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[ live april 24, 2013: WARNING: when I first wrote this/that/those posts [recent 3 part series of Beta Power orig written July 2012], I was Poisoned by Decadence. I could only think about One Thing. Now I think about Two Things, hahaha. No I Kid, I think about Three Or Four Things.

Anyway, There are more important things than Banging Wimmin. Now, when you see an attractive POY (Prime Of Youth) Girl, it’s NATURAL to want to have Relations with her….within reason. No reason to take THAT to decadent, all-consuming, perverted extremes. CONTROL yourself!

Heh. PERHAPS, HYPOTHETICALLY, Gamers and Racists share A Common Ground that both groups of men have at one time, long ago in their Youth, feeeeelt True Luv for Women. Pedestalizing, Nuclear-Family-Making, Romantic, European Luv. Gamers try to “break” this “beta” urge by encouraging men to “never put the P on a Pedestal”, and sometimes

Gamers accuse Racists of doing just that, and being white knight phaggots. Heh. In My Ideal Racism, Racists will Appreciate and Respect the Power Of True Luv, however they WILL be CAREFUL and SMART about who they put on that pedestal. Not just any POY Pretty Young Thing. But someone who’s PROVEN to them that she DESERVES it.

See? nothing too extreme there. Just Common Sense. But the Ruling Elite has taken advantage of a Void Of Common Sense, to fill it with their OWN “Common Sense.” See TV Commercials for Common Sense Dot Org. Come On.

Fun Stuff On Recent PLaylist: / Non Whoring Linkage because I am explicitly trying to circumvent Trackbacks:

Nice interview of Tom Goodrich on his newly-legendary book “Hellstorm”; Counter Currents Radio w Greg Johnson & Matt Parrott. Goodrich’s Admirable Quest For The Truth shows us Things You Know Who never wants us to find out:


Uhh I see COunter Currents has kinda rebooted Voice Of Reason Radio since VoR went on hiatus in Summer 2012 but Mike Conner sez it’s coming back, hopefully it does, but now CC is hosting many of the old VoR Hosts doing NEW shows: Stan Hess, Attack The System, and my Buddy Robert Stark. NICE!


Eh here’s a shout out to David Duke. Some people don’t like him but I do, I think he keeps a great watchful eye on You Know Who. It’s always good to come back to the David Duke Show on a regular basis, to not forget about DD. He always has KMac on too.

Race is prob more important than Gender, prob more important than Religion, more on this later OF COURSE, hahaha.


Richard Spencer of Alternative Right (I think) and Natl Policy Institute has started his own radio program called Vanguard Radio, he often has Andy Nowicki on there with him. Somebody out there probably doesn’t like Spencer. Probably Alex Linder. Or Firepower. hahahahahaha. Come on guys, don’t hate, hahaha.


Matt Parrott went to the recent AmRen conference.


I’ve followed Kid Strangelove on Twitter for some time but never really read his blog til now, it’s a breddy good game blog that shows both the pros and cons of game. I found his ideas on Hipsters interesting, and especially his experience as an Engin Student at a Top-Tier Engin University. There were No Girls, but the guys built Real Camaraderie over Vidya

Games; disciplined selves against Instant Gratification of Hormones and Pornography, saying They’d Get Theirs when they Graduated and Got Good Jobs. 10 years later: got good jobs, “but” gave up dreams of Entrepreneurship for Comfort; never got the POY Girls they wanted and “settled down” with Avg Wimmin.

http://kidstrangelove.wordpress notlookingforatrackback .com/2013/04/22/the-revenge-of-the-nerds-never-happened/

[ ok too late, it DID track back. Listen Buddy, I KNOW Social Kenny would call me a Racist, and he’d be right! Anyway, I am NOT looking to Start A Dialogue, that’s why I try to Not Do Trackbacks, but oh well it still did.  FEEL FREE to delete my trackback from your page.

just sayin I liked your post, re STEM Education At An Elite STEM Skool Leading To Elite Top 5% STEM Careeeers, Vis-A-Vis:  No Girls During A Very Libidinous & Stressful Period in a Man’s Life, Instant Vs Delayed gratification; Being A Debt Slave vs Surviving Vs Thriving; Good Education Choices vs Bad Education Choices; so uh, just take the COMPLIMENT like a MAN, hahahahahahaha. Hope you’re makin good money too. As Mindweapon sez: BE SMART. WIN.]

I would argue that having a Good Stable Secure Well-Paying STEM job after going to a Top Stem Skool is GOOD ENOUGH, but I would hope You would never get so lonely and desperate and uncomfortable with Enjoying The Company Of Your Awesome Self, that you would Marry an Unsatisfactory Wimmin. However, I could understand Mating with a Physical 6 AS LONG AS she:

* is your Race

* is Great Moral Character (“Physical 6, But A Moral 10”)

* Great Mother Of Your Children Material

* Low Number. Prob less than 5….. I mean 3. 1 or 0 would be ok too.

* You Respect Her

* You Get Along With Her

* You wouldn’t mind seeing her every day, perhaps even Living With

* she is Young, in the POY

* Extra Credit: she lets you Chase POY Girls on the Side,  IF she is not attractive enough to fulfill approx 40% of your urges. Just not to a Decadent Extent. Assuming she is not POY herself. (Note: you should never shoot for 100%, that would be Decadent. I think 80% would be reasonable – not too decadent. That’s how I got that 40% – your “wife” (nonlegal) can be expected to fill half of your “needs” AKA WANTS. And if One Person can Satisfy at least Half Your Wants, then you should pay them the respect and gratitude of being Faithful to them. Assuming they are faithful to You! But that is covered in “superior moral character” stipulation above.)

