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[INTRO: live april 2013: i was not paying JBO to watch this filth, I was watchin it “FO FREE” on the internets. I did not mean to write so much about it, but it is illustrative of J Decadence destroying our people. K Cancer. this is Forty-Two HUNDRED words, so I “recommend” reading it in 4 parts, if i were to recommend reading it at all, hahahaha. jeeez, i hope i didn’t miss any of the Grrlz commentary i have strewn across my various text files, ha.

ok this is long enough to be FOUR posts so just pretend it is, and do not read more than one Part per day, ha. Remember I am in a Hateful Phase until June, which simply means I use Racial Slurs more than usual. But I can assure you it is not Impotent, Tiny-Foot-Stamping Rage. OR Violent Rage.

(I might be stealing “Impotent Rage” from my newest mancrush Matt Parrott.

Sept 2010: Majority Rights Radio: Soren Renner, Matt Parrott, and Kievsky talk about The Tea Party. I think Parrott uses the term here.


Oct 2010: Parrott’s Radio Free Indiana on Reason Radio; Parrott did a alot of shows w Robert Stark and Mike Conner too. I am late to the Parrott Party but the kid is still hot. on this debut show of Radio Free Indiana Parrott has a talk with Kievsky as well. ALWAYS a great guy there. I credit him with turning me onto Parrott. And onto a lot of things. Kievsky is a Great, Admirable, INSPIRATIONAL Man and I am THANKFUL he exists!

Heh. next time I will link to interviews with Andy Nowicki after I listen to them. I know Parrott has an interview with, MAYBE Stark, and def Greg Johnson. Nowicki might be yet another up an coming mancrush. White-friendly, J-Wise, grumpy/curmudgeonly, AND Catholic.

Each of these men should be as Big of Household Names and have as wide a Reach as this following K Cancer which I’m wasting Free Blog Ink on.


( sperg meme macro chan tangent: why has none of the kissless virgins made a meme of this one yet? YOU’RE WELCOME!

- white mans burden lloyd white mans burden











[dec 2012] Of course Jezebel writes 6,000,001 articles a day about The Televitz Show “Goilz”. I initially thought they would LUV it for its Honest Portrayal of Today’s Wimmin, but they like to criticize it too, for not having enough Multiculturalism! There wasn’t a single Person of Colour In The First Season! And Now Leeeeena is guilty of Tokenism because she writes herself getting reamed by a black guy in the

first 2 minutes of the season 2 premiere. She appeases her critics and still gets dissed. You almost feeeeeel sorry for her! It’s just like her character too, just a big “blobby” punching bag ( some other Professional Career Writer at NY Post I believe Made Their Living Writing about Leeeeeenaz “Blobby Body” and how it’s nice to have Real Wimmin With Curves on Televitz. Always the worst Backhanded Compliments with this bunch!) for everyone to hate and make fun of.

(Impromptu POYEM ripping off both Firepower and Bukowski:


will make more money than You,
White Man,
and will be more successful than You will ever be

their children will be more successful than Your children
they will have better Mate Choice than You
they will be more Popular and have more Friends
they will get more Appreciation, Respect, and LOVE

all for writing this POISON

than you will ever get from Working Hard your whole life.

not because they are Smarter than you
or work harder than you

because their useless degree came from a more prestigious Kollige than yours,
because they Sucked K C0q
and because they Networked with a bunch of other Successful K’s.

R U Haaaaaappy about that,

White Man?


Anyway my point was, the show is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALL WHITE, 2 of the 4 girls are BLATANTLY Jish! It is very telling that Blatant Jews are supposed to be Whites, how far this deception has penetrated. And YouKnowWhoish Writers will complain about shows that have an overt (as opposed to covert) YouKnowWho Presence that their YouKnowWho show is TOO WHITE. WOW.

That Being Said (hahaha) the show is more entertaining than an average movie. Maybe we can use it to SHAPE A DISCOURSE (ha) of How Women Should Not Be.

But not NEARLY as entertaining as STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION!

Also, I’m not sure 18 year old girls who had previously made up their mind not to be wh0res will watch this show and then suddenly decide it’s ok to be a wh0re.

So you can’t really say the show is “ruining western civilization/culture.” Just that our Media is in decline and glorifies Decadence. NO SH!T SHERLOCK. this is nothing new.



heh. I was watching the show jgirlz and there was a Touching scene where Shoshanna has doubts about Ray being a loser, and he beats her to the punch, and says, “just come out and say it, you’re thinking it, i’m a huge loser. what is a cute smart young 21 year old girl doing with a homeless 33 year old loser like me.” after she criticizes him for having no ambition or energy and when he doesn’t go to his deadend job he just sits around all day and does nothing and doesn’t want to do anything and is clearly a loser. heh I liked Ray even more at that

point. Actually I think the little jgirl shoshanna is very cute too, I’d defile my race with her. after I’d had two white babies, and noting that she is the daughter of Jew-I-Might-Like David Mamet, who is notable for Renouncing his Leftism and Vocally Coming Over to the Right, which doesn’t happen all that often. Plus “Glengarry Glen Ross” is one of my all time favorites.

Sure, he’s probably still a Ziocon, because he’s a j. nonetheless I like GGGR, I think his jish daughter is very cute, and her TV rel with Harelip Jboy is not overly jish and has something tender and poignant for losers and lovers of all races.

see when you’re a young punk kid you think being BORING equates with being a LOSER. When you get to be an old loser, you begin to appreciate being boring, hahahaha. NO, B!T(H, not an old LOSER. At least Ray HAS a deadend Job! While Shoshanna is just a JAP College Student probably studying Marketing or Human Resources or Education or Social Work or Journalism. They haven’t said yet.

Similarly: Marnie (yes their names are horrible) can’t use her Art History degree because there are no museum/gallery jobs, so she becomes a Hostess for Ass-Grabbing Bankerz and makes more money in a day than she used to in a week. Then she meets a successful young artist who uses great Game on her, saying “I Love all you young girls that give up on your dreams the moment they face any sort of struggle.” of course she loves being insulted and she wants his c0k and he bangs her the same day.

So she’s a slut and he’s got solid game, but in her defense, I think a dream of Being A Curator is a f00king gay horrible jish k!ke dream to have, and there’s actually more honor in “giving up” and becoming a better-paid hostess. even though I don’t particularly like Hostesses or Waitresses EITHER!

Finally: I like when Jessa (told ya about the names!) gets mad at Thomas-John (heh I think Leeeeeeeena is actually smart enough to know what she’s doing here) and calls him BORING. Yeah well at least he works for a living and isn’t a huge whore. She’s way more in the wrong than he is!

so it’s a fun show. Ideally there would be 40 episodes a season so you could really flesh out the details of their Working lives. Right now there’s not enough of that, too much of their decadent sex lives. Except the thing with Ray and Shoshanna is growing the beard as a potentially Good True Love Story, no joke. at this point I don’t even care they’re both huge js.

not that the show, edgy as it may be, will EVER touch the J Question in a satisfying manner.

Also I like how “Adam” is a Huge Hipster Sex Symbol. He combines Angry Sperg Psycho with Decent 4sshole Game and some Bodybuilding. Watch and learn, Angry Sperg Psychos.

heh. there i go confusing teevee with real life again.














[feb 2013]ongoing commentary of GIRLS Season 2, who the f00k am I, half sigma hahahaha.

I like that Ray and Adam are put together because they could become good buddies. I really liked that Ray was verbally assaulted by a white trash teen girl on staten island who called him a kke fggot and says that he lives in his moms basement and doesn’t have a job and his mom bought him

those fggot pants. He says “I’m not a kke, I’m Greek Orthodox!” then a touching scene where Ray watches manhattan from the staten island beach like the bitter loser wannabes he had been mocking, asks the dog “you don’t think I’m a Kke, do you?” and then weeps bitter tears of butthurt at what a loser he is. That was all very, very good.

Or Ray taking great offense when Adam thought he was 40 when he was really 33.

It was great to touch on The J Question, and to have his masculinity threatened by a Girl, HOWEVER I was not as happy about the implication that The People Who Live On Staten Island are All White Trash Racists Jealous of New York city dwellers but they’re too Dumb to Have A Good Careeeeeer

so they just become butthurt racist homophobes and call them Kke Fggots, envious of their success. Didn’t like that implication. Where was the Smart Nontrashy White Staten Island Resident happy with his station in life.

