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I have decided to Write a CHILDREN’S BOOK, combining my interests in Educating The Children, Being A Single Father, A Book For Your Heirs, Raising kids up right, instilling them with good values, teaching them good lessons, winning minds AND hearts.


Bobby was a little boy about 6 years old but maybe 5 or 7 too. He lived at home with his Mommy and Daddy and he was a Happy Boy and they were a Happy Family. [oh jeezum crow]. Bobby’s Parents Home Schooled him and taught him lots of fun math and science. He got to play with other boys and girls too, his family weren’t complete nutcases. Bobby noticed that the girls and the boys liked to play in different ways. Generally. One of the girls was a Tomboy and liked to play with the boys. And once in a while Bobby would go play house with the girls and he would play the daddy. After about 10 minutes he found that was too funny though. “You’ll understand it when you get a little older” said both his Dad and Mom.

Bobby’s Dad worked Hard on the Oil Rig and sometimes Bobby wouldn’t see him for a few weeks at a time. But every night Bobby and his older brother (age 8) and younger sister (age 4) would gather round with their Mom and they would do a Skype Talk with Dad, and they looked forward to seeing his big red smiling bearded face, and were very thankful when he did come home. It wasn’t that bad. It’s not like he was gone for a year at a time. Ever 20 days or so, he would come home for 10 days and they would have a great time. Dad would join Mom in the Home Schooling and also teach some of his own lessons, like Shooting and Guns and Martial Arts and Weight Lifting and Camping and Hunting and Wood Working and Welding and Electrical and Plumbing and HVAC and Engine Repair. The kids couldn’t believe how much their Dad knew about everything. Their Mom was pretty smart too.

[heh. yeah I just started writing that right now. ruff draft son. hell no i don’t know where it’s going. hell no it’s not supposed to be “good.” but it is supposed to be easily understandable and teach Good Virtues and Values and Lessons! ]

[Heh maybe I should just read Bill Bennett’s Book Of Virtues. Hope he’s not a Ziocon. MY Story will NOT be Ziocon!]

[I might change the boys name from bobby. although it’s a good name and I might not! did not want to name him something like adolf or sth. and since I’m a big softie, the only racial implications in this nonviolent story will be that races are different, won’t be showing a bunch of Ooga Booga SpearChuckin Chongo-Molongo Mandingo Tar-Skinned Baboon Black Groids, or hooknosed shylocks drinking the blood of goybabies.]


If you like Franks Red Hot Sauce, then I also recommend Franks EXTRA-HOT Hot Sauce. The company’s probably owned by antiwhites but in this case I’ll still enjoy the Hot Sauce, hahahaha. I suppose the best thing would be to make my own but I am way too lazy. And I am Prescient to know no one cares!


SPERM BURPIN GUTTER SLVT is a GREAT Insult to use on Modern Wimmin. If you are pressed for time, SPERM BURPER is perfectly acceptable too. f00kin Sperm Burperz.
briefly tried researching who invented the term “sperm burping gutter slvt” nothing conclusive.



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WOW I’ve been mentioned in the thread of a MANBOOBZ article, this has to be “some kind of ” (f@gspeak) milestone:


I found an MRA blogger who sympathised with a man kidnapping and keeping prisoner women (multiple) because he thought men deserved sex daily….


And another post about how the CT school shooter killed children cause he was not getting “tail”…


(warning: English words and sentences are optional)

/\ ps he seems to be one of the posters exiled from the spearhead.com now that it has exiled controversial posters….

