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[To Mindweapon: I have not forgotten about You! I am not consciously/intentionally blowing You off, and your email gave me A LOT to think about, which I can’t even begin to respond to all of it in a week. But I have neglected the Common Courtesy of Politely Acknowledging You, so please accept that at least. I don’t want to be like the Narcissistic Teen who never Calls/Emails people back! I appreciate your initiative, action, & network-building, this is a great example for Men to follow! Unfort I am not a Full Man yet, still in the process of struggling-to-become.]

Half Sigma makes an interesting argument (link) that The College Degree itself is no longer a great demarcation between Prole and Elite/SWPL/Bourgeois/Brahmin/UpperClass because Proles gotta get a Degree eventually to make a Good Prole Living. Nope, the demarcation is, do you complete your degree BEFORE AGE 25? ( see also “Graduate Degrees and Class.” (Hahaha now maybe HS will blogroll me. But I feeeeeeeeeeel I don’t read him enough, hahaha.) )

I know Firepower makes fun of Half Sigma, and perhaps this age-25 thing isn’t Totes Original, but I still give HS credit for spoon-feeding me it! Plus it captures the whole Leet Univs vs Fourth-Tier Sewers distinction as well. I’d wager less than 1% of Bachelors Degrees grads from Ivies are over 25. Over 23 even. You get one shot. Plus I like how HS watches and comments on Real Trashy TV and its Implications. Really Spellz it out for Idiotz like Meeeeeeee.

Ryu apparently did an interview with Robert Stark of Voice of Reason Radio, which in general is something I should be devoting more time to.

Heh. I’m SYMPATHETIC to major PARTS of WN, although not being a full-blown self-identifying WN. Yet. hahaha. Remember, my big weakness is that I would “sell out” heart and soul and race for a Good Job and Good Tail – I might not even CARE about race if I were a “winner” like that. Although I would still prob care about Rightism and America and antiMarxism! It’s the Marxism, not necessarily the JEWS, even if Marx was a jew and ZOG USES Marxism to powerful effect!

Like I’ve said before many a time, I don’t have a problem with Individual Blacks, or Wimminz, or Brahminz, unless they’re directly rude and obnoxious to me. And honestly it’s Wimminz who are the Most Obnoxious to me in my Daily Life, but that’s prob because I encounter many more Wimminz than I do Blax or Brahminz!

Been enjoying the Aug 2012 Christian vs Game Discussion, involving many: Dalrock, Vox, Mentu, GBFM, commenters. Someone ought to Edit A Book, hahaha. Basically, don’t expect Wimminz In Church Or even Christian Pay dating sites to have low numbers. And the rare 1% who DO, expect them to be gamed out from under you IF you’re a Gameless Beta. It is now Beta Men who are the Virginal Brides, and Wimminz who are the Promiscuous Cads with Male Harems. The Roles have changed.


For the benefit of The World And My Future Heirs, I will continue to Chronicle The Experience of Huge Rejection And Debilitating Depression in a NORMAL, HEALTHY, MORAL way, to serve as an example (FOR MY HEIRS!) of how this SHOULD be done.

Distraction and mind-numbing can be helpful just to pass the time, but DO NOT use drugs, alcohol, or, as Wimminz do, Promiscuous Sex with any number of Takers. Just sit there in front of the Boob Tube. This is if you’re too drained to do something actually useful, like Strength Workout or CareeeeeeeeerBuilding. Find a Banal TV Show that puts you to SLEEP and then Sleep Away the Time. Time is your friend. Time DOES Heal All Wounds. Pretty much, hahahaha.

You will have MUCH LESS ENERGY than normal. Just Sleep It Off.

Of COURSE you should not see the person WHATSOEVER! They’re DEAD TO YOU, remember? Delete phone numbers, texts, emails, fagbook, notes, pictures, DELETE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You are not going to have contact with this person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Take some Time Off Work if you can afford that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, and just spend the entire day in BED. Thankfully my job is not demanding and I can still go in there and put up a convincing front. This is really only relevant for the First (Hardest) week anyway.

Now, I have a Calculus 1 test coming up and some homework, but I’ll just half-4ss it on the day before it’s due; copying the majority of the homework from the Solutions Manual, and since it’s not Rocket Science, just Natural Logs 101 and The Chain Rule, I almost “pretty much” know it anyway. I would NOT want to have 20 credits of tryhard hard classes right now, though.

As usual, continue NOT LISTENING to WIMMINZ and anything THEY say. As usual, they are NO help. Listen to your family and friends and those few you actually trust and respect.

Jim Goad paraphrased: “If I don’t work, I’ll starve; If I don’t WRITE, I’ll DIE.” Right on SIR. Heh. yeah I got several Goad books on wish list.

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Would you rather have an 18-year-old girl who’s taken 100 cox, or a 40-year old who’s taken 10 cox? Actually, probably the 18-year-old, because Youth Does Trump All. NO, we’re NOT talking Love And Marriage here.