But I had to ask, if Ray WERE a “kke” (ie A J), WOULD he BE such a loser? You ever met a J Loser who was as big a loser as Ray? NO, J’s always have their J Safety Net. J’s who are Sensualist Slackers who Fail College are always guaranteed a cushy Office Job on account of their Ashamed J Fathers, and will ultimately make more monay than You ever will, Ya Stupid Stupid GOY!

Heh. Ok, if K1KOPEDIA sez Alex Karpovsky is j, then he’s j. Well it doesn’t explicitly say. but there’s tons of implicit stuff: Newton Mass, Visual Ethnography at Oxford.

Ultimately I don’t expect Widdle Weeeeena to address The J Question much more deeply, it’s a Mainstream Televitz Show, gods sakes.

The other thing that’s gnawing at me as much as a Televitz show can, is, Why they hell aren’t these people in GRAD SCHOOL? Perhaps even LAW School? Even just ONE of the girls? Well Shoshanna is still an undergrad but she’d be great grad school fodder; and “Jessa” (what a dumb name) is a druggie college dropout, but Hannah or Marnie EASILY Should* be in Grad Skool. Yes I understand it’s a TV SHOW, NOT REAL LIFE, but it could at least provide some good Grad Skool satire, if indeed satire is what she is going for.


The Token Black (Conservative No Less!) was going to Law Skool but he was written off too quickly. Ray mentioned his 50k in student loan debt so we know the problem isnt’ that he didn’t go to kollige, its that he went to a bad college OR got a bad degree OR he’s a lazy loser who doesn’t want to try hard and he gets out of life what he puts in.

If I were a writer on the show, I would have him have a Useless Masters or even PhD degree.

I like that Hannah is writing an E Book and she thinks that makes her A True Writer until she realizes all the other loser wannabe writers are writing ebooks. not that the kkes in the publishing and writing industries are any less losers. even bigger fggots.

So yeah, FUN show because it shows what fggots Brooklyn SWPL Hipsters are, but it could be way better if they went deeper into the J and Grad Skool angles. Or gave Ray his own show. But they prob won’t.


latest episode of girls: hannah gets OCD I like that, both funny and serious; ray’s stock goes down when he gives gay unsolicited life advice to marnie; her stock goes up because she wanted her x bf to be crushed but he became quickly super successful in entrepreneurship; shoshanna is a loser because she cheats on ray with a smooth ngger, they at least make out but in this kke degenerate world he probably goatses her. prob better than the last episode. not a bad show, just kinda losing Cohesion right now. maybe longer episodes

would help. not a bad show? it’s kke poison. but watchable and funny kke poison. ideally everyone in the show would move back with their parents and go to trade school because they have to have internships to get a job at mcdonalds and full time jobs don’t even EXIST anymore. make ALL the jobs part time. part time doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, truckers, welders, lawyers, accountants, managers, clerks,

health techs, part time everybody. then the companies can save shtloads of money. on like healthcare and retirement and taxes and sht. also, make everyone get a masters degree and do 9000 hours of unpaid internship to get a part time job. none of which pays more than 9 bucks an hour.








. ok here’s a Fun Picture for reading this far:






. PART 3

comments on s2 finale of goils: the show is good for portraying lots that’s wrong with society and kids and goils. ray wants to prove to shoshanna he’s ambitious by going back to finish his phd in “LATIN STUDIES?” disappoint on many levels. now i got the feeling he was a failed grad/phd student,

which was kewl, and i have wondered why these people aren’t IN grad skool, because that’s just what SWPLs DO. But anyone who was grad skool bound knows that “Latin Studies” is not a real phd. Latin AMERICAN studies, or Central American Marxism, sure. but this little detail is a glaring sign that Weeeena didn’t do her homework.

Plus Shosh insisting angrily that Ray needs to go the THERAPY. Ray rightfully says f00k no. he should have said no YOU go to THERAPY. When a wimmin sez this to you, she’s saying, get away from me beta, i don’t care if you go to THERAPY or go die in a gutter. Then if you forced them to THINK about it,

they’d conclude that Therapy is a Magic Bullet that Cures F00ked-up people, because well, that’s What Therapy Is For. In my show, Ray would have already GONE To “Therapy” YEARS before the show started and found out it didn’t work. For Him, hahahaha.

Compare: Adam rushing to Save Hannah From Herself and her “OCDC.” He should* have just laughed and said, F00k you, stay away from me, Go To Therapy and Get The Help You Need, then hung up. yeah the actual ending was cute and sentimental and romantic and that part of me liked it, but I would have liked MY ending more.

Besides, we already SAW Hannah go to the shrink, and you saw how useful HE was. THIS angle would be explored in my show. shrinks are useless and when someone tells you to go to a shrink, they’re just insulting you to your face and you should tell them to FOAD for being a stupid annoying N!993rK!k3.

I like how Adam is so “Beautifully Broken” and he talks REALLY dirty to the girls he bangs. This is great. But the current girl in this episode tries to TRAIN him during his dirty talking sex, like “UM OK, YEAH NO, UM NO, just because I like Your C doesn’t make me a filthy Wh0re”.

I also think Ray made the very right choice when his boss offered him a better job, so Ray could be the boss of the new store, rather than be a f00king f4gg0t GRAD student. funny Ray’s thought process: he thinks going back to Marxist SWPL PhD Skool will make him more attractive to Girl Who

Finds Ambition Attractive…..then when he presents his boss with this ultimatum, his boss just happens to have this little carrot waiting for him (“Well, I wasn’t gonna tell you till later, BUT….”) . NOW, Ray makes the RIGHT choice in choosing that

new job, because he’ll make more money and have a better life than being a PhD. Which, ultimately is really what Shoshanna is asking for. BUT, at the end of the day, she wants MORE, she wants the Wall St Biz Exec or Rich J Docker or Lawyer, that Ray never had a CHANCE at being,

no matter how “ambitious”. She doesn’t want a Latin American Studies Professor (unless proffing at an Ivy), she doesn’t want a manager of a successful small business, she wants a top 1% guy. Period.

I would have also accepted: Ray gets his PhDeeeeeezNuttz and discovers how far that gets him: Him cobbling together several adjunct jobs at Community Colleges, teaching Spanish or History, where he WOULD be more miserable than he was when he was A Big Loser working at the first coffee shop.

Great comment by Weeeeena on the Extra Commentary: (paraphrase) yeah, it LOOKS LIKE Marnie is only back in luv with Charlie because now he’s a Successful Rich Entrepreneur who’s too cool to give her the time of day, but it’s MORE than that; Marnie isnt’ really a “morally bankrupt gold digger”,

she just needed a little time and SPACE to FIND herself, like everyone does at that age, and for Charlie to FIND himself too, and for him to COME FROM A PLACE of being his “confident masculine best.” (/paraphrase)

Well, what if his Confident Masculine Best did not involve him becoming insanely rich overnight?

Yeah, well, as Marylin JRoe said, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” I encourage all betas to use that one next time some decadent uppity 3!t(h can’t Take A Hint!












While these fun fantasy unrealistic elements give the show a nice light breezy anything-is-possible feel, it does create Plot Holes: whatever happened to Jessa’s Husband? Is he paying her Alimony? What of the Handsome Docker played by Patrick Wilson? Why isn’t Hanna obsessed with him? Oh because when you’re “at that age” you can forget about people really quickly who you were formerly “in love” with. yeah maybe

when you’re 13, not 23. The biggest stumbling block is, HOW DID CHARLIE GET SO RICH OVERNIGHT? because he invested in an “App Business” and now he has 20 hot girls working for him, and probably a crew of MIT Software Engineeers, when he has show NO Business Savvy, no

Computer Science 3 Savvy, when he probably just got an ENGLISH degree from OBERLIN just like the other characters on the show? It DOESN’T ADD UP. You scratch the surface a little and big questions show up. Sh1t why haven’t I “INVESTED IN AN APP” yet?

But the show DOES have potential to be much better. I would like to see: Someone gets a DUI and then can’t get a job. Someone spends a whole season being a huge loser who can’t get a job as an Admin Assistant because there’s too many Masters Degrees out there. Somebody ends up in a PSYCH WARD. Somebody just can’t make it in the real world and they go back to live with their parents in suburbia and then end up

having to take business classes with all the people they used to despise in high school and college. Also, the people don’t WORK nearly enough. They should be working deadend retail, restaurant, and at best office jobs for at LEAST 50 hours

a week to pay for their expensive brooklyn apartments, and then not have time for A SOCIAL LIFE or FINDING THEMSELVES because they go to bed as soon as they get off work because they have no ENERGY. Then they get super depressed naturally, either kill themselves, become a raging

alcoholic and get DUIs, end up in a psych ward, move back with the parents, they all turn into RAY, only 10 times worse because they can’t get hired for a COFFEE SHOP job, all their sexual interests reject them for having no ambition and hating everything, then make it to 30 with nothing to show for their lives. Complete Failures.