P.s don’t read their India rape story, it’s worse than AVFM’s story….


heh I’m not gonna link but that’s what he says. OK BUDDY. Fortunately or unfortunately they did not find me interesting enough to keep talking about me in the comments.  Not like the Involuntary Celibate who wants The Gummint to Pay for Comfort Wimmin. Which, BTW, is NOT something I support, however I do support Comfort Wimmin being legally available to incels, or anyone else that would prefer a quick financial transaction for sex rather than stupid conversation.  Funny I don’t think I really “sympathized” with the sex dungeon guy, I just found him interesting. also I never said lanza shot the kids because he wasn’t getting “tail” although “tail” is one of my fav words, hahaha. It was maybe 20% of the contributing factors, but mainly I think he did it because he had no father figure, had a cold and crazy and soulless mother, (those two being the biggest factors) had no social skills whatsoever, played violent video games all day every day. Of course there’s another “theory” the shooting NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED, the whole thing is “news theatre” INVENTED like a TV show by the press. No victims, no lanza, no shooting, people in newtown CT don’t even know about it. (IMHO this is pretty farfetched. But interesting!)

anyway those fat f@ggot f00ks who spread their 4sses for any unshowered guy in an art rock band or a social justice think tank will find TODAY’S POST WAY more Misogynistic and Creepy And it just PROVES my creepiness that I can’t even TELL how creepy it is! F00king F4gg0ts.


you should take advantage of the time that your d!ck is actually inside wimmin to just go all out and say some unspeakable things. say the most racist and antisemitic and antiwimmin things you can possibly imagine. what are they gonna do? force your d!ck out of them? if anything they will be more into you for being a Bad Boy who doesn’t care what anybody thinks….even though in Polite Company, being a Racist or Bigot is the worst thing you can possibly be. Use those “precious moments” when your d!ck is actively inside pvssy as PRIME BRAINWASHING TIME. Blow her mind open with all sorts of Red Pills. Try to be at least somewhat smart and educational, not have all your talk be about what a Decadent Little Traitorous Promiscuous Poisonous Wh0re she is. Just a little bit!

Damn this is a great idea. As you are Pounding the girl and she is in La La Land with the O Face the things you say will stick better. Wimmin are naturally much more suggestable than men, meaning they can easily be turned against you….or turned back! some suggestions of “Mantras” to ingrain in their minds at this ingrainable time:

(yes I am aware of “THE MANTRA” in the WhiteOSphere, done by Horus the Avenger or Bob Whittaker or White Rabbit Radio, basically: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but America/Europe for EVERYONE!; Antiracist is code for Antiwhite” etc. can’t really argue with that haha.)

“Everyone’s a Little Racist. You’re A Racist Too. Being A Racist Is Good.”
“Love Your Race. Love Your Race.”
“Don’t Believe Marxist Lies. Don’t Believe Marxist Lies.”
“Don’t Murder Your Children. Don’t Murder Your Children.”
“Men and Women are Different. Men and Women are Different.”
“Don’t Ride The C0ck Carousel. Don’t ride the C0ck Carousel.”
“There is more to life than your Careeeeer. There is more to life than your careeeeer.”
“Family is more important than Career. Family is more important than career.”
and so on. Something short and simple, a mantra if you will. I really like the Mantra Method.
“Don’t give your uterus away.”
“Promiscuity Destroys Women’s Capacity to Love.”
“Promiscuity is not good for women. Men and Women are DIFFERENT.”
“Don’t Have Sex Before The Tenth Date. Don’t Have Sex Before The Tenth Date.”
“You’d Make A Horrible Mother. That’s why men don’t want to marry you.”
“Repent for your sins and Convert.”
“Throw Away Your TV.”
“Women should not be as promiscuous as men.”
“A Promiscuous Woman is a Worthless Woman” (tm Chapin)
“A Woman’s Peak Age is 18-22, NOT After.”
Marry Young, and start having children young. Having Children Young is more important than College and Career.
“Nice guys are only nice because they haven’t had as many Sex Partners as You and thus they make the mistake of falling in luv with their sex partners like YOU did before you became a wh0re.”
“Don’t be a Race Traitor Mud Shark. Don’t Sleep With Blacks.”
“Don’t Go Away To College.”
“Family First, then MAYBE Career. If you still want. & You prob won’t.”
“Family First. Career Later.”
“Don’t Be Such A Conformist. Don’t be such a SHEEP. Think For Yourself. Stop Getting Brainwashed.” (hehehe)
“Women aren’t allowed to have A Wh0re Phase. It Ruins them Permanently.”
“Don’t Ever Take It Up The 4S5.”
“Don’t ever take a sexy photo.”
“Don’t take l04dz on your face.”
“Don’t Be A SpermBurping Gutter Slvt.”
“Make Him Wait Ten Dates.”
“It’s GOOD to be A Racist. It’s BAD to be an antiracist. You (I?) Will become a racist once again.”
Pound, Pound, Pound! O-Face O-Face O-Face! Yes Daddy! I WILL Become a racist!
“The World Will Be a better place when Average Men and Average Wimmin have approx the same number of LIfetime Sex Partners.”
“Wimmin Ought To Have Less Lifetime Sex Partners Than Men. Orders of Magnitude Less.”
Get creative, don’t “ABUSE” them, just teach them Hard Truths!

