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Neckbeards gonna neckbeard, autists gonna autis. I should* not be Live Blogging, but muh feelz hahaha. It was all downhill after I started reading 4chan/pol during my Free Time. Blame it for being somewhat interesting.



I r sucker for the screenshots of text With Clear Detailed Advice On How To Do Stuff like self-teaching yourself Fundamental STEMgineer Maths.


ok heh after 1 search i found an archive of 4 chan including /pol.

yep breddy lazy, gotta fix myself fast. but i am interested in the stories of 25 year old NEET sperglord kissless virgins who can’t get a job, can’t get a gurl, can’t get a friend, annoying unlikeable failures, if they go to a shrink they f00k that up too, people who are losers in absolutely every way.

heh. wizardchan type people. /v9k is the wizardest of wizardchan. /r9k is the wizardest of 4chan. they really don’t like when betas with horrible hetero experiences in both quantity and quality try to pass as wizards, because to be a REAL wizard you have to be 100% FULL virgin.

Implicit in definition of full wizard is that you have to have reached 30 years old. Virgin of course. Not sure if you need to be full NEETer, or skilled enough in Math and Science to have done anything useful there. Just be a 30 year old virgin? Not sure if there actually ARE anyone 30 or above on wizardchan, haha.


“we need to redpill women, how do”


youtube “hitler the greatest story never told”

yeah this is a real sh!tpost huh



was looking for the “university politics what kind of engineering should I go into, because we determined STEM is the only thing worth going to college for” in /pol, somebody posted this image near the top, can’t find the thread on 4chan or 4chanarchive, probably should have saved the webpage no? ha.

anyway that image was controversial obviously. because mechanical is supposedly god tier too. trying to remember some of the stuff people said: computer ENGIN is generally better than computer SCIENCE unless you go to top 10 skool for compsci. Ok I’m out, hahaha.

Don’t know if I’d say biomedical is “waste of life tier”. seems a little harsh, although i like the harshness of the chans. But True Waste Of Life Tier is any NON-Stem degree!

chanarchive.org - We need to redpill women. What are good tactics for this. - archived from 4chan -pol- - Politically Incorrect


heh maybe i need to try a notetaking app like evernote because what if you wanted the text and not an img.

heh. me not restraining myself from posting when I feeeelz like an Autist does not Help My Race!

However I like to try to help Losers of My Race Win. Overcome their bad habits, replace them with good habits. Disregard disorder, acquire order.

so the chinese with Tiger Parents Pushing them real hard to get All A’s in Elec Engin: how MANY of those crack under the stress, burn out, say f00k this sh1t, and become asian neckbeard NEETers?  shiftless layabouts? are these just tail end outliers who really don’t matter much, and the average/normal/majority/median Tiger Child does become a resourceful, well-paid winner?

homeless asians, drug-addicted asians, incarcerated asians. or indians. that fail in their STEM education/career.

heh. gonna be a picture-filled post today.



heh autimsm.

that feel when you drive down the freeway and it seeeeeems at least 60% of billboards are about EDUCATION MOAR EDUCATION FIXES EVERYTHING. need moar colleges and more people in college. If moar people went to moar college, everyone would have a Good Job, hahahaha.

Of course I am Butthurt because I am sick and Tired of WORKING for My Work, I just want to Work already, hahaha.

No I do WORK, I am not getting NEETer “AutismBux” from the Gummint like some people. Heh. does uncle sam give murkan NEETs autismbux? I AM trying to IMPROVE my current Babbys First Kareeeeeeer so I can be a Better Person, so I could actually SUPPORT the Three White Children I want to have someday.

>4chan fag sez u r a failure if u make less than 37k a year



“B-But W-What if……he’s RIGHT?”

>natural selection, survival of the fittest, adapt/compete OR DIE

At any rate, yeah I am trying to improve my own Earning Potential and not be some loser who only makes 37k a year, hahahaha. but seriously, kids much younger than me who Did The Right Thing and got a Good Engin Degree are now making 100k a year. because they took Calc 2 in high school, and Calc 3 and Linear Algebra and DE’s and Number Analysis and Statics and Therm in their First year of college, hahaha.

(Some Internet Tuff Guy says that “I’ve never seen an engin student who was doing it Just For The Money ever succeed, they all fail and drop out, become part time help desk, HI HOW CAN I HELP U, RESTART YOUR ROUTER, THANK U CALL AGAIN, HI HOW CAN I HELP U, best buy geek squad at best”)

Black Metal has become all edgy and liberal and mainstream, 16 Year Old Girls Like XASTHUR, so Black Metal Protip: TRY JUDAS ISCARIOT

heh. my Life Pro Tip, it’s all about MOMENTUM. I think if these NEET Wizards had a little MOMENTUM, they would Do Better At Life. Like A Normal Social Life including Friends and Girls, then they wouldn’t complain about their Hard Maths Weeder Courses so much, and not flunk out of skool, and instead become Proud Upstanding White Men some day. But instead they become Poor Broken Men like

-v9k- - Virgin9000



heh heh heh



however I do permit Men to be Beta, Butthurt, and Bitter for a LITTLE WHILE. More than likely, they have RECENTLY experienced a Soul-Crushing Rejection from someone they were in LUV with.

But uh after 6 to 9 months the Beta Bitter Butthurt goes away. I would also say to White NEETs, that if you can’t seem to make any progress on Wimmin and Career, and indeed it can be Legit Literally Soul-Crushing to not make any progress with Wimmin or Career, then just devote all your energy to Physical Training: Getting In Good Shape, not being a Fat Neckbeard, let that be your new starting point.

Stop eating Sh1t”food” and starting Lifting Heavy Weights and Doing Martial Arts!



heh heh that picture is REALLY GAY, but I think We Can All find a Great Kernel of Truth innit.

And the other inspiration thing I can remember, from Varg V quoting Marcus Aurelius: “WHERE YOU CAN LIVE, YOU CAN LIVE WELL.”

And I just saved Several White LIVES, thank you very much! Now go and do likewise, Gents.


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Good Day Dear Readers. Good time for one of these uh?

THANK YOU BILL POWELL for Liking this post! I guess the logical thing to do would be for me to Like one of your posts, or I think we’re up to Two Now,  but that might bring me Too Many Readers. However I would DEF Recommend All Readers to Read Your Blog APOCALYPSE COMETH at


Heh. I should read him more often. Good Lord. Good Red Pill Guy. Unlike me, he isn’t all J this and YKW that, however I’m PRETTY SURE he’s not an antiwhite antiracist, haha.

Been thinking a lot about MATH, Math Education, Education, Kke Kollige, STEM, homeschooling, the best way to learn maths and sciences, taking a lot of pages from the MINDWEAPON book.

Yep still on a Mindweapon Kick, though haven’t had enough time to read lately, because free time was being eaten away by my CALCULUS 2 class, which will be the main subject here.

Also I would like to Officially and Publicly encourage Mindweapon to give a try to “THE MINDWEAPON SHOW”, which would be an internet radio show / podcast of Mindweapon talking to anyone who wants to get on a skype, or talkshoe, or however. Even just MW and his Top Commenters talking about stuff they talk about on the blog. A Talk Radio Version of

his blog and commenters. Hipster Racist and Brandon & Maureen Martin & Clytemnestra and Conchobar and April Gaede and g-d knows who else. Ryu, Kevin MacDonald, Matt Parrott, Robert Stark. and then that Dik Dik guy could complain about it all, hahaha.

But MW is really on a streak lately, right now, in 2013, and I would prefer talk on Hot New Stuff, New Ideas, like the Practical Political Ideas he constantly blogs about. The White Family Convenience Stores, the Homeschools, the STEM Military Academies, the martial arts, exercise, fitness, farming, taxi services, car sharing, multifamily households, investing.

“JUST READ THE BLOG AND COMMENTS, THAT’S WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT”, yeah I KNOW, but lemme Hypothesise that I’m not the only one who Likes Listening to Interesting Talk Shows of people Talking about these ideas. People Talking is a little better than people reading and writing. Yes, OBVIOUSLY people DOING is way better than Talking, Reading OR Writing!

heh for example almost reblogged this one it was so good:

h ttp://mindweaponsinragnarok.comdeletethis/2013/05/08/austerity-for-whites-cornucopian-party-for-non-whites-and-immigrants-whites-are-victimized-because-we-are-atomized-tribalization-and-feralization/

Calc 2. You can’t deny this is a good Mindweapon. I went into it with uncharacteristic optimism. (Mindweapon: the Other is delighted to instill a Culture of Pessimism in Our People, to make us despondent, despairing, and self-destructive.)

Mindweapon recommends Homeschooling Expert Art Robinson who said, re children learning math, some interesting things: that they should never be helped on a difficult problem, and that struggling towards the correct answer is the best way to learn math. To Think Mathematically. It’s not SUPPOSED to be EASY.

Well, I would agree the best way to learn math is to DO MANY PROBLEMS. That’s WHY there’s a lot of Homework. And there certainly was. The text used was Larson Edwards 8th Edition “Calculus”, and it epitomized a lot I Hated About Learning Math. The explanations were sort of there, but I would have written them a LOT more clearly. To get New Students through the Learning Curve. I argue you can use Training Wheels without Dumbing Math Down. 

So I ended up watching Khan Academy a LOT and he was very helpful. I wish he were white!

Several of the (young) students would go to the Tutoring Center after class and work on the homework as a group, having the help of a Skilled Tutor immediately available if there were any questions. I think this is the best approach, however it does fly in the face of the Robinson approach.

