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heh now many posts are time machine, this is jan 6 2013.

[ Feb 17 2013 Real Time News: I am thanking The White God for discovering 4chon.net which is my new fav site of the month. You know I enjoy the Trolly Lulz of Encyclopedia D or 4chan, where everyone calls each other j3ws or f4ggots and makes offensive jokes all the time, BUT I do not like how ED or 4chan has a large population of antiracist liberals who, despite using “politically incorrect hate speech”, still at the end of the day, worship You Know Who.

4ch0n.net seems a good solution to all this, &is full of racial realists, possibly white nationalists, wn sympathizers, antisemites, paleoconservatives, pro-whites, etc, but with a nice sense of humor, keeping the stupid teen jokes and lulz you will prob not find at Stormfront (I do not appreciate how EDers and possibly 4channers have spammed/DDoS’ed/trolled Stormfront in the past.)

Examples of good threads I bookmarked:


funny jew pictures based off the classic template, they do some great things with an already great picture

https://4chon.net heh don’t want them trolling ME/h/res/41969.html

a wyatt mann comics. It took me a minute to get that name. you’ve seen his work before. pretty racist stuff, hahaha.


important discussion on Dr Pierce’s personal life, namely, how good of a father was he to his two sons, did he abandon them, etc. do you have to neglect your own family to be a leader for your race. the role of family within race. IMHO you should prob put your immediate family first, and I HOPE Dr Pierce made peace with his children. note there are some “Antis”, it’s not a Total Echo Chamber CircleJerk.

I want to thank Hyperborea Rising


for being my gateway to 4ch0n, as I found the site in his links list, I think he posts there. He seems like a good guy who posts on both My Favourite Blog Eradica, and also on Varg Vikernes’s Sweet New Blog Thulean Perspective, and I’m not SCAWED to directly link to him, haha.

“Internet Culture” documenters describe 4ch0nnet as a racist, antisemitic 4chan for people banned from 4chan etc, trying to shame it for being racist. However this is almost exactly what I’m looking for at this time in my Awakening.

So yeah I recommend it for any whites looking for a good pro-white forum with lotsa lulz. cutting edge.

note: I do not get into other aspects of “Chan Culture” like Hacking and LulzSec and Security and Script Kiddies or whatever, any of that computer hacking crap; OR anime; OR my little pony; however I can tolerate it. more or less.

note: def not to be confused with 4chon.org, who probably think wacists awe scawy and evil

but yeah there are so many chans out there you’d have to be a total basement dweller to know all about all of them. I am just glad to find one that appeals to Little Racists like me and you! If you don’t know What Chans Are Like, ie Random pictures of Tranny Porn every once in a while, it might be confusing.

Also this blog is somewhat on Autopilot with all the Time Machine Stuff, heh hopefully will fix that within 1 month. or at least add in Non Time Machine stuff like this.

HAVE A NICE DAY, don’t take sh1t, be a strong moral honorable Warrior Man, be a good Little Racist, take care of yourself and your families.


the youtube embeds will prob not appear in the email, but they SHOULD(no *) appear on the actual blog.


The Cap, Don’t Pay for your Kids College, could also be seen as, don’t take out huge loans or any loans for college unless you’re gonna become something GOOD like a CHEMICAL ENGINEER, otherwise the money is WASTED AT BEST and will more than likely KILL you. Lose for the family, lose for the children. Everybody loses. Cap sez the money would be better spent on a SPORTS CAR or a TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD than on COLLEGE….and HE’S RIGHT.

Cap gives his unvarnished opinion on why BUSINESS and MBA degrees are worthless just like gay marxist quadraplegic turtle therapy (Tm cap) He sez “volumous” instead of “voluminous” thus he deserves to not be gainfully employed enough to move out of his parents basement hahahaha. jk I like The Cap, wish I knew him when I was 16 thru 19. He wants to REHAB DWELLERS. Get Dwellers out of the BAsement! Keep Kidz from Becoming Dwellers in the first place! Humanz are by nature pretty selfish, but IMHO the Most Selfless Kind of Selfishness is Looking Out For The NExt Generation. Not just long term Your Life, but long term THEIR lives too. We can all do it even if we don’t have any children of our own per se. Cap does it, I don’t think he has children. This is how I interpret The 14 Words, and it’s “pretty much” exactly what the 14 words SAYS: SECURING a FUTURE for your CHILDREN. Now I play fast and loose with the White Part because I think all races are entitled to secure a future for THEIR children. But Whites especially, because whites are doing a piss-poor job of it compared to other races.

