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I suppose I may have Hit Bottom and not even known it. Re my No Chutzpah. I even avoid Socializing With People because of fear about people talking about their CAREEEEEERS, and I haven’t cleverly rehearsed my LIE there beyond “working on a degree” and I can’t say “don’t care what it is, just want a safe lazy cushy unionized office cubicle job where I can tune out and a monkey could do my job, and if you were honest, you’d recognize a monkey could do YOUR job too and you wouldn’t be such a big Tryhard True Believer Career Worshipper Every Day Is The Best Day Of Your Life Doing Something You Love AND Saving The World Careeeeeeeeer.” Because I’ve ALWAYS resisted Unpaid Internships and other Bona Fides for having a Real Careeeer. More interested in the Higher Purposes of Morality, Religion (I won’t say “Spirituality” because THAT word is faggy as f00k and for SWPLs who are AFRAID of Morality and Religion!), Family, (The 14 Words, hahaha), etc. And if you’re a SWPL Tryhard

and it’s Oppressive and Conservative to be Religious, well then you just make the Careeeer your Religion and say you’re Very SPIRITUAL! fucking f4gg0ts. Not the people I know, of course, but my Extremely Anti-Career Attitudes have had noticeable affect on me being much more Visibly Professionally Unsuccessful than They. Which only makes sense, because I wasn’t willing to Work Hard, and you Get Out what you Put In, No One To Blame But Myself, and of course it’s all true! However the people Closest in my Circle of Trust do not judge me for my Career Loserhood and I can Just Be Myself; and even those more on the Periphery of the Circle would not intend any Harm Or Offense Or Judgement by simply asking about my careeeer, in which case I would just

deflect with a polite half-truth and try to change the subject; if they didn’t get the hint, then I would be more direct with saying I Just Don’t Want To Talk About That. NO BIG DEAL. But, without Giving Away Too Much Biographical Information, I am at that Stage Of Life where it’s really not cool to “Still be figuring yourself out” and Normal People My Age have completed their Masterz Degreez a few years ago, used it to get in an Entry Level Masterz Careeeeer, THEN gotten promoted from that, and right now Marriage is the hot thing, AND, I predict, CHILDREN will be not far off. So the guy saying stuff like Careers are BS, Marriage is BS, can easily be dismissed as Loser Talk from a Lazy Loser who wasn’t willing to work hard enough to get the Careers and Marriages of his Peers he’s so Jelly Of.

BUT THAT’S ENOUGH NAVEL-GAZING, Although I DO believe the author NEEDS to share a bit of his OWN life a LITTLE bit so his audience knows where’s he’s coming from. No, you don’t want to Give your enemies your Weaknesses, but I’m not really trying to make any ENEMIES. If anything, I’m trying to be HONEST with my ALLIES.

But I will just say that I COULD & SHOULD “Apply Myself” some more, and with that I probably DO have the Power to Make myself “Respectable” enough to Socialize with Real Grown-Ups with Real Careers. Then I’d only be One Step Removed, and right now I’m Two Steps Removed, and that’s One Step Too Much. You’re Only Worth What You WORK!

So I don’t get into the Narcissism of Small/Minor Differences as Firepower so brilliantly clued me in to that term; nope, my own Narcissism is more enough for me! My rule is, if I agree with somebody 80%, That’s Good Enough For Me! HELL, 80% IS A SH!TLOAD! I could prob even make do with as low as 60%!

But I am inspired by “The 4 hour work week” to HIRE MY OWN INDIAN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to DO THE WORK FOR ME which I described 2 paragraphs above, and it would prob be within their power to “Achieve Results” for me, hehehe. Even If I were to hire them for say….16 hours a month. Maybe even 8. Assuming paying them 10$ an hour. Then I’d go with 8 hours a month, hahahahaha.

