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Just used the Decadence Brandon Toy (Good Price Newegg Refurb Laptop Dec 2012 semi Time Machine) to read Eradica for at least an hour. I Can NOT argue with that! Talk vs Action. Waking Average White Men like me UP to DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. Things wont get violent for 20 or 40 more years, and when it is finally Showdown Shootout time, we will be very old or dead and it will be up to our GRANDCHILDREN to do the fighting. And do you think THEY’LL be ready?

This is where Emotion can be useful, to build attachment to a cause, to get people passionate enough for action, to care enough to do something, and FP’s writing is real good at that. And packed with more information than I even care to read with all the links and citations. but that’s good writing. you should cite your sources if you want to be taken seriously. I don’t care that ZOG Professors do it in their Publish Or Perish articles. Just drop a link to show you aren’t talking completely out of your 4ss. OR say IMHO like me, cause nowadays I specialize only In My Own Opinion, hahaha. So: I am Today’s Brandon only well past the prime of youth, my best fighting years are behind just like ZOG wants it, now I’m old and tired and just want 3 hots and a cot and to work a steady job and sleep. I can see the wrong turn the US and The West are taking but I don’t care enough to stop it, or to even resist it.

But there’s very little that separates me from the Handout-Hungry Hippos other than a Good Family, which I am thankful for. I had Good Nature AND good Nurture, and I still can’t figure out how or why I chose to Give Up. Because Not Giving Up was Not “Incentivized” (Fag Word) Rewarded? Because Giving Up Was Rewarded? Because Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off? I talk about wanting Children some day when I’m Able, but would it REALLY kill me NOT to? Will I really ever be able? In many ways I am a str8 up Mating Market Loser, have just Given Up, just don’t care. So uh let me be your cautionary tale, let me fill You with the Passion and Energy and Vigour that I do not have, that I feebly wished I had. Let me get YOU fired up cause I can’t seeeeem to get fired up no mo. At this point my life is dedicated to trying to pay back those individuals who have directly helped me survive. And I will be very lucky if I can do that, let alone go beyond.

Talk About A Whiny Screeching Beta Faggot! Heh. Time for bed. Maybe I can get both you AND me Fired Up tomorrow. Always been a Moooooody Baby.

ok had to come back here and right that wrong after a good nights sleep, didn’t want to start my “holiday vacation” on the wrong foot. This is just to show that I can be my Own Worst Enemy and a pretty convincing one at that. Don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy, my children! Streams of extremely pessimistic thoughts like that used to tempt me to Drink. Thankfully I have overcome the temptation to Drink, yet I still get the same streams of thoughts and feeeeeelings. I hope Firepower doesn’t get that from all the Bourbon he drinks, hahahaha. Nothing wrong with Jim Beam! I wish I had drank more “Bulleitt”, I hear that’s real good bourb. I don’t count this as “Oversharing” because IMHO The Writer Should* (tm FP) be honest with his audience about Who He Is, and Who He Is can and should be part of What He Writes. Just not in a bad or oversharing way. The Man Is His Writing Is The Man. At least in My Opinion. You’re free to disagree. But since that’s what I believe, I’m gonna Live Up To It.

Go read articles, go watch videos, write your own articles, intro body conclusion, just like they taught you in Gummint Union Skool. But you’re Smart, so take that simple format and make it work for you. Read interesting articles, be sure to cite and link to them. don’t be afraid to have an opinion hahaha. keep the intro and conclusion short, like one sentence saying “my opinion/argument is this”, make a provocative, poetic, profound statement to get the people fired up, awake the sheople from their slumber. Keep the whole thing 600 or 800 or 1000 words, I fully agree, long posts are stupid. If you can’t keep from writing a long post, just break it up into shorter posts. not so difficult.

Still listening to The Turner Diaries. Great example of a Rousing, Firing-Up Story. although it does drag in parts, other parts are real good.