18-yo big wh0re vs 40 yo unfathomable wh0re, of COURSE you take the 18yo.

It’s a 1/x graph, that’s my new metaphor. Wimminz (Longterm/Commitment) Worth as a function of How Manny Cox they’ve taken. X = c0X.  As you can see, those first two cox are KILLER, then after that, a 5-coq wh0re is a 10-coq wh0re is a 500-coq wh0re. Next time you feel ambivalent about A Special Wimminz, remember the 1/x graph.

MAYBE EVEN 1/(X^2) !!!!

(or, if you’re feeling like a Beta Niceguy Friend, 1/(.5 * X) . Then the graph expands/stretches upward&outward to give higher values for more c0x.  But don’t be That Guy. Don’t be a Faggy Friend Virgin who puts the P on an Overvalued Pedestal! that’s the green graph. can’t remem what the other ones are. red is 1 / (2 * x).  blue 1/x ; purple 1/(x^2))

Gonna stop being so White Knighty. Now the gloves are off! I will call a pig a pig! If some slut shames YOU, you shame her right back! If some slut doesn’t have ENOUGH shame, you ADD shame! NO, you should NEVER Stalk or do Violence against people, but you SHOULD send copies of Compromising Pictures to her FAMILY, FRIENDS, and CAREEEEEERZ! That’s the COST of being a Decadent Wh0re!

You can be Angry and never use violence. You can even be a LITTLE bit HATEFUL and never use violence. (I would describe it as intense contempt/disrespect/judgment. But not so overwhelming that you get out-of-control angry/emotional.)

Observe Wimminz. It will become immediately, increasingly obvious that, in their “Morality”, ANGER and HATE are the WORST possible things (Creepy!), while VIOLENCE is WAY less worse and can ALWAYS be Hamstered Away. (Unless it’s Violence against Nonwhites, notice.)

I don’t have ANY problem with Jewz (or Blax or Wimminz or Mexicans or Hondurans or Laotians or Cambodians or Chinamen or Albanians or Turks or Arabs or Berbers or Pygmoids) AS INDIVIDUALS, it’s only on a GROUP basis that I might have any Beef with the AVERAGE GROUP. But meeting people one-on-one, I don’t care WHAT they are. UNLESS that Individual begins Reverting To The Mean.

It’s ENTIRELY possible that I would like an Individual Jew or Wimminz more than an Individual WHITE MAN! (I just can’t give many RECENT examples, hahahahahahahahahahaha!)

This is what I mean by being a LITTLE Racist and not a BIG Racist.

Melodic Death Metal, not to be confused with MELODETH. Garden of Shadows, possibly Arghoslent? This Garden of Shadows (“Oracle Moon”) sounds immediately pretty t!ts and not faggy at all like that screamy skinnyjeaned melodeth. Talking about Chill Longhair guys that play True Metal that is heavy, epic, beautiful. Much more likely to be over age 30 than under. Maybe even 40. That’s what I’m talking about.

My moral code is very basic: 3 Commandments at the most (FOR MY HEIRS)

1. Don’t be violent (unless self-defense.)

2. Don’t be a lying stealing dishonest j00ing dishonest fake hypocrite phony.

3. Don’t be faggy. (Obv lotsa overlap with 2.)

and if you’re a little bit lazy, oh well, as long as you’re not one of THOSE three. There’s much worse things to be than lazy.

Somewhat want a return to the Old Days where you DID have Smart people in Unsmart Jobs. Then you wouldn’t have to PROVE you’re Smart but going to Zoggige and Getting a Smartguy Job, and you wouldn’t get contempt from the smarts above you and resentment from the Dumbs next to you. Because there’d be Smarts all over, including some next to you. Yes, I know I’m all against integration and mixing and attempts at homogenization, but regarding Smarts might be my big exception: IMHO, (race-segregated, hahaha) societies CAN benefit from Mixing Smarts with Dumbs. IMHO. Although this is not one of my strongest IMHOs.

Are there “Moderate Muslims” who are not Bloodthirsty Violent Jihadists determined to violenty seize power of their nations and then attempt to violently defeat Israel and the US? Are there Jewz who are not Zog? Sure! But seriously folks, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these “Moderate Muslims.” Why don’t THEY try to seize power and become Anti-Zog Friends to the US?

Is Poker Zog? What about Vidya Games? Blogging? Zog Blog?

Definitely Fagcebook. Zog IS Faggotry.

The Zoggification Of The Family.

When I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing AC in 2007ish and dear old Seth Putnam was still with us, he’d taken to using the term “jewish faggots” multiple times during the show as he was getting Waested As f00k. This is classic nomenclature which I will also be using, and I have a new one: “faggot c0cksuckers”. Anselmo was much more coherent than in his Drug Dayz, in that he was speaking full sentences at a normal speed in normal fluctuating tones of voice like a normal person, but he still has a filthy mouth and talks like a white prison n!ggur, using the word “c0cksucker” several times for absolutely no reason.  So I decided to bring that word back too.  jewish faggot c0cksuckerz.

