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oct 04 2012 theimmaschine


My Internet Bloggerz ButtBuddiez over at Eradica were talking about this movie a lot recently, figured this was The Lord sending me a signal. Because I am an ADDultKidz (See What I Did There, hahahaha) I found the movie a little slow and had to break it up into 3 viewings. Plus I’ve been very low-T & low-energy lately. But it was all good, Charlton Heston was a good man’s man; but what I was surprised by was that his roommate/BFF was a Huge Hooknosed Jew named “Sol Roth.” In this future, Jews were punished all the same as whites and they could fight together against a Common Corporate Enemy.

There was too much of “Greedy Corporations are Destroying The Earth” for my liking. But it did have good themes of an Evil Government-Corporate Conglomerate, and hordes of rioting masses being dependent on The Govt for their food ration, welfare checks, etc.

I especially liked how the Hordes Of Rioters were literally picked-up by the “scoops”, big garbage trucks that actually scooped up 10 people at a time and then dumped them in the back, for god knows what: imprisonment, forced labor, torture, starvation, processing into Soylent Green. The other real good angle was that Young Wimminz were bought and sold as “Furniture” that accompanied Luxuy Elite Apartments. You were rich & powerful enough to live there, a young pretty servant girl came with it. Of COURSE you got to bang her in the A.

You also got hot showers and air conditioning and towels and fruit and if you were really lucky, meat. Strawberries for example were $150 a jar. Most normal people ate Soylent Green and Soylent Yellow and processed cheap food supposedly made out of soybeans and plankton, but even those were depleting. New York City has 40 million people in 2020.

The Church provided a legit Charity but they were strained beyond what they could provide, churches packed with moaning proles.

I was surprised the mobs weren’t MORE violent. Like instead of a stairway in a tenement crowded with starving, sleeping, pathetic whites, where’s all the brownz and crimmigrants getting hopped up and homicidal on CHEAP DRUGZ? So yeah this movie could really benefit from a Rightist Reboot 2012, like that will ever happen!

So, pretty good, but I didn’t LUV it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I was just in a Bad Mood, which is a shame if my Bad Moods are reducing the Effectiveness of my Intelligence and my Patriotic Action. Then I have to take Any Nonviolent Means Necessary to Get Happy!

I rented it alongside


to really compare old-skool dystopia with new-skool dystopia 4 postmarxist adultkidz. Jenniferz Lawlzrenzezlozzl certainly is a beautiful young gurl in the peak of her youth and I would eat peanut-butter-covered bananaz out of her Butt. The movie was competently made and I didn’t get bored in the first 50% (which is all I’ve seen upon writing this Review), but it was better than I expected (so far) in terms of Entertainment Value. Now “Katniss Everdeen” as I’ve always said, is a Horrible Whore name, and “Peeta Mellark” is a Balllicking Faggot name. The names are supposed to sound futuristic and kewl but they’re gay. Not a big deal, other than so many people don’t see this.

The bigger deal is that Katniss is Tuffer than Peeta. You have a Beautiful Girl playing the Masculine Hero role, and even Tomboys aren’t supposed to be THAT masculine. Though she cares about Honor and Doing The Right Thing, you just KNOW that she wouldn’t care about Cuckolding Her Men or Murdering her own children. The Modern Wimminz and the Future Wimminz is a COLD Wimminz. This might even be worse than the “Overemotional” Wimminz. Because you can be Underemotional and still have a Raging Hamster. It’s honestly pretty interesting bc I LIKE Tomboy Girls. But they need to be slightly Feminine insofar as they don’t have Big Whore Potential. And there’s nothing in here suggesting Katniss would not be a Huge Whore. And that’s just Not Right! In My Hunger Games, Honorable Warrior Women are Also Nonpromiscuous! I wouldn’t be surprised if TIUTA55-niss has Blown every (handsome) boy in District 12!

I guess there’s good themes like don’t get wrapped up in TV sensationalism and use Reality TV to KillKidz; don’t give up too much Power to the Govt; don’t get distracted by Bread and Circuses; Fight for What’s Right; and I did respond pretty favourably to the concept of Young Men AND Young Women in the Prime of Their Youth being sent out to KILL EACH OTHER. 24 people with only one survivor. I wasn’t sure how it worked, but that’s how it works, and that’s pretty good. And men can kill women, women can kill men, in a Pangender Bloodbath, despite them being trotted out to look Sexy in the pre-game pageant.

The Pangender Bloodbath IMHO was a good metaphor for what’s going on here and now: Wimminz kill themselves with Promiscuity and Immorality and Decadence; and they also kill men by taking Jobs from them. And fundamentally it feeeeeeeeels morally wrong for men and women to compete against each other so viciously; men and women Should Complement and Support each other rather than be each other’s Natural Enemies, fighting to the death for fame, power, sex, companionship, and even just mere survival.