He just wants to help kids live somewhat good lives and not be slaves. Make the world a better place for the next generation. heh. but now I’m confused, I guess he is pro-accounting but not pro-finance as far as Picking A Major is concerned? I can see accounting but I thought Finance was also Good.

This is what I came here to talk about. Uncle Bern blasts a even-more-godawful-than-usual article form Jezebel, where they have a guest sex advice “writer” Karley Sciortino aka “SLUTEVER”, who is a “professional” SWPL A5SSpreader who plasters the internet with her naked body and intimidates misogynists with the power of her sexuality and how EVERY girl has a period where she sleeps with LOTS of “rock and roll boys who don’t shower”, and how if you call a slut a slut that means you’re just Jelly cuz “YOU’RE NOT GETTING LAID”. and she actually is attractive enough to bang, but she signifies a new high water mark of Decadent SWPL Hamster. Good Lord It just keeps getting worse! Makes Lena Dunham look like Mother Teresa! This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. She might be putting on an act, but the fact that she is VERY Comfortable with showing her naked body and talking about all her own Lifetime Sex Partners (A LOT), makes me think she IS As Decadent and Rotten and Desouled as she seems. Pass her along to your Wimmin Franz to test them, to see if they Like Her, cause she is a Real Bad Apple. What a Disgusting Cvnt!

I wish she were You Know Whoish instead of apparently Italian! Heh score one for nurture over nature. I think it’s getting closer to 50/50 for that. Harder and harder to tell. whenever I think Nature is stronger, Nurture scores a point. And vice versa. So I’m happy with 50/50 atm.

It also points out that the Jezebel Readership is more “stodgy, frumpy, hardcore feminists who don’t get laid enough” and that Slutever readers and possibly Nonhardcore Feminist Activist but just Average Professional SWPLs are not so Frumpy and just want to Have A Good Time. Do Whatever Feeeeeeeelz good, as long as you’re not hurting…..yourself! But if you do hurt yourself that’s okay to! You’re entitled to a X-year long bender of drugs and c0x and abortionz and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Point Is: The Media Elites want you to think THIS IS NORMAL when it is Highly Abnormal and Immoral and Decadent.

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Ryu mentioned something in a comment about David Lane encouraging white men to get white brides from russia. What I’d encourage is less “Mail-Order Brides” than Straight-Up SURROGATE MOTHERS. RENT-A-WHITE-WOMBZ. I never said this wasn’t gonna COST a lot of MONEY! So getting that money is the first step.

Now there’s the question of, should the Surrogate Mother ever be allowed to see the child? Tentatively, without giving it much thought, I’d say maybe once a year would be acceptable.But they certainly wouldn’t have the “traditional” mother-child relationship, in fact, that’s the whole point of a Surrogate Mother, because you want to Keep The Mother Out Of It, because Average Wimmin Make Bad Mothers.

Is it IDEAL to have a single father with no real mother? Hell NO, but I argue it’s better than a good father and a Bad mother who wrestles the children away from the good father!

Also if the Father eventually finds a Good Female Mate, I’m not saying he couldn’t bring her in as a Stepmother.

So how do we make men Wealthy Enough to Hire White Surrogate Mothers? There’s sources for that, hahaha. Learn Trades, make 350K a year, sock some away so that you can have a “mini-retirements” a la Tim Ferriss only your mini-retirements would last like 5 or 6 years to really skool and train that child in the formative years.

“Are there any true mainstream paleo-conservative forums out there? What I want is a board that is not neo-con, like Freak Republic, but a board which goes to the edge on Israel and multi-culturalism, which could on the other hand deny being racist, like Pat Buchanan does, so even a politician can get away with posting there.”

computer science vs computer engin vs finance vs accounting vs biz vs elec engin edjewcation advice hahahaha. Occidental Enclave looks pretty promising for my Little Racist Not A Big Racist Grump Grampa Common Sense Old Skool NonZionist Approach, which is PROB synonymous with “PALEOCONSERVATIVE” anyway.

