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Ideally I would like this to be a steady trickle of 600 word posts over my lifetime; still have lotsa backed up posts; will tent continue Releasing one per day until the Backedupness becomes More Reasonable.

[WRONG. March 7 2013. becoming disenchanted with that policy. lazy at best, dishonest at worst. kinda in a state of flux so my Official Opinion may have changed since I wrote this in…….approx Oct 2012.

so I AM AWARE of the “sh!tpost” problem and WOULD LIKE to get more recent posts Up In Here. eventually. gimme some more time hahahaha.

I was so pleased with this funny photoshop i made I had to post it TWICE just in case anyone missed it on twitter



end march 2013 update]

Actually saw a brief bit on Fox Newz on Oil Country in North Dakota (Bakken Formation.) Honest Hard Work with other Honest Hardworking Men. What %age of Violent Ethnic and White Trash who want to get drunk and start fights with other male workers? Probability of destroying back, getting addicted to heroin, and sucking D’s on the streetz for heroin, and dying under a bridge covered in heroin and crack and bumj!zz and disgracing famil? good whites have backbone and willpower and don’t get addicted to Heroin! If someone starts a fight with you, do some sweet combat moves to show them who’s boss! RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT HANDED OUT!

Science hypothesis: hotter coffee makes your body smell more like coffee when you drink it than cooler coffee. “COFFEE B.O.”, if you will. Like you’re just sitting there and haven’t drunk coffee for an hour and you smell coffee.

Heh. Trying not to drink coffee as fast. Hypothesis: drinking coffee too fast gets you super wired, which in turn makes you nervous and cranky and emotional. Better to just be tired and spaced.

books David Duke mentioned

charles krauthammer is jewish “but not religious”, a medical doctor, and paralyzed and in a wheelchair. did not know any of this. was asking self if he was possibly jewish. not sure if he is a neocon or a good true con. heh. want to have a good ultraconservative go-to writer who is not necessarily AS much about Race as the Racialists. Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow. These guys appreciate Race, but they talk about other stuff too. And I’m not sure if they “IGNORE” “The Jewish Question.” Cuz of COURSE “The Jewish Question” is IMPORTANT and should not be IGNORED.

Since I only post HALF of what I write (OR I just post it 10 years after it was written!), I will TRY to minimize the amount of Beta Weakness and Whining, since I am able to Pick and Choose the very Cream O’ The Crop here. I will include Whining when it’s funny or has a larger point Re My Heirs.


This was the big Tea Party and Fox Newz Luverz Movie Sensation of the Summer, and they had petitions to bring it into movie theaterz because The Ruling Elite doesn’t want you to see this movie. Now, I certainly don’t hate Dinesh D’Souza, but I found the Support Of Israel in this movie pretty….Neoconny, hahahaha. I would almost prefer “The United States of Islam” in the Arab World IF they could get along with America and Europe. These

mainstream conservatives or neocons or whatever you want to call them are overly concerned with muslim terrorists and not concerned enough about jews, israel, and jewish marxists. And then I was listening to my Jewish Buddy Mark Levin the other night and he got off on one of his Angry Rants “THERE IS NO TWO-STATE SOLUTION!!!’ and he made it abundantly clear that he viewed Israel as Poor Widdle Victimz. I shook my head, as I generally like Levin.

D;Souza talks about Obama’s Mentors: the Black Communist America-Hater Journalist Frank Marshall, Bill Ayerz, some Radical Leftist Brazilian prof at harvard named Unger I’d not heard of before, JEremiah Wright, then he mentions Edward Said as a very Anti-Israel figure, and I thought, hmmmm. I’d heard of Said but haven’t done nearly enough research. Heh. But I suspect he’s not an anti-israel Rightist; but more along with Dinesh’s argument, that Obama’s main political and life philosophy is “ANTI-COLONIALISM”, which was inspired by the life of his father, fighting for Kenyan independence from the British Colonizers. So extend that with all that Anti-American,

uplifting the third world, socialist social justice, liberation theology, etc. Overall I thought it was a pretty convincing argument on Dinesh’s part. The Israel-Loving of Mainstream Conservatives is really starting to get to me though. So Barry would oppose Israel moreso because they are Brutal Colonizers and Usurpers, whereas I would oppose Israel for being Sinister Antiwhites trying to gradually destroy America and Europe, hahaha. Although I’ve heard they did do some shady usurping when first getting the land for the state of israel.

