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LONG POST. feb 1 2013.

Ryu. What a guy. Answer for everything. I like his confidence, boldness, Leadership, & Vision. Maybe A WIDDLE SCAWY, but now I dig that.  def loves his race, &if you’re white, you have every reason to like Ryu, and if you’re not, you have every reason not to. Heh. Prime Specimen of a White; guys like him make You Proud To Be White. Ifn yer white that is. If you’re not, you have plenty of reasons &cheerleaders for being proud about not being white. Meanwhile, everyone who tries to make you Proud To Be White is labeled a hatemonger &neonazi &aryan nations etc. While it IS Right to Monger a Little Hate, especially against The Tribe, hahahaha, how do you make Average Everyday Joe White Proud to be White? Or is he part of the Chaff that’s bringing the white race down?

Thinkin. because Ryu mentioned there are some Blacks &Nonwhites who are apparently betraying their own races &trying to court white racial realists – nonwhites saying white is right, &they prefer company of whites. Exactly the type of nonwhites I might* be willing to ally* with, in other words.

Ryu argues that in situations of life &death, these Nonwhites WILL ultimately “go to the mat for” their OWN race and NOT the whites they claim to love. So they are good for nothing, and so are the whites that allow these “friendlies” into their ranks, &this is a way of separating the white wheat from the white chaff, and it’s happening right now. It might be happening to ME. Say I, as I listen to “Leonard COHEN Live at Isle Of Wight 1970”, hahaha. Whose side am I really ON anyway? Would I be willing to Throw My Whole Race under the bus, just so I can be a fan of Leonard COHEN? But I honestly do love Leonard COHEN, and don’t want to give him up. 90% of other jews I could do without though. Ha, Ha, Ha.

was watching MSNBC or HLN or some Televitz, did story on guy assoc with AryanNations who shot up  Jewish CommunityCenter in LA, killed Filipino-American mailman. Ihad never heard of this guy, Buford Furrow or something. Biff Farrell. Big Balding guy with big glasses & stache who looks like child molester, hahaha. but they brought out some of the jews who said some OMG stuff like “you can’t JUST get over this, you have to have time to Embrace Being A Victim, because you ARE a victim!” then they talked about how aryan nations never recovered. ishould* look it up, happened late 1990s. this is how prowhites are character-assassinated! WWDrWLPD???

Good Leadership is hard to find, especially with White Racialists/Racists, &I wonder if there’s been a “Leadership Void” since Dr Pierce passed in 2002. Who will take his place? Kevin Strom? Greg Johnson? Alex Linder? Chechar? Varg Vikernes? David Duke? Kevin MacDonald? Carolyn Yeager? Don/Derek Black? Hunter Wallace? Harold Covington? The American Nazi Party President who I’ve only seen one video of? IMHO I think Ryu would be pretty good candidate. Mindweapon too! Men under 50 (I assume) who still have lotta fight &energy.

Conchobar, “ERADICASPHERE”  guy big on White stuff, &I was surprised to learn he was such a YOUNG man, early twenties. makes me haaaaappy and hooooopeful!

So I def hate blacks less than A Good White Nationalist should*, &have even suggested WORKING WITH Race-Awakened Blacks. Maybe I was just being IDEALISTIC &looking at a VERY remote possibility. For as unlikely as it is, Whites would be better off not pursuing it. The rewards could never exceed the risks, even if it DID work out.

atm I’m more concerned about The Forces that’ve ALLOWED Blacks &Nonwhites to BECOME the destructive forces they are. I don’t need to tell you, YKW!!!

I agree OmegaVirginRevolt should try to distance himself from that name. Black Pill is nice, go with that instead, not both.

Feminized Western Male so Feminized &Crushed by Sexual Frustration, because he can’t get Any, BECAUSE he’s so feminized, that he becomes OBSESSED with sex as be-all end-all. Sex with any Pretty Young Thing, no regard to race, so that your Main Goal in Life is to be Sex Addict, “Negroid Playboy” to quote commenter on My Favourite Blog, hahaha. FeminizedWhiteMen aspiring to nothing more than being a Groid Playboy is Not Good.

