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Gon try something new here. tired of time machine & so R U. back to extreme fragments. basically a long tweet. a short post. new & fresh. news o the day. friday march 29 2013. Real Time. def under 1000 words!

gay marriage. really amusing is facebook reaction. tons of wimminz changing picture to pink equal sign on red background. good for you. Most amusing hilarious thing is the GUYS who do the same. i mean the straight guys. seeeeems like they are begging for approval &attention from wimmin: “look at me! See, All guys are not homophobic hateful brutes! (“Fwisky Bwute” tm Eradica) I’m a compassionate caring niceguy! Date me! Date me! (heh tm Chapin)

Now, wimmin are FAMOUSLY very Facebook-Activist regarding anti-homophobia, gay rights, gay marriage, loving gays, having contempt for Family Values Rednecks, and in general,  being huge Facebook Fanz of Mainstream Daily Show Rachel Maddow Alex Wagner MSNBC Librulism, etc. Yet any man who’s Ever Lived A Day In His Life knows that Wimmin Find Homophobic Men more Manly, so you’re not helping yourself Get Laid by Pretending to Support Gay Marriage to show how Tolerant , Nice,  Enlightened andLibrul you are, Ya Beta Neckbeard Kissless Virgin!

Even if the guy is Already Getting Laid, putting up this pic ensures he will get laid worse/less. It can only HURT his Sex Life.

Of course maybe you realize there’s more important things In Life than Your Sex Life (and boy is there ever!) and you’re willing to sacrifice that to show your solidarity.

IMHO this should be a States Issue not a Federal one, and I am quite suspicious of SCOTUS. Compared to some Radical Conservatives or Traditionalists, I have less of a problem with gays, &have even gotten along well with gays in the past. their gayness does not bother me as much as the RAFT of Lame Gay Faggy Librul Swpl Marxist YKWish anti-white Issues SO OFTEN associated with Gays.

I don’t want it to be Slippery Slope to Decadence. IMHO Gayness is not as Decadent as the MUCH more worrisome & prevalent pandemic of young white girls taking n00d photos, racking up High Partner Counts, HookUp, Friends With Benefits, Sex-Positive, Soft Polyamory, No Commitment, No Consequences, FunSexperimentation, Moral Relativism, Open Relationships, The Slut Phase, “Dating Around”, Spring Break, Having Fun, Hedonism, Anal Sex, Weirder Fetishes being Normal, They Think It’s Right Because They’re Not Right,  etc. And even more decadent than all THAT – and contributing to the General Moral Decay, and the Gradual Acceptance of That Laundry List of Everyday Decadence –  is the PORN Poison millions of people watch every day.

But then how many Gays are Radical Conservatives who are against all those?

Heh. “CORNUCOPIA” is not a new word, but I’ve not used it till now, so there it is. In my understanding, refers to the abundance &availability &low price of, at very least, the necessities of life (compare with TSHTF & you have to trade guns’n’ammo & yr 18 year old daughter for One Can Of Beans); but can also IMHO refer to general Mentality of Decadence, Materialism, Cheap Fast Food, Excess, Immoderation, Hedonism, Sensualism, Disposeability. Of people as well as products.

Point is, the Cornucopia spoils &poisons &rots people &makes them really unprepared for when The Cornucopia inevitably runs out.

Heh heh REAL profound stuff, hahahahaha. So Go Read Mindweapons. Go Read Eradica. I’m just having fun over here. Just jerkin the gherkin. but at least i’m not exploiting girls of my race.

Trying to Ruthlessly Eliminate Fagspeak, Snark, Irony, Coyness, Cutesyness, Sarcasm, Weakness, Waffling, etc from my language. Hard habit to break, but slowly getting there.