To be honest, I am the world’s biggest truest True Believer in BOIL THE FROG. I’ve said this but it bears repeating. Baby Steps. (Pierce mentions it several times in the TurnerDiaries too.) Boil The Frog is an extremely effective and successful way of Making Big Changes. Both in your own life, and in The World. Our Civilization. One little thing at a time, one day at a time, 1% at a time (don’t think of OWS, I mean 1% in the strictly Percentage Sense!), and then 100 days later, you’re at 100%. It’s not overnight but it’s certainly not a LONG time either. If I were gonna do my part to Save The World it would def be thru Boil The Frog. I just gotta Boil my OWN Frog FIRST. Maybe help YOU Boil Your own frog too.

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[Dec 9 2012: Fair Warning: I might slow down on the Strictly White “stuff”, I see it possibly ebbing…AND flowing!]

A few years ago DAVID DUKE was on BILL O’REILLY, (youtube link) and this is perfectly illustrative of Where I’m At Now: Moving Further and Further to The Right, and articulating my Anti-Zionism. I generally enjoy O’Reilly shredding Stupid Leftists, but I didn’t want him to shred David Duke, who I’ve become quite fond of lately, DESPITE his Reputation as a Huckster and a Fraud and a Degenerate Gambler and Bilking His Followers so he can build a new Mansion and being an Adulterous Philanderer etc. Anyway O’Reilly was talking over Duke trying to shout him down as a Horrible Racist and Anti-Semite.


Well, that’s a risk I’m more than willing to take, hahaha. I’m satisfied with Duke’s Distancing from his Klan days and his “excuse” that he was in the KNIGHTS of the KKK, and there are many different unrelated Klan factions, not one big Monolithic Klan, and his faction was a more peaceful nonviolent moderate version, no white costumes or burning crosses, rather business suits and cool headz.


The Occidental QUARTERLY is not the same thing as Occidental OBSERVER which is not the same as Occidental Dissent, don’t see how anyone could get those mixed up, except TOTAL N00BZ, hahahaha. was listening to Harold Covington discussing the factionalization I alluded to earlier. Covington said Greg Johnson had been “fired” from OccQuarterly for a controversial interview Johnson did with Covington. Then there arose alot of Covington-bashing on Occidental Dissent. Heh. At this point I don’t CARE, I don’t comment ANYWHERE, I’m not on anyone’s SIDE, I’m on the Side Of Antimulticulturalists, and I’ll read WHOEVER THE H3LL I D4MN WANT!!

“THAT BEING SAID”, (hahaha) I am coming to a Deeper Understanding of The 14 Words and I don’t believe we should automatically associate 14W with Violent Nazi Extremists. I think if EVERY RACE were to follow its OWN 14W, the world would be a better place, hahaha. Not sure how it got so wrapped-up with WHITE Nationalism, IMHO it would behoove EVERY race.

But Covington got me thinking about a couple things, namely, that His WN Faction is the most prominent one with “an actual plan” for a nonmulticultural ethnostate (more later); AND, that he and WN has been around a WHILE and has Its Own Interesting History which I must now research. Which I am sorta doing with Rockwell and Pierce. I guess it went Rockwell Then Pierce Then Covington and has gone through various eras or generations, and there’s other people I must put in context like Willis Karto or Alex Linder/VNN or David Lane. Heh. I’M DOING A REPORT FOR SKOOL.

Anyway, some of these guys MAKE A LIVING OFF DONATIONS. They Quit Their Jobz and Make A Living Soliciting Donations from WNs and WN Sympathizers who DO Work For A Living. I guess this is no different from any other Nonprofit type Cause or Activism. Anyway. I think we can all agree that once you make that great leap and then you’re Making Your Living Off The Donationz of True Believers Of Your Cause, then that does hold you to a higher standard, and you’ve got to be careful as f00k not to sell out or do anything unethical. I don’t think I’d want that responsibility. And that does explain why there’s so much factionalism and feuding and character assassination attempts.