http://www.westernrevival.org/ paleoconserv journal


people on OccEncl list their Y DNA and Mitochondrial DNA which probably sez sth about a persons genetics hahahaha.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curitiba huge polish emigration to brazil according to ziopedia haha.

heh I do not link to Ziorun Ziopedia any more, We Need Our OWN Wikipedia, hahahaha.


some of those will only be of interest to poles

Heh I should take a genes/genetics class
let’s see how fast I can find a “good” one in the internetz

christopher hitchens debates white nationalist tom metzger

ho boy.

looking at some photos of Dead from Mayhem and shocked at how they do not jive with the description of him as a cold weird suicidal death obsessed freak. he seems like a Happy Funny Fun Loving Silly Niceguy.

not sure who the “David Duke Fan” is who keeps posting links to me on STORMFRONT but I have a few ideas hahaha. [I thought he might have been an Ally Blogger, but now I’m not so sure, since he just linked something else, and Kinda Misrepresented My Opinions. Heh. I hope he posts other links and is not Just My Dedicated Stalker, committed to Smearing Me on SF , when I’m just an SF Lurker not a poster, AND I’m MUCH more on their side than not on their side! Weeeeeird!]  Yes I’ve been reading a lot more Stormfront lately. I 80% like it, hahaha. they don’t shy away from the jew question that’s for sure. Although I’m sure the people who have been banned say that they are jewlovers, hahahaha.

Mikko Aspa gives interview about “Anti-Social Realism” and “UR Worth It” the art movement he founded hahaha along with the cofounders.

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this is part 2 to part 1 which i posted Two Days Ago.

Pro-Whites DO have a Legit Concern that anti-whites will try to Plant Plants and moles and spies, because they have done so before. Troublemakers at least. I can assure you I’m not one of those. I don’t want any trouble.I don’t even leave comments! I just lurk and have my own blog no one is allowed to comment on. Of course, you’re Well Within Your Rights to use links and 65-word quotes to slander me, hahaha. Good Enough.

discussion topic: the albanians of today are not the albanians of history, scanderbeg and such, who were much whiter, and since then they are majority mixed with turkics. and/or more closely related to azeris. so there is something to questioning the whiteness of today’s albanians. shqipteri.
are albanians white?
the phora
majority rights
stumble inn
lots of racially-aware pro-white FORUMS/FORA as well as blogs. many accusing each other of being jew friendlies and sellouts and traitors, hahaha. whites will tear each other apart for small differences but will take oh i’m sorry mr jewystein, please continue genociding whites! Let me help you out with that!

stormfront Dating Advice forum, hahahah. heh I might have to donate to stormfront in 2013. For the record I did not donate to anybody in 2012. I thought about donating to counter currents but didn’t really. I still might even if greg’s enemies say he is an effete hysterical homo who can’t pull pvssy and only wants money and to milk gullible rich aristocratic WNs so he can live in San Fran and go to Operas.

But why shouldn’t I read Hunter Wallace either.

Heh. I think the bookstore I bought Greg Johnson’s book from was run by Matt Parrott, so now Matt Parrott has my Real Name and Address and could Ruin Me if he wanted. Stealing Mailing Lists and Contact Information has been a Big Deal and has led to conflicts between William Pierce and David Duke, William Pierce and Willis Carto, and in the Hunter Wallace Greg Johnson Debate, it was all about the Charles Martel Society, which publishes Occidental Quarterly and is headed up by 80 year old recluses like William Regnery and people who don’t know anything about computers or databases.

So yeah this is all very legitimate, as I am still trying to get a “Mainstream Bigboy Job” and FACT have to at least kiss Politically Correct Arse to do it, everyone does. Not happy about it but it’s one of the only options to survive. Now I like the Pioneer Little Europe “cultural terrforming” concept, where Blue Collar Jobs are once again made respectable for whites. So a White could be a Janitor or a Security Guard or a Housekeeper and it would be no problem.

Heh. I just learned Matt Parrott and Mindweapons used to do a co-blog. Interesting stuff. And Matt Parrott ran into some Antiwhites regarding his Hoosier Nation, is that why he shut it down? Anyway I’m certainly not Anti Parrott, I’ve liked his writing.

