future, you will be real good at it and it will be easy. The main thing is to PERSIST and NOT GIVE UP. So maybe just do a LITTLE BIT every day, but not so much you get BURNED OUT. Apply to learning the Hard Maths and Sciences and Skills that will get you Multiple Job Offers.

If I were around Wimminz as much as Other Wimminz are, I might well be Batsh!t Cray TOO! Just Dump The Dead Weight! If someone SUCKS, simply REFUSE to let them into your Life! You’re only as good as the people you choose to associate with! DEF go for Quality NOT Quantity in the Social Life Dept! But try not to be a Recluse either. But it’s better to be a Recluse than have a Large Quantity of Shoddy Quality. Err on the side of Recluse.

WIMMINZ GET THEIR NEWS AND POLITICAL OPINIONS FROM JON J3WART. This is SO Commonplace, that me saying that doesn’t raise any eyebrows: “Yeah, so what? I watch Jon Stewart almost every day too.”

Heh. We need to get You to the point that you Never WANT to watch Jon Stewart ever again, and seeing his smug swpl face on TV makes you change the channel immediately.

I wonder if even reading the j00 york SLIMES would be better than watching jon j00wart?? Time Mag? J00zweek? ZOG Today??

Hahahahaha I can still Joke about Serious stuff because I don’t have any HEIRS yet I want to protect. I can Joke because I have too much Privilege and Protection.

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I “felt” (heh) thereWas a TON of positive hype for this. Didn’t live up. Wanted to really like, but only kinda liked, really had some blatant flaws. Yeah Fassbender as “BRANDON” (heh) is supposed to be “reserved”, but seemed like a copout for him to be Cardboard, Wooden. Although he DOES “act with his face” really well sometimes to show what his character “can’t” say, so. A BIT artsier than Iexpected, BUT not TOO much, and it “comes together” well in pacing&look. Story just wasn’t THAT compelling. It COULD have been MUCH better. Not DESERVING of all THAT good hype. It was ONLY OK. At least not too LONG! And music score pretty good, EVEN THOUGH main theme sounded WAY too much like “Mulholland Drive”, which I mocked initially, but came to enjoy – Sparse Piano SoloVersion during endCredits was notablest.

Usually don’t like “steamy” unrated NC-17 Real Sex movies – too gimmicky and soulless and amoral and SWPL – but I was sold on the “sex addiction” angle. Portrayed pretty well. Especially: (SPOILERS THROUGHOUT!!) when he goes into the bathroom at work and they don’t SHOW him jerking-off like they established a previous time, but now you KNOW he’s not just “going to the bathroom.”

YeahYeah, he’s a Sex Addict and can only express himself Sexually &Emotionally with Pornography &Prostitutes and he’s an Emotional Cripple who’s unable to Relate To Real People. REAL straightforward, but I appreciated no tricks there. McQueen seems to be Honest &Frank, but he also does NOT seem to be CONDONING Brandon’s behavior as “anything goes, everything’s relative.” Probably more like Houellebecq: LAMENTING Alienation&Atomization of Modern World.

I thought Carey Mulligan was REAL cute in “An Education”. Now it’s a few years later, not as cute anymore – HUH. But still very bangable. Liked the trashy bleachblond hair. Did NOT appreciate her getting naked (SPOIL). Forget being a True Artist. Classy Actresses don’t do N00dz. EVAR.

Also didn’t appreciate Fassbender’s Peepee in every scene, THAT seemed gimmicky.

He’s KINDA alpha male because he’s top 20% Handsome – horribly handsome and in good shape. Pretty Women check HIM out on subway. can have any woman he wants. BUT he often scares them away because he’s Socially Awkward &Creepy and his Game is bad. IusuallyThink of Sex Addicts as uglier guys who can’t get sex this easily.

Like his Official Date. He Bombed that with horrible game, ie, Just Being His Honest Self. She was clearly put off &On The Fence, but you’d bet he STILL has a chance to Ream That if he changes his game, just because he’s THAT handsome, so he IS allowed ONE Strike, where nonhandsome AverageGuys get NO Strikes. And he does correct his first mistake (SPOIL), by being sexually aggressive, which is the only effective Game he knows. But when he can’t get it up, (SPOIL) he conveys his frustration very effectively. Though she says “It’s no big deal. It’s ok”, You understand that it’s NOT OK, that THIS is the effect of Male Impotence & Shame, that it IS real, because at this point she’s thinking “This guy’s CRAZY, this is big strike two, no matter how handsome he is, HE’S OUT.” So he lost his chance for regular sex with a regular wimminz (and possibly a stupid relship) just because he couldn’t get it UP the first time. THIS is why men are so terrified of impotence, because this is impotence’s “cost”. Movie portrays this well.

Wimminz: you SAY you don’t mind impotence, but do you REALLY? How many d00dz who couldn’t get it up the first few times have you said “SEEYA CREEPER!” to?