I either didn’t have time or was too burned out to ever really join them so I did everything alone, but ended up getting SUPER angry at the dumb obtuse book, or at the Tutorial Vidyas on webassign.net where we did our homeworks. Muttering at the guy in the vidya, calling him a Kke Fggot because the explanations sucked, etc. I understand some

frustration is to be expected, but I would think the sense of accomplishment, achievement, and confidence from ultimately solving the problems would cancel out the anger. But it didn’t. Then again, I DO admit to being Above Average Angry, such that I’m above the threshold where Anger is Useful, now it’s just too excessive for all of it to be Useful.

The kids in the class were mainly young engineers in training, doing the right thing at the right age. Heh. I was trying to do the right thing at the wrong age.  Was angry when I learned Calc 2 IS essentially AP Calc BC, which The Successful Smart Kids who became Winning White Engineers took IN HIGH SCHOOL, and I should have too.

Learning this stuff as young as possible will give you a great advantage In Life.

My Role Model was a 20-year old young man originally from Syria. I think he was a christian not a mudslime. he looked at least 50% white. But he embodied the non-Murkan Work Ethic that most immigrants from Crappy Places have. The Real Old-School American Work Ethic of Work your 455 off, get paid. So I tried to emulate him, but now feeeeeel pretty burnt out. He did not seem nearly as burnt out. Great Attitude. Nice Kid too.

There were more GIRLS in the class than I expected, at least 30% girls. (Cute POY Girls are Distracting and Counterproductive in Education.) “Good” amount of Whites, prob 72% white? of the nonwhites I’d say most were Arabs, but there was one Albanian.

(ok this is a better time for the) BREAK TIME FOR U!


























How to Stanch Burn Out? Probably do math for 1 hour a day, Monday Thru Saturday, not in 3 hour marathons twice a week. There was at least 6 to 10 hours of Serious Homework per week. But it said so right on the syllabus!

Yeah Ideally should have gotten up at 3:45 am Monday Thru Saturday, did a Quiet Undistracted Hour of HW before getting Tired From the Day, to tired to really concentrate and work on HW without getting superangry at the kke book.

Found the exams SUPER STRESSFUL. Four Regular Exams, each taking the full 2-hour class period, and one Cumulative Final, just finished yesterday. Five Huge Exams, all very stressful to prepare for, and grueling as f00k to actually do. Can you teach Maths good without Ridiculous Exams? Just do the HW and get an A?

Some instructors allow you to bring in One Sheet of notes. Not this one. That would have cut down the Stress at least 50% hahaha.

Not REALLY complaining. I like Math, Math is So Beautiful, Math Is A Mindweapon, Math Makes You a Better Person, I just don’t like Math Class. Seemed to move VERY fast and Cram so much in. Would have liked class to be 6 credits not 4. OR be split up into 2 classes.

But then noting that this is only 4% of the Way Towards a Bigboy Winning Engin Degree makes me want to go on a Punching People In The Face Spree, Get Burned Out, Give Up, Quit. Not a fan of skool. “Hate” skool.

But I don’t like this modern “UNSCHOOLING MOVEMENT” which is like, oh just let kids PLAY all day, on their INTERESTS, and then THAT’s their school. I think you can RIGOROUSLY homeschool your kids in STEM and not have them burn out.

Developing Good Habits when you are Young is SO Crucial to Success In Life.

It is not impossible to Weed Out Bad Habits and Develop New Good Habits when you are an Old Crone like me, although you might be prone to fits of rage, Punching People In The Face, throwing huge math textbooks through walls and calling it a “Kke Fggot”, and only finally getting your Engin Degree by Age 80.

Which is making me think, this is fine if you’re YOUNG and doing this at the “RIGHT” time, have tons of energy and optimism and time and good habits, but when you’re an Old Fart and need to start Making Money Fast so you can have 3 White Children Some Day, you might need An Edj00cation with a little better Short-Term ROI. (Saw some Fggot Kke article in the Chronicle of Higher Education “IS ROI THE BEST WAY TO THINK ABOUT COLLEGE?”. YES, you horrible thieves, poisoners, vampires, leeches, parasites, yes it is.) Because having your children when you’re 80 is not ideal.

BTW even though i was very angry at the class, I did VERY well, had OVER 100% grade before the Final, was prob the #2 student in class, behind #1 Syrian Kid. Final was my worst exam, but it could not have brought final grade below A-. I might be Lazy and Burnt Out and Distracted By Anger, but I still did Real Well in this class.

Uh can’t stop listening to Nick Cave & Seeds “Murder Ballads”, but the Song of the Week is “The Kindness Of Strangers”, which in years past, I’d always skip over, can’t BELIEVE I just skipped over THIS song!, but this month I discovered it, and now like to listen to it back-to-back multiple times almost every day. SO GOOD.

Don’t usually care about lyrics but Nick is a BOSS at them. Music is gentle and romantic, and reminds of some of the Angelo Badalamenti, Julee Cruse, David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet type stuff. Lyrics/story tries to be Overly Sentimental, comes off as Genuinely Heartbreaking, much like the whole album. Hope, Beauty, Tragedy, Death. One of the prettier songs on the album, but certainly not a happy one! Also slightly reminds of Tom Waits “A Little Rain” with the verse about the girl who had never seen the ocean and then she disappeared.

Have a good day, Love Your Race, Protect Your Race.

Practicing how Not To Leave Trackbacks. But here’s a good Stormfront Threat “College Is Killing The Middle Class”

h ttp://wwwdelete.stormfront.orgdelete/forum/t937333/

British Reality Televitz Show “Young Dumb and Living Off Mum” about Spoiled Losers Leeching off their Parents who have No Work Ethic, are just Lazy No-Account N’s. Haven’t watched any yet, sounds ridiculous.


(heh i don’t care if they know i’m linking to them.)

But I would argue that it’s much better to Gratefully Accept Support from your Fam than to go into Huge Debt to be “Independent.” That is not really Independent at all, that’s being a SLAVE TO YKW. But I think the kidz in this show are not all that grateful.

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Real Time Post, March 21 2013

this is more indicative of “THE PLACE I’M AT” right now, than the 9 month old sh!tposts i’ve been posting haha.

LONG POST WARNING, maybe even 2000 words. EVEN THOUGH I know Long Posts are WAY less effective than Short Posts. I will still do a long post once in a while. This one is very long and incoherent. the summary:


If you need a final push, listen to his AWESOME interviews on the Robert Stark Show:


Ideally All of the shows, but at least the “june 2 2010” one, and then the “men’s issues” one.

I do not intend for the shoddy quality of my post today to be an insult to the SUPERIOR quality of all of MW’s stuff.





SIX THOUSAND WORD POST, most of it fell8ing MW.

Don’t worry buddy I’m not STALKING you. OK, so I “Stalked” your other  public (I Hope!) nickname for an hour or so, and crapped pantz when I found some Podcasts/Talks that you did a couple years ago. Cuz I prefer listening to people TALK like normals, rather than WRITE on a BLOG. Gives me a better sense of Who They Are As-Actual-People, their Voice, etc. IMHO. And that, in turn, makes their writing even stronger! IMHO. I hope You don’t mind me spreading the word about these podcasts, because they are F00king AWESOME. IMHO.

so I found like 15 podcasts of my boy Mindweapon speaking to Robert Stark, Tom Sunic, Matt Parrott, Voice of Reason, Majority Rights. And has some podcasts from 2009-2010ish. and then he started the Mindweapon blog.

Real positive can-do guy, and I really like the Mindweapons approach. Solid Advice that People Can Actually Use. I will get back to him one of these days. He showed some interest in me, and I do not want to reject him. Would be a good Mentor Figure.  Hopefully one day I am in his position too: Strong Grownup Man with a family, who reaches out to wayward whites. the guy is a BOSS and that’s why he’s in my “god tier.” i love that he Walks the Talk, and is not a Neckbeard Dweller and has a FAMILY. WIFE and KIDS. Not to invade his privacy, but I think he said in a comment on his blog that he only became a full-blown WN AFTER he got married. Said it can help men become better husbands and fathers. I believe it.

AWWWRIGHT I gotta say F my maths HW (even though MATH IS A POWERFUL MINDWEAPON!!) and listen to these Reason Radio Network podcasts of

Mindweapon talking to Robert Stark on Empowering Beta Males. a guy after my own heart, hahahaha. if nothing else, listen to that one where he introduces the mindweapons concept. (june 2010)

even better, i don’t think he ever stoops to the level of stupid ego tripfag infighting. almost everyone bashes everyone else in WN, but he is above that. i like that classy approach. i don’t bash anyone except jews and the jewified. seems breddy jewy to call alex linder a jew or a plant.

i found all this searching “his other name” which he does not use on the MW blog a lot, but I don’t think it’s PRIVATE per se.

So, MW,  if you don’t want people to know about that name, uhhhhhhhh lemme know and I’ll take all this stuff down. But VoR Radio and Majority Rights have stuff, and Occidental Dissent. FYI: yer publicly-findable VRR profile with that name does link yer names together by having a link to yer MW blog. Plus I’m pretty sure a commenter on the MW blog called you by that older name. The one that looks like the name of a city. I honestly don’t think it’s supposed to be “a secret”.  I mean I could figure it out, as could any w man with two brain cells to rub together, hahaha. i mean You mention the mindweapons blog about 90000 times in the interview, so, q.e.d.

I think Your interviews are VERY strong and you should do more, maybe a youtube channel, incorporate that with your MW blog. don’t be shy about hyping your great interviews from a few years ago, with a permalink on the side!

in 2007 he got onto an npr interview with ziocon norman podhoretz, good lord:

14-15 minutes in. MW asks podhoretz about “judeo-fascism” and they cut him off, and called him an antisemite “domestic insurgent”, hahahahahahahahahahaha. this is what they DO!

go listen to mindweapon talk:

MW is lone guest on 56 minute Robert Stark show. talk on Beta males, Game, Roissy, Wimmin, Mindweaponization, Religion and Social Cohesion. This was the first time I heard MW talk and he is a CHARMER!!! Making jokes, laughing, easygoing, normal, fun, funny, charismatic, not at all spergy or weird.

also there is great talk in his comments, on MW’s blog that is. This Is What Good Talk Looks Like. I hope it stays that way.

heh. i have always liked MW ever since I first read him, but now I like him MORE. no honeymoon period here! blame him being the perfect combination of down to earth, smart, motivated. him being a charming normal-talking person goes a long way. hearing people speak makes a big difference to me.

