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[That title has “next to nothing” to do with THIS post, which might be more accurately entitled “THE HONOURABLE ALPHA” or “WIMMINZ ARE MERCENARIES AT BEST”, but the other title is more catchy, haha.]

On my Day Off, I Broadened And Deepened my awareness of the New Right by “taking a break” from Counter-Currents and exploring Alternative Right dot com, American Renaissance, and, most memorably for today, Voice Of Reason Radio and Dr David Duke Radio. Found a nice Official Torrent of “My Awakening” which Dr Duke is nicely giving away for free. Anyway Counter-Currents is not THE ONLY “player” out there, but it does seem there is a healthy alliance and cooperation between all of these players. A Growing Coalition of Influence and Power seems Immanent! Imminent.  Heh. Not sure what The Single Biggest Real-Life New Right EVENT is in the US, might be the yearly AmRen convention.

There is also this thing Attack The System which is more Anarchist. I’ve always associated Anarchism with The Left, but I’m learning it might actually more of a Rightist thing. He features a lot of people who were once Huge Leftist Activists who became disenchanted with that, and came over to the Right, and/or Rightist Anarchism. Minarchism? The Tiniest Government possible?

And then there’s Localism and Tribalism and Front-Porch-Ism and Distributism and Third and Fourth Way Economics and a bunch of other interesting stuff. It may be I’m not even a White Nationalist but more of a Front Porch type, where “the state” governs only a small community where everyone knows each other and defends and protects and supports each other. Theoretically this need not even be based on race/ethnicity. Although it certainly CAN be!

Jack Donovan and Mike Polignano were talking about how, when TSHTF / TEOTWAWKI, the Rich would hire Private Security, but paying 10$ an hour for a Rent-A-Cop does not generate Loyalty and Faithfulness and Love and Comraderie and Brotherhood and Trust, not a meaningful Social Bond there. For Warrior-Men to really want to protect you, you have to have a Meaningful Community that goes beyond mere Wage Slavery and Mercenaryhood.

Oh yeah forgot. You could Very Accurately describe Avg Wimminz as MERCENARIES. & you can never TRUST a MERCENARY, hahaha. Or, at worst, LEECHES / PARASITES, hahaha. PROSTITUTES would also be very accurate.

If you wanted to be really hateful, you could also say that Poor Welfare Blacks are also Parasites. Taking More Out than they are Putting In, and “Bell Curve” suggests that there IS NO PLACE/WAY that The Dumb CAN Chip In, even if they WANTED to, and prob even healthy dumbs WANT to, or at least start off wanting to.

As a prospective Computer Science Stemgineer and Professional Geek, I tried to figure out a way to P1r8 a copy of a DVD I got from Zogflix which I could enjoy for posterity on my DVD player (PS2) because I didn’t want to spend 6$ to buy a legit copy of “Crimes and Misdemeanors” (the Jewishness of which is another post altogether!). OK. So you gotta have a program to get past the Encryption/Copyzog protection, for which I used the eminent DVDShrink. So far, so good. Then used Infra Copy or TinyBurn (all open source, or freeware) to actually burn the “VIDEO_TS” decrypted folder of .ifo and .vod whatever filez to the DVD. It played fine as a reg DVD on the computer then played 1 second on the ps2 before failing. This is all after I copied the contents as an .iso disc IMAGE to the HD, then burned the iso to the disc, which did not play whatsoever. It was DUMM to think a dvd player could play an ISO IMAGE, but, this is simply to point out I am not a True Believer Computer Geek like the virgins on 4chan who jerk-off to their computerz day in day out.  I wanted Fast And Easy Solutions.

So after that, I figured, just pay $6 for the proper dvd of the jewmovie.

I heard another interesting point, in the Jack Donovan interview, and another post by Doomdigit on Eradica on Vikings plundering the Orkney Islands, that Wimminz are mating with the Wrong Men: weak beta men who they eventually cheat on with tingly alphas, but don’t have kidz with those alphas, so, insofar as some of beta is genetic, future generations will be more beta. I do NOT agree with this more than 49% Because: I suspect the Wimminz ARE having babies with the alphas, some of which are only being RAISED by the betas. Doomdigit used the comparison of Osama Bin Laden has 20 children, while these True Alpha Vikings, because they were out so busy being Manly Warriors, only had 2 or 3 kidz.

This brings up a Raft – A RAFT!!! – of complicated issues, such as, is OBL a BETA? I would argue he’s an alpha just BECAUSE he has 20 heirs, and his tremendous political/social/cultural influence. He’s on the Wrong Side, he’s Dishonorable, he’s not a Good Man, but he’s prob an Alpha Man. Also, I would suggest that Vikings did a lot of Raeping along with their Pillaging and had many illegitmate heirs. But I could be very wrong here. Perhaps Vikings saw Raep as Dishonorable and preferred to just slaughter the women too.

The SPARTANS get mentioned regularly as a great example of Manly Virtue. Strong Alpha Warriors. Fair enough.

Anyway, I would argue that Today’s Alphas probably do have a signif number of heirs. BUT the Pivotal Issue is, “Alpha” should NOT mean Merely Being Able To Bang A Lot OF Wimminz and Have A Lot of Heirs. Because Black Ghetto Gang Thugs can do that.

Now there’s the argument that Gangs are a way of Men Trying to BE Masculine in a World that denies masculinity.

Or maybe black inner-city gangs are simply a sloppy-4ss form of Masculine Black Nationalism. It’s safe to say they’re racially-conscious in being rather anti-white!

A kind of Warrior they may be, but HONORABLE? Hardly!

So we need more Masculine, Honorable Warriors. Set a new standard for Alpha Males.

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yes obv partially a ref to “it’s always sunny” which I don’t reg watch anymore but that joke is still funny.

Note: read more Captain Capitalism, and WATCH HIS YOUTUBE VIDYAS. This guy Aaron Clarey is VERY UNDERRATED by me and many others! new mancrush coming on if I have the time, and with my faggy calculus class, I might not. But hey. You gotta see all that fagginess as future money in your pocket from a Good STEM Jerb. Paying Dues While Scamming The Corrupt School Scam. Scam The Scammers.

not bad material, no Beef with Calculus itself, beautiful mathscience; and though it IS a “Commodity Course” it’s a USEFUL CommodCourse, unlike AfrikkkanWimminzBasketWeaving&IndigenousEcstaticDance101. Still this doesn’t absolve instructor if they are a Prick intending to be as hard, chaotic, & confusing as possible. That’s called Doing A Shoddy Job and should get you FIRED. Especially when OTHER PEOPLE can present it in an understandable and clear way. Then just do as they do, 4ss. Well, he’s PROB a Good Family Man who unfort has no idea how the modern world works, & without his tenure job he WOULD NOT SURVIVE, and he doesn’t deserve DEATH just because he’s OLD. He’s just blue pill as f00k and he thinks being “tough” like this is helping students REALLY get the material (which it doesn’t). He doesn’t understand that We Are Just Trying To Get Jobs, and he had it 9,000 times Easier in Getting A Good Job, and would not survive as a young man today.

Heh. Firepower clued me into the Slang Term “BINGO WINGS”, which is hilarious.


Wimminz Cost Benefit Analysis. Is Semi-Reg Sex REALLY Worth all the Bullcrap and the POISON? Wimminz are like POISON that SLOWLY KILLS YOU and rots your brain and SOUL just because you’re addicted to Pvssy & Infatuation & Feeeeeeeelings just like I am, just like most men. I just Roundly Refuse to enter into a Lopsided, POISONOUS CONTRACT to get it!