But I COULD just be Grumpy and Grouchy and Angry and Frustrated, the way I have No Chutzpah and EVERYBODY has SOME kind of Chutzpah, even if it’s not for their Careeeeeer Per SE. In other words I am not a Normal Healthy Average Human….assuming Normal Healthy Average Human is not a Decadent Jewish Faggot Careeeerist Consumerist SWPL Marxist America-Destroying Swine, hahahaha. No I said Average HEALTHY Human. Line up all the Real People in your life you Admire, and then find the person at the Bottom of that list and then emulate them and then work your way up. It’s good to Cut Out Losers in Your Life and Choose To Hang Out With Winners, and I am really stuggling to Not be that Kind of Loser I wouldn’t want to hang out with! Life Is

HARD! Give Baby His Baba! What do you do when YOU ARE The Loser? You Quit Whining, Dust Yourself Off, and Bust 4ss to make yourself the winner, not WHINE about how you don’t have the “CHUTZPAH” to Not Want To Work To Be A Winner anymore! But yeah That’s “Where I’m Coming From”. I have a VERY Bad history of JUST GIVING UP which I MUST Overcome, it’s a life or death struggle. Kinda scary, hahahaha. But yeah, Average People have not Given Up On Life to the extent I have. In the Past. Heh. This is why I say Joining The US Military woulda been good for me as a Wayward Giving-Up Little Punk, even if they do Sacrifice Children For Israel. Well Thankfully they still have Honest Hard Working Man Jobs in Bakken/Williston, that is one of the few remaining opportunities for me to Straighten Up and Get My Sh!t together.

BUT enough WHINING and FAGGINESS, I AM cautiously Optimistic, And I refuse to put any kind of Faggy Emotional Burden on the Real People I DO know, because when you get some sad sack who emails you a 9,000 page email about how he has nothing left to live for after some b!tch dumped him, well there’s not much you can do for him even if you want to, AND you really hope that even saying “I Sympathize For You And Your Pain” does not provoke EVEN MORE 9,000 page emails, but of course the 9000-page emailer is not in his right mind, and he doesn’t know any better anyway. ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.

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Just used the Decadence Brandon Toy (Good Price Newegg Refurb Laptop Dec 2012 semi Time Machine) to read Eradica for at least an hour. I Can NOT argue with that! Talk vs Action. Waking Average White Men like me UP to DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. Things wont get violent for 20 or 40 more years, and when it is finally Showdown Shootout time, we will be very old or dead and it will be up to our GRANDCHILDREN to do the fighting. And do you think THEY’LL be ready?

This is where Emotion can be useful, to build attachment to a cause, to get people passionate enough for action, to care enough to do something, and FP’s writing is real good at that. And packed with more information than I even care to read with all the links and citations. but that’s good writing. you should cite your sources if you want to be taken seriously. I don’t care that ZOG Professors do it in their Publish Or Perish articles. Just drop a link to show you aren’t talking completely out of your 4ss. OR say IMHO like me, cause nowadays I specialize only In My Own Opinion, hahaha. So: I am Today’s Brandon only well past the prime of youth, my best fighting years are behind just like ZOG wants it, now I’m old and tired and just want 3 hots and a cot and to work a steady job and sleep. I can see the wrong turn the US and The West are taking but I don’t care enough to stop it, or to even resist it.

But there’s very little that separates me from the Handout-Hungry Hippos other than a Good Family, which I am thankful for. I had Good Nature AND good Nurture, and I still can’t figure out how or why I chose to Give Up. Because Not Giving Up was Not “Incentivized” (Fag Word) Rewarded? Because Giving Up Was Rewarded? Because Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off? I talk about wanting Children some day when I’m Able, but would it REALLY kill me NOT to? Will I really ever be able? In many ways I am a str8 up Mating Market Loser, have just Given Up, just don’t care. So uh let me be your cautionary tale, let me fill You with the Passion and Energy and Vigour that I do not have, that I feebly wished I had. Let me get YOU fired up cause I can’t seeeeem to get fired up no mo. At this point my life is dedicated to trying to pay back those individuals who have directly helped me survive. And I will be very lucky if I can do that, let alone go beyond.

Talk About A Whiny Screeching Beta Faggot! Heh. Time for bed. Maybe I can get both you AND me Fired Up tomorrow. Always been a Moooooody Baby.

ok had to come back here and right that wrong after a good nights sleep, didn’t want to start my “holiday vacation” on the wrong foot. This is just to show that I can be my Own Worst Enemy and a pretty convincing one at that. Don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy, my children! Streams of extremely pessimistic thoughts like that used to tempt me to Drink. Thankfully I have overcome the temptation to Drink, yet I still get the same streams of thoughts and feeeeeelings. I hope Firepower doesn’t get that from all the Bourbon he drinks, hahahaha. Nothing wrong with Jim Beam! I wish I had drank more “Bulleitt”, I hear that’s real good bourb. I don’t count this as “Oversharing” because IMHO The Writer Should* (tm FP) be honest with his audience about Who He Is, and Who He Is can and should be part of What He Writes. Just not in a bad or oversharing way. The Man Is His Writing Is The Man. At least in My Opinion. You’re free to disagree. But since that’s what I believe, I’m gonna Live Up To It.