Now this is mainly for MATING purposes: having healthy children. I would say Respect would be necessary and sufficient here, but not necess True Luv, and certainly not Decadent Perverted Pornographic Gaping Goatseing Anything Goes Whatever Feeeeeels Good Instant Gratification Revolving Door Disposeable Throwaway Dehumanizing Poisonous Cancerous Bestial J-Sex.

Pure Game does not seem to address these issues all that well, but Kid Strangelove, like Frost/Freedom25, digs a little Deeper. To the Deeeeeeeper Meeeeeaning behind the Decadent Chasing of Tail. More To Life Than. Not A Good Goal. Does Not BECOME a Healthy Man.

heh. back in the day, when I was a Young Man, I used to be more about Game than I was about Race. Now It’s less game, more Race. And Religion. Still a little game in there though.

OK this is becoming a Full Live Post. Have A Picture!


pretty sure I got that from 4 chon . net . So it’s not Purely White-Friendly, but there is a decent Pro-White contingent on the news board. Interesting News Source At This Moment. I guess for people who are sick of 4 chan news or pol

and here’s a good song for ya

I forgot how CHILL as well as BAD455 KRAFTWERK was. If you don’t like KRAFTWERK, GTFO.]

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Good afternoon, my friends. good to be here. grateful to be alive &not dying. as for my enemies if I have any, well you f4gg0ts can go comment on a blog or write your own blog about what a whiny f4ggot I am, but your f4ggotry is more fggoty than mine!

Like most of you, RIGHT NOW I am/have been watching MSM reports of boston marathon bombingguys. Immediately interested in backgrounds, who are, what’s deal. MSJBC had interview with emotional uncle called them “losers who were just jealous of people who’d settled into society” . heh. butthurt did not get into Harvard, MIT, BostonU, BostonCollege, had to settle for UMass. Shoulda had better ECs haha.

But did not sound like ButtonMashing (tm Firepower) Murkans; older brother saying had no american friends, etc; younger brother having not-necessarily-“loser”-grade academic track; them possibly having military-style training. Knowing how to use guns &bombs &stay cool in face of Manhunt &to basically wage a two-man war against an entire region of millions of people.

Sorry I can’t “add any value” here, other than to say those Chechens look like Albanians, and Whites need to remember that just because these Swarths may have lighter skin than your average Semite, they are still not white.

it is interesting to see the Elephantine Law Enforcement Presence shutting down the entire Boston area, and how one guy with a minimum of training has managed to evade them for so long.

MIT police officer killed. Older brother did boxing, younger brother did wrestling. they were not fat slobs. might have done training in russia or libya? ethnic and religious conflicts in the more central-asia parts of russia. dagestan, kyrgystan. radical violent muslim jihadists with light skin and dark hair. younger kid was “pre med” and got an academic scholarship? how “elite” was their high school? how did they get into the Elite High School? how “elite” is “UMass Dartmouth?” Don’t usually assoc UMass with the More Elite skools in the region, HOWEVER, it’s prob elite enough to catapult Motivate Students to Semi-Elite (ie, Top 5% as opposed to Top 1%, good enough for You or Me!) Careeeeeers. Social Media Presence. Star Athlete and Student for the Younger. Not a Sperg Psycho. One was arrested for Assaulting Gurlfran. heh. just got a huge dump of Bio Info on Fox J3wz. Youtube playlist of “Terrist” vidyas.

Promise I’ll keep this to 1000 wds!

On Mindweapons recently there was a commenter Hipster Racist who now may be Hipster Feudalist and they were discussing hypothetical White Communities where the Nuclear Family kinda melds with the Extended Family, and the theory of “Brood Mares” where prime-of-youth women MIGHT have children by several different men, and men hold enough power to keep the wimmin in line, or banish them from the community. I might be misrepresenting.

Old School Nuclear Family vs New School Nuclear Family; how nuclear families can exist within a larger supportive community, rather than nuclear families being isolated & atomized in Suburbs; just because you have a nuclear family doesn’t mean you can’t be real close to your Extended family and help each other all WIN;

hardcore STEM, trade, skill, and Military training for boys; obviously this will all be done in a homeschool or a white community school, rather than a Jified Pub School designed to get white boys to get bored with math and science and become button-mashing, mcdonald’s eating, porn-fapping, neckbeard sperg kissless virgins who contribute nothing to society and either sperg out, become feelzy emo suicides, or just fat neckbeard losers who lose at life and have no children. or loser children at best, who themselves will because neckbeard losers.

what is the proper role for women. This idea of the BROOD MARE has really stuck with me. real interesting at the moment. I am OPEN to discussing the idea, hahaha. (not on this blog of course.) Hypothetical: perhaps SOME whites are best suited to Monogamy with One Wife, while other whites are better suited towards Polygamy. And perhaps, in a society that produces Winning Strong Children, you could have a kind of “Polyandry” where women are encouraged to be baby-makers for several different men, and then the children raised by a group of women and a group of men. Big reservation for me is that I believe it is beneficial for the child to have a close connection to both their mother and father, that to consider a group their parents.