Also Covington uses the term “faggots” cavalierly to refer to Homosexuals, and Rockwell uses the term “coons” cavalierly to refer to blacks. Personally I would not use these words for those purposes, although I LOVE using the word faggot ALL THE TIME to talk about people other than Homosexuals: Kareerists, Leftists, Marxists, Shylocks, Beta Wimps, SPERG VIRGINS, Zionists, International Banksters, SWPLs, activists, hahaha. Just call em Queers or Pillow Biters, hahahahahaha. It’s kinda like I don’t really like using The N Word to refer to Blacks, unless they’re REALLLLY Chimping Out and I’m right there and getting annoyed. “Blacks” is my preferred nomenclature, and if I want to get “edgy” then I’m ok with “coloreds” or “Negroes.”

to be continued soon in a pt 2 of not necessarily the same or even similar title

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More On Race. Was listening again to Dr Pierce.  (“Doctor! William! Luther! PIERCE.!” ) I sorta agreed with him that Short-Sighted Materialism that’s infected us all is a Jewish thing, but it’s more of a Morality thing IMHO, and Jews needn’t be Inherent Amoral or Immoral. They just overlap a LOT with Materialistic, Godless, Soulless, SWPL Amorality. But they can beat that if they want to! [Important Update: It might even be a Christian US-Colonial Calvininst Protestant Work Ethic thing!! see future post]

But it was smart of Pierce to recognize that this is also partially an Egotistic (Egoistic?) HUMAN thing. We’re all animals who want creature comforts to an extent. But I also agree with him that it’s important to keep focus on The Eternal, although we might disagree slightly on what The Eternal is.

At the moment [update: heh just wait a week!], I am probably more “comfortable” (not that COMFORT should be one’s main goal!), or a better “fit” with Christianity than White Nationalism, although I do think Race is important and very interesting and all people should investigate their own race and ethnicity and background and heritage and ancestry and genealogy.

But this leads me to the next dilemma of, Christianity is really nothing more than another form of Jewish Mind Control. It’s not White at all. It’s Judaism For Whites. You want White Religion, you go back to the pagan gods or asatru or whatnot. Don’t worship the Jewgod! That’s how they’ll REALLY getchya In Eternity!

But as I don’t really dislike Jews for being Jewish, but for being scheming society-ruining materialistic amoral marxist usuring greedy leftists!

It’s about Damn Time I have a discussion of MONEY in here; So I was listening to Wm Pierce and agreeing in parts but also disagreeing in parts; then I went to some Counter Currents Podcasts, including a nice interview with Jack Donovan on “The Way Of Men” and Manly Virtues (wish list!) and a piece by Greg Johnson on Money. Namely, the creation of money out of Thin Air, with no work-value behind it, by interest-charging bankers; and how the whole system of banking and loans and interest is just an ungodly poisonous thing. At least the way The Banks are doing it now. And Jews have this reputation as Bankers, and how it was Immoral to ever charge interest, but NOT for the Jews, so if you wanted a loan, you had to go to a jew and then get jewed up the 4ss with interest.

I guess you could consider it the price for the service of getting a loan, but what I’m really talking about here is probably fractional reserves and what banks actually do with the money you deposit. How they loan out more money than they actually have and are honestly Magically Creating Money like Johnson says. I remember we actually talked about it in my Banking Lesson in Econ, and it surprised me and blew my mind, and I still don’t understand it, and I SHOULD Understand it, cause it sounds fishy as f00k. I’m not sure that Banking Or Loaning NEEDS to be Like This. Not even sure the term for it. I should read my mises.org, that’s what it’s THERE for. To EDUCATE.


Just came across this recent Vox Day article on “Debased money, debased marriages” where he talks about “CREDIT DOLLARS”. And mentions everybody’s favourite Philistine Dalrock. Yes I still like Vox Day and Dalrock. I guess I just don’t see how they’re NOT on The Right Side!

“Fractional Reserve Banking” and the Creation Of Money, I think that’s the term I need to use.