[search: “my little pony friendship is magic bronies as example of New Sincerity” “what is New Sincerity” “My Little Pony New Sincerity”]

Becoming less of a White Nationalist Sympathizer and more of a White Nationalist, heh heh. I feeeeeeeeeel the “label” is breddy Freeing, maaaaan, and not at all restrictive like most labels. maaaaan. Pretty simple (“pretty” is a fagword, as you may have suspected!) but also pretty deeeeeep, maaaaaan. Not to make a mockery of the cause, but I’m Born White, and nothing’s gonna change that, so I can either be ashamed of it, or be PROUD of it, and protect My Race from harm & shame.  Breddy clear choice, MANG.

But I am still def in the Beginning Newb Stages, a NEWB, need to LURK MOAR.

my tolerance for gays and my Decadent, Jewish Obsession with Sex will not go over well with much of The WN Community. IMHO I can getawaywithit because I do NOT want to have mixed BABIES or nonwhite longterm mates, even though I will totes bang cute 18 year old nonwhite girls (note the youth distinction). Though I certainly don’t find them MORE attractive than 18 year old white girls!

Just trying to be honest with my allies here.  not gonna LIE and say I DON’T find some nonwhite 18 year old girls attractive!

ok enough Meta/Narcissism!

not sure whether “Racist” or “Racialist” is better term. don’t have a prob atm with “RACIST”, like say it loud and say it proud, “I Am A Racist!”, though that might scare off people who’re on the fence, on the verge of Their Awakening. And I was one of them a year ago, so, I can relate. Either word is good. I guess use “racialist” or “race realist” if your buddy is on the fence, but open to discussion.

But you might be pleasantly surprised at how many Whites are A Little Racist!

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I had just started listening to David Duke’s “My Awakening”, the updated audio version read by him in his nice gentle soothing voice, had a hard time tearing myself away to listen to Election Results after some of the early ET poll closes, 6pm, 7pm ish. REAL Gripping, I recommend it to ALL. Shoulda come to this one a LOT sooner.

So yeah. I am hooooooping for a more true, non-zionist, paleoconservative movement to form, in these next 4 years. I just don’t want to work to do it, hahahahaha. No but seriously folks, I WILL volunteer time and effort. I will even try working with Latinos! I’m willing to give Nonwhite (& Nonzionist / NonNeoCon!) Conservatives a chance, maybe TWO chances, before I give up on them and get more serious about Racial Separatism, WHICH, BY THE WAY, ABE LINCOLN SUPPORTED. According to David Duke. Who actually read what Lincoln wrote. Free the slaves, AND THEN encourage them to Go Back. YES I’m WELL aware of the problemz in LIBERIA. Just saying that The Founding Fathers and Lincoln were NOT in favour of a Multicultural State as it is today, EVEN IF they were in favour of No Slavery.

REALLY like what I’ve listened to of the David Duke book so far.

But I have reached my naptime of 318pm. I am lazy and lethargic which is not a Good White. As a child David Duke would read science books voracious and explore the wilderness voraciously. Including setting up his own Weird Little Zoo. I had no idea he was so into the science. But he would go out there and imagine he was Davy Crockett and get bit by snakes and catch and cook fish and build canoes and learned how to build houses from his father, was the antithesis of lazy and lethargic. His biggest Family Trouble was his Mother was a big drinker but he dealt with that in a healthy manner and forgave her and she eventually stopped drinking. Yeah I know Duke cheated on his wife and gambled lotsa money away too, but overall, I’m very impressed.

But lemme just be honest and say that the major thing holding ME back is not Zionists or Plutocrats or Minorities or Wimminz, but MYSELF. Laziness. My Tragic Flaw. Whatever the Greek word starting with H Firepower used that means “tragic flaw.” For me, it’s Laziness and Cowardice. Period. The End. So don’t think I’m BLAMING Wimminz, Jews, or Blacks for MY Downfall. Just America’s, hahahahaha. I’m no role model, except to say, Don’t Do As I Do, My Son. I haven’t totally Given Up on myself, but I have partially given up on myself, so the Going is SLOOOOOOOW as f00k. At this rate I will be staring down the barrel of Zionist gunz but will have been too lazy to prepare to defend myself. Might not even be Zionist Jackbootz, but just angry violent ethnic mobz looting and killing for fun, endangering my family while I whine about Nawalt Infatuations and Underemployment and Laziness!