Anyway, I suppose the movie is worth seeing, slightly more Deep than Fox Newz, although not nearly deep enough, and I prefer a much more ANTIZIONIST style of conservativism! HECK this movie could be NEOCON!

[march 2013: yes it most certainly is. might not be bad for newbs though, showing how the POTUS and SWPLs like him became Marxists. but if you wanted to watch star trek instead i would not stop you!]

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I would like to pay gratitude and Love to my Mother and Father for being Great People & Ideal Parents, and it is a tragic sign of the times that I am so LUCKY to have Two Great Parents, when this Should* (tm FP) be the AVERAGE, rather than the Average Of Just About Every Group Of Anything being Crap.

Recently found myself “trapped” hahaha in the Russian History section of A Liberry. Saw “Bloodlands” by Timothy Snyder which I knew Uncle Bern likes and I’m grateful for Uncle Bern reading and commenting on all these books, HEY BERN HOW ABOUT you do an Inferno where you just videotape your Bookshelves to show us all yer bookz. I looked in the index for “Holodomor” but nothing. Doesn’t necess mean the book is BAD though. Also I know Bern speaks highly of Robert Service who is a prof of Russian History and has wrote huuuuge histories of Russia and Acclaimed biographies of Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky. Obviously he has a Successful Mainstream Academic Career, so he hasn’t Spoken Out Against The Jew like David Duke or sommat, but this doesn’t necessarily make him a huge shabbas goy (new fave term, hahaha) antiwhite zionist….Right? I Mean Kevin MACDONALD has an Academic JOB, hahaha. If Prof Service is good enough for Uncle Bern he should be good enough for me…..right?

What would I do if Bern “came out” as a huge Zionist. I have ABSOLUTELY NO reason to believe he would, just paranoid. Classic Antisemitic paranoia where whites suspect whites of being shabbas goy jew-lovers hahahaha. Well despite Bern not really ever talking about “The Jewish Question”, I think he would have the sense to see Bibi and Israel as Huge Horrible Neocons at least.


Varg Vikernes has a new article up about how Breivik was expecting a “5 Star Hotel” re the Norwegian Prison System, which is why he did not fear prison; and that he is a Freemason Christian Jew who has done more to hurt Norwegians in one day than Muslims have in 40 years. Interesting Points. Then Varg gives a nice appraisal of the Jewish Question but then denounces All Christians as No Better Than Jews, Christianity IS Inherently Jewish, etc. Not that that’s surprising to hear him say that. I guess MY Job is to prove Not All Christians Are Like That. Or to somehow cleanly separate Christians from Jews. OR To disabuse Jews of Antiwhite Zionism, hahaha.

Negative Amazon Reviews for Bob Service (maybe I just like his NAME) describe him as a NEOCON puppet of the NEOCON Hoover Institution. BUT a lot of these neg reviewers are self-identified leftists. Now while rightists can agree with leftists that Neoconz Suck, it is possible that Leftists might Mistakenly Identify True Conservatives as Neocons?




took these 3 books out of the lib to peruse over CHRISTmas when I will have a little time to do so. I maintain that being a Language Nerd and Jew Nerd does not automatically make me a WANNABE JEW or a Shabbas Goy, hahaha.

My other big nasty secret is that I like Serious Subjects presented as FUNNY COMICS with LOTSA PICTURES AND JOKES.


For example, “Introducing Kafka” from Totem Books, who has a series of Funny and Amusing “Introducing” books. Eradica would certainly Ream Me Out for liking such Dumbed Down stuff and for taking FUN over TRUTH, but I think as long as you use these kinda books as your starting point, your hook if you will, you should be ok. I think you can learn the Basic Facts in a Fun, Rememberable way. I think I’m Smart enough to not EXPECT the Hard Truth out of Fun Books. I just kinda want to get a basic outline of things. Plus I am a Visual Learner Who Never Learned How To Read. So Bl0wme B!tch. I might get down on the whole “Introducing” series: Freud, Nietzsche, Lacan, Foucault, Quantum Theory, Jung, “Philosophy”, etc.

