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time machine: june 29, 2012


may 1 2013: this post is really dated and really decadent. i was not as far along in my racial awakening then, & was also a little Confused regarding Women. THAT SAID there is still some Good Points in here if I may say so myself.

Also to KAS: hope you didn’t find this blog, and then this was the first post you saw, cause it’s Not Very Indicative. Plus a writer and thinker of Your high caliber should be reading an actual serious person like Mindweapon, see sidebar. Yes I’m being very presumptuous, but JUST ON THE OFF CHANCE. Go read Mindweapon, or Ryu at Eradica. Pretty sure you already know about Matt Parrott, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke!  I will have a Realtime post coming up soon with my Latest Research. IE, crude notes-to-self and first impressions, haha. But I should stop NAME DROPPING so much lest Big People find me before I’m really ready.)


Well Beta Boy, ya got DUMPED because you don’t have the PERFECT CAREER. “But Nobody’s PERFECT!” You mope. Yeah, but some men are More Perfect Than Others and why shouldn’t a free-willed person be able to sample some of THAT C0CK?

THIS is the kind of “LOGIC” you face when dealing w Wimminz. You’re beginning to see why “F00K THAT Sh!T” YaoMing is the Best Possible Response to this NONSENSE. Talking SENSE to it won’t help it, getting ANGRY will help it even less, all you can do is grin and say F00K THAT SH!T, because, like, srsly. F00K. THAT. SH!T. SON.

What kind of MAN are you when you’re less of a Tryhard at YOUR career, and YOUR career isn’t as GLORIOUS as HER Career? You WOULD be the kind of guy who’s just Satisfied to Earn A Living. UNDERACHIEVER. SO UNAMBITIOUS. DON’T YOU HAVE ANY AMBITION FOR SOMETHING GREATER? DON’T YOU WANT TO APPLY YOURSELF, LAZY? GROW UP! MAN UP! BE A MAN, NOT A LITTLE BOY!

Tryhard vs Workhard. Tryhard bad, Workhard good. Wimminz not sophisticated enough to understand that nuance, they usually go for Tryhard Default. Men say, don’t tryhard if it doesn’t PAY OFF. Heck, don’t WORK HARD if it doesn’t pay off. If the Juice Isn’t Worth The Squeeze, STOP SQUEEZING FER CHR!55AKES.

If the Wimminz treats you loyalty, respect, & unconditional luv the way your platonic Men-Friends do, you may have found a keeper. Let MANLOVE be your MEASUREMENT of a Wimminz’s love. Odds are, it doesn’t even come close.

Average Working Stiff Uncelebrated Men are, on average, deserving of More Pure Love than Average Wimminz. But they don’t get it, only get shamed&shunned on the OFF CHANCE they try to STICK UP FOR THEMSELVES, rather than QUIETLY TAKE IT UP THE 455, LIKE A MAN.

Every day along the TRANSITION from Goatee Guy to Yao Ming is to be celebrated. Your Indignation & Anger should NOT be shamed and shunned. It is making you into a better person, gradually. Getting you CLOSER TO YAO.

Just to be FAIR to Wimminz: it prob IS easier for a Wimminz to lose her respectability than for a man. A man’s gotta really TRYHARD to make himself into a loser. A Wimminz just needs to ignorantly, drunkenly spread her legs a few times for handsome men. So I guess in that sense, Wimminz do have it HARDER. It’s EASIER for a Wimminz to become a Piece O’ Sh!t than for a man. I’ll CONCEDE that.

While I’m feeling FAIR, I’ll also CONCEDE That Not All Tryhards Are Losers. Some people Discover their True Calling Early In Life, then then Tryhard to become it, & Workhard once they get it. It’s less about Career-Worship per se than Lord-Worship. It’s almost like a Divine Calling, like aVocation. Not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just honestly wanting to use your talents & skills for the Lord & His will. These are more likely to be the Honest, Authentic, Moral, Respectable,  people who will respect you based on Human Value rather than Status Utility Career Value.

I also say, it’s OKAY to Show your Anger, to WRITE AND SAY ANGRY THINGS, as long as you are not BEING VIOLENT or ADVOCATING VIOLENCE. Don’t be afraid of calling someone a F4gg0t or saying “oh yeah you LOVE taking up the 455 you f00king filthy wh0re” when angrily b34ting-0ff to Gaping 4n41 pr0n. Just don’t go out and DO violence or encourage anyone else to. SAYING WORDS is a HEALTHY way of SUBLIMATING & RELEASING ANGER. Don’t be ASHAMED because some f4ggy TRYHARD wants to SHAME and LABEL you as “HATEFUL.” Saying Angry Words is a Good Way of Not Bottling-Up your anger! Just because you say Angry Words doesn’t make you MORE LIKELY to BE VIOLENT, shouldn’t put you on a “watch list.” I agree with Feminist Leftist Tryhards all DAY that VIOLENCE IS ABHORRENT.

