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heh great title. If a Wimmin is Socially Awkward and thinks she’s a SPERG, she’s probably NOT, because Wimmin are Average Less Intelligent than Men, AND Average Less Likely to Be Legit Sperg. Yeah, there’s still a NEGLIGIBLE Chance, OF COURSE.


It is not natural and not good for Men and Women to be so At Odds with each other. Men and Women are Different, but they are Complementary, and thus fit together. The Ruling Elites are trying to Force Men and Women apart, to Divide and Conquer. And I’d say they are doing a damn good job of it in this generation. That’s why you see SO MANY Omega Virgins turning to GAME – because more men than every before are having Problems with Wimmin they’d never had before. Of course this is largely because Todays Wimmin are so different from Yesterday’s Women. By getting no tail, Todays men are slowly waking up to that, and trying to Engineer Solutions to How To Get Tail. Of course that is just a short-term, band-aid “solution.” I predict it will take at least a full generation (see 14 words!) for the pendulum to swing back and for Wimmin to gradually become Better. Then whammo, men and women will be Complementary once again, Game will be an antiquated anomaly, cause guys won’t have to Try So Hard to get Tail, and they won’t be coerced by Desperation to Marry Bad Wimmin. They will reject Bad Wimmin and Marry Good Women.


MAYBE I will open comments one the One Year Anniversary. Because Comments are usually “Yeah BUT you forgot to say THIS.” at best. I do not forget to say anything, I’m just saving it for later. Eventually I ALWAYS think of it, and no amount of f!ggy COMMENTS are gonna jog my memory. Just wait for it and I’ll address it soon enough.


If you’re uncomfortable with The Idea Of Race, Whitey, even as your race is gradually being KILLED, maybe this will awaken you: The Ruling Elite are themselves very much LIKE A Race. (Some would say they ARE a Race – Jews. And the whites who serve them.) But disregarding The Jewish Question for THIS point, maybe the more reasonable dividing line for you is Class, Not Race. That’s fine, there IS a huge, important class difference in there. They are rich and powerful, you are neither. I would say this Class Difference is So Deep, it might as WELL be a Race – which is why I like it when Moldbug talks about CASTE, which is like a Race AND a Class.

I have played into The Ruling Elite’s plan quite nicely, because I Wasted My Youth. Instead of Agitating and Instigating and doing Physical Things with my youth and energy, I did nothing. I was neutered. The time when I could have done the Most good, I did nothing. And now I STILL have very little energy. I argue that’s a Holdover of my Moral/Spiritual Disease which Ruined me during my youth, in other words, I can still beat that and get SOME energy back, but I’ll never be as strong as I could have been at say age 20. I guess the good news is, I still CAN become the strongest I have ever been in my whole life, considering I was pretty weak when I was 20!


It’s not very CHRISTIAN to go around JUDGING people like I always do, calling them F@gg0ts and K!kes and Wh0res and N!663r5 and ragheads and losers and pillow biters and 4ssspreaders and sperm burpin gutter slvts and always calling everyone immoral and morally reprehensible and chongos and groids and free air inhalers and shylocks and babymurderers and dirty albanians and tryhards.

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