And then the epiphany comes to them: maybe being a RACIST isn’t so bad at all.

Or they can just become slightly, incrementally more conservative: taking on Family Values, Shunning the Disposeable SWPL Youth Values, Shunning Promiscuity, Buying Guns, maybe becoming more Religious.

Yeah. Explain Charlie’s Success, and Make the people WORK MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more than they actually do. The MAJORITY of the show should talk place AT work, not 1% of it. Or show them in the job search process: endless resumes, CLs, applications, that never result in interviews; interviews for part time jobs that never results in getting the job.

Them never getting Tail and pining about College Tail and how they wasted their College Days.

Much More Work, Much Less Sex, More Rejection, more Failure, Less Social Life, More Angst, More Anger, More Racism, More Legal Trouble, more Mental Trouble, more Pure Hatred, more Shrinks that Do Nothing, more Religion.

But it is obvious that even though the show is called GIRLS, the MEN are the much more interesting characters.

Maybe if she had just done a show based off her character in her movie “Tiny Furniture,” where she was a loser who moved back in with her mom and was jealous of her younger sister and couldn’t get a better job than being a hostess in a crappy restaurant because she was a fat ugly annoying loser, hahahaha. no but in that movie her mother was a successful rich ARTIST, I would have changed that real quick.

Have Adam and Ray say F00K THIS SH1T then run off together and work on an OIL FIELD, make tons of money, in a few years start their own “Oil Business”, then when they’re 40 and Balding, they will pull College Girls younger and cuter than the ones they pulled before.

(There was an Adam/Ray Friendship hinted at.)

Have Adam NOT run back to Hannah, but say F00k this sh1t, YOU go to therapy, I’m gonna stick with this girl who’s hotter, nice, and way less crazy. She made annoying remarks during Sex at one time, but then I re-educated her with some Sex Talk of my own! and now she behaves!

Have Ray boycott the decadence of Brooklyn and move to Staten Island and bang troglodytes and he discovers it isn’t as bad as he thought. His Elitism, as a 33 year old failure, will not be credible for much longer. if he is really supposed to be 33, then he should have already went thru his “Maybe I should

go back to grad skool” phase and his “I’m gonna try going to a shrink” phase and his Intellectual Hardon I’m-Smarter-Than-U-Cause-I-Read-100-Years-Of-Solitude phase MANNY YEARS ago. He should have been done with all of those by age 30, hahahaha. And should now be ready to be a White Warrior. If he were white and not a k!ke, hahahahahahahahaha.

have the characters move to a more low-rent area of brooklyn, become a racial minority, see nonwhites/nonk!kes behaving badly, come to a Racial Awakening.

become more comfortable using words like “k!ke” or “n!993r” or “f4gg0t” or “sh!tskin” or “bluegum” or “christkiller” or “h00kn05e” or “5hyl0(k”.

Am I looking forward to season 3, you’re damn right I am. You only THINK I spend a lot of time watching, thinking, writing about this show, but I can assure you, I’ve spent WAY more time doing actually USEFUL things. Like WORKING. and CALCULUS. Each SEASON is only 5 hours long. Not talking about 20 hour long Star Trek seasons here. Anyway you have noted my suggestions for season 3. But I have a feeeeeeeeeeeeeling Leeeena won’t listen.

but bonus pts for having that shabbas goy filth peddler j wannabe j f4g john cameron mitchell make a combined chloe sevigny and “hannah and her sisters” joke, maybe. little more than a “reference” which is what passes for humor in this family guy era. kinda a “throwaway joke” that gets snuck in

before the actual scene, he is staring at a photo of chloe and sez “oh chloe, not even the rain has such small hands” which is of course originally a poem by the gentile ee cummings but gets used to great effect in one of my favourite j movies, “h and her sisters”, which leeeeeena has CERTAINLY seen. good for her. j seeing a j movie.

have a huge 5000 word girls post just to flush all this sh1t out already

this show is k poison, degenerate filth, do not PAY k’s to be “entertained” by their k poison which wants YOU and your CHILDREN DEAD.

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I suppose I may have Hit Bottom and not even known it. Re my No Chutzpah. I even avoid Socializing With People because of fear about people talking about their CAREEEEEERS, and I haven’t cleverly rehearsed my LIE there beyond “working on a degree” and I can’t say “don’t care what it is, just want a safe lazy cushy unionized office cubicle job where I can tune out and a monkey could do my job, and if you were honest, you’d recognize a monkey could do YOUR job too and you wouldn’t be such a big Tryhard True Believer Career Worshipper Every Day Is The Best Day Of Your Life Doing Something You Love AND Saving The World Careeeeeeeeer.” Because I’ve ALWAYS resisted Unpaid Internships and other Bona Fides for having a Real Careeeer. More interested in the Higher Purposes of Morality, Religion (I won’t say “Spirituality” because THAT word is faggy as f00k and for SWPLs who are AFRAID of Morality and Religion!), Family, (The 14 Words, hahaha), etc. And if you’re a SWPL Tryhard

and it’s Oppressive and Conservative to be Religious, well then you just make the Careeeer your Religion and say you’re Very SPIRITUAL! fucking f4gg0ts. Not the people I know, of course, but my Extremely Anti-Career Attitudes have had noticeable affect on me being much more Visibly Professionally Unsuccessful than They. Which only makes sense, because I wasn’t willing to Work Hard, and you Get Out what you Put In, No One To Blame But Myself, and of course it’s all true! However the people Closest in my Circle of Trust do not judge me for my Career Loserhood and I can Just Be Myself; and even those more on the Periphery of the Circle would not intend any Harm Or Offense Or Judgement by simply asking about my careeeer, in which case I would just

deflect with a polite half-truth and try to change the subject; if they didn’t get the hint, then I would be more direct with saying I Just Don’t Want To Talk About That. NO BIG DEAL. But, without Giving Away Too Much Biographical Information, I am at that Stage Of Life where it’s really not cool to “Still be figuring yourself out” and Normal People My Age have completed their Masterz Degreez a few years ago, used it to get in an Entry Level Masterz Careeeeer, THEN gotten promoted from that, and right now Marriage is the hot thing, AND, I predict, CHILDREN will be not far off. So the guy saying stuff like Careers are BS, Marriage is BS, can easily be dismissed as Loser Talk from a Lazy Loser who wasn’t willing to work hard enough to get the Careers and Marriages of his Peers he’s so Jelly Of.

BUT THAT’S ENOUGH NAVEL-GAZING, Although I DO believe the author NEEDS to share a bit of his OWN life a LITTLE bit so his audience knows where’s he’s coming from. No, you don’t want to Give your enemies your Weaknesses, but I’m not really trying to make any ENEMIES. If anything, I’m trying to be HONEST with my ALLIES.

But I will just say that I COULD & SHOULD “Apply Myself” some more, and with that I probably DO have the Power to Make myself “Respectable” enough to Socialize with Real Grown-Ups with Real Careers. Then I’d only be One Step Removed, and right now I’m Two Steps Removed, and that’s One Step Too Much. You’re Only Worth What You WORK!

So I don’t get into the Narcissism of Small/Minor Differences as Firepower so brilliantly clued me in to that term; nope, my own Narcissism is more enough for me! My rule is, if I agree with somebody 80%, That’s Good Enough For Me! HELL, 80% IS A SH!TLOAD! I could prob even make do with as low as 60%!

But I am inspired by “The 4 hour work week” to HIRE MY OWN INDIAN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to DO THE WORK FOR ME which I described 2 paragraphs above, and it would prob be within their power to “Achieve Results” for me, hehehe. Even If I were to hire them for say….16 hours a month. Maybe even 8. Assuming paying them 10$ an hour. Then I’d go with 8 hours a month, hahahahaha.