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yes obv partially a ref to “it’s always sunny” which I don’t reg watch anymore but that joke is still funny.

Note: read more Captain Capitalism, and WATCH HIS YOUTUBE VIDYAS. This guy Aaron Clarey is VERY UNDERRATED by me and many others! new mancrush coming on if I have the time, and with my faggy calculus class, I might not. But hey. You gotta see all that fagginess as future money in your pocket from a Good STEM Jerb. Paying Dues While Scamming The Corrupt School Scam. Scam The Scammers.

not bad material, no Beef with Calculus itself, beautiful mathscience; and though it IS a “Commodity Course” it’s a USEFUL CommodCourse, unlike AfrikkkanWimminzBasketWeaving&IndigenousEcstaticDance101. Still this doesn’t absolve instructor if they are a Prick intending to be as hard, chaotic, & confusing as possible. That’s called Doing A Shoddy Job and should get you FIRED. Especially when OTHER PEOPLE can present it in an understandable and clear way. Then just do as they do, 4ss. Well, he’s PROB a Good Family Man who unfort has no idea how the modern world works, & without his tenure job he WOULD NOT SURVIVE, and he doesn’t deserve DEATH just because he’s OLD. He’s just blue pill as f00k and he thinks being “tough” like this is helping students REALLY get the material (which it doesn’t). He doesn’t understand that We Are Just Trying To Get Jobs, and he had it 9,000 times Easier in Getting A Good Job, and would not survive as a young man today.

Heh. Firepower clued me into the Slang Term “BINGO WINGS”, which is hilarious.


Wimminz Cost Benefit Analysis. Is Semi-Reg Sex REALLY Worth all the Bullcrap and the POISON? Wimminz are like POISON that SLOWLY KILLS YOU and rots your brain and SOUL just because you’re addicted to Pvssy & Infatuation & Feeeeeeeelings just like I am, just like most men. I just Roundly Refuse to enter into a Lopsided, POISONOUS CONTRACT to get it!

Beta Men: What Love have Wimminz ever shown YOU? So why do you keep loving THEM? It’s always No No No, LJBF, You’re not manly enough, you’re doing this wrong, you had your one strike and now you’re out, this is why I don’t like you, and then even if you were beta enough to “fix” that one thing, then there’s another thing, and on and on and on…. why AREN’T you DONE with this Obvious Bullsh1t??? JUST SAY NO!!! GYOW!!!

60% Of Women are Wimminz-Like-That, and 60% of Men are so Blue Pill they say “Oooookay, I’ll settle for That, Wimminz are RIGHT, I DO have Impossibly High Standards” and then sign up for long-term monogamous contracts with these LOSERS, and then get Taken Over A Barrel before x years, TSHTF and she’s not haaaaaaaaappy.


F00king Idiots.

But I Ain’t Mad. It’s just the way it is, I can’t change it, I can’t do anything ABOUT it, I just ACCEPT it, and use it to my ADVANTAGE when I can. Men don’t pay a PRICE for Sex, other than the WORK they have to do. They don’t pay a Soul/Spirit/Integrity Cost, I mean. That’s why Studs Rule and Sluts Drool, why it’s ok for men to bang lots, not ok for wimminz to get banged lots. because men do all the WORK, said it 9000 times. And every time a wimminz spreads, she Pays The Soul Toll. Again and again. So that now, 60% of Women are Wimminz: BENEATH BANKRUPT. And this is what 60% of men are LEGALLY MARRYING. Don’t marry! And if you do, DEF don’t marry wimminz with no honour!

And yet NAWALT, and I still honestly believe that. That’s why I say 60% and not 100%. (Heh, honestly 60% is “probably” too low!)

Speaking of Things Repeated 9000 Times: Just because you don’t Respect Avg Women doesn’t mean you HATE Wimminz. You can disrespect something coolly without hating.

VIDYAS FOR MY HEIRS: The only 3 things you ever need to remember:



3. Be GOODGUYGREG (in the sense of Kind & Honest & GoodGuyGreg & not a D!ck to people who aren’t a d!ck to you, NOT “nice” in the sense of “stupid” or “niceguy.”)

Lots of people are only two of these, and they suck b4llz. If you’re all three then you are SOLID GOLD T!TS.

Obviously there are EXCEPTIONS. Don’t be a hard worker if you can get the same results with easy work. Don’t be GoodGuy when people are screwing you. Have some self-respect and stand up for yourself.


