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I suppose I may have Hit Bottom and not even known it. Re my No Chutzpah. I even avoid Socializing With People because of fear about people talking about their CAREEEEEERS, and I haven’t cleverly rehearsed my LIE there beyond “working on a degree” and I can’t say “don’t care what it is, just want a safe lazy cushy unionized office cubicle job where I can tune out and a monkey could do my job, and if you were honest, you’d recognize a monkey could do YOUR job too and you wouldn’t be such a big Tryhard True Believer Career Worshipper Every Day Is The Best Day Of Your Life Doing Something You Love AND Saving The World Careeeeeeeeer.” Because I’ve ALWAYS resisted Unpaid Internships and other Bona Fides for having a Real Careeeer. More interested in the Higher Purposes of Morality, Religion (I won’t say “Spirituality” because THAT word is faggy as f00k and for SWPLs who are AFRAID of Morality and Religion!), Family, (The 14 Words, hahaha), etc. And if you’re a SWPL Tryhard

and it’s Oppressive and Conservative to be Religious, well then you just make the Careeeer your Religion and say you’re Very SPIRITUAL! fucking f4gg0ts. Not the people I know, of course, but my Extremely Anti-Career Attitudes have had noticeable affect on me being much more Visibly Professionally Unsuccessful than They. Which only makes sense, because I wasn’t willing to Work Hard, and you Get Out what you Put In, No One To Blame But Myself, and of course it’s all true! However the people Closest in my Circle of Trust do not judge me for my Career Loserhood and I can Just Be Myself; and even those more on the Periphery of the Circle would not intend any Harm Or Offense Or Judgement by simply asking about my careeeer, in which case I would just

deflect with a polite half-truth and try to change the subject; if they didn’t get the hint, then I would be more direct with saying I Just Don’t Want To Talk About That. NO BIG DEAL. But, without Giving Away Too Much Biographical Information, I am at that Stage Of Life where it’s really not cool to “Still be figuring yourself out” and Normal People My Age have completed their Masterz Degreez a few years ago, used it to get in an Entry Level Masterz Careeeeer, THEN gotten promoted from that, and right now Marriage is the hot thing, AND, I predict, CHILDREN will be not far off. So the guy saying stuff like Careers are BS, Marriage is BS, can easily be dismissed as Loser Talk from a Lazy Loser who wasn’t willing to work hard enough to get the Careers and Marriages of his Peers he’s so Jelly Of.

BUT THAT’S ENOUGH NAVEL-GAZING, Although I DO believe the author NEEDS to share a bit of his OWN life a LITTLE bit so his audience knows where’s he’s coming from. No, you don’t want to Give your enemies your Weaknesses, but I’m not really trying to make any ENEMIES. If anything, I’m trying to be HONEST with my ALLIES.

But I will just say that I COULD & SHOULD “Apply Myself” some more, and with that I probably DO have the Power to Make myself “Respectable” enough to Socialize with Real Grown-Ups with Real Careers. Then I’d only be One Step Removed, and right now I’m Two Steps Removed, and that’s One Step Too Much. You’re Only Worth What You WORK!

So I don’t get into the Narcissism of Small/Minor Differences as Firepower so brilliantly clued me in to that term; nope, my own Narcissism is more enough for me! My rule is, if I agree with somebody 80%, That’s Good Enough For Me! HELL, 80% IS A SH!TLOAD! I could prob even make do with as low as 60%!

But I am inspired by “The 4 hour work week” to HIRE MY OWN INDIAN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to DO THE WORK FOR ME which I described 2 paragraphs above, and it would prob be within their power to “Achieve Results” for me, hehehe. Even If I were to hire them for say….16 hours a month. Maybe even 8. Assuming paying them 10$ an hour. Then I’d go with 8 hours a month, hahahahaha.

