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IF you’re curious about “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” despite how F@GGY and WEAK it sounds – and there is a LOT of chaff to sift thru, and THAT will make you depressive suicidal REAL quick, haha – then a Good Band to Start with is TRIST from Czech. T (it’s one guy, that’s his name) is The Real Deal. I like to think of it more as CHILLOUT BLACK METAL. That is a MUCH better name for the GOOD DSBM bands. Like Trist. Heh. Kinda sounds like Hypothermia but a little better.

So I’m sold on the argument of the Gun Nutz. That Skool Shootings started increasing in the mid 1990s once there were big federal gun control laws passed creating no gun zones and such. So psychopaths who want to kill lots of people will go to a gun free place like a skool or campus or church. And also something tells me they won’t have a problem with getting their gunz illegally. Dunno. Just seems like SIMPLE COMMON SENSE to me. If someone can’t legally get a gun and they’re crazy enough to want to shoot people, they’ll find a way to get gunz. Now say the teacher had a gun and they could have shot the Sperg Psycho after he only killed 1 or 2 people rather than 27 and then the ziomedia would be saying how GREAT GUNS are, hahahahahah jk no they wouldn’t.

Following The Cap’s Advice, I will continue to Not Try and be a Morally Lazy Loser till I’m 35. Makes getting my STEM degree seem less intimidating hahaha. I HATE (as in, really annoyed by, not I wanna shoot them!) these f@ggot 18 year old TRYHARDS that take 20 credits of Hard Stem Classes every term. These are the kinda kidz that when Final Exams are over and Classes are Over, they’re STILL Studying in the Library 12 hours a day. SERIOUSLY. But I don’t really hate or blame them. Maybe they’re being Pushed. Maybe they’re serious about getting that Real Power. Maybe they haven’t reached the conclusion yet that it’s OK to Cheat the Cheaters. I certainly was Morally Opposed to Cheating when I was their age.

The Antiwhite Race Traitor Self-Loathing-White Leftist Seth MarxFarlane STILL can come up with some good jokes IMHO. My fave right now is
Peter: You AGAMEMNON (With) Me?
Quagmire: Huh?
Peter: Yeah I dunno either, I just heard that word and didn’t know what it means, so I decided to use it!

thinking again about Stories to get people Fired Up. Nourish the Soul. Defeat Laziness. Inspire Action. Books are fine if they’re good and not boring. Even 1984 or Turner Diaries got boring. you almost NEED something like a Big Movie or a Prole HUnger Games Novel to really Pump people up. I was thinking that Ideas Like Ours are not exactly getting money thrown at us by Ziowood Projewcers to make Pulse-Pounding Epic Moovies. However you don’t need money to buy talent, you can still make a good movie on a shoestring budget if you’re smart enough. Examples, though these do not promote Our Message: Paranormal Activity, Joe Swanberg.

But I was thinking some of the Stories we want to tell will have Big-Budget elements: wars, huge civilizational changes, future utopias and dystopias. I figured a good way to do that would be to do PLAYS or RADIO DRAMAS or RADIO PLAYS or something like Lars Trier’s “Dogville” where you just have the actors on a blank black stage, no props, no sets. Then have good actors deliver good writing and a good story. You don’t need 9,000,000 dollar cgi and renting out lavish settings.

heh. maybe cause I was listening to the 1950s Mystery Radio Shows on Sirius Radio and thinking wow this is corny as f00k but also pretty fun. Why can’t we bring this form back and do something REALLY Fun and Less Corny with it? We could use it to win hearts and minds!

You could theoretically do it ALL BY YOURSELF, although it would help a lot to get one extra person to help do voices. and that’s prob easily doable unless you’re a TOTAL Omega Virgin NEckbeard Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Dweller Unemployable Introvert Creep and don’t know ANYBODY. Heck. do it over SKYPE with you other neckbeard internet buddies. You could even have YOUR MOM do it in a pinch, hahahaha.

PLAYS. RADIO DRAMAS. Narrator will Stoke your imagination to get the setting, maybe some sound effects, but main thing will be dialogue. and narration to make sure the proles get the message. As Winston Smith says, they have the numbers, if they only REALIZED this strength, they COULD change society overnight.

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HOPE YOU ALL HAD A Good CHRISTmas with your Families. If you have horrible families then I have pity and MERCY on you. But Welcome Back, I will be posting one a day at 5:15 am for the remainder of the YEAR, haw haw haw. This one is TOO LONG once again, I don’t even want to TELL you the godawful number of words.

Totes Off Topic Sweet Youtube Embed:

WILLIAM PIERCE appears on 60 minutes, “interviewed” by mike wallace. do not portray him too flatteringly haha. connecting him with tim mcveigh etc and then they bring out the SPLC etc. Weird seeing the big contrast between the Ziomedia and some of these antiZio people I’ve been interested lately. They get portrayed as racists and crackpots.

Totes Off Topic Urgent Linkage New Blogroll Addition Sweet New Blog Discovery Edition:


Heh and this is only from the past MONTH hahaha. New Short List Addition. Well at least he went to an Ivy (so he says, can’t tell if sarcastic) but he PROB does have a Good Job, if not a Careeeeeer, and I think he might agree with me that Careeeeers ie the College Career Cartel Cult is Gay Bad BS.
Son Of Brock Landers, saw him commenting on Eradica, and his blog his immediately sweet. Heh. Keep an eye on this guy. Been writing for years. Specific Policy Ideas. SWPL Mocking. I have a feeeeeling he might appear in my 2nd Tier, hahaha.
he also does this other blog which is more about WIMMIN specifically. But I have such a Favourable First Reaction to him that Ima put him in my blogroll immediately, that’s how Fired Up I am about him, and you know I don’t get Fired Up easily, it’s my tagic flaw hahaha. A Wonderful Member of the ERADICASPHERE, hahaha.


heh. used my new decadence toy (ie New Laptop Computer, decent quality, GREAT price, present to myself hahaha) to find a stream of episode 1 online rather than wait for netflix, pay for netflix, wait for the disc to be released, then wait the long wait, then get the disc. internet, whatta thing for the bread and circuses. i could become a real shut-in omega virgin here.

