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bkc blog post? try this. may 24 2013 [technically not LIVE Live, but it’s only a ONE DAY time machine, we can all rationalize that]

started my feels blog for fat NEET losers. It’s actually going very well, better than expected. I do not intend, now at least, to share that here, unless you are a White NEET Neckbeard Loser v9k Virgin who really needs help. And there is ALREADY enough hints out there for the astute STALKER to find it. I just do not want to serve it up on a silver platter to BKC readers right NOW. anyway, that explains why i’ve slowed down here a little bit lately.

Some controversy now on Mindweapon, Hipster Racist vs Chechar? Accusing Chechar of being a “9/11 Liar?” HR not liking the way Greg J or M Parrott deal with 911? HR seems to have been In The Movement/Community for a Long Time. I have mostly enjoyed and have MIRED his comments, but I do not approve of the uncouth language he uses towards Chechar.

But I’ve been realizing that this IS such a controversial Movement, that it’s Not Unlikely that there ARE Actual ZOG Spies Among Us! Or at least JIDF. HR “joked” “I just assume everyone’s a plant.” I had to laugh at that!

Anyway, as for me, I am Just Some Guy On The Internet right now, but I am not a plant. Of course you don’t have to believe that, but that’s just The Truth.

Heh. Reason # 600,000,000,001 I do not allow comments here.

I never 100% understood Commenters who have a Reputation as Being Commenters. IMHO they should make The Big Leap from Commenters to Bloggers! You can be a Coward like me, who only blogs and never comments!

TLDR, I think HR would have an interesting BLOG!

OK I guess he started one just this month: search: hipster racist wordpress dot com. Not bad!

To give you some indication of Where I’m At on the Journey, I have not even bought one of Kevin Macdonald’s BOOKS until yesterday when I bought “Culture of Critique” FINALLY. I have read the introduction to CofC on Chechar’s site, I have listened to many interviews and talks with KMac, I look forward to his talks on the David Duke Show, and the Robert Stark Show, and the Counter Currents Show, I think he should have his Own Show,



I’ve been making a point to read TOO more, and it’s all good, but I never bought a physical book until now.

I’m not even SURE if I’ve moved from WN Sympathizer to WN. Feelsweirdbro.jpg.



I agree with the majority of what WN’s believe in, I’m fairly Racist, I read and listen to a ton of Racialist Blogs and Podcasts and say RIGHT ON MAN, My Anti-Jewishness is pretty VIRULENT, yet I’m not sure that “I AM A WN.” If only because, HYPOTHETICALLY, what if I met a Real Nice and Cute Nonwhite Girl (I Haven’t), or what if a friendly, decent, moral nonwhite man appeared in my Social Circle and I befriended him (I Haven’t).

But yeah. I’m WORRIED that I could Fall In Luv with a Jewish or an Indian Girl, because of my perverted Jew Fetish and my perverted Indian Fetish. And then I question how “perverted” these “fetishes” really are. It’s basically the same Nonperverted Nondecadent thing I want with a White Girl, and indeed I would PREFER a White girl, I just haven’t ruled out Jewish or Indian girls yet. And if that gets me kicked out of the WN-Sympathizing community, then so be it. I’ll still BE white, I’ll still SUPPORT Whites, I’ll still not like Jews.

So there. Full Disclosure. So if WNs want to say what a coward and a j-lover and a miscegenator and a faggot, weakling, loser, antiwhite, traitor, JIDF, plant, mole, spy, fence-sitter, clockwatcher, talker, coward, deserves to die, etc, well I can’t stop them. Maybe they’re RIGHT. WN Ambivalence Feelz.jpg

I wouldn’t mind a White Homeland, but I ALSO wouldn’t mind A Murka where blacks, browns, and mudslimes don’t act like savages – basically acted nice and proper and civil like white people.

Heh. That statement will get me banished BOTH from WN, AND from Educated Enlightened Normalfag Antiracist Society.

So does that make me “A Moderate?”

Heh. I have pondered the “moderate” vs “fence sitting coward” debate before.

