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I originally wanted to post this ALL on NYE but it is WAY too long, plus I wasn’t sure what to post on NYD, so WHAMMO, break it up into two. STEMGINEERING SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMZ.


Heh. Of course I’m that arrogant. Narciss. So this year I started this blog, not like I’ve never Bloooggggged before, but I did take a yearlong sabbatical. But of course I’ll be reposting Old Blog stuff once in a while. Not too much!

This was The Year Of White Nationalism or at LEAST Racial Awakening, haha. And of The Jewish Question. Naming The Jew. Maybe I should just say “Zionists”. For the same reason I say Wimmin instead of Women, just so you know I’m not talking about talking about ALL Women, just 99% of them hahahaha. NAWALT, NAJALT, I don’t HATE any individual for being born part of group that has some ugly average tendencies. RISE ABOVE. Humans of all races and sexes and religions and IQs and Political Persuasions can rise above their “Human Natures”, IE, rise above the Inhuman and Animal and Surly Bonds and Base and Immoral and Decadent!

I became more aware of Neocons and Zionist Warmongering False Conservatives.

Heh. I “became aware” of Eradica, OK Eradica gets my BLOG OF THE YEAR AWARD. SLURRRRPPPPP!

Though I fellate Eradica, I am a Very different Blogger. A much bigger Niceguy, “comedian”, moderate and coward hahaha.

NEWS & J00Z (stealing that from Ryu although I’m pretty sure he’s borrowing it from somewhere else. a way of referring to The Daily Outrage (tm FP) or that all news is basically the same sh!t different day, all filtered through that all-telling mouthpiece of You-Know-Who hahaha, that 99% of News Is Predictable as Hell)


As I’ve said, it seeeeeeems we have more Skool Shootings and Shooting Sprees than when I was a Chirren. Blame mid 1990s Gun Kahntrol Lawz haha. Isn’t it a “shame” that I can’t even remember if the Loughner Giffords Arizona shooting happened in 2011 or 2012. I know it was in Feb! Well here’s a fact, in 012 we had james holmes the batman shootr and adam lanza the sperzerker newtown shooter. The latter notable because it was in the short list of savagery. A More Savage Mass Shooting. Although theoretically it’s just as bad to kill adults as children, it just seeeeems worse to kill children. It definitely gets people more emotional. It even got ME more emotional. Prob because little kidz are seen as Innocents. & I do agree with that. 6 year old kidz are too young to be decadent and destroyed by Media & Marxists & are usually all happy and honest and inquisitive and don’t even understand Death or Evil or Human Nature.

[ lemme throw in a quick quote from SOBL, my Big Blog Find of Dec 2012:
QUOTE: ” *Side note: how low are the people we all are friends with who made Facebook or Twitter statements automatically calling for gun control + blaming video games before the bodies were in the ground? The media and Democrat lawmakers are power mad leftist capos, so I would expect it from them. Doesn’t this reveal just how deep the infection goes for political obsessions? When Joan Soccer Mom starts screaming about gun control within 48 hours like they are Nancy Pelosi, the disease has reached epidemic proportions. ” /END QUOTE. ]

In My View, The Daily Outrage is another way the masses are desensitized and our Frog is Boiled. It’s NOT that we don’t get upset when a maniac massacres 27 little children. Oh yeah we’re upset at the time. The scary thing is that we Get Over It so quickly, with no Lasting Positive Change to come out of it, and we can safely predict that something even WORSE will PROBABLY happen SOON, like in 2013, and that will have no lasting effect other than being added to the Short List of Deadliest Postcolumbine Massacres.

The real question is, what kind of Govt Overreach Effects are happening as a result of these shootings in the past 15 years or so? Gun Control, Gun Free Zones, Gun Laws, etc. I can’t point to anything directly due to the Lanza thing, but shouldn’t* I be able to point to something due to the things of holmes, loughner, the cho guy at VirgTech? did those impact gun lawz at all? And why can’t I give a definitive answer “YES they led to THESE laws which CAUSED these later shootings.”

Other big events: The Election, Syria, Libya, some Egypt. Hurricane Sandy in US. continuing nuke controversy with Iran. Russian elections, French elections. Can’t remember what happened in england hahaha. Or the EU. Or Africa. Black warlords killing heaps of black civilians and giving babies aidz probably haha. what happened in china and india. Can’t remember specifics. Things probably moved along the same trajectory (Fagspeak, try “path” or “way”) they have been.

I watched some horrific video of some Syrian guy being BEHEADED by a Child wielding a Sword. I guess the child represented the Freedom Fighters whose Anti-Assad side our nation is behind. Are we supposed to think, “but Assad’s side is even MORE savage, so he deserves to be beheaded!”, or are we supposed to think, “beheading is inherently savage, we shouldn’t support any kind of savage”? Now I had seen “3 Guys 1 Hammer” so this wasn’t that bad. But I agree, beheading IS savage, and the amount of blood was tremendous. It is SAVAGE, but incredibly EFFECTIVE for spreading FEAR and TERROR and CONTROL. Sends a very powerful message.

I tend to forget that for the Prez, the Popular Vote was much closer than the Electoral vote, which makes me think this reelection was not a Huge Mandate from the People, and not representative of The Average American. However there is great Polarization among the Average Public but that’s been going on for….4 years? 8 years? 12 years? A Civil Culture War if you will. Us and Them. Left and Right. Left and Neocons. 99% and 1% haha. whites and nonwhites. and people seem to be Getting Along Worse, Not Better. Meaning it’s long past time to Change Course, but that is blatantly not happening.

So we live in a “TOXIC” culture (very fagspeak, try decadent or poisonous or rotten) in a decadent state in a decadent world. Our Outer Environment is not ideal. So we must strengthen ourselves to then make our immediate environment ideal, and keep from being poisoned by the poison. This could involved Ethnonationalism, or it could just involve Going Your Own Way, whatever’s good for you as long as you’re not hurting anybody else. Very LIbertarian haha.