But I COULD just be Grumpy and Grouchy and Angry and Frustrated, the way I have No Chutzpah and EVERYBODY has SOME kind of Chutzpah, even if it’s not for their Careeeeeer Per SE. In other words I am not a Normal Healthy Average Human….assuming Normal Healthy Average Human is not a Decadent Jewish Faggot Careeeerist Consumerist SWPL Marxist America-Destroying Swine, hahahaha. No I said Average HEALTHY Human. Line up all the Real People in your life you Admire, and then find the person at the Bottom of that list and then emulate them and then work your way up. It’s good to Cut Out Losers in Your Life and Choose To Hang Out With Winners, and I am really stuggling to Not be that Kind of Loser I wouldn’t want to hang out with! Life Is

HARD! Give Baby His Baba! What do you do when YOU ARE The Loser? You Quit Whining, Dust Yourself Off, and Bust 4ss to make yourself the winner, not WHINE about how you don’t have the “CHUTZPAH” to Not Want To Work To Be A Winner anymore! But yeah That’s “Where I’m Coming From”. I have a VERY Bad history of JUST GIVING UP which I MUST Overcome, it’s a life or death struggle. Kinda scary, hahahaha. But yeah, Average People have not Given Up On Life to the extent I have. In the Past. Heh. This is why I say Joining The US Military woulda been good for me as a Wayward Giving-Up Little Punk, even if they do Sacrifice Children For Israel. Well Thankfully they still have Honest Hard Working Man Jobs in Bakken/Williston, that is one of the few remaining opportunities for me to Straighten Up and Get My Sh!t together.

BUT enough WHINING and FAGGINESS, I AM cautiously Optimistic, And I refuse to put any kind of Faggy Emotional Burden on the Real People I DO know, because when you get some sad sack who emails you a 9,000 page email about how he has nothing left to live for after some b!tch dumped him, well there’s not much you can do for him even if you want to, AND you really hope that even saying “I Sympathize For You And Your Pain” does not provoke EVEN MORE 9,000 page emails, but of course the 9000-page emailer is not in his right mind, and he doesn’t know any better anyway. ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.

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HOPE YOU ALL HAD A Good CHRISTmas with your Families. If you have horrible families then I have pity and MERCY on you. But Welcome Back, I will be posting one a day at 5:15 am for the remainder of the YEAR, haw haw haw. This one is TOO LONG once again, I don’t even want to TELL you the godawful number of words.

Totes Off Topic Sweet Youtube Embed:

WILLIAM PIERCE appears on 60 minutes, “interviewed” by mike wallace. do not portray him too flatteringly haha. connecting him with tim mcveigh etc and then they bring out the SPLC etc. Weird seeing the big contrast between the Ziomedia and some of these antiZio people I’ve been interested lately. They get portrayed as racists and crackpots.

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Heh and this is only from the past MONTH hahaha. New Short List Addition. Well at least he went to an Ivy (so he says, can’t tell if sarcastic) but he PROB does have a Good Job, if not a Careeeeeer, and I think he might agree with me that Careeeeers ie the College Career Cartel Cult is Gay Bad BS.
Son Of Brock Landers, saw him commenting on Eradica, and his blog his immediately sweet. Heh. Keep an eye on this guy. Been writing for years. Specific Policy Ideas. SWPL Mocking. I have a feeeeeling he might appear in my 2nd Tier, hahaha.
he also does this other blog which is more about WIMMIN specifically. But I have such a Favourable First Reaction to him that Ima put him in my blogroll immediately, that’s how Fired Up I am about him, and you know I don’t get Fired Up easily, it’s my tagic flaw hahaha. A Wonderful Member of the ERADICASPHERE, hahaha.


heh. used my new decadence toy (ie New Laptop Computer, decent quality, GREAT price, present to myself hahaha) to find a stream of episode 1 online rather than wait for netflix, pay for netflix, wait for the disc to be released, then wait the long wait, then get the disc. internet, whatta thing for the bread and circuses. i could become a real shut-in omega virgin here.

I didn’t come all the way out here to the internet just to fool ya: i really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was hilarious IMHO and Jewham shows all her strengths. a good writer for any age, let alone a 24 year old swpl GURL. I will never like the Generation and Subculture she represents, but I’m starting to think she might not love it either, despite being swept up in it, but I think part of that is the Sad Sack Helpless Child LOSER role she plays, which she fits nicely into. the role she was born to play. but i can appreciate that dunham herself is both smarter and stronger and better than that, plus the loser character succeeds at being hilarious. the show nicely captures the unpaid internship postcollege artist swpl brooklyn stuff that is De Rigeur for some colleges, some grads, and it was a pretty popular lifestyle among the students at my university for sure. I never got into it, and indeed now I’m an outspoken critic of it, hahaha.

But I am glad dunham introduces the FInancial aspect right away, since In The Real World, you’re a fool not to. ADDultKidz Not Making Good Money and with $Fifty Thousand of student loans to pay back cannot afford $2000 a month to live in some sh!tty apt. I liked that Dunhams Parentz were cutting her off, and those scenes were all written very well too. I have been underestimating Dunham as a Comedy Talent, she really is one of the FUNNIER Wimmin I’ve seen in a while. Yes they make the “Sex and the city” reference early too, I thought she was too stupid and arrogant to realize that, but no. The men are either beta faggots who are going to get dumped for being too nice, while dunham falls in luv with the Guy With Game: the arrogant 4sshole who uses her as a Harem “FWB”. Here SHE becomes the beta supplicator. Now the guy isn’t really cool, he’s a huge hypocrite and SWPL too, he’s just comparatively more brash than the Total NIceguy who’s gonna get dumped, and that’s why he gets a harem of girls texting him for sex, rather than being cutt off altogether and marching smilingly towards his execution like Beta Boy. NOw he’s still an annoying brooklyn artist, walks around his messy apt in jeans and no shirt. my jew “buddy” alex karpovsky also appears playing himself: the consummate annoying jew, but he’s confident and full of himself and talkative, and does not seem to be hurting for tail like betaboy.

I will give this episode a Full Blown A, it was both a lot more funny and intelligent than I was expecting. I will NEVER kiss lena dunham’s arse though, but I might work for her on a New York Living Wage. This is very close to the SWPL Comedy Of Manners I’ve been looking for and which Whit Stillman is a bit too old for. Noted that Dunham genuinely LOVES Barry and Stillman is much more politically palatable, leaning towards the right as he does. But I think Dunham is waking up to the Decadence of Her Generation, even if she is decadent herself. also she hasn’t made the connection that betas need not be shamed. she or more accurately her hotter franz just shame and dump betas. but we’ll see how this show goes, would like to see more from the betas. plus methinks that it’s “Easier” to do a tv show than to do movies, and if dunham does a lot of writing, then we can quicker get a handle on her style and her substance. Much like you only need to print out 10 pages of a 9,000,000 page blog like mine to get a 90% accurate picture of what it is.

Thankfully Dunham does not seem to preach the smug swpl antivirtues and social justice ™, if this pilot is any indication, which it Should* be.

I don’t have to think these characters are COOL or want to hang out with them – QUITE the opposite! – to admire and enjoy and find the show hilarious and very well-done. It was JUST GREAT when the Semi-“Alpha” Slob told Lena to BEND OVER and then GOT THE LUBE and then grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear “YOU MODERN CAREER WIMMIN, YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, YOU THINK YOU’RE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU JUST WANT A MAN TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND BEND YOU OVER AND REAM YOU UP THE 4SS.” And by Lena’s Submission we can see this is TRUE!

I just want her to suck it up even one step further and show that it’s Mommy State and Cultural Antiwhite Marxists who have contributed so much to the Social Construction (hahaha) of the Feminized Western (Beta) Male that appears is gonna be such a big part of her show, and I don’t mind having a cold white light cast on these, HOWEVER I want Wimmin to share as much blame and shame and fault as the Feminised Western Men themselves. WIMMIN, YOU GET THE MEN YOU DESERVE!!!

So don’t knock the show Firepower hahaha I am sure that You like Me will get Perverse Enjoyment out of it.

See they complain that the men aren’t manly enough, and while this is true, these wimmin don’t deserve Real Men. The lesson Betas learn is: simply PRETEND to Be A Man and you will get all the pvssy you want. And if all you want out of life is pvssy, it doesn’t really matter if you ever become a real man or not. Wimmin are too stupid and decadent to know or care if you’re a Real Man or you’re just faking it.

Ok I just watched 4 episodes in a row, because I, like Lena, have no skills that can get me hired at a Real Job, and I can more safely say that Widdle Wena has a gift for comedy. I was srsly LOLing, and not just in a mock the decadent unmarriageable wimmin way, but that she also is good at writing jokes and funny dialogue and characters and situations. Jewex Jewkovsky with his Harelip and Obnoxiousness is also pretty funny too. Was not expecting show to be THIS funny. Good 4 Leeeeeeeena! “You can’t SUE me, you don’t have the wherewithal to be at WORK by TEN am, you don’t have a Sueing APP on your iPhone!” honestly there’s a good number of quotable jokes, which you rightfully don’t expect out of a Modern Wimmin. Any I will try not to waste any more precious blogink on this show like HALF SIGMA or CHUCK RUDD or something (heh jk) because there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT MOST PEOPLE JUST SLEEP THROUGH.