Go read articles, go watch videos, write your own articles, intro body conclusion, just like they taught you in Gummint Union Skool. But you’re Smart, so take that simple format and make it work for you. Read interesting articles, be sure to cite and link to them. don’t be afraid to have an opinion hahaha. keep the intro and conclusion short, like one sentence saying “my opinion/argument is this”, make a provocative, poetic, profound statement to get the people fired up, awake the sheople from their slumber. Keep the whole thing 600 or 800 or 1000 words, I fully agree, long posts are stupid. If you can’t keep from writing a long post, just break it up into shorter posts. not so difficult.

Still listening to The Turner Diaries. Great example of a Rousing, Firing-Up Story. although it does drag in parts, other parts are real good.

To be honest, I am the world’s biggest truest True Believer in BOIL THE FROG. I’ve said this but it bears repeating. Baby Steps. (Pierce mentions it several times in the TurnerDiaries too.) Boil The Frog is an extremely effective and successful way of Making Big Changes. Both in your own life, and in The World. Our Civilization. One little thing at a time, one day at a time, 1% at a time (don’t think of OWS, I mean 1% in the strictly Percentage Sense!), and then 100 days later, you’re at 100%. It’s not overnight but it’s certainly not a LONG time either. If I were gonna do my part to Save The World it would def be thru Boil The Frog. I just gotta Boil my OWN Frog FIRST. Maybe help YOU Boil Your own frog too.

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great search term brought someone here: “MRAs are bitter because women get to choose their mates” . Maybe. You got a point there, searcher, albeit a bit crude. This is why I believe in Game/Charisma: Men must develop and perfect THEIR ability to choose THEIR mates, rather than hang out by the wall at the dance and WAIT to get picked by the Ugly Girl after all the Tall Handsome Charming Athletic Leaderly Charismatic Men have been chosen.

So I might be A Little Racist; But I don’t HATE Nonwhites for being Nonwhite; BUT I might also be A Little White Supremacist and believe that As-A-Group, The White Race is a More Evolved, More Intelligent, More Moral, and BETTER Than the Black Race, but I don’t hate blacks for it, in fact maybe even PITY them for it, and recognize that an individual black CAN be as Good as some individual white; but the main thing you CAN say about ME is that I’m Generally Against Mad Multiculturalism – the state essentially FORCING very different groups of people to live together. I say Resegregate the races and all races will be haaaaaappier. Crack down on Illegal Immigration, even Legal Immigration. Use Our Taxpayerz Money to Monitor and Punish Employers who Illegally Hire Illegalz. The End.

Lights were off at 6:30pm last night! Paleo Bedtime. I established that I need the Upper Limit of Sleep – 9 hours – and will make Big Sacrifices to get it: social life, hobbies, wimminz. Because the sacrifices are WORTH IT, because the cost of not getting 9 hours of sleep is THAT bad. BUT: Morally Lazy Loser Depressed people would want to sleep 24 hours a day if you let them, and I do have a little bit of that. BUT the Greedy Plutocrat Medical Establishment might be lying to you about both Sleep AND “Depression” just like they lie about CANCER! So they can SCARE you with CANCER, make a MILLION bucks off your cancerous body, then you DIE in  6 months or one year or 5 years or 10 years of CANCER, when you coulda just CURED yourself of CANCER with a DR HULDA CLARK ZAPPER and eliminating TOXINS from your diet!

Ok was reading something, possib a comment on West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) that American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor referred to anti-semites as “DEGENERATES” or “DEPRAVED” or something else that could be construed as JT/AmRen being Soft On Jews. Jewlovers. Shabbas Goys, hahaha. I don’t know. I guess a quick internet search “amren jews” might help.

OK. had a breakthrough. On Day 48 of Rejection Grief. It’s not Grief over REJECTION, THAT probably only took 21 days or so. It’s MUCH moreso a Struggle To Destroy The PEDESTAL. A pedestal that was 100 MILES HIGH. And I can only take 1 mile off it per day. Thus, 100 days. This makes a lot of sense, considering it WAS a BIGASS Pedestal. At LEAST 100 Miles. Proverbially. So yeah every day I destroy 1 mile of it, and that’s nothing to sneeze at… until I remember the pedestal was at least 100 miles tall anyway. Heh. I considered that I might have to increase 100 days to….120 days or so. 4 months. why not.