Yeah, he has bad Inner Game because of his Shame. And he’s upset because he’s Blue Pill enough to WANT a Rel with this particular Wimmin, despite his Creepy, Misplaced Admission to her on the date that he didn’t see the point of Rels. Which was a good, smart, RED Pill thing to say, and though the movie is good on portraying him getting punished for impotence, it’s NOT so good in that McQueen may be implyingThat these Red Pill Beliefs are Synonymous with Creepy Bad Sex Addiction, even though I AGREE that Sex Addiction is Creepy and Legit Bad, and McQueen is RIGHT to sayThat THIS is wrong.

BUT: Not ALL People Who Think Hetero Rels Are Generally BS Are Sex Addicts Or Creepy! AND Not ALL Monog Longterm Rels are Stupid…..But When They Are, It’s Usually The Wimminz’s Fault! Maybe Shame 2 can talk about THAT, hahaha. Just a Small Quibble, that is so far Advanced Red Pill I wouldn’t expect Any film to ever tackle it.

OK, long enough, like Fassbender’s Huge Flaccid German Pen15. Also, a German guy cannot believably play an American, no matter how good fake accent. Watchable movie at least, but highly overrated.  Not nearly as good as it SHOULD be, not nearly as Bad as it COULD Be. Final Grade: B. NOT B-plus.

And, while I’m spoiling things, there’s a nice image of an Anus “hidden” in there.

PS: Nondrugalcohol “Addictions” especially Sex &Gambling &Love &People &Infatuation are interesting, if not necessarily “addictions.” IMHO they are close enough. Compelling, Terrifying stuff, although withdrawals won’t KILL you. Like alcohol. I don’t even think HEROIN withdrawals will KILL you. IMHO Drugs and Alcohol are a way to Escape your Unhaaaaaaaappy Reality Thru Intoxication, Stupefication, Sensation-NUMBING. And it’s INTERESTING, the other more “sensation-SEEKING” addictions.

Movie sounds worse on paper than it actually is. Acting, pacing, visual style all bring it together well, &suggest Steve McQueen (change your name!) has some serious potential. But I hope this isn’t his Peak.

PPPS: I understand maybe Brandon’s Careeeeeer isn’t part of the story, but I argue that a person’s Jerb is ALWAYS relevant to the STORY of their LIFE Because that’s what you spend the VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE DOING. IT IS YOUR LIFE.  That’s why I like to have at least a LITTLE explanation there. Brandon needs to have some SERIOUS Caste Credentials to get a Careeeeeeeer in a Manhattan Marketing Agency. As a general rule, I like it when stories explain how the characters GOT their JOBS. And wouldn’t Brandon’s Autistic Awkward Creepiness get in the way of him Schmoozing into a Schmoozy Industry, the same way it defeats his Natural Handsomeness &becomes a Dealbreaker w Wimminz?

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very offensive rant today. Anger not inherently BAD. Angry, even so-called “Hateful” Words are GOOD for Expressing  & Releasing Anger, don’t let yrself be SHAMED for it. Is NOT a slippery slope to Violent Behavior. I agree with Femipigs that Violence Is Bad and Wrong. (Even when Tearing Your Fetuses To Pieces!) But that Writing or Saying Angry Words does NOT Equal violence or Advocating Violence. I abhor & will never advocate violence. But I reserve the RIGHT to write about my ideological enemies & call them “hateful” names like f4g, f4gg0t, b!tch, wh0re, Tryhard, PIG, sl00t, c0cksucker, etc. Still would never advocate violence on them or anybody! Also, do not advocate verbal abuse of people, where you’re angrily calling actual people those names. In THAT case it CAN BE abusive & a slippery slope to violence. It’s ok to get angry at people, but keep it in a healthy LIMIT, don’t scream at them or verbally abuse them or call them horrible names for more than ONE OR TWO MINUTES. Or, say “I’m angry at what you did, I think I deserve an apology. Treat me with the respect I deserve, YA STUPID B!TCH,” hahaha.

stay cool, jump in the pool/lake, don’t be a g0dd4m TRYHARD running a marathon out there.

difficult to formulate a final verdict on Pr0nography. Pros & Cons, good & bad, useful & harmful, depends on context/situation. Good for convenient, quick, unemotional release for bound-up men. Serves that purpose ridic well. Not good when men become addicted to, watch all the time. Also kinda degrading to Wimminz. ALSO, & my major point, can INCREASE frustration for Omegas who want The Real Thing & Pr0n seems like a cruel tease for something they desperately want but can never have. Or, at best, the drunk warpigs & seacows they can pull w their low mate value, might not be able to get it up & not as much FUN as b34ting off to the Sexy Pr0n, seems like a cruel Joke, distance bw reality and fantasy, yet that fantasy is a kind of reality for the men in those videos the Omegas vicariously live thru. Next best thing would be hiring an ATTRACTIVE Pross who looks more like one of the p0rno girls, but the PRICE is MUCHHHH higher. Nonetheless I argue this is the much better step into “Real Sex” for the Omega Perv than Soul-Sucking Seacow Sex with “Real Girls.” Gotta take Baby Steps Along the Right Path. Pr0n, THEN to Attractive Pross, THEN to Attractive Realgirls.