29 year old Pro-White WOMAN who lives in BROOKLYN posting on Stormfront Eligible Bachelorettes of Stormfront. WTF? Well good for her if this is for real.

http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t920862/ depressives
I also like stories of depressives and melancholics and other morally lazy losers too entitled, spoiled, and morally lazy to get out of bed and work for a living, hahaha. But srsly I Sympathize and even Non-patronizingly EMPATHIZE with Those People SOME of the time.

not sure how I got on the first page of google results for pioneer little europe. i think PLE is a GREAT idea, don’t like all this slander towards them. (see media matters hatchet job)

i spent large parts of my CHRISTmas vacation (which I shouldn’t* have had) reading Stormfront, in other words.

uh they don’t like hunter wallace at the beer barrel either. they seem to be a rowdy offensive bunch, like what I imagine australians to be be like, hahah. I kind of like it???

circle of crust? stumble inn doesn’t like alex linder and thinks HE’s a jew?


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That’s a song title but I can’t remember by whom. Possibly Superjoint Ritual. I SHOULD break this post up into 2 posts OK FINE I WILL!

ok maybe I should STOP writing about racial stuff because I am a NOOB and should at least read Stormfront and VNN for several months and report back later.

and also research White Genocide in South Africa. Whites being raped and murdered and mutilated by blacks.

Uhh huge falling out with Hunter Wallace betraying the trust of Greg Johnson
Johnson and Alex Linder might not REALLY hate each other and were friendly up until recently?
Huge controversy about Matt Parrott and his Mormonism and how pro jewish or anti jewish is he really
Robert Stark being mocked
Umm what I can glean is that VNN is super duper antizionist and I can appreciate that. Very unfriendly but also probably very prinicipled, to borrow Linders Friendliness vs Principled Matrix hahaha.
Quite honestly it’s f00king CONFUSING!
So yeah I could learn something by spending hours and days and weeks and months and years at VNNForumz. I never said I was Anti-Linder or anti-VNN, just that their Very Strong Opinions regarding White Writers is a little intimidating to The Newb!

greg johnson and hunter wallace fighting each other on a message board good lord
HW does not like Linder and calls him a neonazi

VNN seems like a magnet for drama within the Race-Conscious Community. Linder is a very controversial and charismatic, but also seems quite Courageous and Smart. Def Extreme though. But isn’t Extremer Better with Racial Consciousness?

Like I say, I’m Not There Yet, I might never be. I would not want to be in a position of influence or leadership if its just people arguing about how true you are and if you’re betraying people or not. what a waste. Hardly more productive than Bread and Circuses and Opium.

What’s the metric for how much you’re supposed to think The Holocaust Is A Holohoax before you become a White Race Traitor, in other words? I’m in the interesting position of Not Liking Jews, however I still think Jews were killed. But maybe Holohoax is saying the issue is not whether alot of jews were killed, it’s that, is 6 million jews even such a big deal compared to 11 million ukrainians + several million poles and millions of nonjews being killed. Though I prefer it when people address The Jewish Question rather that ignore it completely, it would be funny if I were accused of being PhiloSemitic just because I thought More Jews Died than “actually” did. hahahaha.

so much infighting. narcissism of small diffs “But THESE Differences AREN’T SMALL! They’re Huge and Traitor-Making!”

At any rate I Resolve to Lurk and Read More on VNN in 2013. But as of 2012 I prefer the Tone of Civility on Stormfront, hahaha. Because I’m a coward who refuses to Grow A Sack For My Children And The Future Of My Race.

And I can’t really be pro-hitler because of his crimes against poles and other whites. unless those are all jewish lies too, hahaha.
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t775095/ “did hitler hate poles”
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t275274/?highlight=poland+polish polish thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t369043/?highlight=poland+polish slavic thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t207986/ polish german cooperation in WW2

try Committee for Open Debate On The Holocaust
heheh I have an achilles heel for the “academic”, “pointy-headed” types that go out of their way to say they don’t “HATE” and who don’t use “Racist” Language indiscriminately. And for that I deserve to be called a traitor and a plant and a mole and a loser by Alex Linder, hahaha.

there are “even” jewish holocaust revisionists, which appeals to my sense of Tolerance and Turning The Cheek and being a Niceguy Shabbas Goy, hahaha. If I were really extreme I would not read one word Any Jew Writes Ever About Anything.