For the New Year, I WILL (“stealing” this Unambiguous Language from Ryu, this is better than I resolve To or I’ll Try To, more manly and decisive, might make me more likely to ACTUALLY DO IT)

-become less lazy
-become less cowardly
– do more
– heh spend less time bloggggging (though I really don’t spend a lot of time on this, and not nearly as much as you’d think from the QUANTITY, no I just type fast and don’t try hard)
– and more time Tryharding on things that Deserve to be Tryharded on. To give Tryhard a Positive Connotation if you will. Like on the “professional” stuff, which in 2012 I’ve been a MORALLY LAZY QUITTER GIVER UPPER on. Can’t do that. Gotta try hard. Can’t give up.
– continue spending minimal time with WIMMIN, their company is poisonous to the mind and soul, hahaha
– email Mindweapon back, haha
– contact Varg Vikernes webmaster and try to get Varg more Involved or at least Writing More on the New True Right, Antizionist, Antimulticulturalist, he already fits in quite nicely, he just doesn’t know it, haha.
– take some free online classes just to learn stuff, espec business and STEM and medical. Might back “Actual Official” (ZOG) Skooling Skam a little easier. IE blow through physics and microbiology and org chem and all the hardest classes when the time comes. use flashcards, I don’t REALLY hate flashcards, I find them useful for Hard Classes. Might also help me make my mind up. I’m smart enough to do a STEM degree but I don’t want to compete with all the big4ss tryhards for jobs. Be a STEM grad with the mentality of a BUSINESS STUDENT, hahaha. So I might do double major of STEM and Business, which will make me look smarter and better than business students, and then just not apply for STEM jobs but just business jobs. Heh. Find the companies in the Lowest Decile of 500 Best COmpanies To Work For and set my sights no higher than THAT. GOOD ENOUGH.

– sweet baby jesus I have to get in SHAPE. I am in worse than average shape, when I would like to be in way above average shape, better shape than ZOG Jackbootz at least! but yeah even to make a “lifestyle change” resulting in permanent Just A LITTLE Bit Better Physical Health would be better. I KNOW we should be in THE BEST SHAPE EVER, CONSTANTLY TRAINING AND IMPROVING, but IMHO even Small Improvements are better than NO Improvements.

– hang out with the arabic tryhards in my Hard STEM classes, form study groups, ask them questions, network, outperform them, study all day at the library with them. maybe if I actively spend more time around Potentially Successful STEM College Students, I might be a Successful STEM Worker one day. Peer Groups and such. Plus I am blessed that in my area, a lot of the arabs are christian not muslim. this is not typical. I got lucky.

– IF I ever start putting a Woman on a Pedestal, well let’s just say Infatuation because Pedestal has too many negative connotations, and IMHO Infatuation is a GOOD thing, The Glue Which Binds a Husband and Wife together Long Term and makes for Good Families etc…. anyway I don’t EXPECT to get that tingly scary feeeeeeling but if I DO, then I’ll ACT ON IT IN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME rather than flush a f00king YEAR down the crapper because of it. If this means Moar Rejection, FINE, SO BE IT, I can HANDLE Getting Rejected in 2013 way better than I could in 2012. NO BIG DEAL TOOTS.

– Do more honestly creative stuff like MUSIC and FICTION/STORIES. This “Nonfiction” stuff is great (haha) and I thought I’d never get back into Fiction because Nonfiction is Objectively Superior, but I now see that Both have their place. Like Reason and Emotion. This doesn’t mean that Some things aren’t Always Immoral! I ain’t no Moral Situationist/Relativist/Hamster!

– lift big weights, eat more paleo hahaha see health.

– not give up so easily, get more hustle, not use Sleep and Naps as my Opiate Drug.

– Use the Steam Room and Sauna on a regular basis, ridiculously refreshing.

– get better about Staying In Touch with Old Friends, like email Mr X once every Y months hahaha

– find a better church. yeah the people are all nice but I think I want a Much More Serious Catholic Approach

– get a Gene Test done and discover my Haplotype and where in the world in history this haplotype is most prevalent and then research that area, prob near Poland haha.

– pick up studying Polish Language. that will be my FUN language. For Mindweapon Purposes I wouldn’t mind learning Arabic, Chinese, Russian. All in 2013 hahaha.

– watch less TV
– read less news, the news and TV is Worse Than Worthless, there are better ways to stay informed on what’s going on in the world, and you don’t have to spend an hour every day to do it

– heh open up comments on this blog at least some of the time; have a “Dedicated Comment Post”, one post open to comments and people can go there.

– read Stormfront and VNN Forums regularly so I don’t go shooting my mouth off like a Total Newb

– get a grasp of “The Holohoax Thing” because atm I have some Cognitive DIssonance on how 6 Million Deaths could be Falsified or Invented. I could see exagerrating 5 million actual deaths to 6 million and THAT alone would be pretty shameful. Heh. but I guess this is why they call it Holocaust Revisionism not Holocaust DENIAL, hahaha.

– try not to be a whining f@ggot too much

– work harder to become less of a loser. stop being such a big loser at life.

– less blogging and writing and time wasting, more careeeeeeeer work. NO, NOT Careeeeeeeer, just Good Old Fashioned JOB Work. Just looking for a Decent Job, obv I’m not in the Careeeeer Cult. YES, I AM EMPLOYED, for all you philistines that thought I was Totes Unemployed. But I am Underemployed and had almost GIVEN UP on trying to move from Underemployment To Gainful Full Decent Living Sustainable Employment Job. I can still say f00k Careeeeeerz, Kareeeeeeerz are for f@ggot b!tchez. OBVIOUSLY.

– more Gratitude Actions to those who have helped me, namely my Fam.

– eat more organic foodz, not because I’m a hippy communiss f@ggot, but to cut down on Toxins. I buy the Toxin Argument.

– hire the indian virtual assistant slave to at least try it out. if it feeeeeelz icky then I can always stop.

– buy silver or gold
– work on investments in general, like LAND (that I don’t have to pay property tax on haha) and ETFs.

– clean up clutter and junk and throw it away. I did a lot of good in that dept in 2012, hope to do even more in 13.

– practice dale carnegie sales tactics and be able to do extravert things on autopilot without burning thru my Introvert Energy too quickly. just tune out and socialize mindlessly.

– buy a new suit, buy TWO new suits. like go to the suit store and get MEASURED.

– blog less, DO more

– Confront Fears More Often, who cares if I FAIL, many times it’s just OVercoming the Fear that is the main thing, that’s a big Victory.
– Stop being my Own Worst Enemy

– eat less Carbs and Sugars

2012 wasn’t bad, I dealt with a Major Life Infatuation Failing, I bought a MUCH-NEEDED, MUCH-APPRECIATED Laptop Computer which I’d been planning and saving for YEARS, I got an A in Calc 1, I also took Management Software Applications and C++ Coding 202. That latter was nice and challenging but a lot of work and yes I got an A. Calc 1 was also a lot of work and challenging and I also got an A. Will take Calc 2 next year. Other possibilities: Calc 3, Linear Algebra, Diff EQ’s, Managerial Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Finance, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry hahaha.