Would problem be solved by Game &White Men actually GETTING laid? NO, because many men DO learn game and DO get the Sex they so desperately want, &successfully transform themselves….but how many graduate beyond that, beyond Just Sex As Their God? Some, but not all.

like OmegaVirgin, I’m IN SOME WAYS a BIT of omega. I don’t think he is PROUD of it, just as I am not PROUD of it… but should* I even MENTION it, even in the case of being HONEST? I can see being Honest with your allies, but why should you be honest with your enemies, or people who haven’t proven themselves as your allies? I know I’ve said Honesty Is The Best Thing Ever, but is it really? Why be honest with enemies or NonAllies? THEY don’t need to know I’m an Omega Loser! F00k no!

Me being Omega Loser is not Society’s fault, not Women or Wimmin or Blacks or Alphas or Family or Skools or Gummint or even You Know WHO, it’s ALL on ME, and just in case you forgot, 20% of this Blog’s Mission Statement is Helping People Improve Themselves, including my Self.

Ok enough WEAKNESS!

Conclusion: Ryu should* start a Youtube channel and give Electrifying Speeches. Including Practical Advice for Men.

Well it’s’not Calc2 haha: Get up early, work out until you’re muscular, strong& athletic, eat well, read read read, don’t be LAZY, learn practical skillz, work on projects, hone yourself into the strongest warrior you can possibly be, journey that never ends. Constantly Hone Yourself.  simple to describe, hard as f00k to DO.

I am inspired by Ryu saying positive things about Hate – atm I’m becoming convinced A Little Hate Is A Great Thing. Thank the j-wg-d for this serendipity.

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talked about giving Fiction/Stories/Plays a go. I would PROB do Dystopias&Eutopias. Get people or at least mySELF FIRED UP over AN IDEAL WORLD. In some cases this might sound like “FANTASY”. I don’t have a prob with that. AND I acknowledge sometimes a little Escapism is not a bad thing, if we can escape an unideal world, and go recharge our batteries in a fantasy ideal world, and then the next day after a good 9 hours sleep, we can be fired up to boil the frog / baby step our way to that Better World One Day At A Time. Yes that sounds corny but IMHO Corny is sometimes Good. I didn’t come here to fool ya, hahaha. (I think I’m stealing that from Leonard Kohan, “Hallelujah” on “Live In London.”) These stories might not always have political or racial implications, sometimes it might be pure Nice Girl Fantasy Pedestal Porn. Sometimes it might deal with Fixing the Mistakes and Regrets of my path, What Ifs, Alternate History for if I have lived my life differently, done Smart things when I was young, how “small changes” would have had big good consequences later. Heh. Since those would be personal I would prob not publish the most personal ones. I am a Both/And Kinda Glass Half Empty Kinda Guy, hahaha. I think, in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too, in that you can be BOTH a Successful Fantasy Writer living 49% of your life in your fantasy world, AND be Successful and Well-Adjusted in The Real World Too. Don’t let Zios tell you otherwise! Just to clarify, those ones about Living In My Own Past and making my own Alternate history would be the Most Risky, and I will handle those with caution / sparingly.


Heh. I never said Nurture couldn’t overpower nature. Think of that kid in Syria that was forced to behead the Assad loyalist. Methinks before too long that kid is gonna be an unimpeachable WARRIOR MAN who LUVS beheading. If you brainwash/traumatize kids YOUNG enough and SEVERELY enough, no amount of nature or nurture can bring them back from that Severe Nurture later.

MY PLAN: So Basically raise kidz in Concentration Camp Conditions UNTIL 6 or 7. NO, don’t ABUSE them physically or verbally. Per Se. OK ConcCamp was the wrong word obv. Raise them in SPARTAN WARRIOR conditions. Put them into Boot Camp and make them get up at 3 am and Fight and Lift and Run and Brainwash them with emotional and scary propaganda to learn MORALS, if not Political or racial stuff. Now don’t be a savage psychopath and beat and raep the children or force them to kill each other or call them inferior subhuman scum. Just train them HARD. Like 900 ZOG Bootcamps so by the time the child is 7 years old he is an Elite Warrior. AND THEN you can back off and give him a “Normal” Easy Childhood. And since you’ve used Hardcore Nurture to overcome Lazy Nature, the child won’t WANT to watch cartoons or play vijyagaymz or eat candy. He’ll WANT to continue his physical, mental, and moral training, you won’t even have to punish or coerce him. AGAIN, DON’T BEAT OR ABUSE CHILDREN! I DON’T HAVE TO SAY THAT!