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…and that is the better way to be, than the alternative. For Women at least. Doesn’t really help these Niceguys unfortunately.

LONG POST, 6.5 minutes of yer time.

this is part 2 of me complaining like a beta blogger on “Nice Guys Of OK Cupid”, but CERTAINLY getting to some of the deeper issues that Beta-Hating Baby-Murdererz REFUSE to THINK ABOUT.

ADDENDUM TO THE NICE GUY SUBJECT (because “ISSUE” is fagspeak. put that in the list.)

Eradica had a related article that was Jezebel, and I hadn’t been masochistic or Mean enough to read jezebel in a while, so there I went again. This time they hate on nice guys, big surprise. Now I’m not a Nice Guy Except To People Who Deserve It – My Friends and Family, NOT Hamstery Decadent Soul-Poisoning Wimmin.

MY BIG POINT: look at the comments. A big thing there is Accusing the Nice Guys of Deception and Dishonesty and Creeperyness because:
-when the wimmin rejects them and the Niceguys get understandably upset and Derpressed and Gothic and need some Time and Space, then to the wimmin this means “HE WANTED ME ONLY FOR SEX, NOT AS A FRIEND, SO HIS FRIENDLINESS WAS FAKE.”

This is HUGE DAMNING PROOF that Wimmin have completely “internalized” (semi fag word) the Poisonous Decadent AntiVirtue of Wholly Separating Love and Sex, such that they can’t even imagine the Better situation where Love and Sex are intimately connected.

To put it simply, they can’t possibly appreciate that the Niceguys Didn’t Just Want Them For SEX: They were in FULL BLOWN LOVE with THEM, the niceguys wanted MONOGAMOUS LIFETIME MARRIAGE with them, they wanted An Exclusive Monogamous Relationship with Walks in the Park and Meeting the Families and Pillow Talk and Holding Hands and Marriage and Children and 50 year anniversaries. The LAST thing it’s about is “JUST SEX.”

So this is a Dangerous Destructive Lie: That Nice Guys are Liars who Only Want Sex. Nope. Nice Guys Rightly Combine Sex and Love, like people Used To Do in Healthier Times; and they have to Have Space not because They don’t want to be “Friends”, but because they want to be MUCH MORE THAN FRIENDS, and much more than “Friends With Benefits.” They see their Soul Mate who they want to Grow Old With, summarily Rejecting them Quickly and easily and then accusing them of wanting Only Sex. I wouldn’t be happy about that either!

So I’ll stand up for the niceguys here. They don’t want “JUST SEX”. They are in Deep Love that Wimmin just don’t understand, well maybe they did with their First and Only True Love when they just entered puberty and there was That First Special Boy right before they figured The C0ck Carousel was the better alternative to True Love, which is a Dangerous Patriarchal Myth. Not nearly as Dangerous as this Marxist Myth That Niceguys only want Sex, which comes from the narcissistic, Unempath heheh mindset of the Modern Wimmin – The Poisoned, Corrupt, Decadent, Immoral idea that Sex and Love are Cleaved In Twain, and also the cheapening and bad redefinition of love itself.