Chapter 8 For My Heirz: How To Destroy The Pedestal Once You Realize It’s Not Really The Rejection Per Se That’s Crushing You

Uhh take 100 days and at the end of each day cross off that day’s number and say, “I have now gotten one day closer to destroying the pedestal, today I went from destroying the pedestal 50% to 51%, good job me.” Recently I passed day 50 and thought “does that feeeeeel right? does The Pedestal Reeeeeally Feeeeeel 50% gone?” It’s gone a little bit, but not yet 50% I don’t feeeeeel. So: let’s say 30%, that’s closer. 30/50 as 100/x. 30x = 50*100 = 5000 / 30 = x = 500/3 = 166.66667 days To Fully Destroy The PEdestal.  167 days. Yikes. OH WELL. At least I can do Almost The Bare Minimum Of Life, which, while unfortunately does not include Optimal KareeeeeerBuilding, it thankfully includes Not Getting Fired, not dying on the streets, not getting Raeped In Jail, not having cancer or aids, etc etc. NOT BAD UH?

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THANK YOU TO ROBERT STARK AND SDAEDALUS for the Follows! These people are “KINDA” A Big Deal, and I would advise them to strictly “manage expectations” hahaha. If you want Smart, Informed, “Pointy-Headed” Race-Conscious Or Ultraconservative Writing, try The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents or any number of wonderful places (I’ve not given nearly enough praise for TOO!) My own FlogBlog exists mainly to selfishly scratch my Writing Addiction!

Also Try not to email me for the next couple months, as I have let that get real backed up and don’t know when I’ll get back to it. Maybe Thanksgiving or CHRISTmas/Saturnalia time. That applies to the whole world too, I am in Hermit Mode now. Just Blindly Flogging for Fun’n’NoProfit, trying to keep Narcissism at 49% or under, no promises, been grumpy lately. I even take back what I said in a(n unpublished!) post about Mr Stark sounding slightly “spergy” –  I admire Your GOOD WORK and plan on listening to a lot more of Your shows!

Long Post Warning: 998 Words. Just pretend it’s 700.

And Happy Halloween, and Wimminz (aka “Murdererz”, wait til you see the full brunt of this Upcoming Nomenclature Shift) remember: Dress like a wh0re ONCE, even if just for “fun”, then a wh0re you will Always Be! Slippery Slope! Myself, I was thinking of Going As Bernanke, Blankfein, Rothschild, or Zoggerberg this year, try one of those instead. NONSEXUAL Costume. NOT SEXY/SEXUAL. Maybe Merlin Miller. Not to associate him with those others one bit! I Gotta do some Research on him.

It is IMPERATIVE that I address the idea of Marxist/Leftist Anti-Israel-ness. For example, Jewish Social Justice Activists at Elite SWPL Universities Who Have Social Justice Activists, who correctly recognize the Oppressive Brutality of The State Of Israel towards The Palestinians, and then call for “Divestment” and Not Supporting Israel and all that. How does this fit in? Whose side are these people on? Are They Useful Idiots Running Interference and Not Even Realizing It? Certainly we can agree that all the usual suspects of marxist causes they champion (decadence, multiculturalism) are bad, but did they happen to get something right for once with all the anti-israel stuff? maybe, maybe not, I must Do Homework.

Decided to break out the old geetar and practice one of my Go-To Songz, “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach. Fun and satisfying to play. In my New Phase of Born-Again Religious Devotion, I interpreted the song as A Prayer of Thanks To God, which, IMHO, it accomplishes beautifully; and then I tried to think of music that also Joyously and Thankfully Praises God in a similar way, NOT in the Corny-Ass way of Modern Church Music, NOR the super-solemn stuff of Old Church Music (that latter I DO enjoy greatly, particular Monks Chanting; see below for a Hypothesis on Prayer Music both Sad and Happy via Black Metal). So I wanted something Serious, but not Solemn or Sad. Cause sometimes You’re BEGGING God for strength to help you through the proverbial Valley of Tears, but other times, you want to give thanks for the gift of life, because you really don’t have it THAT bad, ya whiny crybaby. Unless you DO, and MANY people do. Sucks to be them! Try to help them out if you can.