New BURZUM album out, I listened a couple times, it’s not bad, but I just want to say to VARG: Keep doing your writing on Thulean Perspective, what you are doing there is AWESOME. And listen to that one commenter who commented favorably about Your Charisma in videos and interviews. He was RIGHT. I watched this interview

and you gotta start making a regular thing out of this buddy. Writing and Blogging is GREAT, but when you got a Great White PERSONALITY as well, you GOTTA show it. Let Your White Light Shine. And the best way to do that is through: podcasts, interviews, vidyas, Face Time, meets and greets, lectures, roundtables, talks, networking. People Skills. Vidyas and Podcasts at the VERY least. Hearing the VOICE is key.

So DO IT, VARG, just make a 10 minute video of you talking to your computer once a month, and put it on your new ThuleanPerspective Jewtube channel. I GUARANTEE You it will be received VERY positively.


But Then again what do I know, I got aroused by an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White-Mix Girl once, and I enjoy the music of Leonard COHEN, even though I saw You included him in that gallery of Jews Who Are Ruining The World.

But I agree that Race-Mixing is worth Very Serious Thought. I mean, I’m basing this mostly on HYPOTHETICALS and THEORETICALS and NEUROTIC FEAR/WORRYING/FEEEEELZ. And when it comes to Mating, you KNOW how men can put Prime-Of-Youth Girls on a pedestal, or become infatuated with an idealization, with a fantasy, NOT the reality.

For example, say I started “dating” an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White Mix (and how likely is THAT?), was all in The Honeymoon Stage, and THEN I met her filthy devious scheming antiwhite Kke FAMILY, all rubbing their hands together and counting their Jgolds, and talking about how GREAT it will be when The White Man is Genocided. THEN I would say, UM NO, THIS ISN’T GONNA WORK OUT, BABE. LOOK AT WHAT YOU COME FROM. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE.


Point is, people don’t exist in a vacuum outside of their FAMILIES. And scheming conniving antiwhite J families are, on average, much less desirable than White families.

AAANNNDDD Jews are MUCH better than Whites at seeing Their RACE as Their SUPEREXTENDED FAMILY. See, I was about to say, “Well, if there’s some good Jews out there, doesn’t it follow that there must be some good jewish FAMILIES?”

The whole Jewish Race is like ONE BIG FAMILY!

So, In Conclusion, Becoming More Masculine will prob help me get off the fence regarding race-mixing, and become a better white. And Becoming More Masculine, as it also affects Being A Winner And Not A Loser, is something much better suited to my NEW blog, NOT this one. Because I gotta talk about Being A Loser a LITTLE bit, to pave the way for Becoming A Winner, and I will not have Loser-Talk on THIS blog. I don’t want Feeeeeelz Creep on this blog. But I think, in its PROPER place, it’s not entirely bad.

Aaaaand here’s a great Hourlong Lecture By MIKKO ASPA from Feb 2013 on Noise / PE music:

aaaaannd here’s a great, super-in-depth interview from after 2010 with Mikko on Clandestine Blaze:

ht   tp://killmecreator.blogspot.com/2011/05/clandestine-blaze-northern-heritage.html


RIP Jeff Hanneman, RIP Ray Manzarek, oh wait I forgot Slayer and especially the DOORS were antiwhite, so thus I must be antiwhite, even when I THINK I’m being prowhite.



So as of May 2013, I am back to being an 80%-90% White Nationalist Sympathizer, but the more accurate term to label me might be “trying to be pro-white”, aaaaand I have a godawful weakness for 18-year-old Jewish and Indian girls, even though I PREFER 18 year old white girls. Though it becomes SCREAMINGLY obvious that Miscegenation Is Bad when you think about, at the very least:

a. The Clash of the two FAMILIES

b. The poor helpless choiceless CHILDREN that you would have – you’re essentially DEPRIVING THEM OF A RACE.