EMPATH ADVICE FOR WIMMIN: It’s not that hard. The niceguy is as Crazy For You, as YOU are for The Badboy Alpha Nonniceguy (like me, hahaha) who doesn’t respond to your texts after sex and calls YOU crazy and clingy and laffs when you cry after sex and doesn’t let you take his c0k any more when you text him. SERIOUS FEEEEEEEEELINGZ.

just had to point that out. this is why a decent wimmin will not call you a creep for wanting space after she tears the nice guy’s HEART out.

I might have to read JEZEBEL and THE FRISKY MORE OFTEN because they are CHOCK FULL of those Fagspeak words and just totes Fag WRITING. THIS is what’s Wrong With Modern Wimmin. I can only HOPE what these wimmin write – and get paid dearly for!! Writing this CORROSIVE POISON is their CAREEEEEER AND THEY LUVVVV IT!!! – does not reflect the actual opinions/beliefs of Average Everyday Wimmin – although probably 51% of people are sheeple and will believe whatever you tell them, right OR wrong.

(SHE is 9000000 times more SMUG and OBNOXIOUS than **I am, Chr!ssakes!)

Of course, I’m not saying it’s RIGHT or JUST or SMART or REASONABLE for these Niceguys to Fall In Love with these Awful Wimmin, but, wrong wimmin or not, it’s STILL True Luv. Don’t say it’s not just because you let the Meaning Of Love get POUNDED out of you due to you Choosing Spreading.

A large part of it is, Average Men have MUCH FEWER Lifetime Sex Partners than the Average Wimmin of their Age. So the Men are like 15 year old Girls, who fall in LOVE with every Sex Partner, much like the Wimmin did, before they became a huge wh0re, desensitized to promiscuous sex, permanently separating sex and love. That’s “the place” these Niceguys “are coming from.” They do not know what “meaningless sex” is, probably won’t for another 10 years at least, when they start banging desperate cheating cougars.

The world would be a better place if Wimmin were MORE LIKE these Niceguys! It would create a solid Foundation for Families!

The Wimmin think, he was LYING to me, he didn’t WANT to be FRIENDS, he only wanted in to the PANTS PARTY (this is how they talk.) WRONG. He wanted to BOTH be in the Pants Party AND have the type of Intimate Loving Husband Wife “Friendship” that is more than “Friendship” and way more than “Friends With Benefits”…. but Todays Wimminz don’t even know how to CONCEPTUALIZE that any more, and if they try, they think it’s creepy and weird.

once a guy develops enough charisma to rise about & get pvssy on the reg, then rightfully gets sick of mindless meaningless sex with no Human Connection, because this Natural Human Impulse has not been conditioned out of him yet, and says something about it to wimmin, the wimmins response is: WHO CARES SEX IS JUST AS IMPORTANT, DON’T KNOCK SEX! possibly because she is threatened by being FOUND OUT: Yes Virginia, many wimmin ARE good for nothing but sex and they CANNOT be a good Intimate Partner Ever, because they’ve taken too Manny Cox and had Too Much Sex.


Summation / Another Great Way To Look At It:

-The Wimmin accuse the Niceguy of Separating Sex and Luv and get mad at him for it,
– when it’s WIMMIN who are experts at, AND USUALLY ADVOCATE separating Sex & Luv,
– when the nice guy didn’t even DO that! He’s Combining Sex and Love very wholly, very traditionally! Funny that he’s getting accused of THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what he’s doing!

Screeching SWPL Urbane Cosmopolitan Professional Career Coastal Wimmin, not even only feminists, but those poisoned by feminists, take great offense to this common sense, naturally.

Heh. I should not be surprised THE INIMITABLE UNCLE BERN did a vid on this too. YEAH BUDDY!

Women CAN have Too Many Lifetime Sex Partners!

Just Bl0wing a guy Once counts as a Lifetime Sex Partner!

and Girl Writes What has a good video on The General Topic of Niceguys

The Wimminists are Fundamentally Misunderstanding the concept of Unrequited Romantic Feelings. I think this is a new thing, in the past we never HEARD about “Nice Guys” because Wimmin generally had more Empathy, and understood that Nice Guys were In Love with them, and Understood that you can’t be Friends with Someone Whose Love you Rejected, and that it’s not Just About Sex. These were SIMPLE, OBVIOUS TRUTHS, but Todays Wimminz are not learning them.

