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ネット右翼  , netto uyoku, net uyoku.

Heh. I had never heard of this before, until Vulture of Critique linked to me, and said that’s what I was. Anyway, go check out his blog, he seems like a good Ideas Man. I won’t link to him because I don’t like linking Bloggers and Forums right now, even when I DO like the blog, and indeed my first impression of VoC is pretty positive. heh. just type “vulture of critique” into a search engine. DuckDuckGo.

Well, he/You have a POINT, I do like to use Edgy Pictures to spice up an otherwise banal and boring blog, just because the Feds haven’t hauled me away YET,


I do seem to embrace Political Incorrectness esp Far-Right and Racialism with some enthusiasm, I do take “advantage” of the semi-“anonymity”, because I would never say these things under my real name, I DO write like a 13 year old girl with autism just because I CAN…..

But prob a good hacker, and i am not even a “script kiddie”, COULD find my real name a LOT easier than I think.

Prob I am ALREADY on a list – ALREADY being watched by Feds.

Just because I occasionally TALK about “THE J QUESTION.”

Anyway buddy, my first impression of YOU is pretty positive, I’m gonna have to take some time and read more of your blog.

What I’ve seen I like:

the idea of the net uyoku to describe….what exactly?….well, I like to THINK of myself being More Than An 3Edgy5U 4chan Teen, but more as a TRUTHSEEKER who happens to sometimes read 4chan. Some people on either Stormchan or 4chon were arguing like faggots about how “Red Pill” is not a good term to use, because it comes from a J-movie “The Matrix.” I don’t really have a prob with the term or idea of “RED PILL”, but I think “TRUTHSEEKER” is another good synonym.

Anyway Vulture, you DEFINITELY have a better grasp on Net Security than I do, hacking, privacy, etc. In one recent post you mention how a Net Uyoku is pretty amateur in their own Security skills, so they really aren’t enjoying as much anonymity as they/I think. And this is almost certainly correct, and def describes me, as my tech skills are godawful.

(Yeah I did find that 4chan archive site, by the way. heh yes it only took a 2 second search.)

And the second a hacker publishes my real name, I will delete this blog SO FAST, of course then the hacker will then immediately post the backup they made of this entire blog and be line, “BKC Realname Shoulda Learned To Be A Hacker, So Now I’m gonna End whatever Career he has now, and forever into the Future. I Am Going To, in this way, Figuratively Murder BKC.”

Which would not be too cool, obviously.

In short, learning Hacker/Security skills could only benefit me, and my ignorance can only hurt me. Us.

I have taken some “Computer Science” courses, but when I saw what my competition was – people that have coded hours and hours  and hours a day For FUN for years and years and years – and I’m still on Babby’s First Learning Curve for C++ right now, I decided to quit while I was ahead, ie light years BEHIND. It would be more feasible to learn SOCIAL skills, and make more money in SALES.

However, I am prob better at Coding C++ than a 13 Year Old Girl, I got an A in C++ 2, and I AM aware of “The Deep Web” or “Darknet” or .onion sites and have used it TWO TIMES with TOR, heh.  Babby’s First. Total Newb. And again the Newbishness does not help The Net Uyoku, perhaps they/we/I am just offering our own heads on a silver platter.

So thanks for introducing me to that term “net uyoku” and I look forward to reading what you have to say about These People.

As someone who has been in or around The Manosphere for years, it’s interesting to see where it’s going. Several years ago, I was real big on MRA and MGTOW and ghosting and such. Barbarrossssaaaaa and Stardusk and all those guys. But I was of course still interested in Game. I remember about 3 years ago there was a “Big Dust Up” between Gamers and MRAs. I laughed and said this is st00pid as f00k, why don’t they see you can be both.

And Vulture I am 100% with You on what you see as Game being Short-Sighted, and that there are much more important things in life than Sex, and that the spiritual life is the highest life. I agree. And this is why I have moved away from strictly “Manosphere” stuff at this time. I do have quite a spiritual and even downright RELIGIOUS streak in me.

And then I stumbled across Eradica and it was probably Ryu who first got me thinking about Racial stuff, and then Counter Currents and Mindweapons and David Duke and KMac more or less Sealed the deal for me there.

And now goes Federal Agents to BUST Ryu and Mindweapon right now. I HOPE Not!

I have never been busted, have never even received a threatening email from my ISP, never been interrogated by the FBI. I guess the main thing is that IT’S POSSIBLE, and that I never really encourage anything too extreme here….although ZOG thinks that just saying WORDS like ZOG IS Extreme.

Anyway. Basically the Man/Woman, Game, Sex etc stuff didn’t go FAR enough for me, did not provide a satisfyingly broad worldview, and RACE does. In a nutshell.

I am kinda bored by Game but I can see how many would not be. IMHO, all of Game can be summed up in two words: BE MASCULINE.

And I think Being Masculine can only HELP men in EVERY facet of their lives, be it decadent one-night stands with harlots, traditional monogamous long-term rels with the Mother of Your Children, help you succeed and advance in your Career, etc. Men were Born To BE MEN.

And that is real boring stuff, and that is why I have a Babbling Blog and not a Sweeeeet 30k a year Professional Journalism Career at The Daily Caller, hahahahahahahaahahaha.

So yeah Vulture, I HEAR YA.

So I’m not the only person who started out in “The Manosphere” and now is Graduating To Bigger and Better things. There are probably a few others in this Graduating Class from Man Stuff to Race Stuff, or just general “Truth” stuff.

The name “Vulture of critique” makes me think you probably think favorably of Prof K-Mac. Heh. At this point I think quite favorably of him too!

But in terms of 4chan not being “super mainstream like Reddit or Facebook,” (heh way quote me when I sound the MOST like a 13 year old Girl!) while it’s true an avg “normalfag” has never even HEARD of “goatse” for example, I suppose 4chan is like its OWN “mainstream”, and it could very well be a HONEYPOT.