You don’t have to feeeeel guilty about it because you’re not abusing or beating your child! You’re not getting MAD at them and MOLESTING them. No, you’re just TRAINING Them hard. BIG DIFFERENCE. Now in the Movies at least, Drill INstructors often Verbally Abuse the cadets, but I would err on the side of caution and not do this to children. Children are innocents, you don’t need to BREAK THEIR SPIRIT, you just TAKE their spirit and mold it RIGHT AWAY! There’s no need to Break Them Down first!

Raise Kids to be Harcorde NINJAS to use the Fagspeak, from the earliest age possible, as intensely as possible, so this training STICKS for the rest of their life when you take the intense conditions away. It’s that simple.

The younger and more severe/intense the Nurture, the closer it approximates Nature.

Now if you can’t tell the difference between Intense Training and Abuse, you’re clearly not smart or moral enough to do this. Your children are a lost cause, continue dropping them off at day care and pubskoolz.

to be continued with part 2 in 2 days….

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“Feminized western males in the white movement (see e.g., here) freak out when confronted with what William Pierce called “The Day of the Rope.” However, the absolute need for retribution is understood when pondering upon the history of the Iberian Peninsula: what happened once the Gothic mores were replaced by Christian ones.” END QUOTE

“here” is link to Greg Johnson “freaking out” about violent retribution, ie extermination of race traitorz, white race traitors hanging and scaring the sh!t out of the other whites. I HOPE I’m misunderstanding this; of COURSE I didn’t take the time to read Chechar’s post about Spain vs Portugual cuz I’m LAZY; AND I need to buy a new computer so I can read and write about this stuff in PRIVATE in PEACE in my BED where I have time to read and reflect on it all. [semi time machine, that part was written in early december haha]

One could say that whites have no business exterminating other whites, be they spanish v portuguese or poles vs russians or norwegians vs swedes etc. But that does make me think of times when whites HAVE been very brutal to other whites, for example ukrainians slaughtering poles?? then you could argue that “eye for an eye” is justifiable under the rules of war.

and I’m prob “freaked out” by the “day of the rope” because I know I would prob be hanging from it, with my SOFT and LENIENT and FEMINIZED stance! I guess “eye for an eye” is FAIR, but I would be too willing to give the benefit of the doubt, to keep co-ethnics from hanging for any imagined “crimes”. If you had evidence of a white directly killing other whites, that would be another story! But I couldn’t support hanging myself or Pat Buchanan simply because we don’t subscribe to the most extreme, violent, “masculinized”, retributive form of WN! Hanging for being soft on hanging!

But I should not be commenting on this anyway because I KNOW I’m misrepresenting Chechar’s argument, and Dr Pierce’s for that matter.

Also for some, the whole concept of “American Patriotism” needs to be thrown out, and I’m just NOT ready to do that yet.

THAT BEING SAID, I can understand the concepts of SYMBOLISM and SENDING A REAL MESSAGE. I’m just a Feminized Western Male SCARED of DEATH and VIOLENCE and KILLING and WAR, even JUST war. I guess this is what separates the MEN from the BOYS, in which case I’m def still a boy who might not WANT to be a man!

Reading Pat Buchanan’s 2011 “Suicide of a Superpower” and liking that, developing mancrush on Pat. Not disappointed by the first 30 pages. If that makes me a Big Softie, SO BE IT.

the trick would be to get trained as a WARRIOR when you’re YOUNG, when you’re a BOY, like in SPARTA. I def had the antithesis of that experience!

Note: WN is not MY LIFE, it’s only 40% of my Blogging/Reading Life at this moment! Other signif portions of My Life include working on my HEALTH, and “developing” my careeeeeer, etc.


Eh it was ok, kinda weird, didn’t really know what it was about beyond christians and pagans. good looking though. not bad, but no pusher hahaha. Don’t think Refn can make a BAD movie, but he does have the capacity of going pretty far “Out There.” B. Mads Mikkelsen is a Versatile Actor though. Playing the Boisterous N Bumptious Tonny in Pusher, the Silent But Deadly One-Eye in this movie, and I just realized he played the Villain in “Casino Royale.”