Story from January 2011 on Phil Anselmo in New Orleans Times Picayune. Reviving my mancrush of my old (first?) adolescent mancrush. Interesting to note that he established what seems to be a Traditional, Monogamous, Long-Term Rel with A MUCH Younger Girl. She was a (presumably under-22) College Student becoming his Assistant/Intern when he was approx late thirties. Her age supports my Women’s Peak Age Is 17-22 Hypothesis. Also, it’s notable that she’s not “Gorgeous” or “Hot” or “beautiful” or “sexy” and is indeed kinda “weird”-looking. Plain Jane. Not ugly, but not super pretty. Really Normal-Looking. HE’s prettier than SHE is.  (Heartiste’s Hugh Jackman Hypothesis) She looks goofy in some pictures. But it’s clear that she has a very nice smile and gives off a real nice, young,  innocent, pure, clean, honest vibe and probably hadn’t taken too Manny Cox before riding Philip’s Big Italian Stallion, and that prob seriously contributes to the success and stability of their Rel. That, and he’s prob a Oldskool Real Alpha Male who doesn’t take Sh!t.

Well Mazel Tov to them. L’Chaim. She SEEMS (looks) like she could be a NAWALT. A Woman and not A Wimminz. Interestingly enough, internet sez she comes from a fairly Brahmin Neighborhood, went to LowerBrahminUpperVaisya University (where the Lower (i.e. nonjewish) Brahmin mix with the Upper Vaisya) and now she’s with a guy who Exemplifies Lower Vaisya.

(internet site high in google results that has Too Much Bio Info on her. And I know those things about her hometown/university only because I’ve lived in that state, & familiar with the areas. And a touching pic of her & Anselmo with RONNIE JAMES DIO.)

So, he credits her with helping him get off drugs for good – she gave him an ultimatum. Usually wimminz don’t do this unless they’re really into you, otherwise it’s one strike and you’re gone: “Go Die In A Gutter While I Jump On The Carousel And Forget You Ever Existed.” So he chose her, and says interestingly Un-Anselmoian beta things like “She’s My Anchor, I Love Her, Don’t know where I’d be without her” etc. Which is cute, seeing this big tatted-out alpha tough guy get soft for a wimminz. I think that’s supposed to be the ideal – He’s not being Emotionally Promiscuous, it’s only for her, only she can get through his tough shell. (Roissy, Chris’s CommentOfWeek.) Also, it’s good they’re not married “despite” having been together for like 6 years. He was already married once, and prob learned an expensive lesson there. Anyway, say she turns bad and dumps him. He’s got a lot Emotionally Invested in her, and would probably get Upset. Given his History, would he Fall Off The Wagon? That’s the key. Don’t give up your HEALTH and WELL-BEING for a WIMMINZ!

In conclusion, she seems like a Nice Girl who wouldn’t do that, don’t want to jinx anything, just whistling past graveyard like I always do.

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How To Get An Easy Engineering Degree, Continued: (aka Videos For My Heir)

MAYBE take online classes if u can be productive late at night, or if yr underemployment schedule demands it. Can sometimes be MORE WORK than the In-Class Classes. Buyer Beware! however you don’t have to DRIVE or INTERACT with PEOPLE. Check out the rating of the Instructor. Needless to say, a Good Instructor can be a Gift from the Lord, but can be hard to find.

Take 2 classes per term if feeling confident & notlazy. If feeling Burnt-Out, just persist till end of term then take 1-term hiatus, but DON’T get a bad grade. take the next term off & start b34ting-off & praying more. Use my patented b34t-off Chest Muscle Workout Machine to become bigger and butcher while you b34t-off. Ideally, THROW YOURSELF into an Internship during the hiatus. Really Add Value, DO a lot, get great refs, great Resume Bullets. Achievements. FIRST TO ARRIVE, LAST TO GO. OUTSHINE EVERYONE. Unless they threaten you. Then suck it up and lick their 455h013 & say “i’m so sorry sir, I’m just trying to get a good job like you have, so I can pay child support to my b!tch ex-wife and try to get more custody of my child. She’s a promiscuous alcoholic & a bad mother to my poor child, the real victim in this case. I want to gain custody so I can raise the child up GOOD.”

Buy People Expensive Lunches AND Expensive Dinners.

Be the Best-Dressed person there.

Become everybody’s FRIEND & don’t get involved in Petty Office Politics. Make Everybody TRUST you.

Gradually work your way up, baby steps, from banging lower-value strippers in VIP room, to banging hotter strippers, then talk to non-strippers like they were strippers or 4n4l wh0res in yr pr0nos & bang THEM, accentuate yr game w buying them DRANKS until you don’t even need to, then make them FWB so you can get it on the Reg, then get several of THOSE for a full-blown HAREM.

If B!tches give you Sh!t, then Pull Down Your Pants and Fart In Their Face with your BARE HAIRY 455. (Don’t do this w your Managers. Abase & Humiliate yrself before them until one day you’re rich & powerful enough to B4ng the bosses’ teen daughters. that can be yr comeuppance.)

Maybe wine & dine people in Local Government so maybe one day you can get a cushy unionized public sector job where you can be even LAZIER than if you were UNEMPLOYED, AND get a GOOD RETIREMENT out of it! Sm0ke BLVNTZ on your PORCH all day! INCENTIVIZED!

These are the RIGHTS REWARDED to people who took the Responsibility of Doing Good in STEM!