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JUNE 13, 2012

Shadow Everyone. All yr friends wot have Bigboys, Shadow Them, buy them lunch, learn to do what they do, it’s like Training only you’re bearing all the burden of the cost, nice value-adding crypto-bribe since you can’t legally bribe, and training is a thing of The LongDead Past, AdaptOrDie. Of COURSE squeeze a blurb onto your RES, if you can’t get a ResBlurb out of Something, it just ain’t WORTH IT & you should just Blow Yer Brains Out(figuratively!), it goes without saying, if you need to hear someone SAY it, Blow Yer Brains Out (figuratively!) Right Now, because yer not fit for SURVIVAL and DEF don’t Deserve a Survival Job!

When yer broad gives you hard time about constantly j3rking-0ff to p0rn, don’t get all beta or defensive, use it as a Teaching Moment: “Well BABY, maybe if you looked prettier, like HER, and did the things SHE does, I wouldn’t have to use pr0n every day, but as it stands now, yer getting OUTSHINED on several fronts.”

Men j3rk0ff to pr0n because the Wimminz they’re having Actual S3x with aren’t ATTRACTIVE enough, and thus aren’t providing good enough s3x to keep him away from p0rn. Very simple. No hidden agendas.

Ideally, the Wimminz you’re banging would be Hot enough and the S3x good enough so you didn’t HAVE to use P0rn. (Note: Wimminz don’t get “better at s3x” the more guys they s3x. they just have to be good-Looking. No learning curve in Taking D!ck!!)

Again snagged by an MSLSD Documentary, very sensational, this time on John Jamelske

of Syracuse NY who had a SEX DUNGEON/BUNKER where he Kidnapped/Enslaved no less than 3 girls over many years, banging them every day. They talked to HIM in jail and he seemed very delusion that what he was doing was a serious crime, thought he would just get community service.

To his credit, he didn’t Sadistically, Violently Torture the girls. He fed them Steak and Played Games with them and gave them a bucket to poop in and water to drink and never beat them, just wanted one bang per day until he set them free, alive and all. Really interesting case. You’d assume most sex-enslavers would torture or kill their victims. not him. Although IF he wanted to be REALLY Generous, he could have furnished the bunker/dungeon a little better because did look pretty inhospitable.

Never heard of this guy. Hit the news around 2003/2004.Wonder what his mental deal is. Sperg? Anal retentive? A bit of a hoarder. OCD? Delusions? He was also pretty emo, could be driven to tears pretty easy. Maybe Bipolar? He had a Wife and said he started kidnapping girls once his Wife got sick and couldn’t give s3x any more, so he had to “look elsewhere” to fulfill his needs.Obv you don’t need to KIDNAP Girls, you can have a perfectly legal non-kidnapped 50 18-year-old-girls HAREM! No need to break any (perfectly valid, reasonable, appropriate, doing-what-laws-SHOULD-do) LAWS! (Kidnapping & Sex Enslaving IS a kind of violence, although not as bad as Abortion or 3G1H haha!)

Caffeine Pills (Vivarin, No-Doz) to self-medicate Undiagnosed Adult ADD? Say break up 1 pill 3 pieces per day? ADHD but no hyperactivity? Inattention And VERY LOW Energy?

If “Free-Thinking” Wimminz want to break down Gender Binary & Norms by having S3x with Herb Betas (“See? We have S with WHOEVER WE WANT! Those MISOGYNISTS Don’t KNOW What Women Want! Sometimes We Think Sensitive Emo Boys are Sexy Too, So we have Random Sex with them!”) , then they should RELINQUISH their “right” to complain about him getting “creepery” or “clingy” “just from s3x”.  They just opened up Pandora’s Box, what do They expect? They should ALSO contractually agree to Severance Bangs after they get bored and dump him, and also an agreed-upon number of Photos and Videos for the Beta. That would clearly make HIM less “creepery”, would clearly Mutually Reward BOTH woman and man, yet the wimminz Don’t Do This, because it involves Too Long-Term of Thinking! You Wimminz Bring it all upon yourselves! You Get The Men You Deserve! You Get The Men And Behavior Which You Reward with Your Stank Sn4tch or which you Punish By Withdrawing Your St4nk Sn4tch, until your sn4tch becomes SO stank that it loses its power to Manipulate & Condition Men’s Behavior!

This is the Tragedy of being a S3x-Addict, is you’re obsessed with something that’s nowhere NEAR as INTERESTING as the Masculine Sciences you SHOULD be interested in! Because your Chakras are imbalanced! Ever hear a MAN talk about CHAKRAS? (outside of original religious meaning)

Girl has Short hair? TIUTA! Hipster Hat? TIUTA! Tattoos esp on arm? TIUTA! Nose Pierce? TIUTA! Dyed Hair? TIUTA! Feminist/Leftist? TIUTA!


(stole blatantly from Wimminz Blog, go read his blog. Great guy, great blog. Underrated.)

Perhaps “Laziness” is better conceptualized in Current Literature as “Procrastination”, “WORK AVERSION DISORDER” (haha), or simply Lack Of Motivation. The Carrot & The Stick are Broken and can’t condition you to Do Things. Reinforcement/Punishment Schedule is Out Of Wack. What Motivates People To Do Things. What is Good Reward, Good Punishment? Decent Entertainment, Young Tail, Tasty food, ph4t bl00ntz. But eat too much yummy food you get fat. screw pooch. kill golden goose. stops being a reward. being fat is HUGE, CONSTANT, DRAINING PUNISHMENT, prob WORSE than all that food was GOOD.Ok Napping/Sleeping.

Laziness-as-Sin perspective. Yes I LIKE, just want to go beyond. Enlarge. Laziness-As-ADD. Ok. Write Dissertation, turn into Book. fill Gap. Laziness in Western World. Synthesize all the perspectives!

Clearly the best Job for a LAZY person is a UNIONIZED PUBLIC/GOV’T EMPLOYEE! I will bribe you at LEAST $70,000 (over 30 year period) for sth like that. Who do you gotta KNOW. Will bribe them 70 grand. If private sector workers are all Jelly over the Public Bennies, get a Public Job! Unless you have to be Super Smart & Harvard Bourge to get Gov’t Job. But then they wouldn’t have reputation for Laziness! Huh? HUHHH??!!

Not as Hyper as this writing suggests.

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This one is PERFECT LENGTH. 587 Words.

Jewz biggest strength is that they can Fool Whites that they (Jewz) are White Too. CYLONS. hahahaha. How much do I really believe all this. Whose SIDE am I really on.