So yeah, having Girls in the Games opens up that interesting angle. Interesting to see where that goes. Probably nowhere good, hahaha, but the first hour of the first movie was promising. And Donald Sutherland is and always will be a b4d4ss. RECOGNIZE.

Verdict: I didn’t find it as Morally Offensive as I expected, but again, it’s only the first hour of the first movie. And I WILL be VERY (pleasantly!) surprised if Whoreniss doesn’t fall off the c0ck-wagon at SOME point. That b!tch is a ticking time-bomb. But you’d LIKE for her to be a NAWALT because she is so young and purty and healthy and LOOKS kinda like a nawalt.

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oct 4 2012 time machine post. that title was not properly introduced in THIS time machine post, wait for it. and is also a tribute to and I credit it to a friend of mine whom I cannot name here. classic quote!

We are in interesting times in the west, particular the US: This generation will do more poorly ECONOMICALLY than the previous, and will do more poorly with Wimminz than the previous. Negative Rate of Change vs a Positive. In the LONG TERM it’s not so big a deal, but considering the course of the previous four or five generations, when things were getting better and better, yes, I’d say it’s BLOGworthy, hahahaha. The best WE can do is try to turn it back to a Positive Rate of Change, or At least push the Negative Rate of Change closer to Zero. Like go from -1 to -.5.

what’s x and what’s y. number of people vs per capita gdp. or income. or wimminz they’ve banged. or length of the avg marriage. or number of male suicides. or number of people on welfare. I dunno. Get creative, make it interesting. num of c0x avg whores take between ages u and v.

Was skimming thru Bell Curve when it touched upon a point I’m very interested in: what about the high-IQ ppl who “fall through the cracks” and DON’T realize their potential by going to elite colleges and then move on to elite, high-IQ careeeeeeerz? The authors assure us that this number is small and getting smaller. THANKS, CHAS MURRAY, hahahaha. But yeah that’s kinda obvious considering the Cognitive Sorting Mechanisms they talk about; that spending pages talking about The Exceptions To The Rule is understandably beyond the scope of the book. So we can conclude these underachievers are 1. not as smart as they think they are 2. they’re lazy and unmotivated to a f00ked-up extreme degree.

Now, the book was pub in 1994, and I’d argue, what’s the trend SINCE then, is that increasing numbers of High-IQ people are underemployed, unemployed, or out of the labor force. The Unholy Trinity Of Underachieving, Low-IQ Lazy Loserhood. This Post-BellCurve Trend IMHO is due to Kollige Degrees becoming increasingly Worthless (See Aaron Clarey) COMBINED with the fact that Supply of Elite Education is NOT growing. By Def it CAN’T Grow: There is an eternally fixed number of spaces at HARVARD. You can’t just INVENT a New Ivy League College.

BUT, you “sort of” can. If anyone could, it’s ZOG Univ Executivez. Cause you have at least one gray area of “Public Ivies”, and I don’t doubt Zoggies could slowly push a school into that realm. Especially if there’s millions of Eager Young Tryhard True Believers desperate to drain their money into the skool.

AND there seems to be a growing “Law Skool Bubble” of young people who get Law Degrees but can’t pay off the 9,000,000,000 $ debt because they made the Life-Destroying Mistake of going to a Third-Tier-Toilet and NOT an Elite Law Skool. IMHO, If Third-Tier Toilets are 9000 times worse than Elite Skools for getting jobs, then they should adjust their prices to 9000X less than the Elite Skool. But YOU-KNOW-WHO would NOT like that!

Another Insidious Zog Morality-Destroying Idea is That Certain Jobs HAVE to be associated with Certain Intelligences. Here Leftist Elites prove themselves to be the Hypocritical Anti-Egalitarian Racist Pigz they really are, and me to be a nice, compassionate, Christ-like guy. I don’t think Janitors SHOULD be Associated with Stupid Underclass. What’s the alternative? Get a USELESS GRADUATE DEGREE in Education or Social Work or Public Relations or Management (Helllllooooo, Wimminz!) so you can get one of those “Higher Status” Jobs? My line of thinking is, who CARES if you have a “Low-IQ” job like say a Forklift Driver as long as you’re HAPPY with the MONEY. Why “Prove” you can get a Masters Degree for something that REALLY doesn’t require a masters degree anyway. Just so you can PROVE to B!tchez that you’re “living up to your potential” and “getting a careeeeeeeeer more in line with your level of intelligence” because you’re “too smart to be working on the line?”

But that’s just the way it IS now, at least that’s largely the way b!tchez and Managerz see it.