Beta Men: What Love have Wimminz ever shown YOU? So why do you keep loving THEM? It’s always No No No, LJBF, You’re not manly enough, you’re doing this wrong, you had your one strike and now you’re out, this is why I don’t like you, and then even if you were beta enough to “fix” that one thing, then there’s another thing, and on and on and on…. why AREN’T you DONE with this Obvious Bullsh1t??? JUST SAY NO!!! GYOW!!!

60% Of Women are Wimminz-Like-That, and 60% of Men are so Blue Pill they say “Oooookay, I’ll settle for That, Wimminz are RIGHT, I DO have Impossibly High Standards” and then sign up for long-term monogamous contracts with these LOSERS, and then get Taken Over A Barrel before x years, TSHTF and she’s not haaaaaaaaappy.


F00king Idiots.

But I Ain’t Mad. It’s just the way it is, I can’t change it, I can’t do anything ABOUT it, I just ACCEPT it, and use it to my ADVANTAGE when I can. Men don’t pay a PRICE for Sex, other than the WORK they have to do. They don’t pay a Soul/Spirit/Integrity Cost, I mean. That’s why Studs Rule and Sluts Drool, why it’s ok for men to bang lots, not ok for wimminz to get banged lots. because men do all the WORK, said it 9000 times. And every time a wimminz spreads, she Pays The Soul Toll. Again and again. So that now, 60% of Women are Wimminz: BENEATH BANKRUPT. And this is what 60% of men are LEGALLY MARRYING. Don’t marry! And if you do, DEF don’t marry wimminz with no honour!

And yet NAWALT, and I still honestly believe that. That’s why I say 60% and not 100%. (Heh, honestly 60% is “probably” too low!)

Speaking of Things Repeated 9000 Times: Just because you don’t Respect Avg Women doesn’t mean you HATE Wimminz. You can disrespect something coolly without hating.

VIDYAS FOR MY HEIRS: The only 3 things you ever need to remember:



3. Be GOODGUYGREG (in the sense of Kind & Honest & GoodGuyGreg & not a D!ck to people who aren’t a d!ck to you, NOT “nice” in the sense of “stupid” or “niceguy.”)

Lots of people are only two of these, and they suck b4llz. If you’re all three then you are SOLID GOLD T!TS.

Obviously there are EXCEPTIONS. Don’t be a hard worker if you can get the same results with easy work. Don’t be GoodGuy when people are screwing you. Have some self-respect and stand up for yourself.


Story from January 2011 on Phil Anselmo in New Orleans Times Picayune. Reviving my mancrush of my old (first?) adolescent mancrush. Interesting to note that he established what seems to be a Traditional, Monogamous, Long-Term Rel with A MUCH Younger Girl. She was a (presumably under-22) College Student becoming his Assistant/Intern when he was approx late thirties. Her age supports my Women’s Peak Age Is 17-22 Hypothesis. Also, it’s notable that she’s not “Gorgeous” or “Hot” or “beautiful” or “sexy” and is indeed kinda “weird”-looking. Plain Jane. Not ugly, but not super pretty. Really Normal-Looking. HE’s prettier than SHE is.  (Heartiste’s Hugh Jackman Hypothesis) She looks goofy in some pictures. But it’s clear that she has a very nice smile and gives off a real nice, young,  innocent, pure, clean, honest vibe and probably hadn’t taken too Manny Cox before riding Philip’s Big Italian Stallion, and that prob seriously contributes to the success and stability of their Rel. That, and he’s prob a Oldskool Real Alpha Male who doesn’t take Sh!t.

Well Mazel Tov to them. L’Chaim. She SEEMS (looks) like she could be a NAWALT. A Woman and not A Wimminz. Interestingly enough, internet sez she comes from a fairly Brahmin Neighborhood, went to LowerBrahminUpperVaisya University (where the Lower (i.e. nonjewish) Brahmin mix with the Upper Vaisya) and now she’s with a guy who Exemplifies Lower Vaisya.

(internet site high in google results that has Too Much Bio Info on her. And I know those things about her hometown/university only because I’ve lived in that state, & familiar with the areas. And a touching pic of her & Anselmo with RONNIE JAMES DIO.)

So, he credits her with helping him get off drugs for good – she gave him an ultimatum. Usually wimminz don’t do this unless they’re really into you, otherwise it’s one strike and you’re gone: “Go Die In A Gutter While I Jump On The Carousel And Forget You Ever Existed.” So he chose her, and says interestingly Un-Anselmoian beta things like “She’s My Anchor, I Love Her, Don’t know where I’d be without her” etc. Which is cute, seeing this big tatted-out alpha tough guy get soft for a wimminz. I think that’s supposed to be the ideal – He’s not being Emotionally Promiscuous, it’s only for her, only she can get through his tough shell. (Roissy, Chris’s CommentOfWeek.) Also, it’s good they’re not married “despite” having been together for like 6 years. He was already married once, and prob learned an expensive lesson there. Anyway, say she turns bad and dumps him. He’s got a lot Emotionally Invested in her, and would probably get Upset. Given his History, would he Fall Off The Wagon? That’s the key. Don’t give up your HEALTH and WELL-BEING for a WIMMINZ!

In conclusion, she seems like a Nice Girl who wouldn’t do that, don’t want to jinx anything, just whistling past graveyard like I always do.

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videos of ms vilar discussing book; interviews; other work. 1000 wds on book and book alone.

love to hear her thoughts on The Modern Age. TMM written EARLY 1970s, right after Women’s “LIB” had started. Lot has changed since this mentality has sunk in for 2 generations. Compare w CCarousel, women only want Alpha Personalities – Under-30 MILLIONAIRES have trouble getting women just bc they’re DORKY. WTF?? What would Vilar say. (“millionaire matchmaker” Real Mendacious TV; but leads into Game Discussion that Male Charisma CAN outweigh Career/Financial Success if guy’s too Spergy) TMM argues women only care about men’s Money & utility & how they can be exploited as workhorse. Def similar to what Barbarossaaaa & Stardusk & John The Other say. I believe it, but there’s OTHER angle MUST be considered:  young women sowing wild oats WHILE working on career, no time or desire to be “tied down”, want to have career first, and F-Buddies for the Sex Needs, ruin Youthful Man-Magnet powers jumping from C0ck to c0ck; thing is, these c0cks don’t need to be RICH or RESOURCE-PROVIDING, rather, moreso, phys attractive AND/OR BOLDLY CHARISMATIC.

Would LOVE for Vilar to write sequel re The Modern Woman.  original book SPOT ON, but now only 50% appropriate as there’s A New Type of Woman, the kind who sees self almost AS a man, can do anything man can do better, obsessed with WORK and CAREER and ACHIEVEMENT and providing for self and “not needing a man”, when Vilar sez, in 1971, all women are stupid and lazy and will memorize textbooks enough to start a career, but ultimately want a man to work for them and provide so they can be lazy, sit on 455 all day, devote time to TRUE ambition: their SELVES. Vanity, narcissism.

Today, work/career/competing-with-men is PART of that narcissism. Women more attuned to “The Sexuality of Men” than Vilar suggests, she says women have very low libido, use this as position of power to control men, don’t really care about men’s looks or personality so long as they EARN and PROVIDE and ENABLE; all men look pretty much the same, even ugly men vs handsome men. Walter Matthau vs Rock Hudson her examples. Women don’t LOOK at men or appreciate men’s looks, only other women.