If you’re a True Believer, that helps you be a Real True Tryhard with your Education, like really Religiously Studying Your Flashcards and Religiously doing your Unpaid Internships, so you can have an “easier” (though it’s not really “easy” because you’re Trying and Working HARD!) time finally getting the careeeeeeeer than the Cynical Red-Pill Dweller who thinks Educationz are a SCAM. If you think The Whole System is BS, you won’t work as hard, you won’t try as hard, you won’t bust your 455 on Unpaid Internships, and then you’ll ultimately never get that Cushy Cubicle Job: Steady Work, Full-Time Work, Average Income, Health Care, Maybe a Retirement Plan, Probably not Job security, Prob not Overtime, but it’ll be Steady Work while it lasts and you won’t destroy your back or body and become addicted to Opiates, or working with Tuff Guys who want to Knife you like in a Prison Gang, you’ll just have to deal with Stupid Wimminz TALKING, and that is certainly better than getting a knife in the back from a Felon, getting Mesothelioma, or Being in Constant Tortuous Pain for the rest of your life. Then you can install a Tread-Desk and PRETEND to “Work”, while really just reading and blogging, smile and nod your head while all the Murdererz around you get older and fatter and stupider, and you can be ever more happy and thankful you aren’t Enslaved to one of them!

One commercial for a Local “Public” University said “Don’t think of it as 4 years of school, think of it as The Four Years of Crucial Experience That Is Preparing You For That First Interview.” I thought that was pretty telling. Can readily be interpreted two ways, guess which way I chose haha.

So, business it is. Where does The Introverted Businessman have the best odds. Probably Accounting. Accounting it is. Or Quantitative Finance. Wanna PROVE I’m SMART enough to Pass Hard Maths, which I AM, just don’t want to WORK as HARD as an ENGINEER. Need a career where you can call people faggots all day. But Not do Body-Breaking Physical Labour with Violent Felonz. BUT: NON-Body-Breaking Manual Labor with NONviolent Felonz is A-OK, note!

So how’s this. Transcendent Atmospheric Black Metal that captures both the Depths of Despair, a more honest version of “Depressive” black metal, where the end goal is not (always) Suicide, as it is in DSBM, but some sort of Happy Ending, whether that’s giving Praise to God, or Becoming Your Own Ubermensch God, culminating in something very Triumphant and Wagnerian. But Atmospheric, Epic, and fairly Raw/Organic/Unfaggy Black Metal will be the Main Palette here from which this music is “drawn.” Healthy Dash of Race-Consciousness thrown in there too, and Anti-Leftism. Light as Well as Darkness, though it’s strange to think of “Light” Black Metal. Unless you’re Alcest with his Fantasy Happy Land, hahaha, but I do kinda like that. Christian Black Metal giving Praise To The JewGod, now THAT doesn’t sound corny!

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Took the Hit Counter off bc don’t want to give the impression I care about HITS. Sure it’s nice if people actually ENJOY this, but obviously I’m not TRYING too HARD towards that end. Eschaton, hahaha. This is pure Narcissibation, no better than playing a mindless gaym. Not aspiring to greatness here. Other than trying to pump self up to DO things. Today: do some “Upper Body Work”, but not TOO much. All about Upper Body lately, as IMHO is has the best ROI re Game and Quality of Young Tail Pulled. Aiming for 8’s remember.

Thinking about growing the Neatest, Shortest, most Professional-looking of Beards to emphasize Masculineness, prob per a suggestion from Danger and Play. As a Short, Small-Framed Man, I have to Compensate. Make up the difference.

This is challenging and often dashes initial high hopes. Obviously have to keep the neckbeard gone. goog “best way to shave neckbeard”. one guy at least cautions against shaving TOO HIGH. In the past I would go pretty high due to trying to avoid the stigma of the dread NECKBEARD as much as possible.

Remember: even the Strongest Men can break down for a Crazy Wimminz if she is YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE, AND INTO YOU; that if it turns out she is “too” into you, and/or “too” crazy, you will look past it because the Young P-ssy is So Good. I can caution you against it, but I can’t even be certain I could be strong against a Young 8 or god forbid 9!

Men are not allowed to express any dissatisfaction or complain or disgust or contempt for any women without being labeled a Violent Woman-Hater. There’s a big difference between HATE and disapproval, and even a big difference between hate and violence. It’s gotten to the point where a Wimminz can be a total piece of Crap and then when the man calls her out on it, HE’s the bad guy. f00K THAT sh!t!