Also, gladly, SPOILER The Beta seems to be growing a sack and putting his b!tchy GF in her place, taming the wild hamster. might not last but nice to see him get even a minute of redemption. Also the Virgin Girl is Cute, it’s too bad she’s ashamed of being a Virgin because all her franz are huge godless wh0res of babylon. I MY show she would stay a virgin until she nonlegally marries a man she’s in totes luv with then she starts having babies. JEwbabies. all the characters are h33bz and antiwhite. I promise I will not sell out and become soft. But Jokes, especially jokes about SWPL Decadent anitwhite hipsters, are my achilles heel.

Moral of the story: don’t watch too much TV, even fun semi-intelligent TV,

BECAUSE EVEN THE BEST TV DOES NOT COMPARE TO A LIFE WELL-LIVED. GET OUT THERE AND HUSTLE, SON! HUSTLE! (in the manly move and shake way, not the scammy scheisty way wimminz “hustle” men)

Was Playing Around with the Provocative Idea (“NOTION” is a F@ggot Word) that maybe THE LORD GOD has it in His Plan for Some Men to BE Lazy Losers where their Life Purpose is just to Watch TEEVEE and BLOG and be Underemployed, hahaha, so instead of feeeeeeeeeling guilty about it, the men should give thanks to GOD and embrace GOD’S PLAN FOR THEM. More later. Insert “Belus” or “Baldr” or “Perun” or some other EuroPagan God if you’re uncommmmmmftrble with the “Jewish” God, VARGIE VARG. But this is PROB the Great Deceiver trying to Rationalize a Life Of Slothful SIN by making the Sinner think he is doing God’s Work. God wants Men to DO SOMETHING. Which is understandable. Valid.

The guy who plays Nick Smith the Arrogant Alpha in “Metropolitan” Chris Eigeman (sp?) has a Role in Girls, I THINK he is Leeeeenaz FATHER. Which got me thinking, Gen Y is the children of Gen X. SWPL Brahminz the children of WASP Optimates. NEw Yawk Internz the chillunz of New Yawk YUPPIES. Leeeeenaz the chillen of Stillman. And this “newfound” commitment to sustainability and social justice and making a difference and work life balance and stop corporate greed and anything but MONEY might be a “reaction” against their parents’ generation where the primary criterion of how Good Your Careeeer was was how much money you made? But it’s still about status 15and New Yawk Jobs.

Also funny how he is a Conservative WASP in Metro but a wimpy ass liberal jew in Girls. In 5 episodes there’s been No Mention of Jewishness. Are we to just ASSUME that Dunham is a Jewess? One of those secular atheist nonreligious jews of course. they wait till 30 to discover their jewishness hahaha and make their birthright trip. no starz of david or synagogues in the show. all we have to go on is What She Looks Like, ie, pretty jewish looking hahaha. And knowing that Dunham herself is and identifies as “VERY CULTURALLY JEWISH” (I’ll never forget that quote!) And that her character’s name is “Hannah Horvath” and that sounds hella jewish.

In Hipster Brooklyn 2012, SWPL WASPs and SWPL Jews COEXIST very nicely together, at that point, the whites might as well be jewish.

OK Chris Eigeman actually plays Leeeeenaz Intern Boss at the gay pubzogging house.

Been appreciating Emotion more, rather than always championing Logic over Emotion like I used to, and now acknowledging that Emotion has Its Place, and that stuff like STORIES or novels or fictions can and should engage the emotions. Logic wins the mind and emotion wins the heart. which is why we need stories and storytellers and writers who write stories and characters. Dunham has proven herself to be prob the best storyteller of and about her generation, but I’m not sure what her Endgame is. I would like to see Girls end with her soundly condemning the hypocrisy, stupidity, immorality, decadence etc of her generation; her saying these characters are f00ked up and unredeemable unless they REPENT for their Careeeerism and Promiscuity and Hamstering and Narcissism and Constant Abortionz and AntiManness and Antiwhiteness.  [tm I recall the Kvlt Lousiana Metal Band Acid Bath / Dax Riggs using the word “ANTIMAN” in 1994 “The Bones of Baby Dolls” but I am seizing and redefining the word now as my own new synonym for misandry haha hmm i wanted to shrink this parenthetical text down to a very small font because it’s not really important or relevant and it’s stupid wordpress does not have that on their toolbar, chr!st you have to go into the html, which i certainly CAN do, but even BLOGGER had a font size option LIKE JUST SAYIN N STUFF note to self: use <span style=”font-size: x-small;”> bla bla </span>] NO, not repent to God necessarily, but just be sincerely sorry for their mistakes. “MISTAKES” seems to be a stated theme of the show according to Dunham. So do you really LEARN from the mistakes, and I argue that involves being Sincerely Sorry for them, rather than saying, this is just what young people DO. Anyway I am starting to appreciate Stories and Storytelling More, I can relate, I have a bit of that in me, I used to write a lot of stories before I switched to blogging and whining hahaha.

I would not mind being my own Guest Character on the show who comes out and totally judges all the girls and says I would rather move back to my parents BASEMENT than leech 2 grand a month off them, “Working” an unpaid job. But the show is notable for pointing out how stupid and retarded and gay and godawful Internzhips are. Good For Jewham for realizing what a stupid racketscam they are.

Also interesting is when Leeeeeena briefly works at the Touchy Feely Niceguy Jewbeard’s Office (In MY show, the Male protagonist would have struggled for the entire season just to get interviewed for such a “crappy” job, it would have gone to a Young Girl, and he would have said “f00k this sh!t” and begged his Good Family to let him move into their basement for 900$ a month and save some money, haha) and her coworkers are 10 years older, Gen X while she is Gen Y, but they are CLEARLY Less Educated and More Prole and thus Stupider and Crasser and Lamer. Not the Careeeeeer-Track gen X’ers. At the end of the Day, Educated SWPL 24-year-old Leeeeeena is not much different than them. Woulda liked to see this play out more, but of course SPOILER Leeeeena quits the job, and will probably easily find another steady FT easy boring office job by the next episode. She “should” have had to go to a Prestigious Grad Skool to get the Boring Easy Secretary Job she FLIPPANTLY QUIT in the first place!

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I had a movie marathon one day and watched this right before watching “Metropolitan.” While it’s easy to say I didn’t enjoy it as much, I have to be honest and say I enjoyed it more than I expected. Although I DID enjoy “Me and You and Everyone We Know” too. Miranda July is one of those Guilty Pleasures I Love to Talk Trash about, like Lena Dunham, but deep down I actually like her. Not gonna say she’s a total innocent though. People like July and Dunham are ruining civilization, ruining Wimmin, so I SHOULD hate them passionately. But I TALK hatefully about them but honestly like their work. WEIRD, MAN. They make movies with Horrible People and indeed similar Horrible People like them and their movies/shows/books/art, but you don’t HAVE to be a horrible person to like them, and, at heart, I believe July and Dunham are not themselves horrible people. (Although Dunham is probably MORE Horrible.)

Despite their characters being Horrible SWPL wh0res, July and Dunham are very different, so I should stop comparing them. “The Future” confirms July as a Solid Sperg Artist. She is Truly Weird and Spergy, and you don’t see many Wimmin Spergs. PseudoSpergs definitely, from Brahmin Pseudointellectual SWPL Wimmin Who Have Social Awkwardness Disorder or Introversion, but these are not true Spergs, they just don’t know how to talk to people. July is an echelon above that, she’s real Art School material, hahaha, but not pretentious to an unlikable degree. All her weird stuff flows together very “naturally, organically,” and kinda reminded me of DAVID LYNCH. It just flows out of her no tryhard, no fake, and since she’s A Wimminz, she gets bonus points for that, since their Default Natural Way is to be Fake As F00k without even knowing or trying, hahaha.

So she’s not so much about Scathing Sociological Critique because she is so antisocial. You get a lot of Weird Sperg Feeeeelings. Feeeeelings because she’s A Wimminz Artist, but Weirdness from her being a Sperg. SPERG HAMSTER, now that’s a helluva Hamster. REALLY Unpredictable. Not sure Game/Charisma really Applies to Sperg Wimmin, because SO FEW Wimmin are Spergs, and So Few Spergs are Wimmin. I kinda LIKE them, although they’d have to be a little less July-y and promiscuous for me to even think about Monogamy. My Buddy Varg Vikernes’s Faithful Wife is a Huge Sperg and I don’t blame him, hahahaha. (But I’m not entirely sure HE is. He’s probably like ME – close enough to APPRECIATE it, but not quite there personally.)