I argue this needs to be expanded for Modern. Now Women DO care more about men’s Looks AND men’s personality. Personality is MOST important: will compensate for bad looks and EVEN for no money. Alpha ATTITUDE that matters MOST in Pulling Young Tail. Is Vilar still ALIVE? (Yes.)

Often looked at jacket photo to establish “connection” with author of these powerful words. Something I do with good books. She was about 35 or 36 when book published 1971, orig in German, 1972 English trans. didn’t think so old. Born1935 Argentina, German parents, (WW2 influence? Jewish??) “studied as physician”, went back Germany 1960s study psych and sociology. Marxist Fields of course but her Medical Training redeems her IMHO, enables her to cut thru Marxist Morass. interesting life/woman, & what brings a woman to write such a book just as Feminism was really BEGINNING?& Why didn’t she write more books re Insidious Influence of Feminism INCREASING to this very day? Early death?



born “Katzen.” YEP THOUGHT SO LULZ. But not in the Bad way, if THAT makes any sense hahaha.

“Argentine-German PLAYWRIGHT.” Wrote a novel in 2009. wrote “The Polygamous Sex” after TMM, supposedly more serious and “sober”, less of a “POLEMIC” than TMM, so you knew she was not SATIRE or PARODY or IRONIC. “misogyny” in TMM (eg, “Women are STUPID PIGS!”) is SO Blatant, it’s understandable to question her sincerity – writing like THAT just doesn’t get PUBLISHED if actually SINCERE!  “Polygamous Sex” is about how men have The Right to cheat on Women, sounds good to me! WAY OOP, 88$ for paperback!!


Still alive.


Nice page on Kevin Solway’s classic “Misogyny Unlimited” w Vilar’s 1998 preface to re-release of TMM. NICE. Squarely puts her in MRA camp, but doesn’t address more of the game / sex marketplace stuff I mentioned above. But she DOES mention The Sexual Marketplace in original book a BIT. Haven’t even finished haha. 60 pages in. (short book, 180 pages.) just doin notes for 1000 word “review.” Book’s MORE THAN important enough to warrant own post. shoulda read YEARS ago.   .01$ on amazon, ok, didn’t realise. ALL MRAs, buy, read, enjoy!


Manboobz’s cheap deflection of vilar as “crazy cat lady”.


PDF of ENTIRE BOOK from Don’t Marry. NICE!

most Youtube stuff in German. But she looks better than on book jacket, where seems to have lazy eye. Nope, not really.

could have been POWERFUL True MRActivist had she wanted, but Ithink woulda been too much for her. Didn’t want to commit to The Lifestyle? Still don’t JUDGE her for it – MRAs ARE Despised & unpopular!

Men’s creativity limited by desire to SUBMIT to Female Approval. Men Want pv$$y and PRAISE from women SO DESPERATELY they WILFULLY give up FREEDOM.

Analyzing her args qua own life. Been obsessed w Young Tail for YEARS – has INTERFERED w my “natural male curiosity” or “Scientific ambition” such that I don’t really HAVE enough that curiosity – entire goal is GETTING YOUNG TAIL, Over and over and over, not as curious in science, politics, systems, The Universe. Well, THAT’s not true. Def care about analyzing POLITICS and EvolPsych and Sociology (nonMarxist haha), although interest has pu$$y COMPONENT bc it ALWAYS deals w WOMEN in one way or other: Feminism, MRA, Game, books like Vilar’s, etc. Always WOMEN INVOLVED. very HARD to truly GO OWN WAY & just FORGET about Pv$$y ALTOGETHER & become Great Scientist/Inventor. (Tesla, Newton) Wish I COULD! Proves Vilar’s Implication that Some Men FEAR True Freedom & WANT to be ENSLAVED!!!

Despite Young Tail OBSESSION, still not sure if JUICE WORTH SQUEEZE. Lifetime Of Hard Thankless “Soul-Destroying” (Vilar uses exact adjective!) Labor is not worth UNLIMITED access to YOUNG Tail, LET ALONE Limited Access to Disloyal, Disgracefully Aging Tail!

better to just sit around lazy unemployed loser – though u don’t get “pleasure” of trash tail, you DO avoid displeasure of throwing yr own life away. The RUB is when this man STILL can’t get Young Tail out of his MIND. Young Tail is the MINDKILLER. I should write THAT book, how to excise THAT obsession from Internal Mind.

Vilar presents SCATHING, SCABROUS, INCENDIARY INDICTMENT of Average Modern Western Woman – and Vilar ain’t seen NOTHIN yet in 1971!

Mild criticism, & perf understandable given 1971: Vilar portrays All Women as Cold, Calculating (but stupid) Frigid monsters who have NO interest in sex & use it ONLY to control man. I’d argue nowadays only 70% true; Avg Modern Western Wimminz prove that Women are JUST AS Cvmcrazy for bold, confident, powerful Alpha Males as We Men are Cvntcrazy for virginal 18-year-old girls. Naturally Avg Beta Males never SEE this Secret World & THINK AMWW are Frigid & controlling; Betas never wear the Ring Of Power to CONTROL women through WOMEN’s Limited-to-Alphas-Only Lust.

MUCH more ethical 2B Alpha Manipulating Women than Women Manipulating Man because: Alphas are ONLY manip YOUNG women for SEX, & for BRIEF period of TIME, while these men continue to live their lives, go own way, enjoy freedom, do meaningful, masculine life’s WORK. WOMEN manip MEN (ie avg beta men) so they can EXPLOIT/STEAL the men’s WORK for a LIFETIME, so women dont have to WORK. See? 9000X worse. QED.

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That will be my starting point but I fully intend to go off on a few tangents. I might even talk about Finnish Funeral Doom Metal because I haven’t started my “off-topic” blog yet. Or my YouTube channel, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Upon listening to Paul and Dr T’s show “Sh!t Tests”, what seemed obvious to me, and which the people weren’t saying but it HAD to be on their minds at least implicitly, was the concept/emo of DESPERATION: How DESPERATE for Pv$$y do you have to be to sacrifice your self-respect and let yourself get taken advantage of?

I was eavesdropping on a conversation the other day where a Young Girl appeared to be debating the merits of Breaking Up with her Boyfriend. I wish I could have gotten more details or even inserted myself in the dialogue without being “CREEPY”, but, it still reminded me of some Power/Life Experience/Demand Differentials and prompted me to recognize a few generalizations that you can either agree with, or get all uppity about:

Regarding Young Couples, it’s USUALLY the woman who DUMPS the man;

The Man USUALLY takes it harder because he has a more pressing fear that he’ll never be able to Pull Pv$$y THAT good ever again, and in many cases, he is RIGHT;

The Woman has a Moral Obligation to Let Him Down Easy;

The Woman wants to Get Out of the Rel more than the Man does; She is less attached/infatuated with him than he is in her; she has invested less than he has; the balance of power tips in HER favour.

These are all slightly different ways of saying the same thing.

Many times, the Woman already has her eye on another Viable Option, if she’s not already sexting photos back and forth with his L04d on her smiling face, hahahahahahahahaha.

“That’s Bitterness! That’s Anger! That’s Little Boy Rage!”

Or that might just be the shrill cry of a short-sighted Sl00t who was burned because she foolishly sexted photos of her with 104d on her face, haha.