Heh. Thinking about cutting back the blogging to 3 posts per week. Until I can personally DO more. Then maybe write about THAT, once I actually DO it. Heh. Good thing I’m only posting HALF of what I write anyway. This is TOO MUCH.



Alex Linder responds to Greg Johnson. Okay this is where a “falling out” is happening, hahaha. Linder is saying Johnson is all talk, no action, just a pointy-headed prognosticator with no balls. Bringing a tiny knife to a huge gunfight.

This blog is “An Appendix to The West’s Darkest Hour” done by this guy Chechar, who are kinda saying Greg Johnson and James O’Meara are homosexuals and not doing a good job with WN. I don’t think I would say that, after all I just confessed a Mancrush on Greg. Then again I WOULD like Greg, because I too am a niceguy pacifist feminized nonviolent scared-to-fight fag coward, hahaha. Infighting like this makes me not want to be part of ANY group and just GMOW. BUT more Significant Social Change can best be accomplished In Groups and not as GYOW Individuals. Cmon fellaz, we’re all against Zionists here!

Anyway he has a nice preview of KMAC’s book “Culture Of Critique”, so, I def recommend that! Also Chechar’s main blog The West’s Darkest Hour is well worth reading – hell might even PRINT OUT 10 pages! – though potentially intimidating to the newb.

Hell NO I’m not a PROFESSIONAL WN or an EXPERT New Rightist! I’m a NEWB!! A NOVICE!! I’m JUST GETTING INTO this stuff! Think of this more as NOTES on a Research Interest! You want something SERIOUS from Established Experts, go to one of the people on the blogroll. They’ve been INVOLVED for YEARS. I’ve just been READING off and on for less than ONE year. Wahh Wahh don’t attack me or leave mean comments or send mean emailz, I’m just a Sensitive Widdle Beta Boy! Waahh waahh, give baby his baba!

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Greg Johnson, “White Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism”

Was another thought-provoking article which I printed out and put in my Red Pill Binder 2012.


* Some Whites merely Hate Jews more than they Like Whites, and I agree that a healthy WN is a positive-minded WN.

* The state of Israel is necessary as a Jewish ethnostate/homeland

* Palestinians do need their own homeland too (“two-state solution”)

* Jews are more afraid of WHITE Anti-Semitism than MUSLIM Anti-Semitism; this is why they support diluting White Europe and US with hordes of Muslims

* “Cultural Marxism” is short-sighted, as well as “Country-Club Conservatism”

Then I thought of making a small monthly pledge to Counter-Currents; and when I went to Paleo Bed at 7pm I came up with my “30/30/25/15” breakdown.

But Now, the next day, I realize I forgot to put “Political Spectrum: Left Or Right” in there too. Uhh 30 30 30 25 15, hahaha.

Need to find a program that makes good pie graphs adding to 100%, allowing you to fine-tune the percentages bit by bit until you get it just right.

So: that becomes 30/130 = 23% , 25/130 = 19%, 15/130 = 12%. QED: 23 Class / 23 Sex / 23 Politic Stance /19 Race /12 Religion. OK I can prob live with that for today. Real EZ to remember too, hahaha.

NAVEL-GAYZING STORYTIME: The vast Majority of Wimminz I’ve been In Love With (ie, could be convinced to Have Heirs With) have been White. 8/10. BUT, 2 have been Jewish.  2/10. They looked white but they weren’t white. That’s how they fool you! Anyway, point is, 10/10 LOOKED white; Odds are very good I will never fall in Luv with and never be convinced to have an heir with a wimminz that doesn’t LOOK white, but I DO have a 20% of race-mixing with a White-looking Jew. I’ve gotten a LOT better at Spotting The Jew SINCE then, however.