I didn’t come all the way out here to the internet just to fool ya: i really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was hilarious IMHO and Jewham shows all her strengths. a good writer for any age, let alone a 24 year old swpl GURL. I will never like the Generation and Subculture she represents, but I’m starting to think she might not love it either, despite being swept up in it, but I think part of that is the Sad Sack Helpless Child LOSER role she plays, which she fits nicely into. the role she was born to play. but i can appreciate that dunham herself is both smarter and stronger and better than that, plus the loser character succeeds at being hilarious. the show nicely captures the unpaid internship postcollege artist swpl brooklyn stuff that is De Rigeur for some colleges, some grads, and it was a pretty popular lifestyle among the students at my university for sure. I never got into it, and indeed now I’m an outspoken critic of it, hahaha.

But I am glad dunham introduces the FInancial aspect right away, since In The Real World, you’re a fool not to. ADDultKidz Not Making Good Money and with $Fifty Thousand of student loans to pay back cannot afford $2000 a month to live in some sh!tty apt. I liked that Dunhams Parentz were cutting her off, and those scenes were all written very well too. I have been underestimating Dunham as a Comedy Talent, she really is one of the FUNNIER Wimmin I’ve seen in a while. Yes they make the “Sex and the city” reference early too, I thought she was too stupid and arrogant to realize that, but no. The men are either beta faggots who are going to get dumped for being too nice, while dunham falls in luv with the Guy With Game: the arrogant 4sshole who uses her as a Harem “FWB”. Here SHE becomes the beta supplicator. Now the guy isn’t really cool, he’s a huge hypocrite and SWPL too, he’s just comparatively more brash than the Total NIceguy who’s gonna get dumped, and that’s why he gets a harem of girls texting him for sex, rather than being cutt off altogether and marching smilingly towards his execution like Beta Boy. NOw he’s still an annoying brooklyn artist, walks around his messy apt in jeans and no shirt. my jew “buddy” alex karpovsky also appears playing himself: the consummate annoying jew, but he’s confident and full of himself and talkative, and does not seem to be hurting for tail like betaboy.

I will give this episode a Full Blown A, it was both a lot more funny and intelligent than I was expecting. I will NEVER kiss lena dunham’s arse though, but I might work for her on a New York Living Wage. This is very close to the SWPL Comedy Of Manners I’ve been looking for and which Whit Stillman is a bit too old for. Noted that Dunham genuinely LOVES Barry and Stillman is much more politically palatable, leaning towards the right as he does. But I think Dunham is waking up to the Decadence of Her Generation, even if she is decadent herself. also she hasn’t made the connection that betas need not be shamed. she or more accurately her hotter franz just shame and dump betas. but we’ll see how this show goes, would like to see more from the betas. plus methinks that it’s “Easier” to do a tv show than to do movies, and if dunham does a lot of writing, then we can quicker get a handle on her style and her substance. Much like you only need to print out 10 pages of a 9,000,000 page blog like mine to get a 90% accurate picture of what it is.

Thankfully Dunham does not seem to preach the smug swpl antivirtues and social justice ™, if this pilot is any indication, which it Should* be.

I don’t have to think these characters are COOL or want to hang out with them – QUITE the opposite! – to admire and enjoy and find the show hilarious and very well-done. It was JUST GREAT when the Semi-“Alpha” Slob told Lena to BEND OVER and then GOT THE LUBE and then grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear “YOU MODERN CAREER WIMMIN, YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, YOU THINK YOU’RE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU JUST WANT A MAN TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND BEND YOU OVER AND REAM YOU UP THE 4SS.” And by Lena’s Submission we can see this is TRUE!

I just want her to suck it up even one step further and show that it’s Mommy State and Cultural Antiwhite Marxists who have contributed so much to the Social Construction (hahaha) of the Feminized Western (Beta) Male that appears is gonna be such a big part of her show, and I don’t mind having a cold white light cast on these, HOWEVER I want Wimmin to share as much blame and shame and fault as the Feminised Western Men themselves. WIMMIN, YOU GET THE MEN YOU DESERVE!!!

So don’t knock the show Firepower hahaha I am sure that You like Me will get Perverse Enjoyment out of it.

See they complain that the men aren’t manly enough, and while this is true, these wimmin don’t deserve Real Men. The lesson Betas learn is: simply PRETEND to Be A Man and you will get all the pvssy you want. And if all you want out of life is pvssy, it doesn’t really matter if you ever become a real man or not. Wimmin are too stupid and decadent to know or care if you’re a Real Man or you’re just faking it.

Ok I just watched 4 episodes in a row, because I, like Lena, have no skills that can get me hired at a Real Job, and I can more safely say that Widdle Wena has a gift for comedy. I was srsly LOLing, and not just in a mock the decadent unmarriageable wimmin way, but that she also is good at writing jokes and funny dialogue and characters and situations. Jewex Jewkovsky with his Harelip and Obnoxiousness is also pretty funny too. Was not expecting show to be THIS funny. Good 4 Leeeeeeeena! “You can’t SUE me, you don’t have the wherewithal to be at WORK by TEN am, you don’t have a Sueing APP on your iPhone!” honestly there’s a good number of quotable jokes, which you rightfully don’t expect out of a Modern Wimmin. Any I will try not to waste any more precious blogink on this show like HALF SIGMA or CHUCK RUDD or something (heh jk) because there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT MOST PEOPLE JUST SLEEP THROUGH.