OK. BACK to David Duke My Awakening/Jewish Supremacism Chapter 17 Jews and the Media: All Mainstream Media is Owned and Controlled by Jews. Even Shabbas Goy Rupert Murdoch serves Jews better than Jews could themselves. Your local paper is owned by Jews. AP. Reuters. Time Magazine.

Felt like watching TV even though I know it is Zionist (ooops, almost wrote “Jewish!”) Poison. Then I figured the CATHOLIC Channel EWTN is the LEAST likely to be Ziorun. These are some PRETTY SERIOUS Catholics too, not all watered-down for TV, not all modernized like your neighborhood Catholic Church. Don’t know how they stay in business!

THEN I thought, couldn’t Zionists cook up a secret purpose for owning EWTN and make it Serve Them just like MTV or MSNBC? How can you use EWTN to Divide And Conquer? You could say Catholicism inherently Weakens, Divides, and Conquers Whites: Focusing on the Afterlife, being Friends with Jews, Turning the other cheek, giving giving giving, Christ was a Jew, etc. Just speculating. Of course Catholics say that War For Jews is Wrong. And Traditionalist Catholics like Moderate Mel (hehehe) have a decent handle on The Jewish Question. NO I don’t really think Jews control EWTN, but I didn’t think they controlled Fox News either, because it was “conservative” on the surface.

They get you both ways, coming and going, They’ve got NEOCONS and ZIONISTS on the “RIGHT”, and MARXISTS and MULTICULTURALISTS on the LEFT. Pretty Crafty and Sneaky, uh?

My “new” question is, when did it become OK for Optimate WASP Whites to get involved with BANKING. These High-Powered Lily-White Wall-Street Investment Bankerz almost make you forget Usury is a Jewish thing…and possibly this Cloaking is a Jewish Thing to keep whites from rising up and throwing the jew down the well! Anyway I HYPOTHESIZE it began not long after White Anglo-Saxon Protestants founded the Colonies! Really getting out onto thin ice here, hahahaha. Keep in mind there are “less jewish” forms of money-lending. Low-interest, no-interest, low-principal, not lending out money that isn’t a HUNDRED percent backed by deposits, no “fractional reserve” stuff, etc.

OK. Now what about The First Massive Industrialists – made possible only by the Industrial Revolution – like Rockefeller and Carnegie and JP Morgan. Clearly Goyz right? But they obviously had a large banking and investment concern. AND that they may have established the Fed to serve these interests (see Jekyll Island.) How do the J00z play into this. Besides Rothschildz hahahahahahaha.

It would only be FAIR AND RIGHT AND JUST for me to ANNOUNCE MY PREJUDICES. It’s largely possible I have Some Prejudice against WIMMIN and JEWS. I argue this might make me more wont to say nasty things about these groups…..BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE ME WRONG! I refer You to Pessimistic Realism: Perhaps Pessismistic Prejudice allows us to be MORE Accurate, where Politeness and PCness might have us Hold Our Tongue about these Protected Groupz.

In other words, am I “JUST IMAGINING” this “Zionist Conspiracy” BECAUSE I “hate” Jews? But I don’t Hate Jews! I’m just very suspicious about Massive Jewish Involvement in some Insidious Historical Civilization-Destroying Developments: Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Atheism, Social Justice, Social Welfare, Nanny State, Socialism, Mainstream Media, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Banking, International Banking, Zionism – each of these and more has a Jewish Influence that is WAAAAYYYY out of proportion to The Jewish Population.

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REAL LONG POST. This is over TWICE as long as my ideal 2013 post. I will only do Long Posts if the whole thing is all on ONE topic.

OKAY, SLUTS. WE GET IT. “NICE GUYS” AREN’T REALLY NICE, THEY’RE CREEPERS. THANKS, I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE NICEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Big Immature Deluded Dishonest Hypocrites who you do not want to spread your otherwise-readily-spread uterus and 4ss for. NO BIG DEAL. I also do Nice Guy Rehab. I used to be the worst nice guy. Here’s a good gameplan for nice guys who want to break the chains of The Franzone!

* you don’t really like Wimmin, we get that. THAT’S OK! THAT’S RIGHT AND JUST! The guys who BANG Wimmin don’t really like wimmin EITHER! You’d be a FOOL to like such unreliable, immoral, decadent, deluded, stupid, boring, unreedeming, unredeemable, UNLIKEABLE PIGS! It’s RIGHT not to like Wimmin – there’s very little TO like other than their Prime Of Youth Radiant Gleaming Bodies. YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE WIMMIN, and you DON’T, so you’re off to a GREAT start. So just be Honest and Outright. Just Be Your Wimmin-Disliking SELF! Win Win Win! You won’t be labeled a Creepy Niceguy, You’ll be doing what comes naturally, you’ll bang harems of pvssy, and you’ll never fall into the friendzone again! You just gotta WAKE UP to the perfectly reasonable reality that you don’t LIKE wimmin because they’re honestly only rarely something there TO like, and you don’t need to be nice to people you don’t LIKE! Save being nice for people you DO like, like your male friends!

The nice guys who whine about But I treat Girls Nice, but they always choose the guys who treat them bad over me! You don’t like that! You’d be a fool to like that! So just BE that 4sshole! Don’t treat people nice who don’t deserve to be treated nice! Yes! BE That 4sshole and YES you will get your precious pvssy! Just don’t whine about wanting to stay a nice guy. Awaken The 4sshole Within!

Just in case you think I’m oversimplifying: you CAN still be a Nice Guy to your REAL Friends and Family – those who DESERVE it. Who have EARNED it. Because I get it, I used to be a HUGE Nice Guy, but I so glad I Woke Up before I got Old. I haven’t accomplished much in my long life, but I’m grateful to have learned that lesson before too long. And guess what, I still enjoy being nice as hell to the people who deserve it. Not b!tches.
HuffPo F@ggot B!tches going out of their way to hate on nice guys. NIce guys don’t need your hate, and you don’t really want to Fix nice guys. You want nice guys to stay around so you can forever mock them. I want to HELP them STOP being Nice Guys.
Back when I was a Nice Guy, SWPL Sluts hating on nice guys would have made me mad. Now I just laugh. It is a funny site. I laff. But I think the Wimmin Haterz are stupid and I shake my head on behalf of the niceguys and Hope they Learn from my Advice Above. I like them alot more than the 4ssSpreader who runs the site does! I can only imagine all the wimmin who comment “omg yr so right, these nice guys are so really like not nice n stuff.
There’s the Are You A Nice Guy Test Flowchart. Yeah, it’s funny, and it’s true, but the b!tchy tone these b!tches take says a lot more about them than about the niceguys they think are worse than raepists. Good Luck Finding A Good Man To Marry You In Ten Years!