But with that “immaturity” out of the way, you can still comprehend my point. The Young Woman has a world of options, and she’s got a case of “The Grass Is Probably Greener”.

The guy, more likely than not, is not “coming” from this same “place” of privilege and has a vested interest in holding on to the “good thing” that he’s got. “Good” in terms of it’s a Beautiful Young Body that keeps him in an Infatuation High. Not Good because she’s giving him the Runaround and Not Respecting him as a Man or even as a Fellow Human Being.

One of my favourite euphemisms for Female Dumping is “I had to LET HIM GO”, as if it’s so PAINFUL for the Woman, but she has to Do The Right Thing for them Both, and both of them will ultimately be happier for it. It’s a Win-Win!

More likely she will be ecstatic in the short-term and he will be crushed and angry and desperate!

I think this all boils down the idea of desperation and options. The man would not be NEARLY so upset if he had a Harem of Options. So what if One Beautiful Young Girl Flakes Out? He’s got others to take her place. Otherwise, the man might feel burned at what he interprets – very ACCURATELY! – at him being REPLACED with a Better Model.  If he has the power – the HAND – to replace HER with a better model, he’s not going to be even 1% as angry. He’ll just keep on doing what he’s been doing: B4nging Young Tail and Winning.

I see this more of a Young Person’s Thing. It’s the difference between Twenty and Thirty between Men and Women. Hopefully by the time he is Thirty, the man will have his Affairs and Life and Career more in order and he too will begin to enjoy the privilege and power of OPTIONS. Enhancing this power is also the fact that Thirty Year Old Women do not have even 1% of the power that Twenty Year Old Girls do. There is a difference in the quality of the SKIN and the FACE and the ATTITUDE that signifies that Father Time has left his inexorable mark. Even if Women do not notice, men most certainly do. Even if they’re not CONSCIOUS of it.

I’m very interested in the idea of The Power Of Options – Sexual CHOICE, in other words – so I like Game Writers like Heartiste who articulate this topic. Of course, Not All Game Writers Are Like That, that’s just a Game-Related interest of mine.

In New Blog, Posts Are About This Long. The type of thing you could give a quick 8-to-10-minute YouTube-length Speech about, so I’ll think about Wrapping it up. I just wanted to Open the topic permanently. I will certainly be discussing it more in the future. Maybe even appending to this very post in the Near future.

One last analogy: You could almost compare it to an Excruciating Job Search. I don’t know Any Man who LOVES the Job Search process. Every part of it is excruciating. But it’s gotta be done. I imagine that once one secured a Halfway Decent Bigboy Job  – although it might not be one’s “Dream Career” that Careerist Wimminz tremble over in hushed tones as if they were in the presence of A Very Sexy Alpha Man-God – but enough to pay the bills and the debt and health care and live in safety outside of an Underclass War Zone, the man might breathe a grateful sigh of relief that he can stop Looking For A New Job, and just focus on doing well at the job that he HAS. He’s already done more than enough Due Diligence and invested enough of himself up to this point. And now Working Hard has become its own reward. The LAST thing he wants to hear is “YOU’RE FIRED!” and then have to start the long hard road all over again from the beginning!

Semi-related is this Eureka Moment I had, where when a Wimminz wants to DUMP a man, they have to NEGOTIATE A CONTRACT which basically includes a Schedule Of “Severance Bangs.” No man is going to take it lightly when the woman essentially says, “You’re immediately cut off, as of right now, from my body, ever again.” Unless he has Options, Hand, Sexual Choice, whatever you want to call it. It would be a lot easier to take (see “Moral Obligation To Let Him Down Easy”) if she said, OK, Since I’m unilaterally ending this and I probably have more options than you – (Essentially She is the Management or “The Employer!” ) – I’m going to Pay Out 50 more Bangs to you, which will end on such and such a date.  (For the sake of example, no sooner than three months in the future. Just because IMHO I think The Fiscal Quarter of Three Months is not too short and not too long and a period of time everybody should be able to live with for most things, hahahahahahaha. Not talking about Cancer or more extreme things of COURSE.)  This would be more Compassionate and Just for the Beta, and I certainly don’t think it would be causing undue Emotional Damage to the Wimminz either.

Yes, this is similar to the notion of Guys “Hooking Up” with Their “Exes”, but I think there’s much more dignity, honor, honesty, justice, etc in the much more unambiguous Contract version outlined above. Yes this is all theoretical because if we could write and enforce contracts like this, we wouldn’t have The Marriage Problem in The West Today. Wouldn’t It Be Nice.

And NO, I’m not speaking from Personal Experience, because I have enough Self-Respect that I will always stand up for Myself even if the Options situation is slightly less-than-ideal – any lack of hand will not coerce me into being a Lickspittle Supplicator! Although I do think, in general, we should have More Sympathy For The Beta, because we’ve all been there or can at least visualize and empathize with Being There.

That’s all for now, Have A Productive, Peaceful, Powerful Day.

And, As Usual, If You don’t have anything NICE to say…..


Pure Narcissism Edit, Next Day: I call it that because this may not add anything Substantive to the original post, but is just me going through my daily writing Preening Ritual: I want to write something, and for a not entirely articulable narcissistic reason, I want to Publish it, although I’m not claiming it’s Awesome Profound writing (although I hope it will be!), so does that still make it Narcissistic?

I would really like to talk about Funeral Doom, specifically Mournful Congregation, but I would also like to talk about something, anything, more “on-topic” first. Because, this is first and foremost, and I should really have a Mission Statement, a Men’s (And Fetuses, haha) CIVIL RIGHTS Blog!

That is my idea of “Humor” or “Comedy”. I was just driving along minding my own business, just trying to get away from the other drivers, when I thought “How’s that for a pickup line for the Bourge Marxist University Activist Pv$$y: I’m a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. Or HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST. But just for Men and Fetuses!”

This makes it sound like I care more about Young Tail than I do about Genuine Men’s Rights. That is a unsettling thought, though I admit from the outset that I am abnormally obsessed in Young Tail. This is perhaps what makes me a “Larval” or “Pupae” or “First-Stage” MRA – I’m still too much what Philip Roth in “Portnoy’s Complaint” so pithily termed “Cvnt Crazy” that I can’t see the forest through the trees; my judgment, logic, emotions, and skills are impaired by my Libido; I am a prime candidate for being Brainwashed through my S3xual Desire, etc.

Then I was thinking “Average Modern Western Women Just Don’t Respect Their Uteruses/Uteri.” Though AMWW have the most severe long-term penalties/costs for Sexual Miscalculation, they still seem to act “unnaturally” in favor of the Short Term, ignoring the Long Term Consequences altogether, probably because they have been Enabled in their Poor Choices by: The Average Modern Western Government & Culture & Lamestream (hehe) Media which says they can do no wrong.

But I keep thinking about the Uterus. This Natural Organ is itself a Long-Term Thing, where A Fetus can Grow for 9 months. Yet AMWW are throwing it around like a Horny Young Man Beating-Off into a Sperm Sock: having Babies with extremely “irresponsible” False Alphas.

It sounds like I’m making the Traditionalist, Social Conservative, White Knight, Man Up, Protector/Provider, Captain Save-A-H0 Argument of Women Good, Men Bad; Women are Holy Sacred Cows who must be protected at any cost, and Men are the Brutish Fodder, who, just because Sperm is Cheap and Eggs are Very, Very Expensive, then it only Naturally Follows that Faceless Men should be Lining Up To Die To Protect The Holy Pv$$y, Gladly Sacrificing their Lives, which are clearly Worth much, much less.

