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I fully enjoyed this, closely after fully enjoying “Metropolitan.” Stillman is now a Solid 2-for-2 with me, and that’s damn good. I might have heard “Damsels” was underwhelming considering his 15 year hiatus, but I completely enjoyed it. That scathing, witty Whit Writing is fully on display. I can’t even think of a point of reference. And here, the tone was even more Silly and Screwball and Farcical than with Metropolitan, and I didn’t mind that one bit. Just Silly Feelgood Innocent Power Of Cinema times. Indeed the movie did not feeeeeeeel 2012 at all, it hearkens back to a Better time. Even if it starts a Contemporary Decadent Harpy in Greta Gerwig. SWPL Leftist Sluts playing the the WASP Righty Preppy’s movie. But I begrudgingly like Greta sorta like I begrudgingly like Lena Dunham, and Greta is much more bonable, AND I think she’s Catholic to boot. (Not that her Promiscuity hasn’t gotten her unforgiveably excommunicated!) But she plays her role in DiD very nicely. The College Girls are all Nonpromiscuous, Prim and Proper Traditionalists almost. Not used to that.

But there are a BOATLOAD of jokes about Privileged College Students being Depressed and Suicidal and Committing Suicide all the time, and I liked how frivolously that was painted, would certainly anger the Mental Health Stigma Communist Community, which is not an angle that’s often played, esp in movies. In DiD the Wimmin were portrayed as the Superior Sex in all ways: moraler, smarter, more refined, than the men, all of whom are caricatured as boorish monosyllabic barbarianz. When of course it’s the complete opposite that is the truth. Nothing like a Smart Man writing the characters and dialogue of Virtuous, Good Traditional Women. A Wimmin could not WRITE Women like this. Which made it all the funnier. All the main characters are Women but they’re not anything like the Real Life Women You know, they’re actually fun and funny and likeable, well that’s because they were written by The Respectable Whit Stillman.

I look forward to watching “Barcelona” soon and then “Last Days of Disco” soon after that. Got a unique style that is hilarious and great and fun which I can get into without reservation, beyond me wishing he’d do a comedy of manners of SWPL Leftist Brahminz than Rightist (Or at least Neoconnish) Preppy OPTIMATES, is essentially what these preppies are – Moldbug’s DYING Breed. But they are an amusing bunch. Also I liked the music in DiD, added to it quite nicely. Used the same composer from Metropolitan. Whit takes care of his people. I feeeeel he wants to save money by not buying overpriced rights to songs, and just has his composer write corny knock-offs, but these corny knock-offs IMHO work better than Actual Songs – I’m thinking of the scene in the diner in DiD, where Greta shares the Soap that Saved Her From Suicide. After the movie was over I went back and watched that scene. She was adorable, the Token Black Blue-Collars were good, AND the waitress was played by none other than Audrey from Metropolitan. Carolyn Farina. I knew she appeared in this and I was looking for her, but I missed her, because she did not age well AT ALL. I wept for All Femininity because of that. She didn’t look HORRIBLE, but the before and after are PERFECTLY illustrative of The Fall From The Prime Of Youth.

Nice sophisticated, smart, and not at ALL serious comedy. I really like this “screwball” aspect I’m seeing in Stillman. He’s not so pseudointellectual that he takes his work Tooo Seriously. In fact he doesn’t take it seriously at all and thus the entire movie has a “BOUYANCY” which lifts it above The Average Movie in Heart, Feelgoodness, and overall Quality. I gave Metro a full-blown A and I’m tempted to give this one a Full Blown A too, in fact, in some ways I liked it even MORE: just because a Bourgeois College Campus is more familiar and amenable to me than Preppy Optimate 1980s Manhattan, and I liked seeing a movie like this so out-of-time in 2012. But DiD is prob not as “IMPORTANT” as Metro, but it’s definitely a lot less underwhelming than I expected. So I’ll give it an “A” that is MARGINALLY LESS FULL-BLOWN than the Full-Blown “A” I gave to Metropolitan.


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This one is PERFECT LENGTH. 587 Words.

Jewz biggest strength is that they can Fool Whites that they (Jewz) are White Too. CYLONS. hahahaha. How much do I really believe all this. Whose SIDE am I really on.

OK. BACK to David Duke My Awakening/Jewish Supremacism Chapter 17 Jews and the Media: All Mainstream Media is Owned and Controlled by Jews. Even Shabbas Goy Rupert Murdoch serves Jews better than Jews could themselves. Your local paper is owned by Jews. AP. Reuters. Time Magazine.