No need differentiating, it’s just STEM, it’s all STEM, one thing, STEM. $TEM = $$$$.


Yes I do have some admiration of the Style of GreatBooksForMen. OBV!


Thinking there HAS to be an Evolutionary Reason So many people find FARTING so HILARIOUS. Working on some hypotheses.

Normal Average People Fart Regularly throughout the day. Farting Relieves Gas Pain so you shouldn’t Hold it in like a f4g. So farting makes your Guts more COMFORTABLE AND it makes you LAFF, thus HAPPIER! More Farting, More Happiness! Fart More!

GirlWritesWhat recently talked about diff bw PAEDOPHILIA and EPHEBOPHILIA. Pedophiles mainly like Prepubescent BOYS & that’s clearly unhealthy, sick, and wrong. Ephebophiles mainly like YOUNG BUT POST-PUBESCENT GIRLS. YOUNGER WIMMINZ ARE BY DEFINITION OF “FEMALE ATTRACTIVENESS”, MORE ATTRACTIVE. SO MUCH OF WOMEN’S ATTRACTIVENESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THEIR YOUNGNESS. Thus, Ephebophilia is perfectly natural, normal, & should be UNSHAMED & UNSTIGMATIZED. Nothing CREEPY about a 50  year old man finding 18 year old girls attractive!

Of course the LAW draws a LINE usually around 18. Maybe 17. But Law-Abiding Ephebophiles usually don’t have a BIG PROBLEM sticking to the 18 year old line of demarcation. NOT TOO STRESSFUL.

However, if the LAW made it 17, that prob wouldn’t be too stressful EITHER!

Deathspell Omega: “Drought” has got me listening to tons of “Paracletus” again. def a Grower, but more enjoyable & Cohesive & Coherent, IMHO, than both SMR,C AND Fas. (Except for “Carnal Malefactor”, haha.)

One of Mikko Aspa’s bands is called CREAMFACE. NICE. I know he’s interested in S3xual Sadism & Humiliation & has possibly made Pornographic VIDEOS exploring this (don’t think he APPEARS in them though?) which supports his reputation as a sick, twisted Pervert. Seems like a nice, smart TEDDY BEAR of a guy to me though! Just took a while for me to warm-up to his vocals over Shaxzul’s, though.

Deathspell Omega is going to have an increasingly harder time staying “anonymous” bc their Following is growing, plus they have a somewhat mathy, techy, & progressive Style, so Gear Nerds want to interview them on every piece of EQUIPMENT they’ve ever used.

Also, I’m SURE there’s demand for a DsO Rehearsal Recording. I would be interested! & They MUST rehearse! BUT they would NEVER willingly release a rehearsal rec.

So what’s to keep an unscrupulous fanboy from recording a rehearsal? Or a HACKER? Aspa or Hasjarl must ALREADY have something like this on their COMPUTER!

I’d wager there’s nothing “mysterious” about the recordings, they’re just really good at what they do. Total Professionals making impossible stuff seem easy. No sacrifices or mutilations or satanic sorcery in the studio, just French F4gg0ts confident in their playing ability.

But yeah I do respect & admire their long-standing practice of no names, no pictures, no interviews, no shows. (Though a SHOW would be SICK!) Many metal bands like Mugging For The Camera even BEFORE they’re famous, just because it’s Fun!

The internet STILL doesn’t know what Hasjarl’s real name is, or Who The Drummer is!

&Finally, they’re NOT as “Mathy” as I’ve suggested. Even their “Mathy” riffs end up being very catchy/memorable!

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Heh. In order to become less of a Blogger and less of a Hypocrite and more of a Doer, I intend (heh) to myself follow the advice in


Notwithstanding where I cannot, being a suffering, helpless Victim of Ageism, ha.

If you can’t FOCUS because you’re too H0RNY, then just j3rk-off ONCE a day, early in the day, when your T is highest, before you take your Daily Shower and Go To ArbeitMachtLife. Don’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. There are WAY MORE IMPORTANT things for you to spend your ENERGY on. So get this “little” distraction out of the way EARLY.

Stuff doesn’t have to be PERFECT. It is better to START something and have it be a PERFECT MESS and then gradually improve it bit by bit, rather than be too much of a pvssy f4ggot to start it at ALL, hand-wringing like an anxious neurotic narcissistic beta swpl b1tchboi.

Then as you improve the chaotic mess, try to make it a Fun Game, like a Skill you’re building. Problem-solving, organizational skill.

Like me trying to organize my 9,000 RSS feeds, haha. My old system of organization stopped working, so I implemented a new one, including a “NEW/RECENT” folder for the current month, renaming folders, migrating from old/bad folders, and it’s now a huger mess than ever before, but headed gradually towards Optimal Organization.

There’s different ways to be Manly. For example, some men find that Redneck Lower Vaisya / White Dalit Buttmetal like PanterA or Disturbed makes them feel like a man who wants to pound some pvssy and beat some fag 4ss. That’s fine, but some men prefer Old-School Death Metal like Incantation, it’s less poseury and anti-intellectual. It’s good to be Anti-Anti-TrueIntellectual, and also good to be Anti-PseudoIntellectual. Nothing wrong with being a Real Thinking Man!