Anyway, I am glad I’m not the only “blogger” reading 4chan. And you are probably way less crazy than me. I am trying to Un-Crazy myself so I can Be A Better Man, basically.

Keep your Eyes Open and continue developing your Net Uyoku framework!

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[ dec 2012: gotta do “flashbacks” every 2 OR 3 days just to clear these out. Long Term Strategy. I’ve concluded 600 words is best length for average post.  will “pretty much” have to post one every day then. now some of these flashbacks are longer bc I wrote them well before making the 600 word rule. like this one from oct 04 2012. note to self, should do a Previous Blog Grecycle Post again, hahaha. ]

[april 2013: and i will be doing april 2013 commentary too, because alot of this Time Machine Sh!tpost is very representative of the MORAL K CANCER I was SUFFERING from at the time, and gratefully since have been cured of.

this is one part of a three-part series I had done back then glorifying Betas. Kinda presenting My Own Positive Definition of Beta. But everybody has their own definition of “Beta”, so You can spin it whatever way you want, good or bad.

Whenever a Time Machine Post like this slips out, I will TRY to do some quick Real-Time Live Commentary to show what has changed since then. Heh. Things have gotten a Lot Better All Around since my Racial Awakening!

so just assume everything and anything with these Square Brackets around it is Real Time Live Commentary from whatever month it actually is.]

I Will always have great sympathy for Betas because I used to be the world’s WORST Beta. No Fake. I can top them all. Supplicating, Needy, Orbiting, etc. I’ve been there. Manny lifetimes ago, I once almost BEGGED a (Brahmizog K!ke) Whore for a HUG because I was upset about her cutting me off, which it only took the slightest whiff of Action to get me to Fall In Pedestalizing Luv.

[this is why Betas need to hammer out an Early Termination Penalty of X0 Bangs, so the Decadent HamsterWimmin knows there are Consequences to Actions, hahahahaha. Back in the Good Old Days, a Wimmin would be severely frowned upon if she Dumped A Guy shortly after starting S’ual Relations with him. This only makes sense! And when then Converse happens with Today’s Betas, it’s troubling. But easily fixable with this Early Termination Bangs Negotiation!]

There’s a “GAPING WOUND” for a Little While after that (not really! that is an overstatement by Your Haters and Shamers), but just because you can objectively, coolly say that someone is a Whore doesn’t mean you STILL have a Gaping Wound, despite what Feminist Marxist Whores say! Don’t ever LISTEN to what they SAY.

I drill it into YOUR head, because I needed it drilled into MY head to overcome Beta, and I still benefit from the drilling. Red Pill Drilling.

Not 100% sure where betas get their disney fairy tale white knight princess pedestalizing from. Disney cartoons? Mainstream TV/Movies usually portray Whores riding the c0k carousel as without consequences, and betas as comedy relief. Maybe it’s the occasional movie where The Nerd

Gets The Girl in the End, but aren’t these movies not so frequent anymore? (see later [way earlier!] post; I argue Modern SWPL MUSIC is totally faggy; and I got my betaness from Blaq Jewish ZOG Sentimental – though genuinely beautiful & nonfaggy-

Motown Balladz like “My Girl”.) Maybe Betas don’t even NEED any outside influence to teach them to pedestalize wimminz, because Young Men have a Natural Beta Urge to Commit To One Special Wimminz, IF, when they were an adolescent, they didn’t have access to unlimited teen pvssy. So they’re “coming from a place of” (now there’s a great fag phrase along with “pretty much” and “kinda” [i personally coined the term Fagspeak(tm BKC)] ) PVSSY SCARCITY. SCARCITY.

So when they spend 5 minutes with a wimminz who they can’t tell within 5 minutes how big of a whore she is & how EASY she gives it up for Alphas, of COURSE they NATURALLY want to Pedestalize her.

[on music: even rather MASCULINE musicians eg Tom Waits offer a pretty tender, Beta, PEdestalized, Idealized, Beautiful, Pure version of True MOnogamous Love in some songs.  therefore The Ideal Man is a Blend of Alpha and Beta, striking a balance, a ratio, i’ve said this before. IE Manly Alpha men should not be Scawed Of Wuv for the dumb reason that it might make them

more faggy, less manly, then they will pull less of their precious pvssy, all because of Bad Beta Wuv makes you faggy and feminized. That is some K SpergHamster Neckbeard Kissless Virgin “logic” there. Don’t be Scawed Of Wuv, but don’t give it away FO FREE like a Betaboy or a Spreader Neither.]

Whores like Echzmma Watzon. Because they don’t LOOK like whores, they still have that innocent teen face that looks like it’s never even SEEN a c0k before, let-alone been BLASTED-ON by MANY with photo evidence to prove it. Looks can be VERY deceiving.

“OMG you’re such a HATER! You HATE WIMMINZ! You’re a Wimminz-Hater!”

Wrong! I have great DISGUST for Avg Wimminz and the immorality they promote. We HAVE to Take A Stand and Speak Truth To This Disgusting Normalization of Immorality! We Have to say “NOT OK!” when increasingly Our Leaders and Betters and Teachers and Friends and Otherwise Well-Meaning People are saying “yes that’s fine! nothing wrong with that!”

[april 2013 : yep, not very cool how The K had turned me against MY OWN women here. But that’s what the K DOES. the objective factual truth about women, though, is that they are gullible and easily influenced, so you just have to get to them and influence them BEFORE the Immoral International Plutocrats do!]

. [ok go take a break, the Live Commentary added in has made this post Too Long for One Post…..











aaaaaand here’s yer fun picture of the post…







. PART 2: ]

But Prob one day as I get older and Wiser, I will stop getting so Emo about Individual Wimminz doing Whore Things, just say “Cest La Vie,” Enjoy The Decline Poolside, while still of course condemning the Widespread Moral Decay that promotes this Whory.

[WRONG. you can’t enjoy something while morally condemning it. you fight to save those worth saving. But I HAVE become less Emo McGee, Thank You!]