Sounds like I’m demonizing/attacking Ugly Girls. HELL NO. Ugly Girls can have Great Personalities sometimes, & be Great People! If anything I’m “attacking” Ugly Drunk Underclass BAR Girls with Bad Bodies AND Bad Personalities, the lowest-hanging fruit, the lowest possible mate value, the very bottomest of the barrel, ie the most likely a Pr0n-Addicted Omega could pull. is also, not coincidentally, gonna provide the LEAST rewarding experience.

So save yer money slowly from your underjob & spend it on a wh0re with a good body at least. Get what you pay for. It’s not going to be cheap. Another prob w pr0n is that you can get it so Cheap, so you thing The Real Thing, even from a NonReal GIRL, will be comparably cheap. F00K no. In A Just world, that Price Diff between Most Cheapest & NEXT/MARGINALLY Most Cheapest S3chx would be much smaller, but OH WELL. ADAPT. WORLD’S NOT FAIR. BUT YOU ARE SMART AND STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT. ALOT MORESO THAN THE YOUNG WH0REZ YOU B34T 0FF TO. NO HONOR.


Naturally leads to another Important Point in my Everflowing Stream Of Superficial Philosophy Of Morality: It’s lame & g4y to be a TRYHARD, but being a LAZY, NO-ACCOUNT, IRRESPONSIBLE SOCIALIST expecting EVERYONE ELSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU is EVEN WORSE!


Answer to that will go to the end of the NEXT post at least, haha. &I will be trying to figure it out for rest of LIFE, ha. Not necessarily the Odyssey of a Miserableist either!

So all the Professional Liberals who have the Privilege of Working For Social Justice rather than working for Their Own Survival, oooh, how SELFLESS, what a great way to Do The Right Thing because of Your Born White Privilege! they’re all happy that the SCOTUS did not overturn the health care bill. Like they’re not getting Cadillac Health Care from their Bourgeois Career Employers! Yeah this is just me being BITTER bc I coulda been successful like them but I did not Choose Wisely, haha. So what do ya do. ADAPT. LEMONADE. APPLESAUCE. Stay Away from Soul-Poisoners, who, dismayingly often, are also Wimminz! Be A Little Productive, mostly every day, until You Too have Power & Health Care, then use your new power to do the REAL Right Thing!

Be Yao Ming Face & Not WTF Goatee Guy Face. No POINT getting BUTTHURT about it. But you ARE JUSTIFIED to go through a substantial PERIOD OF BUTTHURT. Wimminz will NEVER let you do that, but Men who know better will! I’ll even give you as much as A YEAR to be Butthurt!

See, don’t you like my Didactic Advice-Giving much more than that of Wimminz? Because it’s REAL and HONEST. I’m not telling you you have to be PERFECT and get everything right on the 9000-point CHECKLIST. “It just wasn’t going to work out, because YOU weren’t fully self-actualized yet. YOU WEREN’T PERFECT.” This is What Wimminz’s advice boils down to. They so clearly don’t know sh!t that it’s HILARIOUS (Yao Ming), but initially it IS frustrating (Goatee Guy). So BE Butthurt for a little while, then eventually you WILL No Longer Give A F00k. & The longer you listen to Know-Nothing Wimminz SHAMING you for being Butthurt & telling yourself “O NOES! I shouldn’t be butthurt”, the longer you WILL be Butthurt. So maybe that is Wimminz’s “secret agenda”, their desired result for you, to MAKE you Butthurt LONGER by TELLING you NEVER to be? Nah, that’s too prescient & meta & smart & while Some Wimminz MIGHT be that smart, I would say, in 55% of cases, that would be Thinking Too Hard for them. Time Burglar from Book Clubs and Cupcakes and Buying Clothes and using Facebook and Career-Worshipping Tryhardism and Pinterest “these cupcakes are soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee” or tweeting Rachel Madcow SMUG GLIBERAL SWPL Bullcrap.

Gradually Going From:


heh, ideally would have a Perfectly Continuous Morph Animation there, but I’m no TRYHARD.

Men accept Wimminz for Who-They-Are all the time, well, except when they’re pedestalizing & idealizing & romanticizing them. We Men just ask for the same or-even-similar acceptance. NOBODY’S PERFECT, MORON. DON’T BE SUCH A TRYHARD SMUG WORLDCHANGER. You’re no more HAPPY or BETTER than a POOR ANTI-INTELLECTUAL RACIST REDNECK GOD & GUNS BITTER CLINGER “DEY TERK OUR JERBS!”, in fact, you’re probably LESS happy, & a much worse person. Go F1St your own 455, hahaha.


