time mach: JUNE 20, 2012

[May 6 2013: More like DECADENCE Machine, uh? So, Right Now, for better or for worse, I am pulling the plug on Tiem Machine. For the short term. Just trying this out. It can’t hurt.]

ITRY not to talk about myself, re Privacy & Anonymity & Career Safety, but when I’m SO D4MN AWESOME & INTERESTING, it’s hard not to.

I’veAlways Sneered & Looked down on people with TATTOOS, esp Wimminz, cuz they are a permanently marker of their Stupidity, Proudly shown to the world: “Look how stupid I am, & here it is permanently on my skin, I think it’s worth BRAGGING about!” & Wimminz tattoos are subject to all the stupid ephemeral rules of Trendy Fashion. Just consider Locations: first the Tramp Stamp. Then became Ridic Gauche. then it’s wrist, then it’s NECK, then it’s FOOT. Meanwhile, REAL HIPSTER GRRLLZZ get tats on their ARM like a MAN.

[classic J divide and conquer, turning w men against w women; we should not have such contempt for our own women; our women are not are enemy; indeed, our women are our eternal allies against our enemies;]

Men aren’t that much better, but they ARE better re tats. All my Heavy Metal Heroes usu had tats so it seemed it’d appeal to me, but not really. Some metal dudes are notable for having NO tats.

Anyway if I were to get a Tat, which 90% chance I would never, it would prob be on the Bicep, & have to do with: USA/patriotism, DEATH, or JESUS. flag, eagle, grim reaper, grim reaper on pale horse, jesus carrying cross, jesus ON cross, jesus being scourged horribly, cross.

[i would also now open that door to get a Racial Tattoo. But I am 95% not likely to get a tattoo at all. Also I am theoretically not against getting Tasteful Memorial Tattoos for someone you Luved who has died. Key word tasteful.]

That’s the benefit of being a BORN AGAIN CATHOLIC , raised from 49% Faith to a whopping 51% Faith. You’re much more secure & positive in it, yet you can still get away with making blasphemous jokes & listening to Satanic Black Metal & b34ting the m34t to Young Tail. NO, you can’t really GET AWAY with it. Could just be The Great Deceiver deceiving me.

[still a big struggle for me. trying to reconcile European Race with a Non-European Religion. if I were feeling especially cynical I might say Xtianity was Intentionally Designed By J’s as a way to Genocide Gentiles. IT’S A TRAP!

search “kevin alfred strom perversion sexual morality national vaguard american dissident voices” or “PERVERSION OF THE SACRED” he does a great broadcast, paraphrased: “Crude Hedonistic Selfish Decadent Feelgood Pornography, and the Puritanical, Prudish reaction against it, are both TWO SIDES OF THE SAME JISH COIN.”  PREACH! ]

Had some Inchoate Ideas regarding Gambling, Fun, and Work, still hammering out. This applies to GAMES that involves SOME amount of skill & personal agency, rather than slot machines or other “games” of PURE LUCK. So people, in my THEORY, have FUN playing card games like poker or pinochle or bridge or whatnot. People usually naturally LIKE PLAYING GAMES to have FUN, even I’m no different.

[of course I been thinking lately that GAMBLING is INHERENTLY Degenerate, Jish, and it does not BECOME an honorable man to GAMBLE. Respectable Gambling is an oxymoron.]

Now you can make the game more “interesting” by putting money on it. Then your Skill is directly rewarded with money. Better you are, more you get paid, like a JOB, but it’s NOT a job, you get paid for being GOOD at a GAME.

Questions: money might make “interesting” but it also makes stressful, might turn the GAME INTO a JOB.

corollary: most realistic way to make a Living off Gambling might be Small-Stakes Grinding, which might take all fun out of, then game becomes less fun, becomes job.

Or is gambling more a way of GoingYourOwn Way, being your own boss, sticking it to the man, where you can make money doing what YOU want, having FUN playing GAMES?

Obv a little of both depending how your luck is going, hahaha.

[but sometimes we have to do less-than-savory things to Win and to Secure an Existence of Ourselves, Our Family, and Our People.  So if you have a Surefire way of making more money Gambling than Working a Deadend Job, I guess it’s ok to gamble.]

sure you can get a big jackpot but I’d HYPOTH that is the exception not norm. 90% of the time, you’re not making any more PER HOUR than you would at A Traditional Job.

Final Question: But unless you have a STEM degree, you’re not going to be making much more than $10 a hour IF you’re “lucky enough” to have a job. So even 8 hours a day of small stakes grinding could VERY WELL pay MORE than that, QED, you’re better off GAMBLING than getting a “REAL JOB.” Unless you have a STEM degree, hahahaha.