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1984 (1984) by ORWELL by MICHAEL RADFORD

I INTENDED to publish this on January 3rd, but I accidentally hit publish before I could change the date, and the instant you click that button IT’S DONE, the email alerts go out, the RSS feed gets updated, and those you cannot possibly change, so now I have to look like a Tryhard Neckbeard Blogger where all I Do Is Blog All Day, which I can assure You is not the case, i’m just saying f00k this sh!t and accepting what I cannot change.

FOR NOW (IE January 2013) I will continue doing one 600-word/ 3 minute post per day (hehehe.) in the NEAR future I might cut it back down to 600 word posts on M, W, F, Sat, and Sun.

1984 (1984) by ORWELL by MICHAEL RADFORD


Ryu helpfully reminds us that you can watch the whole of the Orwell 1984 movie on Youtube. THANK YOU RYU. Prob other sites too. esp usefull bc there is no dvd on netflix, not even sure if that one is ON dvd, which is a shame. go watch it and see what will happen post 2062 after The Frog Has Been Boiled. Heh. The video is pretty grainy low-res but I am quite attracted to Julia. The actress is Suzanna Hamilton and I have never seen her before. Born in 1960 makes her 24 in 1984, hehehe. Been too long since I Banged a Girl like that, where her Attractiveness makes you go DAAAAAAAMN that’s something. Hamilton’s Value-Add (hehehe) is that she is YOUNG, pale, girl-next-door, has that Innocent Schoolgirl look. SPOILER you get to see her small bewbs and nice Big Bush. That stirred a quiet Rumbling deep within me. Heh. She looks like a Nice Girl, not the type to spread her perfect young body for all the sad sacks in the Outer Party. But I’ll let the characters get away with their “decadence”, because Orwell portrays it as a revolutionary act, where the State is trying to destroy The Family by Destroying Sex by Destroying Orgasm. Interesting. When Today’s ZOG is destroying the Family by destroying Love and devaluing Sex for Wimmin. They give their Sex to everyone but then have no love left to give, so they ultimately sell their soul and children to the State. In 1984 they have an Anti-Sex League and encourage celibacy and destroy sex, in 2012 the encourage Mindless, Decadent, Wanton, Promiscuous sex to get the same result. Heh. One of the few things Orwell didn’t get right in his vision of the future, but he tried, so I give him an A for Effort hahaha. Besides Orwell was half right, in his world they are trying to destroy Love too, as Love Plus Sex makes The Family which is clearly a threat. And Julia at least SAYS she LOVES Winston, not sure if she says that to All the Party Betas she spreads for. They ways she plays the role, yes, you think what she feeeeels for Winston is truly special family-making, thoughtcriminal love, so that’s good.

Alternately: PERHAPS Today’s Betas get less tail than EVER before; so today’s betas have more sexual frustration than ever before; back in The Day betas could be guaranteed (“entitled to”, hahahaha) at least a minimum of Memorable Pvssy, but now they get NONE and become obsessed with Game and Pickup and become Sperzerkers (tm Eradica.) In other words, Today’s Beta Men are exactly what The State wants. Like when Winston is stroking Julia’s smooth radiant young prime of youth skin after busting a HUGE nut in her uterus and thinks “was there ever a time when this seemed ordinary?” For Today’s Beta Men, no, there absolutely never was.

While it’s nice that kids often read this VERY IMPORTANT BOOK in PUBLIC SKOOL – or DO THEY? I just assumed it was one of the Top 3 High School MANDATORY Reading of All Time! should research that. Seems kinda ironic having such a potent Mindweapon or Thoughtcrime right in the middle of a Zog Blue Pill Factory. If that’s true, it just means No One Gets It. They’re clearly not Getting it. It’s just another boring 4ss book with no real lessons that stick. And that’s too bad. I read the book and enjoyed it, but to be honest, I’m a Visual Kinda Guy, so watching the movie is a VERY WELCOME Supplement, and makes the book more important to me, sticks in the mind more. Some Of Us ADDultKidz really do Learn better with Movies, hahaha. Fortunately it’s a very well-made movie and very faithful to the book. I think. But it is very powerful and should be shown to the kidz, maybe then the message would get thru their thick skullz like it finally did for me. Can’t believe Zios produced this movie. Weird that 1984 has such a large following against people who really SHOULDN’T like it: Pub SkoolTeachers, ZioProducers, etc. And they didn’t even transform Orwell’s message!