I Argue we must draw a line between Male Friendship and Male-Female Mating.

But I’ve also said, in the past, “I have more in common with a Black MAN than a White WIMMINZ.”

OR: Given the Avg Black Man, he would have a better chance of being my FRIEND, than the Avg White Wimminz would to be a Good Mate.

BUT: I prefer White Mates, AND I prob have “marginally” more in common with a White Wimminz than a Black Wimminz.


Race is More Important Than Sex With Respect To Mating,


With Respect To Intermale Friendship,

Sex is More Important Than Race.

Or so I’m THINKING/FalsifiablyHypothesizing at this point in Oct 2012. Would be the perfect time to open this up to Comments, hahaha.

And of course IQ is a very important Characteristic IMHO. How could I forget about that. Add another 23 to the pie graph, hahaha.

I’d said recently that IF communities are race-segregated into Ethnostates, THEN those societies should be INTEGRATED wrt to IQ, and have Smarts Living And Working alongside the Dumbs.

Per “Bell Curve”, it’s hard to deny that USA today IS factually Segregated along IQ Lines to some extent. The Cognitive Elite, going to Elite colleges, getting Elite High-IQ jobs, living in Elite, High-IQ Brahmin Gayborhoods.

My Big Lite-Bulb Achimedes Eureka moment was, within this Very-Smart Highest-IQ Echelon, there also already IS (fact) some very important racial overtones, namely, All Jews Are High-IQ Cognitive Elite Brahminz; AND in the High-IQ Workplaces and Neighborhoods, we see a markedly pro-jewish and ANTI-WHITE mindset being propagated & getting stronger.

ok that’s enough for today hahaha.

So I’m not a full-blown “White Nationalist”, but I DO care enough about White Interests that I want to fight against Anti-Whitism. Anti-Anti-White I am, hahahahahahaha. Not to dance trollishly with Verbiage like Cultural Marxists, hahahaha.

Might eliminate “religion” from my scheme, since it’s “pretty much” (haha) a product of Race and Class, two more important things anyway. So now:

Class: 20%

Sex: 20%

IQ: 20%

Political: 20%

Race: 20%

I DO have to Fine-tune those, prob boost Sex by a few, take a few away from…..?

Heh. You want to JUDGE somebody, don’t look at their skin color (or maybe do for 20% of your judgment!), look at their BOOKSHELVES. (Hopefully plural.) 27-yo Wimminz with Fiat Masterz Degreez in Education Administration will have nothing but harry potter and hunger gaymz and twilight and 50 shadez and the occasional social science book from skool that looked cool, maybe “outlierz” or “the spirit catches you and you fall down.” (Back in my pseudo-Brahmin days, I used to make fun of the future 1% of Amerika for gushing over “100 Years Of Solitude” so universally. Now we’re at “50 shades of grey”, hahahaha. Class & IQ differences, haha. Statistically signif, but not signif to ME, haha.)

You can tell a Red Pill or at least an Above-Average IQ Person right away. Sometimes even just one smart book is enough to give it away, and I ain’t talkin about KARL MARX. I’d like to think you could tell right away from My Bookshelves, hahaha. But I’ll be the first to admit it’s a pathetic outline of what I’d like it to be someday.

Most Wimminz should just give up this charade of laughable pseudo-intelligence, burn their retarded marxism-4-dummiez books, and MAKE ME A SAMMICH. Not to mention Spread Their Young 45535 for me!

Or just read the KING JAMES BIBLE, haha.

I shouldn’t be so annoyed by Dumb Proles because They Are My People; I’m just a smarter Prole. But those sneaky, sneaky J’s are making it harder and harder for us few remaining Smart Proles!

Moreso focused on Sex than Race. My mission of the week is to penetrate into mainstream media with the (TRUE) meme/trope that WIMMINZ are on a level of trustworthiness comparable with USED CAR SALESMEN, LAWYERS, and POLITICIANS.