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Anger is associated with men moreso than with women. If any emotion were “allowed” to men, it would be anger. Allowed, but not approved. While anger is seen as immature and violent (why does anger NEED to be “violent”?) and ineffectual and unjustified, it’s still more “manly” and “strong” than feeling weak or sad or lonely or afraid. Then you’re just a weak f4gg0t who can’t stand up for himself and get things DONE and Own Your Sh!t and Be Accountable for your actions.

There is “justified” anger – the righteous indignation you feel when you witness true injustice. And then there is “unjustified”, immature, “little boy” rage that you may feel when you don’t get Your Way.

Men who want to be Heterosexual with women – and many men do – but who fail miserably, never really getting what they want, may be initially attracted to Game, as it seems to teach them a skill to fulfill a rather immediate, pressing, serious want.

Full-Blown, Self-Identified MRAs and MGTOWs are GENERALLY more attuned to Structural Injustices and broader societal and historical trends of Misandry, than are some of the more myopic students of Game, who seemed to be obsessed with Young Tail even more than I am, or at least voice little concern over anything BUT Young Tail.

I fully understand and empathize with the “little boy rage” of the Gamers, and would like to remove the shaming and stigma attached to this “lesser” form of anger. While I don’t think being angry about “not being able to get laid” has the same level of seriousness as being angry about men’s LIVES being DESTROYED on the job, on the battlefield, or in the family courts, I think Anger-over-Sexual-Rejection still has significantly more legitimacy than its detractors claim.

There is a ton of shame heaped on Betas. Lots of patronization. Not just from Feminists who think Game is Misogynist, but from Regular Women who think Betas (and Game itself) are creepy (“Creepy” will almost certainly be a future post, hahaha), to male game-deniers who see all Game-Readers as short-sighted Pv$$y-Beggars, to the Alphas the Betas idolize. Shame, like Anger, CAN be a good motivator, but too much of it can be destructive. The “best” is when you get shamed for BEING angry, because you’re “too angry”, and for the “wrong reasons”. Methinks the Shamers have never experienced Intense Anger and how debilitating it can make one. When you are really really Angry, you are no good to no one. You can’t get anything done. Nothing. So yeah I guess I can understand how Anger gets portrayed as a pathology.

Rambling in circles again. Is it because I’m too angry? Maybe. I do often struggle with anger, and I can attest that it can become overwhelming and not productive or motivating or usable.

For example, it’s valid, understandable, and even “reasonable” to feel anger when you are rejected, taken advantage of, or simply don’t get what you want.  I think framing it as “little boy rage over not getting what the little baby wants” is a STRAWMAN, because even a little child is far less angry for far less time when his parent says “no ice cream for you!” than when one person rejects another.  That’s a difference in KIND as well as in degree: The next day the child is no longer mad about the ice cream, probably because he knows he will have ice cream again soon anyway, and it will be sweeeeeeet. Being rejected by another person is a bit like being told you’re just not good enough as a person, and you never will be. That kind of Stings more than the ice cream, especially if your interest was anything more than just purely sexual, for example infatuation, or you’d deluded yourself into thinking you respected them as a person.

I argue men are, on the average, much MUCH more intimately familiar with this kind of rejection and disappointment than are women. If women had to put up with as much rejection and failure and disappointment and loss as did men, they might be killing themselves in equal proportion to men rather than just dramatically attempting suicide for show.

Of course, a moody depressed woman will still have much more access to the potential pleasure of sex than a moody, depressed man! Note: I am NOT suggesting that moody depressed women go out and have lots of sex, because that will still make you a whore. Go to a shrink, preferably one who believes in “right” and “wrong.” Yes, this may very well be a privilege not available to you. In that case, you can still Notpray All Day to some sort of Nogod. That is likely to have a positive effect if you do it enough. Try repeating this mantra to yourself as many times throughout the day as you need: “Lord Nogod, please help me. Please give me strength to get through this day, and have mercy on my nosoul.” Over and over and over again.

So my point before I got angry was, Rejection sucks and can lead to great anger and instead of getting support and compassion, men are shamed for their anger and just pushed deeper into anger, and then if they “snap” and do something violent, then people conclude that anger ALWAYS CAUSES to violence, anger IS violence, and other nonsense. Its one of those Nuanced Arguments where the Nuances can get too easily confused. I can see how and why people confuse Anger and Violence. But I think that’s a grave miscalculation. A Serious Miscorrelation.

Anger for being Rejected by your Wife and separated from your kids and taken to the Cleaners and Living The Rest of your life in Debtor’s Prison is much, much worse than anger for getting rejected by Cute Young Girls for Sex. But I wonder if some of those in the second group don’t eventually become part of the first group. It’s their own damn fault, though, for being Gameless Betas and letting people walk all over them, isn’t it? True, they have SOME responsibility for that, but I’d place at LEAST 70% of the blame upon the person who does the walking-on. They should really know better.