Yes, wimmin “pretty much” are obligated to have S with you because THEY HAVE GIVEN IT UP MANY TIMES FOR A LOT LESS EFFORT! In a just world you would get more bangs than you can handle just by putting in that “due diligence.” It’s not a just world, but here’s the good news: you don’t HAVE To put in due diligence! Just learn a few EASY lessons, namely, TELL wimmin you don’t like them and you only want to use them for S, and then you too will get sh!tloads of bangs by DOING NOTHING! ZEN, MAN!

SO WHAT If nice guys think they deserve sex in return for being nice. THEY’RE RIGHT. They see guys not being nice and getting tons of sex, so they figured if they’re nice, they’ll get even MORE sex! And since they’re predisposed to being nice instead of mean, then win win! Tons of sex, no effort, just being yourself! You’d be stupid if you WEREN’T a Nice Guy for a period. It just makes SENSE. But once you see it doesn’t work, you HAVE to wake up from it as I’ve described above.

Now see that HuffPo with 1000000 comments. The “Nice guy” issue really divides men and women, and makes me glad I’m a man, and makes me VERY GLAD that I choose not to hang out with or talk to women, if THIS is the kinda stuff they say. f00K that sh!t, they’re too annoying to BE AROUND. DON’T HANG OUT WITH WIMMIN, THEY’RE STUPID AND ANNOYING.

One last thing haha: and i’ve said this before. wimmin don’t see a problem with them putting men in the friendzone. They think it’s all the guy’s fault. Heh. I say it’s 80% the Wimmin’s fault for being a Lying Sadistic Selfish B!tch who doesn’t even see the Niceguy as a Human being – she KNOWS she’s STRINGING HIM ALONG, AND SHE LIKES IT! Then she plays dumb, but she knows EXACTLY – if maybe unconsciously – what she’s doing. YES, the guy deserves 20% of the blame because he’s stupid for not saying “f00k this sh!t! You can’t PUT me in the friendzone because I don’t WANT to BE THERE! I’m AUDI 9000!” and then flip the proverbial table. NICE GUYS, BREAKING OUT OF THE FRIENDZONE IS SO EASY! JUST AS EASY AS NOT BEING A NICE GUY!!!

Putting a man who loves you into The Friendzone IS NOT FRIEND BEHAVIOR! FRIENDS DON’T CRUSH FRIENDS SOULS!

So be a NICE GUY to your MALE FRIENDS, they’re your REAL Friends!

One day, Nice guys, you too will see things this clearly. But I tell you what, Regularly Socializing with WIMMIN doesn’t help. I used to socialize with Wimmin a LOT more, and I used to be much more of a Pathetic NIceguy Omega then. YOU NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME AWAY FROM WIMMIN to see them for the stupid, annoying, dishonest, immoral, babykillerz 75% of them in their prime of youth ARE.

ok done with rant. I just learned about that stupid anti nice-guy blog so I had to blog about it, hahahaha.

not quite. So I said songs like “My Girl” Breed Niceguys. You know who else does? VAN MORRISON. BIGTIME. The good news is, Van Morrison is STILL awesome, you can break the chainz of niceguyness and still totes LUV VAN.


Yes I get pretty passionate because I used to BE That guy and I want to save those guys now, but now I am quite cool and detached and don’t get all mad when wimmin throw themselves away and become poison of the soul, I just don’t get poisoned by it. But I can stop other guys from getting poisoned! I don’t even “HATE” “ALL WIMMIN.” I KNOW NAWALT. And there’s a big difference between HATE and DISRESPECT, hahaha.



THINK ABOUT IT: HAVE YOU EVER LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON FROM A WIMMIN? Has a Wimmin ever TAUGHT you anything? And I’m NOT talking about where YOU learn something about yourself and not letting yourself get WALKED on, because of how shoddy some wimmin was. In those situations you’re teaching YOURSELF and the wimmin is just a catalyst. Bet they’d like to take credit for that one too!

And in the end, you don’t even end up HATING wimmin. I don’t hate wimmin unless they directly hurt my family or children. Wimmin Are Poison only because they are poisoned by living in a world they are not suited for, not MEANT for, and the powers that be telling them it’s GOOD for them, and BETTER than what came before. UM NO, as Wimmin say.

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ok this is MUCH closer to the Average Length I would LIKE to have for posts. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Very Likely ONE of the Reasons Modern Western Men have become Feminized is that there’s NO REASON, NO INCENTIVE to BE MANLY, similar to how there’s No Benefit for a Man to get Married. If you are a Manly Man then people are gonna try to find a way to Exploit That Manliness, which left many Manly Men Spent and Broken and Dead just for Doing the Heretofore-Right-Thing. But now that Wimmin, Employerz, and Gummint are increasingly like Anti-Male Mercenaries, maybe those F@ggy Betas became F@ggy Betas not just because of their Emasculating Single Momz and Skools, but because they saw little hope for them as adults and said “F00K THIS SH!T, BEING A NECKBEARD DWELLER IS BETTER THAN BEING AN HONEST HARDWORKING MAN, MIGHT EVEN BE WORTH THE TRADEOFF OF PVSSY.” But then as a 20 year old virgin, the frustration starts boiling over, and they shoot up skools.

One “compromise” is what I spoke of above, where you just PRETEND to be manly, just enough to get pvssy, and then you spent the rest of your time being a slacker video gamer dweller, hahahaha. Actually this might not be so bad if you can do something honorable, like take care of your Parents in their old age, pay them back for all they’ve done for you. That would be pretty HONORABLE THUS MANLY. Perhaps This Generation has to “Redefine Masculinity,” hahahaha. Yes I KNOW how F@GG0TTY that term is. NO, not Redefine Masculinity that it’s ok for men to cry and ask for help and be feminized, but redefine as in, Be A Man, but don’t let yourself get SCREWED from your manliess. Don’t GIVE your manliness away for Nothing, as thousands of men have before, like millions of Wimmin give their Pure Femininity Away Today. Heh. This is why I like Entrepreneurship. GO AHEAD, BE A 35 Year Old Video Gamer Basement Dweller, BUT you can STILL B4NG Prime Of Youths, NOT be a Fat Neckbeard, have some self-respect, take care of your REAL Family, Make the Basement Look Good, AND try to get Your Own Business Going and Make Monay. In A Way, Entrepreneurship Is A Way of Going Your Own Way.