But I COULD just be Grumpy and Grouchy and Angry and Frustrated, the way I have No Chutzpah and EVERYBODY has SOME kind of Chutzpah, even if it’s not for their Careeeeeer Per SE. In other words I am not a Normal Healthy Average Human….assuming Normal Healthy Average Human is not a Decadent Jewish Faggot Careeeerist Consumerist SWPL Marxist America-Destroying Swine, hahahaha. No I said Average HEALTHY Human. Line up all the Real People in your life you Admire, and then find the person at the Bottom of that list and then emulate them and then work your way up. It’s good to Cut Out Losers in Your Life and Choose To Hang Out With Winners, and I am really stuggling to Not be that Kind of Loser I wouldn’t want to hang out with! Life Is

HARD! Give Baby His Baba! What do you do when YOU ARE The Loser? You Quit Whining, Dust Yourself Off, and Bust 4ss to make yourself the winner, not WHINE about how you don’t have the “CHUTZPAH” to Not Want To Work To Be A Winner anymore! But yeah That’s “Where I’m Coming From”. I have a VERY Bad history of JUST GIVING UP which I MUST Overcome, it’s a life or death struggle. Kinda scary, hahahaha. But yeah, Average People have not Given Up On Life to the extent I have. In the Past. Heh. This is why I say Joining The US Military woulda been good for me as a Wayward Giving-Up Little Punk, even if they do Sacrifice Children For Israel. Well Thankfully they still have Honest Hard Working Man Jobs in Bakken/Williston, that is one of the few remaining opportunities for me to Straighten Up and Get My Sh!t together.

BUT enough WHINING and FAGGINESS, I AM cautiously Optimistic, And I refuse to put any kind of Faggy Emotional Burden on the Real People I DO know, because when you get some sad sack who emails you a 9,000 page email about how he has nothing left to live for after some b!tch dumped him, well there’s not much you can do for him even if you want to, AND you really hope that even saying “I Sympathize For You And Your Pain” does not provoke EVEN MORE 9,000 page emails, but of course the 9000-page emailer is not in his right mind, and he doesn’t know any better anyway. ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.

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Lemme preface this by saying that Gawker is the f00king F4GGIEST site since jezebel, which it NOT COINCIDENTALLY is part of the Gawker Family of Sites along with Lifehacker.


Gawker of course publishes antiwhite b00sh!t like “The Unbearable Invisibility Of White Masculinity” by some Soc Prof, holy crap the entire thing is F@gspeak, and they bold and enlarge the worst f@gspeak as the Representative Summary Blurbs for the article: “We use moments of tragedy to reassert the value in whiteness and the importance in protecting white bodies.” HAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LAWD. and the comments are of course full of sympathizers chiding white racists for not recognizing their white privilege.

But that Tales From The Underclass thing I do kinda like, not gonna lie. Even if the Gawker Family is Total Poison Destroying Our Society. Whoops it’s called “HELLO from the underclass.” even MORE patronizing. what a bunch of CRAP from people that could not SURVIVE if THEY had to WORK FOR A LIVING.


hehehe there was a link on the page to a New January 2013 Lifehacker How To Ace Your Next Job INterview article. Make sure you get creative in making Excuses for your Gaps! http://lifehacker.com/5959135/cover-up-a-long-history-of-unemployment-with-details-on-how-your-spent-your-time

I might have to make Tales Of The Underclass (lord what a title) a regular thing. I have huge sympathy for the Unemployed and Underemployed, and no sympathy for the Lazy, and less sympathy for Gawker, so I might have to see how their insidious, horrid writers put their little spin on this “NARRATIVE” throughout the series. But I like hearing Real People’s Stories in the Comments. They do allow some Dissenting Comments. Like Nonwhites do Mass Shootings too.


INtro: William Pierce qua George Lincoln Rockwell. In Pierce’s intro to Rockwell talk (see Rockwell Brown U Speech 1966ish) Pierce shows proper respeck to Rockwell but questions his flamboyant appeal to losers and dregs of society (nicer words.) Men on the margin, if you will. Men who have nothing to lose, but the risk there is that they are of low quality / moral fiber, crazy, stupid, etc, whereas Pierce wanted to create a smaller more elite echelon. BUT Pierce kinda contradicts himself by his acquisition of Resistance Records (late 80s??) that MIGHT have marked the beginning of the end of National Alliance. With the intellectual classical music-lovers quite understandably clashing with the antiintellectual beer-chugging skinheads with 6,000,000 swastika tattoos.