Also, gladly, SPOILER The Beta seems to be growing a sack and putting his b!tchy GF in her place, taming the wild hamster. might not last but nice to see him get even a minute of redemption. Also the Virgin Girl is Cute, it’s too bad she’s ashamed of being a Virgin because all her franz are huge godless wh0res of babylon. I MY show she would stay a virgin until she nonlegally marries a man she’s in totes luv with then she starts having babies. JEwbabies. all the characters are h33bz and antiwhite. I promise I will not sell out and become soft. But Jokes, especially jokes about SWPL Decadent anitwhite hipsters, are my achilles heel.

Moral of the story: don’t watch too much TV, even fun semi-intelligent TV,

BECAUSE EVEN THE BEST TV DOES NOT COMPARE TO A LIFE WELL-LIVED. GET OUT THERE AND HUSTLE, SON! HUSTLE! (in the manly move and shake way, not the scammy scheisty way wimminz “hustle” men)

Was Playing Around with the Provocative Idea (“NOTION” is a F@ggot Word) that maybe THE LORD GOD has it in His Plan for Some Men to BE Lazy Losers where their Life Purpose is just to Watch TEEVEE and BLOG and be Underemployed, hahaha, so instead of feeeeeeeeeling guilty about it, the men should give thanks to GOD and embrace GOD’S PLAN FOR THEM. More later. Insert “Belus” or “Baldr” or “Perun” or some other EuroPagan God if you’re uncommmmmmftrble with the “Jewish” God, VARGIE VARG. But this is PROB the Great Deceiver trying to Rationalize a Life Of Slothful SIN by making the Sinner think he is doing God’s Work. God wants Men to DO SOMETHING. Which is understandable. Valid.

The guy who plays Nick Smith the Arrogant Alpha in “Metropolitan” Chris Eigeman (sp?) has a Role in Girls, I THINK he is Leeeeenaz FATHER. Which got me thinking, Gen Y is the children of Gen X. SWPL Brahminz the children of WASP Optimates. NEw Yawk Internz the chillunz of New Yawk YUPPIES. Leeeeenaz the chillen of Stillman. And this “newfound” commitment to sustainability and social justice and making a difference and work life balance and stop corporate greed and anything but MONEY might be a “reaction” against their parents’ generation where the primary criterion of how Good Your Careeeer was was how much money you made? But it’s still about status 15and New Yawk Jobs.

Also funny how he is a Conservative WASP in Metro but a wimpy ass liberal jew in Girls. In 5 episodes there’s been No Mention of Jewishness. Are we to just ASSUME that Dunham is a Jewess? One of those secular atheist nonreligious jews of course. they wait till 30 to discover their jewishness hahaha and make their birthright trip. no starz of david or synagogues in the show. all we have to go on is What She Looks Like, ie, pretty jewish looking hahaha. And knowing that Dunham herself is and identifies as “VERY CULTURALLY JEWISH” (I’ll never forget that quote!) And that her character’s name is “Hannah Horvath” and that sounds hella jewish.

In Hipster Brooklyn 2012, SWPL WASPs and SWPL Jews COEXIST very nicely together, at that point, the whites might as well be jewish.

OK Chris Eigeman actually plays Leeeeenaz Intern Boss at the gay pubzogging house.

Been appreciating Emotion more, rather than always championing Logic over Emotion like I used to, and now acknowledging that Emotion has Its Place, and that stuff like STORIES or novels or fictions can and should engage the emotions. Logic wins the mind and emotion wins the heart. which is why we need stories and storytellers and writers who write stories and characters. Dunham has proven herself to be prob the best storyteller of and about her generation, but I’m not sure what her Endgame is. I would like to see Girls end with her soundly condemning the hypocrisy, stupidity, immorality, decadence etc of her generation; her saying these characters are f00ked up and unredeemable unless they REPENT for their Careeeerism and Promiscuity and Hamstering and Narcissism and Constant Abortionz and AntiManness and Antiwhiteness.  [tm I recall the Kvlt Lousiana Metal Band Acid Bath / Dax Riggs using the word “ANTIMAN” in 1994 “The Bones of Baby Dolls” but I am seizing and redefining the word now as my own new synonym for misandry haha hmm i wanted to shrink this parenthetical text down to a very small font because it’s not really important or relevant and it’s stupid wordpress does not have that on their toolbar, chr!st you have to go into the html, which i certainly CAN do, but even BLOGGER had a font size option LIKE JUST SAYIN N STUFF note to self: use <span style=”font-size: x-small;”> bla bla </span>] NO, not repent to God necessarily, but just be sincerely sorry for their mistakes. “MISTAKES” seems to be a stated theme of the show according to Dunham. So do you really LEARN from the mistakes, and I argue that involves being Sincerely Sorry for them, rather than saying, this is just what young people DO. Anyway I am starting to appreciate Stories and Storytelling More, I can relate, I have a bit of that in me, I used to write a lot of stories before I switched to blogging and whining hahaha.

I would not mind being my own Guest Character on the show who comes out and totally judges all the girls and says I would rather move back to my parents BASEMENT than leech 2 grand a month off them, “Working” an unpaid job. But the show is notable for pointing out how stupid and retarded and gay and godawful Internzhips are. Good For Jewham for realizing what a stupid racketscam they are.