I think Murray Rothbard is PROB a Jew I can Trust, hahaha! See, You can trust individual jews if they’re trustworthy and on The Right Side!

And this Magic Money is not going back into the economy even, it’s just making Banks and Bankerz richer. Johnson started talking about possible solutions, some involving An Ethical, Accountable-To-The-People-Who-Elected-Them Government Creating Magic Money and just giving it to people to let them spend as they wish in a Free Market. That sounded kinda funny and I’m sure he had other solutions, but I was tired and it was my Paleo Bedtime so I had to stop there.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, that’s what I believe. Even a lot of these Marxist Sickos are actually WELL-MEANING, they think they are Saving The World and True Believers in Social Justice and Helping The Downtrodden. It’s what I believed when I was a Marxist Drone: I believed that Marxist Social Justice was the best way of showing COMPASSION to those who need it the most, and that Conservatives and Rightists and Anti-Marxists were Rich Greedy Scumbags just genociding the poor as fodder. So if you were a Kind, Moral person, you chose Marxism. I had the best of intentions, but was embarrassingly Naive and Young.

Good Intentions, combined with Stubborn Blind True Believerness in the Corrupt Cause Using those Intentions, combined with the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES that led to the Corruption of that cause and the Moral Decay of Society – that’s how it works IMHO. Maybe some of them are evil, but a lot of them are just brainwashed as f00k, and don’t see their good intentions are causing more harm than good.

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[Note: H3ll NO I’m not awake right now! But this is for the benefit of Those In The World Who Are, hahaha, & to get Good Spreadage on my Sunday “Reader Appreciation” Posts.]


SUNDAY “READER APPRECIATION” POST! Heh one week I will stop doing this. Drive up the price, stop GIVING it away, hahaha.

Average Young Wimminz have routinely been on the receiving end of depraved sex acts most Average Young Minz can only DREAM of doing, and which they jerk-off desperately to.

Whips-out Mini Tape Recorder Alan Alda style: Great idea for depraved porno: BUKKAKE WEDDING, where the bride and groom slowly walk down the aisle, and the church is filled with big dark meathunks beating-off on and ravaging the lip-smacking bride, totally COVERING her with sperm by the time she gets up to the front and finally MARRIES the CHUMP, hahahahaha. Probably smearing a bunch of the sperm on him too, hahaha.

Not far off from the Average Modern Western WIFE, hahahaha!

(How much you bet I get invited to Weddings All The Time, haha!)

Average Wimminz have driven several Average Men crazy, or close to. Average Men have Prob not even driven ONE Average Wimminz crazy – it took a series of Nonaverage Alphas to do that.

So, Brahminz are trying to Steal/Poach Smart people from lower classes via Leet Univz/Jobz. End result of a Total Brain Drain on Non-Brahmin castes. Re my interests: a gradual dumbing-down of The Vaisya and even Upper Vaisya, my own home caste. I had a chance to go brahmin but I blew it, which only now I’m starting to see might be a great thing. the blowing, that is. So now I’m thinking, how can the Smart Vaisyas who for whatever reason REMAIN Vaisyas into Adulthood USE their smarts to HELP their Born Caste? Their PEOPLE? Starting Businesses, Creating Jobs for the Less Intelligent, Running for Local Vaisya Office, and Strengthening Vaisya Neighborhoods, of course!


Been meaning to see this for a while. Didn’t disappoint. Not a CLASSIC but a much better-than-avg movie. Memorable. Unique. Original. It’s no secret I love Norwegian Culture (Or What’s Left Of It, hrmmmm….) and will watch Norwegian movies just to hear the language and look at the Nature. Fjords and Forests and Mountains and Sognland and all that. Blame Burzum for biting me with the Norway Bug. Of course it’s all the more interesting nowadays with the Superliberal Govt, Insane Multiculturalism, Breivik, etc. But if they’re THAT “Socialist” then why aren’t they going broke like Greece or Portugal? Will that happen soon or not?