Body: I like Drudkh’s White Consciousness with Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal but that they are also kinda mysterious and don’t give interviews or write about White Power as much as Ukrainian/Slavonic Pride and Nationalism. Though they might not Name The Jew or use Racialist Codewords (hehehe) you still PrettyMuch know where they’re coming from. Wagner wrote bombastic, transcendent, ground-breaking classical music, and again did not use Buzzwords, but you knew where He was coming from. Basically I’m looking to move past the Tired False Dichotomy of Black Metal vs Skinhead Punk vs Classical Music. Break the White Music Binary hahaha. And herald a New Age of Race-Conscious Music to capture people’s hearts. Heck Varg Vikernes is basically doing this, but I think I’m talking more about a Young Man’s thing, and not necessarily Metal. Even though I LUV Metal, hahaha.

Conclusion: Skinheads are not inherently bad but they might attract a certain White Trash element. Race-Conscious Music still needs to reach a Modern Critical Mass and Move Beyond Skinhead, RAC, Punk stuff, and Black Metal. IMHO stuff like Black Metal is AWESOME, but so is Wagner (Richard), who I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, and Wagner was Metta Race Conscious (heh) without being Obsessed with Race if you know what I mean. But I don’t agree with the Metal-Hating Racialists that Guitar Music is Gr01d Music (as Vikernes once infamously said, and I don’t think he agrees with that per se, as he continues to use guitars to make rather White Metal) Neofolk (or Neoclassical?) or Martial Folk/Industrial are rife with potential for Whites. Note to self, listen to more Skrewdriver, and see how his style developed from the beginning to the end. And Maybe William Pierce did bite off more than he could chew with Resistance Records, although I think he was just trying to take risks and reach out to the youth. Even if you didn’t think he would ever take that risk. Maybe have a Racialist Music Scene much like my Racialist Political Party I sorta described once – have degrees of secrecy. The outer layers only know of Traditional Conservative Values, the inner layers know the big Racialist Secret and use it as a Guiding Principle, but only Name The Race behind closed doors. Kinda Boil The Frog with respect to The White Masses Thinking About Race. Don’t throw swastikas in their face hahaha.

Although I like how Golden Dawn has that symbol that KINDA looks like a swastika!

Note to self, research Golden Dawn more as an example of The most Well Known, Successful Race-Oriented Political Party In The World Right Now, and how something like that might be able to take hold in the US.

Right after I watch 6,000,001 episodes of Star Trek then go to sleep! JK. See what I mean, You gotta Sometimes Make Sacrifices.


Outrageous, Controversial Idea: Race Conscious Whites and Race Conscious Blacks (And Jews I suppose) meet together and talk about how to make each race more race conscious and to establish their own ethnostates. But different races would be sorta working together towards this sorta similar goal: de-integration. segregation. With the mutual interest of knowing that this would be in each other’s own best self-interest. Yeah and then they can party and race-mix after the meetings.

Note to self, read more Sam Francis. And RevilooliveR.

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[Dec 9 2012: Fair Warning: I might slow down on the Strictly White “stuff”, I see it possibly ebbing…AND flowing!]

A few years ago DAVID DUKE was on BILL O’REILLY, (youtube link) and this is perfectly illustrative of Where I’m At Now: Moving Further and Further to The Right, and articulating my Anti-Zionism. I generally enjoy O’Reilly shredding Stupid Leftists, but I didn’t want him to shred David Duke, who I’ve become quite fond of lately, DESPITE his Reputation as a Huckster and a Fraud and a Degenerate Gambler and Bilking His Followers so he can build a new Mansion and being an Adulterous Philanderer etc. Anyway O’Reilly was talking over Duke trying to shout him down as a Horrible Racist and Anti-Semite.


Well, that’s a risk I’m more than willing to take, hahaha. I’m satisfied with Duke’s Distancing from his Klan days and his “excuse” that he was in the KNIGHTS of the KKK, and there are many different unrelated Klan factions, not one big Monolithic Klan, and his faction was a more peaceful nonviolent moderate version, no white costumes or burning crosses, rather business suits and cool headz.