But I see no reason why Nuclear Families cannot live side by side in Extended Families, creating White Ethnic Enclaves like nonwhites often do. Hire fellow whites, sell your house to fellow whites, heh stop reading me and just go over to Mindweapons RIGHT NOW. This is why he’s Man Of The Year 2013!

SOME take umbrage about Whites using “nonwhite tactics.” Whites are more honest and have more honor than that. I will just reiterate MW’s rebuttal: In an IDEAL WORLD, whites prob would not use these tactics. But we are At War, we are Being Engaged, we must do what it takes to win, we must adapt or die, and you can Go Native Without Going Traitor. Once you secure an Existence for You and Your Children you can get back to a more honorable way.

Also. People on theInternet have big egos &WILL fight bitterly, this is a Natural Law of the Internets. Even among Small, Tight, Mainstream-Vilified groups like Ultraconservatives or White Nationalists. You’d THINK that would be a common enough ground to keep people from calling each other traitors. Now, Traitors and Treason IS important, IS a valid threat, should not be taken lightly, but IMHO the equivalent of “Tripfags” on Chan boards should not go around accusing everyone who agrees with them only 99% of being traitors who Must Hang. COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.


Feelz Guy is a good Meme for me, haha.

gettin back into Nick Cave. HELLUVA Guy. song is hard 2Overplay. Bad4ss.

Have Good Day, secure existence of Your people & a future for Your Children.

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I would like to pay gratitude and Love to my Mother and Father for being Great People & Ideal Parents, and it is a tragic sign of the times that I am so LUCKY to have Two Great Parents, when this Should* (tm FP) be the AVERAGE, rather than the Average Of Just About Every Group Of Anything being Crap.

Recently found myself “trapped” hahaha in the Russian History section of A Liberry. Saw “Bloodlands” by Timothy Snyder which I knew Uncle Bern likes and I’m grateful for Uncle Bern reading and commenting on all these books, HEY BERN HOW ABOUT you do an Inferno where you just videotape your Bookshelves to show us all yer bookz. I looked in the index for “Holodomor” but nothing. Doesn’t necess mean the book is BAD though. Also I know Bern speaks highly of Robert Service who is a prof of Russian History and has wrote huuuuge histories of Russia and Acclaimed biographies of Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky. Obviously he has a Successful Mainstream Academic Career, so he hasn’t Spoken Out Against The Jew like David Duke or sommat, but this doesn’t necessarily make him a huge shabbas goy (new fave term, hahaha) antiwhite zionist….Right? I Mean Kevin MACDONALD has an Academic JOB, hahaha. If Prof Service is good enough for Uncle Bern he should be good enough for me…..right?

What would I do if Bern “came out” as a huge Zionist. I have ABSOLUTELY NO reason to believe he would, just paranoid. Classic Antisemitic paranoia where whites suspect whites of being shabbas goy jew-lovers hahahaha. Well despite Bern not really ever talking about “The Jewish Question”, I think he would have the sense to see Bibi and Israel as Huge Horrible Neocons at least.


Varg Vikernes has a new article up about how Breivik was expecting a “5 Star Hotel” re the Norwegian Prison System, which is why he did not fear prison; and that he is a Freemason Christian Jew who has done more to hurt Norwegians in one day than Muslims have in 40 years. Interesting Points. Then Varg gives a nice appraisal of the Jewish Question but then denounces All Christians as No Better Than Jews, Christianity IS Inherently Jewish, etc. Not that that’s surprising to hear him say that. I guess MY Job is to prove Not All Christians Are Like That. Or to somehow cleanly separate Christians from Jews. OR To disabuse Jews of Antiwhite Zionism, hahaha.

Negative Amazon Reviews for Bob Service (maybe I just like his NAME) describe him as a NEOCON puppet of the NEOCON Hoover Institution. BUT a lot of these neg reviewers are self-identified leftists. Now while rightists can agree with leftists that Neoconz Suck, it is possible that Leftists might Mistakenly Identify True Conservatives as Neocons?




took these 3 books out of the lib to peruse over CHRISTmas when I will have a little time to do so. I maintain that being a Language Nerd and Jew Nerd does not automatically make me a WANNABE JEW or a Shabbas Goy, hahaha.

My other big nasty secret is that I like Serious Subjects presented as FUNNY COMICS with LOTSA PICTURES AND JOKES.


For example, “Introducing Kafka” from Totem Books, who has a series of Funny and Amusing “Introducing” books. Eradica would certainly Ream Me Out for liking such Dumbed Down stuff and for taking FUN over TRUTH, but I think as long as you use these kinda books as your starting point, your hook if you will, you should be ok. I think you can learn the Basic Facts in a Fun, Rememberable way. I think I’m Smart enough to not EXPECT the Hard Truth out of Fun Books. I just kinda want to get a basic outline of things. Plus I am a Visual Learner Who Never Learned How To Read. So Bl0wme B!tch. I might get down on the whole “Introducing” series: Freud, Nietzsche, Lacan, Foucault, Quantum Theory, Jung, “Philosophy”, etc.

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trying to work on a general unified theory of infatuation aka True Love. This is the Niceguy stuff that Male Commitment is made of, and which Modern Wimmin Hate worse than Racists like me hate jews (hehehe), worse than Antiracists hate whites. This is what makes a guy willingly sign up for marriage. Lose his mind, in other words!

I don’t think it’s entirely bad, indeed, when there’s mutual infatuation I think that’s the best possible thing, One Man and One Woman Monogamously Loving Each Other till the end of their natural lives, having 10 kids and 100 grandkids etc, productive members of society.