(Even when tearing your Unborn Children into Little Pieces, too!)

More about “good” Tryhards, ie, not “real” tryhards. They’re not wailing and moaning and complaining like a martyr all day bc of all the hard work they have to try to do. If I were a tryhard, I’d be the WORLD’S WORST, complaining ALL DAY. “good tryhards” are NATURAL, ie, it’s EASIER & more NATURAL for them to Constantly Try/work. If you told them NOT TO try so hard, they’d find THAT harder. Because trying is their groove. being a priest or a scientist or an accountant or a welder is just Part Of Who They Are Deep Down, of COURSE they’re gonna try hard. See: Vocation, Calling From G-d.

But if you’re a Lazy Loser Anti-Tryhard like me who wants to cut corners, trying Hard at Being The Best Human Resources Manager would be Transparent, Phony, Annoying Tryhardism. This is what tryhardism really is. Fake, phony, dishonest, annoying.


Touche! Yes, this is 100% TRUE, and a Rub for my Argument that Tryhards Suck, but also explains why Tryhardism is so prevalent: you’ve GOT to be a g4y455 tryhard just to SURVIVE in this world.

I LIKE watching WIFESWAP on LIFETIME: TELEVISION FOR IDIOTS. Swapping one idiot with a different idiot. Sad how they Brainwash and RUIN their poor children. Also amazing that such losers can HAVE jobs and mates and children and survive rather than dying alone in a gutter. H3ll I’M SMARTER THAN THESE IDIOTS. If THEY can make it so can I. Ego boost.

SPREAD THE WORD: When you meet a TERRIBLY JUDGMENTAL 455HOLE LIKE ME, REALIZE THAT MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE **JUST AS** HARD AND JUDGMENTAL ON THEMSELVES. So it’s not a POT & KETTLE BLACK or HYPOCRISY issue AT. ALL. There’s just a TINY MINORITY of Hypocrites who ruin it for the REST of US, who BECAUSE we’re even more severe & unfairly judgemental to OURSELVES, THUS have the RIGHT to be SCATHING against OTHERS.

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IF you’re curious about “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” despite how F@GGY and WEAK it sounds – and there is a LOT of chaff to sift thru, and THAT will make you depressive suicidal REAL quick, haha – then a Good Band to Start with is TRIST from Czech. T (it’s one guy, that’s his name) is The Real Deal. I like to think of it more as CHILLOUT BLACK METAL. That is a MUCH better name for the GOOD DSBM bands. Like Trist. Heh. Kinda sounds like Hypothermia but a little better.

So I’m sold on the argument of the Gun Nutz. That Skool Shootings started increasing in the mid 1990s once there were big federal gun control laws passed creating no gun zones and such. So psychopaths who want to kill lots of people will go to a gun free place like a skool or campus or church. And also something tells me they won’t have a problem with getting their gunz illegally. Dunno. Just seems like SIMPLE COMMON SENSE to me. If someone can’t legally get a gun and they’re crazy enough to want to shoot people, they’ll find a way to get gunz. Now say the teacher had a gun and they could have shot the Sperg Psycho after he only killed 1 or 2 people rather than 27 and then the ziomedia would be saying how GREAT GUNS are, hahahahahah jk no they wouldn’t.

Following The Cap’s Advice, I will continue to Not Try and be a Morally Lazy Loser till I’m 35. Makes getting my STEM degree seem less intimidating hahaha. I HATE (as in, really annoyed by, not I wanna shoot them!) these f@ggot 18 year old TRYHARDS that take 20 credits of Hard Stem Classes every term. These are the kinda kidz that when Final Exams are over and Classes are Over, they’re STILL Studying in the Library 12 hours a day. SERIOUSLY. But I don’t really hate or blame them. Maybe they’re being Pushed. Maybe they’re serious about getting that Real Power. Maybe they haven’t reached the conclusion yet that it’s OK to Cheat the Cheaters. I certainly was Morally Opposed to Cheating when I was their age.

The Antiwhite Race Traitor Self-Loathing-White Leftist Seth MarxFarlane STILL can come up with some good jokes IMHO. My fave right now is
Peter: You AGAMEMNON (With) Me?
Quagmire: Huh?
Peter: Yeah I dunno either, I just heard that word and didn’t know what it means, so I decided to use it!

thinking again about Stories to get people Fired Up. Nourish the Soul. Defeat Laziness. Inspire Action. Books are fine if they’re good and not boring. Even 1984 or Turner Diaries got boring. you almost NEED something like a Big Movie or a Prole HUnger Games Novel to really Pump people up. I was thinking that Ideas Like Ours are not exactly getting money thrown at us by Ziowood Projewcers to make Pulse-Pounding Epic Moovies. However you don’t need money to buy talent, you can still make a good movie on a shoestring budget if you’re smart enough. Examples, though these do not promote Our Message: Paranormal Activity, Joe Swanberg.