Once upon a time I met a (Prime Of Youth) Girl who was Mixed Race: Asian (Japanese I think, obv the Most Superior Asian Subrace!) and White (Slavic: Obv Not the most superior White Tribe, But the one that’s Closest To My Heart!). With her I might have been a Willing Race Traitor because I found her Orders Of Magnitude more attractive than Pure Asians or Chinese for example. Plus her face didn’t look SUPER Asian AND she had the delectable Curves of a Slav where the Asians have none. Of course. predictably, she was a Brahmin Kareer Kultist and ended up going to Harvard Medical Skool or something before I could bang her, hahahaha. I don’t even remember her name but I think it was something weird. I think I talked to her once and she didn’t come across immediately like a Total B1tch. Good for her! I was drinking plenty of Liquid Charisma because I wasn’t accustomed to talking to Pretty Prime Of Youth Girls, but I handled myself pretty well considering. But not good enough to bang, apparently!



Fun 30 minute Documentary On William Pierce. Only watched the first 10 minutes but I wanna remember it. It seems like it could be not Anti-Pierce! And makes his hysterical haters look like idiots.


VARG VIKERNES has been posting a lot of articles in the past month or so. IMHO these articles are more compelling than his most recent Book. I am trying to raise Varg’s profile among more than Just Burzum Fans, but among people that might be interested in his Pro-White, Anti-Zionist message. Copied Directly from http://www.burzum.org/eng/news.shtml :


Paganism: Part XIX – Comparative Mythology, my RPG & Europe,

Paganism: Part XX – Pagan Honour


War in Europe: Part VI – Regarding Adam Lanza and His Tribe


War in Europe: Part V – Breivik Unveiled

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– listen to more Allman Brothers, heh I just started getting back into them in Dec 2012 and I haven’t been listening to them nearly enough since I went on Allman Hiatus in like 2003 hahaha. SICK BAND BRO! Very Masculine, F@g-slaying “Jam Band”. And Now I think I am “open-minded” enough to begin listening to the Post-Duane stuff, hahaha. but yeah the Allmans get it JUST right. they NAIL it. And they make Dieversity miraculously work. I’m thinking about a Smooth Jazzy number like “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, vs Foot Stomping Barn Burning Statesboro Blues stuff, and everything in between. My Two Biggest Jam bands were always Allmans and Grateful Dead, and right now I am def leaning towards Allmans. Should prob see the band live before more people die or quit.

– listen to more of Tom Waits “Heartattack and Vine” and “Foreign Affairs”.

To The Audience: I just Can’t Do “This” White Racial stuff CONSTANTLY. Almost TOO Serious, I can’t BE that serious ALL THE TIME. Not saying it’s not important. But I will prob always believe people of multiraces CAN Be Friends, that racial differences can be bridged if there are enough similarities in IQ, Political Viewpoint, Religion, Morality. I SYMPATHIZE with a lot of Dieverse Interests. I sympathize with WNs to an extent, I sympathize with Coloreds to an extent too. I truly GMOW hahaha. Just because I am Open to the Jewish Question doesn’t mean that’s all I think about. Sometimes I just want to STOP thinking about it and I will write about Pure Decadent Game like I was ROOSH JUNIOR. I’m not trying to set an example for the WN Community. I just find their ideas INTERESTING some of the time, AND I would PREFER to mate with a White Woman and have White Children, and I don’t think I’m CAPABLE of Loving Outside My Race. That’s basically it. And I get ANNOYED by Zionists, Marxists, and Chimpouts. Somehow that makes me have quite a bit in common with WNs, I guess, hahahaha. And maybe You do too! Maybe WN’s aren’t as SCAAAARRRRRY as the Ziomedia and ZioSkools have made them out to be! But I have to be An Activist for my OWN life before I can be an Activist for anyone or anything else. This has been a recurring theme in my life, hahaha. Help The Helper. HEal the Healer. Look Out For #1.

I am not actively trying to exclude Jews, Blacks, or Wimmin from Reading. Just the ones who behave like Animals and give their groups such bad names, hahahaha.

When I say hahahahaha, I AM Being Serious! hahahaha.

– maybe try to write some tighter, more pointed, incisive, articles, when I want to Do “Journalism.”