So what if you’re smart, but you’re not a tryhard, and you don’t WANT to go to Harvard? Even though your chances of getting financial aid at Harvard are pretty good? Just because you don’t want to live in a world of tryhard jewish faggots?

So my job is to write The Bell Curve 2, for 2012, with a special emphasis on High-IQ Non-Tryhards!

Also, Smart people can be just as, and even more, faggy and intolerable than dumb people! Would you rather work with a bunch of honest troglodytes, or a bunch of faggots “smart” enough to get a bullsh!t masters degree? Tell em if they were REALLY smart, they would have gotten into an Ivy! And then GYOW and start your own business.

That’s the beauty of GYOW. It’s NOT JUST AN MRA THING. It can be your response to the 5-Fingered-Fist (Firepower) of Marxism. Your reaction.  Your way of Scamming The Scammers. Breaking Beta (that’s somebody’s blog hahaha), Breaking Zog. Freedom and Liberty.

The amount of TIME you spend with a Woman/Wimminz/Whore should be INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to her NUMBER.

If you’re even THINKING about a monog longterm w a Wimminz, simply ask yourself “What’s Her NUMBER”? and if it’s not LOW AS F00K, you’re making a BIG MISTAKE. E-Z.

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june 24 2012 is when this time machine post is from.

You know how you stop being Lazy? You Force yourself to DO THINGS when you FEEEEL like NOT doing things. The End. Don’t MAKE Things So COMPLICATED! Most things are Easy & Clear & Simple & Transparent & we already KNOW what we have to do! Don’t just SIT THERE, TAKE ACTION! Problem solved. B4ng B1tches!

Might change career to WELDING. Need some good old-fashioned, old-school, Unoutsourceable Man’s Trade Work, just some Collegeboy F4gg0try. Can pass college classes but all those collegeboys are f4gg0ts & all the collegegirls are Marxist Wh0res. NOT COOL, MAN.

BIG difference between “HATE” and “DISRESPECT.” I don’t HATE anybody! You can ABSOLUTELY disrespect people without HATING them! HATING is too much energy/work/effort/draining, plus it gives THEM power over YOU. There’s no Power Struggle in disrespecting. You can just be proud & HAPPY to be morally superior & go on your merry way LIKE A BOSS.

I don’t HATE Wimminz, but I sure don’t RESPECT them!

Anyway, it’s best for You if You spend time with people you Respect as opposed to people you don’t respect. So don’t go to College w a bunch of unrespectable f4gg0ts & wh0res! Become a Welder or Plumber or Cisco Network Admin. or electrician or HVAC or.

Ever feel like Every Limb of your Body weighs 5000 lbs, and you just lay Smashed Face Down on the Bed, even though you got Enough sleep the night before & didn’t even have a Full Bigboy Day & it’s sunny and Beautiful & glorious outside, but you’re still too tired to watch fresh episodes of one of yr current favourite TV shows? YEP that’s LAZINESS. FORCE yourself to DO SOMETHING Or be Condemned to a life of Lazy Loserhood!

we might be able to argue that there is a difference between the experiences of Banging, And/Or between the very essences of the Bangee themselves, of: an ugly wh0re, an attractive wh0re, an attractive stripper who does $100 f00k&sucks, a regular non-wh0re wimminz you pulled easily because she was more into YOU which means she’s likely old, drunk, or fat but you were on a drought & desperate for anything you didn’t have to directly exchange cash for, vs an FWB or a Wimminz who’s actually attractive, vs a Wimminz you’re infatuated in and the S is all Transcendent and Transformative & spiritual & religious & chemical.

The Lord revealed His Will to me recently, that when I return from my School Sabbatical, that I ONLY take THE HARDEST CLASSES, well, in particular, start off with the CALCULUS and PHYSICS classes I’ve been purposely AVOIDING. Won’t take 9000 credits per term to “graduate fast” because don’t care, no benefit to me to graduate fast anyway, already passed the Ageism Discrimination Spike, already be Working Till Forced Retirement Death, what else you got.

B34t-off 9000 times a day to the weirdest most extreme pr0n if it keeps you from THINKING about Lame Wimminz so much. The weirdness & “unrealisticness” of pr0n is VASTLY OUTWEIGHED by the benefit it gives you of NOT THINKING about b4nging b!tches AS obsessively. Just get it over with & go about MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE things.

for example, you’d THINK – ie, she SHOULD be – this girl is too young and pretty and radiant to do Gaping Anal Wh0ry, but you’d be H3114 Wrong: (NSFL)

[modern day decision to redact even the nondirect link to a pr0n video, an “example” of how this J Poison destroys white wimmins bodies, and white men’s minds and souls. some beautiful blond white 18 year old girl who is real young and innocent looking, real “QTP2T”, getting totally reamed up the 4ss for 32 minutes by some swarthy brute, lots of close ups and lip smacking, a bit of gaping. in order to walk my “new” talk I will remove the link so as not to support or encourage that filth. 1. this is what YKW does to W’s. 2. Though they want us to believe it is “normal”, it is not yet reflective of the Majority Of Reality and hopefully reality is never transformed into that trash. We are MORE than strong enough to RESIST it!]

she does THAT for $500, yet the avg man can’t pull a girl “that hot”? Hot enough to defile her body so Smilingly?