ANNNDDD My Hot-Blooded Slavic Libido Requires A LOT to satisfy. Until I have A Rotation of At LEAST 30 Solid 8’s, I will be Getting Mad about Whores Being Whores. All the more incentive to work on that HUGE Harem of Quantity AND Quality. Then the sooner I can do IMPORTANT things for The Future. It’s pretty hard to get mad about one wh0re refusing your d!ck when you’ve got another hotter, younger wh0re on your d!ck.

[april 2013: slavic=white libido does NOT require such a decadent, excessive, pornographic number to satisfy it. see, in oct 2012 i was still infected by The Poison. i would think 2 or 3 prime-of-youth women at any given time would be MORE than enough for any healthy white man. No need to go OVERBOARD, don’t let your interest in sex KAHNTROL your mind, don’t let it HARM your relz with the potential mothers of your children]

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. That’s enough for today, time to read some blogs, Brocrastinate on Hoework and CareeeeeeeeeerSearch. HAVE A NICE DAY.

Betas: HELL YEAH You’re ENTITLED to be ANGRY! The Whore you’re in LOVE with & would change your LIFE for, but who keeps coming up with dumb excuses not to hang-out with YOU, despite you being in LOVE with her for a YEAR, has DRUNKENLY TAKEN IT UP THE 4SS FROM A GUY SHE ONLY KNEW FOR A FEW MINUTES.

Note: That doesn’t mean you’re entitled to use VIOLENCE against her, but it DOES mean you ARE entitled to Sex from her, just as is basically every/any man, and so thus you’re well within your rights to be a little frustrated and say wtf when she DOESN’T give you that sex within a few minutes.

[apr2013: at that time i was not fully on “my race thing”, AND I was much more obsessed with Sex, and failed to recognize the rel between Sex and Race, namely, don’t hate on women of your race even if they have been corrupted by the bolshevik khazar christkiller. try, within reason, to convert them back, grieve within reason for their lost soul, but don’t let the hate distract YOU from YOUR missions. leave the dead weight at the side of the road.]

ALWAYS hold Whores to that standard: the SHORTEST length of time / SMALLEST amount of Effort it took for them to Get F00ked. So men with better GAME are entitled to MUCH, MUCH shorter/smaller periods? I’d argue they are entitled to Relatively shorter/smaller, but that this should be adjusted along a CURVE: say your game is 50 times worse than the guy who banged her in 5 minutes. So then YOU get to bang her

in 250 minutes, between 4 and 5 hours, NOT never. NOT BAD UH? Besides, Game isn’t even the only factor: there’s alcohol and her HAMSTER and Social Setting to consider, and EACH of those are at LEAST as important as Game: 25/25/25/25. And it’s not likely that Beta Game

is over FIFTY Times worse than Alpha game, or whatever it would take to “justify” languishing in the gayzone for a YEAR: your game would then have to be like 9,000,000,000 times worse than Alpha, and that just does not compute.

[remember betas: friends don’t put friends in the friendzone, because the friendzone crushes souls, and friends don’t crush friends souls. and although betas are being faggy by “falling into” the friendzone by not sacking up and having bad game, the wimmin are MORE to blame for being so blind OR narcissistic such as to not shut down this pathetic, faggy beta supplication. it doesn’t take a she-genius to recognize

when even the biggest Gameless Kissless Virgin is Interested in them. But then some Jified Elite She-Journalists go out of their way to mischaracterize the KV’s as Not Really Liking Them, which does a grave disservice to the KV’s and their feeeeelz. Don’t Let Liars Lie About You. And Don’t Be Faggy and Weak and Scawed of Goils.]

As long as there are Men Marrying Whores, or even voluntarily entering into what they think are monogamous longterm rels with whores, or men TRUSTING whores, I will be talking about how immoral whores are. So as to SAVE Men from them. Moral Decay = Social And Societal Decay.

[that is, i had a big game, mra, manosphere, and sex angle Way Back Then 7 months ago hahahaha, now, NOT SO MUCH. There are much, much, much more important things in life than YO D!CK and B4NGIN B!TCHEZ & HO3Z. Like finding someone you can Trust and Get Along With to be a Good Mother to Your Children.]

[nowadays I might even be backing off of Strict Monogamy Being Best for Whites, and considering the theory that PERHAPS a SMALL, Nondecadent number of wives would work best for A Sizeable Minority of whites.]

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[live april 2013: yes this is another old post. from at LEAST 6 months ago, prob 9.  slowly weeding these out, except for the Movie Posts. so far. not sure why these are so acceptable.]

WEIRD movie maaaannnn. Not BAD though. Had some real bad parts and blue-pill beta themes and a big identity crisis & left turns, but ultimately still watchable and funny and enjoyable and scads better than the average Raunch Comedy – surprised it didn’t do better financially.

First, “I hope they serve beer in hell” is a terrible name: clunky, misleading, plus I always associate Tucker Max with Vodka Red Bullz, when he gets Tucker Max Drunk(tm.)

TM was my very first introduction to Game and “The Manosphere” before we even had Names for this stuff. It was 2005 and I was reading Kevin Solway’s classic “Misogyny Unlimited” and also discovered TM at that time, and found his writing fun and hilarious. By 2006 his book was out, at that time it was a New Thing for Bloggers to get Book Deals, and I bought the book IHTSBIH, still thinking the name was bad. But it was a fun read.

He’s a Smart Guy but doesn’t offer any Penetrating Red Pill Analysis, he just gets drunk and bangs sluts. I wanted to see where this empty hedonism would take him. Last I heard, he’d “sold out” and now wants to settle down with a Low-Number Wife, which is understandable; but this could well be a hoax.