But I was thinking some of the Stories we want to tell will have Big-Budget elements: wars, huge civilizational changes, future utopias and dystopias. I figured a good way to do that would be to do PLAYS or RADIO DRAMAS or RADIO PLAYS or something like Lars Trier’s “Dogville” where you just have the actors on a blank black stage, no props, no sets. Then have good actors deliver good writing and a good story. You don’t need 9,000,000 dollar cgi and renting out lavish settings.

heh. maybe cause I was listening to the 1950s Mystery Radio Shows on Sirius Radio and thinking wow this is corny as f00k but also pretty fun. Why can’t we bring this form back and do something REALLY Fun and Less Corny with it? We could use it to win hearts and minds!

You could theoretically do it ALL BY YOURSELF, although it would help a lot to get one extra person to help do voices. and that’s prob easily doable unless you’re a TOTAL Omega Virgin NEckbeard Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Dweller Unemployable Introvert Creep and don’t know ANYBODY. Heck. do it over SKYPE with you other neckbeard internet buddies. You could even have YOUR MOM do it in a pinch, hahahaha.

PLAYS. RADIO DRAMAS. Narrator will Stoke your imagination to get the setting, maybe some sound effects, but main thing will be dialogue. and narration to make sure the proles get the message. As Winston Smith says, they have the numbers, if they only REALIZED this strength, they COULD change society overnight.

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I suppose I may have Hit Bottom and not even known it. Re my No Chutzpah. I even avoid Socializing With People because of fear about people talking about their CAREEEEEERS, and I haven’t cleverly rehearsed my LIE there beyond “working on a degree” and I can’t say “don’t care what it is, just want a safe lazy cushy unionized office cubicle job where I can tune out and a monkey could do my job, and if you were honest, you’d recognize a monkey could do YOUR job too and you wouldn’t be such a big Tryhard True Believer Career Worshipper Every Day Is The Best Day Of Your Life Doing Something You Love AND Saving The World Careeeeeeeeer.” Because I’ve ALWAYS resisted Unpaid Internships and other Bona Fides for having a Real Careeeer. More interested in the Higher Purposes of Morality, Religion (I won’t say “Spirituality” because THAT word is faggy as f00k and for SWPLs who are AFRAID of Morality and Religion!), Family, (The 14 Words, hahaha), etc. And if you’re a SWPL Tryhard

and it’s Oppressive and Conservative to be Religious, well then you just make the Careeeer your Religion and say you’re Very SPIRITUAL! fucking f4gg0ts. Not the people I know, of course, but my Extremely Anti-Career Attitudes have had noticeable affect on me being much more Visibly Professionally Unsuccessful than They. Which only makes sense, because I wasn’t willing to Work Hard, and you Get Out what you Put In, No One To Blame But Myself, and of course it’s all true! However the people Closest in my Circle of Trust do not judge me for my Career Loserhood and I can Just Be Myself; and even those more on the Periphery of the Circle would not intend any Harm Or Offense Or Judgement by simply asking about my careeeer, in which case I would just

deflect with a polite half-truth and try to change the subject; if they didn’t get the hint, then I would be more direct with saying I Just Don’t Want To Talk About That. NO BIG DEAL. But, without Giving Away Too Much Biographical Information, I am at that Stage Of Life where it’s really not cool to “Still be figuring yourself out” and Normal People My Age have completed their Masterz Degreez a few years ago, used it to get in an Entry Level Masterz Careeeeer, THEN gotten promoted from that, and right now Marriage is the hot thing, AND, I predict, CHILDREN will be not far off. So the guy saying stuff like Careers are BS, Marriage is BS, can easily be dismissed as Loser Talk from a Lazy Loser who wasn’t willing to work hard enough to get the Careers and Marriages of his Peers he’s so Jelly Of.

BUT THAT’S ENOUGH NAVEL-GAZING, Although I DO believe the author NEEDS to share a bit of his OWN life a LITTLE bit so his audience knows where’s he’s coming from. No, you don’t want to Give your enemies your Weaknesses, but I’m not really trying to make any ENEMIES. If anything, I’m trying to be HONEST with my ALLIES.