Also interesting is when Leeeeeena briefly works at the Touchy Feely Niceguy Jewbeard’s Office (In MY show, the Male protagonist would have struggled for the entire season just to get interviewed for such a “crappy” job, it would have gone to a Young Girl, and he would have said “f00k this sh!t” and begged his Good Family to let him move into their basement for 900$ a month and save some money, haha) and her coworkers are 10 years older, Gen X while she is Gen Y, but they are CLEARLY Less Educated and More Prole and thus Stupider and Crasser and Lamer. Not the Careeeeeer-Track gen X’ers. At the end of the Day, Educated SWPL 24-year-old Leeeeeena is not much different than them. Woulda liked to see this play out more, but of course SPOILER Leeeeena quits the job, and will probably easily find another steady FT easy boring office job by the next episode. She “should” have had to go to a Prestigious Grad Skool to get the Boring Easy Secretary Job she FLIPPANTLY QUIT in the first place!

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[Dec 16 2012: experimenting with this experiment where I do a revival of my PREVIOUS BLOG, which was not horrible. Might announce name of it later. Now I already have Too Many Posts, but I’m just playing around here. No need to throw baby out with bathwater re Old Blog. Once in a great while I might Grecycle myself.  The old blog had posts that were way too long, like 5000 words hahaha. I tried to force myself off of F4gg0t Navel-Gazing and 4ss-Spreading by writing in the third person “BKC” after a while, but that didn’t really work, and nowadays I figure just be more “honest” about my Opinions and use “I”. 6,  halfdozen. I also did not censor the swears like I do in this one so the kiddies can read and learn, and so I don’t get Busted by the Antiracist ThoughtPigz.

February 25, 2011

is when I Hurt The World (tm some Metal Review) with THIS post entitled that provocative title of this post. Of course the original post was 6000 words, I’ll try to keep this to 600. Excerpts. not COST (tm Ryu) you too many minutes of your time that could be spent with your Children. Unfort this one’s gonna COST you about NINE minutes (4SlowADDReaderzzz.) Make Honest Effort (In New Year!) to keep them more around THREE minutes. Current Notes/Comments in [Square Bracketz!] ]

BKC wished there were a Burzum 2 he could listen to when he’d listened to all the Burzum he could handle. Like Varg Vikernes’s Engineer Brother had HIS own Black Metal project. What was the Relship like between Varg and his Brother? The Father was suspiciously absent, and the Mother seemed pretty Domineering. Varg seemed closer to his mother and quite distant from his father. They had apparently separated when he was a child. BKC hoped the mother didn’t take the father to the cleaners.

$175 an hour with an actually ATTRACTIVE white girl – with Pictures –  in her mid-20s? SIGN BKC UP! BKC figured it would be more like $300 a half-hour at the LOWEST, with a HORRIBLE METH WH0RE.  Of course the pictures could be fake, but still….  This was not like the Fat Black Trannies in the Back Pages of the Weekly. BKC kicked a few extra dollars into his “Other” Fund.

When it came to the B!tches, being SHORT was even WORSE than being Out Of SHAPE, or UGLY. SHORT was the Kiss Of Death. It automatically made you appear more Beta than you really were. Women HATED Shorts. You had to work your 4SS off to Pull if you were Short. If you were short and ugly, you could blame your lack of pulling on you being Ugly. However if you were Short but Strikingly Handsome, like BKC was, then you knew exactly how Powerful Shortness was. Thing was, BKC didn’t even inherently dislike Shortness. He totally was comfortable with himself being Short. But the B!TCHES! B!TCHES thought it made you SODINI or something! They HATED and FEARED Short! Shortophobics!

BKC Officially Recommended Varg Vikernes to start a POLITICAL CAREER. You know. Run for OFFICE in Bergen. Start out small. Baby Steps. Or become a Party Consultant/Organizer or something, for whatever Right-Wing party represented his Views the best.

Burlesque was the new Roller Derby was the new Suicide Grrlz. It was always “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same” with these Hipster CvmSlvts.

Being Tall Was The Trump Card of Male Attractiveness, “Male Attractiveness” itself in general being The Trump Card of Pulling, over Wealth and Social Status and even Confidence. Tallness Determines Attractiveness Determines Alphaness. Take two men of equal handsomeness in the face and body, but say one is taller than the other. With every marginal inch of Tallness, Ease-Of-Pulling (i.e., Demand) increases Exponentially. Take two Equally-Facially-Handsome men of say, 5’7″ (very short) and 6’2″ (officially Sexy Tall; but not Freakishly so.) The Tall man will be AT LEAST 100x More In-Demand than the Short man. The Short man will have to Work His B4lls Off to pull the Mere Table Scraps of the Tall Man, who Pulls 8s-10s like Shooting Fish In A Barrel. Of COURSE it’s not fair. But what “equalizes” things a BIT is the Huge Downward Aging Curve for Women that BKC had mentioned many times before. But that doesn’t equalize things between the Tall and Short Men, just between “Men” and “Women”. Hmm.  (BKC’s Database Class was forcing him to think of everything in terms of “Entities.”)

Men got exponentially less pleasure out of “Going Hogging” (i.e., banging women they did not find attractive just because it was WAY easier) than Women did by Banging Shy or Short or Beta-Orbiter Men, because, all things being equal, these Betas were usually muchhhhhh more Attractive than the Hogs. All Women had just gotten F00king Greedy As F00ck. Sense of Entitlement. BKC even predicted that Men got less pleasure out of Banging Paid Prostitutes than the women did when “debasing themselves” to Pitybang a Beta Orbiter.