OBVIOUSLY, as I’ve propounded before, having the Woman in the Prime Of Youth facilitates infatuation in the man. 18-22 yo Wimmin.

What I haven’t really thought about, is how the MAN being A Certain Age (kinda young) might also influence this.

Example: I saw a Wimmin recently I had not seen in at least 4 years, completely randomly. I had always sorta liked her, but not in an infatuation life-destroying niceguy way. But more than I like Average Wimmin. When I first met her she was in the prime of youth. (latter half.) I was not more than two years older than that. I always regretted not Getting After Her more Aggressively, but I was always having Drama with other Wimmin and General Social Drama and Life Drama and Stress and I just didn’t see her enough. I do regret not Capitalizing on the times I did see her though, she was always friendly to me. If I made 1% the effort I had made as a Niceguy Supplicator, well heck I could have had some fun with this other girl.

ANYWAY. I see her again in a pub now and I just about crapped my pants. She must be NEAR 30 but she still looked fine as hell, nice skin, same innocent look in her face, long-term dating level cute, if not Monogamous Cute, and MAYBE EVEN Monogamy Cute! At 30! WTF! I didn’t know if this was because she was genuinely THAT good looking, or because I had met HER while she was in the prime of youth, and it’s THAT image that STICKS, or if My Brain was in its OWN Male Prime Of Youth (Not Sure What Male Brain Prime Of Youth Is, but it’s longer than 18-22!) and THAT’s what made her stick. Prob both of those. But honestly it seemed her body and skin had not declined that much at all! Still Medium-Term Dating Cute! At 30!

So that opened up a basket case of Painful Memories and Regretz and Sorrow, so I did not go talk to her. I didn’t really care about what she was doing with her life, because she was prob 9000000x more successful and making more monay than I am. Although I’m not 100% sure she went to a Presitigious Graduate Skool! Maybe just a Third Tier Toilet. Not to give too much away, but I had met her at the type of First-Tier Highly Selective Bourgeois Brahmin Jewniversity, where if you are forced to go to a Third-Tier Toilet Grad Skool, then you are considered a complete f00king failure and should blow your brains out, you’re not only not a careeeer-worshipping tryhard, you’re also TOO LOW-IQ to get into a GOOD Grad Skool. Obviously I reject this whole deal, and not just because I didn’t Try Hard enough to get into a Good Grad Skool, because my IQ is EASILY High Enough, hahahaha. And the MAJORITY of Studentz DO go on to Good Grad Skools. They’re not there just to get Bachelorz Degrees. So she was in the Good Minority then, had something in common with me right there.

Basically my Research Question is, can a Man reach a certain age where he’s just TOO OLD To “Fall In Love” Ever Again? That if tomorrow I met an 18-yo Polish Virgin Girl perfect 10 bod, perfect 10 personality, I’d say yeah that’s nice, but not go Koo-koo like I did in the past?

For Girls, they too can get infatuated with males, but it’s only the first 1 or 2 or 3 guys they Let Into Their Spread Uterus. After that, they’re DONE. The Walking Dead, hahaha. This is OF COURSE the bigger SOCIETAL problem than Me Being Too Old To Get Infatuated, hahahahaha. So I just Bang 18 yo gurlz and Don’t Marry, NOT A PROBLEM. I was just taken aback by this Floodgate Of Emotion upon seeing a very unexpected person, who was Technically Way Too Old for me to Feeeeeel any Feeeeeeeelingz for.

So yeah. I can’t help but wonder, that if after like 7 to 10 infatuations, you just get burned out and can’t muster it up anymore. GOOD, say Wimmin, because Infatuation is Too Emotion and That Leads You Astray (You don’t say!). Whereas I say Infatuation is PrettyMuch (heh) synonymous with True Love and is a Signal To Yourself that you should assertively pursue that person as a Lifetime Mate and a Co-Parent To Your CHILDREN. It Beautifully Blossoms into Long Term Love than Sustains long after the person has lost the Radiance Of Youth. You don’t want anyone else, you’d travel long distances, wild horses would have to drag you away, etc.

So yeah I am really nicholas sparks, I am a huge niceguy who’s gets a huge4ss hard0n for that f@ggy bullsh!t! well when i was younger I did – my Final Infatuation Began when I was 26 yo, nothing new since then – now I just get off Analyzing and Theorizing about it!

Those type of Goils, you don’t MIND taking em out to a Nice Expensive Dinner before having the Epic F00kfest. It’s all part of the narrative, hahahaha. You don’t MIND Making Out with em, it’s not like sticking your tongue up a horse’s 4ss. You enjoy the Whole F00king PACKAGE.

So if you don’t Make It Work by age 26, Hang It Up, Write It Off, Cut Your Losses, and focus your ENERGY on more IMPORTANT things, like managing a SMALL Harem (2 to 4) of 18-yo Wimminz, making monay to be a Good Single Father, and making the world a better place for the Next Generation of Your Family and Your Super-Extended Family, wink wink nudge nudge if ya know what I mean!

but yeah that was exactly the type of think you gotta be mindful of, dr kabat zinn would say don’t let it bring up back memories and suck you down. Nope. Just got a fresh disc of STAR TREK and gonna ENJOY that. Yet still be Mindful of Strengthening My SuperExtended Family!! NOT FANTASIES of / worrying about DAMES!

I think I left off Battlestar Galatica on season 3, so start there if I want to start watching agian. I know they were on the planet (new caprica??) getting bombed by the jews I MEAN Cylons.