And I’ve long enjoyed Theodor Kittelsen’s artwork, again via Teh Bvmzvrz, and his Loving portrayal of Norwegian Nature and Legend, in his case, often concerning TROLLS. They really DO tell their kidz TrollStories in Norway, and it’s nice to see a Norwegian movie effectively capturing this part of Norwegian Culture. In a fun way, and not even disrespectfully. I feeeeeelt the movie honestly celebrated Trolldom, rather than saying “let’s get rid of Our Traditions and Culture to make all the new Jihadist Immigrants feel more at home.”

Character development was good, especially with the Trollhunter himself. You really grew to like him quite a bit.

And just enough humor and comic relief. Dry, but light-hearted. I wasn’t sure it was supposed to be a “horror” movie, and lemme just clarify, it definitely wasn’t. Even intended to be. That’s fine. Didn’t need to be. And it succeeded on its own merits and on its own level.

Of COURSE I wanted to tear the young Norwegian girl in half, although I don’t think she’ll age well. She looks like a slutty frog.

Not too serious, not too ridiculous, just right. goldilocks. Also not too long. And during the end credits I (correctly) guessed the band was Kvelertak even though I’d never actually HEARD them before, only READ about. Hmm. One of the more highly-touted of the young modern “black’n’roll” groups.

A good FUN movie. Didn’t think Norwegians knew how to have fun! We should all be able to appreciate that! B or B-plus.

Morality. Ethics. Respectability. Honor. Doing The Right Thing. Whatever you wanna call it, I argue it’s not complicated, AND, even among All The Cultures Of The World, they’ll 80% agree on what is right and wrong. So, Morality Is 80% OBJECTIVE, THEREFORE (QED), MORALITY IS OBJECTIVE. THERE IS ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND WRONG. GOOD AND EVIL.  Lying, cheating, stealing, jewing, murdering, raping (Even Decadent Whorez don’t Deserve To be Raepd!), non-defensive violence, sucking out a BabySlurry(tm) from your Womb thru your Cvnt/K0kHole, cheating on your husband or Boifran, making him raise another man’s child as his own….these things, chirren, are all WRONG. BAD. Here’s some examples of GOOD things: being honest; hard-working; not lying; being gentle and compassionate; walking in the other person’s shoes; empathy; sympathy; kindness; altruism, even if done selfishly. Not hurting people; Not jewing people. Not sending men to die. Get the picture yet? Nope?

Write these down on your True Believer Kollige Memorizer Flashcards for your Big Exam Then Pay Me $9000:

1. Once you know how to get it, sex can be gotten for FREE.

2. Honest Men will never want to marry a promiscuous, aka promiscuous even for One Brief Phase, Wimminz.

3. TodayzWimminz have nothing to offer other than Sex. Unless you want to Marry a Wimminz who previously gave away Sex For Free to Manny Cox (tm, BKC). Because that was in the past and she feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz different about You. At this moment.

When I say “True Believer”, I’m being inspired by Nydwracu, who is in turn being inspired by Eric Hoffer. I read the first 20 pages of “The True Believer” and should prob just buy a copy, haha, so I can have it on-hand for the 20 years it’s gonna take me to read a little 100 page book, hahaha. Important, Profound, SMRT book though! That Hoffer was/is a HELLUVA Guy!

Fake True Believers are just as bad as Real True Believers. Atheist True Believers are even worse and closed-minded and stupid than Religious True Believers. Wimminz/Whorez are True Believers in First and Foremost Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz, then Cox and Marxism.  Well, the order can be debated. All three tie in together. Add Zog in there too, of course, if you’re a “True Believer” in ZOG, hahahaha. I’ll leave that one up to You. I’m

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a True Believer, just make sure it’s in something Morally Good, WHICH, we just established, is Objective and Not Up For Debate! Be a True Believer in Good, and then BE an AGENT of that Good!

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