But I will just say that I COULD & SHOULD “Apply Myself” some more, and with that I probably DO have the Power to Make myself “Respectable” enough to Socialize with Real Grown-Ups with Real Careers. Then I’d only be One Step Removed, and right now I’m Two Steps Removed, and that’s One Step Too Much. You’re Only Worth What You WORK!

So I don’t get into the Narcissism of Small/Minor Differences as Firepower so brilliantly clued me in to that term; nope, my own Narcissism is more enough for me! My rule is, if I agree with somebody 80%, That’s Good Enough For Me! HELL, 80% IS A SH!TLOAD! I could prob even make do with as low as 60%!

But I am inspired by “The 4 hour work week” to HIRE MY OWN INDIAN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to DO THE WORK FOR ME which I described 2 paragraphs above, and it would prob be within their power to “Achieve Results” for me, hehehe. Even If I were to hire them for say….16 hours a month. Maybe even 8. Assuming paying them 10$ an hour. Then I’d go with 8 hours a month, hahahahaha.

But I COULD just be Grumpy and Grouchy and Angry and Frustrated, the way I have No Chutzpah and EVERYBODY has SOME kind of Chutzpah, even if it’s not for their Careeeeeer Per SE. In other words I am not a Normal Healthy Average Human….assuming Normal Healthy Average Human is not a Decadent Jewish Faggot Careeeerist Consumerist SWPL Marxist America-Destroying Swine, hahahaha. No I said Average HEALTHY Human. Line up all the Real People in your life you Admire, and then find the person at the Bottom of that list and then emulate them and then work your way up. It’s good to Cut Out Losers in Your Life and Choose To Hang Out With Winners, and I am really stuggling to Not be that Kind of Loser I wouldn’t want to hang out with! Life Is

HARD! Give Baby His Baba! What do you do when YOU ARE The Loser? You Quit Whining, Dust Yourself Off, and Bust 4ss to make yourself the winner, not WHINE about how you don’t have the “CHUTZPAH” to Not Want To Work To Be A Winner anymore! But yeah That’s “Where I’m Coming From”. I have a VERY Bad history of JUST GIVING UP which I MUST Overcome, it’s a life or death struggle. Kinda scary, hahahaha. But yeah, Average People have not Given Up On Life to the extent I have. In the Past. Heh. This is why I say Joining The US Military woulda been good for me as a Wayward Giving-Up Little Punk, even if they do Sacrifice Children For Israel. Well Thankfully they still have Honest Hard Working Man Jobs in Bakken/Williston, that is one of the few remaining opportunities for me to Straighten Up and Get My Sh!t together.

BUT enough WHINING and FAGGINESS, I AM cautiously Optimistic, And I refuse to put any kind of Faggy Emotional Burden on the Real People I DO know, because when you get some sad sack who emails you a 9,000 page email about how he has nothing left to live for after some b!tch dumped him, well there’s not much you can do for him even if you want to, AND you really hope that even saying “I Sympathize For You And Your Pain” does not provoke EVEN MORE 9,000 page emails, but of course the 9000-page emailer is not in his right mind, and he doesn’t know any better anyway. ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.

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That does not refer to me as I am a Winner, hahahaha. But I almost became a loser through no fault of my Good Family, but through all my own fault, and I am Very Academically Pseudoscientifically interested in People Who Choose To Lose when they’ve been given every opportunity and chance and privilege and luxury in the World. WTF’s Their Problem?

Obviously nobody starts out really WANTING to become a Loser or Failure. Prob the vast majority because Failures or Losers or Unrehabilitable Violent Criminals or Leeches because they had a Bad Family Life: No Father, Raped by father, bad mother, abused by everyone, etc. Even just Verbal Abuse or Uninvolved Neglectful Parents, if they were getting loaded and raeping the sh!t out of them. that HAS to account for at least 60% of failures.

What I’m most interested in is that OTHER 40%. Prob more liek 25% or less, hahaha. People who had perfectly good upbringings and became losers in spite of; by all the fault of their own, in other words. But they don’t WANT to become losers. Prob they’re just LAZY and don’t want to do the WORK it takes NOT to be a loser. The End.

THese kids could have been TAUGHT the VALUE of HARD WORK, but for whatever reason, it didn’t SINK IT. Didn’t STICK. Didn’t TAKE. I am here to determine That Reason or Reasons.