[clarification: i don’t consider it “selling out”, i would considering it an awakening/enlightenment for max, a higher purpose in life beyond debauchery. cannot find fast evidence he is a J. he is one of those who, judging the book by its cover, could go either way. khazar suspicion, hahaha. “half”-J. who knows. obv his behavior – his fiat dollar bernanke butthexing MAKES him J, so until he repents for that, he will be a huge antiwhite philosemite! jerking off POOLSIDE while Our People and Our Country go down the CRAPPER! ]

Soon after, 2007 or 8, I discovered Roissy and the rest was history.

The movie is NOT based on the book, which is basically just posts/short stories of unrelated events. The movie attempts to create A Story. A Raunchy Buddy Comedy. Tucker’s friends Dan and Drew are just as big a part of the story as Tucker. Surprised there, but pleasantly: IMHO the CharDev for all chars was surprisingly deep, or at least convincing.

Drew was obv my favourite and the main reason to see the movie: a TOTAL MISOGYNIST who thinks ALL women are Whores because his Fiance Cheated on him. He spends 90% of his screen time talking about “Whore Logic” (Real Bad Hamster), saying pretty Red Pill Things, but interspersed with Creepy Violent Stabby things, which, while still funny, might mischaracterize Red Pill men as Violent Woman-Haters. Says some Great, True, Right-on, teach-your-children things about “Whore Logic”, but then he goes and sez something

head-shake-inducing about disemboweling cheating whores or sommat. SPOILER: he gets his “redemption” by falling in LOVE with a STRIPPER and he becomes a FATHER FIGURE to her bastard son. YIKES. We didn’t need to go THAT far to show that he’s a Good Guy at heart. He could have just volunteered as a Big Brother, or become a Single Father. He starts out hating her of course, until she challenges him at FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER VIDYA GAYMZ, because Strippers can beat men at video games and are smart and can do anything a man can do and she was named after a “FAMOUS MEXICAN INTELLECTUAL” hahahahaha, etc. Kinda hilarious, but kinda insidious too.

Now, Tucker Max co-wrote the screenplay, which is good considering I didn’t want outside influences tampering with his “work.” And he’s enough of a smart4ss so that he might not be taking this beta blue-pill PCery seriously. Of course, anyone who makes a movie sells out to some degree, and TM’s already sold-out to Bernanke and Blankfein anyway, so, not expecting him to be a man of Total Red Pill Integrity!

But if you can get past these sickening, disgusting, blue-pill Slave Mentality Tropes – and I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t! – you’ll find a surprisingly enjoyable movie. Just don’t take it too seriously or expect too much. Reading his stories is still much better. He also makes a cameo appearance. Would have liked to have him play himself but they guy they found is pretty good and has a Slavic-sounding name, good for Slavs! Don’t change your name for Weinsteinz! Although this was produced by the Richard Kelley Donnie Darko company. Not that he’s done anything good SINCE Donnie Darko! There’s also a short appearance by “Timothy Ferriss” as one of the cops who arrests Tucker’s friend Dan, the spelling of the last name really makes me wonder if that was “The Tim Ferriss” whose famous book I should buy already. It is not unreasonable that he would be buddies with Max.

Tucker Max HAS to be a You-Know-Who, because what kind of surname is “Max” anyway. I can see how some might view him as a Traitor or Running Interference, but I don’t care at this point. And with the blue-pill-serve-your-master themes of the man white-knighting for the wh0re, the other man enjoying the beauty of MARRIAGE, I should dislike this movie a lot more, but I didn’t. I credit the “Heart” of the characters and the theme of Male Friendship. I wasn’t expecting any of that. So, B final grade.

[fair warning: i have a huge 600,001 word “review” of season 2 of the FILTH show “girls”, and might post that. will do a Live 1000 word post pretty soon too.  BE strong and protect yourself and your fam from the J Poison, & do not accept the disgusting “values” of Tucker Max or Girls.]

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here’s another 2-parter. yes the title is a joke as right now I Am “A MODERATE” and here I pretty much kinda essentially basically moderately defend that, hahaha.

on eradica they are talking about the downfall of the manosphere, and of course ryu is saying good riddance to these weak, whining faggots, they will make good SLAVES, if they can’t take a teensy weensy bit of abuse now. And then he linked to Complementarian Loners, who are shutting down, and made some derogatory remark about them being cowards and weaklings too scared or ignorant to confront the REAL Big Picture which is, of course, Race and Jews and Demography.

I was a bit insulted by proxy because I always liked CL and if they’re cowards then I’m a bigger coward. Heh. Ryu might even be better at ruffling feathers than Firepower. However right now I am lucky to read two blogs a day, and those are Eradica and Mindweapons. YOU’RE WELCOME, hahahahaha. I just don’t have the time and energy to read tons of blogs, YES, I have a jam-packed RSS Reader which is PRETTY well-organized.

And then I just learned (well, I was reminded of) that the PUA/Game Blogger Social Kenny has a very big personality and takes credit for getting blogs shut down. I’m not sure exactly what this means. Usually it involves “race-baiting” and “them provoking him first.” Then SK says they are racists and then their site mysteriously disappears or they shut it down. What I HOPE is not going on, and I am NOT saying SK is doing this, and I hope that NOBODY would do this; but Theoretically, you could complain to WordPress Staff that so-and-so is a Racist and made Racist remarks towards a Person Of Color, and that would certainly be enough for a WordPress Employee to Pull The Plug, and immediately Your Racist Blog has been deleted.

This could certainly happen to Widdle Ol Me I suppose. Anyway MY point is, I don’t understand all these people pulling their blogs even voluntarily. Are they too discouraged by hostile comments? Then be a coward like me and close comments, hahaha. Are they discouraged by Decreasing Traffic, that they can’t reach a large enough audience? Well, as some blogger said, you can’t EXPECT to REACH a lot of people with “Red Pill” Material, be it Soft Starter Red Pill of Anti-Feminism, or Hard Final Red Pill of Race Realism or Anti – Zionism. Yeah, you’ll reach the most people doing Straight Game stuff like Roosh, just because tons of 26-year-old Sperg Virgins want to Learn How To Get Laid, more people than are interested in Racialism or even “Men’s Rights.”