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REAL LONG POST. This is over TWICE as long as my ideal 2013 post. I will only do Long Posts if the whole thing is all on ONE topic.

OKAY, SLUTS. WE GET IT. “NICE GUYS” AREN’T REALLY NICE, THEY’RE CREEPERS. THANKS, I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE NICEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Big Immature Deluded Dishonest Hypocrites who you do not want to spread your otherwise-readily-spread uterus and 4ss for. NO BIG DEAL. I also do Nice Guy Rehab. I used to be the worst nice guy. Here’s a good gameplan for nice guys who want to break the chains of The Franzone!

* you don’t really like Wimmin, we get that. THAT’S OK! THAT’S RIGHT AND JUST! The guys who BANG Wimmin don’t really like wimmin EITHER! You’d be a FOOL to like such unreliable, immoral, decadent, deluded, stupid, boring, unreedeming, unredeemable, UNLIKEABLE PIGS! It’s RIGHT not to like Wimmin – there’s very little TO like other than their Prime Of Youth Radiant Gleaming Bodies. YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE WIMMIN, and you DON’T, so you’re off to a GREAT start. So just be Honest and Outright. Just Be Your Wimmin-Disliking SELF! Win Win Win! You won’t be labeled a Creepy Niceguy, You’ll be doing what comes naturally, you’ll bang harems of pvssy, and you’ll never fall into the friendzone again! You just gotta WAKE UP to the perfectly reasonable reality that you don’t LIKE wimmin because they’re honestly only rarely something there TO like, and you don’t need to be nice to people you don’t LIKE! Save being nice for people you DO like, like your male friends!

The nice guys who whine about But I treat Girls Nice, but they always choose the guys who treat them bad over me! You don’t like that! You’d be a fool to like that! So just BE that 4sshole! Don’t treat people nice who don’t deserve to be treated nice! Yes! BE That 4sshole and YES you will get your precious pvssy! Just don’t whine about wanting to stay a nice guy. Awaken The 4sshole Within!

Just in case you think I’m oversimplifying: you CAN still be a Nice Guy to your REAL Friends and Family – those who DESERVE it. Who have EARNED it. Because I get it, I used to be a HUGE Nice Guy, but I so glad I Woke Up before I got Old. I haven’t accomplished much in my long life, but I’m grateful to have learned that lesson before too long. And guess what, I still enjoy being nice as hell to the people who deserve it. Not b!tches.

HuffPo F@ggot B!tches going out of their way to hate on nice guys. NIce guys don’t need your hate, and you don’t really want to Fix nice guys. You want nice guys to stay around so you can forever mock them. I want to HELP them STOP being Nice Guys.
Back when I was a Nice Guy, SWPL Sluts hating on nice guys would have made me mad. Now I just laugh. It is a funny site. I laff. But I think the Wimmin Haterz are stupid and I shake my head on behalf of the niceguys and Hope they Learn from my Advice Above. I like them alot more than the 4ssSpreader who runs the site does! I can only imagine all the wimmin who comment “omg yr so right, these nice guys are so really like not nice n stuff.
There’s the Are You A Nice Guy Test Flowchart. Yeah, it’s funny, and it’s true, but the b!tchy tone these b!tches take says a lot more about them than about the niceguys they think are worse than raepists. Good Luck Finding A Good Man To Marry You In Ten Years!

Yes, wimmin “pretty much” are obligated to have S with you because THEY HAVE GIVEN IT UP MANY TIMES FOR A LOT LESS EFFORT! In a just world you would get more bangs than you can handle just by putting in that “due diligence.” It’s not a just world, but here’s the good news: you don’t HAVE To put in due diligence! Just learn a few EASY lessons, namely, TELL wimmin you don’t like them and you only want to use them for S, and then you too will get sh!tloads of bangs by DOING NOTHING! ZEN, MAN!