Blacks are pretty manly. They are very confident and have better Natural Game than Swpl beta whites. So Emulate Black Men if your game is weak.

Don’t listen to faggy SWPL music or watch wimminzly TV shows. But some of that Music, though not as widespread as the TV shows, is infinitely faggier! Pure Omega Poison!

Don’t be too pvssywhipped by Wimminz and Brahmins and Leftists to be afraid of calling things faggy and fagz. It’s one of the best words out there! But don’t let yourself get accused of “HOMOPHOBIA” either. You can absolutely use the word fag 9000 times a day and not be “A HOMOPHOBE.”

But tell em you oppose Gay Marriage because you don’t want Gay Men to get SCREWED like Straight Men! (“Sure, I support gay marriage, gays guys should be free to sign-up for Divorce Theft just like Straight Guys!”)

NEVER grow a Goatee/”Circle” Beard, that’s a faggy way of saying “Use My Mouth As A PVSSY”. Grow a Proper Beard Unless you’re a big spotty patchy neckbeard. Then just keep it trimmed short.  Beard Trimmer on “1”. Don’t grow a mustache until you’re 30. Unfortunately the Hispter F4gz took that away from us. Hopefully in a few years under-30 men can enjoy this right once again.

Never LISTEN to Wimminz. Don’t really listen to Women either, because 67% of Women ARE Wimminz.

Don’t be Easily IMPRESSED by Wimminz. In 5 years they will be long-forgotten.

When You’re not getting Sex On The Reg, you FORGET That Most Wimminz are Good ONLY For Sex, and you Idealize/Pedestalize all these Beta Ideals onto them, and turn Sex into this Sacred Beta Luv Wife thing. Spend some time around Most Wimminz post-bang and you’ll see more clearly what they’re REALLY Good For.

Don’t get a Tattoo unless you’ve thought about it for at least a year, like a specific, non-faggy design. Good examples include: patriotic, religious, Grim Reapers, or nationalistic. Barbed wire or the like is never acceptable. Only get it on your upper arm.

Don’t ever Bust a Sag, honestly some Lower-Status Working-Class Whites still do this. The ONLY reason ANYBODY ever did this was to show they LIKED getting f00ked up the ass and being a manlier man’s B!TCH in JAIL.

Then I saw the Pendulum swing, to where men CHOSE to wear pants that were Too Tight. Good Lord.

Organize your Music Library and RSS Library. At least TRY TO. And install a browser plug-in so it shows the RSS right in the address bar or somewhere convenient so you don’t need to go searching all over the page for it, or even worse, searching the URL from your Reader window. Just click and subscribe done.

Hmm. There are actually Smart Men on TUMBLR. Nydwracu and the stuff he links to. Just thought it was for Stupid Psuedointellectual Gurrlls (not necessarily contradicting when I said there were more unintellectual gurls than pseudointellectual gurls; just saying all the pseudointellectual gurls are Magnetized by Tumblr, and generally artsy fartsy SWPL Brahmin (or Brahmin-wannabe) Millennials )

But when it’s used as essentially a Twit-Longer to promote Interesting Ideas, I guess that’s acceptable. But I wonder if that’s more than 10% of Tumbling.

Just as Young Wimminz replace Boytoys, they replace Trends in Fashion and Social Media and Entertainment (IE Faggy Wimminz Bullcrap!);  These things have such a SHORT LIFE CYCLE and HIGH TURNOVER because WIMMINZ THEMSELVES have such a Short Life Cycle: The PRE-PEAK-POST of 17-22. And they too are constantly replaced and refreshed as they move past 22, by loads of new girls turning 17.

So does that MAKE IT RIGHT that they cycle through things, including Men-People, so flightily? Because their Nature is Naturally Flighty? I argue, be smart enough to separate the Meaningful from the Meaningless, and don’t impose your own Ephemerality on Decent Men. And Most Men ARE Decent.

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I don’t like PseudoIntellectuals. At LEAST 60% of people who seem Intellectual are PseudoIntellectual. BUT: I generally like PseudoIntellectual WIMMINZ more than UNIntellectual Wimminz. (not sure if I could say same about the Minz; don’t have much of a prob w Unintellectual Minz.) Well, a PseudoIntellectual Minz is prob equiv to a Full-Blown Intellectual Wimminz, so, chew on that.

In other words, a “PseudoIntellectual” Wimminz, given the average intelligence of Wimminzhood, is prob more like a full-blown Intellectual Wimminz.

Find ONE wimminz who doesn’t care about stupid celebrity, entertainment, fagcebook, fashion, clothes, TV or shopping bullcrap. Troglodyte, UNintellectual bullcrap. You CAN, but it’s not EASY. Then you’ll have a fine (pseudo)Intellectual Wimminz, and that can’t be more than 20% of the whole.