Stuff like the Talking Cat and Weird T-Shirt Dance I can’t even mention without “The Future” sounding horrible, but July makes it work. You gotta take it as a piece of Performance Art, which I acknowledge IS a lot to ask, and hard to swallow, as Performance Art is inherently gay. But July does it well. I probably want to Bang Her even if she is THIRTY-FIVE years old and a CHEATING SCUMBAG in this movie WHO THINKS SHE’S DOING NOTHING WRONG.

It helps to watch some of the commentary, where July makes it more clear that She Is Not Her Character, and that What Her Character Is Doing Is Wrong, and that The Cuckold’s Pain Is Real and valid. Though I only watched about 5 minutes of commentary.

Ultimately not as memorable as her previous movie, but still watchable and memorable, and I won’t stop watching her movies because of it. PROBABLY not gonna read her books or become a BIG FAN like many WIMMIN are, but I do wish she’d make more Feature Movies. But I wouldn’t want to LIVE with her and hear her talk Flaky Artist Talk all day in her Whiny Shrill Nasal voice, I’m not that much of A True Artist, hahaha. Not saying Sperg Wimmin Can’t Be even more Sociopathically Promiscuous than Regular Wimmin, although I think Some Spergs could be sold with a Spergy yet Frank discussion of Morality, unless they’re a hard-boiled Antimoral Sperg of course.


Miranda JewLie NEVER FINISHED HER DEGREE hahaha but her father is a Jewish PhD from a Good Skool. But do you really THINK it’s in SCIENCE? I SORTA Like that July’s characters in her two main movies are big losers, not Vauntedy-Vaunt-Vaunt Elite Skoolz Elite Nonprofitz.

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[BONUS HOLIDAY POST: I’ve been saving this one since JUNE, when I hadn’t really “FOUND MY VOICE” yet, haha. On “holidays” I might Purge some of these Old Posts Rotting In My Proverbial Verbal Colon, at the rate of One Per Day. Maybe even more. Expect a Slew during CHRISTmas/New Yearz / End Of The Year.]

Yes I AM “Coming From A Place Of Privilege” here but my Unshakeable Position is that College is Not Worth Going Into Massive (or even minimal!) Debt for.  [Proto-Videos/Blogz/Book-For-My-Heirs here!]Yes there are exceptions. Like if you go into minimal-to-moderate debt for a TOP university and in a TOP STEM field. Then you will 99% Guaranteed a TOP Job and will pay off your moderate debt almost immediately. But for any other reason, think again. Take 10 years to complete undergrad by paying tuition in CASH. Don’t have the money, just don’t take the class. You can’t hurt yourself by NOT IMMEDIATELY taking a given COLLEGE CLASS. It’ll always be there when you DO have enough money. Get as many credits AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from Cheapo Junior Dropout Loser Idiot Troggy Underclass Loser Community College, transfer to Cheapest Closest Possible University for STEM degree. Obviously if you’re privileged to have more than one of these in your area, do a CBA on the quality / job placement of the STEM programs VS the cost.

You DON’T go to college to “find yourself” or “learn about the world and yourself” or especially not how to “think and write critically.” You can do ALL that on your OWN for FREE. You go to college to learn a Marketable Skill To Get You A Well-Paying JOB, PERIOD, and if you DON’T, you’re an IDIOT who doesn’t deserve a job or to mate.

Not to be self-deprecating because I’mma Bold Alpha but yes that was me too, hahaha, I’m not Picking On You. So now I’m paying a big Karmic Debt, Totally Rebuilding Life from Rock Bottom. Not easy but DOABLE I hope.  Thank God for my 50-18-year-old-girl-Harem which relieves a no-more-than-appropriate amount of Stress, as part of a well-balanced life & stress-relief Regimen, alongside Prayer, Hard Work, Friends&Family, Community Service, Hard Exercise, Hobbies.

Had a Weird Dream that I was GETTING AN ABORTION and whole procedure was happening in a transparent crucible like a dyson vacuum. Only my preggers stomach was transparent too. I could see this hollow tube jabbing in, chopping up from Solid to Slurry Bloody Slurry, and sucking up the bits of Fetus Slurry, as some of it still Dripped and Sloshed around in my “Uterus”. The feeling was Horror and Terror and Torture and O GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE, I just wanted to HAVE SEX ONCE. Then when I woke up I was very thankful I was a MAN and that I would never have to face such consequences. NO I don’t believe even Pro-Abortion women have FUN when they’re sucking the Fetus out; and it prob IS better to get an Abortsch than have a Baby you are unwilling and unable to Raise Up Good. Although I believe the much better option is just to give that baby up for adoption, to paraphrase Raising Arizona, lotta ppl be REALLY HAPPY to get a healthy White baby. (& Who but Professional White SWPL Wimminz get Majority of Abos? #SourceNeeded) Sterile Betas, Barren Old Crones, F4gs, etc.

Is Tom Waits’ “Raised Right Men” a semi-homage to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”? RRM uses that “Aussie/Aborigine/Outback” sounding percussive “Doioioing!” instrument (djembe???) also prominently featured in RRH and Waits even says what sounds like the WORDS “Red right hand.” Have NOTTT Listened to TW’s “Bad LIke Me” 2011 NEARLYYY Enough, FOR SHAME! Although I pref THAT Cave song over THAT Waits song. Tho I pref Waits over Cave in General. Although “The Ship Song” is ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, hahaha. Clear why people have used Cave’s more iconic songs in Big Life Moments like Weddings or Funerals. Of course Not All Cave Songs Are Like That!

Wimminz “Humor” or “Comedy” is almost always based on meaningless, centreless “irony” or SWPL Meta-ness (HT Heartiste).  Or references or meta-ironic-references. The meta is meta, the irony is ironic, it stands no moral, intellectual, or even comedic ground. If it wasn’t as funny as desired, although it will almost get laffs just bc OMG WIMMINZ CAN BE WITTY TOO, then you can just use the Troll Escape Hatch of “I was just being IRONIC, couldn’t you TELL”. Sarcasm has become commonplace that we must ASK if someone’s being SARCASTIC, and they can be sarcastic about BEING sarcastic. In a word: FAKE. DISHONEST.  Yet another glaring example of Wimminz DISHONESTY.

Actually DO wanna see Brometheus.

“Taboo” is another Mainstream TV Show I like. Recently saw one with Isabelle Caro, one of the world’s Most Anorexic Models, filmed shortly before she died at age 28. How MUCH are they Exploiting her, and how much am I exploiting her by finding show fascinating? Any rate it was sad and disturbing and she was UTTERLY GHASTLY, he face looked like a SKELETON, like the Guy In The Bed In “Se7en”. Nightmarish! She was something like 80 pounds at that time. I’d actually heard it on the News at the time, about her Controversial Nude Billboard Photo as an anti-anorexia Public Service Announcement.

Fascinating and sad. Nonanorexics like You or Me just can’t understand, we say “JUST EAT SOMETHING!! D4MN! I wish I ‘could choose’* to eat LESS! Have some of MY extra weight!!”

*See Theodore Dalrymple esp “Life At The Bottom” & his gen theme of ppl Making Excuses, denying their Agency, trying to rationalize what was really their CHOICE into something as uncontrollable as The Weather. Blabla made me do it. All the sudden I blacked out and the knife went it. If I didn’t beat them up I don’t know what I would have done!

Obv I like the Sex Fetish Taboos too, the commerc showed sth called “Puppy Play” which looked like a simple bondage master/slave thing, where one slave dressed up in leather and crawled around on all fours acting like dog. Compare “PONYING” where people dress up as HORSES and it also sounds like a MASTER/SLAVE thing. 50S0G anyone hahaha. Eat a Fat d!ck. But Srsly folks, I would be a Benevolent Master. Good Boss. I ain’t gonna hurt ya…………..MUCH. hahaha.