But my main purpose for Writing is It’s A Fun Addiction for me. I always wrote a ton before there were even Blogs, ever since I was a Wee One, an ACTUAL Kid, hahaha. It was a Serious Hobby, always has been, always will be; rather than have it be “An Addiction”, I am constantly struggling with it, rather than letting it control me. And when it’s going well, the result is Good Writing and for me, Haaaaaappy Feeeeeeelingz.

I was looking for the implication that The Feds or Jackbooted ZOG Thugs were Throwing Crimethink Blogs into the Memory Hole etc, imprisoning bloggers for Blogging, state police fighting the Free Speech of Citizens, etc. Yes Free Speech is a Big Deal, even in First World Countries like ENGLAND or GERMANY you can get IMPRISONED for TALKING about the HOLOCAUST. Like if I were living in England or Germany I would have second thoughts about even WRITING that sentence!

Ryu said something very provocative commenting on the final entry of CL, telling the authors there that if they were REALLY worried about their Children and their Children’s Futures, they would be worried more about the Country these children will live in. What good is turning inward and raising good children, if they are just going to get Slaughtered By The State?

And then I thought of why guys like Ryu or FP or Chechar are so meeeeeeean to people they probably have a lot in common with, rather than saving this venom for the Real Enemies; and then I figured that it’s USELESS to use Verbal Venom against your Real Enemies – do you think you’re actually gonna Change THEIR minds and convince them of anything? Best to protect yourself against them. (Heh. I “almost” said “and fight them in other ways”.) So it’s better to find the proverbial chinks in the armor, what you perceive as weaknesses on YOUR side, and try to convince THEM and radicalize them. Maybe he’s trying to Shock and Offend them into Action.

Me personally I don’t associate Moderation with Weakness. “Because you’re a Conciliatory Coward who WOULD sell-out your Race just for three hots and a cot, and willingly TIUTA from your Multicultural Marxist Masters so long as they gave you Creature Comforts and didn’t throw you in the Gulag or Gas Chamber!”

But WHY would Moderates be Weak? WHY is it better being mean to people on your side than people not on your side? Because you’re TESTING the people on your side to see if they’re STRONG or WEAK, because you want Strong people on your side, and Weed Out The Weak? I guess that’s the motivation. In that case, I’m not really on the side of the people I thought I was on the side of; Weak People are on No One’s Side.

For example, either Ryu or FP was Talking Smack about Captain Capitalism, and I thought, WHOA the Cap’n is a pretty Kewl Dude, why would you diss him like that? And why do I care so much what RYU and FIREPOWER say in their MEAN COMMENTS and who they like and who they don’t like??

Heh. Prob because like I said, Eradica is one of my top go-to sites. The articles are good and real eye opening. Even sometimes the comments Value Add when they’re not Bashing Other Bloggers who don’t think 100% the same things they do, hahahaha.

continued in part 2…


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LONG POST WARNING: 1290 Words. You can read just the first 700 if you want cause I don’t wanna raep u. But it honestly Maintains Cohesion for 1290. Otherwise I would have broke it up into two posts.


Outstanding book, book of the year. Maybe. Not really for its writing quality, which IS pretty good, but just for its honest, real-as-f00k red pill tone. This book will elevate Frost to my All Time Faves in the Blogroll. We might not agree on everything, but certainly at least 90%, and I had an increased sense of respect for him after reading this, not that I didn’t respect him already. Yeah, he’s not a WN or a Far-Rightist, but it doesn’t matter because he still has a ridiculously good head (hehe) on his shoulders. He & his writing is INSPIRING and ENERGIZING for me at a time when even WN and Far Rightism is interesting, but not as Energizing. Plus he’s not all about banging tail. Indeed, he’s found a Happy Medium between Total Cynicism and Total Betaness, and, like me, is open to the idea of Monogamous, Old-Fashioned Love & Mother of your Children. (with a Low-Number Woman, OF COURSE!) I would encourage everyone to read his blog and this book I might even borrow out to friends. I like that he spends a great deal of time on Physical Health and Financial Health, and honestly no more than 20% of the (short) book (“read” it all in “Pretty much” one sitting). He provides a rock-solid case for the Paleo Diet, indeed made me want to Paleo-up my diet Immediately. It’s not hard! Just stop eating bread/grains/flour and sugar!

Plus he has a great honest red-pill worldview about how Our World is In Decline and it’s up to us Red Pill Men to recognize this and save it. When a 25 year-old Young Man can give better, sounder, Life Advice that your parents, your teachers, your professors, your managers, your doctors, your scientists, your politicians and leaders, Frost argues, you know the world has arrived in hell. Very powerful book, no political or race talk, just great fighting words on how to fix your life and then begin to fix the world around you, which he would hopefully agree is a good next step, but this book doesn’t really focus on that. Because you do need to fix yourself before you can help the world. He also makes the sterling argument that until you get your Sex Needs Fulfilled, you’re always gonna be obsessed with Pvssy Pvssy Pvssy, and until you get that Monkey off your back with Regular Good Tail Whenever You Want, It’s hard to figure out the path your life should take, because your number one goal before then is always Pvssy Pvssy Pvssy. I can relate, Brother! Plus he has a great red pill perspective on Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz and Kolliges and Status and Class, basically boils down to, f00k that stupid sh!t, go  your own way.

Alot of the stuff you can find on his website, but for me IMHO, I like having Books and stuff often sinks in better when I read it On Paper as I’m Relaxing in Bed. Hence why I often Printed Out Blogs. This stuff is so Good it deserves to be printed out. If you’re a Young Man or even a Not-Young-Anymore Man looking for a Role Model of How To Live in this totally f00ked-up world, you can choose a LOT worse of a Role Model than Frost!

Plus he’s very chill and positive and not overly angry. Prob from all his meditation and Chinese Religion, hahaha. No I like Meditation. Frost is right in my W-Haus.