So these people are REALLY DEFECTIVE. REAL BAD. Morally. Morally Lazy as f00k. I’d say they were POSSESSED BY SATAN, but that would absolve them of some of their FAULT.


heh maybe i should hang out with the tryhards in computer science and chemical engineering and then outstudy those f4ggots and then I would have no problem getting a stable and great paying job and not being a pathetic loser basement dweller. even if i would be “Selling my soul to JEWZ”. who cares. it’s money and prime of youth pvssy. resources to be a good single father.

http://www.imatotalloser.com/ “I’m A Total Loser Dot Com”!!
angry teens and AddultKidz whine about what huge losers they are and how they wished they weren’t such big loser cowards they can’t even blow their loser brainz out. Fun site! But anyway I can relate. Sperm Burping B!tches would just give them unsolicited life advice. I would say, “I’ve been there, I am sorry for your pain. First spend as much time as you can sleeping. Then spend as much time as possible In Church. Then in the Gym pumping iron. Actually split your time between Church and Gym. Begging God for mercy.” That would be my unsolicited advice, hahaha.

Kinda intersects with my Interest in those who become Pronounced Losers not in High School, when most losers do, but in COLLEGE. Those are the most interesting kind of losers.






heh it’s almost better to be a loser FIRST – then it’s easier to work your way to success.
but if you were a success FIRST, THEN became a loser at age 20, then it’s a 9000000000 harder uphill battle to stop being a loser, hahahahahaha.



Finally saw it. the stupid “rental” netflix dvds very often do not have ANY extras. I Pretty Much (hahaha) liked it, give it a straight up A-minus. And not just because I have a Hardon for the Very Talented Tom Hardy, but everybody was good. The writing was kinda “deep”and possibly even slightly subversive. heh. have to read what my mind masters stormfront have to say. something something fascism. Though I did like how Bane and the League of Shadows (which originally trained Batman? would have liked a bit more “Origin” on that) are dedicated to infiltrating and destroying Corrupt and Decadent Societies like Declining Rome and Declining Gotham. Maybe they are the real good guys, hahaha. Plus it was a lot less boring for 2 hours and 40 minutes than I thought. pretty decent pacing. not sure any movie needs to be that long though. And yes Tom Hardy is a Bad4S5.  Anne Hathaway is a J00i5h Wh0r3.


Gotta listen to more Rammstein haha. By that I mean songs other than “Du Hast”, not saying that is not an excellent song.


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[Dec 9 2012: Time Machine Post from June 26 2012. Don’t CARE about hits, rather about EXPERIMENTING with what might get hits, so I can getta Internet Jawb. In this case, Mikko Aspa. Got at least 2 other “Unpublished” Aspa posts just in case! Also Long Post. 1101 words.]

Though I have no respect for Katy Perry, some of her songs are catchy and she has Absolutely Fantastic Big455 T1TT4YZ which are enough to MAKE a man into a T1T man, and I would Plow them. In 5 years they will be saggy as hell though, but don’t tell HER that! hahaha.


some fun reviews on a Mikko Aspa CREAMFACE album. “add legitimacy to pornogrind” “abyssward gazing social commentary” “willfully entering into own exploitation” “one of a few artists to make a name on analyzing the degradation of women” etc etc clear that The Big Guy is right in my Wheelhouse.

Stabat Mater is his Funeral Doom Band.

Nicole 12 is one of his Power Electronics bands. Also deals with Pornography & Raep & Child Abuse & Disturbing transgressive creepy etc. 3 guys 1 hammer of the music world.

What IS POWER ELECTRONICS? Might have to take the plunge… music for murderous paedophiles apparently.

heh someone calls this Nicole 12 album “TRYHARD” hahaha. “power electronics is not for social commentaries.”

for me I don’t ENDORSE such perversion, violence & EVIL, but it IS possibly interesting. Don’t know WHY it CAN’T be a social commentary. Or, don’t know WHY the creator isn’t ALLOWED to take a moral stance on it upon presenting it. Don’t think Aspa really goes around raeping & torturing little girls! He’s MORE LIKELY to be a real nice guy who would make a Great Father, but Wimminz thinks he’s “Creepy” because he’s in all these pornosadism bands!

Heh the next song box just popped up to say that the next CREAMFACE song was “J!ZZ DRINKER.” great name!

OK, time to read all the interviews w Aspa I can find. Trying to determine his Moral, Political, & Ideological Wheelhouse. Hoping he doesn’t Authentically Endorse Violence or Act Like That. Although actually MAKING the Porno Tapes might be a step in the wrong direction.


this is the first major interview I read w him, remember reading it about 6 months ago, long and detailed, interesting.

Should prob give CLANDESTINE BLAZE and GRUNT a listen uh? [Dec 9 : CB is Preeeeetty Sweet!]

he sez some pretty Politically Incorrect things about Zionism which all the Leftist Fans of DsO probably wish to ignore!

PowerElectronics itself seems pretty PInC anyway. Shining cold white light on the absolute Worst parts of Human Nature. Very SERIOUS, none of the Silliness of Pornogrind. Might be new fave genre. Truly misanthropic & cynical, makes most Black Metal look like My Little Pony.