The beauty part is, since Bl0wing is TECHNICALLY “Sex” (“Oral Sex”, even though Women don’t consider it “sex”), you can use it as kind of a SHOEHORN for you to get all other kinds of s3x: PIV, PIA. Just be like, well, b!tch, we’re already PRACTICALLY there already, I mean my D!CK’S in your MOUTH, and them boom. “These Doors Gonna Swing Wide.” “Door’s Open, Boys! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haw!”

BKC just didn’t see the point to women. The Attractive ones weren’t any fun to Be Around because they were always being Cvnts and B!tches and Slvts and Talking about Stupid Stuff. If they weren’t Sexing You, they were absolutely worthless. The Unattractive ones were probably more Decent, Good People, but then you had to suffer Rejecting them into your own LJBF-Friendzone because they would fall in love with you for spending time with an Unattractive Woman; and, being an Ethical Alpha Man, BKC did not like to String Broads Along like that. Unilaterally. The trick was, just use game to Bang the Attractive Ones, then get the HELL out of there ASAP. Build-Up your own Personal Harem of 20-30 Attractive B!tches so you can Bang On-Demand and not get Bored, or Trapped, or Dumped.

[I was trying to make a point by intentionally using the word “b!tch” so much, hahaha. and it IS a pretty powerful and often accurate word, might bring it back!]

There was a controversial article by “Kay Hymowitz” (hehehehe) in the WSJ doing the typical Narcissislut Whining about Peter-Pan Men who refuse to “MAN UP.” [Time Machine! Remember THAT, Manosphere!] Note: When a Narcissislut tells men to “MAN UP”, that is textbook “Shaming Language”: she is upset that these men are Going Their Own Way and are rightfully finding Modern Women to be too Crazy and Unreliable to do anything with but Pump And Dump, and so then Modern Women Whine about “Where have all the good men gone?” and 30 year old men who would rather play xbox than be Henpecked by a Narcissistic, Castrating Broad. The WSJ apparently had a lot of quasi-MGTOW type comments, comforting, because that was more of a “Conservative, Traditional, Non-Liberal” paper than the New York Slimes, [I was not aware of “Neocons” in early 2011 haha] which would have been a better place for that article. Although BKC gave it a quick read and Hymowitz was actually marginally less man-blaming than the sensational title and pictures of the article and her book would have you think. Men Take Forever To Grow Up Because It Takes FOREVER to get through f00king GRAD SCHOOL and get a f00king BIGBOY JOB, B!TCHES. Not all guys Never Get Rejected, so it takes them longer than age 22 to get their f00king PhD, because their PhD is not handed to them on a golden platter, B!TCHES. They face Glorious, Grateful, Character-Strengthening Rejection from Jobs, Careers, Grad Schools, Internships, WOMEN, etc, and so thus they HAVE to play video games to pass a little bit of that rejection-time and assuage the Crippling Depression of Constant Rejection, B!TCHES. And being a Winner At WoW is way better than getting Rejected by Everything and Everyone in Real Life, B!TCHES. B!TCHES. B!TCHES.

Men Were Getting Smarter. They were finally wising up to the Inglorious, Hamstery Hypocrisy Of All Women. Men were realizing the difference between Bullying, Shaming Language and legitimate criticisms. So it took you until age 30 to finish your master’s degree. Does that really make you a Failure At Life? Does that really Justify All Women In Not Tingling For You? Believe Men: As soon as you “Man Up” and concede to All Women’s Demands, you’re just becoming a Mangina and giving them another thing to NOT-tingle for you about: “Oh, he’s too submissive because he only manned-up when I told him too. And it wasn’t even True Manning-Up. That was just B!tchy, Bullying, Shaming Language. And he fell for it. Where Are All The Real Men?”

Here’s another Great Hypocrisy: Women Want Graduate-School-Graduate Career Men, yet a lot of the Feminizing Liberal Claptrap spewed in The University serves to NEUTER Men, which TURNS-OFF even the College-Educated WOMEN!!! (Although the Women might be somewhat loath to admit this, or maybe not, because They could Have It Both Ways: “We want everyone to go to college and get good college jobs, but the college environment that is sexy to us makes men unsexy, but we still want ‘fried-ice’, the liberal swpl socially-conscious college-educated guy with a good job who isn’t TOO sensitive but also isn’t Too Wall-Street.” Because in the Modern World it was GOOD to CELEBRATE the HYPOCRITICAL AMBIVALENCE in your own attitudes, values, and personality!!!


So, men were Getting Smarter; more men were starting to GTOW than even MGTOW even realized; men didn’t hate women women for being Filthy Animals, but for being Filthy-Animal HYPOCRITE B!TCHES who said one thing and did the opposite, and who were essentially selling this entire generation, if not the human race, down the f00king river. No, the human race as a whole was much more resilient, and would eventually experience a Bounceback, or a pendulum-swing if you will, but this generation’s men were going to be the Big4ss Victims who had to Face Women At Their Worst so Future Generations wouldn’t have to.

Besides, it took some men a few years to realize how big of a Racket College was, and to Respond To The Racket and get their Career Started. Or some men may have been Funneled into College where it would not provide the best ROI, because it was such a big Racket; and they personally would have developed their lives a bit quicker through other routes, such as the Military or Trade School. These Unsure Boys do NOT need the Emasculating, Career-Delaying effects of The Big-Business University Masquerading as A Bastion of “Liberal Education”. Well, the “Education” was certainly Liberal, but the Real Bigboy world is NOT, despite the screeching of 22-year-old SWPL girls in NYC fee[eeeeeeeee]ling good about their first masters-degree entry-level job and then telling the world how great they feel about it. And making the world a better place because they wrote their Life Script to have a Meaningful Work/Life Balance.