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[12-15-12: this is a Time Machine Post (tm BKC) orig written on July 27, 2012, and will take 5 minutes to read if you are an ADDultKidz (tm FP w modz by BKC) like me in the Slowest Quintile of Readers.]

COMMODITY CLASSES. Useful Core Classes All Useful STEM students must take, predictable textbooks & material, can and should take anywhere for the lowest price, not much diff bw TTT & MIT.

took math placement test (required), placed into Calculus 1. Not sure if one CAN place into Calc2. Did not prepare or study. Simply remembered stuff from 10 years ago that helped: soh-cah-toa, FOIL, pythagorean. got f00ked on some of the more advanced trig stuff. my max EXPECTATIONS were placing into Calc1, so those were met & I was happy. By the time I complete degree at age FORTY I will be DEFINITION EMPLOYABLE, because Tech Employers LOVE to hire FORTY year old new grads from TTT’s with little experience over TWENTY year old grads from MIT! Waaah waaah. F00k this sh!t, just go into Welding. Or Cisco Academy.

Armageddon1115 mentioned how too much of the MRM is about watching & sorta encouraging MRM’s to fight & argue and not enough on Positive Action, actual things men can do to live better lives, but endless & unproductive debates, comment wars. Heh. Now I’m glad I haven’t started my YouTube Channel yet.

And also for the reason that I don’t want to get into comment wars, I don’t want to argue with ANYONE right now, not even Feminists, Wimminz, or Leftists! Also I’m very bad at taking Constructive Criticism, let alone Internet Tuff Guy Criticism!

Although I am proud to be an Internet Tough Guy myself by arrogantly stating my opinions as fact. I just don’t want to publicly argue about it! Honestly don’t have the time or energy.

Barbarossaaaa made the interesting, compelling argument that maybe the Nuclear Family is NOT the best idea for the good of society. He & Stardusk make the compelling (redundant yeah SUE me) point that technology has changed our world SO much SO quickly that we just can’t go back to that. Coupled with economy & standard of living that encourages Wimminz to have their own Meeeeeeeaningful (& Lucrative!) Careeeeeeers. Simply put, Wimminz don’t NEED men anymore, well if they ever NEEDED men, but now they need them much less, and they are not shy about Going THEIR Own Way!

A Traditional Wife/Mother will not think twice about abandoning her Traditional Nuclear Family if it’s possible & non-shamed for her to take a BETTER OPTION, whether in her own career, or leeching off a more successful man. see Briffault’s Law, Hypergamy.

This contrasts with Rocking Mr E, who says the Nuclear Family is the Best Way to Raise Children.

Wimminz are proving that they don’t WANT to have Traditional Nuclear Families.

So what are viable alternatives? Because we can agree that we want to raise Well-Adjusted Children, I hope?

I’m just “BRAINSTORMING” Ideas. Maybe a Single Father who works from home, works just enough to support himself & his children, & homeschools the children while he works at home?

Maybe two well-adjusted Gay Men? I think Rocking Mr E is not too hot on Gay Parents, but I’m still optimistic that two Gay Male Fathers COULD POSSIBLY raise a well-adjusted child, provided THEY aren’t nuts, but they PROBABLY will be. But less so than Two Lesbian Mothers!

Barb mentioned an interesting study in sweden about divorces among gay men & women; basically the lesbians were FAR AND AWAY the leaders of the divorce pack, with a rate like 160% that of Gay Men.

So, you give Wimminz the OPPORTUNITY to get rid of men, and they will quickly and gladly take it, Barb says. He points to how QUICKLY divorce rates are RISING in India and China just in the past 20 years, when they had Industrialization, Modernization, Rapid Econ Growth mirroring a more prolonged process in the US. It doesn’t take Wimminz 40 years to Go Bad, it only takes about 10. The Catalyst/FUEL is Always there. They’re not being COERCED by Gov’t, the Gov’t is simply making it EASIER, removing the BARRIERS, and Wimminz are saying “SOUNDS GREAT TO ME!”

So I laid there thinking and came to a few No-Brainer Conclusions that I thought were still profound:





Even BILL GATES’s wife has her moments of doubt, that she could do better.

WIMMINZ DON’T EVEN HAVE LONG-TERM LOVE FOR ALPHAS! They can get bored with ALPHAS same as they do with Betas, it just TAKES a little longer, and the Wimminz’s feelings of Infatuation & Lust are more strong at the beginning so she prob REALLY gets into the TIUTAing for a while at the beginning, all screaming and sh1t.

Even DAVID BECKHAM’s wife gets bored of HIM, and if that marriage fails, it will be HER who initiates it, even if he is better looking-than her.

Wimminz are an element of chaos, disorder, entropy, instability. Wimminz are NATURALLY BIPOLAR. Men naturally desire & work towards Stability, Wimminz….DON’T. In The Modern Western World, put together a stability-loving man with a stability-destroying wimminz and the wimminz will usually win out, because she has MORE INCENTIVE to LEAVE her husband than to STAY with him.

As long as Wimminz have Lucrative Career Opportunities, this will remain the case.

So what do we do? Say wimminz can’t have careeeeeeers? can’t vote? These genies are already way out of the bottle & prob can never go back.

So we ADAPT. Men are USELESS to Wimminz; Wimminz are much MORE useful to men, because of their Hot Young Bodies and their Reproductive Abilities.