Whitehouse one of the founding groups of PE. Then Blackhouse was a “Christian PE” group.

Trying to relate all this back to: My Born-Again Catholicism; to Human Nature; to more nondenominational morality; the concept of Sin, Original Sin, degradation, suffering. SCHMERZ.

then there’s “HARSH Industrial” which seems kinda similar if not synonymous.

anyway I would be presenting all this will the Moral Judgment that it’s bad or wrong or an example of what not to do, but that we need to be “educated” in our Sinful Selves in order to get the proper un-appreciation of it? By listening to PE, NOT by DOING horrible immoral things like 3G1H or AMWWimminz or Creamfaced wh0res.

RELATED TANGENT: BLACK SABBATH was actually a CHRISTIAN band, esp see the “Master of Reality” album. Satan controls this world & our bodies (compare DsO), so all the more reason to turn to G-d for the afterlife world.

ALSO: Australian Funeral-ish Old-Skool Doom group PARAMAECIUM also pretty Christ-friendly.

ALSO: Kirk Windstein of CROWBAR is “apparently” pretty Catholic & some of his lyrics deal with soul-searching, conquering personal demons, crosses to bear, etc. Just not super inYourFace ConvertOrDie Evangelical. I was surprised, bc he’s friends w all these satanists haha.

I am NOT all evangelical, but I DO like to emphasize the Human Moral Potential & Power to Rise Above Degradation & Sleaze, the triumph of the human spirit, regardless of Whose Name you choose to do that in.

& again I think of “Industrial” & their themes of “Humanity Is the Scum Of The Earth”, stuff like early Godflesh or Swans. Don’t know ANYBODY who disses that stuff.

AlthoughI might have a fundamental disagreement w Aspa because I am way more Christ-Friendly, I DO share his extreme GRUMPINESS and CYNICISM. Not sure if I would PAY homeless people to f!st their own 45535 or shove cigarette butts in their open wounds while I filmed it, though.

However as long as he doesn’t molest children or kill people, I don’t have a PROBLEM w him, haha. I find his Worldview Interesting, haha.

He KNOWS how LOW Humanity can GO.

So Depths of Degradation is NOT the exclusive domain of PowerElectronics. See: Industrial. also reminded of Eyehategod & Mike D. Williams (there’s a YouTube interview w him where he seems like a Really Nice Guy.)

“College is a Scam” say all the people who took out $900000 in loans to get useless degrees & can’t get a job. I say, they’re partially responsible for choosing useless degrees, BUT that College SHOULDN’T*[*Dec 9 2012: not sure if I knew the Proper Usage of “Should” at that time, hahahaha] cost so much, hahaha. & If you’re even Sorta Smart in High School, everyone’s Ramming the Idea of College down your throat, & you have to be way above average mature to choose NOT to go. Way more mature than you are smart!

MY Excuse was, I honestly BELIEVED a Useless Degree would get me a Subsistence Entry Level Bigboy Job Easily, so I DID have a sense of entitlement. If I had known that only people with Sick STEM degrees have an EASYtime getting jobs (&really, NO ONE has an EASY time finding a job, EVERYONE’s gotta bust their 455 & HUSTLE and CHUTZPAH in the Cult Of Careeeer), I would have Never Gone, thus, it has been one of the Biggest Mistakes/Regrets of My Life, shoulda never done it, still struggling to come back from it X years later, &That’s all I’ll say about that, so STFU.

But d4mn! you ever see these young wimminz that are such TRYHARDS. Doing the BEST in College & then getting the BEST career have become their GOD, WAY MORESO than Young Tail has become MY “god”. TRYHARDS. But I’m secretly Jelly of the Tryhards, because their Hard Work Usually Pays Off. Lesson Learned: Try Hard, Work Hard, Make $$$, B4ng B!tches, Fall Down On Your Knees & PRAY If you have to.


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Captain Capitalism sez Don’t Try Until You’re 35 (link) (if not my Video O The Week, CERTAINLY My Video TITLE O The Week!) because even if you have a degree, you’ll be a Barista at best anyway, making $11 an hour plus tips if you’re lucky, with a minimum of $25 grand in loans to pay back. So be a Ski Bum or a Beach Bum till you’re 35, learn skills, complete a skillful, useful degree at age 35 and then employers will take you seriously because you’re an Old Adult.