I hope he has TEN white children!!! This Is What A Good White Father Looks Like!

it isn’t all guns guns guns. I Like Guns and should probably buy some, but MW understands that the Mindwar is just as, if not more, important than any physical war.

You could say that the concept of A Mindweapon itself is a Semitic/Jewish/Muslim/Arab thing, ie the Arab taqiyyah (sp) of dissimulation and gaining peoples trust, before slowly letting the mask slip and GOTCHA! Boiling the frog. But IMHO, in this instance, I don’t mind using their own weapon against Them. I don’t think it’s quite the same as “stooping to their level.”

point is, it helps to get away from the blogs or even the books, and listen to people TALK. nonspergy people who know how to talk. and so now when i read his blog, I can hear him talking and it reinforces everything. of course that’s just me, YMMV.  not a huge fan of reading. not gonna lie. unless i am already familiar with the way that author talks. if that makes any sense.  for example, i enjoy listening to bukowski almost more than i like reading bukowski. You know, charles bukowski, that miserable loser alcoholic who threw his white life away on booze and trashy wimminz, hahahahaha.

in other words, when i start my radio show, MW will be my first guest, and I might have a chance at convincing him! I will pull his talk string and let him talk for a full hour. i think he LIKES talking to people. nothing inherently wrong with that, though it flirts with Normalfag Extravert territory, hahahahahaha. but there’s nothing inherently wrong with normalfags being Social and Sociable Humans! we aren’t ALL Basement Dwellers! I’m not even as much of a Basement Dweller as I make myself out to be!


this guy is just TOO good. his stock was already pretty high with me, but now it’s thru the ROOF. if i were to comment on one blog it would be this one. heh. print out 20 pages of this one for your CHILDREN. god damn. he has my vote for White Leader. Other people are noticing too.

MW is both a Quality Writer and a Guy With a Great Positive Role-Model Inspiring Attitude. But it is not stupid optimism. the Concrete Plans and Strategies he is Sharing ARE a boon to the white race. the guy is a BOSS. And I don’t think this will go to his head. this is the kind of guy you wake up in the morning and feel grateful that he is alive and doing his thing. especially if you are kinda stuck in a rut and having trouble breaking out of it. gaining momentum. he’s GOT momentum. White Men, FOLLOW THIS EXAMPLE. Might become my #1 fav blog rather than my #2 fav blog. switching places. No offense to The Other Blog, hahahahahaha.

Personally, i think he could stand to have a little MORE ego and promote himself more….. but we have seen how people’s egos can get them in trouble. infighting and unproductive debate, when those people allied would prob be an even stronger force. he does not seem to get into that, and good for him.

although it was funny some commenter mentioned “those neo nazi singing girls” in a not so flattering way, without realizing that Their MOTHER Mrs Gaede comments on MW, indeed on the very same thread! and I am glad to see her! Prussian Blue kinda started me off on the wrong foot about her, but she is a good apple. a great apple. doing great things. what if every awakened white moved to kalispell.

anyway this is HOT TALK. very hot, very relevant, very compelling, no petty infighting, no sh1t talking, concrete solutions to real problems. WIN WIN WIN. Blog Of The Year 2013.


HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!! (aka “Boioioioioioing!” or “Schwing!” for those of use OOOOOLLLLLDDD enough to remember THAT)

heh should* inspire us all to think of and use our own new mindweapons to add to the arsenal.

white life pro tips. white life hacks. because life is so complicated you have to “hack” it to survive, hahahahahaha.

too lazy to split this up into sep posts, so go take a break and enjoy the outdoors, lift weights, spend time with your fam, study math, etc, and come back here in two days for part 2.














MW has given me a new lease on life. today i said to myself, i am a mindweapon, i will make my mind a mindweapon, all day every day. what can i do to be a better mindweapon. normal stuff normal people can do. i thought of practical things i could do to strengthen my team. i thought, well, i’ll provide slightly better service to whites over nonwhites. be nicer to whites in general, rather than criticizing them as trash or idiots or proles or morons or juggalos. but the WIMMIN are the real challenge cause they can be so stupid and annoying. so today i will be careful to be nicer to whites.

heh because this post is so long and Such a Shamefur Dispray, I will not trackback DIRECTLY to MW’s posts. save those for the normal 1000 word posts. Not this one!


“America degenerates people very quickly. I know Asians fresh off the boat, and I compare them with Asians who grew up here. The more recently they came here, the better they are The ones who grew up in the Kwa are just barely making it, or not making it.

Here are 3 second generation Asian stories. One is a physicist who didn’t get into grad school GRE’s too low. He cheated on tests with his blackberry and played too many video games. The cheating caught up with him in the form of low GRE scores. Now he’s studying to be an actuary, which is what gave me the idea for working at home as an actuary and tipped off (Aussie commenter) Craig that he could monetize his passion for crunching numbers. Second 2nd gen Asian — an Indian 711 guy. Majored in cell bio, but took all easiest classes he could. Only trig for math, no calc, no stats. Didn’t really challenge himself. Wanted to go to pharmacy school. Not admitted. Can you guess why? Third 2nd gen Asian, a Chinese chemist grad student. Very nice person, very helpful, good at his narrow field in chem. But he took non-calc based physics. He squeaked by. I think part of it is that he was motivated by parental compulsion more than self motivation, so it’s all about “doing the minimum.”

So the pattern I’m seeing is that Asians who grow up in the US either totally fail, or squeak by. American life is too much of a siren song for them.

The Mind Weapons are something new; we are evolving immunity to the corrosive American culture.”


right on my man. heh. I too have been somewhat corroded &corrupted, stopped giving a damn around age X, when i should have been sharpening my own mindweapons, &as a result, could not beat the motivated ambitious tryhards at their own game; I just wanted to squeak by, do bare minimum, not challenge myself, because i hated skool, which then was borne out in my below-avg performance, which in turn does not set up you up for a good Graduate-Level STEM career……but at the time, i wasn’t even THINKING about a STEM career, I was just thinking about giving up and accepting living death.

But just because I’ve been beating the Don’t Go To College Drum, because I didn’t work hard enough, doesn’t mean ALL whites should agree. The ones who luv math and science from a young age – and we should develop these habits/interests at that young age! – absolutely SHOULD go to college and BEAT the K’s and azns, not because we hate them as individuals (per se, hahaha), but because we NEED more strong whites in positions of POWER in science, math, engin, medical, law, gummint, etc. there are some, but we need MORE. and they need to be FOR us, not against us, not poisonable.


A MW commenter, possibly Hipster Racist, pointed out that the Actual 21 year old jews in brooklyn right now, a lot of them don’t even think of themselves as jews, they think of themselves as white, their white friends view them as white. they mate with whites. this is another thing I am interested in. the young crop of young jews that may not be AS so ethnocentric and anti-white as the older jews. if jews hate whites so much, why do younger jews hang out with whites and marry them, for gods sakes. I still don’t think they’re white, and I think their “jewish identity” can easily emerge later in life, but yeah. it could be an interesting hook for infiltrating.

that’s what I like about MW. he gets down and dirty. he infiltrates the enemy. he learns what they are really like, rather than angrily blogging in a basement.

was thinking i should become his unpaid intern hahahaha, and help start Mindweapon Network around the country. of actual people meeting up. because it should* be more than just the internets.

to get people into the “Cathedral” of Elite Jobs in Govt and Academia and Media, you “pretty much” HAVE to excel in Elite K Colleges, excel at Unpaid K internships, network with powerful K’s, really kiss K ass until you have established yourself, at which point hopefully you will still remember Who You Are and Why You’re Doing This. having Our People in the Cathedral actually Fighting For US WOULD be very powerful and good.


Be Smart. Win.
MW comments on CADDYSHACK, IMHO a Classic Comedy of All Times:

“The plot centers around a young man with blond hair who has to decide between the beautiful losers and cool Jews, versus the uptight buffoon-oppressor Judge Smails. Of course the script makes it an easy choice. Judge Smails never gets anything right; his power and privilege are completely unearned and inherited.

The message got across. A generation of White kids came to believe in the myth of the beautiful loser. Pride goeth before a fall. Don’t go around thinking you’re better than everybody.

Caddyshack came out in the 1980′s, at the tail end of the high wage and manufacturing boom. There was still a lot of residual wealth and income. People felt wealthy. This siren song of surrender and suicide Mind Weaponed millions of white people into pre-emptive defeat.

The Mind Viruses of Caddyshack and Back to School and Karate Kid — that is what must be undone in peoples’ minds. We must facilitate rapid mental immunity to these memes, and spread this immunity. The code for immunity is simple.

Be Smart.



this was powerful reading for me on a monday morning as a person who Likes Caddyshack, but is realizing The Poison Hidden in Movies and Media and such. While I can’t say I don’t find the movie hilarious, I can’t argue that this is a poisonous subtext if you Internalize it. and in the end, the beautiful loser is still just a loser. this is a little harder to make jokes about, and you will never see the REALITY of being a loser in this movie, or any. They WANT us to be losers. And there ain’t nothing funny about whites being pathetic losers and failures. nothing funny or beautiful or dignified or honorable about that.

but this doesn’t mean i hate rodney dangerfield, hahahaha.


We are coming to a time where every radical change will help us. Our time is here. All we have to do is Ride the Tiger. Take full advantage of every radical change; find the angle that every radical change helps us.