So I do agree with Barb that the Artificial Womb is a Possible & def Interesting way to FREE men from their Dependence on WIMMINZ to REPRODUCE. RockingMrE doesn’t like it, but I don’t really agree 100% with him there. That’s ok. I can slightly disagree with him on one thing & still like & respect him as a man!

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LONG: 2213 Wds

Been hearing good things about this Danish auteur for quite a while, time to bite. He did the acclaimed American movie “Drive” of course, but I wanna wait on that one. Plus I like Denmark/Danes/ the language. Maybe them being so close to Germany is how they get that real guttural “r” sound that sounds more like a “w”, like in the director’s last name. “Wefn”. Plus they like putting letters like f and n together which “should not” be put next to each other. Intradasting.

Wasn’t sure what to expect out of Refn. There was a VERY GOOD documentary in the bonus of this Pusher disc called “GAMBLER”, (outstanding, arguably better than the actual movie!) which showed a review describing him as “The Danish Scorsese” which seems pretty accurate from view Pusher. It wasn’t too artsy, but it was just artsy enough. He really captured the tone well and added just enough humor. Gritty scumbag drug dealers is all it is. Nothing Fancy, but very fun, very entertaining. Not a high-minded premise, but fleshed out very nicely, very honestly. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and he succeeds in doing it. Dunno if I was expecting von Trieryness just because they’re both Danish, but Refn was way less artsy, way more…Scorseseish. Apparently Refn and LVT do not get along with each other.

The view connects readily with all of the characters, the acting is top-notch, especially from the main character Frank. Really a good job there. Not a slow or boring moment. Refn clearly has a Gift For Storytelling. One of the most memorable movies I’ve seen in months, as far as establishing an Auteur and his Style in my mind. I’d been on a serious Aki Kaurismaki kick, but I think I need something more Danish and less Finnish now, hahahaha. I tried to get into Fassbender but he hasn’t stuck in the same way Refn seems to be sticking. I need ADD entertainment, and Refn delivers this in an Intelligent Film Buff way, without being too artsy or Pointy-Headed. I’m gonna come right out and give Pusher an “A”, even though “A-” might be more appropriate over the long-term. I did front-load my queue with a bunch of Refnz. Except for “Drive,” hahaha.

And about the doc “Gambler”: It was not made BY Refn, although it seemed to be his style; it was 100% ABOUT him and gave a very intimate view of his life, that was not all phony and fake like a reality tv show. You really got to know and like and understand the subject. Refn, or “Jang” as his friends call him, not sure what that means.  But it’s a serious look at Refn’s Rise, Fall, and Rise Again, and gives an interesting look at Making Movies in Denmark. Apparently the State doesn’t give you Million$ to make big-budget filmz willy-nilly; there is a signif amount of personal risk, and this is embodied by Refn “The Gambler”, who went BANKRUPT making his Tryhard Movie “Fear X” after initial success with Pusher. Success and Failure. Plus he’s got a new baby at home. And a Wife. See the young Family dealing with Real Financial Problemz. Working with Banksterz, Attorneyz, and Accountants to get out of bankruptcy and pay back the 5 million danish kroner he owes to…I’m not sure to whom he owes it.

I was unaware of any of this, and did not know Pusher 1 was in 1996 and Pusher 2 was in 2005ish and Pusher 3 was a scant 4 MONTHS or so after p2. See, Pusher2 and 3 were part of his Plan to get out of bankruptcy. So there’s the internal conflict of, he doesn’t want to touch what made him famous just to Make Money, because he has Actual Auterish Integrity, but he HAS to make money, so he’s very concerned about making a GOOD sequel. A Main Motif/”joke” is, he’s popping alka-seltzers ALL THE TIME because he’s so stressed. I have no idea how you can Be Creative and Write a GOOD Movie when you’re under this much pressure. He’s worried, but he Pulls Through, he doesn’t fall apart, his True Believerhood in The Power Of Movies gets him through.

I’m not sure it would work this way in Hollywitz, where he wouldn’t bounce back from his initial commercial failure, and just get gobbled up by Bloodsuckerz, and become another Failed Filmmaker.

It was a decent length, at least an hour, when I was expecting a 20-30 minute “making of,” but no, this was a full-blown documentary, and a very-surprisingly good one at that. Made me even more interested in / sympathetic to Refn. Do NOT skip it.

He has Cannibal Holocaust and Texas Chainsaw Massacre posters in his Nice Danish Apartment, but he is not so much of a Myopic Horror Nut where Horror is his Main Thing. Indeed, Scorsese and Cassavetes seem to be even bigger influences. Capturing Really Real Reality, but not in a Reality TV way, or not in an Artsy way, or not in a Documentary way, but in his own way, and convincing the audience that This Is Reality. I have been Convinced Refn is the Real Deal, and worthy of the hype.

I hope his wife does not Take Him To The Cleaners now that he’s successful again and making money. But According to Wiki they have had a second child. I really liked the Home Life aspect of “Gambler”, that he was a “normal” guy with a wife and child (the child is much more important than the wife, OBVIOUSLY!) and not some virgin neckbeard human lampshade sociopath. Not that it takes anything above AVERAGE Social Skillz to Pull’N’Pound Pvssy, but some Film Types have Way-Below-Average Social Skills and couldn’t Pull Pvssy if their LIVES depended on it, and make up the Lowest Divisions of the Omega Hierarchy, like Comic Book Nerds and Computer Game Nerds and Otaku Nerdz. Not that I have anything particularly good to say about Refn’s WIFE, other than she hasn’t scammed’n’left him yet. But he is Really Cool right now. So Hot. But maybe he has a private reason to Trust Her, and for his sake, I hope he’s right about that. I certainly have no reason to trust her!