While he does have a VERY good point, I know enough Successful under-35s who did NOT end up becoming Baristas or Boomeranging; Nope, they went to Prestigious Grad Skool or Prestigious Career right after Kollige at age 22 or 21 (because the REAL Smart Tryhardz graduate Undergrad at age 21.) I would like to hear Cap talk more about Prestige Of Skool, Cognitive Elites, And Vaunted Elite Unpaid Internships. IMHO Internships are What Divides Gen X from Gen Y Tryhards; or Gen Y Tryhards from Gen Y Losers. Prestigious Good Internshipz (Tryhardshipz) are what separates the Good College Gradz from the Bad Unhirable Loser College Gradz. It’s like what Cap says about EVERYONE has a Bachelors Degree so it doesn’t Mean anything, so then you have to get a masterz degree, and soon EVERYONE has a masterz degree, so on top of THAT, you have to add an increasing Alphabet Soup of Stupid Licenses, Credentials, Certificationz. And that’s largely true. But right now I’m zeroing in on 21 year olds that Go The Right Way of Good Tryhardships and then succeed right away, vs the 21 year olds that go the Wrong Way of Being Uncompetitive, and become huge Unemployable Virgin Losers or Baristaz.

In other words, I think the situation is EVEN WORSE than what The Cap describes! There’s a Good Track and a Bad Track, and if you miss your one chance to get on the good track at age 18-21, then you blew it, you’re on the bad track forever, and GoodTrack Tryhardships and GoodTrack Companies will “discriminate” against you later BECAUSE you’re Older, and if you haven’t succeeded YET, then you must be one of those Bad Trackers.

Of course, if a well-experienced 35-year-old is willing to work for less money than a 21-year-old tryhard, THEN the older person has a chance, and I believe that many 35 year oldz ARE that “desperate.”

But nothing like getting rejected for FREE WORK because you can’t compete with all the other better-credentialed kidz for FREE WORK, hahaha. It’s amazing that CHILDREN can be so focused on the Long-Term in their Kareeeeeeer that they are willing to cut each other’s throats to work for FREE in the short-term, and that more people don’t say “F00K THIS SH!T”, Drop Out, and Become Losers. It all boils down to Kareeeeeeer is their God and Religion, the Cult of Careerism as Unmarried Man (aka Out n About) calls it.

Where do Kidz get Indoctrinated into the Kult Of Kareeeeer? I would say a large part comes from their Parentz, ESPECIALLY if their Parents are Of A Certain Age and were KareerKultists themselves, although I’d say for Gen Y you have to be More Devout to the Kult To Survive than you did for Gen X. Because the Kult was just beginning so you didn’t have to be as MUCH a Tryhard.

Do the Kidz get some of it from their Buddy Buddy Public Skoolteachers? Probably the ones who show “Academic Potential” do, ie, get A’s or maybe B’s, which should not be THAT hard in Todayz Public Skoolz. And of course at that point these Potential-Showers have to get railroaded into Extracurricular Activities to get into Good Kolliges, just like Good Kollige Students have to get Good Internshipz to get a Good Career at a Good Company. All part of the Kareeeer Kult.

I’m still amazed that I myself had a Good Enough High Skool “Resume” to get admitted to a Good Kollige. When I was in MY Prime Of Youth I was a much bigger Tryhard, hahahaha. Then during my Prime Of Youth I became a Slacker Loser who said “F00k This Sh!t” and then began to waste a lot of Life-Time. Those of us who were Winners in High Skool then became Loserz in Kollige are very interesting bunch, hahahaha.

“RECENT GRADUATES”, that’s the gay f4gg0t4ss term which is really a Red Flag for me. Why the hell would you want less experienced recent graduates vs more experienced nonrecent graduates who are willing to work for “entry-level” pay. Because it just doesn’t matter, it’s meaningless HR BS. Unless “recent graduates” means you didn’t get your “experience” as a BARISTA and went down the Wrong Track, hahaha. which it does mean that. It means you did everything right, and didn’t make the Wrong Turn.

Cap also rephrases the VERY SIMPLE TRUTH (that is very Fun to Repeat, but the people who Need It Most will Never Get It): MEN DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED BECAUSE WIMMIN AREN’T WORTH GETTING MARRIED TO. If Wimmin considered IN THE LEAST What Men Want Out Of Marriage, and then tailored their (Wimminz) approach to THAT, they’d find SURPRISE! Way more men would want to marry them.

But lemme add to that and I’m not the first: Percentagewize, How many Marriage Proposals By Men are REJECTED by Wimmin? And what’s the REASON for these rejections? (Beta, “NOT AMBITIOUS ENOUGH, NO LIFE PLAN, NOT KAREEEEEEEEEEER-ORIENTED ENOUGH”)

Also, what if the onus were on WIMMIN to PROPOSE marriage? Methinks alot of THEM would get rejected, much as is “covertly” happening now, with men rightfully dragging their heels on proposing marriage to Hollowed-Out Kareeeeerist Krazy Karousel-Ridden Pre-Divorced 41-year-old Skreeching Shrikes! (tm Manosphere)

The Solution is So Simple, I can’t believe anyone ever needs to say it: WIMMIN, MARRY YOUNG, DURING THE PRIME OF YOUR YOUTH, AT 18-22, and TRYHARD to be Innocent and Pure when you do. AND you’ll probably pull a pretty high-quality man too, much higher than you can at 41, hahahaha.