I recall reading a comment thread somewhere – I know Alek Novy was involved – either at Heartiste or AVfM, where someone did a Venn Diagram of MRA and Game proponents. This might have been during the dust-up of MRA “vs” Game when Paul did his “Chateau Bullsh!t” article and related radio show. I was kinda provoked at that time, and I was a little disappointed in Paul, because I, the bridge-builder, enjoy BOTH AVfM AND Heartiste. Was that because I was a YOUNG man, or at least young enough that my Hormones were raging enough for me to be Obsessed with Young Tail? (But: I can feel myself getting Old, and I am STILL obsessed with Young Tail!)

I’m too lazy to go back and find exactly what was said, but I’d place myself in the intersection of that Venn Diagram. I started out on Game, but then I “graduated” to MRA and MGTOW, however I never fully abandoned Game either. Right now I’m trying to do a synthesis of the entire thing. I want Young Tail AND I want fairness for men in the courts, in society, in the media, and I’ll throw a Mantrum if I don’t get what I want!!!

The good news is that we can Bounce Back from rejection, dust ourselves off and try again as the saying goes; what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, etc etc. I’ve never been a big fan of platitudes but sometimes they’re true. Except when they’re false, except when what doesn’t kill you just makes you weaker and weaker and then eventually the straw breaks the camel’s back, you get a flat tire and then you fall into a psychotic crying weak beta heap in the middle of the street like Crazy Old Nietzsche defending the poor abused horse hahahahaha. But seriously folks. Facing Adversity and Rejection and Just Keeping Living can be a great character-builder, I firmly believe. It makes you a better person, and that’s better than the Hottest Young Tail!

Or is it?

Game, as I view it, isn’t some complicated, esoteric set of routines, and it’s certainly nothing new that was invented as a solution to the “new problem” of Feminism-Empowered Entitled “Average Modern Western Women”. It’s simply charisma and confidence. Good social skills. No big “Mystery” there, hahahahaha. However, it is surprising How MANY Men have Such Below Average Social Skills. Unless, of course, the True Average is NOT to mate. The Real Average is to Have Social Skills So Crappy you’re Unable To Pull Tail. And it may be true (heh, “weasel words”) that, in the Environment of Evolution, 80% of Males died without leaving heirs, and 20% of males – the true alphas – spread their seed among harems of many, many women, and we are the legacy of those very few men combined with those multifarious women. The vast majority of men died alone, angry, afraid, and absolutely Young Tail-less, and so too will they today. Alone and afraid often go hand-in-hand with angry. And Tail-less.

“Mmm-hmm! That just goes to show you WHY anger is sooooo BAD! You push others away with your insecurity!”

I admit  I do have a Pet Peeve for Women who Give Advice. 100% of the time – even more of the time than Most Women ARE “Like That” – even when A Woman gives WELL-INTENDED advice – it comes across as Patronizing and is ultimately less than useless – it’s insulting and angering. Especially when it’s Women advising you on Anger, or How To Change Yourself To Be More Attractive to Women. How about you just STFU because you have NO idea and your opinion is Stupid and Naive and Immature and Insecure and Deluded. The person who does NO Work telling the person who does ALL the work how they should Work Better. Give me a break. How about not being such an Obnoxious B!tch.

Times like that, I will get angry enough to use the B Word!

If Bouncing back from Rejection builds character, and women get rejected far, far less than men, does it follow that women on average have much less “character” than men? I wouldn’t necessarily say that. You can be privileged and Unrejected and still not be an a55 about it! For example, I am the textbook definition of a Privileged White Male, and I try never to forget it. (Yes, I’m aware that much of MRA is about pointing out how Male Privilege is not much of a Privilege. I’m just speaking in terms of personally having a Good Family and Opportunities for College and Career Success. I take full blame/accountability for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life which have brought me to the lowly status I’m at now.)

Men generally place higher value on Honor and Respectability and Morality and Ethics than Average Modern Western Women (AMWW). You can Respect your biological privilege/power of being able to choose your desired mate exactly by not choosing every possible mate and sampling the Schlongasbord during your halcyon days. This is just as “creepy” as George Sodini in a Trenchcoat walking down the street and whipping his Dong out and jerking-off with a big leer to every woman he sees.

Violence is Inherently Wrong. Anger is NOT inherently wrong. Anger does not CAUSE violence or even necessarily LEAD to violence. I argue a very specific combination of anger, ignorance, and evil/immorality leads to violence.  (Yeah I WILL break out the “E” word!) Shaming the Angry as Potentially Violent is just a way to make their legitimate concerns appear illegitimate. This is very low-down, dishonest, dishonorable and disrespectful, and We Don’t Like It.