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This one is PERFECT LENGTH. 587 Words.

Jewz biggest strength is that they can Fool Whites that they (Jewz) are White Too. CYLONS. hahahaha. How much do I really believe all this. Whose SIDE am I really on.

OK. BACK to David Duke My Awakening/Jewish Supremacism Chapter 17 Jews and the Media: All Mainstream Media is Owned and Controlled by Jews. Even Shabbas Goy Rupert Murdoch serves Jews better than Jews could themselves. Your local paper is owned by Jews. AP. Reuters. Time Magazine.

Felt like watching TV even though I know it is Zionist (ooops, almost wrote “Jewish!”) Poison. Then I figured the CATHOLIC Channel EWTN is the LEAST likely to be Ziorun. These are some PRETTY SERIOUS Catholics too, not all watered-down for TV, not all modernized like your neighborhood Catholic Church. Don’t know how they stay in business!

THEN I thought, couldn’t Zionists cook up a secret purpose for owning EWTN and make it Serve Them just like MTV or MSNBC? How can you use EWTN to Divide And Conquer? You could say Catholicism inherently Weakens, Divides, and Conquers Whites: Focusing on the Afterlife, being Friends with Jews, Turning the other cheek, giving giving giving, Christ was a Jew, etc. Just speculating. Of course Catholics say that War For Jews is Wrong. And Traditionalist Catholics like Moderate Mel (hehehe) have a decent handle on The Jewish Question. NO I don’t really think Jews control EWTN, but I didn’t think they controlled Fox News either, because it was “conservative” on the surface.

They get you both ways, coming and going, They’ve got NEOCONS and ZIONISTS on the “RIGHT”, and MARXISTS and MULTICULTURALISTS on the LEFT. Pretty Crafty and Sneaky, uh?

My “new” question is, when did it become OK for Optimate WASP Whites to get involved with BANKING. These High-Powered Lily-White Wall-Street Investment Bankerz almost make you forget Usury is a Jewish thing…and possibly this Cloaking is a Jewish Thing to keep whites from rising up and throwing the jew down the well! Anyway I HYPOTHESIZE it began not long after White Anglo-Saxon Protestants founded the Colonies! Really getting out onto thin ice here, hahahaha. Keep in mind there are “less jewish” forms of money-lending. Low-interest, no-interest, low-principal, not lending out money that isn’t a HUNDRED percent backed by deposits, no “fractional reserve” stuff, etc.

OK. Now what about The First Massive Industrialists – made possible only by the Industrial Revolution – like Rockefeller and Carnegie and JP Morgan. Clearly Goyz right? But they obviously had a large banking and investment concern. AND that they may have established the Fed to serve these interests (see Jekyll Island.) How do the J00z play into this. Besides Rothschildz hahahahahahaha.

It would only be FAIR AND RIGHT AND JUST for me to ANNOUNCE MY PREJUDICES. It’s largely possible I have Some Prejudice against WIMMIN and JEWS. I argue this might make me more wont to say nasty things about these groups…..BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE ME WRONG! I refer You to Pessimistic Realism: Perhaps Pessismistic Prejudice allows us to be MORE Accurate, where Politeness and PCness might have us Hold Our Tongue about these Protected Groupz.

In other words, am I “JUST IMAGINING” this “Zionist Conspiracy” BECAUSE I “hate” Jews? But I don’t Hate Jews! I’m just very suspicious about Massive Jewish Involvement in some Insidious Historical Civilization-Destroying Developments: Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Atheism, Social Justice, Social Welfare, Nanny State, Socialism, Mainstream Media, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Banking, International Banking, Zionism – each of these and more has a Jewish Influence that is WAAAAYYYY out of proportion to The Jewish Population.

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too many Time Machine Posts lately. Here’s a NEW post (heh Dec 16) which will be 600 words, = 3 minutes of lifetime reading for the slows. Not Gonna post on CHRISTmas Eve or CHRISTmas, go spend that time with your FAMILY or wallowing in guilt for why you’re not spending it with your family. If you’re a White Nonchristian, just make sure you’re a EuroPagan and not some SWPL F4gg0t J3wish C0cksucker Antiwhite ATHEIST, CHR!ST they’re even more ANNOYING than Neocon Xtians!