While I’m proudly confessing my Race Treason, A HUGE song for me lately has been “Jungle Boogie” by Kool & The Gang. There is nothing about that song that is not all about fetishizing miscegenation, from the exhortations to “GET DOWN, GET DOWN!”, and the blubbering ape-noises, and the “SEXY” main hook. Lawd! Lawd! But you can blame 19-year-old BKC for listening to P-Funk and being bit by the Funk Bug. Also blame Seth MarxFarlane for the “American Dad” episode where Stan gets addicted to crack and every time he’s fiending it plays “Jungle Boogie” while little crack pipes bounce in his eyeballs.

even the speakers were not that bad! Jeez.

How’s this for defense of my weak Christianity, the ironic thing being I’m not even Hugely Devout. I go to Church regularly but not very enthusiastically, and occasionally read and watch religious stuff. Anyway: JUDAISM IS A JEWISH RELIGION, WHEREAS CHRISTIANITY IS A WHITE RELIGION. Even IF Christianity is Inherently Jewish, Even IF Europeans were originally pagan, as of RIGHT NOW, most White Europeans are Christian or come from A Christian background. Most Whites are Christian in other words. (Not saying most christians are white though, although at a time they were!) My argument is, Varg Vikernes shouldn’t be such a Big Meanie Against CHRISTIANS, because I argue a Christian call STILL be Antizionist and they can still be friendly to pagans and respect the pagan roots of europeans. Although MANY Christians ARE Zionist and do not respect pagans, so I FEEL ya Varg, but NACALT!!!

Hmm ROBERT BORK just appeared on FOX NEWS, he’s too SERIOUS and Non-neocon to be on FNC. It seems he has DIED. That sucks! Well he was pretty old. But I’m “pretty sure” he was a True Con not a Ziocon/Neocon.

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HOPE YOU ALL HAD A Good CHRISTmas with your Families. If you have horrible families then I have pity and MERCY on you. But Welcome Back, I will be posting one a day at 5:15 am for the remainder of the YEAR, haw haw haw. This one is TOO LONG once again, I don’t even want to TELL you the godawful number of words.

Totes Off Topic Sweet Youtube Embed:

WILLIAM PIERCE appears on 60 minutes, “interviewed” by mike wallace. do not portray him too flatteringly haha. connecting him with tim mcveigh etc and then they bring out the SPLC etc. Weird seeing the big contrast between the Ziomedia and some of these antiZio people I’ve been interested lately. They get portrayed as racists and crackpots.

Totes Off Topic Urgent Linkage New Blogroll Addition Sweet New Blog Discovery Edition:

Heh and this is only from the past MONTH hahaha. New Short List Addition. Well at least he went to an Ivy (so he says, can’t tell if sarcastic) but he PROB does have a Good Job, if not a Careeeeeer, and I think he might agree with me that Careeeeers ie the College Career Cartel Cult is Gay Bad BS.
Son Of Brock Landers, saw him commenting on Eradica, and his blog his immediately sweet. Heh. Keep an eye on this guy. Been writing for years. Specific Policy Ideas. SWPL Mocking. I have a feeeeeling he might appear in my 2nd Tier, hahaha.
he also does this other blog which is more about WIMMIN specifically. But I have such a Favourable First Reaction to him that Ima put him in my blogroll immediately, that’s how Fired Up I am about him, and you know I don’t get Fired Up easily, it’s my tagic flaw hahaha. A Wonderful Member of the ERADICASPHERE, hahaha.


heh. used my new decadence toy (ie New Laptop Computer, decent quality, GREAT price, present to myself hahaha) to find a stream of episode 1 online rather than wait for netflix, pay for netflix, wait for the disc to be released, then wait the long wait, then get the disc. internet, whatta thing for the bread and circuses. i could become a real shut-in omega virgin here.

I didn’t come all the way out here to the internet just to fool ya: i really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was hilarious IMHO and Jewham shows all her strengths. a good writer for any age, let alone a 24 year old swpl GURL. I will never like the Generation and Subculture she represents, but I’m starting to think she might not love it either, despite being swept up in it, but I think part of that is the Sad Sack Helpless Child LOSER role she plays, which she fits nicely into. the role she was born to play. but i can appreciate that dunham herself is both smarter and stronger and better than that, plus the loser character succeeds at being hilarious. the show nicely captures the unpaid internship postcollege artist swpl brooklyn stuff that is De Rigeur for some colleges, some grads, and it was a pretty popular lifestyle among the students at my university for sure. I never got into it, and indeed now I’m an outspoken critic of it, hahaha.

But I am glad dunham introduces the FInancial aspect right away, since In The Real World, you’re a fool not to. ADDultKidz Not Making Good Money and with $Fifty Thousand of student loans to pay back cannot afford $2000 a month to live in some sh!tty apt. I liked that Dunhams Parentz were cutting her off, and those scenes were all written very well too. I have been underestimating Dunham as a Comedy Talent, she really is one of the FUNNIER Wimmin I’ve seen in a while. Yes they make the “Sex and the city” reference early too, I thought she was too stupid and arrogant to realize that, but no. The men are either beta faggots who are going to get dumped for being too nice, while dunham falls in luv with the Guy With Game: the arrogant 4sshole who uses her as a Harem “FWB”. Here SHE becomes the beta supplicator. Now the guy isn’t really cool, he’s a huge hypocrite and SWPL too, he’s just comparatively more brash than the Total NIceguy who’s gonna get dumped, and that’s why he gets a harem of girls texting him for sex, rather than being cutt off altogether and marching smilingly towards his execution like Beta Boy. NOw he’s still an annoying brooklyn artist, walks around his messy apt in jeans and no shirt. my jew “buddy” alex karpovsky also appears playing himself: the consummate annoying jew, but he’s confident and full of himself and talkative, and does not seem to be hurting for tail like betaboy.

I will give this episode a Full Blown A, it was both a lot more funny and intelligent than I was expecting. I will NEVER kiss lena dunham’s arse though, but I might work for her on a New York Living Wage. This is very close to the SWPL Comedy Of Manners I’ve been looking for and which Whit Stillman is a bit too old for. Noted that Dunham genuinely LOVES Barry and Stillman is much more politically palatable, leaning towards the right as he does. But I think Dunham is waking up to the Decadence of Her Generation, even if she is decadent herself. also she hasn’t made the connection that betas need not be shamed. she or more accurately her hotter franz just shame and dump betas. but we’ll see how this show goes, would like to see more from the betas. plus methinks that it’s “Easier” to do a tv show than to do movies, and if dunham does a lot of writing, then we can quicker get a handle on her style and her substance. Much like you only need to print out 10 pages of a 9,000,000 page blog like mine to get a 90% accurate picture of what it is.