Strawman alert! While I do believe Eggs are Much More Expensive than Sperm, and that this IS related to why it’s no big deal for a Boy to Beat-Off 10 times a day & it IS a big deal for Women to Throw Away their Uterus on Thuggish Abandoners, it DOES NOT Follow that I believe Men-As-Humans are Worth Less than Women-As-Humans; on the Human Basis we are Equals. You could have all the Women in the World but you STILL couldn’t produce New Human Life without One Man, One Sperm. In that case, this one sperm would be Priceless, and No One would make the mistake of treating men as Expendable, Disposable, Replaceable Appliances.

As Modern Western Men enter into adulthood, the notion of “Dating” Single Mothers becomes more and more and more of a realistic, and shockingly, even reasonable option. I still avoid doing so on principle. I say Listen To Your Genes. Think With Your Selfish Genes. Many Kind, Loving Beta Men end up Being A Father to Children they have NO Relation To. I’m not saying to Shame these men; to the contrary, I find their Selfless Love very Honourable and Beautiful. But I ALSO Think: Wow, If they’re such a Good Father to a child they’re not even related to, imagine how good of a father they would be to a child that they actually ARE related to! Their Selfless, Sacrificing, Honorable Love has made them DESERVING of a Genetic Heir of their OWN! Yet their time, effort, energy, resources, and love are diverted away from their own genes, and instead used on the genes of the AMWW they’re dating!

I think at this point it becomes more about The Child than the Woman: In other words, No AMWW With Bastard Child is going to be comely and charming and magnetic and infatuation-generating enough to convince even the Kindest Beta Sap to Love Her Kid because SHE’S so awesome. The man is doing it because he has a Good Fatherly Instinct, and my stance is, by that point, he’s Passed The Father Test, and THESE are the kinds of men the AMWW should have had the babies with in the FIRST place.  If they had actually Treated Their Uterus with the Respect it Deserved and really Took the time to Evaluate The Man who was Impregnating Them. They should have Closed Their Legs and Thought for a Minute: Is this man who’s impregnating me Good Long-Term Father Material?

I suppose in those cases, a Good Willy-Nilly Frivolous Abortion might not be such a bad idea. I am still Struggling with my Official Stance on Abortion, this is likely to be Evolving for a while. Although I am probably leaning towards the Pro-Lifer Crowd, hahahaha. But not solely for as much of a Religious Dogmatism as for my rigid SocioBiological Deterministic Dogmatism, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Sacred Womb, Golden Uterus, etc.

Reminder that I do want to talk about Chivalry and Troubadours and Courtly Love and the Ideas of Which that started in the Middle Ages with the Arthur Legends and songs and all that. Not today. I’m almost done with my Narcissism Appendment.

Anyway to finish up Today’s Thoughts on Abortion: I think AMWW Are, to put it Simply, Abusing Their Uteri. Really Beating It Up Bad Beyond All Repair. Along with The C0ck Carousel comes the Pregnancy-By-Cads Carousel and the Abortion Carousel, and I’m simply stating my Opinion that the Uterus is something quasi-sacred that should not exposed to Carousels of ANY kind! (But not disproportionately Sacred to Men’s Sperm, or, more accurately I guess, Testicles! )

Of COURSE we have to take Social Class into this, and, rightfully, Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” has generated fervent discussion in the Manosphere and the larger social/political sphere in the 6 to 9 months since its publication. I haven’t read it, but I watched Murray present the main points of the book on CSPAN Book TV, and have read a lot of Manosphere Analysis onnit, hahahahaha.  Anyway, the point I wanted to throw out there: Are too many of the wrong people Getting Abortions, or, put another way, are the people who “SHOULD BE” Getting Abortions NOT getting them? Are The Underclass Hoi Polloi in Fishtown getting knocked up by Caddish Thugs and then giving birth to babies they can’t support, so they rely on (at best!) The Kindness of Betas, or (more troublingly) an entitlement-happy State? Whereas The Urban Hipster SWPL Bourgeversity-Education “Belmont” types in New York (everyone from “Manjawed Lawyercvnts” to Bon-Iver-Loving Zooey Deschanel Wannabes), who are more likely to be Career-Obsessed and to actually HAVE a Living-Wage Career, are also more likely to Abort the Fetuses, which if they had Carried To Birth, would probably be Less Likely to Rely On The State to Support?

So yes I’m taking these SocioEconomic things into account and not just my Born-Again Catholicism into account when considering abortion.

One last thing for today. I was watching TV, too ADD and angstily libidinous to Read, when I came across a “documentary” on NatGeo about Hasidic Jews, something fairly recent called “Only For God” or “One With God” or something like that. It was an Over 9000-Yard View of a day in the life of “modern” Hasids and left me wanting more, but I found this superficial introduction interesting nonetheless. If I were a Jew I would have made a pretty good Hasid. In particular I remember a Young Man who was born to a Catholic Father and a Jewish Mother. His family life was much more Catholic than Jewish and he went to Catholic Schools until age 18. Then he moved to a Hasidic Community in Brooklyn and jumped in the deep end. Yes it screamed “overcompensation” and “Pendulum swing” but I can relate to that. To an extent.  And then there was a Hasidic Wedding, with a Big Smiling Teddybear Chubby Chumpy Beta Niceguy with a Huge Hasidic Neckbeard getting married to A Nice Religious Jewish Girl (who probably wasn’t as big of a Wh0re as non-Hasidic Jewesses, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! )  My initial reaction was quite positive considering it was a Wedding/Marriage! I especially liked how they kept the men and the women separate at the Reception Party, and then finally lifted the bride and the groom up so they could see each other over the Dividing Curtain. I still have to “process” these Initial Emotions to see if I can find the Deeper Meaning behind them. It probably connects to my newfound appreciation for “Extreme” Religious Devotion and how THAT in turn relates to the Religious, Cultural, and Legal aspects of Mawwaige. Recently I’ve argued that Modern Western Men, should they find in themselves an inexorable desire to marry, that, if they feel they HAVE to appease that urge, to do so ONLY in a Religious/Spiritual sense and NOT in a Legal/State sense.

At any rate, the TV Show was as Superficial and Devoid Of Meaning as you expect from A TV SHOW, but it was better than Wh0redashians, and it did leave me with the lingering feeling that I would probably Get Along Well with these Hasidic Men. Then we could each have 1000 heirs with 1000 18-year-old virgin girls, and Give Thanks To The Lord with Really Solemn Funeral Doom.

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I would like to strike a balance between  an unscripted, off-the-top-of-my-head, stream-of-consciousness, talking-to-the-Youtube-Camera style of rambling, && reasonably coherent, Readable Writing, all while doing a minimum of revision: Being Maximally Readable with a Minimal amount of EFFORT, in other words. Because we are all busy people without a second to waste!

My chosen topic for today is Infatuation, and I will certainly revisit it in the future, as I’ve been consistently interested in over the long-term past; it was a signif topic on my previous blog, and it underscores some of my interest in Game. Recently I’ve been viewing Infatuation through the lens of a Biochemical / Neurochemical Process which produces a panoply of Emotional Results. (Ok I am not succeeding in writing Terse, Hemingwaylike prose!)