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Captain Capitalism sez Don’t Try Until You’re 35 (link) (if not my Video O The Week, CERTAINLY My Video TITLE O The Week!) because even if you have a degree, you’ll be a Barista at best anyway, making $11 an hour plus tips if you’re lucky, with a minimum of $25 grand in loans to pay back. So be a Ski Bum or a Beach Bum till you’re 35, learn skills, complete a skillful, useful degree at age 35 and then employers will take you seriously because you’re an Old Adult.

While he does have a VERY good point, I know enough Successful under-35s who did NOT end up becoming Baristas or Boomeranging; Nope, they went to Prestigious Grad Skool or Prestigious Career right after Kollige at age 22 or 21 (because the REAL Smart Tryhardz graduate Undergrad at age 21.) I would like to hear Cap talk more about Prestige Of Skool, Cognitive Elites, And Vaunted Elite Unpaid Internships. IMHO Internships are What Divides Gen X from Gen Y Tryhards; or Gen Y Tryhards from Gen Y Losers. Prestigious Good Internshipz (Tryhardshipz) are what separates the Good College Gradz from the Bad Unhirable Loser College Gradz. It’s like what Cap says about EVERYONE has a Bachelors Degree so it doesn’t Mean anything, so then you have to get a masterz degree, and soon EVERYONE has a masterz degree, so on top of THAT, you have to add an increasing Alphabet Soup of Stupid Licenses, Credentials, Certificationz. And that’s largely true. But right now I’m zeroing in on 21 year olds that Go The Right Way of Good Tryhardships and then succeed right away, vs the 21 year olds that go the Wrong Way of Being Uncompetitive, and become huge Unemployable Virgin Losers or Baristaz.

In other words, I think the situation is EVEN WORSE than what The Cap describes! There’s a Good Track and a Bad Track, and if you miss your one chance to get on the good track at age 18-21, then you blew it, you’re on the bad track forever, and GoodTrack Tryhardships and GoodTrack Companies will “discriminate” against you later BECAUSE you’re Older, and if you haven’t succeeded YET, then you must be one of those Bad Trackers.

Of course, if a well-experienced 35-year-old is willing to work for less money than a 21-year-old tryhard, THEN the older person has a chance, and I believe that many 35 year oldz ARE that “desperate.”

But nothing like getting rejected for FREE WORK because you can’t compete with all the other better-credentialed kidz for FREE WORK, hahaha. It’s amazing that CHILDREN can be so focused on the Long-Term in their Kareeeeeeer that they are willing to cut each other’s throats to work for FREE in the short-term, and that more people don’t say “F00K THIS SH!T”, Drop Out, and Become Losers. It all boils down to Kareeeeeeer is their God and Religion, the Cult of Careerism as Unmarried Man (aka Out n About) calls it.

Where do Kidz get Indoctrinated into the Kult Of Kareeeeer? I would say a large part comes from their Parentz, ESPECIALLY if their Parents are Of A Certain Age and were KareerKultists themselves, although I’d say for Gen Y you have to be More Devout to the Kult To Survive than you did for Gen X. Because the Kult was just beginning so you didn’t have to be as MUCH a Tryhard.

Do the Kidz get some of it from their Buddy Buddy Public Skoolteachers? Probably the ones who show “Academic Potential” do, ie, get A’s or maybe B’s, which should not be THAT hard in Todayz Public Skoolz. And of course at that point these Potential-Showers have to get railroaded into Extracurricular Activities to get into Good Kolliges, just like Good Kollige Students have to get Good Internshipz to get a Good Career at a Good Company. All part of the Kareeeer Kult.

I’m still amazed that I myself had a Good Enough High Skool “Resume” to get admitted to a Good Kollige. When I was in MY Prime Of Youth I was a much bigger Tryhard, hahahaha. Then during my Prime Of Youth I became a Slacker Loser who said “F00k This Sh!t” and then began to waste a lot of Life-Time. Those of us who were Winners in High Skool then became Loserz in Kollige are very interesting bunch, hahahaha.

“RECENT GRADUATES”, that’s the gay f4gg0t4ss term which is really a Red Flag for me. Why the hell would you want less experienced recent graduates vs more experienced nonrecent graduates who are willing to work for “entry-level” pay. Because it just doesn’t matter, it’s meaningless HR BS. Unless “recent graduates” means you didn’t get your “experience” as a BARISTA and went down the Wrong Track, hahaha. which it does mean that. It means you did everything right, and didn’t make the Wrong Turn.

Cap also rephrases the VERY SIMPLE TRUTH (that is very Fun to Repeat, but the people who Need It Most will Never Get It): MEN DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED BECAUSE WIMMIN AREN’T WORTH GETTING MARRIED TO. If Wimmin considered IN THE LEAST What Men Want Out Of Marriage, and then tailored their (Wimminz) approach to THAT, they’d find SURPRISE! Way more men would want to marry them.

But lemme add to that and I’m not the first: Percentagewize, How many Marriage Proposals By Men are REJECTED by Wimmin? And what’s the REASON for these rejections? (Beta, “NOT AMBITIOUS ENOUGH, NO LIFE PLAN, NOT KAREEEEEEEEEEER-ORIENTED ENOUGH”)

Also, what if the onus were on WIMMIN to PROPOSE marriage? Methinks alot of THEM would get rejected, much as is “covertly” happening now, with men rightfully dragging their heels on proposing marriage to Hollowed-Out Kareeeeerist Krazy Karousel-Ridden Pre-Divorced 41-year-old Skreeching Shrikes! (tm Manosphere)

The Solution is So Simple, I can’t believe anyone ever needs to say it: WIMMIN, MARRY YOUNG, DURING THE PRIME OF YOUR YOUTH, AT 18-22, and TRYHARD to be Innocent and Pure when you do. AND you’ll probably pull a pretty high-quality man too, much higher than you can at 41, hahahaha.