Buy this book, or at least read his website undistracted for a few hours, and run tell your blue-pill friends. I should really move him up to my Blogroll first tier RIGHT NOW.

The ONE SINGLE thing I MIGHT wish were a little different, though, is that Frost was never a Huge Neckbeard Basement-Dwelling Omega Butthurt Creeper Virgin Loser. He stopped being a pot-smoking loser in 7th grade (!!!!) and then COASTED through high school, getting high school tail without being a tryhard, coasting through college getting college tail without trying hard. Most Betas can’t relate to that. And THEN, to top it all off, he got a SWEET, CUSHY GOV’T JOB where he was working UNDER 40 hours a week, great benefits, great salary, and mind-numbingly EASY, stress-free work, where the biggest stressor was, you had to remember to get up and walk around or you’d turn into a fat seacow like everyone else in their cubicles. When, at THAT time, when he had Achieved Full Success, he got a bout of Existential Angst and decided to Change His Life 180. So his QUIT his GREAT JOB, lived in Thailand for a year, and practiced being An Entrepreneur, which he’s still doing, but he’s saved up enough money and minimized his expenses that he doesn’t NEED to work.

Many of us are so bottomed-out and desperate that we would kill ourselves trying to get into the sweet position Frost was in, when he decided to “throw it all away!” And it’s not like he wasn’t getting a Rotation of Tail at that time either!

But, a minor quibble, because Frost can’t help that he was never really a REAL Loser! Plus most Natural Winners become Soft Blue Pill guys in their adulthood, and Frost did the exact opposite, so kudos on that!

Made me want to go out and buy Expensive Organic Steak!

Also presents the interesting idea of, don’t even watch NEWS or read Newspapers. Made me think of how I am sorta getting tired/disenchanted with Fox News. Too watered-down, Zogged-down, hahaha, not Pure Rightist enough. Frost said, just take a couple of hours before voting and then do some serious research, and you can save yourself many hours from watching Negative News every day, and use that time to Make Yourself Better. Not that Your Vote Even Matters Anyway! Just cut out an hour of crap tv watching per day, go to BED one hour earlier, be better rested and healthier.

And then I thought, hell, even SLEEPING would be better for me than watching even Sorta-Right News! For my News Needs, I could go straight to the Ultra-Right and New-Right Editorialists and antiMarxist Bloggers I respect!

you see some herb or wh0re JOGGING, that’s a symptom of total blue-pill slavery. And what about the WIMMINZ who LIKE to Jog A LOT? MARATHONS?? Just lift Big455 heavy weights until you’re exhausted a couple times a week.

So if MEN can Take The Red Pill, maybe WOMEN can eventually take the Red Pill TOO? Perhaps, but they’re DEF on diff time scales. So WHEN will Wimminz decide that the status quo sucks, and then find the Red Pill? Will they ever? Or will they just turn to the Hamster of Eat Pray Love, &Divorce Theft, &Marrying The Gov’t? Will the Gov’t have to stop enabling Wimminz and their Hamsterz BEFORE Wimminz will take the Red Pill? In other words, will Govt Go Broke and Society Go Into Violent Revolution & Nuclear War and by the time Wimminz DO take the red pill, it will be post-armageddon and we’ll all be back to the Paleolithic anyway?

Wimminz prob have an inchoate hunger for the Red Pill right after the Hit The Wall and start getting scared and desperate. Unfortunately, they often take The Coma-Dose Blue Pill and go past the point of no return (Eternal Hamster, Divorce Theft, Materialistic Housewives, Cougards, EatPrayLuv, Denial-Til-Death, Cat Ladies) and never wake up.

Since Men have to Work for Work and Sex, and often run into Big Problems Relatively Early with these things in their day-to-day lives, they understandably WANT ANSWERS. “The” Red Pillz IS those answers. Scary Answers that can be hard to swallow, but you’re ultimately much better for learning The Truth.

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Might tie this one in with my “about” page since it applies to this whole “blog”. Occasionally I like to Flatter myself by giving unnecessary explanations, clarifications, and disclaimers about my BLOGGING, haha.

Had my first “brush with the big boys” recently, as I was reblogged by my new favourite blogger Firepower. I got pretty excited, because I’d just discovered his blog in the past WEEK through his comment on Roissy’s recent post on Beta Seating Postures (heh). Been trying to read more blogs lately, next step to reading more books, better use of my time than writing nonsense or watching movies. My RSS reader is very disorganized but I started adding more new blogs anyway, and started Following more blogs w the WordPress “Follow”, Ithink that’s how he found ME.

Then I got nervous. Seeing how he ruthlessly mocks Brandon-bloggers, I knew I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. Would be uncomfortable, bc no-one likes being called stupid by someone they would call smart, especially since my own Blogging Style atm Superficially seems quite Stupid, ADD, GreatBooksForMen, Teenage Girlish, Glib, Underclass-Raised-on-Vidya-Games, etc. Fiddling while Rome Burns, not getting it, distracted by trivialities, dumbed-down-to-meaninglessness, can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear (I like that phrase haha)

He shreds other bloggers I like, calling them stupid, plagiarizers, hypocrites. I don’t get offended by much, but I would not like being called those things!

I like reading big comment threads where they really get into it, but there’s usu so much nastiness  I never wanted to PARTICIPATE in them. Blame my Beta Sensitive Ego.

So, rather than being all coy and disingenuous and Hypocritical in the sense of: why even have the OPTION of comments If I don’t WANT people leaving impolite comments, I am now going to CLOSE COMMENTS for a trial period of 3 months (just because this is my standard Trial Period for almost everything) while I try to figure out what the Real Purpose of this blog even IS. Right now it’s just seat of my pants, thinking out loud, processing what I read, figuring opinions out, all while amusing myself and anyone who chooses to be amused by it. I like the “helping men” bit, but I’m still not sure HOW I’m gonna do that. Teaching by example? Don’t do what I did? Don’t want to self-deprecate TOO much, haha.

on the off-chance a reader REALLY wants to talk to me, which they should really only do if they want to offer me a Bigboy JOB, or have a serious-but-fun discussion of The Issues, or recommend good books, they can do it privately by EMAIL:

bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at the domain of: y mail daht kom.  not even sure if wordpress has a private message feature, but one could use that too.