In short (TL;DR), In My OPINION, I believe Infatuation is very much like a Drug, and the Oxytocin or Serotonin or Dopamine or Whatever floods the Human Brain whenever the Object Of Infatuation is around, creating an emotional high so potent it feels physical, transcendent, and transformative; but, much like other Drugs, much like The Power Of Young Female Beauty, it contains potential for Awesome Highs and Soul-Crushing Lows, and is thus not a thing to be trifled with. Serious Business.

It’s very probably some men are naturally pre-wired with different tolerance levels to Infatuation, or, as Stardusk so aptly terms it, “Resistance to Kryptonite.” And that we may, at different points in our lives, react to and handle Kryptonite differently.

What I’m getting at is there is a large Emotional Component that seems beyond our control, and as men of Logic and Reason, it can be pretty frustrating when we have trouble Controlling our Emotions Using Logic. What’s going on here. Is our logic faulty? Or is it not Strong enough? Or are We not strong enough? I think part of it has to do with Infatuation itself being so fundamentally powerful – it creates an emotion so strong that it often can get the better of our otherwise super-strong logical faculties, and bring otherwise strong men to their knees.

At worst it can be like a “monkey on the addict’s back” or the “black dog of depression” or the “unwanted parasite”, something dreadful and destructive that’s dug itself into every fibre of your being and you long to be free of. You know you somehow must possess the power to free yourself, through strength of will and intellect, but you clearly haven’t succeeded, because you certainly don’t feel free yet.

It is something that there can be no equivocation about. If it’s there, you know it’s there. No maybes or sort ofs. Just yes or no. Black and white. All or nothing. And this sense of absolute certainty can be both comforting in the good manifestation, and crushing in the bad.

Trying to get to an ultimate Thesis Point here, hahaha: I’d argue that it’s this sense of Infatuation, which obviously is quite synonymous with “Obsession” and “Pedestalization”, which has driven men to Commit and Sacrifice for Certain “Special” women in their lives. It is the Madness which Makes “True Love.” Many say there’s a big difference between Infatuation and “Love”, although I would personally disagree, and suggest that The Terrifying Power of Infatuation is what best lays the foundation for Long-Term Love. Well, between non-blood/genetic relations, of course.

Combine Infatuation with Sex and it becomes even more powerful. Wrap it all up in the package of a Young (18 thru Early Twenties), Fresh-faced, Radiant-Skinned, Low-Mileage, Bright-Eyed, “Angelic” woman, and you get the most powerful combination imaginable, which can easily sustain over the course of a human lifetime.

The vast majority of human beings have to some extent been “burned” by Infatuation Gone Wrong. Some unfortunate souls are even completely destroyed. To me, this points to the fact that Infatuation Is Powerful and must be Respected as Such. Like The Young Fertile Uterus. And we should NOT try to “nurture” this natural force into a new way of being. While what-is-natural-is-not-always-RIGHT — and I think part of The Dignity and Honour of Being Human is rising above our more base, violent, angry, emotional, lustful, short-sighted, selfish animal natures — in other ways we can’t and shouldn’t escape that animal nature; or at least we should use it as A Wise Warning: don’t waste Female Youthful Sexual Power (indeed, Infatuation-making Power) on a C0ck Carousel and call it “Liberated” or “freedom.” And don’t pretend that Infatuation is just some primitive destructive urge that we must ignore or eliminate. We must consciously avoid it when it works to our disadvantage, but also “nurture the nature” when it does work to our advantage. (And yes, that is selfish, so I AM contradicting myself on that thing I said about the dignity in rising above our selfish animal natures.)

Ok, Ok. It’s fine to be selfish as long as we are not HURTING other people in the process.

No I’m not Imposing My Morality, I’m simply Expressing My Moral Opinions, which are strong enough that I would call them Beliefs, hahahahaha. You don’t have to agree with them. But if you DO, then I would probably get along with You better than if You didn’t!

Quick and dirty. The objective of this blog is to write posts in….well, less than 30 minutes!

So that’s my stopping point for today. Simply to express My Opinion that Infatuation is Serious, Powerful, and is going to be an Important and Relevant Topic in My Perspective on MRA & MGTOW & Game & Manosphere & Men’s Issues. You don’t have to LIKE it, there are loads of other Men’s Blogs out there, hahahaha. Have A Good Day and hope You can make Infatuation a Positive (or Neutral!) rather than a Negative force in Your life, as it has been the Starting Point for the downfall of many men. But it doesn’t Have to be.

PS: Does the Strange “Natural” Chemical of Infatuation ever present in Women? If so, might it present in different ways / forms such that it is not even comparable to the way it does in Men, much like how it’s difficult to Compare Men and Women generally in an “apple-to-apples” fashion, since there are such significant biological differences? But this is not to say there are NO similarities between Men and Women, because we are all Human Beings, and so can be compared on Some level….right? More questions than answers.

Anyway, my opinion/belief at the moment, and this is not without considerable reading and experience behind it, is that Women are Infatuated by the power, strength, status, social dominance, charisma, influence, & popularity exemplified by “Alpha” Men,  the way Men are Infatuated by the Angelic Beauty and Seeming Innocence exemplified by YOUNG Women. For the ForeverAlone Omega “lickspittle” Friendzone Orbiter Pedestalizer wondering if Any Women have ever known this same kind of Brutal, Sacrificial, Unreturned Luv, yes, yes they have, but just for much more Alpha Men.

The Force of Infatuation may even be strong enough to compete with Men’s propensity to want to Bang Everything That Moves, and to commit himself to the “Special” Someone. Male Commitment, like Infatuation, like Young Uteri, like Female Sexual Choice, is not something that I like to see people take for granted.

Yet Another Edit: I am not speaking from Present Personal Experience, because Thank G-d I have learned from the Pitfalls of Past Personal Experience, and hopefully You can/do/did as well.

“Final” Edit, Next Day: This is by no means my final word on this topic, just a sign of things to come.

It should have been obvious to me yesterday one of the starkest obviousnesses regarding Infat, of the Orwellian Right In Front Of Our Noses Variety: Infat can give one person tremendous power over another, and this power is rife with opportunities for exploiting and taking advantage of the wieldee. This is probably the single biggest problem of infat. “Ideally”, it would be a two-way street of “mutually assured destruction” where each party’s power over their counterpart would cancel each other out, and both people would be equally attracted to each other almost magnetically, but I’d argue the Unilateral, One-Way, Abuse-Of-Power variety is more prevalent, and this is why infat-on-average can seem like more of a bad thing and less of a good thing.

No Sh!t! (I suspect there will be plenty more Cap’n Obvious to come. I am not such a SPERG that I need to be Schooled In The Obvious, but I do think even Non-Spergs need a gentle, man-friendly reminder from time to time!)

Yet another Edit (May 8) because I am THAT serious about procrastinating even more on my real responsibilities like Work and School and Resume-Building:

All other things being constant, a 20-year-old girl is much more likely to generate infatuation in the man than a 30-year-old woman.

I would be very interested in reading the work of Credentialed Medical and Research Professionals who study Brain Chemicals and Neurotransmitters and Hormones and such, as a way to study Infatuation, especially its relation to The Age Of the Women that Elicit it. And, for that matter, the qualities of the Men who elicit Infatuation in Women. It would have to be as unfettered by Marxist Ideological as can be for academic research, OF COURSE, and maybe I’m just naive in assuming that Medicine and Hard Sciences are more immune to PC, Feminist Cultural Marxism than Bullcrap Social Science Departments.