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I try to treat myself to Good Book from Amazon every week or every two weeks, something hedonistic and pleasurable, some mind-food, something to Recharge the batteries, positive reinforcement schedule, etc, since drugs and alcohol are bad, my careeeeeer is stalled, lifting weights would be great but I’m too lazy, and meaningless decadent jewsex with decadent sluts in the harem has lost its appeal – and I’ve taken a vow of Chastity so as to Practice What I Preach & be honest and unhypocritical. I usually look for Cheap Books (1 cent plus 3.99 shipping.) This leads to me buying good books which I end up not really feeeeeeeling like reading at the moment, for example Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” which I plan to get to properly but so far I’ve only skimmed. Then there was “Bell Curve”, that turned out to be more up my alley at this moment in my Intellectual Development. This week I decided to Splurge and spend Big Money on a book I reeeeeally wanted, even though it was consid more expensive. This was a good idea, as I got a Big Mindboner when the book arrived Lightning Quick from the white-friendly bookstore. (I woulda bought it direct from Counter-Currents, BUT the seller Lighthouse Literature will be closing its doors soon, they had a cheaper price, I wanted to support them, AND I entered Amazon through the Counter-Currents “gateway” (link) to give them some “affiliate marketing” which they apparently like. Not sure how much money that brings in for them.)

Short book, I took about 90 minutes and skimmed the whole thing, read the first couple essays in full, and so far, so Great! Very satisfied, very glad I spent the big bucks, very worth it, should do this more often. I really relate with Johnson as a Soft-Spoken Polite Niceguy who initially wanted to do an Academic Career. He lives in SAN FRANCISCO and his voice is kinda faggy and beta and niceguy.  since I’m much more Homosexual-friendly than the Avg Far Rightist, this might be a good thing for me. Also, one of the Essays therein argues that WNs need not be anti-homosexual per se because One’s Sexuality is not a foundational part of one’s identity, and the notion that it IS, is of course, a product of the Freudian and then later decadent sex-obsessed postmoderism; and Johnson reminds us of the Manly, Masculine, Heroic, Warrior, Prinicipled Heterosexual Spartans and Greeks and Romans who used to Bugger Boys, and then go on to be more-or-less heterosexual husbands and fathers. Sexual Orientation is not the be-all end-all of Your destiny, and to put it at the forefront of Your Life makes you a decadent sex addict.

(Kinda ironic that Postmodernism emphasizes that everything is a Spectrum and nothing is black-and-white, except for the rather notable exception of Sexuality! Although yes there is the kinsey scale that emphasizes a spectrum, or the idea of “Wimminz Have FLUUUUUID Sexuality!” But by that argument, maybe some homosexual men might be less homosexual than they’ve been brainwashed by the homosex-loving media/culture to believe!)

Johnson talks about A RAFT of interesting issues: Deep Ecology, Alan Watts, West Coast San Fran hippie Dippie and Niceguy Racialists, Race Mixing, immigration, practical solutions, commentary on Harold Covington, SWPL and Christian Lander, Books and Movies of interest (“A Conversation on Race” by Craig Bodeker (not on netflix!) ) Racialist Awakenings, alternate histories, jews, anglo saxons and then later white euro immigrants: slavs & italians; what is white, and the great variation among whites like northern europeans vs dravidians in india; a bracing review of Jim Goad’s “Sh!t magnet” and the pros and cons of Goad (pro: good satirist/writer ; con: decadent, narcissistic, immoral); plenty of talk on “decadence”; a great “primer” on introductory ideas for the Newbie Like Me or You.

Would have liked more on his personal Awakening. The Awakening is an important thing IMHO, possibly just because I’m in the middle of it RIGHT NOW. Hell it might be in there, I haven’t read the whole book.

But yes I like his Niceguy yet not-too-sentimental or fluffy approach. Like me, he is staunchly nonviolent, and he comments on some of the more violent WN literature (“all race traitors must be killed!”) but oooops I jerked-off to an attractive 18-year old black girl one time, looks like I must die.

This is not to say Johnson’s message is “soft” or “watered-down”. It’s just nonviolent, and very cool-headed. Cool as a cucumber.

Again I want more on Johnson’s life: what moved him to the PhD and academic career, what made him throw all that away for WN; I ASSUME his PhD is in literature or philosophy or sommat but he doesn’t say. Also I like that he is “tolerant” or at least friendly and open to Christians as well as homosexuals. Yes, “Tolerance” is generally Bad, but I agree with him here where Christians and Homosexuals can be valuable Whites!

He talks about his friend who was instrumental in his own awakening; this friend VERY, VERY reasonably wanted a mate who was not corrupted by Western Marxist Feminism and Decadence (heh my “new” fave word), so his solution was to marry a Filipina. This I find VERY interesting given my interests in Finding A Good Mate – what if All White Wimminz are Corrupt, and White Men who want a good mate have to look for Nonwhites, because most Nonwesterners are Nonwhite? This is a VERY valid concern. So that marriage did not work out, but apparently the guy did not get hosed either; and he ended up marrying a white woman and having 5 children. Johnson did not clarify if this White Woman was a Decadent Wimminz but I assume he wouldn’t even bring up the anecdote if she were.

Then I thought: Given the choice between a Good Nonwhite Mate and a Bad White Mate, what the hell do you choose? Considering: no matter how good the nonwhite might be, you still have to deal with a RAFT of complications from her FAMILY and CULTURE that could be enough to ruin a Good Marriage. Johnson also mentions the idea of the person with ideas of racial purity but they don’t get to put it into practice because they never mate; versus the person that does mate, but interracially. I have to read deeper here. Matt Forney has raised the VERY important issue of: yes whites are slowly dying out and we need to have more white babies, but Most White Wimminz are Decadent Trash who aren’t WORTH having Babies with – is it better to produce White Trash, or White Nothing?

This is where I bring in “my” solution of Voluntarily Single Fathers. And since they can choose their mate/egg, they should choose the healthiest one within their race that they can, then bust their 4ss doing the work of both Traditional Father AND Traditional Mother, because Wimminz sure as hell aren’t going to.

Where’s MY awakening coming from? In short: The DECADENCE of Western White Wimminz. I’ve been concerned with that for a LONG time. THEN when I started reading Eradica via Firepower, I couldn’t help but notice Ryu. I blame Ryu, for talking about WN all the time, hahahaha. I was jolted and thought, “WAIT a minute, how did we get from Decadent Wimminz to this scary paranoid violent idea of WHITE NATIONALISM? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” And as I read more, I find maybe it’s not. AND that WN is not necessarily so scary and violent and paranoid.

PLUS I’ve been reading Counter-Currents for quite some time, been interested in the Far Right and Alternative/New Right for some time, it’s just that the “White” component never really Clicked for me until now. To Ryu’s credit, he is a Really Provocative writer! Also, I’ve been reading Varg Vikernes’s stuff for years (“Articles” near bottom), he’s essentially a New Rightist and should get more active in that, hahaha. So I’ve never been a big stranger to the Politically Incorrect. I’ve also been Suspicious of Blacks ever since childhood because I grew up in an area where there was noticeable Racial Tension. So perhaps I’ve always been a Racialist but never really recognized myself as such.

Oh yeah. Johnson gets “The Thomas Sowell Question” out right away. Because intelligent nonliberals can’t help but run into Thomas Sowell at some point, he’s too tremendous and talented and smart not to be noticed, and then you’re even more surprised when you find out he’s BLACK. Then you think, thank GOD for Thomas Sowell, it means I’m not an Evil Racist! I CAN’T BE a racist because I really like and respect this guy! Why can’t MORE blacks be like him?”

Answer: Because he is an exceptional black. An outlier. Not an average black. And Johnson wisely also immediately mentions that just because you’re a racialist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate INDIVIDUALS of ANY race. You can like Thomas Sowell, you can like Gustav Mahler. We kinda DO need to keep saying NAXALT because The Media portrays Racialists as Crazy Stupid Violent Gun Nuts who Always think AXALT and are too dumb and illiterate to know about Sowell. And this is JUST NOT TRUE.


More importantly, Johnson asks “is one Thomas Sowell enough to compensate for the amount of destruction Blacks have Wrought? For the amount of White Thomas Sowells they have displaced or killed?” Via Vanguard News Networks Alex Linder (and I think there’s been some controversy / falling-out with him since, gotta look into) provocative question “Because the black race produced Thomas Sowell, the white race must die?”

Though at this moment I’m still an optimist, and in my Ideal Race World, Blacks could Nurture Blacks to produce More Thomas Sowells and fewer violent thugs!

Also the idea that Nervous SWPL White “SOLICITOUSNESS” and Niceness/Politeness to blacks makes blacks feeeeeeel whites are being racist towards blacks. Just treat us like Normal People, they’re saying. Don’t give us preferential treatment. (unless it’s for jobs and educationz hahahahahahahahaha)

I would add to this that White Nationalists and Black Nationalists could probably have a more productive conversation together than Average Whites and Average Blacks. Maybe.