“But we don’t EXPECT them to be trustworthy, so it doesn’t matter!”

I rebut to that: we SHOULD. We SHOULD expect them to be trustworthy. The End.

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In my time of sorrow I have decided to grow a huge hipster unemploymentbeard. It gets asymmetrically curly on one side, so it occured to me to use faggy conditioner on it to see if that could straighten it & make look Neater.

SPeaking of Employment, Underemployment, AdultKidz (tm Firepower!), etc, we’ve all seen SEVERAL TV Commercials that Shame AdultKidz who move back home and are such big lasy loser failures they can’t get jobs. The first I recall was a Taco Bell commercial from at least 2 years ago, the “Good To Go” Crunch Wrap Supreme: “Good to go…….gettajob.” Then there was a Burger King one or something about fast food spicy chicken nuggetz, with the AdultKid playing videogaymz in the basement, his parents are about to tell him to Gettajob, but they see his AWESOME fast food choice and decide he’s got his sh!t together after all. The new one is this Tide Laundry Detergent commercial where the parents are doing their AdultKidz laundry and saying it makes them look…dramatic pause…EMPLOYABLE.  I know there’s at least one or two other ones I’ve forgotten.

While I agree AdultKidz DO need to be shamed out of their LazyLoserness And Entitlement, I WAS somewhat offended. A part of me still thinks that if you shell out 9,000,000,000 $ for an education, that SHOULD “ENTITLE” you to a job at least equivalent to what Older Generations would get at age 18 right out of high school or before.

That’s mitigated somewhat by Kidz who CHOSE Stupid Degreez; but THAT’s mitigated somewhat by kidz with Smart Degrees From Crap Skools who can only get Crap Jobz. But THAT breaks down because there are plenty of people who get SemiCrap Degrees from Crap Colleges and get Good Pseudosmart Biz Jobs.

Moral of the story: just get a Biz Degree and Network All The Time so you can make nice with someone who will eventually hire you. F00king Balllicking Faggotz.

Heh. Getting closer to just applying for the Northwest Front already and just be a good honest hardworking White Farmer for the rest of my life. THAT’S NO SO BAD, uh?

Honestly. White Nationalism or the friendlier term “ETHNOnationalism” sounds a bit SCAAAAARY on the surface, but you have to admit it’s a hella good alternative to what we have in The Modern West. HELLA good. Sounds better & better to me every day. But supposedly WN Wimminz are FREAKZ, even more crazy & dark-coq-loving as regular wimminz. So I’m not sure how the Wimminz situation could be handled.

For a while I thought, ok, ez, you simply separate Single Men, Single Wimminz, and “Married” Men/Wimminz Families. Just keep everybody separated. But what might be workable/doable for races seems a bit overcomplicated, separating the sexes of one race. Or is it? Or maybe have the Married Families live in the Main World of Single Men and just keep the Single Wimminz off in their own little coqless world, I think that would be pretty good.

So Charismatic Alphas are invading CHURCH to find Moral, Low-Number Wimminz for LTRs, so that now Betas have to learn Game to Game NAWALTs. Maybe so, maybe so. That actually sounds about right. I aint no Game Denier. Game helps ALL men for ALL Wimminz, High-Number AND Low-Number; and Low-Number Wimminz aren’t gonna be magically more attracted to Low-Number Beta Men. Just because a Wimminz has a Low Number doesn’t mean you can pull her without good game. Maybe this is where I screwed up with the recent Nawalt.

Now that’s a horrible thought for the beta: IF ONLY MY GAME HAD BEEN BETTER, THIS WOULD HAVE WORKED.

Oh well. I did the best of my ability, for what I had at the time, and my attitude/personality is 9,000,000 times more alpha than what it was when I was young. Interestingly enough, my SOCIAL STATUS was Pretty Alpha at that time, but now it’s Omega as Sh!t.