SO WHAT If nice guys think they deserve sex in return for being nice. THEY’RE RIGHT. They see guys not being nice and getting tons of sex, so they figured if they’re nice, they’ll get even MORE sex! And since they’re predisposed to being nice instead of mean, then win win! Tons of sex, no effort, just being yourself! You’d be stupid if you WEREN’T a Nice Guy for a period. It just makes SENSE. But once you see it doesn’t work, you HAVE to wake up from it as I’ve described above.

Now see that HuffPo with 1000000 comments. The “Nice guy” issue really divides men and women, and makes me glad I’m a man, and makes me VERY GLAD that I choose not to hang out with or talk to women, if THIS is the kinda stuff they say. f00K that sh!t, they’re too annoying to BE AROUND. DON’T HANG OUT WITH WIMMIN, THEY’RE STUPID AND ANNOYING.

One last thing haha: and i’ve said this before. wimmin don’t see a problem with them putting men in the friendzone. They think it’s all the guy’s fault. Heh. I say it’s 80% the Wimmin’s fault for being a Lying Sadistic Selfish B!tch who doesn’t even see the Niceguy as a Human being – she KNOWS she’s STRINGING HIM ALONG, AND SHE LIKES IT! Then she plays dumb, but she knows EXACTLY – if maybe unconsciously – what she’s doing. YES, the guy deserves 20% of the blame because he’s stupid for not saying “f00k this sh!t! You can’t PUT me in the friendzone because I don’t WANT to BE THERE! I’m AUDI 9000!” and then flip the proverbial table. NICE GUYS, BREAKING OUT OF THE FRIENDZONE IS SO EASY! JUST AS EASY AS NOT BEING A NICE GUY!!!

Putting a man who loves you into The Friendzone IS NOT FRIEND BEHAVIOR! FRIENDS DON’T CRUSH FRIENDS SOULS!

So be a NICE GUY to your MALE FRIENDS, they’re your REAL Friends!

One day, Nice guys, you too will see things this clearly. But I tell you what, Regularly Socializing with WIMMIN doesn’t help. I used to socialize with Wimmin a LOT more, and I used to be much more of a Pathetic NIceguy Omega then. YOU NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME AWAY FROM WIMMIN to see them for the stupid, annoying, dishonest, immoral, babykillerz 75% of them in their prime of youth ARE.

ok done with rant. I just learned about that stupid anti nice-guy blog so I had to blog about it, hahahaha.

not quite. So I said songs like “My Girl” Breed Niceguys. You know who else does? VAN MORRISON. BIGTIME. The good news is, Van Morrison is STILL awesome, you can break the chainz of niceguyness and still totes LUV VAN.


Yes I get pretty passionate because I used to BE That guy and I want to save those guys now, but now I am quite cool and detached and don’t get all mad when wimmin throw themselves away and become poison of the soul, I just don’t get poisoned by it. But I can stop other guys from getting poisoned! I don’t even “HATE” “ALL WIMMIN.” I KNOW NAWALT. And there’s a big difference between HATE and DISRESPECT, hahaha.



THINK ABOUT IT: HAVE YOU EVER LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON FROM A WIMMIN? Has a Wimmin ever TAUGHT you anything? And I’m NOT talking about where YOU learn something about yourself and not letting yourself get WALKED on, because of how shoddy some wimmin was. In those situations you’re teaching YOURSELF and the wimmin is just a catalyst. Bet they’d like to take credit for that one too!

And in the end, you don’t even end up HATING wimmin. I don’t hate wimmin unless they directly hurt my family or children. Wimmin Are Poison only because they are poisoned by living in a world they are not suited for, not MEANT for, and the powers that be telling them it’s GOOD for them, and BETTER than what came before. UM NO, as Wimmin say.