Projected Mayhem I should read more often. Intelligent talk on Wimmin and Game and exactly how Decadent, Crazy and Borderline some are. Plenty of Great Cautionary Storytelling – Sharing personal and others’ experiences, withOUT Navel-Gazing or Oversharing, gets you Fired Up.

INCANTATION has their FIRST ALBUM IN SIX YEARS, “VANQUISH IN VENGEANCE.” Incantation is a BIG DEAL and has apparently, I’ve read, inspired a WHOLE NEW GENERATION of “Old School Death Metal” Imitator bands. This is fine, as there are much worse bands to Want To Be, and it’s good that Incantation gets this kind of RESPECT. If I were A Death Metal Songwriter I too would be inspired by Incantation, heck I’m Life-Inspired by them in general, Honesty and Integrity is their WatchworD. They SLAY F4GG0TS and PHONIES. I have seen them live at least twice, which converted and solidified me as a Diehard Fan. I should REALLY buy a SHIRT already. Hopefully this new album means a new TOUR, ALL METAL fans should see them. They USED to tour a lot, but yeah they’ve been On Hiatus for so long that  New Old Skool Death Metal Bands had to pop up and fill the void, but now The Originatorz Are BACK and I’m quite happy for it.

On first listen the New Album sounds marginally better than their previous album. The main Con of Incantation is that it’s been impossible for them to escape the shadow of their first three albums (and their song/album titles have slightly gone downhill from being Good Corny to Not-As-Good Corny). But I think I like the production on Vanquish better than the production on Primordial, although IMHO it could STILL stand to be rawer, like “Upon The Throne of Apocalypse,” BUT it’s Kewl than DAN SWANO is involved w the production, he’s kewl, and you wouldn’t expect him to work with Old-School American Death Metal, although he DID work on the Funerus album, AND when you look at the Origin Story of Incantation, you can see how they’re more than “JUST” Old Skool American Death Metal, in fact they were important in American Black Metal as well, ie Paul Ledney and Profanatica and Havohej and such. I think. Nowadays John McEntee does vocals which is kewl because he Basically Pretty Much IS Incantation (not to diss KYLE and his MOUSTACHE) and his voice sounds nice and deep on the new album. I’ll still always be a Craig Pillard man though, his voice was deeper than deep and is EXACTLY what I look for in a Death Metal Singer. Plus I hear Pillard might be “RACIALLY-AWARE”, I might have to look into that! Or that coulda just been some Hater Beta on a Message Board calling him a “Nazi Racist.”  In my book that can be a Compliment, hahahahaha.

Men who are both Polite AND Employed (not now making any correlation) will often Hold In their Colonic Gas so they’re not doing Silent But Deadlies around their Female Coworkers, and Sex-Integrated Workplaces are a whole other ball of wax I’ll address later, so when men go to the bathroom to Urinate the will often Flatulate Out all that saved-up Gass, so it is not uncommon for Men to be heard Farting in a Public Restroom even if they’re not Pooping. This is probably decadent and fetishistic, but I propose that Wimmin are so afraid of what other Wimmin think, that Wimmin do not regularly escape to their restrooms for Farting Marathons esp if there are other Wimmin in there. Or I suppose Wimmin could do SBD and then blame it on men. Don’t know, I’m not a Fart Fetishist. More of a Fart Fetishist SYMPATHIZER hahahahahahahahaha.

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Best movie I’ve seen in the past 3 months. Maybe 6. Pulled me in immediately, by the middle, I said I think I really like this movie, feelz good man, and by the end I said, WOW, that was a really nice little movie and I liked it a lot and am tempted to give out the vaunted “A” grade because I can’t remember the last movie I had such an unequivocal positive response to. Which. Hahaha. Been meaning to see this movie for YEARS. Then Stillman’s name kept popping up in the Manosphere and The Right. I think he is actually friendly to The Right or was at least a Featured Guest at one of those Upscale Conservative Magazine (NOT National Review) Events like City Journal or New Criterion. In other words, he’s not an avowed Hollywitz Marxist.