I liked it. Good sequel. Didn’t live in the shadow of the first. A-, maybe even A for consistency, in which case, #3 def gets an A, because that one is no worse than 2 or 1. This is not how Hollywitz makes sequels. Refn is exactly what Hollywitz needs. A guy with integrity, a True Believer in the Power of Film, who Goes His Own Way and makes Good, Solid Movies. Even when he’s trying to “milk a cash cow”, in this case, making more Pusher movies because he was desperate and bankrupt, he ended up making two great movies and rising like a phoenix such that right now he’s at the peak of his career.

P2 follows Tonny from Pusher 1. Didn’t know how this was gonna play out. IMHO it worked great. Each Pusher film follows one of the “side” characters from Pusher 1 rather than trying to make a “full-blown sequel” of events tacked onto P1. ALTHOUGH Frank from p1 was great and could have carried another Pusher film, although there’s talk of a Pusher 4, and given the trajectory, I wouldn’t mind it one bit!

If LVT and Kubrick are “Story” guys, then Refn is DEF a “CHARACTER” guy (although LVT has been a Character guy at some points, ie Dancer, Breaking, Dogville, ok a lot of the time haha.) ALL THREE of the main chars in p1 are very strong, thus when Tonny and Milo break off into their own movies, we get two more strong movies.


But I think I may have liked P3 a LITTLE better than P2 because: it was a bit darker, especially over the second half; AND I identify more with Slavs, even Southern/Balkan Slavs, than with Danes, even Trashy Gangster Danes. Just slightly. Reading KMac’s Preface to Culture of Critique avail on Cesar’s Appendix to Downfall of Western World where KMac argues that White Europeans have more individualism and less ingroup/outgroup distinction than more collectivist asian and middle eastern (You Know Who!) races. Meaning Whites are more race-blind, more accomodating, nicer, more trusting, etc. And Refn’s Denmark is a VERY “Multicultural” one. Another thing I liked. The subtext is that Immigrants Bring Crime and Drugs and Divide and Conquer Danes, and the Trashier Danes get involved with the Criminal Underworld, which is what Refn portrays exclusively in the Pusher Trilogy. Kinda “funny” to see White Vikings acting like Jersey Shore Douchebags, violent, stupid, sweatpants and stupid tattoos, years in prison, drug abuse, in P2 there is Welfare Mamas and Babies suckling off the teat of the generous Scandinavian Welfare State, and we ultimately see a society that doesn’t seem “Scandinavian” at all. Lots of Mixing with Balkans, Turks, Arabs, Albanians even! Albanians! This was in P3 and I quite liked that, because I’m obsessed with Albanians.

The guy who plays Milo, Zlatko Buric, is I THINK orig from Croatia; but his character Milo might have been intended to be Serbian or Macedonian. Not sure how different the Serbian and Croatian languages are, I thought they were pretty close. Pusher 3 has really very little spoken Danish in it, except, Ironically, when the Criminal Immigrants are trying often unsuccessfully to communicate with one another. The Serb Milo presumably speaks the best Danish (hard for me to tell, hahaha, in fact, I imagine The Average American Idiot wouldn’t even be able to TELL they’re constantly switching languages, haha), the “Pretty Boy” Albanian doesn’t, has to have the somewhat less pretty albanian translate; Milo speaks Serb or Croatian with his huge family and they are always kissing each other 3  times on the cheek; There’s even a POLISH guy in there trying to sell a young Polish woman to a maybe-Danish female pimp, all brought together by the Albanian scumbags.

Milo gets sucked into serving the Albanian Scumbags out of sense of honor to protecting his family, but ironically has to miss an important family event to be the Albanians’ B!tch, serving them in Milo’s own Serbian Crime Club. (Maybe he is Croatian because I thought Serbs and Albanians hated each other so much re the Kosovo thing, you can’t even have an Albanian and a Serb in the same room together without trying to kill each other.)

Milo has a musical, deep, booming voice which is a pleasure to listen to; and where he was more “villainous” in P1 in that he was the Ethnic Scumbag lording over the Danish Ne’er-Do-Well, at times being the Supernice Friend, but he had a Dark Side and was more than willing to electrocute Frank’s Nipples with Milo’s Co-Ethnic Brute Radovan – who also reappears in P3 in a great side role. Anyway, in P3, Milo is now the Good Guy who’s just trying to do the Right thing (despite being a huge heroin dealer), but he keeps getting screwed. He is 17 years older and looks it, a middle-aged Single Father trying to provide for his Daughter, who is a Huge Spoiled B!tch by the way. He’s still that Friendly Warm guy capable of godawful torture and violence, only now he’s older and more worried, very worried, and you see more of his own drug-using habit. Really fleshed out the Milo Character in a great way.

Indeed, it’s Milo’s sense of Honor (MRA’s might call it Foolish Chivalry and White-Knighting, even) that pushes him over the point of no return, and then the movie takes on its ultra-dark tone.