And it’s gotten so that Average Women are simply annoying and stupid. That’s the norm. Just go on Fagcebook and look at Wimminz’s profiles. They’re stupid and annoying, just as they are in Real Life. Minimize your interactions. Use them for sex then tell them to GTFO, or maybe continue to suck on your D until you can get hard and bang them again, THEN tell them to GTFO so you can have some peace and quiet, or productivity, or whatever YOU want: read a blog, watch movies, play games, do math homework. Of course, Cover Your 4ss so you don’t get a False Raep Accusation.

Of course, some women are better than others, some are less stupid & annoying. Good for Them. & if you honestly enjoy their company,  good for you. Just don’t be a tryhard doing all the work in the “exchange” and don’t think that just because Wimminz are Average Less Cool than Men, that you have to tilt the playing field, so that if a Wimminz is cooler than Average Wimminz but still not REALLY cool, you’ll give her extra points just because she’s a Wimminz, like Affirmative Action. HELL NO. She has to be cool on YOUR terms.

Is it possible to COMPLAIN without WHINING? IMHO, ABSOLUTELY! I LIKE talking about how Crappy Wimminz are, let me count the ways, but I don’t consider myself WHINING about it, like “Waaaaaahhhhhh, why are Wimminz so stupid, I wish they weren’t so stupid and I could find a Nice Girl and Get Married and have Children and we would Love Each Other, waaaahhhhhhh!” F00k THAT Sh1t. Wimminz are just Stoopid C00ntz. On Average. They DO stupid sh-t, they SAY stupid sh-t, they BUY stupid sh-t, they spread their uteri &  anii and get f00ked BY stupid sh-t LIKE stupid sh-t. f00K THAT sh-t!

Do Hairy men need to Shave their Body Hair to pull p-ssy? Hell no. Wimminz jabber all the TIME about how hairy men with hairy backs and shoulders are GROSS. But I GUARANTEE, with a muscular, firm enough body and competent, confident charisma, these men can get these selfsame hair-h8trz wimminz to lick their hairy, dingleberried 4ssholes!

Moonsorrow. Feel self transitioning gradually into a Moonsorrow phase. Finally pulled away from Dio to listen to Moonsorrow’s latest “Varjoina…”. Really SHOULD go to that crappy bar in the crappy (very blaq!) part of town to see them in a few months, even if they are not headliner. They are one of the few Modern, Active, Touring Metal bands I actually really like & respect & am Into, plus their epic, superheavy, headbanging, fist-pumping, spine-chilling music lends itself to a Potential CLASSIC show. Just wish they were headlining & playing at a better venue!

michael phelps is a balllicking f4g. haha. but seriously. that is an alpha male who could & prob does have a rotation of 9’s. He probably would be chill to hang-out with and me getting his SLOPPY SECONDS would be better than the b1tches in my rotation right now!

“Men who regularly substitute the word ‘b1tches’ for ‘women’ are potential WOMEN-BEATERS and abusers! to use those words synonymously is a Big Red Flag meaning they have Respect Issues and Anger Issues and Violence Issues bla bla bla, mmmm lookie,  big blaq cox! mmmm slurrrrrppppppppp! smaq smaq smaq slurrrrrrpppppppp!!”

balllicking f4gs, j1zzguzzling wh0res.

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Stole that DIRECTLY from Firepower. Blogging Gilded Cage pt 1.

Roosh V Forums: working in the Canadian Oil Sands (Edmonton ALB?)  “6 figures in 6 months”


Obvious OIL is an industry where there’s a lot of money, follow the money, usually find jobs. Might be a good job idea for MGTOWs, or for ppl who like to get best ROI, or for lazy underachievers who would prefer to work real hard for 6 months and then just milk the money rather than working hard 100 hours a week till death.

I would live in a Man Camp, work 16 hours a day, 6 months at a time. If it sucked THAT BAD I’d just do it once. Obv there are a lot of Drinkers/Drug Users / Juggalos get into this, I would be nice to them but not use those destructive substances of course, just mind my own business and work and then save/invest a lot of the money, use rest to buy “cheap” car, “cheap” place in country with no neighbors, a few tech toys, some musical stuff, startup capital for biz, etc. maybe take “cheapest” online classes. maybe get a nice dog. I don’t “hate people”, I just really LIKE the idea of having a HOME to RELAX in that’s 50 yards from nearest neighbor. Basically where I can play DRUMS whenever I want & not get complaints, but not SO isolated that I wouldn’t have ANYBODY nearby in case of emergencies. Drive a Toyota Camry or Ford Focus or some ridiculous “consumer reports most efficient, reliable, bang for yr buck” car ever.