The Occidental QUARTERLY is not the same thing as Occidental OBSERVER which is not the same as Occidental Dissent, don’t see how anyone could get those mixed up, except TOTAL N00BZ, hahahaha. was listening to Harold Covington discussing the factionalization I alluded to earlier. Covington said Greg Johnson had been “fired” from OccQuarterly for a controversial interview Johnson did with Covington. Then there arose alot of Covington-bashing on Occidental Dissent. Heh. At this point I don’t CARE, I don’t comment ANYWHERE, I’m not on anyone’s SIDE, I’m on the Side Of Antimulticulturalists, and I’ll read WHOEVER THE H3LL I D4MN WANT!!

“THAT BEING SAID”, (hahaha) I am coming to a Deeper Understanding of The 14 Words and I don’t believe we should automatically associate 14W with Violent Nazi Extremists. I think if EVERY RACE were to follow its OWN 14W, the world would be a better place, hahaha. Not sure how it got so wrapped-up with WHITE Nationalism, IMHO it would behoove EVERY race.

But Covington got me thinking about a couple things, namely, that His WN Faction is the most prominent one with “an actual plan” for a nonmulticultural ethnostate (more later); AND, that he and WN has been around a WHILE and has Its Own Interesting History which I must now research. Which I am sorta doing with Rockwell and Pierce. I guess it went Rockwell Then Pierce Then Covington and has gone through various eras or generations, and there’s other people I must put in context like Willis Karto or Alex Linder/VNN or David Lane. Heh. I’M DOING A REPORT FOR SKOOL.

Anyway, some of these guys MAKE A LIVING OFF DONATIONS. They Quit Their Jobz and Make A Living Soliciting Donations from WNs and WN Sympathizers who DO Work For A Living. I guess this is no different from any other Nonprofit type Cause or Activism. Anyway. I think we can all agree that once you make that great leap and then you’re Making Your Living Off The Donationz of True Believers Of Your Cause, then that does hold you to a higher standard, and you’ve got to be careful as f00k not to sell out or do anything unethical. I don’t think I’d want that responsibility. And that does explain why there’s so much factionalism and feuding and character assassination attempts.

Also Covington uses the term “faggots” cavalierly to refer to Homosexuals, and Rockwell uses the term “coons” cavalierly to refer to blacks. Personally I would not use these words for those purposes, although I LOVE using the word faggot ALL THE TIME to talk about people other than Homosexuals: Kareerists, Leftists, Marxists, Shylocks, Beta Wimps, SPERG VIRGINS, Zionists, International Banksters, SWPLs, activists, hahaha. Just call em Queers or Pillow Biters, hahahahahaha. It’s kinda like I don’t really like using The N Word to refer to Blacks, unless they’re REALLLLY Chimping Out and I’m right there and getting annoyed. “Blacks” is my preferred nomenclature, and if I want to get “edgy” then I’m ok with “coloreds” or “Negroes.”

to be continued soon in a pt 2 of not necessarily the same or even similar title

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part 1 was one or two posts previous.

So anyway, here I am, such a Race Traitor, trying to dream-up excuses for Nonwhites to be allowed into My Ideal Citystate. Oh sure we can let in Blacks and Jews and Mestizos so long as they’re SMART, have a high IQ, have no violent felonies, have no violent mental illness, no pederasty, no weakness, no antiwhite activity, and they’re ultraconservative not neoconservative, and we have the same basic political beliefs, then yeah all races are welcome. And then I’m Hanging on the Day Of The Rope! Am I still THAT scared of being called A Racist? Maybe even I’m NOT A Racist even though I’ve been trying to be one! Or maybe I simply have been PRIVILEGED enough in my life so far to have not experienced all the horrors of Diversity. Even though I Write Opinions that are generally Against Multiculturalism and MODERATELY Racist, Moderately Anti-Zionist, etc. And I used to live in close proximity to a neighborhood that had been Ruined By Blacks. Violent, Criminal, Thuggish, Unrehabilitatible, Low-IQ Blacks. And I’m still letting Ultraconservative, Smart, Safe Blacks into My Perfect Country! Thomas Sowell!