Always thought Bob Seger’s “Ramblin Gamblin Man” had a real good Alpha Swagger to it, one of my fave songs of this “icon” who I’m not a superfan of, but am gradually appreciating a bit more. But never superfan.

HIRILORN sounds pretty promising right from very first listen, “Legends of Evil and Eternal Death” (good title!) Kinda expected, Hasjarl is talented & creative, but I appreciate his perspective on Epic & Melodic that was nearly completely forsook in Deathspell Omega (which I’m also in a mood for, “Inquisitors of Satan” thru “Manifestations 2002” period.) LoE&ED was 1998ish, great year.  Have a feeling they were really young, no older than 20, could be wrong. But I like Angsty Young Man’s Metal. Nothing captures Adolescent Angst like an Adolescent making Metal in the midst of his Adolescence. & you often think “no WAY could a TEEN make this! This is too profound!” but they did! see Burzum, Dissection, heck all the greats were moreso YOUNGER than OLDER. Although as a Late Bloomer myself, I appreciate that the opposite can also hold true, like Leonard Cohen not releasing his first album till he was FORTY or so.

Hirilorn is PACKED with soaring, epic, majestic, triumphant, sorrowful, catchy, spine-tingling Melodies! DsO at above time was PACKED with Catchy, Evil Riffs! Why did Hasjarl turn his back so much on these styles for The Mathy & just not incorporate them both? Don’t misunderstand – he didn’t TOTALLY abandon, see “Carnal Malefactor” on SMRC, but the REASON it’s one of my fave DsO songs is BECAUSE he’s incorporating the older Melodic & Riffy styles! If I could Write Riffs like that, I would MAKE THAT my Style!

[Heh. My attitude or opinion about Hasjarl/Hirilorn has not changed significantly since beginning My Awakening. He is Bad455 and I should return to Hirilorn. And honestly DsO is Awesome when you’re in the mood. DON’T HATE hahaha]

Girl wears Sunglasses on top of her HEAD in buildings? TIUTA!


[yes, sure, agreed, but again, BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE THAN CURSE THE DARKNESS, tm Firepower. Instead of Shaming Your Own Women…..just shake your head, grieve for The Value That Has Been Lost, “Sharpen The Long Knives of Grievance” as I think Mindweapon said, and instead of participating in their Defilement, RISE ABOVE, RISE ABOVE

AND TAKE THE UPWARD PATH, Know that indeed NAWALT, and Be a Strong Masculine Warrior Man and do something productive with your Body Mind and Soul, and one day you will be able to use your Sex Drive as part of that Skyward Path, as something Beautiful and Sacred and NO I’m not talking in a strictly Churchian Chreebus (tm MW) sense]

My Twitter Code of Ethics is gen Tit4Tat; if a man retweets or favourites me, I will retweet, favourite, and/or replythank him. if it happens a couple times, he gets moved to my “favourites” list. simple, easy, effective.

Also, notice how often Wimminz Tweet: INSTAGRAMS or 4SQ’s (“Here I Am, Having Fun, Out and About, Center of Attention, I’mma Celebrity! RAWR! Don’t you Wish You Were Here Basking In My Hotness!”) & how often Men tweet like this, vs how often Men tweet Actual Content, Creative Thoughts, Jokes, or Links.

Wimminz: Want to be respected? Be Worth Respecting! YOU’RE WELCOME. (haha HatTip Private Man, will be stealing YOU’RE WELCOME forever.)

[all very, very true. Very insightful, me! But once again, no reason getting BUTTHURT. I was more BUTTHURT at that time. Actually I think there was some Women-related STRESS which thankfully I have since resolved, using my Masculine Power and Mind.]

Had Access to some Academic Databases (not Google Scholar); searched for “laziness”, tuff time finding new Laziness Expert. Term never used prob bc implies moral judgment. find more on procrastination or underachievement. Of Ivy League students whose “underachievement” is not gonna DOOM them. Will keep searching.

[I guess “laziness” implies “depression” or “low motivation.” I am still gonna talk about these things till the end of my time. BUT I am thinking about starting a Separate Blog for that! Since me getting Overly Emo &F4ggy  & Feelzy is NOT what I intended this blog to become! And Frankly (heh), it may undermine the credibility of Pro-Whiteness, ie, Pro-Whites are “Mentally Unstable Like That LOOSE CANNON BKC” and I – WE – cannot have that.]

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