[ non time machine, march 21 2013. ok I was WAY OFF here. gotta do a 180. All Pr0n is J-Poison which has the power to destroy a man’s mind and soul.  his ability to get along with Real Life Women. Hand-Rubbing Christkillers making BILLIONS of dollars by paying weak-willed white girls to do things that should* ONLY exists in the darkest depths of a man’s perverted imagination, which, when brought to life, degrades EVERYBODY involved. All to YKW’s profit. So just give up pr0n altogether. Now I won’t pretend some white wimmin aren’t Poisoned Pigs who no amount of re-education can make into a Good Wife and Mother, but…um point is, do the “no fap challenge”, fix your warped mind, stop looking at J Mindworm Mindvirus p0rnography (tm Mindweapons who BTW I declare as Blog Of The Year 2013, DAMN that guy is GOOD, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW, take the next day off, and read his ENTIRE BLOG RIGHT NOW!!), if you can’t find a decent monogamy-worthy woman, just charm a more decadent wimmin to drain your b4lls & you’ll find that Normal S with her is more satisfying that beating off like a Poisoned Little Hamster to that J FILTH where max hardcore’s girls are vomiting into each others rectums and whatnot.  ELIMINATE J POISON/FILTH FROM YOUR LIFE – START WITH PR0N.]

Yahoo Answers does not smile upon ppl asking what is the EASIEST ENGINEERING DEGREE. “You’re in the WRONG FIELD if you want an EASY DEGREE. Engineers are responsible for LIVES and BILLIONS of $, do you want them half-455ing their work?”

F00K THAT SH1T, I say resoundingly! I will now be your Travel Guide on How To Get A Lucrative Engineering Degree EASILY and LAZILY. Well, Computer Science, but it’s on the Payscale top 7 of Most PayingBack Degrees, so, Good Enough. But my program SHOULD prob be adaptable to petroleum or chem or biomedical or whatever else on there.

1. take ONE Class (Science/Math prereqs) per semester at yr local Cheapo Loser College. (didn’t say this would be FAST.) Befriend the “Creepy” Science & Math Tutors or become one yourself for extra cash. These are honourable Men just trying to do the Smart thing JUST LIKE YOU! Maybe tutor THEM on how to B4ng B!tches, they’d greatly appreciate.

2. Network & get Internships AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS is the key. THIS is much more important than graduating fast. Without internships, degree is useless. Even MORE useless than the internships would be without the Degree. You have BOTH, or you have NOTHING. This part should be harder than the actual classes. This is where the actual blood sweat tears martyrdom and grinding celibacy come in. Just keep j3rking off to Gaping 4nal Teens because in a few years, it will be YOU jackhammering those radiant-skinned “pure little 18-year-old angels” Up The 4rsch.

[march 2013 UM NO. in june 2012 my own mind had been warped a bit by The Filth, very happy to be out of that phase hahaha.]

More General Life Advice:

Take all that KINDNESS you waste on WIMMINZ & give it to OTHER MEN instead. They NEED it more, & they APPRECIATE it more. Plus they’re more likely to PAY IT BACK, both long-term AND short-term; both with Better Jobs, AND with immediate soul-nourishing reciprocal companionship.

Wimminz think “Nice Guys” are FAKING being nice just to “Put kindness coins in the Sex Dispenser & hopefully get some Sex!”. That’s only 40% accurate at TOPS, I Rebut that these guys are just nice to EVERYONE. Just easier to ACT nice to girls because men have been shamed into thinking it’s GAY when they’re overly nice to other guys, but maybe they wish they COULD be More Overly Nice to other Men without Seeming GAY. F00K THAT SH1T I SAY, be NICE AS H311 to Other Men. If they call you Gay, call them a F4gg0t. Anyone who doesn’t LIKE IT when PEOPLE ARE NICE TO THEM has a SCREW LOOSE. Show them a WIDE BERTH.