The disgusting spectacle of miscegenation, for example, and its attendant horrors, is better propaganda than MTV could ever dream of.

Financial collapse undermines the cornucopia, and the cornucopia is the fuel and the brick and mortar of the current political order. Financial collapse threatens to bring the whole thing down.

Even in the catabolic collapse of civilization, there will be need to administer what complexity remains. It’s not going down to Stone Age overnight. There will still be fracking; there will still be airplanes and ships and wars with high tech weapons.

Learn science, tech, math, food production, resource extraction, and foreign langauges. Be the most useful person imaginable, able to go places and solve problems and persuade people. That’s the Mind Weapon path.

Don’t bemoan the slow degeneracy and collapse of the culture. It’s death makes space for our renaissance. The funeral of this order, precedes the birth of the next. The undertaker of today, is the founding father of tomorrow.

Let us make sure, by being a critical mass of Mind Weapons, that the next order is our order.



god damn!!!

ok go take a break and come back in no sooner than 2 days to read part 3.













so, we need WHITE RACISTS in HARVARD and YALE and MIT and all that. Elite Skools, Elite Careers, Whites in the Corridors of Power, who ultimately fight for whites and not kowtow to the K’s. Now that would be sweet.

Whites who can do everything for themselves.

Heh ok maybe it’s a mancrush, but so what. I might have found my new Bernard Chapin here. By that, I mean attitude. I love Bern’s positive can-do attitude, and MW has got just that as well, except he is much more race conscious, which is “THE PLACE I’M AT” right now. His CAN-DO ATTITUDE IS INSPIRING.

He is so good, his ideas are so good, that there’s no point to My Blog, I should just be a SHILL for him and link to him constantly. If you’re reading this, STOP READING THIS and go to MW and read ALL 9000 of his posts before you read another WORD of my pathetic lazy whining. This guy gets it, and I am very happy to announce him as My Newest Role Model.

he is very adamantly against TV for kids, and I can’t say I disagree. I never watched a TON of TV while a youngin, but I def didn’t develop a Francis Baconlike thirst for knowledge, or a culture of learning like Successful Asians. [NARCISSISM ALERT] I always hated school. I didn’t hate knowledge per se, but I was always more into the Dionysian than the Apollonian as MW puts it. Stories and Arts and Music and Feeeeelz Man, and never really challenged myself with science or math or even just Inventorlike Tinkering or Hard Skills. I had a decent imagination, but I was using it to make silly stories about feeeeelz.

Now this is not inherently bad, but it has to be kept in its place, and I did not balance it out enough, so I became Angsty Angry Emo McGee. Now later in life, I am reacting against that, by being all YAY SCIENCE, as the f4ggots say yay.

but i’m not sure i’m a True Believer in Science yet, I just see it as a Means To An End, Skills that will get you Paid, although I can appreciate that the world runs on science and math. Still in the struggling stage. But I agree it helps tremendously with Thinking Logically and Problem Solving in general. just becoming a better THINKER. As Ryu sez, a C Physics student is an A English student. Hard Maths and Sciences make you smarter ALL AROUND.

I think I made the mistake of associating “Math Is Hard BECAUSE Skool Is Stupid, thus math is stupid”. BIG MISTAKE. Yeah, most math teachers cannot inspire students to LOVE math, BUT

MATH is not stupid, SKOOL/KOLLEGE is stupid. MATH is AWESOME. Actually you can MAKE college be AWESOME for you, if you are a finely honed 18 year old Mindweapon, and you go to harvard and become the best goddam pro-white lawyer or docker or entrepreneur or scientist there is, using the power of HAAAAARVAAAAARD.

but if you screwed up, and weren’t winning enough at age 18 to get into harvard, NO PROBLEM MANG, you can still




I hope.

Mindweapon gets angry at the things whites should get angry at, but overall he is a Breddy Happy Dude living and enjoying life. But not in a soulless hedonistic j’ish way!

Got up this morning, found it easier to shake off the usual morning despair as I said “MY MIND IS MY WEAPON”, and that I was going to be THE BEST at my job. Not to kiss the company or K ass, but doing it for my sweet white SELF. That was a great mindweapon there: When you’re a big tryhard at your K job, you’re not necessarily being a slave to your company or boss, you’re going it for YOURSELF, make YOURSELF EVEN STRONGER AND BETTER. Exude Excellence. A Commitment To Excellence. Because THAT’s what White People DO. Be Excellent.

{MORE NARCISS] I have not become a Master Of My Emotions yet, I’ve always been Overly Emotional and never learned to Control Them, but something that works for me atm is doing ridiculous things, like ascending the staircase 3 stairs at a time, saying the mantra “I AM A WHITE WARRIOR”, or taking big strides and repeating “WHITE WARRIOR, WHITE WARRIOR, WHITE WARRIOR.” No, friends, I am not making a MOCKERY of the white cause, or at least I don’t INTEND to. I am trying to get myself fired up, so I can make my mind a sharp weapon, and one day actually BE that White Warrior!

I dunno, even if I fall out of this “honeymoon period” with Mindweapons, I will NEVER FORGET the impact his lessons are having on me RIGHT NOW. That counts for something. Besides, I am usually breddy loyal. faithful. Like with Uncle BERN. I don’t listen to him nearly as regularly, because he talks about MRA stuff too much and Racial stuff not nearly enough, but I still love and respect him, and I am thankful for the things he taught me at the time. Although if I were in Physical Contact with Bern, I might try to gently push him towards Racial Stuff!


If you’re a Pretty Friendly Guy, Loving your Race does not mean you have to HATE other races. You can be FRIENDS with a Bluegum or a Christkiller or a Mudslime. Just know where the line is drawn, and don’t let them take you down or your race.

But you know who’s NOT Friendly? NONWHITES!

sorta kidding, I’ve met friendly blacks, arabs, albanians, even jews, but I didn’t become BESTIES with them. and the POINT is, Whites are on AVERAGE FriendliER than They are, on average.

When White Wimmin are such huge cancerous wh0res who LOVE getting STUFFED with all SORTS of D, it becomes real hard to think about the 14 words and the Special Beauty of White Wimmin. Makes you less likely to defend your own Wimmin. But like the White Juggalo Trash, it is our duty to try to save them. They are our Lost Brothers and Sisters. But we should try within reason. Not throw our lives away for them, or MATE with them. But at least help to re-educate them. give them eyes to see.


I watch a lot of TV. I’ve been reading a lot of Mindweapon. He is VEEEEERY against TV. I agree with him in principle. Ideally you shouldn’t even be able to WATCH TV until you’re at least 25 years old. Same with alcohol and drugs and voting.

But i am FORCED to ask, how much am I killing my own mind by watching “good” shows like Star Trek or Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

translation “How much am I killing my mind watching ‘Good’ shows like Honey BooBoo and Kardashians and Teen Mom?” hahahahahaha see what I mean, it’s a REAL dangerous slippery slope to total j3wish trash. There’s J trash in ALL TV, even the “good” shows.

So ideally, I would not even watch STAR TREK (“NOT EVEN STAR TREK!”), and study MATH or Mindweapon Skills instead.

My excuse is, at the end of a “long” day, I like to Relax and Destress and “Decompress” by watching a little Star Trek. That can’t be so bad, CAN IT??? Because at the end of the day, a man’s mind is VERY TIRED….. TOO TIRED to study math?

Ideally, your mind would be strong enough to study math when you’re tired, you just wouldn’t study math as good. But you studying math tired would be more productive than a lesser-trained mind studying math fully awake and alert.

However I will be the last to argue that a Good Night’s Sleep does not help a Mind be at its Sharpest!

MW does so much I can’t imagine he is possibly getting 8 hours of sleep a night. He is one of those who prob get closer to 4. However his mind is sharper at 4 than most people are at 8. This works for him because he has already won, and now he is helping other whites win, and if he can do all that in 4 hours of sleep, more power to him. I’m not at that stage yet, I would like to be, but I gotta BE SMART and WIN first.

NOTE: I’m not an AUTIST where that’s like a COMPUTER PROGRAM meaning “Oh, I can’t help other white people AT ALL until I win 100%.” WRONG.

[note: there are “only” about 20 clep exams, for breddy basic 101 type courses, no Computer Science Four or Calculus 9 or anything like that. But if you are young and haven’t taken the classes yet, it could potentially be useful for getting those K Waste classes out of the way. classes which shouldn’t even exist. they ONLY exist to make the K rich. PERIOD. THEY ARE NOT EDUCATIVE.]

tfw your favoritest and trustiest pants finally develop a hole in the crotch after ~2 yrs of wearing and washing.

so a proud white man goes out and buys a new pair of pants because he wants to LOOK HIS BEST.

who is the best psychologist for whites? jung? does freud help ONLY  Js? we can learn things from other races, that, when our race does them, helps our race too. like asians and their culture of learning. no reason whites can’t use that to their benefit too. so how can whites use Jish psychology to their own benefit? or are Js the worst race to try to learn things from?

//// MANTRA:


(by crush I mean figuratively, professionally, careeeerly, NOT physically!! Not Literally!) went to bed early and was Thinking for 3 hours. race stuff. mantras, race mixing, children, mating, mates. the usu hahaha. that was the great mantra i came up with.

Strong white body, strong white mind, fight the Ks, white warrior.

it’s been evolving ever since last night. i think the first one was:

healthy body, healthy mind, Krush K’s, white warrior.

you get the idea. want to get the perfect message with the perfect rhthym. a rhthym you can use for walking, marching, training, working, crushing, winning.

this is of course to be used in the MIndweapon Framework of BE SMART. WIN. It does NOT mean to actually go out and start violence, or a one man race war picking off K’s sniper like Oscar Yaeger.