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part 1 was the post before last.

Equally fascinating is the Undeniable Fact that Tayler has taken more c0x than she can count. Literally EVERY SONG is about ANOTHER C0K which she has been taking since the age of TWELVE. But Betas and even Recovering Betas can easily not-see that because Tayler still has the Gleam of the Prime Of Youth about her, she looks pretty innocent, and, importantly, she doesn’t seem to do a lot of public vocal Beta-Shaming, ie talking about Creepers and Stalkers. When certainly if these Niceguys were to try to “Date” her, she’d think they were Creepers, then go get Pounded Up The A55 by some Emo Faggot, but a Tall, Handsome Emo Faggot who’s banged girls before. But she or her managers are smart to keep her from getting on the mic and talking ill of betas, because that’s A Sizeable Minority of her market. 35% let’s say. In fact, she could get away with a LITTLE Beta Shaming and these self-deprecating betas would just ignore it, or say “yeah, I AM a little creepy”, and still listen to her and fantasize about her religiously.

Case in point: I think she is Attractive, even with her freakishly long arms, although I do have a Tall Girl Fetish; AND I like her Innocent Prime Of Youth Look, such that I started falling under the spell that these betas are in total thrall to; AND I find her MUSIC increasingly catchy, and Storytellers sealed the deal, and now I am listening to a Live 2011 Tayler album on spotify RIGHT NOW. The songs themselves are not filthy or decadent or cvm-encrusted or sassy like other more openly wh0rish female singerz like PINK or Katy Perry. Tayler really works the Squeaky Clean Teen angle well for those Betas “intimidated by a grown wimminz sexuality.”  And would be the perfect soundtrack to these Beta Cuddle Fantasies I mentioned.

The End. And I can’t HATE ON Tayler because I ENJOY the Nice Girl Fantasy too much. I’m still a Nice Guy who WANTS to put Single Wimminz On A Pedestal. WTF. Ultimately tho Tayler, the Known Wh0re, is probably healthier than doing this with Real Life Wimmin. And she adds more value with her catchy songs, hahaha. It’s Happy and Cheerful and I can’t listen to Depresssssive Suiciiiidal Black Metal all day, that can be a downer!

It is funny the beta faggot niceguys in talyers audience would have a much harder time Holding Her Holy Hand, than some More Experienced Emo faggot with a Little Game would have getting into her Stretchy Stenchy Snatch.

looking for that ByABetaMale Fanfiction, harder than expected. Lotsa stuff by Teen Girls writing Twilight/HungerGames/HarryPotter Fanfiction “inspired by” Taylor Swift songs. HAHAHAHA. Not surprising, but DEF NOT what I’m looking for. Hmm. the market may be More Untapped than I thought!

It’s also revealing that Fanfic is not entirely what I thought. While I – or the hypothetical Beta Male Faggot Niceguy in Taylers Audience – would write that Emo Cuddle Nice Girl Porn about him, the nobody, Dating Tayler, all I can find are Mashups written by GIRLS where Tayler dates Justin Bieber or gets Gangbanged by One Direction, hahahaha. Not what I’m looking for. Nothing of the Everybeta meeting Tayler backstage in Nebraska or something where they start an unlikely Perfect Traditional Romance.

Actually I’m surprised that GIRLS are WRITING so much. You usually think it’s MEN who WRITE. Granted it’s all Ripoffs of Girly Books Written By Girls, but still, you wouldn’t think Average High School Girls would be inspired to WRITE ANYTHING, even if they’re just ripping-off the crap they read! And SOME of it probably isn’t totally crappy, Ie these High School Girls know how to SPELL and write a coherent English Sentence!


But Teen Girls absolutely CANNOT write A Taylor Fanfic from the POV of a GUY who wants Taylor. If they do, it’s probably POV of Hunky Emo One Direction Boy or Peeta Katniss or whatevz. You couldn’t make a Wimmin write convincingly from the POV of a PATHETIC BETA FAGGOT NICEGUY if you wrapped it up as a Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer. Now THAT would be TELLING, do a “Psych Experiment” getting WIMMIN to TRY TO WRITE AS NICEGUYZ! They would totes make them out to be creeper stalkerz.

I ain’t HATIN, I’m just commenting on HOW DIFFERENT men are from wimmin; and we should never forget it; and it’s amazing and horrifying when The Media and The Socialization of Skool and Kareer tell us men and wimmin really aren’t that different. BS! THEY ARE WORLDZ APART!

Another interesting thing is that Teen Girls Idolize and Look Up To and Pedestalize Tayler just as much as Beta Niceguy Fagz. But these girls prob have a more realistic notion of How Manny Cox Tayler Takes….AND THEY’RE OK WITH THAT! THEY’RE NOT INTIMIDATED BY THE POWER OF THEIR OWN FEMALE SEXUALITY!

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just because I oppose anti-whites doesn’t mean I oppose ALL NONwhites, just those that are Antiwhite! Namely, Jews! No, not ALL Jews. Just the gung-ho zionist neocon ones, and the swpl marxist family destroying ones.

IMPORTANT: But much of the leftist marxist immigration-loving, white-hating, family-destroying jews ALSO are anti-israel. For example, Barry and his buddies. Because of Israel being an Oppressive Colonizer. So at this point I must say I’m more again THESE kind of jews than I am against Neocon Arab-Baby-Eating Zionists! I’m not trying to Wipe Israel Off The Face of the earth, in other words! I would just like Israel to Behave Better – ie, not get the US involved in wars – and get Jews to behave better – ie, not be antiwhite decadent america-hating marxists!