I’m flattering myself to think he would spend so much time on Little Old ME, but of course he would find plenty of fodder here, and he’s done Blog Reviews which are hilarious, but again, you don’t want to BE That Guy!

I don’t understand being so mean to people who might not be THAT ideologically different from you. Or ARE they? My first impression is that people like Ferdinand/IMF or Piggy or Dalrock and their readers are very open to The Red Pill. But the Red Pill involves many different things over which hairs could potentially be split. Not everyone shares the same opinion on some of the Racial stuff, for example. And I certainly don’t expect to agree with even my allies all of the time! If I agree with somebody “only” 70%, I say, D4mn, that’s pretty GOOD! And consider them as on “my side.”

However, I concede that Firepower has read many, many more books than I, and has indeed given me some new books to put on my Wish List (eg Robert Bork); and has forced me to think more deeply on Blogging itself. Just trying to understand his meanness. The ratio of me-liking-his-ideas To me-grimacing-at-his-meanness is the most pronounced of any blogger I’ve come across in recent memory. I can understand being mean to Leftists, Feminists, Marxists, Parasites, The Dumbest of the Dumb – but to people who seem more open-minded or at least more in agreement with more of your “side”? – then I can’t understand the hair-splitting. But there might be some personal vendettas on both sides. Don’t know. Got more reading to do.

So I’m shutting down comments for 3 months (approximately, haha), to not even give the IMPRESSION that I welcome comments, because while I WOULD welcome complimentary, polite comments, that’s not a real productive debate. there’s no chance to learn anything that way. But I don’t want to INTERACT with people right now, so, it’s more honest to not even GIVE that impression. If someone wants to nicely give me reading suggestions, compliments, or Jobs, they can email me.

And I guess if you REALLY wanted to call me names, you could use TWITTER.

I do intend to keep regularly posting ADD-ish, Internet Tuff Guy (but one-sided!) Opinions, Mouth-Frothing Hyperbole, just because doing that much is really FUN.

So check out Firepower’s Blog if you want some interesting reading. Can’t guarantee you’ll LIKE it, but you won’t forget it. I’ve been very stimulated by what I’ve read, even if I have reservations about some of his interactions with other bloggers!

Have a good weekend, if you can’t be Super Intelligent at least be Medium Intelligent, and you’ll probably still be safely above average. And don’t take sh!t from people.

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This post is worth $20 cash in your pocket. At least. A Crisp Jackson. This is my quick estimation of the Cost/Value Time and Skill required to write a post of This Quality. Now I’m not charging you prices comparable to a Legal or Medical Professional, not least of all because I’m not sure Blogging is as inherently valuable a skill. But I would say it’s definitely above Minimum Wage, if only slightly. I know there’s Over 9000 Google Search result pages listing Writers For Hire who will write posts for less than $20 a pop. And on actually important topics. And probably better quality: more “professional” looking for your business reports and whatnot. No sentence fragments, pure MLA, APA, Strunk and White, revisions, proofread, etc. None of this writing-how-you-would-talk Youtube-style informality. But at least I can promise 90%-correct Spelling! Prove me wrong on that!

Prompted by the Lamestream Wimminz Media (The Talk, The View, Chelsea Handler, E!, Anderson Cooper, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, G-d knows how many others!) spotlight on “Fifty Shades of Grey” I have come to the big question of ABUSIVE DOMINANCE VS RESPECTFUL, DIGNIFIED DOMINANCE.

My initial reaction, and I posted a tasteless&Offensive Tweet about it, was that this book was a way of Normalizing Deviant, Depraved Sexuality on the part of Women, and to be Hella Hypocritical while doing it. Something like: “I’m entitled to like getting beat up in the bedroom, and Rape Play, but don’t you DARE say Women like being Raped or Beaten or Dominated! In the Bedroom, it’s a Sophisticated Complex GAME or DANCE, and while it may give credence to the Game Science Fact WINK WINK that Real Women Prefer Dominant Men You Beta Lickspittle Supplicator, it does NOT mean Women Like Being Subjugated or DOMINATED!!”

I compared it to gross and dehumanizing forms of Cruel, Perverted, Sociopathic Torture Abuse, like getting F!sted down the throat, or getting P0unded and F!sted up the 455 so brutally that the R0sebud/C0l0n puffs out outside of the 4nu5! (Although Plenty of People DO like this stuff; my focus right now is on this Popular Book and the Sex Portrayed Innit. Note: I should probably go and actually read the Sexy Bits so I know what I’m dealing with, hahahaha. )

But maybe the “loving, emotional BDSM” of 50 Shades is NOT such a slippery slope to this more sadistic stuff, and I’M setting up a strawman!

I was Working Peacefully By Myself, Just a Man and his Work and his Thoughts, (I am thankful to do “mind numbing” repetitive labour because this actually Frees My Mind to think of Writing topics!) when I thought, is there such a think as ETHICAL SLAVERY? Where one person can control and Own another person, but do so in an ethical, just, fair, humane, nonhumiliating manner?

I thought of Black Slaves, I thought of Typhon Blue’s perennial “Draft Horse”, of A Man and His Dog, and, most convincingly, I thought of Humans Submitting Themselves To God. Whether the God is Yahweh/Jehovah, God/Christ, or Allah.

(And then I thought of the more “Flawed, Sinful” Polytheistic Gods, and how since I was obsessed with both Sex and Religion, that I should start a Sexual Religious Cult and fashion myself as a God Of Sex, like Eros or something.)

Anyway, back on track: obviously “God” wants to look after his children more like a Good Patriarchal Father would, rather than a Sadistic White Devil Starving and Beating and Fisting and 3Guys1Hammering his Subhuman Property To Death!