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[time machine from…sept 2012 ish. really narcissistic stuff. i promise I will let you know when the post is NOT time machine. which is just a cutesy coy way of saying “sh!tpost” hahaha. uhh gimme a pass until winter ends at least.

okay lemme at least post a funny picture i found recently on 4chon or stormchan:



Heh. Spent the big bucks on ORGANIC coffee, in the hopes that the TOXINS involved in processing “non organic coffee” are sapping my energy bigtime. And not just the crash from drinking too much coffee period, haha. Or all the other toxins in all the other non-organic food I eat. Also got a “BPA-FREE” water bottle because maybe all the BPAs leaching into my water from the BPA-filled Gatorade Bottle I use over and over to drink water is sapping my energy AND giving me CANCER.

organic food. yikes. although we must not forget that Environmental Activism does have a large intersection with Right Wing Interests. Although “Organic” is just as much about Fair Trade and Labour, not sure how Right those things are.

David Duke. Helluva Guy. Really puts things in perspective in “My Awakening.” Talks about how THOUSANDS TIMES MORE white wimmin are raped by black men over the past 20 years, than ALL BLACKS EVER LYNCHED BY WHITES. (99% of which were for raping white wimmin anyway!)

Ok. Sold by The Chechar Vs Johnson debate on Day Of The Rope to actually go and Listen to the Turner Diaries.

YES the WHOLE BOOK is an AUDIOBOOK. THE WHOLE THING, FOR FREE, READ BY DR PIERCE. In his bracing strident riveting voice. I have NO excuse. You don’t have to BUY it off amazon for SEVEN BUCKS, though you probably SHOULD, hahaha. Hell you can download a ZIP file of the whole thing on the archive.org site.

No, I’m not encouraging You to go out and HANG BLACKS and HANG RACE TRAITORZ. I’m thinking this “Day Of The Rope” thing is Widely Misunderstood and Misinterpreted. Or Not. But it’s def controversial, provocative, and I want to get to the bottom of it for my Race Realism Research Project (JewBook Deal Forthcoming.)

I have been listening to David Duke talk about Blacks for 10 hours, I would realllllly like him to start talking about YOU KNOW WHO, hahaha. There is A Torrent of his book “Jewish Supremacism” Sweeeeet. (Let Me Google That For You, hahahahah. Hint: “david duke jewish supremacism audio torrent” THAT WASN’T SO HARD, WAS IT?) Although this MAY BE the same or very similar to Part 3 of My Awakening, which is about Jewz, which I might skip to. Note: Free PDF on Archive.org. TONS of GREAT FREE STUFF on that site! But not saying you shouldn’t donate to the author if you find something useful. No such thing as Free Air, hahaha. Yeah I know there are lotsa J’s involved in the creation of Archive.org.


I Should* be just satisfied with my extremely traditional old-school Light Blue Wranglerz, but I decided to Sell-Out to Homosexuality and get a pair of Dark Blue jeans. Last time I wanted a pair of Dark Blue Jeans I ended up with the Sonoma’s from Kohl(owitzenstein)’smaybe from q3 2011. Those, after a few washes, were not so friendly on my Strong European Thighs. I like a Jean that is Relaxed in the Thighs and Buttocks and Crotch, not of this faggy tight sh!t. Yet when the jeans are too baggy and saggy, that’s trashy as f00k. I guess I should just get Dark Blue Carpenter Jeans, those are Unfashionable and Masculine and Patriarchal enough. Some good “DAD JEANS.” If you can’t go to WAL-MART or TARGET and get the jeans, then I don’t want that fashion pretty boy stuff. I was just gonna look for some darker blue relaxed-fit Wranglers. But apparently Lee and Wrangler are now the same company. That’s ok, I’ve had a good relationship with Lee in years past. I sorted first according to color, since finding the Right Kind of Dark Blue is not easy. Fortunately, that perfect color had a Relaxed Fit. (Even “Normal Fit” or “Classic Fit” is too chafing on my Big, Muscular, Roomy Thighs) This was almost TOO EASY. The price: $22. A LITTLE expensive, you say, especially when they had Store Brand Jeans for TWELVE Dollars, but I’m willing to spend a little extra on Good Honest Jeans. For these I would have spent $25! I should go back and buy several more pairs of The Lee Reserve line, because it’s been hard as HELL finding a good reliable pair of Dark Blue Jeans. I must have gone through two or three pair, never really getting into them, during the same amount of time I have enjoyed my One Trusty Pair of Light Blue Wranglers.

Are these Jeans ZOG or Antiwhite? More than likely, but I was satisfied with the deal, even though I am a European Rights Activist hahaha.

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[Time machine post from sept 2012. this one is somewhat acceptable because Arghoslent is a Sweet Band I want to Hype Up!]


ARGHOSLENT “Hornets of The Pogrom”

I heard about this Band, as I’m sure 99% of people who do, because they are supposedly “RACIST”, and write RACIST lyrics, and are all about how Inferior Blacks and Jews are, but they’re not doing it in a skinhead rock sort of way, but in a very Intellectual Racial Realist sort of way, and it’s uncertain if they’re REALLY Racial Realists or this is just their hook or gimmick, kinda like how Gore Metal bands don’t REALLY murder people, and Power Electronics people don’t REALLY molest children, etc.