It doesn’t MATTER if more Wimminz are going to COLLEGE or even GRAD SKOOL. You don’t need to be SMART to grad grad skool, believe it or not. Nope. You just need to be a flaky betch and MEMORIZE 9,000 FLASHCARDS and give piles o’ crap to betas, go to the bar, get drunk and take d!x when you get too STRESSED OUT FROM MEMORIZING FLASHCARDS, and be sure to Stay Confident and Secure and have a Healthy Self-Esteem! Parroting Neoliberal College Indoctrination helps too! But you DAMN SURE don’t have to be INTELLIGENT!!! You can be STUPID, and if you’re a Wimminz, you can be MORE Stupid!

GIVING ppl crap leads to you BECOMING a PIECE O’ Crap, which leads to you finally becoming a PILE O’ CRAP.

So GreatBooksForMen actually wrote a post & I think some comments somewhere in Non-GBFM Ritalin Voice. Serious stuff!

It’s real bad when guys/betas look at pictures of attractive wimminz and go “oooohhhhh my gooodddddz” like they can’t BELIEVE HOW HOT She is, and that they could NEVER pull a girl like THAT, they don’t DESERVE a girl THAT HOT, even if it’s just some “classy” pr0n photo of her spreading her uterus or 4nus but giving a coquettish artsy fartsy face. f00K That Sh1T! B1tch is spreading her 4ss for the whole world, and just because she’s young and not fat you think that’s too GOOD for You?

Promiscuous Wimminz are not suitable for (nonlawful!) marriage, & not suitable for heirs, so they should serve as “COMFORT GIRLS” for Betas. (pretty sure Firepower would classify this use of “should” as “Typical MRA Whining”, haha, he’s an 4sshole, but I still like his stuff).  (It was This Comment By Whammer on Heartiste’s post on Aurora Movie Massacre that first signif tuned me into the term/concept of “COMFORT GIRLS”, which is a goodun!) They might be Wh0res, but they’re avg more attractive than Homeless Wh0res in Dalit/Helot Ghettoes charging $20 for a BJ for Crack!

gonna try not to repeat myself TOO much on this Blog. Meaning maybe one day the posts will slow down. Well, I’ll repeat stuff only when I’m saying it in a Clearer, More Powerful, Shorter way. Axioms and “Koans” (Koanic Soul, heheh) that get stuck in your Brain & you never forget.

NarcissAlert: I never played the popular game of “Poker”, despite missing out on potential fun and profit, simply because the Rules of many Men’s Games seem opaque to me. There is a nice thing at games.com where one can “practice” texas hold-em, and my new project is to learn it well enough to play an actual game with actual men. I was winning a good num of hands but my betting style was ALL WRONG.

Moldbug. Why is he important. Because he’s truly GHOW and his passion is serving up Red Pills, in a very fun, provocative, readable package. He would rather do that than work a respectable bigboy job as a Software Developer with a Brahmin degree; he’d rather Milk his Buyout Money as long as possible, and BLOG. Sounds good to me! He also has a wife and child. This could be a trap of course, but it could also be a sign that he is not a “lone unabomberish psycho”, like the so-called “white supremacist” that shot-up the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin after his gurrrlfran dumped him & he prob didn’t have any OPTIONS for Sex On The Reg.


You’re not gonna be able to help others if you’re not healthy and strong. So get yourself healthy and strong first. This could take a while. Drink AppleCiderVinegar. Avoid CARDIO like MARRIAGE. Focus on Strength, Core, MMA, HighIntensityInterval, Insanity, Kettlebells, Chest, Pushups, etc.

Uh you might be allergic to Gluten and not know it, so all that Gluten’s making you Tired as f00k. Avoid it like Wimminz who are being Wimminzly to You without Spreading at your behest and convenience.

As you get in better shape, You will prob find it easier to Pull Young Tail and then establish a Rotation of Young Tail. It might not have as high an Avg Attractiveness as you’d like, but keep Working Out and not putting the Pvssy on a Pedestal, and it will get better.

So after a few months you will be healthy and strong and well-sexed and full of energy and ready to conquer the world. This should be your Average State.

So, if you’re going to a Third-Tier Toilet (or Worse), does it MATTER if you get a Hard Engineering Degree, or an Easy Business Degree? Will the Difficulty in Jobsearching for a GoodJob correspond to the difficulty in Getting Degrees? Or is it More Effective just to coast by and get the Easy Biz Degree because Nobody wants to HIRE from a 4th-Tier Sewer ANYWAY?

Not sure. Heh. Maybe cause I was watching “Office Space” and the guy selling mag subs pretending to be a recovering crack addict was making more money doing that than as a Software Engineer which he’d been Laid Off from. This film prob corresponded with the decline of the IT Bubble, but is it REALLY THAT BAD for CompSci Majors from Fourth-Tier Sewers? Wish they’d talked about their Educations more. In a Fictional Satirical Comedy Movie.