Felt like watching TV even though I know it is Zionist (ooops, almost wrote “Jewish!”) Poison. Then I figured the CATHOLIC Channel EWTN is the LEAST likely to be Ziorun. These are some PRETTY SERIOUS Catholics too, not all watered-down for TV, not all modernized like your neighborhood Catholic Church. Don’t know how they stay in business!

THEN I thought, couldn’t Zionists cook up a secret purpose for owning EWTN and make it Serve Them just like MTV or MSNBC? How can you use EWTN to Divide And Conquer? You could say Catholicism inherently Weakens, Divides, and Conquers Whites: Focusing on the Afterlife, being Friends with Jews, Turning the other cheek, giving giving giving, Christ was a Jew, etc. Just speculating. Of course Catholics say that War For Jews is Wrong. And Traditionalist Catholics like Moderate Mel (hehehe) have a decent handle on The Jewish Question. NO I don’t really think Jews control EWTN, but I didn’t think they controlled Fox News either, because it was “conservative” on the surface.

They get you both ways, coming and going, They’ve got NEOCONS and ZIONISTS on the “RIGHT”, and MARXISTS and MULTICULTURALISTS on the LEFT. Pretty Crafty and Sneaky, uh?

My “new” question is, when did it become OK for Optimate WASP Whites to get involved with BANKING. These High-Powered Lily-White Wall-Street Investment Bankerz almost make you forget Usury is a Jewish thing…and possibly this Cloaking is a Jewish Thing to keep whites from rising up and throwing the jew down the well! Anyway I HYPOTHESIZE it began not long after White Anglo-Saxon Protestants founded the Colonies! Really getting out onto thin ice here, hahahaha. Keep in mind there are “less jewish” forms of money-lending. Low-interest, no-interest, low-principal, not lending out money that isn’t a HUNDRED percent backed by deposits, no “fractional reserve” stuff, etc.

OK. Now what about The First Massive Industrialists – made possible only by the Industrial Revolution – like Rockefeller and Carnegie and JP Morgan. Clearly Goyz right? But they obviously had a large banking and investment concern. AND that they may have established the Fed to serve these interests (see Jekyll Island.) How do the J00z play into this. Besides Rothschildz hahahahahahaha.

It would only be FAIR AND RIGHT AND JUST for me to ANNOUNCE MY PREJUDICES. It’s largely possible I have Some Prejudice against WIMMIN and JEWS. I argue this might make me more wont to say nasty things about these groups…..BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE ME WRONG! I refer You to Pessimistic Realism: Perhaps Pessismistic Prejudice allows us to be MORE Accurate, where Politeness and PCness might have us Hold Our Tongue about these Protected Groupz.

In other words, am I “JUST IMAGINING” this “Zionist Conspiracy” BECAUSE I “hate” Jews? But I don’t Hate Jews! I’m just very suspicious about Massive Jewish Involvement in some Insidious Historical Civilization-Destroying Developments: Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Atheism, Social Justice, Social Welfare, Nanny State, Socialism, Mainstream Media, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Banking, International Banking, Zionism – each of these and more has a Jewish Influence that is WAAAAYYYY out of proportion to The Jewish Population.

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Best movie I’ve seen in the past 3 months. Maybe 6. Pulled me in immediately, by the middle, I said I think I really like this movie, feelz good man, and by the end I said, WOW, that was a really nice little movie and I liked it a lot and am tempted to give out the vaunted “A” grade because I can’t remember the last movie I had such an unequivocal positive response to. Which. Hahaha. Been meaning to see this movie for YEARS. Then Stillman’s name kept popping up in the Manosphere and The Right. I think he is actually friendly to The Right or was at least a Featured Guest at one of those Upscale Conservative Magazine (NOT National Review) Events like City Journal or New Criterion. In other words, he’s not an avowed Hollywitz Marxist.

The immediate feeeeeling I got from  the quaint, charming music and opening titles, was: this guy or at least this movie is a White Woody Allen. A WASP Woody Allen. As someone who’s always lurved Allan Koenigsbergz Jewish Nutz, AND now as someone with a growing interest in Whiteness, this was perfect. Neurotic characters, and you could argue Neuroticism is inherently “Jewish”, but these are White, Nonjewish Preppies. Are they Shabbas Goy Neocons? Heh I’m not even sure if they HAD Neocons at this time. It’s definitely a little Dated as it takes place clearly in the 80s despite some valiant efforts to make it “timeless”, though I enjoyed the hell out of the movie and could see people enjoying it 50 years from now, if the earth is still around and White Movies are not banned, hahaha.