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[Real Time Edit to comment on The Daily Outrage (tm Eradica) of the honestly Immoral, Evil, Appaling CT School Shooting, also pushing this WELL into Long-Post, SEVEN-minutes-of-your-day category:


Go Read Eradica First, I’m just ripping them off. This has become my Biggest Day Ever because I somehow got a trackback on STORMFRONT, was not expecting that. Well, I do like David Duke but I do not participate in any forums.

So the big skool shooting in CT just happened yesterday. We all know I have a Grim Fascination in Shootings like this. I don’t know if there’s actually MORE shootings nowadays, or the MEDIA is reporting on it more. Or the shootings are just BIGGER and elicit somber commentary from Your Prez. I honestly feeeeeel There Are More Shootings than even 30 years ago. MY POINT IS, behind MOST of these shootings, there’s LIKELY to be a WHITE BETA. WHITE Sperg Virgin, White Unemployable Introvert, White Angry Young Man who is NOT getting Young Tail. The key ingredients are: WHITE, Undersexed/Lesser Beta/No Game, and Socially Awkward/Sperg/Introvert/Loner. PROVE ME WRONG. AM I WRONG? YOU CAN’T PROVE IT!

But I like how this one Adam Lanza was outed by his brother as being “SOMEWHAT AUTISTIC”, the Autist Community will prob have a FIELD DAY over that one. That was last night. Seem to be playing that comment down understandably and now saying he “SUFFERED FROM A PERSONALITY DISORDER.”


Not to diminish the suffering of the families whose children were slaughtered or the terror and pain and agony and dread the children and other victims felt as they met their maker in a “pretty” godawful way. Of course, this is just The Lord saying, “You See What Happens When You Take Me Out Of Skoolz! If you let people pray in pub skools maybe I coulda saved these kidz!” Trollery, hahaha.

But I guaranteed if this Autistic Gothic Sperg Virgin Omega Introvert Creepy Unemployable Feminized Western Male* had: Pvssy on the Reg and FT Work On The Reg, he would not have done this. Guarantee, 100%. But instead he’s a total nutcase who kills his own mother and kills little kids. Good Job Moses Hessians, hahaha. Zionist Marxist International Shylox!

So I will have more to say about that later prob. *”Feminized Western Male” tm Chechar.


heh. a trackback for Eradica’s Thoughts, hahaha. This is a great example of “The Daily Outrage” exactly because it is more outrageous than the average daily outrage. I guess you need a good Monthly or Quarterly Outrages and have a nice hierachy of Useless Outrages, hahaha. They talk about ZOG Drones slaughtering 30 innocent children a day for ZOG; Terminator-caliber rocket launchers being wielded by Average Serve and Protect Police Copz! and how all it takes is one Dedicated Nut (tm Bukowski) to get past all this Rocketpower and kill a sh!tload of American Kidz. Another good comment on Beta Rage: Men Who Are Mating Market LOSERS getting revenge against Mating Market WINNERS, by killing the winners’ kids, like Knife Attacks On Children in China. Heh. This is why Eradica is my Daily Newspaper hahaha. Thanks for nicely offering me the writing gig BTW. I do have “extra posts” I could give You. But my concern is that my stuff is not As Serious and Sober in tone as Eradica. I like to have fun and joke around, and also am in many ways a Weak, Feminised Western Beta Male Unwilling to Act. Laziness.

Also I know FP is very against Dumbing Down and 140 character Twitter Soundbites, but I do really like his little “POEMS/AXIOMS” he often leaves in comments, where he reduces things down to their essence. Not sure if he is being facetious, but IMHO this was always The Power Of (Bukowskian) Poetry for me: saying the Profoundest Things in the Fewest Words Possible with very little Ambiguity (unless Ambiguity is what you’re going for in the Poem. But Ambiguity is generally F4ggy anyway, try to stay away from it.)


highly truncated/edited to consrv &emphasise wrdz; block quote on Mikko Aspa from


start ”


seeks to portray urges &interest from predatory &masculine angle. majority of his body of work revolves around themes of degradation &abuse spiced with extensive amount of decay.  aims to destroy any elements of actual person’s ego or mundane being, & transform everything into objects of pure aesthetic value. work focuses often on theme of decay. Be it moral or physical condition of object or its surroundings.  Subjects include  “unprofessional” human nudity &obscene displays of perversions, which seek to distance sexuality from simulations of pro-creation. sexuality portrayed always involves predatory or voyeuristic angle.  zero attempt to normalize deviancy or seek acceptance for bizarre desires. [This] Anti-Social aspect of pornography remains exactly the opposite [of] apologetic approach of “sex art activists”.