OH F00KING WELL. Life goes on, and I am grateful for my family and friends, and not to have CANCER or be HOMELESS or be in JAIL, getting Raeped up the 4ss by big scary minz with neck tatts. SO WHAT if  Beautiful 18 year old girls are taking up the A and loving it.

Ideally, Minz and Wimminz should support and strengthen and “synergize” (faggy buzzword) with each other in their Traditional Rels. Selling Out or 4ssraep should NEVER enter the picture.

I asked before, where exactly are young betas learning that it’s ok to be a beta? For me, I blame the beautiful, classic Temptations song “My Girl.” You’re IMMORAL if you don’t like this unf00kwithable song; but it DOES present many risky pedestalizing notions that young blue pill men aren’t prepared to deal with.

I grew up with sappy, sentimental Black Motown Love Songs like that (Side Post: but didn’t White Jewish guys WRITE many of those classics? WTF? [edit: I must have written that before I realized how Obviously Jews are Not Whites!] And how can something as Honestly Tender as “My Girl” be Sick Twisted ZOG?). But the hipster SWPL “Luv songs” of today are 9,000,000,000 times worse. So Much faggier. Fagz Respecting Wimminz for being so Strong to Take Trainz O’ Cox. Modern MUSIC is where a lot of betas get it, I’d reckon. And I ain’t talkin about Arghoslent, hahahahaha. (They’ve been around for 22 years anyway.)

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Good Inner Game: Tell Yourself that She Didn’t DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR D!CK INSIDE HER.


Newz Flash, Wimminz: Fellaz are NOT like a KOLLIGE KLASS you can safely DROP in the Drop/Add/Refund Period. If the guy’s too faggy that you don’t like him after you’ve already let him in once, you can’t just say it didn’t count. That will always be a notch permanently dragging your mate value down. So you might as well give the poor chump some Severance Bangz to improve World Karma.


Bandz that are NOT on Spotify: Clandestine Blaze.


I don’t think You are a: pervert, racist, pedophile, child molester, sociopath, rapist, racist, ephebophile, murderer, torturer, nazi, anti-semite, scumbag, OR creep. I think You are a Very Talented Musician and Artist and Good Guy Mikko & I would like to Meet you one day! I would totes buy a Clandestine Blaze T-Shirt if your website wasn’t so confusing. Is Amazon & Paypal THAT bad for Small Businesses? (YES, I KNOW it’s ZOG. & So is Spotify.)

So maybe my Career-Religious-Calling can be to Found a White Alternative to Spotify, Paypal, and Amazon. I AM THE WHITE JEFF BEZOS!!!!

No, I’m NOT saying All White Nationalists Do Not have a Sense of Humor! But maybe I’m less serious than the avg WN.

But they do pose an important, serious question: what’s your price for you selling out your Race? I’ll start. I’m DESPERATE for the SURVIVAL NEEDS of a Good Job, so I might well sell-out European-American whites for 3 hots and a cot. And health care. Which would certainly get me kicked out of the Northwest Front. So clearly the solution is to set up White-Friendly, non-Zog Systems of Survival so Whites don’t get put into these ethical dilemmas in the first place.

And in my Ideal, Peaceful Race-Segregated World, the White Nations would not be FIGHTING with the Black Nations & Jewish Nations & Azn Nations & Wimminz Nations. They would trade peacefully. COEXIST, MAAAANNNN.

But wouldn’t Azn’s willingness to sell their Labour for rock-bottom prices cause Inherently Economic Tension between Asians & Whites? Because Asians are inherently better at living on less money???? See there it breaks down. Because In My Ideal Race World, Races CAN be equal on SOME terms, notably, having the same basic survival needs, which would be PRICED the same across the board. Right?

David Duke. How’s his Reputation these days? I thought he was a Medical Doctor, right? That means he has to have an avg 120 IQ. High-IQ relative to the Avg 100.