The immediate feeeeeling I got from  the quaint, charming music and opening titles, was: this guy or at least this movie is a White Woody Allen. A WASP Woody Allen. As someone who’s always lurved Allan Koenigsbergz Jewish Nutz, AND now as someone with a growing interest in Whiteness, this was perfect. Neurotic characters, and you could argue Neuroticism is inherently “Jewish”, but these are White, Nonjewish Preppies. Are they Shabbas Goy Neocons? Heh I’m not even sure if they HAD Neocons at this time. It’s definitely a little Dated as it takes place clearly in the 80s despite some valiant efforts to make it “timeless”, though I enjoyed the hell out of the movie and could see people enjoying it 50 years from now, if the earth is still around and White Movies are not banned, hahaha.

Crammed Chock Full O’ Jokes that are as hilarious and abundant as they are dry. Like Kaurismaki, everything is a joke, but IMHO this was a bit funnier. Maybe cuz I really liked the subject matter of White Bourgeoisie. The only thing that could make it better would be an updated 2012 version of Generation Y not gen X, where ideas like Jewish Marxist SWPL Social Justice is much more prevalent, rather than boarding-school Whites who WANT to be Investment Bankerz. (But note:  Investment Banking too is Inherently Jewish. Just not the Marxist SWPL kind, hahaha.) That Stillman can really Skewer a Subculture with amazing, hilarious, quotable writing. Just look up metropolitan movie stillman quotes, the movie is chock full of them. I might even have to watch it twice, hahaha. Like he says he’s not a Marxist, but he is a Socialist, but more of a Fourierist. The movie mainly mocks pretentious, obnoxious pseudointellectualism prob better than it can accurately dissect the contemporary state of Race and Class. But if you’ve spent ANY time around pseudointellectuals aka “intellectuals”, you’ll enjoy it. In the commentary Stillman says he was using the movie to “get back” at some stupid intellectual arguments he’d had as a youf but was unable to come up with a snappy comeback at the time. I can relate, haha.

Though I make the characters out to be Jerks, they’re actually quite likeable, which helps the movie. Has a nice, friendly, light, nonserious tone, and even a fair amount of Honest Heart. Especially the last 5 minutes or so.

Also a decent, surprising, refreshing understanding of Core Game concepts. These aren’t hard but Average Movies refuse to acknowledge them: Wimmin Love Alpha Jerks, Betas Don’t Get Laid, Pure Virginal Wimmin are Superior to Promiscuous Sluts, Men can be used as “c0ck placeholders” and don’t appreciate it, etc. I think it was probably on Heartiste that I heard the movie mentioned. Then I heard a real-life person mention it and I figured now was the time to plunge.

I could see myself being the Whit Stillman of the Millennials who does that more up-to-date movie about Bourgeois SWPL Leftists and Self-Loathing Rich Whites, Brahmin Hipsters, etc. If I had his ridiculous talent for writing a 90-minute Stream O’ Jokes!

If you could take the best parts of Whit Stillman and Lena Dunham that might be what I’m talking about. Of course Stillman has a ton more Good in him than Dunham does because he’s not a Marxist Racist Wh0re, but Dunham’s still pretty good at Examining Her Own Generation too.

It’s unfortunate his movie career was on hiatus for about 15 years. I wouldn’t mind him making a movie a year like Woody Allen or 2 movies a year like Kaurismaki. He feeeeelz like a true talent where even his bad going-thru-the-motions movies would be better than Average Movies. I have Queued up the rest of his movies to watch in the near future, with “Damsels In Distress” coming next, because I’m curious to see what he does in 2011, his big return from the hiatus.

Also, the character Audrey was great. My Kinda Girl: Beautiful, Radiant, Prime of Youth, CLEARLY a Virgin when all her peers were becoming Sluts, because she had Strong Principles. Also I liked the idea that the two guys who liked her, who initially hated each other, ended up becoming friends. One has Game but the other does Not. SPOILER: It is far beyond the scope of the movie if Audrey picks one or the other. And I liked both characters so I’m not sure which one she should pick: the wimpy pseudointellectual gameless beta (but a True Niceguy and Goodguy) OR the “Prole” Kid with better Game, who was also a Goodguy. See what I mean about the movie having Heart. Without being Sentimental. Strikes that hard-to-strike chord like Woody Allen.  But not AS Jeurotic. Audrey is played by the actress Carolyn Farina who by now is 47-48 and doesn’t look so good if ya know what I mean. But she shoulda had a much better career than she did.