Pref in an area that doesn’t snow, doesn’t hurricane or flood, doesn’t have jungle-caliber insects, hahahahahahaha.

Only just now (Aug 2, 2012) realizing the importance of Mencius Moldbug. Heard about him for a few years, never really read. So he’s real smart, reads $500 worth of books a month, good writer, writes (wrote) a lot of posts, and realllllly long book-length posts. The blog is a real long Book.

Just bc it’s LONG doesn’t make it IMPORTANT, but bc it’s Smart, Interesting, & Informed does!

When I can get some relief from my Overbearing S3x-Addiction, I find it very compelling. Printing out at least 10 pages to put in my “Red Pill Book.”

I’m in “survival mode”, my excuse for not being super intellectual. Not satisfied with where I am yet, what I’m doing, view self as unhappy and unhealthy, so that I’m REALLY not at the top of my Mental Intellectual Game, and really quite stressy and anxious and overemotional. Now I am working to improve all that, and I expect my Stuff will get better-thought out as I Fix these Personal Problems, and indeed I still like to play around with some pseudointellectual stuff, I just can’t get as DEEP into it as a more “healthy” person would.

Examples of stuff that would greatly improve my health, ie, “complete” me, make me “at the top of my game” : simple! getting a better (Bigboy) Jerb, improving my Rotation to an Avg 8, getting in good Shape, getting a nice quiet place like I mentioned above, making better progress on my Science degree / careeeeeeer (though I don’t require it to be meeeeeeeaningful, just bigboy!)

So you can see why GAME is moreso my focus now than “Political Science,” haha. It’s serving a very Basic and I would say Fundamental “Need.” (Actually a Cripplingly Strong Want. A Crypto-Need or Pseudoneed if You will.)


Larry King, “How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, on Google Books. Update: some reviews say this is more of an “Autobiography” than a legit Making Conversation For Dummies book.

Social Skills. Talking to people. I’m fine being an Introvert, but there is def SOME Social Anxiety in there. MILD, not moderate, haha. Not all Introverts have Soc Anx. I’d say maybe 30%-50% Do. They are not the same thing obv. But both can be bad.

Was just thinking Social Anxiety is The Dreamkiller (Tom Leykis refers to Wimminz as Dreamkillers) because bad enough SocialAnx can REALLY screw you up on INTERVIEWS. Then you NEVER get a good job, then you become a permanent failure. It goes without saying that you never get Young Tail, bc that involves even better Social Skills than doing a good interview. And someone with No Job and No Tail is gonna be a damn unhealthy loser.

You’d have to do REAL good in a technical degree to prove you have strong tech skills to compensate for your weak social skills. Also, some severe SocAnx people can’t even get through COLLEGE. Boom. InstaLoser. Genetic DEAD END. Loser At LIFE.

So you could be potentially really smart & competent, but you end up being a TOTAL LOSER IN EVERY WAY just because of ANXIETY. PATHETIC.

Nydwracu’s style can get a little tuff if that’s all you read. He’s always ON in that mode, full-on smartypants. I greatly enjoy him, but Moldbug is more “fun” and approachable.

It’s a somewhat empowering feeeeeeeeling when an attractive young girl OBVIOUSLY is Into You, it’s like they’re playing their own version of Girl Game with you, they find YOU attractive, and they’re clearly SIGNALLING it to you, saying “You can do no wrong, everything you say is interesting and funny, and I’m going to let you Bang me soon.” And then you do. And then hopefully the wimminz doesn’t go CRAY. Point is, this is an exceedingly rare thing for Avg Betas. Happens maybe once or twice in their lives that they don’t have to WORK like that. That, or the wimminz that likes them is Not Attractive.

Maxim: All Wimminz would do well to remember this FACT. For the Vast Majority of men, Actual Sex is  an INFrequent  AND  UNEnjoyable Activity.

Corrolary (heheh idea of “Corrolaries” and “Maxims” stolen from Heartiste) : The more Frequent and Enjoyable The Average Man’s Fantasy Sex Life, the less Frequent and Enjoyable becomes his already-infrequent and unenjoyable Actual Sex Life.

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