– Be vigilant for F@g Words and Wimminz Words and Weasel Words and PC Words and ZOG Words and Buzzwords and etc. f00k yes Language and Words are important as f00k.

– do my talk radio show or youtube video or audio file.

– go to a local Anticommunist Meetup, hahaha. Try to meet more real life people that are closer to my Weird Views. Not that you can’t be Friends with people who don’t share your views!


aka the things I remember partaking in this year and enjoying and remembering:
BOOKS: Bell Curve (no particular order for all these), Suicide of Superpower, 4 Hour Work Week, Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, Freedom Twenty Five. oh yeah listened to audiobooks of “My Awakening / Jewish Supremacism” by DAVID DUKE and “Turner Diaries” by William PIERCE, those two were HUGE.

BLOG: already told ya. oh yeah I resolve to read more of the blogs in my Second and Third Tiers hahaha cause they’re ALL good and stuff like Bill Powell or Frost or Decon Leftism are all worth reading on a regular basis. Heh. Maybe for my RSS reader, instead of orging by Month, do it by Quarter. Son Of Brock Landers jumped in at the very end of the year, his 28 Sherman is a DEF Great Find for me.

MOVIE: saw a lot as usual! Big Movie Buff. Started Netflix, that was huge. really saw very little at the Theatre, that’s a good way to be. stuff I remember: Metropolitan, Melancholia, 1984, Amazing Spider Man was actually pretty good; Pusher Trilogy & a Refn Marathon; Netscape enabled thankfully a lot of Auteur Marathons; Aki Kaurismaki esp Shadows in Paradise; umm Joe Swanberg esp Nights and Weekends; new Todd Solondz movie Dark Horse was pretty good.

TV: GIRLZ might be my show of the year. This whole list is BACK LOADED (F@Ggot Biz Buzzword) because my memory aint so good and I can’t remember movies or tv from more than 2 months ago and I don’t want to go back over my old notes from earlier in the year like a tryhard. Girls, Breaking Bad

YOUTUBE: Bernard Chapin will always be my Best Of Youtube For All Time. Girl Writes What I enjoy, her and Stardusk kinda marked the “end” of my MRA Period, which is not to say it’s really the end of that, or that they suck, in fact, they are awesome.

RADIO: But I listened to a TON of David Duke and William Pierce this year. Runners up include Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, some Robert Stark in there.

ALBUM: http://www.last.fm/user/bkctmoapghow thankfully I can just go to lastfm for quick clear stats on this hahaha. but the Band Discovery of the Year was certainly Clandestine Blaze. I also “revisited” stuff I’d known about for years but didn’t really “get” when I was young, like Sentenced “Shadows Of The Past” or Incantation’s First 3 Albums. The stuff usually needs a Bridge To The Past, to the Music Taste Formation Period of your Teenz. For me at least. There’s some notable exceptions. Like CBlaze. But that comes from me liking Grim Traditional Black Metal, and Deathspell Omega, and then discovering I like Mikko Aspa as a Person.

BAND: uhh see above. Prob CBlaze. Overall Spotify was a “Godsend” for me even if it IS Ziorun. I don’t even need to p1r8 a lotta music anymore with that. Recommend all Music Lovers at least give it a try. Heh. and I know what I’m talking about with Music. Again here is a notable exception to the rule of diversity is death, I have the most interestingly eclectic diversity-that-works music tastes ever. This mighta been the year I sought out Russian Orthodox Church music, perf chanting monks. Yes I still enjoy KLEZMER too I don’t care what the Antizionists say. I can put together an awesome mix tape and would do an awesome radio show if I tried or had time. The only live concerts I went to were Down (NOLA) and Leonard Kohan and they were both great times. I missed Moonsorrow and was kinda p!ssed about that because I really didn’t want to park the car in that shady neighborhood. try to send a message of safety and security with your parking lot. Stupid Gay reason to miss a great modern band. Missed Wolves in the Throne Room because THEY’RE so gay they played 150 miles away and I didn’t want to drive that far. Another one of the few good Modern Bands that actually Plays Shows but it didn’t kill me. in 2013 I would like to See More Shows however, because there’s nothing like a good concert. Should do it at least once every Quarter. Oh yeah, I had HUGE DIO and CANDLEMASS Phases. Also I discovered ARGHOSLENT, that shoulda* happened YEARS ago. SICK RIFFS BRAH.

end of the year entry for best band name: FROSTHARDR, Norwegian Christian “Unblack” Metal Band. haven’t actually listened. if they’re anything like Horde they should be ok!