Anyway, point is, I don’t know WHAT Jeff Bezos IS, but if I had to guess, it would be Jewish and/or Latino. Jewish Mother, Latino Father. now checking Wiki. WOW. Born “Jorgensen.” Teen mother, remarried a Cuban Bezos. Maternal side had been in Texas for “generations.” Hmm. I WAS WRONG.

But just because he IS white doesn’t mean he can’t be ANTI-White!

No Graduate degree, just a Princeton BS in CompSci & ElecEngin. And that’s better than a Grad Degree from 99% of Skoolz!

Heheheheh. Writers on AntiWhite Violence need to talk more about the ASIANS that ARE Violent and Thuggish: the Hmongs and Poor Thaiz and Camboz. NOT The High-Achieving Japanese & to a lesser extent Chinese Americans.

In other words, these Asians might as well be NON-Asians!

There is a cute 16 year old Polish Girl (although she needs to stop playing with her eyebrows & just grow a unibrow already!) who follows me on Last.fm and about ALL she listens to is NSBM and Racist / Nationalist Black/Volk Metal. WOW. And, not to divulge too much biographical information, but I’ve got a fair amount of The Slav in me and feel VERY favourably towards the Poles. Full Disclosure. You don’t have to like them as much. Like your OWN ethnicity/nationality, SON!

OK. So it’s better to just take ONE EASY CLASS than to take NO Classes, if you’re Sick Of Skool cuz it’s blatantly gay. Gaytantly. I’m just too old and crabby to be in a room filled with chattering KIDZ. I’m ADD, but these kidz are adHd. Next term I am taking Calc 2 ONLINE. I keep vacillating between Hard STEM and Easy Biznass. I suppose Quantitative Finance might be a Good Intersection. Heh. Jewish Faggot Bankerz.

Or “Biz IT”, Or Welding, Or Networking. Who gives a f00k. Tryhard jewish f4gg0tz do, that’s who.

“TAR-SKINNED PYGMOIDS OF THE DENSE BUSH”. Ho ho ho. If Arghoslent is the Band of the Month, that might be their song title o the month.

These Nonamericanz like to make huge pre-flop raises!

Heh. Yes I SHOULD be looking for a Better Job right now instead of playing Poker and listening to music and blogging and being Poolside with Cheap Tail.

all in, dueces full of threes, win 994 chip pot.

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Ended up linking to 5 diff Firepower/Eradica Pages. Not Intentionally Fishing for a “Pingback”, not sure if I can turn that off, but I’ve been making the most concerted effort to read His Entire Blog  vs other other Blogs lately; really like his straightforward, cut-to-the-chase, no BS, and lotsa jokes style. He might be responsible for eventually convincing me to stop loudly proclaiming myself as “An MRA”, haha (more later.)

Firepower places William Bennett in his First-Tier of Inspiring Chaps, alongside Charles Murray and Robert Bork. Bill Bennett gets a lot of flak in the Manosphere for a few articles calling men to Man Up. Yes, the articles were unfortunate, but not sure they could discredit an entire solid career. Heh. I need to be spoonfed soundbites from Blogs because I’m too ADD to read a WHOLE BOOK!

Plus Today’s Brandons (Firepower heh) DO need to “Man Up” in the sense they need to become less feminine and more masculine…but this is NOT what is USUALLY meant by the term “Man Up”, so I don’t want to confuse the issue further. When you hear “Man Up”, it doesn’t mean the positive thing of “Be more masculine!” it means the negative thing of “Do What Mommy Tells You Or Get 4ssraeped!”

I can’t argue with Firepower’s “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism.” Very solid. (Summary: “1. Black Fascists 2. Open Borders Supporters  3. Gov’t Unionists & Academics 4. Feminists 5. Homosexual Activists) This is why I shake my head at the “The MRM is Not A Left/Right Issue!” and am more on Chapin’s side than Barbarossaaaaa’s “side”. (Note Well: Chapin does NOT really talk about Race!) Feminist Governance is just ONE part of Leftist Totalitarianism, which is why we need to be focused on MORE THAN Just Men’s Issues!