(But you could at least infer from their lyrics that they probably don’t LOVE the “SHINES” when they come “Swaggering” down the middle of the street, pants falling down like prizon b!tchez, bouncing basketballz, saying “MUFUKKKA!” very loudly, guzzling purple drank sizzurp, smoking “sherms”, leaving a mess of fried chikkken carcasses, watermelon rinds, and grape pop bottles in their wake, initiating violence with every living organism in their path, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.)

Given my present predilection towards Racists, Racial Realists, White Nationalism, probz because anything REMOTELY “racist” is Politically Incorrect and Taboo in just the way I feel like being right now, it’s no surprise that I investigate Arghoslent at this moment. So the singing is just straightforward death metal growling and I don’t even try to decipher the lyrics; but the MUSIC jumps right out of the speakers. Very energetic, alive, passionate, powerful, melodic, serious, sincere, epic, majestic, classy Death Metal, crammed with riffs, blast-beats too. NOT BAD SON! Good Morning Drive music.


Fun Interview with band. Nice. Impressive. Intelligent Racists! That sealed the deal. I would TOTES go to a show and even started looking for T-SHIRTS. Wear that and totally silence all the Metal Hipster Leftist HIPPIES that are coming to Metal with all the Hipster Black (Green?) Metal.  (Yes, I Still DO like Wolves in the Throne Room!)

Spotifying, now on to “Incorrigible Bigotry” (GREAT name!) after “Hornets” (although Hornets came after IB chronologically). Think a diff vocalist on IB, sounds a little better / more convincing [note: though now I like the Hornets guy cause he’s a little deeper. But I think the orig singer is DEAD, gotta pay respects to him]. More ridiculous riffage. Constant, nonstop, air guitaring, headbanging, soaring, inspiring, uplifting stuff. THAT’S F00KIN’ BAD455! to paraphrase Philly Anselmo from the Pantera Live album. Yes, it is. This is why I listen to metal; this is why I listen to MUSIC.

The listener doesn’t have to TRYHARD. You just sit back and ENJOY and let your JAW DROP at the RIFFAGE. Start Banging your head the FIRST TIME YOU HEAR THE SONG.

Compelling Example of their style of NONSTOP STREAMS OF BAD4SS RIFF AFTER BAD4SS RIFF

“Quelling the Simian Urge”

BAND OF THE MONTH SEPT 2012. This is gonna distract me somewhat from seeing MOONSORROW LIVE in LESS THAN A WEEK, but you don’t find music, music finds you.

Hahahahaha, It’s like you can’t be HONEST until you STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE NOT RACIST. Otherwise you’re just a big fat (skinny?) hipster brooklyn swpl antiwhite PHONY who wishes they were allowed to like Arghoslent’s badass music but they HAVE to BOYCOTT them

Methinks the haters characterize Argh (hahahaha) as MORE Horribly Racist than they are; and the lyrics and members’ beliefs are ACTUALLY much more subtle & tame than you’d think, and I’m SURE they DO NOT CONDONE ACTUAL VIOLENCE. But they do revel in the Hate From the Left!

If they didn’t have these politically correct thoughts, the band would be HUGE on the strength of their riffage alone; they could quit their jobs, selling t-shirts in hot topic; not that it “sounds mainstream”, but more like it sounds so GOOD that it’s hard NOT to like for ANYone – mainstream or underground, black or white, jew or goy, hahaha. Yet they will not recant or tone down just to sell-out, and IMHO the sell-out would be both EASY and VERY LUCRATIVE. Speaks volumes to their Incorrigible INTEGRITY, hahahaha.

OK, I guess hipsters ARE allowed to like them as long as they throw in sufficient disclaimers and hand-wringing: “For a band that kicks so much 455 and has so many good riffz, boy are these guys disgusting human beings, 455holes, d!cks, racist pigs,” etc etc etc. ACTUALLY, as HUMAN BEINGS, they’re PROBABLY pretty GOOD GUY GREGZ!

This band is the ANTITHESIS OF FAGGY!

Heh. I’m gonna have to start searching for more blatantly Racist music, hahahaha.

Plus they WERE around during my Golden Age of Musical Taste Development!

Though I would almost like to see Arghoslent experiment with lyrics that were more broadly Anti-Leftist rather than Pro-Racist, at least just once, just to prove that you don’t need to actively mock nonwhites to be Anti-Left. There’s a whole WORLD of Creative AntiLeft Writing out there beyond “mere racism”. And I like my racists Anti-Left, rather than just dumb drunk racist redneck skinhead one-trick-ponies. Not saying Arghoslent are THAT, because their stuff is written with TOTAL CLASS, but they are somewhat “limited” to blaqs and YKW’s (me STEALING term from Mindweapon!) it seems.