Not a horrible year (like 2009 hahaha), probably better than 2011 even, but not The Best Year Ever, just because I didn’t do enough and tried to spend as much of the year sleeping and lazy as possible. But no big tragedies or crises and I am THANKFUL for that, or at least I want to SAY I am.

Hope everyone had years that were more good than bad.

– play more music. buy a keyboard and a drumset. nothing fancy mind you, just something to practice and have fun with and get better at music. try to write a song, I have not Done A Hit Single since 2008. And yes it was a pretty good song hahaha but I wanna get Better/Stronger at Songwriting.

– start a business company. doesn’t have to be success. it can be a complete failure. just don’t sink too much money into it and do it for the Learning Experience (F@g Buzzword, Fagspeak (tm BKC))

– Gamble MORE (even if it is Degenerate, Immoral, Decadent, Zionist, Antiwhite) Play at actual Live Poker Tables. get good at the games and try to MAKE some money beyond Underemployment Hourly Wages. Heh. I am not horrible at Practice Online Holdem with Play Chips. Learn Blackjack. Learn how to “Win” at Slot Machines and Video Poker Machines.

– Learn more card Games. Bridge would be nice.

– Have a Harem of around Three Wimmin I can call at any time for Relief and Comfort. In other words, I might have to Come OUt of my Vow of Celibacy and just try a less decadently-sized Harem. Like Three. It’s not like I can’t Switch any of the three out for Upgrades! But do it nicely, abide by the Campsite Rule, Don’t Hurt Anybody, etc. I can ALWAYS go back to Voluntary Celibacy when I feeeeeeeel too ugh and icky and decadent. Decadence Detox.

– write and perform a Radio Play and do all the voices myself. Make it riveting and amazing that one person can do such a sweet story.

– try to contact “famous” people I admire and try to get them to help my Job. IE get Notarized Letters of Recommendation from David Duke and Kevin MacDonald. Or maybe somebody less “controversial” like Bernard Chapin. How about Allen West? Is he a Ziocon? Rick Santorum? him more probably, hahaha.

– maybe scam some powerful local neocons to get me a Good Job, hahaha.

– “network” more. Get a good job or at the very least, into an “accredited” MBA or JD or Masterz of Science program just from TALKING to somebody with Admissions Power, cause I don’t want to write essays or take GREs or GMATs or LSATs or do ANYTHING, I just want to BE IN and sign up for the classes done. I’d almost be willing to Pay for the classes then, hahaha. you shouldn’t* have to TRY AND PAY.

– find Cheap Flights and go somewhere new at least once in the year. Be it the Zion Babylonz of NYC or LA or Austin or San Fran, or just somewhere nice I’ve never been before, like North Dakota or Kalispell or the Grand Canyon or the Cascades or William Pierce’s COmpound in West Virg. Or go to Private Man’s Red Pill Manosphere Spring Break in Florida, that’s a great idea, kudos to him. The “Manosphere” (ie anything remotely related to men, whites, or antizionist conservatives) needs to do more Fun Conventions for the Rank And File.

– go to the Shooting Range. I don’t even know how to USE a GUN. Ideally I would get comfortable with a GUN and then become a legal CCW owner. I’ll take the classes. That is not ZOG Overreach IMHO. Guns are Dangerous and you shouldn’t be waving guns around if you don’t know how to use them responsibly. All this talk about guns after the huge shooting in CT makes me want to finally get with the program and cross the line in the sand, to make a statement of intent, and actually BECOME a Responsible Gun Owner. It’s not like I’m going to GO AROUND SHOOTING PEOPLE! Or even just innocently getting raging drunk and PLAYING with the gun(s). That’s honestly kinda irresponsible too.

– listen to Bumzur “Umskiptar” more, haven’t really gotten into that one yet. When it’s good it’s good, when it’s boring it’s boring.