…His paintings &illustrations are BLUNTLY NAIVE (heheheh), seeking nothing else than to portray idea of a specific act or object obsessing the creator’s mind…

Aspa considers himself SEER OF DECAY, who accepts &celebrates role of gutter artist… illusion of a new dawn is so distant, politics often enter only as side-product, and most often as uncomfortably and coldly inhumane as the rest of the work.

” end blockqt.

I have a Huge Mancrush on Mikko Aspa, that’s all. Plus get VAST majority of searchterms for his name.

If A Girl is Nice to you rather than all b!tchy and unpleasant, that might mean, “be a charming charismatic man to me, &you’ll prob get to Bangme. You’re gonna have to go out of your way to screw this one up.” which is fine &dandy if you find the girl particularly attractive. but what if you find that you feeeeeeel that you don’t really WANT to bang her? should you make the effort ANYWAY, just so you can get some more bangs in, assuming you haven’t banged 20 Wimmin Yet? (Trying to establish the Average Number Of Wimmin The Average Man SHOULD Bang in his lifetime so as to be a healthy nonpedestalizing nonslave nonbeta, to have the power to make his own choices regarding Mate Choice. I think I said before it was APPROX 20.) I GUESS if you still need to Get To 20, then go ahead &Pay Your Dues, &you’ll prob pull Hotter Tail in the Future. (NO I’m not ROCK SOLID on 20. But I can’t IMAGINE that number POSSIBLY being lower than 10. Even 10 is way too low. 30 seems a little too decadent, EVEN ALLOWING for that Men are Allowed to be More Decadent than Wimmin. So, APPROX 20. CLoser to 20 than to 10, hahaha. So 17. This works considering the Average Nonalpha Male Bangs a lot less than the Average Wimmin does, and a lot less than She THINKS He does, as she mistakenly believes Men and Women are the Same, with Comparable Sexual Experiences! HELL, I bet Average (ie Beta) Modern Males butthurtedly LONG for being able to bang even TEN – that Dangerously Low Minimum I just mentioned above! Leads to a Society of Men Well Below Ten, Grinded Down to Marry Wimmin well Above 20!


Not bad, pretty good, more artsy than hoped, but Tom Hardy was ELECTRIFYING. “Fully Inhabits the Role.” Oscar-Worthy, not that the Oscars are worth much. Tom Hardy is in my Upper Echelon of Current Young Men and this only solidifies that. Handsome as f00k too, and he looks even better in the Bronson role with Bald Head and Flamboyant Moustachery. When feeling Beta, look to him here as Your Alpha. It was a little Clockwork Orangey which is just fine, as that is one of my All Time Favourites. Hardy was VERY impressive, showing some subtle Physical Comedy I wasn’t expecting. This was before he became “A Name” with Inception too. Daniel Day-Lewis-Level Bravura, hahaha.

Don’t want to say the artsiness killed it, but overall it was just a little too WEIRD for me. All over the place. Losing Coherence. I know Refn knows what he’s doing, and in the extras we see that indeed Refn wants to portray the Effeminacy of Being An Artist, and how this very Manly Man had a Feminine side: He was a True Artist, AND completely Bonkers. It might help to know more about The Real Bronson. There’s a nice recording of him doing “monologues” and he does have a very unique way of speaking, although it’s almost completely unintelligible. I can never understand what Well-Enunciating Americans are saying anyway, so I usually watch movies with Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired, which would have helped for this movie.

But about 80% through, I just wanted the movie the end so I watch the extras. Sometimes I Want to like Refn more than I actually do. Even still he’s better than 90% of Filmmakerz.

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