Well, my response to these charges of softness and fence-sitting and flip-flopping and cowardice and moderation and weakness and treason on my part is: [Uhh just got sidetracked reading Chechar’s various blogs. I learned he experienced horrible abuse from his father, who to the world seemed a perfectly nice man, but he was in fact Jekyll and Hyde and very “codependent” with the mother. Anyway I am sorry Chechar had to go thru this, and I am grateful my own family was loving and never abusive. They only thing they did was Coddle me too much so now I am an ADDultKid and Weakling Coward, although that’s more MY fault than THEIRS, hahaha.]

I guess I just believe Political Beliefs and Political Systems and I guess Nurture must be more important than Race. Although I do agree that A Multicultural Underclass goes VERY well with a Bloated Welfare State working the former dominant race (whites) to death to support nonworking crimmigrants who in a few generations’ time become the new majority. then what happens, when there’s no more whites to work for the coloreds’ welfare? then TSHTF I suppose and the US turns into Africa only with more muslims and mestizos. Heh now there’s my favourite word of the week.

A comment on Chechar’s post on Day of the Rope (he thankfully gives a HUGE excerpt of the Pierce chapter which I should read) says that Kevin MacDonald is censoring comments on TOO, so KMac’s “not as supportive of free speech as he claims”, thus hypocrite etc. Yes being a hypocrite and dishonest is one of the morally worst things ever next to being lazy and a coward (hahaha) but I think KMac is Well Within His Rights.

Or at least I am, hahaha. And I’m not telling You you have Free Speech on MY Blog, in fact you have NO speech, and only I have speech! Call it COWARDLY, but it works for me. If U don’t like it, complain about it somewhere else on the internet and leave a trackback to me. Just don’t post my real name because I gotta WORK FOR A LIVING, SON, and so should you. I don’t get how people don’t get that. I don’t use my real name or post pictures of my real face getting with Decadent Skankz because my Racial Opinions, however Moderate And Cowardly, DO make me Unemployable 4 Life. which is not good for my survival, let alone my future heirs!

So anyway. Chechar. I like Real Provocative Bloggers, period. Now you could “explain away” his hardcore, perhaps violent, non-moderate stance because he was molested/raeped by his father, and I would not even wish that on my Ideological and Political and Racial enemies. But that would be a jew move on my part to explain away, because he still makes very VALID points, and, if I ever get around to reading all of his stuff, he hints at talking about a Judeo-Liberal movement in Psychology (Alice Miller?) and Anthropology (Boas?) where you can explain away horrible child raep AS LONG AS IT’S NONWHITES doing it; like oh that’s just part of their CULTURE, it’s not WRONG or anything, our morality does not apply; well I say BS and I think Chechar does too!

Heh. I have taken many fake personality tests but they are all pretty consistent, I am the classic introverted Protector. I want to help and protect the downtrodden of all races. Sacrifice myself to save the lives of poor weaklings. Stupid Social Worker. ACTUALLY, I would probably make a good Traditional WOMAN. Wife and mother, nonpromiscuous, GeishaKate or sommat. Heh. Too bad I had to be Born With A DANGLER, hahaha. It’s a huge cross to bear, haha.

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Of course we cannot forget how HW Bush and W Bush, along with Clinton, were Total Globalizerz who sold our nation’s future down the river, doesn’t matter what PARTY they were, doesn’t matter how “RIGHT” or “LEFT” they were. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, all that stuff, huge precipitous decline of america manufacturing and a growing trade deficit and ascendance of china. It didn’t begin all that long ago! Early 90s, late 80s! During Our Young Lifetimes!

Dear Heirs. If more Parents gave their Children a 500 page BOOK, written by the parent, when the child was maybe 1 year away from adolescence, and said read this, this is what I’m TRYING to teach you even if I don’t SAY it so well because I’m TIRED from WORKING FOR YOUR LIVING, then MAYBE the world would be a LITTLE better place. If you don’t have the time or money to Homeskool them yourself, and many don’t. Give them a Book you Wrote, and/or Videos For Your Heir. This is becoming My Blog To My Heirs. Heh. I’ll print out the best parts and give it to them in Book Form. Who doesn’t like books. Besides Wimmin and blax, hahahahahahaha.