I could not agree more with MW’s opinion that the smart white will BLEND IN. BLEND IN with respectable, successful, middle class society. no skinheads, no tattoos, no swastikas, no living in a cave. the best white will be able to live and work in J cities, making money, winning, raising a strong white family right in the middle of the belly of the beast.

In one of the Stark Podcasts, MW sez he was in the army reserves and living in a boarding house with a couple of asian science phd’s at Elitest Tier Univs, who turned him on to the fact that all their colleagues were immigrant asians. no whites.

this is that second robert stark show I’m getting all this from.






. PART 4. don’t even think of reading this until you have cleared your mind and exercised your body. trying to find a musical interlude for you too.  uhh just watch the star trek tng opening credits, that’s always pretty inspiring innit

YES I know there is a ton of J poison snuck into even this show, and that the composer of this music Jerry Goldsmith is a You-Know-Who, and that the show gives a dangerous idealized portrait of multiculturalism, plus it’s a SOCIALIST society. DULY NOTED.











my other great idea was to make a “sitcom” about a WN Mindweapon Family. A Healthy White Sitcom, no degenerate J humor, but healthy, empowering white humor, of a strong white family showing what white families can be. getting real creative. at first I wanted the husband to be a 30 year old “loser” with a deadend job because he was stupid enough to get an arts not a science degree, then he marries a successful white female scientist, and becomes a stay-at-home dad, raising and schooling 3 children mindweapon style. his wife is not super poisoned so he doesn’t have to re-educate her much… anyway, not sure if I’ll have the husband be a loser like that.

one set of episodes would deal with race mixing, would reflect my own wrestling with the notion. with the conclusion that the actual interracial luv is not as big a deal, but it just makes it too complicated and tragic FOR THE CHILDREN, and for that reason it is discouraged. A white man marries an Asian woman, they are in Mad Luv, but he and possibly she is conflicted about race mixing. they have tr00 luv for each other. at first they decide that he will mate with a white woman and then she will mate with an asian man. then THOSE co-racial mates move in and they have a weird 4-way rel, but the deepest luv is between the white man and the asian woman. After kids with each of their co-racial mates, they still want a interracial child together, to symbolize their Luv for each other. so eventually they do. THEN eventually the asian MAN and the white WOMAN have their own mixed babies, because the first set of mixed babies are gonna need another set of asian/white mixes to mate with. because if you’re a mix, it’s best for you to mate with other mixes. but that makes your mating choices limited. see how complicated and convulted. makes life hard for the poor kids.

the white father would, deep down, always want his mixed child to mate with a white, while the asian mother would want the child to mate with an asian. UNLESS the husband can Train the wife into sacrificing HER race, by making her fall in line with wanting the mixed kid to mate with a white, resulting in, ultimately, the perpetuation of his whiteness, and the extinction of her asianness. So, initial real true interracial luv leads to a long-term tragedy and a race war within your very chldren. just don’t do it, and this is the lesson we learn by watching them try to do it.

there will be token blacks and Js and arabs to show that just because you’re a White Nationalist, you can’t make friends with Good members of other races. it’s just the mating that is a problem. Episodes where whites learn mindwaepon tactics from their asian friends or sommat.

but if it ever comes to the point where whites have to choose between their race or their nonwhite friend, they WILL choose their race. should be some interesting stories there.

it is important that there is at least some COMEDY in the show, to show that WN’s have a sense of humor, and know how to have good clean fun and aren’t evil hateful angry weird cold Creepers hahahaha.

the first season would have to do all on my own as a Radio Play just because. where you gonna get the money to do a SHOW like THIS.

they would blend in, and Awaken some nonawakened whites.

so i was thinking, mix the white and asian races to create a supersmart mixed race. but assuming asians are the (marginally) higher iq race, then they have no incentive. and unless you mix mixeds with other mixeds, this hybrid race will ALWAYS be PULLED one way or the other, and eventually, after 5 generations or so, be all white or all asian. right back where you started!!

and even if asians are smarter than whites, whites are BREDDY SMART. Whites are SMART ENOUGH. We don’t NEED to mix with ASIANS to Get Smarter.

yet nurture does play a big role too. if blacks adopted mindweapon strategies, high investment parenting, homeschooling, math and science, etc, their lot would improve 900000 fold! guaranteed. no more black ghettoes, no more blacks in jail, no more blaqs on craq, no more welfare babeez. just black leaders leading strong black cites.

that’s the thing. when blacks lead cities now, they’re not helping the blacks that live there. the whole place turns into a big black sh1thole.

if you’re forced to choose between a crappy white woman and a decent nonwhite woman for a mate…..you need to meet more white women, SON!

it is true that white wimmin have been extraordinarily poisoned by the cancer…..almost as if the cancer was DESIGNED to target W women specifically. think about it. what better way to softly kill a race, than by cancering their women?

not sure if Skools have ANY advantage over homeskooling. Pooling of resources to deliver a More Educational Experience to Educate the children better? we can ALL agree that’s what the Ideal Skool should do: EDUCATE CHILDREN. Make them smart and strong enough to Win. And it’s more and more clear this is what reg skools are NOT doing.

who is more invested in making sure kids succeed than their parents?

the teacher doesn’t need to be an expert in math to train a Future Math Expert! he just needs to get the kids interested in math and develop good HABITS in the kids. see why math is so important and good and awesome.

it is prob not rocket science for a parent to become a good hometeacher.

all the homeschool kids i’ve met have been a little weird, but they were NEVER losers or failures. they had the confidence and the skills to succeed. good winning attitudes in them, and they WILL win. even though i think they were in Jeeboo homeschool and not White Homeschool.

the asians are beating us. The Js are absolutely H0L0C4V5T1NG us. pretty soon the blacks will be beating us. pretty soon we WILL be black. Or brown. is that what you want for your children, your family? Does that become you? RISE UP, WHITE MAN! Beat those who are now beating you! Turn the tide! Use your MIND!

It is a lot easier to raise a good new kid, than fix a broken grown kid, a broken adult. This is true. BUT we should not throw our broken adults to the wolves. It won’t be easy, but they are worth saving.

Attitude goes SUCH a long way. Instilling a good winning attitude and the accompanying good HABITS into children is a better ROI than trying to fix a broken adult. In some ways I am a somewhat broken adult, and I am furiously trying to fix myself, and seeing how much easier it would be to simply start afresh with a brand new kid, molded straight from the cradle.

X0 years ago, parents had never even HEARD of homeschooling. Now the idea of it is in the mainstream, we hear about it on Dr Phil and Oprah and Dr K!ke, we know homeschool kids, so we have no excuse for not knowing it exists.

so why the hell don’t I google “homeschooling” and LEARN something about it.

One “issue” (fagword) is that homeschooling has The Unfortunate Synonymity and Stigma of being “That’s Something Only Wingnut Chreebus Fundamentalists do. Not Even Catholics Do That. Crazy Anti-Science Creationist Rednecks In Nebraska Only.” We must disabuse Homeschooling of this Connotation. (Note: I am not anti-christian. I wonder if what the average homeschooling fundamentalist christian thinks about THE J. What if they’re not even J-loving neocons? I’m asking, I honestly don’t know.)

Maybe I’m just S’ing Mindweapons’s D here, hahahaha, but parents don’t need to be waiting in long lines to get their kid into the Best Public Skool, they can just say f00k that sh!t, and give the kid an even better education themselves.

By necessitating one parent to Quit Their Career and stay at home doing this, that would also teach the parents a valuable lesson about Living Within Their Means. Learn to make do without that second income and live a nice spartan existence. means you can’t have 10 volvos and go on vacation 10 times a year and can’t shop at whole foods and might have to live in an uncool neighborhood. just as long as you can find an uncool neighborhood that is still generally white and generally safe.

True Love IS a pedestal. BY DEFINITION.

[MORE NARCISSISM] So i know I should*** (* tm Eradica) be more curious about math because I know how good it is, but I am still struggling against the bad attitude against math I developed as a child. It’s not even really THAT bad if you were to take one measly hour out of the day. studying math every single day is how you get good at it. but it’s difficult to get into that habit. it’s how you get good at most skills. practice practice practice. a little bit EVERY day.

ok if I can’t find a good w mate by age 70, i will then take the most convenient warm w body and crank out 3 children and hope for the best. obv that is not ideal.

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[BONUS HOLIDAY POST: I’ve been saving this one since JUNE, when I hadn’t really “FOUND MY VOICE” yet, haha. On “holidays” I might Purge some of these Old Posts Rotting In My Proverbial Verbal Colon, at the rate of One Per Day. Maybe even more. Expect a Slew during CHRISTmas/New Yearz / End Of The Year.]

Yes I AM “Coming From A Place Of Privilege” here but my Unshakeable Position is that College is Not Worth Going Into Massive (or even minimal!) Debt for.  [Proto-Videos/Blogz/Book-For-My-Heirs here!]Yes there are exceptions. Like if you go into minimal-to-moderate debt for a TOP university and in a TOP STEM field. Then you will 99% Guaranteed a TOP Job and will pay off your moderate debt almost immediately. But for any other reason, think again. Take 10 years to complete undergrad by paying tuition in CASH. Don’t have the money, just don’t take the class. You can’t hurt yourself by NOT IMMEDIATELY taking a given COLLEGE CLASS. It’ll always be there when you DO have enough money. Get as many credits AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from Cheapo Junior Dropout Loser Idiot Troggy Underclass Loser Community College, transfer to Cheapest Closest Possible University for STEM degree. Obviously if you’re privileged to have more than one of these in your area, do a CBA on the quality / job placement of the STEM programs VS the cost.

You DON’T go to college to “find yourself” or “learn about the world and yourself” or especially not how to “think and write critically.” You can do ALL that on your OWN for FREE. You go to college to learn a Marketable Skill To Get You A Well-Paying JOB, PERIOD, and if you DON’T, you’re an IDIOT who doesn’t deserve a job or to mate.