Those men who do have individual Sexual Frustration IN ADDITION TO “More Valid Anger” about The Broader Issues are in a particularly precarious Shame Triangle, because their opponents will say they’re JUST/MERELY Little Boys Angry That They Can’t Get Laid but they’re too Stubborn and Arrogant to Think “Gee The Common Denominator Here Is Me, Maybe It’s ME who needs to change”, etc etc ad nauseum.

So should those who DO have Sexual Frustration Go Out Of Their Way to DENY they have ANY Anger over that?

I don’t think so.

But I am currently wrestling RIGHT NOW with the notion that the tasteless “jokes” I sometimes make on Twitter wrongly make MRA’s Look Like Women Haters and Women-Violencers. And I do not want to do that to My Brothers. It could be like handing Our Heads to Feminists on a silver platter, and I definitely don’t want to do that, no matter how much I personally enjoy and laugh at Horrible, Evil Jokes about everything from Raeping Women to Gassing J3ws to Eating Babies to Molesting Children to Enslaving and Lynching Blacks, etc.

The best I can PROMISE you right now is that I will try not to make “hateful”, evil jokes every single day, or without a great deal of Thought behind them. Serious, Blogworthy Thought.

But I will NOT promise to not say crude things like “I’ll only b4ng a fat girl if she’s 23 or younger and has a young-looking face and skin.”

I’m honestly flexible on this. I suppose if an MRA I really respected, like Uncle Bern or Barbarossaaaa, messaged me “Stop making childish jokes, it makes us all look bad, it paints us all as violent idiots and sets the whole MRM back”, then I probably would stop.

I’m not gonna lie, when I was listening to the April 2012 AVfM show “All MRAs Are Privileged, Angry White Cis Men”  (not exact title; but great show as always!) I was thunderstruck when they announced the next caller was Barbarossaaaa. I cheered like my favourite sports team made a huge win. He’s one of my favourite MRAs and I’d not-so-secretly hoped he’d be a guest on AVfM one day, and I was/am really happy when I learned he was on a May Episode of AVfM’s new News/Activism show with James Huff & Robert O’Hara. I just didn’t know he had called in to one of AVfM’s other episodes at an earlier time. But it only makes SENSE. All of AVfM’s radio shows are great. I had taken a little hiatus from listening for a few months and I’m glad I stopped that hiatus.

While I do enjoy the Diversity of Opinion and Fierce Independence of MGTOWs, I also enjoy seeing a group of the strongest voices get together and talk. There was a very nice Espirit De Corps when I heard John, Girl, Typhon, and Barb conversing. Naturally in my Fantasy MRA All-Star Radio Show I add Bern and Heartiste to the conversation.

I realize this is pretty far from my starting topic of Anger, but honestly this post got off to a rough start, hahahahaha.

(I will NOT stop saying “hahahahahahaha” even if it sounds “Unprofessional” or “Unserious”, because even though We Are A Serious Movement, I and probably most other men appreciate a sense of humor, and it can be hard to convey a light tone through Sarcasm, or if your Jokes are bad, so I simply say “hahahahahahaha” not as a way to say “don’t take us seriously” but as a way to say “don’t take LIFE so seriously, have a sense of humor sometimes, or you’ll turn into a famously frumpy humorless feminist.” Hopefully everyone has had the experience of having at least one Friend in their lives (usually male!) who always comes across as cheerful, who always puts you in a better mood just by being around them, who is often laughing at their own jokes even if they’re not particularly funny, but not in an arrogant “I’m smarter than you” way, because he always laughs at everybody’s jokes, and improves the lives of everyone around him. I would like to be That Guy. A Real Good Guy Greg. At least with this blog. Since I naturally have a habit of being Debbie Downer in Real Life.)

This blog is a work in progress. Right now I see myself as “practicing” writing, so I don’t – and “The Readership” SHOULDN’T – expect it to be real good at the moment. I haven’t written blogs in a long time. I’m not entirely sure where this one is going to end up, but I know that I DON’T want it to turn into me whining Too Much like an Emotional Beta about my Personal Failures. However I DO feel a need to address my personal emotions to SOME extent, and it’s challenging finding the ideal balance there. But I will TRY to tie them in with Men/Manosphere/MRM. Because I do think it would be short-sighted to claim that powerful emotions such as Infatuation and Anger have NO RELEVANCE to Men. These emotions can be Bad if we don’t Manage them, but they’re not INHERENTLY bad and should NOT be ignored, denied, or shamed.

And regarding SHAMING, I just wanted to say that Slut-Shaming is FAR more appropriate and effective than Beta-Shaming. Betas are inherently more respectable and honorable than Sluts. Betas are not going around with the trenchcoat exposing themselves to every woman they see. Betas are simply trying and repeatedly failing to get a little action for once in their foreveralone lives. Betas need support, encouragement, help, and yes platonic LOVE from other men who have been there, not scorn and shame from Alphas Who Now Pound Piggish Pv$$y but were once whining, pathetic Beta Virgins themselves.