Thankfully Dunham does not seem to preach the smug swpl antivirtues and social justice ™, if this pilot is any indication, which it Should* be.

I don’t have to think these characters are COOL or want to hang out with them – QUITE the opposite! – to admire and enjoy and find the show hilarious and very well-done. It was JUST GREAT when the Semi-“Alpha” Slob told Lena to BEND OVER and then GOT THE LUBE and then grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear “YOU MODERN CAREER WIMMIN, YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, YOU THINK YOU’RE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU JUST WANT A MAN TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND BEND YOU OVER AND REAM YOU UP THE 4SS.” And by Lena’s Submission we can see this is TRUE!

I just want her to suck it up even one step further and show that it’s Mommy State and Cultural Antiwhite Marxists who have contributed so much to the Social Construction (hahaha) of the Feminized Western (Beta) Male that appears is gonna be such a big part of her show, and I don’t mind having a cold white light cast on these, HOWEVER I want Wimmin to share as much blame and shame and fault as the Feminised Western Men themselves. WIMMIN, YOU GET THE MEN YOU DESERVE!!!

So don’t knock the show Firepower hahaha I am sure that You like Me will get Perverse Enjoyment out of it.

See they complain that the men aren’t manly enough, and while this is true, these wimmin don’t deserve Real Men. The lesson Betas learn is: simply PRETEND to Be A Man and you will get all the pvssy you want. And if all you want out of life is pvssy, it doesn’t really matter if you ever become a real man or not. Wimmin are too stupid and decadent to know or care if you’re a Real Man or you’re just faking it.

Ok I just watched 4 episodes in a row, because I, like Lena, have no skills that can get me hired at a Real Job, and I can more safely say that Widdle Wena has a gift for comedy. I was srsly LOLing, and not just in a mock the decadent unmarriageable wimmin way, but that she also is good at writing jokes and funny dialogue and characters and situations. Jewex Jewkovsky with his Harelip and Obnoxiousness is also pretty funny too. Was not expecting show to be THIS funny. Good 4 Leeeeeeeena! “You can’t SUE me, you don’t have the wherewithal to be at WORK by TEN am, you don’t have a Sueing APP on your iPhone!” honestly there’s a good number of quotable jokes, which you rightfully don’t expect out of a Modern Wimmin. Any I will try not to waste any more precious blogink on this show like HALF SIGMA or CHUCK RUDD or something (heh jk) because there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT MOST PEOPLE JUST SLEEP THROUGH.

Also, gladly, SPOILER The Beta seems to be growing a sack and putting his b!tchy GF in her place, taming the wild hamster. might not last but nice to see him get even a minute of redemption. Also the Virgin Girl is Cute, it’s too bad she’s ashamed of being a Virgin because all her franz are huge godless wh0res of babylon. I MY show she would stay a virgin until she nonlegally marries a man she’s in totes luv with then she starts having babies. JEwbabies. all the characters are h33bz and antiwhite. I promise I will not sell out and become soft. But Jokes, especially jokes about SWPL Decadent anitwhite hipsters, are my achilles heel.

Moral of the story: don’t watch too much TV, even fun semi-intelligent TV,

BECAUSE EVEN THE BEST TV DOES NOT COMPARE TO A LIFE WELL-LIVED. GET OUT THERE AND HUSTLE, SON! HUSTLE! (in the manly move and shake way, not the scammy scheisty way wimminz “hustle” men)

Was Playing Around with the Provocative Idea (“NOTION” is a F@ggot Word) that maybe THE LORD GOD has it in His Plan for Some Men to BE Lazy Losers where their Life Purpose is just to Watch TEEVEE and BLOG and be Underemployed, hahaha, so instead of feeeeeeeeeling guilty about it, the men should give thanks to GOD and embrace GOD’S PLAN FOR THEM. More later. Insert “Belus” or “Baldr” or “Perun” or some other EuroPagan God if you’re uncommmmmmftrble with the “Jewish” God, VARGIE VARG. But this is PROB the Great Deceiver trying to Rationalize a Life Of Slothful SIN by making the Sinner think he is doing God’s Work. God wants Men to DO SOMETHING. Which is understandable. Valid.

The guy who plays Nick Smith the Arrogant Alpha in “Metropolitan” Chris Eigeman (sp?) has a Role in Girls, I THINK he is Leeeeenaz FATHER. Which got me thinking, Gen Y is the children of Gen X. SWPL Brahminz the children of WASP Optimates. NEw Yawk Internz the chillunz of New Yawk YUPPIES. Leeeeenaz the chillen of Stillman. And this “newfound” commitment to sustainability and social justice and making a difference and work life balance and stop corporate greed and anything but MONEY might be a “reaction” against their parents’ generation where the primary criterion of how Good Your Careeeer was was how much money you made? But it’s still about status 15and New Yawk Jobs.

Also funny how he is a Conservative WASP in Metro but a wimpy ass liberal jew in Girls. In 5 episodes there’s been No Mention of Jewishness. Are we to just ASSUME that Dunham is a Jewess? One of those secular atheist nonreligious jews of course. they wait till 30 to discover their jewishness hahaha and make their birthright trip. no starz of david or synagogues in the show. all we have to go on is What She Looks Like, ie, pretty jewish looking hahaha. And knowing that Dunham herself is and identifies as “VERY CULTURALLY JEWISH” (I’ll never forget that quote!) And that her character’s name is “Hannah Horvath” and that sounds hella jewish.

In Hipster Brooklyn 2012, SWPL WASPs and SWPL Jews COEXIST very nicely together, at that point, the whites might as well be jewish.

OK Chris Eigeman actually plays Leeeeenaz Intern Boss at the gay pubzogging house.

