Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

Yep not quite ready to come back here, because I am having a heck of a good time with muh other “blog” which is more relevant anyway because I have more authority to speak on the topic of Transforming Losers, than I do talking about Race and Politics.

Does this mean I have become an Anti-White Anti-Racist? Hell No! I am just a Little Racist. But a Little Racist is WAY more racist than Whites are allowed to be in 2013!

Still a huge fan of Mindweapons and Eradica, shout out to muh buddy Mindweapon for having a nice segment on the Political Cesspool Radio Show:

So go listen to that after having dinner with your families. Heh, listen to it WITH your families.

I would like to come back here and post at least once every couple months, just cuz I personally think it’s pretty weak when somebody abandons a blog altogether. IMHO.

But as far as quality and Actionable stuff, head to one of those other blogs. Right now my bigger Mission is Making A Difference in INdividuals’ lives, and of course my own as well. Making more money, more power, succeeding in business and career, playing the game and winning, amassing the resources so you have the power and freedom to take action on your larger goals.

Is Ethnonationalism the Answer? Anarchy? Minarchy? And then I just heard about something called “National Anarchism.” maybe that one’s the answer, hehe.

What does it meeeeean maaaaan, when I have a polite conversation with a nice black person? well, that one’s simple, it just means I have one polite conversation with one polite black person.

Even been going back to Roissy/Heartiste quite a bit recently, and he has his interesting axiom that “Diversity + Proximity = War” and I can’t argue with that!

Also been listening to sh1tloads of Bernard Chapin, I have been a huge faithful Chapin fan for many years. Long time subscriber. You might say he talks too much about Men, Women, Feminism, MRA stuff, and not enough about other stuff, and you would have a point. When he keeps harping on and on about “This IS a Left-Right Issue!” we nod our heads and say, “No Sh1t! We understood that years ago! Who are you talking to? These so called Leftist MRAs must be Total Morons if they don’t get this by now! Just Move On to something more interesting!”

Interesting thing is, Uncle Bern definitely isn’t Ashamed of Being White, and he has a bunch of Common Sense videos about Race. He despises White Guilt and Whites apologizing and Whites making Reparations for things they had nothing to do with.

So Ideally he would make more videos about that, but at this point, I luv Uncle Bern almost unconditionally.

So what about The J. you’re darn right I’m still interested in The J!

(Heh. To answer Mindweapon’s question to me about a year ago, the J singer I like so much is Leonard Cohen. And I still like LC, great songwriter and poet.)

But just because I like a couple J’s for their Arts and Entertainment work, does not mean I trust All J’s to wield their enormous, ridiculously disproportionate power in a way that benefits everyone equally! And I can’t ignore how the tragic Mindworm (credit Mindweapon) of Whites being Ashamed of themselves, of NOT CARING if Whites get mixed out of existence, of losing any desire to SURVIVE, of becoming SUICIDAL….The J’s have a huge hand in creating and instilling that Mindvirus, and I cannot overlook that.

But let me reiterate my Old4ss Human Identity Theory: Race, Religion, Political Spectrum (Left/Right), IQ, and….there was one more…. Class. AND Sex.  My Six-Factor Theory.  (Heh prob very similar to Firepower’s Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism, and here I will steal from Chapin and say “LEFTISM” instead of “Liberalism.”)

NOW, you CAN argue very soundly that Race deserves more than 17% in that analysis because Race in turn influences IQ, which in turn influences Class, and also there are huge connections between Race and Religion. Or that Religion doesn’t matter very much for a lot of people. Fine. I’m not arguing against any of those Good Points!

Let me “retweet” a great axiom from Mindweapon, who said (paraphrasing) “WHITES NEED THEIR OWN VERSION OF RADICAL ISLAM.” And by that he meant, something to rekindle their pride and spirit, something to give them the will to LIVE, rather than just say MEH and meekly die out!

I do like to think that there are White Racists in Positions of Power. If not in the Gummint, then hopefully in Business at least. Of All the Races in the World, Whites are the Worst at being Racist in their Hiring practices. Whites need to hire more whites, in other words.

And none of this precludes you from having a polite conversation with a polite Nonwhite! You can be A Little Racist and still Get Along with Everybody! Not Mutually Exclusive! Just don’t bend over backwards like a Supplicating Beta to try to Get Along with people who hate you!

That’s all I got for the past 5 months, haha. Try to get on more radio shows or do some darn Youtube videos. I think a person can have a much greater impact with a Charismatic, Socially-Adept, Emotionally-Intelligent (hehe) Speaking voice, than writing on a Blog. How about one 5 minute video every other day, just talking off the top of your head. Doesn’t need to be a video of your face, just a recording of your voice. Just a thought, just throwing it out there on the table.

Be healthy, be strong, be moderately happy, be a little angry, be a little racist, don’t hate your race, see ya in a few months.


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