– get a paid internship with a nonzionist nonneocon conservative org in DC, perhaps Bozell’s Media Research Center, with a bunch of Prime of Youth Leet Kollige Kids. hope MRC is not Ageist and Collegist, hahaha. Might be a good place to meet a young, pure, rightish-minded wife/wives as well. Men can ONLY form that kind of Heirmaking, Wifemaking, FAMILYMaking Attachment to COLLEGE Girls, aka PRIME OF YOUTH girls. YES, Conservative ORganizations exist, but they only hire Entry Levels thru Internships just like the SWPL Zionists, and you prob gotta go to the same SWPL Zionist Elite Colleges to. Winner Track not Loser Track. F00K IT, I’ll just CALL Brent Bozell right now on the PHONE and CHARM him with SALES TACTICS like these Rich College Kidz don’t even KNOW.

– get into more arguments with my ideological enemies, and try to make them effective arguments.

– gently and friendily try to “BOIL THE (Ideological) Frog” of Friends and Real-Life people I DO know to disabuse them of their quasi-leftist worldviews, which are probably based on noble good intentions of Kindness and Charity but in the Real World it just doesn’t WORK like that, SON. But don’t be That Annoying Political Guy. Your Friends don’t like being PREACHED to. Be Friendly to your Friends. Work on them over the Long Term because it’s not like you’re TRYING to lose them as friends, they’ll be AROUND for a long time. Just be a little Pebble In The Shoe.

– Become a strong alpha WARRIOR MALE.

– Have A FOUR-Way with Four At-Least-7’s. Men are allowed to be more Decadent than Wimmin because: Men Don’t Have Uteruses AND Men Can’t Get Preggers AND Women Choose Men Much Moreso than Men Choose Women.

– get a stupid gay f@gg0t CERT to put res, like A+ or Net+ or Linux+ or MCSE or MSE. calculate ROI of what is the EASIEST certs to get Multiplied By being the most MEANINGFUL/VALUABLE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE. Not gonna memorize “A 9000 foot tall stack of Cisco Books” (quote classmate who was gungho about getting Cisco cert) in 2013, maybe 2014.

– watch more Business News Channels, even CNBC in a pinch, read more Business Magazines/Papers, JUST to be able to Speak Managerspeak Fagspeak better in Interviews and prove that I have a Smart Business Mind and am a Great Teambuilder, possibly management-track, worthy of a Good Job. Just to get more comfortable with Business Ideas like Stocks and Supply and Demand and Shares and Finance and Interest and Banks and such. Doesn’t mean I have to Worship it and turn into Lloyd Blankfein. Just trying to get a Good Office Job with Minimal Customer Service and Minimal BackBreaking and Maximum Staring At A Screen and Doing Nothing. The kind of thing you usually need a Masters Degree for, hahahaha, and I want to bypass spending $50 grand on the Masters with my Demonstrable Business Savvy. The “Ruling Elites” (How About I use that word instead of YOU-KNOW-WHO) want people to be in debt so they can be easily controlled, so weird new debts that never existed now exist to a tragic degree. And disproportionately crush some demographix more than others.

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[That title has “next to nothing” to do with THIS post, which might be more accurately entitled “THE HONOURABLE ALPHA” or “WIMMINZ ARE MERCENARIES AT BEST”, but the other title is more catchy, haha.]

On my Day Off, I Broadened And Deepened my awareness of the New Right by “taking a break” from Counter-Currents and exploring Alternative Right dot com, American Renaissance, and, most memorably for today, Voice Of Reason Radio and Dr David Duke Radio. Found a nice Official Torrent of “My Awakening” which Dr Duke is nicely giving away for free. Anyway Counter-Currents is not THE ONLY “player” out there, but it does seem there is a healthy alliance and cooperation between all of these players. A Growing Coalition of Influence and Power seems Immanent! Imminent.  Heh. Not sure what The Single Biggest Real-Life New Right EVENT is in the US, might be the yearly AmRen convention.

There is also this thing Attack The System which is more Anarchist. I’ve always associated Anarchism with The Left, but I’m learning it might actually more of a Rightist thing. He features a lot of people who were once Huge Leftist Activists who became disenchanted with that, and came over to the Right, and/or Rightist Anarchism. Minarchism? The Tiniest Government possible?

And then there’s Localism and Tribalism and Front-Porch-Ism and Distributism and Third and Fourth Way Economics and a bunch of other interesting stuff. It may be I’m not even a White Nationalist but more of a Front Porch type, where “the state” governs only a small community where everyone knows each other and defends and protects and supports each other. Theoretically this need not even be based on race/ethnicity. Although it certainly CAN be!