Prairie Little Europe, is that what it’s called? Small communities of Whites helping each other and preserving White Interests, essentially creating their own new white cities in the middle of the plains.




First heard about this in the April Gaede interview on the Stan Hess show. Though I think Prussian Blue is Corny and Retarded, Mrs Gaede’s got a much more interesting idea this time. Not sure if she invented it, but she is active in the Kalispell Montana site.

I guess this is not the first thing of its kind, there are PROBABLY other similar communities in the middle of “nowhere”, it’s not like you see ads saying “WHITES, MOVE TO IDAHO!” on TV, hahahahahahaha.

What to do with the Smart Blacks, the blacks who are just as smart as whites? You could say that they should then become leaders of Black States, but r-Masses (heh) of Black Morons might be by definition Ungovernable, and overthrow anyone who tries to lead them unless it’s a brutal-4ss warlord/dictator, Idi Amin etc. I would not want to force Smart Blacks to become Sadistic Despots. So in my Little Europe, I would allow these Smart Blacks as Refugees. Give them a peaceful place to live. Human Rights, hahahaha. Just use a damn IQ test. OR, see if they have a Recidivistic Criminal Record. EASY.

Heh. Maybe I should move to a town Like Kalispell. I worry that the Oil Towns in North Dakota, though offering SICK money, might also attract ethnic ruffians. Also I HATE the cold. Real Ironic, that, since it’s largely The Cold that helped Whites Evolve Into Whites!

How about Flagstaff Arizona? someplace in Utah? I don’t dislike Mormons per se. Because you know what ELSE Mormons are (not), hahahaha.

LOA, UTAH, BABY. LOA, UTAH. Not too far north, not too far south, SURROUNDED by forests. Didn’t realize Utah HAD so much forest. OK the green doesn’t mean FOREST on google maps, in this case, it means MOUNTAINS. Hmm.

Okay. You can go to a SWPL metropolis to find your mate(s) then bring them back to Loa, Utah to Re-Brainwash them. Good-Brainwash them. Assuming they haven’t already r-selected themselves into Oblivion. And it’s REALLY Presumptuous and Patriarchal and Racist to assume that these young single wimmin ready for the mating will already BE in the Mini Ethnostate. Heck it took me until I was 30 to figure it out, hahaha.

I calculated it would be Decadent and Nonwhite and too r-selected to have TOO large of a Harem, so THREE would be the perfect number of wives. Any less then you lose hand/power/masculinity, any more and then it’s both decadent AND too hard to manage. You have TEN wives, then that’s too much WORK and too much RISK. So try two to four wives instead. GOOD ENOUGH.


Looking for a warm, foresty place, away from the coast. I’ve actually been in that general Appalachian Mountain region and can vouch that it’s very nice. Charleston, west virg. If I’m moving, I’m not moving again. It has to be WARM. WARMISH.

Knoxville, TN. Asheville, NC. Haven’t ruled out Texas, I like Texans. North Texas. Panhandle. Amarillo. Kosciusko, Mississippi. City with a Polish name haha.


Knoxville vs Asheville.

There were some people on the amarillo forum asking how racist the people would be against a gainfully-employed, upstanding citizen black couple moving in. Note, I’m not THAT kind of “Huge” White Racist – it’s not the gainfully-employed, responsible, mature productive law-abiding citizen Blacks I’m concerned with!

actually I need to find a city of autistic, lazy introverts who do horribly on job interviews and are still gainfully employed, hahaha.



Jew Dork Slimes patronizing working family men hahaha

(hope you cannot deduce My Real Name from all that Google-Added stuff in the URL because I just copied the links str8 from the google results page, haha)

I’m slowly pumping myself up for it Mindweapon, hahaha. These mainstream news sources do give “nice” little slices of life. Often addressing my concern about violent miscreants. Not that I TRUST the Slimes, but I’m looking for something that shows these aren’t just a bunch of violent felonz, but honest family men who just want to work and sleep and not get loaded. But I do pity them for their untrustworthy wives back at home, prob complaining about their husbands who have to WORK, and getting REAMED by Alejandro and Letalvis the meter-readerz hahahaha and then STEALING over half of hubby’s HARD-EARNED Oil Field Money. No Thanks! I’d rather keep my money!