Not to be self-deprecating because I’mma Bold Alpha but yes that was me too, hahaha, I’m not Picking On You. So now I’m paying a big Karmic Debt, Totally Rebuilding Life from Rock Bottom. Not easy but DOABLE I hope.  Thank God for my 50-18-year-old-girl-Harem which relieves a no-more-than-appropriate amount of Stress, as part of a well-balanced life & stress-relief Regimen, alongside Prayer, Hard Work, Friends&Family, Community Service, Hard Exercise, Hobbies.

Had a Weird Dream that I was GETTING AN ABORTION and whole procedure was happening in a transparent crucible like a dyson vacuum. Only my preggers stomach was transparent too. I could see this hollow tube jabbing in, chopping up from Solid to Slurry Bloody Slurry, and sucking up the bits of Fetus Slurry, as some of it still Dripped and Sloshed around in my “Uterus”. The feeling was Horror and Terror and Torture and O GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE, I just wanted to HAVE SEX ONCE. Then when I woke up I was very thankful I was a MAN and that I would never have to face such consequences. NO I don’t believe even Pro-Abortion women have FUN when they’re sucking the Fetus out; and it prob IS better to get an Abortsch than have a Baby you are unwilling and unable to Raise Up Good. Although I believe the much better option is just to give that baby up for adoption, to paraphrase Raising Arizona, lotta ppl be REALLY HAPPY to get a healthy White baby. (& Who but Professional White SWPL Wimminz get Majority of Abos? #SourceNeeded) Sterile Betas, Barren Old Crones, F4gs, etc.

Is Tom Waits’ “Raised Right Men” a semi-homage to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”? RRM uses that “Aussie/Aborigine/Outback” sounding percussive “Doioioing!” instrument (djembe???) also prominently featured in RRH and Waits even says what sounds like the WORDS “Red right hand.” Have NOTTT Listened to TW’s “Bad LIke Me” 2011 NEARLYYY Enough, FOR SHAME! Although I pref THAT Cave song over THAT Waits song. Tho I pref Waits over Cave in General. Although “The Ship Song” is ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, hahaha. Clear why people have used Cave’s more iconic songs in Big Life Moments like Weddings or Funerals. Of course Not All Cave Songs Are Like That!

Wimminz “Humor” or “Comedy” is almost always based on meaningless, centreless “irony” or SWPL Meta-ness (HT Heartiste).  Or references or meta-ironic-references. The meta is meta, the irony is ironic, it stands no moral, intellectual, or even comedic ground. If it wasn’t as funny as desired, although it will almost get laffs just bc OMG WIMMINZ CAN BE WITTY TOO, then you can just use the Troll Escape Hatch of “I was just being IRONIC, couldn’t you TELL”. Sarcasm has become commonplace that we must ASK if someone’s being SARCASTIC, and they can be sarcastic about BEING sarcastic. In a word: FAKE. DISHONEST.  Yet another glaring example of Wimminz DISHONESTY.

Actually DO wanna see Brometheus.

“Taboo” is another Mainstream TV Show I like. Recently saw one with Isabelle Caro, one of the world’s Most Anorexic Models, filmed shortly before she died at age 28. How MUCH are they Exploiting her, and how much am I exploiting her by finding show fascinating? Any rate it was sad and disturbing and she was UTTERLY GHASTLY, he face looked like a SKELETON, like the Guy In The Bed In “Se7en”. Nightmarish! She was something like 80 pounds at that time. I’d actually heard it on the News at the time, about her Controversial Nude Billboard Photo as an anti-anorexia Public Service Announcement.

Fascinating and sad. Nonanorexics like You or Me just can’t understand, we say “JUST EAT SOMETHING!! D4MN! I wish I ‘could choose’* to eat LESS! Have some of MY extra weight!!”

*See Theodore Dalrymple esp “Life At The Bottom” & his gen theme of ppl Making Excuses, denying their Agency, trying to rationalize what was really their CHOICE into something as uncontrollable as The Weather. Blabla made me do it. All the sudden I blacked out and the knife went it. If I didn’t beat them up I don’t know what I would have done!

Obv I like the Sex Fetish Taboos too, the commerc showed sth called “Puppy Play” which looked like a simple bondage master/slave thing, where one slave dressed up in leather and crawled around on all fours acting like dog. Compare “PONYING” where people dress up as HORSES and it also sounds like a MASTER/SLAVE thing. 50S0G anyone hahaha. Eat a Fat d!ck. But Srsly folks, I would be a Benevolent Master. Good Boss. I ain’t gonna hurt ya…………..MUCH. hahaha.


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How Many Math Classes Must You Take, before you are Competitive Enough in the Job Market, that you are SO In-Demand, that it’s SO EASY for you to get a Bigboy Job, that the HARDEST thing you have to do is to DECIDE between MULTIPLE ATTRACTIVE JOB OFFERS????

In High-IQ West, Jobs Find YOU!

Yes, being somewhat facetious, since this is not necess a causational/causal? relationship bw Highest Level Of Math Completed, and Easiness of Total Job Search Per Job Offer!

Does a REAL Sex Addict have to Jerk-off uncontrollably several times a day? Hell YES! So If you don’t do that, then you aren’t a Sex Addict. You might just be a PedestalPerson Oneitis Infatuation Addict! So try jerking-off uncontrollably 10 times a day to break yourself of THAT! That, or constantly getting down on your knees and praying and begging. Obviously Vigorous Physical Strength Exercise is the Best Route here.

It seems to me that those who find Drudkh Boring might find Blood Of Kingu Less Boring. More Compelling.

Don’t Make Excuses for Wimminz! If they do nothing but Be Stupid and Annoying and Suck D’s that aren’t yours, don’t make excuses for them! Don’t HANG OUT with them and listen to them TALK about all those D!X! WEAK! Talking about the Alphas who are Gaming them, or TeeVee, or hair, or the latest “50Shades” type Thing, or how to make the Creepy Betas in their Friendzone Squirm Cuz It’s Fun To Make Betas Suffer. These Wimminz are INFERIOR HUMAN BEINGS! No WONDER they have no problem Murdering Their Babies! Damn! How can You even want to BANG that trash?! You’re better than that!


So basically, if your degree is not on this list (“Best Undergrad Degrees By Salary”), which you should check at least once a year, then just DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. It’s just that simple. They shouldn’t have to make a LAW Outlawing All Arts Degrees. Aerospace Engin, Chemical Engin, Computer Engin, Electrical Engin, Economics, Physics, Mech Engin, CompSci, Industrial Engin, Environ Engin. Period. The End. OK I might make an exception for Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering! Memorize that list from your first day of Grade School.

But what if you get a “High-IQ Degree” from a “Low-IQ” (Fourth-Tier Sewer, Third-Tier Toilet, Second-Tier Sh!tter, etc) Skool? Is that worth any more than a low-IQ degree from a High-IQ Skool?

It Boooooooothers me that there has to be High-IQ vs Low-IQ Kolliges at ALL!

Being A Lazy Loser, I always look for Shortcuts. But it’s smart to look for Shortcuts if the Prescribed Way is Wack and a Scam – like CareeeerCollllige. So how do you know if you’re real lazy, or just smarter than 98% of people, hahahahaha.

Anyway, Poors and Working-Class can DEF get into Harvard with a generous FinAid package, if they’re a good enough lil’ Tryhard. Heh. I should cared more about going to Harvard back in the day. Then I REALLY coulda majored in something Useless and still got a good cushy gummint union jerb, or something in the Top Fortune 400-500 Best Companies To Werk 4. Compared to if you had gotten the same Useless Degree at a Second-Tier Crapper. (Because is there REALLY any difference between Second and Fourth? Either you’re in the First or you’re NOT.) The Bell Curve Part 2, 2012 by BKC.

Is “Manjaw” for Wimminz synonymous with “Well-Defined Jaw”? Dunno. Like if you even NOTICE their Jaw for whatever reason, does that automatically make it a Manjaw, or does it actually have to be a BIG, SQUARE, GI Joe MANLY MAN Jaw? Don’t really CARE, a Wimminz can still be very attractive with a Manjaw (would totes TEAR IN HALF Emily Deschanel a couple times), I’m just concerned about the fidelity/cuckoldry angle. I CARE about my HEIRS, and I WANT them to be MINE, or else they ain’t gettin any o’ my HARD-EARNED money, honey.

Read somewhere that EIGHT SETS of Reps of Strength Stuff is Ideal. Seems like a lot of sets. I guess it depends on the type of exercise, hahaha. Dunno. Just want a Shortcut to a Huge Muscular Manchest & Manshoulders.

I had to finally HEAR Blut Aus Nord for myself, just stop reading reviews. Turns out a good 80% of All BaN’s stuff is surprisingly right up my alley, despite any pseudo-association w Art Or Hipsters or Swpls. To my ears, this is Pure No-Joke Trippy Atmospheric Modern Black Metal that might go VERY well with Medicinal Herb. Mind-expanding but not DIFFICULT to listen to. very DARK, but also very FUN. The guy’s too productive though, hahaha. He CLEARLY ENJOYS MAKING MUSIC. It’s not an EXCRUCIATING CHORE for him.

Was reading on Kratos Power or KratosBlog or KratosSomething (selfImprovement/PersDevelopment blog I found thru RooshForums) talk on Mastery/Learning Curve, and that the biggest thing is just Slogging Thru the Learning Curve of most things, which will be Tuff, Frustrating, and Unrewarding. But one day in the distant future, you will be real good at it and it will be easy. The main thing is to PERSIST and NOT GIVE UP. So maybe just do a LITTLE BIT every day, but not so much you get BURNED OUT. Apply to learning the Hard Maths and Sciences and Skills that will get you Multiple Job Offers.