Johnson talks about Real and Interesting Stuff every single page. Not a gram of Turgidity or Bloatedness here. If I had the money I would have bought the Hardcover. I would buy a hardcover of every Counter-Currents book. Greg Johnson is my type of guy and I can feeeeeeeeeel a mancrush developing.

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Again as with KissingOnTheMouth, didn’t Dislike. Main thing I disliked was Main Character Hannah! Again Swanberg’s film shows how corrupt, empty, toxic, chaotic is the Modern Wimminz. Yet here she’s more of a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” that all the beta guys fall in love with, and she of course can’t make up her miiiiiiind and dumps them all, and even ADMITS to leaving a “wake of destruction” in her path.

MANGINA REHAB (term stolen from Rocking Mr E): When the Wimminz ADMITS to leaving a wake of destruction, BELIEVE her. I know you’re not usually supposed to listen to / believe what Wimminz say, but here’s a big exception.

Diff bw this and Kissing on the Mouth is that Greta Gerwig really is a good find for Swanberg. I personally find her very cute and I might have been taken in by her “Manic Pixie-ness”. Part of why she can get away with it is because she’s YOUNG. This was 2007 and she looked quite young. Even though she was technically over the peak, she still looked close enough to the peak, and she wasn’t declining rapidly. Now in 2012 however, she looks much older and much less cute (ok, she actually looks pretty good for 29) and wouldn’t be able to get away with as much Wimminz BS like in this movie when she was 23.

Thought to myself: wanted to see a sequel that takes place 5 years later. “All of the sudden”, guys stop being in LUV with her, people stop finding her so Cute, she gets called more on her immature BS. What does she do THEN?

All a bunch of SWPL Chicago 20-something Brahmins. She’s an UNPAID INTERN in a “Production Company.” Andrew Bujalski and Kent Osborn play writers here. Then there are two secretaries/adminassts/interns, and the owner, who is honestly hilarious, but completely incompetent. “Hannah” either shows Swanberg’s own Naive Brahmin Distance from the Real Non-SWPL World; OR it’s an intentionally naivete. Again, Southern Illinois Univ is not screamingly Brahmin, and I think Swanberg is Honest AND Insightful enough to understand Real Life is not like this, so he’s intentionally making things all rosy-coloured. The good thing is he succeeds, and I willfully entered and somewhat enjoyed this fantasy world.

Again, the men are a lot nicer, kinder, better people than the Wimminz; here, the only Wimminz is Gerwig and her seldom-seen, even more idiotic roommate. The men aren’t MUCH smarter; ALL these people are IDIOTS. If THEY can get a BIGBOY JOB where they SIT AROUND ALL DAY AND THROW A NERF BALL BACK AND FORTH AND ARE ALWAYS OUT TO LUNCH, then so can I!

Mark Duplass plays her First Boyfriend, and I didn’t expect to like him at all, but I did. He was a lot more Handsome than I expected a Mumblecore Duplass to be. Almost a more handsome, more masculine version of John Krasinski, that huge pvssy. So Duplass was a huge musician loser who quit his job (never hear what it was) because he wasn’t haaaaaappy with it, but he didn’t seem unhappy at all. He seemed like a nice, friendly, happy-go-lucky guy that even I wouldn’t have a problem socializing with. But Hannah dumps him, just like she dumps every guy.

She has THREE “BOIFRANS” in the under-90-minute movie. She gets very fleeting “crushes”, then gets bored quickly, then dumps them. She “dates” (ie Slurps-n-TIUTAs) BOTH of the writers she WORKS with, and gives NO indication that that’s a wrong, scumbag thing to do. When she dumps Duplass, he goes out of his way to NOT get angry or emotional, like “ok I have no say in this, I have no right to have any feelings about this, you’re right, whatever you want, and I’m ALSO gonna do you the convenience of “dumping” YOU, because I can tell you want to dump me but don’t have the balls to say it.”

Not a poorly-written scene, QUITE to the contrary, it reveals a lot about Hannah and Her Weird Brahmin world filled with Beta Orbiters!

I thought it was interesting that you NEVER SEE DUPLASS AGAIN after that. Very cleanly, conveniently DELETED and replaced with another in a series of c0cks on the immediately post-peak (post-Colllllllege) Carousel.

The Next c0ck is Bujalski or “Booj” as he is known. Buj was my introduction to the world of Mumblecore, & I enjoyed “Mutual Appreciation” AND “Beeswax” quite a bit. I liked his character in “Hannah”, he’s less of a SWPL hipster and more of a huge dorky nerd beta and LOOKS it with his shirt and khakis and non-hipster glasses, but still a nice but non-self-deprecating guy. Likeable. Shame that he probably doesn’t pull as “good” as Gerwig just because he’s comfortable/SECURE looking like a nerd. So she “dates” (ie, slurrrrrrrrpppppp! TIUTA!) him for 10 minutes before she becomes vaguely dissatisfied with one little nonspecific imaginary thing, and decides to dump Buj for his FRIEND and COWORKER that they ALL HANG OUT WITH AND WORK WITH. This is SUCH Typical Wimminz Behaviour, so in THAT way it’s realistic. I really wanted to see Hannah called out for her sh1tty behaviour, but since everyone kisses her 4ss all the time, she doesn’t even KNOW it’s sh1tty. She thinks it’s OK to act this way. Which is why I want to see a sequel, “Hannah at 30”, suddenly finding she can’t act like a SPOILED CHILD anymore!

Buj was clearly upset when she Dumped him, but even he regains composure quickly and sez “Okayyyyy” and shuffles meekly away rather than getting angry at her.

The opening titles and use of the 1812 overture and trumpets were good.

Gonna have to read some reviews on this one. Because Gerwig is So Young and Cute, she’s VERY effective at casting this SPELL where you might forget that she’s actually a PILE OF CRAP, which everyone in this movie also conveniently forgets. Even SHE doesn’t know she’s a pile of crap.

Even if the movie was in a Fantasy World, the men at least had a warmth, heart, honesty, & likeability, just like in Swanberg’s KOtM and the Bujalski Stuff.

SUMMARY: Mumblecore MEN are OK, Mumblecore WIMMINZ, like non-Mumblecore Wimminz, are Big Overrated Piles of Crap, and prob moreso.

Would LIKE to see Swanberg (or Bujalski!) apply their Male Likeability & Honesty to:

something OTHER than a SWPL, Brahmin, Collegeboy, or fantasy World

where MEN work Real, Long, Believable Bigboy Jobs

where MEN go out to the crapbar after their long, tiring jobs, and can’t even get DUMPED by wimminz of lesser attractiveness than Gerwig, because they can’t even find wimminz to TIUTA from them in the FIRST PLACE.  Maybe a Lower Vaisya milieu? Still studying Moldbug’s Caste Distinctions haha, but “Hannah” was surely str8 Brahmin.

Swanberg’s made 9000 films, so I STILL need to watch MORE to see if he FINALLY makes a Moral Judgement on these PILE O’ CRAP WIMMINZ already. I suppose it’s not a good sign that he hasn’t done it in the two movies I have seen so far. I WANT him to.

These Swanberg Men are KINDA Beta, but they’re not beta enough to take this kind of CRAP without SAYING anything. That’s the main thing that surprised me about this movie.

These men getting dumped by some Wimminz who really should be GETTING dumped herself aren’t allowed to even have an OPINION, just sit there and take it like a little b1tch and say “OK, You’re Right, Whatever Cupcake Wants, You don’t owe me any Severance Bangs for this Flaky Wimminz Bullcrap.”

The REAL travesty is that they’re blinded by her Young Body and coquettish, cutesy, pixieish ways, and SHE Dumps THEM BEFORE they discover she’s got no redeeming qualities other than having S3x with her Body. Otherwise – if they had banged her maybe 5 or 10 or 20 more times – they’d CLEARLY come to the conclusion that this isn’t worth it. She’s an Annoying Nutcase. Instead, they GET dumped at that unfortunate time when they pathetically LIKE her the MOST. Forget HER. If you watch this with a Wimminz and she Does NOT Blatantly Disapprove of Hannah – or god forbid LIKES Hannah or finds her kewl or kute or inspiring or empowering or fun etc – that’s a Big4ss Red Flag. Pump & Dump.

Still like Swanberg’s style though, just wish he’d stop focusing on these Looney Toons Wimminz, or at least start taking a Moral Side and SAYING they’re Huge Piles Of Bullcrap, and/or focus more on Real Vaisya Men, hahaha.

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