And Refn looks like a typical Lily-White Scandinavian, but has a nice Boyish Charm that makes him look younger than he is. Watch the extras. Yet he is not afraid to paint a picture of Multiculturalism that is not all Roses. Although I doubt he is even a Race Realist, hahaha. He’s just a “Naturalistic” filmmaker, hahaha. And he’s made a series of 3 films here that Are What Sequels Should Be, no going through the motions, every one fresh, good, unique, memorable, yet enough common ground to tie them in together: the characters, the stylized opening sequences with that catchy fun song and the shadowy faces, the Crime Underworld in Copenhagen, the Multicultis, etc.

I prob shoulda talked more about P2, but I just watched P3 last night hahaha. But P2 was nothing to sneeze at, no chopped liver, it was a fun and good movie too. But Zlatko’s performance in P3 really bowled me over. Refn has a Gift for making Great, Complex Characters, and finding the perfect actors to play them.

Watch any one of the Pushers, it’s better than what your Wimminz will pick for Movie Night. Use “Drive” if you have to with that pvssy f4gg0t b!tch Ryan Gosling who All Wimminz want to TIUTA from, and say it’s from the guy who made “Drive” before he sold out, hahaha.

I look forward to watching “Fear X” (at home right now!) and “Valhalla Rising.” And that other one about the british criminal with tom hardy (“Bronson”) ? Refn keeps busy!

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So Mindweapon sez : “There’s nothing White Americans yearn for more than a meaningful mission in life; for something to do that matters.” If you’re not comfortable with his “White” qualification, just imagine the word isn’t there, hahahaha. His suggestion is for suburban dwellers to grow livestock feed for meat farmers. This will develop a strong alliance between these groups.

We are Grasping at Straws trying to Cobble together such a transcendent Existential Purpose: by far, IMHO, most Tryhard Moderns do so with Careeeeeeeeeeeeer-Worship. A Much smaller group, namely men interested in Game such as myself, hahahahaha, attempt to do so making Chasing Young Tail our God. For better and worse. Somewhere in the vast middle there’s Religious people. (I daily desperately bargain, pray, & BEG to The LORD for deliverance from this very sucky evil demon; to magically/miraculously transform me from worshipping young Tail to worshipping HIM – it would be SUCH an improvement.)

Each of these Missions In Life is deeply flawed, with the Straight Religious one being the least so.

Be prob even slightly better just to live a Purely Selfish Life: Which combines the Best aspects of all three mentioned above. You want a good Careeeeeer but you don’t worship the careeeeer itself, you’re just doing it to give YOURSELF a comfortable living. And then you worship God so you don’t look like an UNGRATEFUL NARCISSIST. You get a harem of Young Tail to serve YOU and make YOU haaaaaaappy, but you never CHASE it slavishly.

But even this is all WAY too hedonistic and shallow. But it’s better than the above three, hahaha. I guess Pure Honest Religiosity (ie at least 2 StandardDevs ABOVE the Average, where your Faith compels you to choose a Relgious Vocation) would be better than the Hedonism avenue.

Others look to (White) Nationalism. I’m not 100% haaaaaaappy with that yet, would prefer a kind of American Exceptionalist Nationalism, albeit with stronger States’ Rights. Maybe. Mencius Moldbug and Nydwracu point out some probs with pure libertarianism and democracy.

OK, I was wrong, many Westerners clearly use FAMILY as their Purpose In Life. Establishing a strong Nuclear Family, taking care of them and your extended Fam where possible. Protect Your Kin. I do support this. Except, OF COURSE, where the Daddy State interferes and divides the Nuclear Family by giving one party therein a ton of incentive to dissolve said Family. If you want a Nuclear Family, at the very least, just don’t MARRY.

Every Wimminz Ever can avail herself of the “right” to a Nuclear Family because of her Golden Uterus, InDemandedness, & Reproductive Costs. In contrast, not all Capable Men desirous of a family can have one if they don’t exhibit Alpha Social Traits. The worst of the Beta Providers. As Professor Mentu says, EVERY Wimminz, even a 40-year-old one, can get a Beta Provider if they REALLY want one. He’s just gonna get Betaer as she gets older, but his MONEY won’t get more Beta!

IHMO we need to Steer our Cultural Values to support The Nuclear Family; will take a few generations; in meantime, I tentatively suggest that those Beta Men who would otherwise Marry Cougars & Get Cleaned Out REFUSE to do that and just become SINGLE FATHERS instead, bc IMHO what they want even more than “a wife” is CHILDREN. A FAMILY.


Not sure the Mathematical Implications, but I wonder if even 10% of Beta Providers Rejected Wives in favour of this new approach….that the World Would Be A Better Place.

So, be a Single Father. Of course you’ll still want SEX; just pursue it with a ROTATION of YOUNG TAIL!

Caveat: Don’t become a Single Father unless you’re prepared to be a DAMN GOOD FATHER.

Started digging into the Dr William Luther Pierce Audio Archive. Was surprised at how much I agreed with him (80%?) and how much he did not sound like a hateful, angry nutjob. Real Smart Guy!

Here’s a little Social Experiment For Men AND Women: For one week, unfollow or de-emphasize or “mute” the updates on your Fagcebook or Twitter from Wimminz; don’t do anything permanent they would notice and b!tch at you about, just MUTE them for one week and see how you feeeeeeel after not reading their bullcrap every day.

Conclusion: WIMMINZ ARE NOT CHILL. WIMMINZ ARE NO FUN. WIMMINZ ARE ANNOYING. WIMMINZ ADD NO MEEEEEEANINGFUL VALUE (other than possib helping you bang hotter wimminz after being seen as a man-who’s-socially-popular-with-wimminz)

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