Attn Blacks and Gay Men: If I AM somehow a “White Nationalist” (by association), I’m prob the biggest Black-Lovin’ (And Gay-Male-Lovin’) White Nationalist there is!

I (And prob most Anti-Leftists) Are WAY LESS RACIST against Nonwhites than Leftists are against whites!

And I (and prob most anti-leftists) would be happy to welcome nonwhites with anti-leftist views! Not All Anti-Leftists are WhiteNationalists, Not All WhiteNationalists are Hateful, Violent Extremists, etc.

Heh. See I am too easily influenced. Gullible Brandon. Automatically took a neg view of Bennett just because MRA’s don’t like him. Didn’t even know he had a Daily Radio Show.

Of course next think you know I will be a hardcore anti-democratist because I’ve been reading a lot of Moldbug lately. But that jives well with my Core Belief that People Are Average Stupid, and that Average Intelligence is located somewhere no higher than the 45% percentile.

So one of Bennett’s newer books is called “The Book of MAN: Readings on the path to MANHOOD”. INTRADASTING. Esp in light of his unfortunate MAN UP comments. Wonder if MRAs have actually read this book. OK GreatBooksForMen did, writing a low-on-the-GBFMSpeak Serious, Negative review, calling Bennett a Judas selling out for Fiat Butthexed Bernanke Dollars to Gamble Away, all to use Young Men as Cannon Fodder Fiat Dollar Fodder. Not surprising given GBFM’s strong anti-TheFed stance, but I still like GBFM, wouldn’t argue against him, however I AM willing to give Bennett a chance, haha.

But what’s WRONG with being a Workhorse, a Protector, and a Provider for a Woman?

Maybe it’s acceptable IF AND ONLY IF the Woman is NOT a Wimminz, AND the Woman treats her man with love AND respect AND Loyalty AND works hard to serve him and the family just as much as he does.

Pretty tall order, uh? That’s because it SHOULD be. It IS. A Good Wife is Even Harder to find. So Just Don’t Marry. You can even get decent COMPANIONSHIP out of Harem/Rotation. You won’t get A Good Wife, but you can still have Heirs, provided you’re willing to do All The Work yourself. & it Can be done.

Firepower sez DON’T join the military because you’d be supporting our corrupt government, our Leftist Nanny State, and Saudi Greed for Higher Oil Prices. Whereas I’ve said DO join the military as more of a positive individual-development thing, ie, be trained in how to be a Successful Alpha Male.

Maybe join the military, get trained, become alpha male, bang rotation, get money for college, then be sure to LEAVE military and not become a Career Militarist. Although I wouldn’t blame you for being Swayed by the Attractive Benefit Plan!

search term getting hits here: “is mikko aspa a child molester?” No, he just wants Morons to Think so, hahaha. I get what he’s doing. He’s Totes My Kind Of Provocateur. I HOPE he’s not a child molester, hahaha. feel like listening to some CLANDESTINE BLAZE RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact.

“mikko aspa sociopath.” NOPE. You want a SOCIOPATH, look for your avg Brahmin (or Brahmin-WANNABE – seems that is the New Way of the Upper Vaisya!!) Hipster SWPL Millennial, or an Avg Modern Wimminz. Pretty sure Mikko knows how to Genuinely Empathize with other people. Probably even TOO much!

“ora et labora JOKES.” Funny how that corny Ora Et Labora post is my biggest Hitmaker. Had very little to do with O et L, certainly nothing Informed. But I wouldn’t mind seeing these jokes either! Jokes can be educational as well as entertaining!

A Low, Droning, Low-Brassy “War Horn” can sometimes be heard in some Grim Black Metal (clandestine blaze:“call of the warrior”, burzum “keliohesten”, graveland something off “1000 swords”), playing nothin’ fancy….AND I LIKE IT.


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