Crammed Chock Full O’ Jokes that are as hilarious and abundant as they are dry. Like Kaurismaki, everything is a joke, but IMHO this was a bit funnier. Maybe cuz I really liked the subject matter of White Bourgeoisie. The only thing that could make it better would be an updated 2012 version of Generation Y not gen X, where ideas like Jewish Marxist SWPL Social Justice is much more prevalent, rather than boarding-school Whites who WANT to be Investment Bankerz. (But note:  Investment Banking too is Inherently Jewish. Just not the Marxist SWPL kind, hahaha.) That Stillman can really Skewer a Subculture with amazing, hilarious, quotable writing. Just look up metropolitan movie stillman quotes, the movie is chock full of them. I might even have to watch it twice, hahaha. Like he says he’s not a Marxist, but he is a Socialist, but more of a Fourierist. The movie mainly mocks pretentious, obnoxious pseudointellectualism prob better than it can accurately dissect the contemporary state of Race and Class. But if you’ve spent ANY time around pseudointellectuals aka “intellectuals”, you’ll enjoy it. In the commentary Stillman says he was using the movie to “get back” at some stupid intellectual arguments he’d had as a youf but was unable to come up with a snappy comeback at the time. I can relate, haha.

Though I make the characters out to be Jerks, they’re actually quite likeable, which helps the movie. Has a nice, friendly, light, nonserious tone, and even a fair amount of Honest Heart. Especially the last 5 minutes or so.

Also a decent, surprising, refreshing understanding of Core Game concepts. These aren’t hard but Average Movies refuse to acknowledge them: Wimmin Love Alpha Jerks, Betas Don’t Get Laid, Pure Virginal Wimmin are Superior to Promiscuous Sluts, Men can be used as “c0ck placeholders” and don’t appreciate it, etc. I think it was probably on Heartiste that I heard the movie mentioned. Then I heard a real-life person mention it and I figured now was the time to plunge.

I could see myself being the Whit Stillman of the Millennials who does that more up-to-date movie about Bourgeois SWPL Leftists and Self-Loathing Rich Whites, Brahmin Hipsters, etc. If I had his ridiculous talent for writing a 90-minute Stream O’ Jokes!

If you could take the best parts of Whit Stillman and Lena Dunham that might be what I’m talking about. Of course Stillman has a ton more Good in him than Dunham does because he’s not a Marxist Racist Wh0re, but Dunham’s still pretty good at Examining Her Own Generation too.

It’s unfortunate his movie career was on hiatus for about 15 years. I wouldn’t mind him making a movie a year like Woody Allen or 2 movies a year like Kaurismaki. He feeeeelz like a true talent where even his bad going-thru-the-motions movies would be better than Average Movies. I have Queued up the rest of his movies to watch in the near future, with “Damsels In Distress” coming next, because I’m curious to see what he does in 2011, his big return from the hiatus.

Also, the character Audrey was great. My Kinda Girl: Beautiful, Radiant, Prime of Youth, CLEARLY a Virgin when all her peers were becoming Sluts, because she had Strong Principles. Also I liked the idea that the two guys who liked her, who initially hated each other, ended up becoming friends. One has Game but the other does Not. SPOILER: It is far beyond the scope of the movie if Audrey picks one or the other. And I liked both characters so I’m not sure which one she should pick: the wimpy pseudointellectual gameless beta (but a True Niceguy and Goodguy) OR the “Prole” Kid with better Game, who was also a Goodguy. See what I mean about the movie having Heart. Without being Sentimental. Strikes that hard-to-strike chord like Woody Allen.  But not AS Jeurotic. Audrey is played by the actress Carolyn Farina who by now is 47-48 and doesn’t look so good if ya know what I mean. But she shoulda had a much better career than she did.


Stillman was born in 1952 and is 60 years old in 2012. A little older than I guessed. He went to HARVARD. That is not as surprising!

“Metropolitan” described as a “Comedy Of Manners.” Now I will proceed to Grecycle Wikipedia and call it Compelling Writing ™, hahahahahaha.

Bonus: Our Hero Tom has a copy of “DECLINE OF THE WEST” by You-Shouldn’t-Have-To-Ask on his bedside table. Nothing like a Great Books reference!

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