And again I want to caution against those who say things like “Oh that’s not ‘love’, that’s Just Infatuation.” I suggest that at the end of the day, there’s not as much of a difference as these people would like. I argue love is the glove into which infatuation slips its hand, that infatuation is the bedrock of long-term love, the irrational madness (craziness) that can glue people together for life. Defining terms gets pretty tricky I admit. The bottom line is, my definition of infatuation is that it is Serious Stuff, it’s not “just” anything, people have lost their lives over it, history has been shaped according to it, it’s crazy, it’s very powerful, AND it can sustain over a very long time, and it not necessarily just a short-term thing that lasts a couple of weeks, and I think it does the notion a great disservice when it is portrayed as an insignificant, fleeting thing.

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I felt compelled, possibly divinely, to post a twitlonger as a way to develop, enhance, expound, expand, ENLARGE hahaha on the broad strokes made by my twitter. In keeping with the off the cuff microblogging approach of twitter, I would like to cut myself off at about 15 minutes and not check the spelling or whatnot. just real fast dump. this TLDR wall of text approach will also discourage any would-be career killers from reading too much and killing my (future, haha) career. As anonymity and privacy was one of the reasons I retired my previous Blog (almost a year ago!) but I do like writing bloggishly. The problem was that too many personal details had gradually crept in. The blog is still out there for people who are obsessionally infatuated in me and contains a ton of great non-personal commentary, but it is private and your email address has to be approved by me on an individual basis!

First, Men’s rights, Game, Misandry, manosphere issues. As an erstwhile Pv$$y Addict, I will be concerned with the “Micro”-Sexual issues of men vs. women for a long time to come, and here my arguments are in a large part formed in dialogue with the ideas presented by much better writers, namely Heartiste / Citizen Renegade / Roissy. This is not to say I am in 100% agreement with him or sheopleishly parrot all his ideas. But 70%? Probably!

Kinda stream of consciousness this will be. Now a full-blown MGTOW like Barbarossa views Heartiste as a lame “PICK UP ARTIST” and SLAVE to Pu55y. I’m not sure you could call Barb “anti-game”, and anti-game does get talked about a lot on Game blogs like Heartiste, and not favourably as You might surmise. A guy like Alek Novy, a notable “Anti-Gamer”, is ruthlessly mocked. I don’t think all this man-on-man mockery is superproductive to the manosphere as a whole. Can’t we all just get along? I really like Barbarossa but I really like Heartiste too. At least Heartiste isn’t lamely trying to SELL A PRODUCT, those are the guys I have very little respect for and would reserve the term “pick up artist” as a pejoriative for them. As opposed to guys who study and write on “GAME”, which I view as basically male/female attraction, male charisma and social power, what is “attractive”, mate values, sexual selection, the same thing Darwin talked about, drawing from evolutionary psychology, human bio diversity, softer and harder sciences alike.

Definition of terms can be problematic.

I might need 20 minutes, he11 this could be an hour but I dont WANT to go longer than 20 minutes so Im just gonna take a 1000 yard view.

My top manosphere guys have been largely Youtube fellows because I personally prefer listening to reading, although I like to read when I have the attention span. (In the middle of “America Alone” by Mark Steyn (total mancrush on his ridiculously charismatic personality!) and “Life at the bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple and a little of “Flipside of feminism” by Venker/Schlafly and “Why men are the way they are” by warren farrel and a bit of “Day bang” by roosh v and trying to start “The long march” by roger kimball, i think that’s all at the moment. I rarely FINISH books or read them cover to cover quickly. If I’m reading it will be those books, or blogs, namely heartiste, gucci little piggy / chuck rudd, in mala fide & ferdiand bardamu (waiting for that book man!), reddits, various fora, some of a voice for men, etc.

But as I say, my preferred method is chilling out and listening to people talk on my mp3 player, for which I use a grabber to download mp3 audios of youtube videos, and my top people there are, first and foremost, Bernard Chapin my eternal mancrush, barbarossa, Stardusk and Rocking Mr E have been welcome newcomers, Girl Writes What who deserves 15 minutes of me talking about her hahaha, John the Other, The Ignored Gender is also a fantastic new guy I’ve just discovered. I could talk a lot more on each of those guys, but I don’t have a lot of time, those guys are all more or less 70% in my ballpark of ideas.

Yesterday for example I listed to a Stardusk video where he was responding to Rocking Mr E, and I like and respect both of those guys mind you, but Stardusk is more “extreme” and more MGTOW and thinks relations with women are unsustainable from a natural, biological, evolutionary perspective: it’s not merely political, it’s not so much right and left and libertarian, sure politics MATTERs, but as a CATALYST that takes a NATURAL impulse of hypergamy, disposability, parasitism, and enhances it and rewards it and perpetuates it, and even if you go to a non-feminist culture, if you bring a woman from say saudi arabia to sweden for example, the feminist culture will encourage the worst tendencies of the female to emerge, no matter where she was raised.

I’m not as MGTOW as Stardusk and I’m closer to Rocking Mr E, who himself seems to enjoy a happy rel with his wife, and I am glad for him.

But then too I AM interested in concepts like “relationship game”, which HEartiste discussed but for that you really need to go read Athol Kay I’m told. But I’m not super DUPER interested in Relationship Game as of yet.

Uhh Girl Writes What IS as amazing as she’s been hyped up to be, and I think it’s interesting that one of the fastest-growing stars in the MRM is indeed a woman, and PERHAPS this speaks to the idea that women are not oppressed by a patriarchy, that overall we are more willing to listen to The Issues Of Men when they are presented by a woman. Lots of the Male MRAs are lumped in with “women-haters” indeed the SLPC just released their intelligence report which used standard leftist propaganda sources to shamefully character assassinate many prominent and not-so-prominent mras and gamers as VIOLENT HATERS. They drew largely off the writings of Manboobz David Futrelle, pretty notorious, and while you do have big names like Roosh and AVfM on there, I was really really surprised that Heartiste did not make the list. Either way the list is a pile of crap and I’ve given it more time than it’s worth.

listening to tons of black metal, no surprise, but still trying to keep the black metal fresh to me. haven’t listened to the new burzum as much as i’d thought. enjoying lots of weakling and mgla. different kinds of black metal each, but both have astounding, amazing, underrated drummers. yes you can have drumming standouts in black metal I’ve learned. of course I could talk about these topics for hours too but I wont.

Personally my intense interests are in the ideas of alpha and beta, and Darwinian Struggle To Survive, applied to my own life, with moments of great self-doubt that I am much more beta than alpha and that I don’t have the energy or the work ethic or the anti-laziness to be able to work my a55 off and pull myself up and pay my dues and put in my due diligence and keep my eyes on the prize to finally, at long last, become a Bigboy with a Bigboy job, finally have the resources and respect to be an Independent Man, finally have a Bargaining Chip to pull Young Tail, etc. Yes I said Young tail. Maybe that is one of my tragic flaws, but I’d argue self-doubt and laziness are the much more significant tragic flaws hahaha. this has been what’s drawn me more towards game and evopsych, because I am much more likely to be “interested” in younger women as opposed to older women, and IMHO, the Mating Peak occurs no later than the EARLY Twenties. If that makes me a creep, I am very comfortable with that, and I’m not interested in dialoguing with Rationalization Hamsters.