Jack Donovan and Mike Polignano were talking about how, when TSHTF / TEOTWAWKI, the Rich would hire Private Security, but paying 10$ an hour for a Rent-A-Cop does not generate Loyalty and Faithfulness and Love and Comraderie and Brotherhood and Trust, not a meaningful Social Bond there. For Warrior-Men to really want to protect you, you have to have a Meaningful Community that goes beyond mere Wage Slavery and Mercenaryhood.

Oh yeah forgot. You could Very Accurately describe Avg Wimminz as MERCENARIES. & you can never TRUST a MERCENARY, hahaha. Or, at worst, LEECHES / PARASITES, hahaha. PROSTITUTES would also be very accurate.

If you wanted to be really hateful, you could also say that Poor Welfare Blacks are also Parasites. Taking More Out than they are Putting In, and “Bell Curve” suggests that there IS NO PLACE/WAY that The Dumb CAN Chip In, even if they WANTED to, and prob even healthy dumbs WANT to, or at least start off wanting to.

As a prospective Computer Science Stemgineer and Professional Geek, I tried to figure out a way to P1r8 a copy of a DVD I got from Zogflix which I could enjoy for posterity on my DVD player (PS2) because I didn’t want to spend 6$ to buy a legit copy of “Crimes and Misdemeanors” (the Jewishness of which is another post altogether!). OK. So you gotta have a program to get past the Encryption/Copyzog protection, for which I used the eminent DVDShrink. So far, so good. Then used Infra Copy or TinyBurn (all open source, or freeware) to actually burn the “VIDEO_TS” decrypted folder of .ifo and .vod whatever filez to the DVD. It played fine as a reg DVD on the computer then played 1 second on the ps2 before failing. This is all after I copied the contents as an .iso disc IMAGE to the HD, then burned the iso to the disc, which did not play whatsoever. It was DUMM to think a dvd player could play an ISO IMAGE, but, this is simply to point out I am not a True Believer Computer Geek like the virgins on 4chan who jerk-off to their computerz day in day out.  I wanted Fast And Easy Solutions.

So after that, I figured, just pay $6 for the proper dvd of the jewmovie.

I heard another interesting point, in the Jack Donovan interview, and another post by Doomdigit on Eradica on Vikings plundering the Orkney Islands, that Wimminz are mating with the Wrong Men: weak beta men who they eventually cheat on with tingly alphas, but don’t have kidz with those alphas, so, insofar as some of beta is genetic, future generations will be more beta. I do NOT agree with this more than 49% Because: I suspect the Wimminz ARE having babies with the alphas, some of which are only being RAISED by the betas. Doomdigit used the comparison of Osama Bin Laden has 20 children, while these True Alpha Vikings, because they were out so busy being Manly Warriors, only had 2 or 3 kidz.

This brings up a Raft – A RAFT!!! – of complicated issues, such as, is OBL a BETA? I would argue he’s an alpha just BECAUSE he has 20 heirs, and his tremendous political/social/cultural influence. He’s on the Wrong Side, he’s Dishonorable, he’s not a Good Man, but he’s prob an Alpha Man. Also, I would suggest that Vikings did a lot of Raeping along with their Pillaging and had many illegitmate heirs. But I could be very wrong here. Perhaps Vikings saw Raep as Dishonorable and preferred to just slaughter the women too.

The SPARTANS get mentioned regularly as a great example of Manly Virtue. Strong Alpha Warriors. Fair enough.

Anyway, I would argue that Today’s Alphas probably do have a signif number of heirs. BUT the Pivotal Issue is, “Alpha” should NOT mean Merely Being Able To Bang A Lot OF Wimminz and Have A Lot of Heirs. Because Black Ghetto Gang Thugs can do that.

Now there’s the argument that Gangs are a way of Men Trying to BE Masculine in a World that denies masculinity.

Or maybe black inner-city gangs are simply a sloppy-4ss form of Masculine Black Nationalism. It’s safe to say they’re racially-conscious in being rather anti-white!

A kind of Warrior they may be, but HONORABLE? Hardly!

So we need more Masculine, Honorable Warriors. Set a new standard for Alpha Males.

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