Stillman was born in 1952 and is 60 years old in 2012. A little older than I guessed. He went to HARVARD. That is not as surprising!

“Metropolitan” described as a “Comedy Of Manners.” Now I will proceed to Grecycle Wikipedia and call it Compelling Writing ™, hahahahahaha.

Bonus: Our Hero Tom has a copy of “DECLINE OF THE WEST” by You-Shouldn’t-Have-To-Ask on his bedside table. Nothing like a Great Books reference!

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just because I oppose anti-whites doesn’t mean I oppose ALL NONwhites, just those that are Antiwhite! Namely, Jews! No, not ALL Jews. Just the gung-ho zionist neocon ones, and the swpl marxist family destroying ones.

IMPORTANT: But much of the leftist marxist immigration-loving, white-hating, family-destroying jews ALSO are anti-israel. For example, Barry and his buddies. Because of Israel being an Oppressive Colonizer. So at this point I must say I’m more again THESE kind of jews than I am against Neocon Arab-Baby-Eating Zionists! I’m not trying to Wipe Israel Off The Face of the earth, in other words! I would just like Israel to Behave Better – ie, not get the US involved in wars – and get Jews to behave better – ie, not be antiwhite decadent america-hating marxists!

At Least Two Kinds of Jews: Zionist Neocons and Cultural Marxist Leftists. Both are Bad, and I hypoth that the latter supports the former more than they claim to. I am cautiously optimistic there’s a few Good Jews who fit into neither group. For example, I like Leonard Cohen, Woody Allen, Larry David, Philip Roth, Bob Dylan. But Allen is a neurotic antirightist (albeit mostly harmless and has made many good movies); David is a plutocrat neurotic leftist (though he is hilarious and so is Jerry Seinfeld for that matter); Roth is a neurotic Zionist and the one I’m least attached to, though I did like the Sexual Frustration and Neuroticism in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”


Mindweapon talks about being a “Google Felon” and how this has barred him from ever getting a soft emasculating office cubicle job ever again. Now he doesn’t see this as a problem, because he has worked those jobs before and not liked them, and prefers roughneck labor where you can say whatever you want. I understand his point, and he makes a very compelling argument for moving to the Oil Sands to get an honest free man’s job. I Hear Ya! And Yes I think about it every day. (“less thinking, more doing!”) “THAT BEING SAID”, at this point, for better or for worse, I’m idealizing The Emasculating Cubicle Job. I see myself as nodding my head, not making any waves, making 10 seconds of small talk with the chattering wimminz, doing my work quickly while they chatter for 8 hours, but not doing MORE work than the average, so I don’t get noticed, and could quietly read and write other stuff, because my REAL Life’s Work would take place AFTER I got out of Work. I’m not knocking Mindweapon AT ALL. I Like’n’Respect Mindweapon! He’s a Helluva Guy!

someone could easily say about ME, “Oh this hateful creepy racist virgin neckbeard jackass named My Real Name from My Town and My Social Sec Num writes this racist antisemitic antiblack blog called BKC, never hire him ever,” and then I’d be a Google Felon too! But I trust that small number that COULD do that, NOT to do that….or not to TELL someone ELSE who would do that. I trust those ten or so people just fine. I just never THOUGHT that they might MENTION something to somebody outside of the Circle Of Trust, like maybe just drunken party chatter, not thinking it would do The Real Me any harm, and then the outsider would go and harm me. But why? Because they feeeeeel a faux-moral duty To “Out” race realists like that Jezebel Scumbag did, who shoulda never gotten a Writing Careeeeer but is now trying to ruin other kidz careeeeerz in the KolligeKareerKomplex. KOLLIGE-KAREEEER KARTEL. O GOD THERE’S A NEW TITLE. I am SO CLEVER!

Nicholas Lysson, “Holocaust and Holodomor: Origins of Anti-Semitism”http://desip.igc.org/holo_lysson.html try to read this one too.