Maybe the creative mindz behind Arghoslent  had the Love Of Their Lives Cuckold them with a Big, Strapping “Nubian Archer”, hahaha, and this is how they deal with it. Turn One Bad Experience into Great Music that Inspires Many. Turning a small Minus into a Big4ss PLUS, I’d say. Pure speculation!

“In Coffles They Were Led”

Example of how “Hornets Of The Pogrom” immediately seizes you from the very first song with Sweet Pwning Riffage

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Time machine post from september 2012


I think it’s Uruguayan, that’s a first for me. The main girl was pretty cute, very skinny and frail, I would easily tear her in half and enjoy it at least 20 times. Decent story & decent execution, I just was Not That Into It, the Target Audience, I suppose, is simply people who Like Things more than I do. Haunted Abandoned House, one continuous 79-minute shot, skillfully done handheld camera (not too jittery or obnoxious), I was expecting to like this a lot more, but it was pretty boring. Not BAD though, maybe I just wasn’t in the MOOD. Sure the girl was being STUPID (“why don’t you just run out of the house!”) but that’s to be expected. Just not in the mood. However, IMHO, It’s part of a Horror Movie’s Job to put you in the mood. This isn’t 3 hours of Andrei Rublev or sommat. Still, not unwatchable. Better than Mainstream TV. You can’t even find a corny History Channel “documentary” anymore with the greek guy with the red face and crazy hair  because every channel’s too busy with increasingly retarded “reality” shows. So with TV, I’m “stuck” watching Fox Newz, and even THAT gets old after a while. It’s prob just a Tool Of Zog anyway, hahahahahaha. (Not that Movies aren’t!) Best part was when she loses her lamp and has to use the camera flash bulb to see in the dark, getting a half second of blinding light, then stumbling around in total darkness in between. Played to rather effective horrific effect, fortunately. Not gonna run out and queue the American Remake anytime soon, though.

I don’t have a “Gaping Wound”, I just have a Big Freezing Black Icebox where my heart used to be (remembering vaguely some stupid hit song from about 4 years ago), hahahaha. It’s entirely possible that I could then cause Psychological Baggage to a Nice Nawalt Girl, but I’LL TRY NOT TO. Not like I’m NOT HONEST when it counts. Would not tell a 1% Nice Nawalt that I’d Commit, just to get S. Would just get easier non-committal sex from the 99% Awaltz! KARMA, B!TCHEZ!!

So what do I care if our High-IQ Cognitive Elite are sifted out and shipped away? Don’t I believe that all people are NOT equal, and that Like Should Be With Like, and so shouldn’t the High-IQ’s have their own little enclave, like the J’s and the B’s and the Wimminz? Not NECESS, because I think Race Trumps IQ, and that each race HAS their OWN Cognitive Elite, and they will WANT these people to STAY WITH THEM to provide effective leadership, economic development, etc, rather than be STOLEN BY ZOG to SERVE ZOG & NOT YOU.

Will it get to the point where you have to Master Differential Equations & Organic Chemistry 3 to be a Receptionist? Answer phones, use Word/Excel, schedule appointments? Probably.

Or there will be a Telecom way to Outsource Reception to Cheaper International Labour. How could you outsource MacDonalds cooking & service?

What’s the LOWEST level of Skill OR Education OR IQ that you’ll be able to getawaywith to make an Average OR Living Income? No, not $30 an hour like those greedy public union scumbagz, hahahahaha.

Obviously, Trucking and Trades and physical un-outsourceable things are the best to go into, because it prob won’t be cost-effective to import TRUCK DRIVERS from Chindia. Right?

This brings me back to my original question which has been Destroying My Brain 4Yearzzz: is it ROI-y to get an in-demand degree (Chemical Engineering) from a not-in-demand college (SouthWestern West Virginia State), OR should you just become a welder or truck driver?  (This question is for men only – obv if you’re a Wimminz, you get a degree in something retarded like Special Education or Social Work or Hospitality Reception or How To Get Phat Elbowz)

Weak Battery. The battery does not hold a LOT of energy, it gets DEPLETED QUICKLY and EASILY, so you’re ALWAYS recharging it, but the Full Charge ends up always being pretty weak, and hopefully not getting weaker.

My VALUE-ADD (Fagspeak (tm BKC) ) here is that I’m KindaPrettyMuch (Fagspeak (tm BKC)) speaking to an audience of Prospective SINGLE FATHERS. Men who want to have heirs and raise them up GOOD, WITHOUT the inference of Wimminz. Not PROMISING to do this personally, especially because I don’t have the resources or maturity to raise a Good Heir by myself, and will be a LONG time before I get to that point. Just saying it’s a Valid & Honorable Idea.