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G0DD4MN IT. I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED PUBLISH AGAIN. This was SUPPOSED to go out Jan 8 2013. but say someone reads the “early” version on Email or RSS and says NOW THAT’S A DAMN GOOD BLOG, I WANNA LINK TO IT, so, for the second time today, I have to have The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change. To Be Honest I did do a LITTLE nontryhard work today preparing a Ton Of Posts To Publish In Advance.

I always forget about LOBBYISTS. I really don’t know a darn thing about Lobbyists; never lived in DC and wouldn’t want to unless I had an EASY GUMMINT JOB from which I was unfireable, then I’d take every Monday and Friday off hahaha. Outsource my makework to a VA and travel to Poland and then during the winter a tropical area of Christian Arabs perhaps. But it would be pretty unethical and immoral for me to BE THAT GUY. Anyway. Lobbyists pushing a Zionist Agenda on Shabbes Goy Politicians. (Finally reading “The Joys of Yiddish” by Rosten for the first time, he spells it “Shabbes” and I know others spell it “Shabbos” but I like “Shabbas”, hahaha.)

Whenever I feeeeeel lost I turn to David Duke. Heh. Maybe I SHOULD read Stormfront More. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t538924/
Here is the Introduction To Stormfront. OK that’s pretty good. I’m sold. Note to self, read Stormfront more than once a month. I like forums for providing a Variety Of Friendly Opinions when someone is Soliciting Life Advice, ie should I major in Business or Engineering, should I move to Montana or Texas, etc.

Oh Mindweapon How Do I Luv Thee Lemme Count The Ways: I like his serious concern for The Next Generation. This is a man who lives the 14 Words. Maybe this is how I lost a bit of steam for Game, because I’m not solely concerned with Banging The Hottest Harem, I am concerned with Being A Father and Fathering Biological Children. But not before I’m ready! And part of getting ready is thinking long and hard about how you are going to raise them, what you are going to teach them. You don’t just pop the kid out and play it by ear like Wimminz or Nonwhites breeding like drunken rabbits! At least K-Selected Whites don’t!

Anyway Mindweapon points out The “Tiger Parenting” strategy of Jews to FORCE their kids to become Lawyers or especially Doctors, nothing else will do, absolutely NOTHING. You get a MD or PhD or you’re out of the Family. And from a Good Skool. Although I think Good Skoolz are BS, they ARE nonetheless magnets for genuinely smart kidz. And then the Jewish Grads of these schools go on to Kareeeeers Of Great Power and Significance, like the Real kind. They Wield Power That Matters. So being the 4sshole Parent who Pushes your kid too hard might not be a bad thing. Heh heh I like to make the excuse that I coulda bee powerful too had I been Pushed/Forced enough, but I came from a more easygoing, unfamilar-with-the-KolligeKareerKartel Old-School-Of-Hard-Knox Whites Who Didn’t Need Or Want Kollige Or Kareeeers, we just wanted A Good Job to Raise Our Families.

Like it or not, History is written by Those Who Went To Harvard, not those who went to Western Tennessee Delta Silt State College, EVEN THOUGH some people from the latter DO have an equivalent IQ and WILL enjoy a good living and good careeeeeeeeeer, if “only” less prestigious and powerful, but certainly enough to enjoy a stable, healthy, comfortable, “lower” Brahmin existence. But I doubt you’ll see them: in Fed Govt, in top executive levels of Multinational Corps; top levels of Banks, Media Conglomerates, etc.

I don’t go out talking my racist talk in Public, and I almost don’t care to. I will socialize with Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, Wimmin, Jews, Albanians, just about ANYBODY

Wimmin may not be The Enemy, but they are definitely not ON OUR SIDE yet. They are just too easily brainwashed and turned against us. Conformity. And it’s in a Woman’s nature to seek conformity and Security and Stability and Safety and Protection, that’s why they Join Herds of Sheople, and why we as men can’t get TOO mad at them. Forgive them for they know not what they do. But that doesn’t mean we’ll LET Wimmin stab us in the back, offer it up, say “Oh here’s some nice clean BACK for you to STAB!”

but part of the thing is that I’ve reached that Certain Age where I’m not very interested in Making New Friends. I have enough Friends and besides my energy and Karma would be better utilized reaching out to Old Friends rather than trying to meet New Friends. It’s not out of the question if someone surprisingly impresses you, but don’t HOLD YOUR BREATH. I wouldn’t mind being swept off my proverbial feet by a Marriageable Woman though!

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