If I were around Wimminz as much as Other Wimminz are, I might well be Batsh!t Cray TOO! Just Dump The Dead Weight! If someone SUCKS, simply REFUSE to let them into your Life! You’re only as good as the people you choose to associate with! DEF go for Quality NOT Quantity in the Social Life Dept! But try not to be a Recluse either. But it’s better to be a Recluse than have a Large Quantity of Shoddy Quality. Err on the side of Recluse.

WIMMINZ GET THEIR NEWS AND POLITICAL OPINIONS FROM JON J3WART. This is SO Commonplace, that me saying that doesn’t raise any eyebrows: “Yeah, so what? I watch Jon Stewart almost every day too.”

Heh. We need to get You to the point that you Never WANT to watch Jon Stewart ever again, and seeing his smug swpl face on TV makes you change the channel immediately.

I wonder if even reading the j00 york SLIMES would be better than watching jon j00wart?? Time Mag? J00zweek? ZOG Today??

Hahahahaha I can still Joke about Serious stuff because I don’t have any HEIRS yet I want to protect. I can Joke because I have too much Privilege and Protection.

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((Warning: that title has very little to do with THIS post, although I WILL be glorifying Mr. Chapin in future posts, not too surprisingly!)

When Mincing, Hand-Rubbing, Leering French Paedophiles start thinking too obsessively about Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les, they increase their likelihood of getting overly excited, which leads to them licking and smacking their lips excessively. Not too surprising. This Constant Lip-Licking leads to a Nonfatal but Embarrassing Medical Skin Condition called “perleche”, which is French for “Excessive Licking of the Lips Caused by French Paedophiles getting excited over Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les.” In USA we call it “angular cheilitis” and it can unfortunately occur to Straight, Alpha, Non-Boy-Molesting Men such as Your Humbly Narcissistic Narrator.

This has only been happening in the past year of my life or so. I tend to get very chapped lips during the winter which I treat with liberal amts of Chap Stick, sometimes the tingly “Medicated” variety. I assumed that the dry, cracked corners of the mouth were simply how “chappiness” presents in that region of the Lips. Then it persisted after the exit of winter. A little research taught me about the Paedophiles and that it may in fact be caused by a BACTERIA or FUNGUS because either you DROOL while you sleep, or have terrible HYGIENE, or have low Iron, and sh!t starts FESTERING in the corners of your mouth. And here I was making fun of “Cvntfungus” or “Funguscvnt” or what have you, when I have a filthy festering neckbeard no-hygiene MOUTH teeming with FUNGUS. This, like Thinning Head-Hair, is one of the biggest Tests to your Confidence that an Alpha Male can face, but, if endured, will make you a more successful, dividend-reaping Alpha. Separates the Men from the Boys, the Alpha Pv$$y-Pounders from the Omega Virgins.

My diet is not ideal and my Constant Chronic Fatigue leads me to suspect that an Iron Deficiency / Anaemia might be going on; I’ve also heard that B and “B Complex” Vitamins might be similar to Iron in this respect. So I went to Meijer, despite their MISANDRIC COMMERCIAL about “motivating your lazy, useless husband to get off his useless, lazy, loser @55, sleeping like an unemployed, umemployable BUM in the HAMMOCK to actually make himself USEFUL FOR ONCE and do some Yard Work! He’d better shape up because You’re still 39 And Hot & High-Powered and can Get a Younger, Hotter, More Muscular, More Successful, Bigger, Handsomer, Taller, Stronger, Winninger Man!” but since Meijer is Signif Closer than Walmart, and BECAUSE it’s Close and HAS Everything, it’s basically the Only Place I “Shop”, and purchased some QTips, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vaseline, “Extreme Multivitamin”, and B-Complex Vitamins.

And that’s the 417 word story of me Being The Bo55 of an Embarrassing Medical Condition that could have potentially cost a few 18-year-old B4ngs.

I LIKE sitting here and writing narcissistic nonsense. So why didn’t I take my Interest and hone it into a Skill (i.e., something One is GOOD at) and then develop that skill into a Hot Skill, and then make that my Career? This is a perfect example of the type of Navel Gazing which typified the Old Blog and which MUST not Taint the New Blog. Because “majoring” in “journalism” at a “university” would have been only marginally more useful than what I did Major in, and still No Contest to a Good Hard STEM major. And that Journo Programs are more likely to be a huge joke and Permeated By The Left than they are not, and when I was Young, I was unfortunately very susceptible to Leftist Emotion, and not sure I would have Gone My Own Way without my Grateful, LUCKY Discovery of A NonLeftist Male Mentor, and I didn’t discover Bernard Chapin until well after my College Years. And, finally, because the alternative choice to a writing career outside of Journalism, ie, “Creative” Writing, well I could barely muster up the stomach to write the words, without dying of laughter, or Flipping The Table in a Rage. “Creative Writing” ain’t NO kind of Writing, and even LESS of a Life Worth Living!

I’m sure there are Bourgiversity Writing Students out there who do an Independent Study and have a Huge Blog BE their Honours Thesis, and then they coast into a Dream Career Job writing for The Nation or Harpers or Dave Eggers or NYT or CNN or AP or Reuters or wherever Professional Leftist SWPL Careerist Writers Work (With Benefits!). (Yes, I’m aware that the majority of Professional Writers do Freelance Work.) Still, I would rather be a Shop Rat and Work For My Money, and then try to write in my Free Time, non-free-lance. IMHO, making Writing Your Career takes a lot of Integrity out of it, unless you’re one of the Top 1% Writers. You’re MUCH more likely to keep your Integrity AND make a Good Solid Alpha Living being A STEMgineer, so don’t even take the chance – just SHUT DOWN ALL the Humanities and Social Sciences and Journalism and Arts and Poyetry and Non-STEM University Departments, PERIOD. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. FOREVER.

“Sounds like the talk of somebody who just wasn’t GOOD enough to make it as Professional Writer, to cop-out and say they never Wanted to be a ‘sell out pro writer’ anyway!”

Marxist, Feminist Chicoms!

Yes, I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t think I “mindlessly parrot” his words, even though I do enjoy USING his words, and other “stereotypical tea party / rightist” jargon. Chicoms, Lamestream Media, etc.

How do you measure the WORTH of a Man? A man gets scored 20% for getting Bigboy Benefits (some sort of health care at least) with his Bigboy Job. The Actual 50 hours of Work per week at your Bigboy Job count for the remaining 80%. Therefore, if you’re a OWS Handout-Seeking Socialist Slob who only “works” 30 hours a week at the Coffeehouse with No Health Care Bennies: -20 for no bennies to get 80%, and then 30/50, then times that by 80, and final answer, 48%. You are 48% Of A Real Man. Your opinion counts for 48%, you get 48% of a vote, etc. Note: you DO have to be a 100% Man to Pull Pv$$y that’s at least a 7. The highest a 99% Man could pull is about a 6.9. So the highest a 48% Man could pull is approx 3.44. Do you want to be pulling 3’s and living in your Parents’ Basement the rest of your 48%-Worthwhile Life??! Then go out there and do what your parents and betters did, and get a Bigboy Job, Scumcvnt! Stop WHINING and Start WORKING!

(go to1:29)

Very Important Clarification: Although an unwashed, Lip-Smacking OWS Might Well use the above paragraph as “Satire”, let me clarify my Complex and Nuanced Position that: A Man should NOT be measured solely by his Work or shamed for his Career “deficiencies”, although We MGTOWs and Red Pillers will see this sentiment in The Real World Everyday Everywhere; and though I may share my belief with OWSers, my similarity with them starts and ENDS right there. I mock them as Pathetic, Lazy, Entitled, Spoiled Leftists and Hippies and Communists, and I DO have a SERIOUS appreciation for the Notion of Hard Work. Which I will have to Enlarge later, because this post is now 1169 Words. Have A Nice Day.

Also, this post is worth $30 because I DID do 2 minutes of editing after the initial 1,000-word Dump. Actually lemme bump it up to $35 because although I’ve made at least $90 of Fake Money so far, BUT I would like to expand and increase that revenue stream slowly but constantly. $90 is good, but it’s not good enough.  1234 not bad! 1000 nextime.

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I felt compelled, possibly divinely, to post a twitlonger as a way to develop, enhance, expound, expand, ENLARGE hahaha on the broad strokes made by my twitter. In keeping with the off the cuff microblogging approach of twitter, I would like to cut myself off at about 15 minutes and not check the spelling or whatnot. just real fast dump. this TLDR wall of text approach will also discourage any would-be career killers from reading too much and killing my (future, haha) career. As anonymity and privacy was one of the reasons I retired my previous Blog (almost a year ago!) but I do like writing bloggishly. The problem was that too many personal details had gradually crept in. The blog is still out there for people who are obsessionally infatuated in me and contains a ton of great non-personal commentary, but it is private and your email address has to be approved by me on an individual basis!

First, Men’s rights, Game, Misandry, manosphere issues. As an erstwhile Pv$$y Addict, I will be concerned with the “Micro”-Sexual issues of men vs. women for a long time to come, and here my arguments are in a large part formed in dialogue with the ideas presented by much better writers, namely Heartiste / Citizen Renegade / Roissy. This is not to say I am in 100% agreement with him or sheopleishly parrot all his ideas. But 70%? Probably!