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For the record, I do NOT dislike Messiah Marcolin in Candlemass, though I do prefer the EDM singer atm. Lindqvist or Langqvist or whatever.


(this is a new thing where I plan on making 100 hours of videos for my future heir to watch, because when they are Adolescent and need my Fatherly Guidance MOST, I will prob be very old and demented and dying or dead bc I don’t plan on having heir till age 60, but I still want to be a Good Father to them, so I will do that until I’m forced to go to the Deathbed, and then leave behind these vidyas to help guide them down the Right Path, possibly made when I was 30-40, so my heir could also get to know me as a younger-than-old man.)

Hello Son or Daughter. Right now I’d prefer a son because  even though it’s harder for men to become winners and sire heirs, it’s way easier for Women to go down Sh1t Creek and be Easily Spoilt by their BRIEF Peak of Beauty. Plus I’d need to WORK EXTRA HARD with a daughter. Also because I’m a man, I relate better with other men. However, rest assured that if I ended up having a Daughter, I can confidently say I would Grow to Luv her as much as I would a son.

Heh. I’ve said all this before so I better just make the vidjyaz: Develop Good Habits YOUNG so you Win Young. The good thing about being a man is that you can get a second chance, it’s just that everything takes so much LONGER and is much HARDER WORK when you’re older, hence you can only have heirs at age 60 rather than 40.

Be very physical from a young age, if you don’t like sports, do karate; do basically military training; JOIN the military;

don’t drink the University kool-aid, do as much as you can at a Cheapo Community College despite the STIGMA, get a STEM degree, do Internships, kiss 4sses, first to arrive, last to leave,

be THANKFUL, volunteer at homeless shelter to see how good you have it, don’t do drugs except the OCCASIONAL Herb for Religious purposes; go to church, pray every day with GRATITUDE even if you don’t believe, you don’t really NEED to believe, just don’t be a smug atheist nihilist idiot. If you start swinging that way, go back to the homeless shelter.

Don’t eat crap too much, get strong, use “game” ie develop extraverted charisma at a young age, get a rotation/harem going at a young age so you never grow up putting the p on a pedestal; however don’t ABUSE people;

read read read read read neverever stop reading;

develop a healthy skepticism of Mainstream Media, hollywood, celebrities, tv at an early age;

don’t take sh1t from anyone unless it’s to advance your jerb prospects; jerbs don’t have to be meeeeeaningful, they just have to support you, that’s Meeeeeaningful ENOUGH; save for retirement and healthcare;

don’t smoke too much, maybe no more than 10 cigarets a day; don’t DRINK too much, everybody underestimates how bad drinking is and can throw their lives away without even KNOWING it;

realize there are exceptions to every rule and don’t be so bitter and cynical that you push away good things and people; be friendly and don’t start sh1t just to be an 4sshole, being nice to others USUALLY makes them be nice back to YOU, which makes LIFE EASIER.

Don’t be a Marxist; look at the Return On Investment of EVERY big purchase like EDUCATION; if you’re going to college for something that is at all questionable and even some STEM is starting to get questionable unfortunately. just DON’T GO if there’s any doubt, or better yet, learn a TRADE even if you lose a bit of young tail in the SHORT RUN, because in the long run, you’ll be laughing last and getting more young tail than you know what to do with.

Don’t Marry, always have a Rotation, you MIGHT meet One Special Lady, but there’s ALWAYS more than one. ALWAYS.  100%. So just don’t marry. I think you CAN be Monogamous if YOU think you can, and you meet one of Those Special Ladies, but don’t COUNT on it.

Get really good at your talents and then start a business with them, be your own boss, don’t hire wimminz, do all you can to get around business-stifling regulations, hire hard-working men, mentor young men.

Know how to survive in the wilderness, but don’t become a gonzo nutjob survivalist, just be adequately prepared.

The End. Hahaha. Of course MY 100 hours of Videos to my heir are going to be Individually tailored to MY heir, even if I don’t really KNOW them. I’ll SORTA know them, might even continue making some after they are born – remember, the WHOLE POINT is for me to “be there” when THEY are adolescents but I am unfortunately dead or dying. THEN they watch the videos. Of COURSE I will be active in their lives for the whole time pre-deathbed! AND Home-schooling them. One of the classes will be me taking them to public school to GAME the grrrrlz.


On Nature and Nurture: I still debate it EVERY DAY. I think so many people wouldn’t debate it if it weren’t SO CLOSE. It’s like a superclose presidential election. It’s split RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, FIFTY FIFTY.

Also, I’m like Freud in that I believe that the Nurture you get as a CHILD STICKS much more hardcore than the nurture you get as an adult, so it SEEMS like it’s Innate Nature when it might be Nurture. Except Freud says you get all your foundations before age 5, I disagree and say probably age 5 through age 18 is the most important. At this point Nature and Nurture are indistinguishable and debating it might not even matter.

So, 5-18, everything STICKS better, so develop good habits THEN and it will be MUCH easier to become a WINNER.

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