At Least Two Kinds of Jews: Zionist Neocons and Cultural Marxist Leftists. Both are Bad, and I hypoth that the latter supports the former more than they claim to. I am cautiously optimistic there’s a few Good Jews who fit into neither group. For example, I like Leonard Cohen, Woody Allen, Larry David, Philip Roth, Bob Dylan. But Allen is a neurotic antirightist (albeit mostly harmless and has made many good movies); David is a plutocrat neurotic leftist (though he is hilarious and so is Jerry Seinfeld for that matter); Roth is a neurotic Zionist and the one I’m least attached to, though I did like the Sexual Frustration and Neuroticism in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”


Mindweapon talks about being a “Google Felon” and how this has barred him from ever getting a soft emasculating office cubicle job ever again. Now he doesn’t see this as a problem, because he has worked those jobs before and not liked them, and prefers roughneck labor where you can say whatever you want. I understand his point, and he makes a very compelling argument for moving to the Oil Sands to get an honest free man’s job. I Hear Ya! And Yes I think about it every day. (“less thinking, more doing!”) “THAT BEING SAID”, at this point, for better or for worse, I’m idealizing The Emasculating Cubicle Job. I see myself as nodding my head, not making any waves, making 10 seconds of small talk with the chattering wimminz, doing my work quickly while they chatter for 8 hours, but not doing MORE work than the average, so I don’t get noticed, and could quietly read and write other stuff, because my REAL Life’s Work would take place AFTER I got out of Work. I’m not knocking Mindweapon AT ALL. I Like’n’Respect Mindweapon! He’s a Helluva Guy!

someone could easily say about ME, “Oh this hateful creepy racist virgin neckbeard jackass named My Real Name from My Town and My Social Sec Num writes this racist antisemitic antiblack blog called BKC, never hire him ever,” and then I’d be a Google Felon too! But I trust that small number that COULD do that, NOT to do that….or not to TELL someone ELSE who would do that. I trust those ten or so people just fine. I just never THOUGHT that they might MENTION something to somebody outside of the Circle Of Trust, like maybe just drunken party chatter, not thinking it would do The Real Me any harm, and then the outsider would go and harm me. But why? Because they feeeeeel a faux-moral duty To “Out” race realists like that Jezebel Scumbag did, who shoulda never gotten a Writing Careeeeer but is now trying to ruin other kidz careeeeerz in the KolligeKareerKomplex. KOLLIGE-KAREEEER KARTEL. O GOD THERE’S A NEW TITLE. I am SO CLEVER!

Nicholas Lysson, “Holocaust and Holodomor: Origins of Anti-Semitism”http://desip.igc.org/holo_lysson.html try to read this one too.

Maybe gender/SEX is a KIND OF RACE. No, no, I semi-jest, but you can see how Sex is LIKE Race: Biological Differences that we must honestly understand, appreciate, and learn to live with. We can send a Man To The Moon, WE GOT THIS!!!

How about this: small citystates where people voluntarily migrate based on Political Beliefs. So people who are extremely traditional and conservative could move to the Ultraconservative State, even members of diff races who share these beliefs. Ultraconserative Blacks, Whites, Jews, in their own Ultraconservative Citystate. Working Together, but probably living peacefully side-by-side in Ethnic Neighborhoods. Maybe. If that doesn’t work, then try Ethic Citystates. OR, HOW ABOUT A K-SELECTION CITYSTATE!!!It’s now PLAIN AS DAY to me. The Media and Ruling Elite encourages an R-Strategy among people (ie whites, europeans) who would be better suited to a K-Strategy. Make all the world an animalistic R-Jungle.

This K vs R might even become More Important Than RACE to me, hahaha. Fair Warning!

Also it’s clear The Ruling Elites or Plutocrats or Ziomedia or  International Bankers or WHATEVER you wanna call them are “tacitly” encouraging all Americans to adopt an r-repoduction strategy: promiscuous women, low parental investment, no fathers; when the Traditional White Way of life has been the K-reproduction strategy: discrete mating, monogamy, high parental investment, nuclear families. It especially stings as-a-white to see My Fellow White Wimmin embracing the r-lifestyle so wholeheartedly. As-a-White-Man, I wish they’d STOP and THINK about this more; but WOMEN of ANY race really have no INCENTIVE to STOP and THINK about their mating strategy, r OR K, because they will always have an EASY time SURVIVING because of their PVSSY and UTERUS. MEN are the only ones who ever had to WORK and STRUGGLE to SURVIVE.

I also keep forgetting that the Popular Vote was MUCH, MUCH closer than the Electoral Vote LANDSLIDE suggests. So maybe we haven’t Lost Our Country Yet. It’s possible – perhaps PREFERABLE! – that The New Conservative Movement in the US could take a Golden Dawn style.

You can tell I’m Just Getting Into This, because I’m only NOW reading JP Rushton, and perhaps his name is in my mind because he JUST Passed Away in October 2012.

J Philippe Rushton, Free Online Version of Abridged Version of Race, Evolution and Behavior. This link was a great find, made me haaaappy. IMHO.

You KNOW you have the Wimmin on a pedestal IF… you have more Meeeeaningful Spiritual Fun just going to LUNCH with her, than from BANGING some Awalt. Now, is this because you’re deluded, or because she’s actually Different? Does it even MATTER? Unless she is ready and willing to serve you as a Good K-Wife, then no, it doesn’t.

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