I’m all for Tough Love and Trial By Fire, but I think a little more Soft Love and a lot less Scorn and Shame from MEN towards OTHER MEN would be pretty damn helpful.

And, Sexual Frustration is Valid Frustration and, in generally, Women should just STFU about it and stop trying to give “advice” or commentary because it’s just obnoxious and annoying. Far more so than my tasteless joke tweets.

Things are gonna be a little disorganized and focused and scattershot around here in the start, so just expect that. However I DO expect my writing/this blog to Get Better in the Medium-Term future. Just Gimme 3 Months, hahahaha.

I was listening to AVfM Radio “Telling the truth about boys” show and the show closed with a very relevant and powerful remark from Typhon Blue: LISTEN to your anger. When Paul asked her what advice she would give to boys on how to educate and train them for The World Of Women, for which Media and School and Society and even well-meaning Families do not fully prepare them. Listen To Your Anger. Your anger is an alert system telling you that something’s WRONG, and you would be smart to believe it. Use your anger to help you find what’s wrong and then try to solve that problem or protect yourself from it. Don’t ignore it, don’t think it’s a false flag. More likely that not, your anger is your Gut telling you that something IS wrong and unjust and potentially harmful. So don’t get harmed. Protect yourself and know that you are WORTH protecting. Don’t let your Hormones steer you into sacrificing your self-respect, integrity, and safety.

Very often we think of Logic Versus Emotion, as if they are Enemies, and Logic must Conquer Emotion every time (Well, I often leap to that conclusion!) but the bottom line is that both Logic AND Emotion can serve us well when balanced properly. A little Anger can save our lives. A little Infatuation can bond us to a mating partner and help us stay Faithful. But you have to have Logic to know when you’re getting a Raw Deal. Like Barbarossaaaa says, men are pretty good at knowing when they’re getting a deal and when they’re getting screwed. The problem is when men keep going back to get screwed, even when deep down they KNOW they’re getting screwed, because their emotions overcome their logic.

I do think the current “rift” in which people are taking issue with Rocking Mr E’s MRA+ is a little bit overblown and it will blow over. I agree partially with RME that Love Between Men and Women CAN exist and can be a beautiful, positive emotion, but I also agree with Barbarossaaaa and Stardusk that Women are predisposed to be more selfish than men and that the odds are stacked against men and to Bet On Love is a Fool’s Errand and that even if you have it good, things could go very bad overnight and you could be permanently screwed, so Know The Risks, and most of the time, the Risk Isn’t Worth The Reward. But RME is a great guy so let’s not pile-on him, hahahahaha.

I find it amusing and somewhat discouraging that MRA/MGTOW YouTube videos are filled with comments with MRA’s arguing viciously with each other over religion, politics, race, how selfish are women naturally, game, relationships, and people become Internet Tuff Guys even worse than I do. I could understand if they were ridiculing a Feminist Troll, but I think, in general, MRAs should give other MRAs a little more slack & be more civil and laugh away any personal disagreements because, at the end of the day, as MRAs, as Men, we have a LOT more in common than we don’t.



Attractive Women have a Moral Obligation to know they are Attractive and to act respectfully with that power, and their Parents have a Moral Obligation to Teach them how to do that.

Leonard Cohen is a tremendous, inspiring, beautiful, transformative, transcendent man.

Black MRAs are Powerful!

PS: I’ve always been wary of Comments, because I hate being criticized! It sounds too much like the Wimminly Advice I described above. When I leave comments, it’s not usually to troll, and usually to give support to the writer. If I disagree with anything they said, then I will say it as nicely as possible. If my disagreement is really significant, then I just won’t say anything at all, as more likely than not, our ideological differences will not be settled by any amount of arguing. If the difference of opinion annoys me enough, I’ll just stop reading the blog.

Basically this me saying that if I get a comment I don’t like, I’ll delete it.  Especially if it’s a Wimminz saying something annoying and pedantic and advicey.

Not that I anticipate a lot of comments. I don’t WANT a lot of comments!

What if anger-as-an-alert-system is just trying to tell us that our Anger Itself is misplaced? That our alert system is Broken, like a Little Boy who doesn’t get his Ice Cream and then gets really really angry for days and weeks and months and years? Well then you can get a whole lotta Xanax and just say “OKAY” passively whenever women withdraw their S3x from you so they can give it to More Alpha men.


LATER EDIT: just ignore this, I’m rambling about Caffeine and Leonard Cohen and no MRA stuff, hahahahahaha. I may end up deleting this because Being A Big Leonard Cohen Fan is something that I am easily Real-Life-Identifiable as.