Maybe gender/SEX is a KIND OF RACE. No, no, I semi-jest, but you can see how Sex is LIKE Race: Biological Differences that we must honestly understand, appreciate, and learn to live with. We can send a Man To The Moon, WE GOT THIS!!!

How about this: small citystates where people voluntarily migrate based on Political Beliefs. So people who are extremely traditional and conservative could move to the Ultraconservative State, even members of diff races who share these beliefs. Ultraconserative Blacks, Whites, Jews, in their own Ultraconservative Citystate. Working Together, but probably living peacefully side-by-side in Ethnic Neighborhoods. Maybe. If that doesn’t work, then try Ethic Citystates. OR, HOW ABOUT A K-SELECTION CITYSTATE!!!It’s now PLAIN AS DAY to me. The Media and Ruling Elite encourages an R-Strategy among people (ie whites, europeans) who would be better suited to a K-Strategy. Make all the world an animalistic R-Jungle.

This K vs R might even become More Important Than RACE to me, hahaha. Fair Warning!

Also it’s clear The Ruling Elites or Plutocrats or Ziomedia or  International Bankers or WHATEVER you wanna call them are “tacitly” encouraging all Americans to adopt an r-repoduction strategy: promiscuous women, low parental investment, no fathers; when the Traditional White Way of life has been the K-reproduction strategy: discrete mating, monogamy, high parental investment, nuclear families. It especially stings as-a-white to see My Fellow White Wimmin embracing the r-lifestyle so wholeheartedly. As-a-White-Man, I wish they’d STOP and THINK about this more; but WOMEN of ANY race really have no INCENTIVE to STOP and THINK about their mating strategy, r OR K, because they will always have an EASY time SURVIVING because of their PVSSY and UTERUS. MEN are the only ones who ever had to WORK and STRUGGLE to SURVIVE.

I also keep forgetting that the Popular Vote was MUCH, MUCH closer than the Electoral Vote LANDSLIDE suggests. So maybe we haven’t Lost Our Country Yet. It’s possible – perhaps PREFERABLE! – that The New Conservative Movement in the US could take a Golden Dawn style.

You can tell I’m Just Getting Into This, because I’m only NOW reading JP Rushton, and perhaps his name is in my mind because he JUST Passed Away in October 2012.

J Philippe Rushton, Free Online Version of Abridged Version of Race, Evolution and Behavior. This link was a great find, made me haaaappy. IMHO.

You KNOW you have the Wimmin on a pedestal IF… you have more Meeeeaningful Spiritual Fun just going to LUNCH with her, than from BANGING some Awalt. Now, is this because you’re deluded, or because she’s actually Different? Does it even MATTER? Unless she is ready and willing to serve you as a Good K-Wife, then no, it doesn’t.

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[As Promised, here is my “TRENCHANT ANALYSIS” of Election Day and Results.]

So today is General Election day, right now. Kinda surprised how US Taxpayer Party and Green Party get their candidates on, but I did not see Libertarian or A3P, although I knew A3P Miller was only on in like 2 or 3 states. Gotta look into USTPP and see what they’re all about, I know I’ve heard about them ever since I was an 18-year-old moron “voting” for the first time (voting age should be 21, hahaha.) (Unless we lived in a nation where 18-year-olds WERE proper adultz.) (Note for ethnonationalists: Yes I’m aware that Public VOTING and ELECTED Leaders very well might not be part of The Best Type of Ethnostate, and we would be ruled by a Smart, but not a Superrich or Closed, Ruling “Tier”.)

My state is not one of the Hotly Contested Swing States; seems to be leaning Barry. I was watching the recent Frontline where they really went into the backgrounds of both Barry and Mitt. Fascinating. I don’t even HATE Barry. If I went to Kollige with him, I probably would have been in his Clique, sm0king d00bz and talking about social justice and anti-racism and marxism and banging harems of under-22 jewish girlz and smoking more d00bz and banging more under-22 girlz. Heh. I already TOLD you about my Achilles Heel.

But in a few years you Grow Out of that, and a guy with Barry’s Mindset has no business Running The Country. And he murderz Babiez too. Personally. But his mother was a wh0re race-traitor (hehe) and he had no real father, what do you expect. of course he’s got a chip on his shoulder. smart guy though, but too bad we can’t use his smarts for Good.