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HONESTY: I must Confess that while I never cared about Blog Hitz, I was SURPRISED to see I’ve gotten SO MANY (1200 as of early nov 2012.) 10-20 hits per day. So this has gotten Bigger than I ever expected, AND it seems to be slowly GROWING, which is both Scary AND Exciting. AND I have to Admit that I am taking this opportunity to Fart Around with “Marketing”. IE, if I do such-and-such, what happens to my traffic? For now, that means, how many words do I make the posts, how often do I post the posts, etc. 650-800 word posts on M, W, F, and Sun seem to “cause” slow, steady growth. I really don’t CARE if that growth is reversed, because being A Popular Blogger means one is held to a Higher Moral Standard (hahahahahahaha) of Blog Whory, but I’m trying to pretend I know something about “Web Marketing”, so I can make myself Minimally Average Employable, and add a nice Bullet Point to my REZ. Well, not really, because then they’ll ask OH WHAT SITE WAS THIS FOR and then what.

New Posting Sched: every 42 hours. 4 posts per week on equal/even intervals. 7*24/4 = 42
Mondays 12:01 am
Tues 6pm
Thurs 12pm
Sat 6am


MARXIST PIG LEFTIST WIMMINZ “JOURNALISTS” at Jezebel / Gawker / Wonkette /Gizmodo / Zog Family Destroyerz Inc, Slate, Salon, NYT, The Nation, Adbusterz, etc: We don’t use our Real Names NOT because we are Anonymous Cowards; we don’t use our Real Names because WE, Unlike YOU, have to WORK REAL JOBS for a LIVING, and we can’t VOICE our OPINIONS PUBLICLY without making ourselves UNEMPLOYABLE PARIAHS!!!

But there are people On Our Side who DO use their real names, You can think of at least 20 examples, and yes, I concede they are more Courageous than those of us who don’t.


NOTE TO SELF: BUY SOME PAT BUCHANAN BOOX. I recall there are great prices at Amazon. (note: just bought “suicide of superpower.” wait n see if Pat is a NeoCon or a TrueCon, hahaha. How Z10n15t is he? Hopefully not much!


weird dream:  way too revealing and boundary-crossing, and Alpha Men do not Share Secrets so Openly, like the F4gg0t B!tch in Jail who Happily Spreads His Buttzcheekz for his Black Masters. “Oooh Yay! *clap clap clap* Time for my daily Fill-Up!”

So I was in a house and there was a party and the girl sitting on the couch across from me was known as a Huge Slut who would take Any & All Comers. I had not “gotten lucky” yet. She did not look too skanky, in fact, she looked young and beautiful, although not necessarily innocent. Had that slutty twinkle in her eyes that let you know she loved a good reaming. I sighed and said something ridiculous like “So when are we going to MAKE LOVE”, and she gave a little flirty token resistance; then I took my Semihard D out of my pants and waved it around saying, “Come on, you KNOW you want a piece of THIS.” Great line & great gesture on my part. Great Game! Then she spread her crotch revealed a very weird, hairy, and foldy/lippy labia. She said she had FIFTY labias. It looked like it. I was just a big foldy fleshy area that sounds absolutely disgusting to describe, but attached to her cute 18 year old body, it was somehow “Sexy.” “Oh Yeah Gimme Summa DAT!” I said, and dove headfirst into this “Hot Mess”. At that point, she Queefed On Command directly into my nostrils, and rather than get upset, I was all excited about it, like “OH YEAH, 18 YEAR OLD PVSSY, SEXY PVSSY-FARTZ, GIMME MORE!”

So, very DECADENT. I try not to be that decadent any more. I think the reason for all this was that the dream girl was based on a real life young girl I had been in Heirmaking Wifemaking Love with many, many years ago. She had been in the PRIME of youth. I regretted Betaing out with her, because had my game been better, I could have “enjoyed more time with her” (BANG BANG BANG) rather than felt like I was left high and dry. Incidentally, she WAS too promiscous, but her looking young and innocent countered that somewhat.


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