I enjoy writing every day but sometimes the stuff does not really warrant a new post as it is not really on any topic. Or it may be related to the last topic. Or I just don’t want to have a new post. Like today, where I simply wanted to express Thanks and Gratitude to The Cosmos (hehehe) for having a day off and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, drinking a nice mix of Iced Tea + Diet Mt Dew, a little modification of The Arnold Palmer which I do not have a name for yet. Normally I get up early and drink a lot of coffee all day long. With the sudden blessing of being able to sleep, I have indeed slept, and avoided Coffee for about 30 hours, unheard of. Took a Tylenol to assuage a small headache, but nothing excruciating. Still a sense of being tired and having no energy though. This is nothing new, so usually I Chug An Ocean of Coffee to make myself do what I need to do during the day. But with nothing to do, a First World Privilege if there ever was one, I decided to “detox” from Coffee for a few days while I had that luxury. I did not find a wave of energy in its place, rather, I just slept ALL DAY and went to bed at 6pm. On This, Day 2 of “vacation”, I still felt tired after a full night of sleep. So I “broke down” and got a little caffeine in the form of the “Super Arnold Palmer.”

And this has absolutely nothing to do with Men’s Rights. I was thinking about making a Second Blog for non-Men’s Rights things.

I have always been a big Tom Waits fan and also a big Leonard Cohen Fan. To me, these Singer-Songwriters deserve just as much recognition as “the mainstream” gives Bob Dylan. I don’t hate Bob Dylan, he just comes in at – at most – third place here. Usually I had always ranked Waits above Cohen, but these days I’m finding I’m ranking Cohen above Waits. Going back and listening to all the Cohen albums I’d not given enough attention: “Recent Songs,” “Death of a Ladies Man”, “Various Positions”, “New Skin for the Old Ceremony”, actually, a good 40% of Cohen’s Oeuvre I’m not as familiar with as I should be. All this is probably brought on by Cohen’s new 2012 album “Old Ideas”, which may just be Classic Cohen. The big problem with Bob Dylan is his inconsistency. If every album he made was as good as “Blonde on Blonde” or his first 4 or 5 albums, then he wouldn’t be at such a distant third place for me. Not that I’m crapping on Dylan’s newer albums either. His old-man voice sounds great. I guess Cohen just speaks to me more personally, and even his “inconsistent” albums are growers. Maybe it has to do with him taking at least 4 years between each album.

And I’ve never been a fan of Lyrics for some reason, I just rarely pay attention to lyrics. Maybe it’s my pessimistic view of musicians, and I don’t think they should try to be “poets” too. Pick one or the other because you can’t possibly be good at both. Obviously I don’t feel this way about Cohen. What I really like is how the first verse of lyrics starts off real simple and straightforward and even banal, but then as the song unfolds, he blows that theme wide open and says something spine-chillingly profound, but still related to the foundation he sets in the beginning. The first song on “Old Ideas” def does this.  Maybe even “Hallelujah” or “Suzanne” arguably.

So I’m thankful I “discovered” that new album “Old Ideas”, it got me back on a pretty serious Cohen kick. I’d like him to live forever and keep making new albums, but really we’re fortunate to get this one, it was uncertain whether he would ever make an album of new songs after “Ten New Songs.” And he’s 75 or 76.  Anyway I hope he lives to 120 and makes a dozen more albums. I was also clued into a recent live album called “Songs From The Road” (classic Cohen album title eh?) which was released after the magnificent “Live In London” and features that same Hot Band. (Many of which have been playing with Cohen since the 70s!)  But included some songs which were noticeably missing from LiL, namely, “Avalanche”, “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Chelsea Hotel”, “The Partisan”, and, possibly my favourite, “Waiting for the Miracle.” I’ve never disliked that song but until I heard this live version I wouldn’t think of putting it on the same level as those previous songs. This Version gives the song the treatment it deserves, really breathes new life into it.

Back in the Day I preferred Old Cohen to New Cohen because it sounded more Organic and I thought he sounded better with the Old Bob Dylan style production of just a man and a guitar. When he incorporated a band, it was often overproduced, to my ears, in a “Cheesy 80s” sense, and was a bit off-putting. Live In London and Songs From The Road present a full-band approach to the material that is much more timeless, giving me a new appreciation for the stuff that may have “suffered” with a “dated” production on the studio versions. Of course now I can go back & listen to those albums and they sound fine. But it’s also amazing how a guy with a reputation for being an “intimate singer-sognwriter” can put on such a great live show with band.

And now I’m reminded of the semi-recent “Isle of Wight” live album which was pulled out of the vaults, and that was Solid too. That was no more recent than about 1974 (checked: 1970), close to his “Live Songs”, his first official Live Album, early 70s. Those sounded great too. I guess the man can do absolutely no wrong in my opinion.

Heh. So my “underrated” Cohen Songs Of The Moment Are:

“Waiting For The Miracle” (live 2010ish)

“Tennessee Waltz” (included on 2004ish album “Dear Heather”, but a live track recorded in 1990s I THINK)

“Sing Another Song, Boys” (included on Songs Of Love And Hate but clearly a Live recording from early 70s, proving, as on “Live Cohen”, he still put on a Sick Show back then)

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