Been appreciating Emotion more, rather than always championing Logic over Emotion like I used to, and now acknowledging that Emotion has Its Place, and that stuff like STORIES or novels or fictions can and should engage the emotions. Logic wins the mind and emotion wins the heart. which is why we need stories and storytellers and writers who write stories and characters. Dunham has proven herself to be prob the best storyteller of and about her generation, but I’m not sure what her Endgame is. I would like to see Girls end with her soundly condemning the hypocrisy, stupidity, immorality, decadence etc of her generation; her saying these characters are f00ked up and unredeemable unless they REPENT for their Careeeerism and Promiscuity and Hamstering and Narcissism and Constant Abortionz and AntiManness and Antiwhiteness.  [tm I recall the Kvlt Lousiana Metal Band Acid Bath / Dax Riggs using the word “ANTIMAN” in 1994 “The Bones of Baby Dolls” but I am seizing and redefining the word now as my own new synonym for misandry haha hmm i wanted to shrink this parenthetical text down to a very small font because it’s not really important or relevant and it’s stupid wordpress does not have that on their toolbar, chr!st you have to go into the html, which i certainly CAN do, but even BLOGGER had a font size option LIKE JUST SAYIN N STUFF note to self: use <span style=”font-size: x-small;”> bla bla </span>] NO, not repent to God necessarily, but just be sincerely sorry for their mistakes. “MISTAKES” seems to be a stated theme of the show according to Dunham. So do you really LEARN from the mistakes, and I argue that involves being Sincerely Sorry for them, rather than saying, this is just what young people DO. Anyway I am starting to appreciate Stories and Storytelling More, I can relate, I have a bit of that in me, I used to write a lot of stories before I switched to blogging and whining hahaha.

I would not mind being my own Guest Character on the show who comes out and totally judges all the girls and says I would rather move back to my parents BASEMENT than leech 2 grand a month off them, “Working” an unpaid job. But the show is notable for pointing out how stupid and retarded and gay and godawful Internzhips are. Good For Jewham for realizing what a stupid racketscam they are.

Also interesting is when Leeeeeena briefly works at the Touchy Feely Niceguy Jewbeard’s Office (In MY show, the Male protagonist would have struggled for the entire season just to get interviewed for such a “crappy” job, it would have gone to a Young Girl, and he would have said “f00k this sh!t” and begged his Good Family to let him move into their basement for 900$ a month and save some money, haha) and her coworkers are 10 years older, Gen X while she is Gen Y, but they are CLEARLY Less Educated and More Prole and thus Stupider and Crasser and Lamer. Not the Careeeeeer-Track gen X’ers. At the end of the Day, Educated SWPL 24-year-old Leeeeeena is not much different than them. Woulda liked to see this play out more, but of course SPOILER Leeeeena quits the job, and will probably easily find another steady FT easy boring office job by the next episode. She “should” have had to go to a Prestigious Grad Skool to get the Boring Easy Secretary Job she FLIPPANTLY QUIT in the first place!

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G0DD4MN IT. I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED PUBLISH AGAIN. This was SUPPOSED to go out Jan 8 2013. but say someone reads the “early” version on Email or RSS and says NOW THAT’S A DAMN GOOD BLOG, I WANNA LINK TO IT, so, for the second time today, I have to have The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change. To Be Honest I did do a LITTLE nontryhard work today preparing a Ton Of Posts To Publish In Advance.

I always forget about LOBBYISTS. I really don’t know a darn thing about Lobbyists; never lived in DC and wouldn’t want to unless I had an EASY GUMMINT JOB from which I was unfireable, then I’d take every Monday and Friday off hahaha. Outsource my makework to a VA and travel to Poland and then during the winter a tropical area of Christian Arabs perhaps. But it would be pretty unethical and immoral for me to BE THAT GUY. Anyway. Lobbyists pushing a Zionist Agenda on Shabbes Goy Politicians. (Finally reading “The Joys of Yiddish” by Rosten for the first time, he spells it “Shabbes” and I know others spell it “Shabbos” but I like “Shabbas”, hahaha.)

Whenever I feeeeeel lost I turn to David Duke. Heh. Maybe I SHOULD read Stormfront More.
Here is the Introduction To Stormfront. OK that’s pretty good. I’m sold. Note to self, read Stormfront more than once a month. I like forums for providing a Variety Of Friendly Opinions when someone is Soliciting Life Advice, ie should I major in Business or Engineering, should I move to Montana or Texas, etc.

Oh Mindweapon How Do I Luv Thee Lemme Count The Ways: I like his serious concern for The Next Generation. This is a man who lives the 14 Words. Maybe this is how I lost a bit of steam for Game, because I’m not solely concerned with Banging The Hottest Harem, I am concerned with Being A Father and Fathering Biological Children. But not before I’m ready! And part of getting ready is thinking long and hard about how you are going to raise them, what you are going to teach them. You don’t just pop the kid out and play it by ear like Wimminz or Nonwhites breeding like drunken rabbits! At least K-Selected Whites don’t!

Anyway Mindweapon points out The “Tiger Parenting” strategy of Jews to FORCE their kids to become Lawyers or especially Doctors, nothing else will do, absolutely NOTHING. You get a MD or PhD or you’re out of the Family. And from a Good Skool. Although I think Good Skoolz are BS, they ARE nonetheless magnets for genuinely smart kidz. And then the Jewish Grads of these schools go on to Kareeeeers Of Great Power and Significance, like the Real kind. They Wield Power That Matters. So being the 4sshole Parent who Pushes your kid too hard might not be a bad thing. Heh heh I like to make the excuse that I coulda bee powerful too had I been Pushed/Forced enough, but I came from a more easygoing, unfamilar-with-the-KolligeKareerKartel Old-School-Of-Hard-Knox Whites Who Didn’t Need Or Want Kollige Or Kareeeers, we just wanted A Good Job to Raise Our Families.

Like it or not, History is written by Those Who Went To Harvard, not those who went to Western Tennessee Delta Silt State College, EVEN THOUGH some people from the latter DO have an equivalent IQ and WILL enjoy a good living and good careeeeeeeeeer, if “only” less prestigious and powerful, but certainly enough to enjoy a stable, healthy, comfortable, “lower” Brahmin existence. But I doubt you’ll see them: in Fed Govt, in top executive levels of Multinational Corps; top levels of Banks, Media Conglomerates, etc.

I don’t go out talking my racist talk in Public, and I almost don’t care to. I will socialize with Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, Wimmin, Jews, Albanians, just about ANYBODY

Wimmin may not be The Enemy, but they are definitely not ON OUR SIDE yet. They are just too easily brainwashed and turned against us. Conformity. And it’s in a Woman’s nature to seek conformity and Security and Stability and Safety and Protection, that’s why they Join Herds of Sheople, and why we as men can’t get TOO mad at them. Forgive them for they know not what they do. But that doesn’t mean we’ll LET Wimmin stab us in the back, offer it up, say “Oh here’s some nice clean BACK for you to STAB!”

but part of the thing is that I’ve reached that Certain Age where I’m not very interested in Making New Friends. I have enough Friends and besides my energy and Karma would be better utilized reaching out to Old Friends rather than trying to meet New Friends. It’s not out of the question if someone surprisingly impresses you, but don’t HOLD YOUR BREATH. I wouldn’t mind being swept off my proverbial feet by a Marriageable Woman though!

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