(And then I thought of creating my own personal Patriarchy: Men Raising Men Raising Men, with as little involvement, interference, or relevance from Wimminz as possible.)

Or, within the confines of a Loving, Egalitarian, Complementary Rel, would it be okay to have Raep-PLAY and 3G1H-PLAY and Throat-Fisting-PLAY in the safety of The Loving Bedroom? Ok, that’s intentionally a Troll question, because it’s PROBABLY not what the book is talking about. CERTAINLY, by this logic, a little light whips and chains and zippermasks would be acceptable. Rationalizeable.

Come on. This is Lamestream Wimminz Media we’re talking about, how deviant and violent could it actually BE? A few ropes, some leather, maybe some trampling – there’s a reason we have the term “LIGHT” Bondage! Of COURSE the Mainstream is gonna lay claim to that. It’s Everything AND Nothing.

I like and am thankful for WordPress having the Word Count right in the bottom of the window, as I figure 1,000 words is a pretty reasonable goal for Posts on the New Blog. None of the Over 2000 (heh) word posts of the Old Blog.

I still don’t care for the Trolly, have your cake and eat it too, rationalization hamstering, equivocating, situational, nyah-nyahing notion that Average Modern Western Women can enjoy Bondage and it’s (STANDARD!) Liberating and Freeing and Empowering, and NOT a sign of a Sex Freak. While it’s equally TrollDaddyish of me to say, “So you’re saying you LIKE Getting Tortured and Being Called A Filthy Wh0re!”, I am not above fighting fire with fire at this point.

If I were to revise and Tighten-Up this post, then it would certainly be $50. But it’s a beautiful day outside and I’ve already gotten MY $50 worth, as I’ve rediscovered that The Writing Ritual is a Fun and Soul-Nourishing one. For me.

I had switched to writing in the Third Person partially because I was sick of seeing I this and I that and I I I I I I I I I I I I I all over the place. While it IS good to “own your opinions”, I also wanted to not Overshare TMI, and, like Barbarossaaaa says, to not put too much of my own personal experience out there, because I believe my arguments and opinions should stand on their own, without anecdotes, and have solid Face Value. And to protect, if not Advance, my Economic Career.

39 words to go. As of late I’ve been finding myself watching the George Lopez show, of all things. Brought on by them doing an episode on a Female Sex Offender moving into the neighborhood and the “Double Standards” of Male vs Female Sex Offenders. George suddenly stopped being the White Knight (“Let’s Lynch this male pervert!”), and shifted to coaching his Unpopular Beta Teen Son with Misandrist Cliches: “Us men would consider ourselves LUCKY to be ‘molested’ by a Hot Teacher!” while it’s up to his WIFE to be the Voice of Reason and say, “No, that’s ridiculous, this is equally bad as if it were a Male Paedophile molesting boys!” I was prepared for a 100% Misandrist Sh!tShow where I’d be sitting there with my

Permaface. (I am usually either this or Yao Ming, an average state of “wth”, expressed according to either a Negative or Positive Mood. Of course, it’s healthier to be less of goatee guy and more of Yao. And yes I am aware these Rage Faces are very, very old, but I’m not trying to score any cool points with the Youth, and IMHO, many of the basic Rage Faces have a great deal of Relevance to Everyday Life.)

But the episode was a Strange Brew of Lies mixed with Truth. More lies than truth, of course, but enough truth to get my interest and to turn me into a SemiRegular George Lopez Show watcher. As I’ve been a watcher of “King Of Queens” (that show is even more baldly Misandrist!), this is not so surprising. I attribute it to a basic interest in Family/Home Life Sitcoms. I also enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond, as you’d then expect.

It’s not an obsession, as I usually get about 3 months of entertainment out of each show, then get bored and move on. Still, I look forward to 3 months of “fun” out of Jorts Lopez, and especially to the chance to watch it with my Red Pill Eye. It was disturbing how GL portrayed men as stupid and women smart; and the MAN was being misandrist and the woman Voice Of Reason; BUT it was good that there was a voice of reason at all to counter the misandry; BUT I don’t think it was that effective, because George is always going to be The Male Idiot in Every Episode; BUT George gave some decent, true-to-life Game Advice to his son (“be ridiculously bold and confident!”), BUT the fact that this pearl of wisdom was dispensed by The Idiot, then that somewhat negates it.

At any rate, George seems less Bullied by his wife than Kevin James is by HIS wife in “King of Queens”; Plus I like how GL has the Whole Family dynamic – trying to raise well-adjusted Children in the face of Complicated Western Adolescence. There is lots of talk of Men and Women and Sex; and some light treatment of Real-Life Themes (Finances, “Work”) that doesn’t often get touched in The Sitcom. To My Knowledge. As I say, I’ll be lucky to get more than 3 months of entertainment out of George, but I was pleasantly surprised by the show.

Generally speaking, though, it’s a Lamestream Media Abomination dispensing a Coma-Dose of Blue Pills, but I think if you’re A Smart Red Pill Man, you MIGHT be able to use it as a Launchpad for Red Pill Discussion with Your Children. Or not. YMMV.

(I am overusing the term “Lamestream Media” in reference to a recent “Family Guy” where Peter joins the local Tea Party, and of course the Pompous Smug Leftist Brian has to “school” him that Tea Parties are just Shills for The 1% Koch Brothers; and the Tea-Partiers are portrayed as a bunch of Racist Rednecks overusing the term “Lamestream Media” and waving “Don’t Tread On Me” Flags, all while being Duped by the barely-disguised Carter Pewterschmidt who’s using the TP as a tool to Overthrow The Gov’t so he can release tons of toxins into the Env’t via his Corporate Greed. I probably should have been more offended at these Offensive Stereotypes, but I’ve not lost my ability or desire to chuckle at R3t4rded Low Comedy.)

1660 Words.

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