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Overachievers vs tryhards. All Overachievers are tryhards but not all tryhards are overachievers YET until they have overachieved. Overachievement is what Tryhards are trying so hard to do!

Was thinking POLAND might be a good country for an example of A Country that was largely Unicultural AND Conservative. In this case, hugely white and Catholic.


Pat Buchanan at Philly Library talking about his then-new (2002) book “Death of the West” Free Podcast Mp3.

I think I am gonna get “back into” Uncle Bern Chapin, I don’t feeeeeel like being such a Huge Racist and Anti-Semite and Neo-Nazi anymore. Heh. But as I’ve said many times and will say until I perish from this earth, it’s ok to be A Little Racist. It’s natural and one of those natural things that is also good (not saying all natural things are good!) When People in the Media and Public accuse others of being “RACISTS”, they have no idea what they are talking about. You can use “euphemisms” like Racially-Aware, Race-Conscious, Race Awakening, Race Realist, etc. That’s fine I suppose. It avoids the Stigma of “RACIST” but I wonder if Healthy Race Realists could “reclaim” the word Racist. Eh Prob not, reclaiming is for jewz and faggotz.

I would not say Bern AVOIDS The Racial and Jewish Questions as much as he focuses healthy-obsessively on the Feminist and Socialist Questions. Now you can say Feminism and Socialism both are Jewish inventions to Crush The Nonjews, or at least that Jews have a Huge, Disproportionate-to-their-numbers involvement in Socialism and Feminism that can’t be denied, and that these movements have had horrible long-term effects on Our Great Nation. Undeniable Facts. Is Bernard SCARED to Name The Jew? I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say the WORD Jew. I admit it’s kinda scary at first. They want you to feeeeeeeeeeeel like a RACIST to even SAY the WORD. And Bern is CERTAINLY STAUNCHLY against Open Border Immigration and More Welfare and Handouts. He is my kind of American Idealist, and dreams of an America where all races can assimiliate and Be Good Productive Honest Hard-Working Americans, yet still not be called Racists for Appreciating their Genetic Ethnicity.

Heh. I’m pretty sure Bern must work in a Private School bc I have no idea how he would remain employed in a Public School like he was during the days of “Gangsta Island.”

Ryu posted an article “insinuating” that our Military (ZOG) Troops commonly do things that would be regarded as War Crimes, like Torturing Wimmin and Children. Like Normal American Young Military Men in Afghanistan, torturing, raeping, killing civilian wimmin and chillunz. This was such a Provocative Accusation that of course I got immediately emotional: “There’s NO WAY they could get away with THAT!”  Maybe a few isolated cases, that eventually get reported on, like the Bales guy that took steroids and massacred a bunch of Afghan civilians maybe 6 months ago, but that isn’t the tip of the iceberg, IS IT????? Who’s training them to do these things? Their Superior Officerz?

Ryu also claims that in an effective Police State, the Sheeple Citizens keep their bellies full and don’t EVEN KNOW they’re living in a police state. It isn’t all massive raids in the middle of the night and dragging people our in front of their neighbors like The Gun Raids (qua The Cohen Act of 1989 hahaha) in Turner Diaries.

In other words, Thought Criminals such as Ryu are CERTAINLY ALREADY on the Fedz Radar, so why aren’t they making HIM disappear? Or, for that matter, myself, who has no problem reading and Bloooogging on this stuff, soft and chatty and fairweather as I may be? Because They have a bigger plan? Letting us THINK we’re unmonitored until we’re right on the cusp of DOING something that warrants actions?

It’s “KIND OF” (Wimminz Wordz) Hilarious to think that it’s Somebody’s Well-Paid Cushy Union Gummint Zogjb to sit on their a55 and READ MY BLOG all day, and they make orders of magnitude more money than I ever will! I would be tempted by that kind of job too!

insert picture of hillary clinton and bibi having press conference in front of us and israel flagz

My Internet Enemies might say I’m Anti-Semitic because I Failed To Get Over a Failed Love Affair with a Prime-Of-Youth Jewess and this is how I Project. OR that as A Lazy White who Doesn’t Want To Accept The White Responsibility Of Working Hard, I am JEALOUS of Jews who also have kinda a Cultural Legacy of Working Hard, who were Duly Rewarded with Power and Success and Status and Sweet Mate Choice for Their Hard Work. OK, NOTED. WHAT ELSE YOU GOT.

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