Kinda stream of consciousness this will be. Now a full-blown MGTOW like Barbarossa views Heartiste as a lame “PICK UP ARTIST” and SLAVE to Pu55y. I’m not sure you could call Barb “anti-game”, and anti-game does get talked about a lot on Game blogs like Heartiste, and not favourably as You might surmise. A guy like Alek Novy, a notable “Anti-Gamer”, is ruthlessly mocked. I don’t think all this man-on-man mockery is superproductive to the manosphere as a whole. Can’t we all just get along? I really like Barbarossa but I really like Heartiste too. At least Heartiste isn’t lamely trying to SELL A PRODUCT, those are the guys I have very little respect for and would reserve the term “pick up artist” as a pejoriative for them. As opposed to guys who study and write on “GAME”, which I view as basically male/female attraction, male charisma and social power, what is “attractive”, mate values, sexual selection, the same thing Darwin talked about, drawing from evolutionary psychology, human bio diversity, softer and harder sciences alike.

Definition of terms can be problematic.

I might need 20 minutes, he11 this could be an hour but I dont WANT to go longer than 20 minutes so Im just gonna take a 1000 yard view.

My top manosphere guys have been largely Youtube fellows because I personally prefer listening to reading, although I like to read when I have the attention span. (In the middle of “America Alone” by Mark Steyn (total mancrush on his ridiculously charismatic personality!) and “Life at the bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple and a little of “Flipside of feminism” by Venker/Schlafly and “Why men are the way they are” by warren farrel and a bit of “Day bang” by roosh v and trying to start “The long march” by roger kimball, i think that’s all at the moment. I rarely FINISH books or read them cover to cover quickly. If I’m reading it will be those books, or blogs, namely heartiste, gucci little piggy / chuck rudd, in mala fide & ferdiand bardamu (waiting for that book man!), reddits, various fora, some of a voice for men, etc.

But as I say, my preferred method is chilling out and listening to people talk on my mp3 player, for which I use a grabber to download mp3 audios of youtube videos, and my top people there are, first and foremost, Bernard Chapin my eternal mancrush, barbarossa, Stardusk and Rocking Mr E have been welcome newcomers, Girl Writes What who deserves 15 minutes of me talking about her hahaha, John the Other, The Ignored Gender is also a fantastic new guy I’ve just discovered. I could talk a lot more on each of those guys, but I don’t have a lot of time, those guys are all more or less 70% in my ballpark of ideas.

Yesterday for example I listed to a Stardusk video where he was responding to Rocking Mr E, and I like and respect both of those guys mind you, but Stardusk is more “extreme” and more MGTOW and thinks relations with women are unsustainable from a natural, biological, evolutionary perspective: it’s not merely political, it’s not so much right and left and libertarian, sure politics MATTERs, but as a CATALYST that takes a NATURAL impulse of hypergamy, disposability, parasitism, and enhances it and rewards it and perpetuates it, and even if you go to a non-feminist culture, if you bring a woman from say saudi arabia to sweden for example, the feminist culture will encourage the worst tendencies of the female to emerge, no matter where she was raised.

I’m not as MGTOW as Stardusk and I’m closer to Rocking Mr E, who himself seems to enjoy a happy rel with his wife, and I am glad for him.

But then too I AM interested in concepts like “relationship game”, which HEartiste discussed but for that you really need to go read Athol Kay I’m told. But I’m not super DUPER interested in Relationship Game as of yet.

Uhh Girl Writes What IS as amazing as she’s been hyped up to be, and I think it’s interesting that one of the fastest-growing stars in the MRM is indeed a woman, and PERHAPS this speaks to the idea that women are not oppressed by a patriarchy, that overall we are more willing to listen to The Issues Of Men when they are presented by a woman. Lots of the Male MRAs are lumped in with “women-haters” indeed the SLPC just released their intelligence report which used standard leftist propaganda sources to shamefully character assassinate many prominent and not-so-prominent mras and gamers as VIOLENT HATERS. They drew largely off the writings of Manboobz David Futrelle, pretty notorious, and while you do have big names like Roosh and AVfM on there, I was really really surprised that Heartiste did not make the list. Either way the list is a pile of crap and I’ve given it more time than it’s worth.

listening to tons of black metal, no surprise, but still trying to keep the black metal fresh to me. haven’t listened to the new burzum as much as i’d thought. enjoying lots of weakling and mgla. different kinds of black metal each, but both have astounding, amazing, underrated drummers. yes you can have drumming standouts in black metal I’ve learned. of course I could talk about these topics for hours too but I wont.

Personally my intense interests are in the ideas of alpha and beta, and Darwinian Struggle To Survive, applied to my own life, with moments of great self-doubt that I am much more beta than alpha and that I don’t have the energy or the work ethic or the anti-laziness to be able to work my a55 off and pull myself up and pay my dues and put in my due diligence and keep my eyes on the prize to finally, at long last, become a Bigboy with a Bigboy job, finally have the resources and respect to be an Independent Man, finally have a Bargaining Chip to pull Young Tail, etc. Yes I said Young tail. Maybe that is one of my tragic flaws, but I’d argue self-doubt and laziness are the much more significant tragic flaws hahaha. this has been what’s drawn me more towards game and evopsych, because I am much more likely to be “interested” in younger women as opposed to older women, and IMHO, the Mating Peak occurs no later than the EARLY Twenties. If that makes me a creep, I am very comfortable with that, and I’m not interested in dialoguing with Rationalization Hamsters.

Criticism is not hate or anger or “creepiness”, however I admit that I have had to keep an eye on my anger, as I am prone to get angry moreso than a more “alpha” male, hahaha, which perhaps comes from a sense of “beta” powerlessness. Sometimes my judgement and criticism is so fervent that it does border on anger. Of course Righteous Indignation variant of Anger is OK, because its ok to be angry about Valid Injustice, but at any rate, you can’t let it be The Boss Of You, hahahaha.

perhaps most controversial has been my “pendulum swing” from left to right, from atheist to Born Again Hallelujah. of course this is not wholly the case, there are important nuances there which much be understood. I am better described as an Agnostic with a newfound Appreciation and Respect for some Religious Traditions, although I don’t think one could ever discover tangible or even philosophical PROOF of a god. I am however, have become comfortable with “going through the motions” of giving thanks to a god, because it seems to me so much less SMUG and ANNOYING and FIRST WORLD and PRIVILEGED and SWPL to be able to stop whining and be THANKFUL for the good things you DO have rather than just say either “yup i did all that” or “well it’s just an accident of me being born in a first world country” or what have you. Of course, I guess if you HAVE achieved a comfortable life and livelihood through Hard Work, you ARE Deserving to be PROUD of your hard work, I know I would be. So maybe when I am a Big455 winner making the big bucks at my STEM job then I will become a reborn again flaming atheist at age 60, hahahaha.

but doubt and sloth jeopardize that as well in this dark night of my educational soul. i’ve never LIKED school but I’ve always done disproportionately WELL in it with respect to my not really liking it. Eventually that caught up to me and I stopped caring and just skated by at the bare minimum, which was a big poor choice I made, for which I’m now paying the consequences, and which, if I were a religious man, I’d be praying to the lord to help me actively repent for, I, do a 180 and bust my a55 now. Which I sorta AM trying to do, I’ve indeed made some positive changes. But right now I’m stuck on Computer Science 2 (for example, the idea of Templates and the Standard Template Library in C++), and I think jeez if I’m finding this so hard, there’s like 6 more years to go of even HARDER stuff, plus people who are REALLY into this, like paid bigboy computer scientists, spend their free time LOOKING AT CODE FOR FUN and posting on code forums and I get stuck on Day 1 concepts and would rather sleep or listen to Bernard Chapin and theorize on alpha and beta and sexual marketplace and mating and harems and cost benefits of male female interactions and manosphere and feminism and young tail and all that sexy stuff.

So i’ve already gave away too many personal details, hahaha. but as I say, i’ve never been in love with school, which is why it was techinically a good decision not to try to get a phd, even if that was my own rationalization hamster for the brutual truth of I Didn’t Work Hard Enough When I Had My Big Chance to even be ABLE to do a phd. At any rate, my preferred phd would probably be in Evopsych and mating stuff, david buss, roy baumeister, all that stuff. that or just straight up hardcore STEM, hahaha. but getting the STEM bachelors is challenging enough.

see i view education and school as a means to an end, a key to a job, a paycheck. pay your dues then you can finally get paid, get paid enough to survive AND to spread your seed, leave a genetic legacy, etc. Yeah eventually I would like to mate and reproduce and my end of that bargain is that I do gotta be a provider in some sense. However at this point I just want to be able to provide for myself in a respectable manner. separating the bigboys from the littleboys, those who don’t want to work hard enough to survive, etc.

my advice to young men: do trade education while in high school, work your a55 off so you can do well in that and have a company pay for your STEM degree, or join the military, get some $$ to pay for a STEM degree, learn Alpha Charisma Leadership Power in the military, get a useful degree AND just as importantly get Good Experience while you do it, make yourself so marketable the employers come to YOU with your useful STEM knowledge and experience, ?????, profit, mate. Whether you want to have a traditionally monogamous rel or a harem is up to you. Although it’s probably not a good idea to get Legally Married in case your wife goes batty and decides to Take You To The Cleaners and then you’ve lost a huge part of what you’ve worked so, so, so, so hard for. Maybe have a primary “wife” which is the one you’re in “love” with the most (strongest infatuation or obsession or sense of commitment, can’t live without balblablabla), get nonlegally married to her and she can be your primary babymaker if you want heirs, and who DOESN’T hahahaha, and then if you want a harem on the side, that’s gonna be a negotiation you’re gonna have to work out with her. Just get your g0dd4mn STEM degree (and concurrent internships!) first.

have a fun week, i’ve already said way too much, i might do this again in a year or so since I want to minimize the privacy risks of having An Official Blog. Either way I am prone to make ridiculous tweets in the vein of LeviathanPride, ForTweetsSake, IanSquirtus, etc, cause I think that sort of stuff is real funny. But I will never seriously endorse violence of any kind, even “emotional violence”, hahaha. http://tl.gd/h02p32 ·

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