I like Nice Buttz on my Young Wimminz, but I can also be a sucker for Nice Long Legz on my Young Wimminz. Gams. Walking Stickxz.

Production on Arghoslent’s “Hornets” beats production on same’s “Incorrigible Bigotry.” Slightly more “organic” on the guitars and drums. IMHO.

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Time Machine Post from October 2012


May 2006, Decibel Magazine, “NSBM Special Report” by J. Bennett.

As a longtime black metal fan with a new interest in WN, I come back to this article, which I first discovered in maybe 2010. Interesting for several reasons. It’s technically well-written and enjoyable, but it’s full of Sickening Smug SWPL Snark.

“The Only Kind Of Socialism That Works Is NATIONAL Socialism”

Maybe that IS true, and here I’m talking about The Meaningful Bonds of Intra-Racial Trust and Solidarity as a Support for The Economy. It becomes less about Darkie Parasites And Use Ur E. McShylock Zoggerberg  stealing hard-earned coppers out of your pocket, when you genuinely want to help out Your Brethren who are Down On Their Luck. It ties in well with Ethnostates; Or, Socialism is such an ugly word, but something Like Socialism can only be achieved in a Racially-Pure Ethnostate. Or maybe a Tiny, tiny minarchist Local Front Porch Community with Distributism and Social Credit.

So, we can try to “RECLAIM” the term “NS”, or we can invent a new term for the Black Metal, like “Ethnonationalist Black Metal”.

And some of the Black Metal is more openly Jew-hating, and some of it is more White Pride and paganism.

For me, in MY OPINION, the even more laughable black metal cop-out than “you can mock christians but NEVER jews” is “I’m against racism because The Entire Human Race Is Equally A Pile Of Sh!t” Tuffguy Hateful Misanthrope. These Misanthropes are Too Scared and Faggy to Go All The Way, and might as well be Whiny Faggy DSBM Lifelover fan, haha! Why don’t you go and CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU some more, fag!

No, I like Lifelover and DSBM just fine. Although right NOW, if I HAD to listen to some DSBM, it’d prob be Silencer, or Trist.

But since I’m not a Tuffguy Huge Racist Bully, I prefer the more Positive White Pride Black Metal than the stuff with the more boisterous, “negative” ie anti-black/jew lyrics, like “RAC” lyrics on top of black metal music. Just a personal preference. I barely have time for music anyway. I’m thinking of something like Walknut for example.

I guess DRUDKH would be the perfect example, as they are the Biggest Band to have any kind of Rumoured Racialist Leanings, but they’re not SO Racialist you’d call them “NSBM”, EVER, rather than “folk” or “pagan” or “heathen” or “slavonic”.

Which reminds me, gotta do some research on the rumors that Nokturnal Mortum is FLIP-FLOPPING on their “National Socialism.”

You can tell a guy is PVSSYWHIPPED when he LISTENS to his GURLFRAN telling him to stop reading all this creepy RACIST stuff or I’ll DUMP you.

Like you’re some REDNECK with a REBEL FLAG on his PICKUP TRUCK, and you spend your Saturday Nights getting DRUNK and wanting to BEAT UP f4gz, n!ggurz, and k!kez!

Are All Ethnonationalisms Somewhat Similar? Could White Nationalists and Black Nationalists LEARN things from each other? Do all races NEED to fight each other, or can they just agree on Mutual Noninterference?

Let me reiterate another Profound Point that Always Bears Repeating:Contempt Is Not Anger Is Not Hatred Is Not Violence.These are ALL Separate, Unique things, but they have SOME overlap (not a LOT!) in SOME places (not many!). In other words, Violence CAN have some anger and/or hatred mixed in, but NOT NECESSARILY. Think of a 4-way Venn Diagram. Some anger is good; Heck even a little Hatred can be good! And even some violence is justified/appropriate (although I’m NOT advocating it!) ANd what I feel for Wimminz is mainly contempt, and a tiny bit of anger, and that’s 99% of it. 1% Beta Pedestal White Knight Nawaly Faggy Romantic Love, hahaha.

You don’t need to be SMART to MATE. If WIMMINZ were SMART, they’d SELECT Smart Men to Mate with, thus creating a Smarter Next Generation rather than a Dumber One. DYSGENICS.
(For Racialists: But maybe Whites have been Trained to be Self-Destructive and Masochistic like this!)

In Conclusion, IMHO, A True Sociopath wouldn’t WORRY so much about BEING a Sociopath, so I’m in the clear.

Another PhD Research Project: How MUCH have Jews historically followed a K-Reproduction strategy vs an R one, noting of course that these are TRENDS and not specifically Biological, Scientific Chemicals? So which side of the trend do They TEND to?

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