Criticism is not hate or anger or “creepiness”, however I admit that I have had to keep an eye on my anger, as I am prone to get angry moreso than a more “alpha” male, hahaha, which perhaps comes from a sense of “beta” powerlessness. Sometimes my judgement and criticism is so fervent that it does border on anger. Of course Righteous Indignation variant of Anger is OK, because its ok to be angry about Valid Injustice, but at any rate, you can’t let it be The Boss Of You, hahahaha.

perhaps most controversial has been my “pendulum swing” from left to right, from atheist to Born Again Hallelujah. of course this is not wholly the case, there are important nuances there which much be understood. I am better described as an Agnostic with a newfound Appreciation and Respect for some Religious Traditions, although I don’t think one could ever discover tangible or even philosophical PROOF of a god. I am however, have become comfortable with “going through the motions” of giving thanks to a god, because it seems to me so much less SMUG and ANNOYING and FIRST WORLD and PRIVILEGED and SWPL to be able to stop whining and be THANKFUL for the good things you DO have rather than just say either “yup i did all that” or “well it’s just an accident of me being born in a first world country” or what have you. Of course, I guess if you HAVE achieved a comfortable life and livelihood through Hard Work, you ARE Deserving to be PROUD of your hard work, I know I would be. So maybe when I am a Big455 winner making the big bucks at my STEM job then I will become a reborn again flaming atheist at age 60, hahahaha.

but doubt and sloth jeopardize that as well in this dark night of my educational soul. i’ve never LIKED school but I’ve always done disproportionately WELL in it with respect to my not really liking it. Eventually that caught up to me and I stopped caring and just skated by at the bare minimum, which was a big poor choice I made, for which I’m now paying the consequences, and which, if I were a religious man, I’d be praying to the lord to help me actively repent for, I, do a 180 and bust my a55 now. Which I sorta AM trying to do, I’ve indeed made some positive changes. But right now I’m stuck on Computer Science 2 (for example, the idea of Templates and the Standard Template Library in C++), and I think jeez if I’m finding this so hard, there’s like 6 more years to go of even HARDER stuff, plus people who are REALLY into this, like paid bigboy computer scientists, spend their free time LOOKING AT CODE FOR FUN and posting on code forums and I get stuck on Day 1 concepts and would rather sleep or listen to Bernard Chapin and theorize on alpha and beta and sexual marketplace and mating and harems and cost benefits of male female interactions and manosphere and feminism and young tail and all that sexy stuff.

So i’ve already gave away too many personal details, hahaha. but as I say, i’ve never been in love with school, which is why it was techinically a good decision not to try to get a phd, even if that was my own rationalization hamster for the brutual truth of I Didn’t Work Hard Enough When I Had My Big Chance to even be ABLE to do a phd. At any rate, my preferred phd would probably be in Evopsych and mating stuff, david buss, roy baumeister, all that stuff. that or just straight up hardcore STEM, hahaha. but getting the STEM bachelors is challenging enough.

see i view education and school as a means to an end, a key to a job, a paycheck. pay your dues then you can finally get paid, get paid enough to survive AND to spread your seed, leave a genetic legacy, etc. Yeah eventually I would like to mate and reproduce and my end of that bargain is that I do gotta be a provider in some sense. However at this point I just want to be able to provide for myself in a respectable manner. separating the bigboys from the littleboys, those who don’t want to work hard enough to survive, etc.

my advice to young men: do trade education while in high school, work your a55 off so you can do well in that and have a company pay for your STEM degree, or join the military, get some $$ to pay for a STEM degree, learn Alpha Charisma Leadership Power in the military, get a useful degree AND just as importantly get Good Experience while you do it, make yourself so marketable the employers come to YOU with your useful STEM knowledge and experience, ?????, profit, mate. Whether you want to have a traditionally monogamous rel or a harem is up to you. Although it’s probably not a good idea to get Legally Married in case your wife goes batty and decides to Take You To The Cleaners and then you’ve lost a huge part of what you’ve worked so, so, so, so hard for. Maybe have a primary “wife” which is the one you’re in “love” with the most (strongest infatuation or obsession or sense of commitment, can’t live without balblablabla), get nonlegally married to her and she can be your primary babymaker if you want heirs, and who DOESN’T hahahaha, and then if you want a harem on the side, that’s gonna be a negotiation you’re gonna have to work out with her. Just get your g0dd4mn STEM degree (and concurrent internships!) first.

have a fun week, i’ve already said way too much, i might do this again in a year or so since I want to minimize the privacy risks of having An Official Blog. Either way I am prone to make ridiculous tweets in the vein of LeviathanPride, ForTweetsSake, IanSquirtus, etc, cause I think that sort of stuff is real funny. But I will never seriously endorse violence of any kind, even “emotional violence”, hahaha. http://tl.gd/h02p32 ·

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Good Alpha Bullies Must Bully Wimminz Away From Mating With Bad Beta Bullies: SemiTrolly TwitLonger Re “Bullying”

where’s Your source hahhaahahaha. as You know, I sometimes like to stir the pot and shock for the sake of shock, and come to conclusions so extreme they might even cause a wimminz’s rationalization hamster to have a heart attack, and of course sometimes passively-aggressively express My Own Anger throughout my Struggle From Beta To Alpha, and motivate myself to WORK HARDER, hahaha. I think in this case I was angry that day that getting a B- in Computer Programming 2 will delay My Bigboy Career by another 10 years, which will in turn cost at least 1,000 Bangs of 18-year-old girls, hahaha. Just the Stage of Life I’m in, where Banging 18-year-old girls actually competes in priority with Career Goals, but my libido may decrease by age 50 or 60, hahaha. For the most part, my Anger is readily assuaged by 3-A-Day Insanity Workouts, banging a Constantly-Refreshing Harem of 50 18-Year-Old Girls, Working Inhumanly Hard and Tirelessly, enjoying Right-Wing Black Metal, Bullying The Deserving Weak, Helping the Underserving Downtrodden, etc, but if even one element is a bit off kilter, in this case my Homework and the Harem (only temporarily!) being a tiny bit under 50, then something especially offensive might “bubble up” on Twitter, haha.

At any rate, if these “bullies” are indeed Bearding their own Weakness, then they are likely to be bullied to their pathetic demise by a more alpha bully. And, of course, many bullies are not productive to society either, and end up as unrehabilitatable criminals and siring a new generation of little criminial heirs, all an ungodly burden on The Taxpayer to say the absolutely least. Now this is where the sexual selection comes in, where Good Alpha Bullies must Bully Wimminz away from mating with Bad Beta Bullies, hahahahahahaha.

At the end of the day, however, TMOAP has a Soft Beta Spot and believes that both Alpha and Beta qualities have a proper place in the well-rounded individual. But I also concede that there is something vaguely shocking/offensive/annoying about the terms “Alpha” and “Beta” themselves. For me it was my initial emotional reaction along the lines of “things CAN’T BE so black-and-white!” But of course as with many things the truth lies in the middle of two extremes, and we can then accept a world with degrees of alpha and degrees of beta and everything in-between. Although one thing we certainly can be unequivocally black-and-white on is The Slut vs Stud “Double Standard”. Men have to Do WORK to pull Young Tail; Young Women have no comparable mechanism of “pulling” because to “pull” Handsome Men all they have to do is sit there and look young and pretty; and all men can respect one another’s Work in Pulling, and they also prefer Nonpromiscuous Women when opting for Traditional Rels, because Female Promiscuity is essentially a kind of GLUTTONOUS CRAZINESS.

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