But I’m not looking forward to Mitt “The T!tt” ‘s (tm Firepower)  Israel-fellating. Here’s a guy who will not stand up to the Jew-Napoleons anytime soon, who in fact will prob be Very Open about his Luv and Support for Israel.

One might have to Interfere rather vigorously to steer The Economy in a good direction, IE, full gainful employment. Locking down Borders, deporting people by the boatload, penalizing employers who hire Illegalz, restricting trade with china, tarriffs, etc.

Heh. “Poor” White Wimmin. They shouldn’t luv Barry so much and be so happy about his victory and be such decadent, promiscuous, sell-out traitorous murdererz. yay yay we’re so haaaappy. I wouldn’t want to associate with those types, I only associate with wimmin if they’re white, traditional, conservative, low-number. Not that I wish wimmin who aren’t any HARM, even if I don’t approve of their lifestyle or stupid beliefs. But yeah. I am just thankful not to be around a bunch of gloating, decadent SWPL careeeeeeer wimmin on nov 7, hahaha.

And I am the optimistic type that beliefs this could be a Turning Point for Conservatives, for them to make their own “political messiah” and not play it as safe and zoggy as Mitt The Tit. Could be the rise of a Young New Right in the US, if our young men such as myself actually get off our 455es and WORK. Leftists have given Activism a bad name by them being Leftists doing gay leftist activism. It’s entirely logical that Rightists could do good Right Activism.

Some talking head, actually I think it was Mike Huckabee and I don’t despise him, said that Mitt and the GOP did a bad job of reaching out to Latinos and Blacks and Nonwhites.

Of course, the Far Right says, this is not our BASE anyway. We don’t WANT that kind of support, we want Those People OUT of OUR country.

But for the sake of argument, what WOULD the US look like with a Powerful Multicultural Conservative movement? Whites and Blacks and Latinos and Wimminz and Youngs and Oldz all wanting the same things? That in and of itself is very hard to imagine. In my ideal Multicultural-But-Conservative World where all People Universally Share Conservative Values, though, it’s nice and fuzzy and christian to think of. But is this easier to accomplish than “simply” deporting / segregating / repatriating? That SOUNDS Herculean, but so does my fuzzy happy christian conservative multicultural universe.

BUT Latinos might be a good place to start, especially if we see 60/40 numbers as opposed to like 95/5 with other demographix hahaha. Like latinos in Cali are different from Latinos in Texas, the latter more “conservativish.”

Really trying to understand WHAT is a NEOCON, WHO is a Neocon, vs a True Con Non-Neocon. I guess how much do they LUVVVV Israel is a key question.

The one possibly positive thing about Barry is that he seeeeemz to Luv Israel less than Mitt. But that’s not enough for the RAFT of other Antiwhite and Marxist things he’s doing.

But wouldn’t Marxists LUV Jewish Supremacy cuz Marxism is Definition Hella Jewish?

YES I’m abusing the terminology here, but hopefully I don’t need to ‘splain this one.

Back on what Huckabee said about Outreach to Latinos and Minos. And isn’t Marco Rubio Good Enough? But isn’t he a Neocon? Isn’t every Mainstream Republican “basically, like kinda, essentially PrettyMuch” A NEOCON?

Would Mitt really be THAT much better than Barry? We’ve got a “Fiscal Cliff” coming up regardless. [Note Nov 10: FNC is really harping on this now as The Weekly Outrage tm Firepower.]

Couldn’t Latinos seek out True Conservatism if they WANTED? It’s not like Latinos don’t have INTERNETZ. I didn’t have anyone knock on MY door and try to BRAINWASH me. (But I have White Privilege, hahaha) I just came to All This Stuff gradually after years of reading blogs’n’books, and slowly pushing in the direction I wanted to go, clicking links, reading, not even really going out of my “comfort zone”, but rather just slowly going where I wanted. Reading and reading, and seeing what I agreed with and what I didn’t. I put forth my own initiative, hahaha. One of the few things I do take initiative on, hahaha. Cuz it’s INTERESTING. DAMN.

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