Maybe it’s because Orwell was a Leftist Marxist Shabbas Goy hahaha. No, I don’t know if Orwell was a Zionist but I’m pretty sure he was a dirty leftist. It’s really a paradox how he wrote 1984 and other Important Political Literature. I’ve heard his other stuff is good too, not just Animal Farm. Wish that MORE Modern Leftists could be like Orwell!

But it’s kinda disappointing that THIS movie isn’t more ubiquitous like the book. Proles don’t remember books, books don’t stick. Heck books are hard to stick for ME. Ideally this movie would have a HUGE DVD/BluRay release, tons of extras, would have a big display case at Walmart, would be a big seller, would play on TV all the time, but it’s tragically languishing in movie obscurity. The book is huge but the message isn’t sticking. If this movie were huge, it could change that. THEN they’d probably stop “teaching” the book in skoolzzz.

And John Hurt is always real kewl, I’ve always liked his grumpiness and his great voice. Underrated actor. Richard Burton is great too! He died way too soon.

Tend to forget “little details” from the book that are important, f.e. the copious consumption of Victory Gin. Keeps the Proles blind and drunk, keeps Winston blind and drunk, and is his cowardly way of dealing with the shame of being a failure. heck he should just be a suicide bomber, that would be way more honorable! However he IS tortured by the state, and I’m not gonna say that his pain there wasn’t real. that’s a good reason for one’s spirit being crushed and becoming a sad bastard drunk4ss. Heh. MANY people become those WITHOUT State Torture, but just because they have a Spiritual, Moral, Sexual, Existential VOID! The feeeeeeeeeeling with No Name, hahaha.

I also like that WInston is a COWARD. His mind is in the right place, he has noble ideas, he rebels in little ways, but when he gets busted, he gets BUSTED. That totally destroys him. Rather than go down in a blaze of glory, he sh1ts his pants, gets tortured, and then gives up and becomes a dead drunk. Heh. I can relate. It’s not fair that Cowardly People can even be open to good ideas, hahaha. very tragic. when the thought police burst in, he just stands there quaking rather than jumping at them, even when they unchivalrously punch julia in the stomach like cowards, he’s just as big a coward. Damn.

Not just your ideological enemies can be cowards. My calling is to do Coward Rehab for the Cowards on My Side. Heh. Good Cowards and Bad Cowards. Cowardly Lion was prob a good coward. He had a great heart and mind but he was just too damn cowardly! So how do you fix a Coward? you put him to the test and see what he does, if he breaks/gives up or dies fighting.

and i was quite naive to think there were videos or audios of orwell speaking or giving interviews. but how does a writer of that importance not have a single recording? because he hated radio?

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LONG POST 1101 wds. ASSUMING “Average” readers read 200 wpm, then this will “COST” you approx 5 and a half minutes of your TIME. To borrow a concept from Ryu.


Dec 9 2012 Real Time Bulletin: Wanna say THANK YOU to FIREPOWER for REBLOGGING me at Eradica re my Cowardice vs Moderateness post; and he nicely articulates the idea of “Narcissism Of Small/Minor Differences”  (funny joke here) (YES I know WHAT Freud Was!) & “Sour Grapes” which I’m still lazily “working” on grasping, haha.  if I wanted to make BLOGGING my JOB, I wouldn’t be Blogging About THIS, haha. And if I DID want to make blogging my JOB, that would be f4ggy as f00k & I wouldn’t want to know me; &also the writing wouldn’t be FUN any more, and YES there’s more important things in life than FUN,  and ZOG LIKES it when whites are Preoccupied with Having FUN, but FUN can be important to one’s mental state nonetheless!

Really my effort needs to be expended into making myself a stronger White Man, as of right now I am “Pretty much” Dead Weight In Real Life. But I am not afraid to “Name The Jew” and Ryu has a great related point (though it feeeeeeelz Reallllllly Supplicating Beta agreeing with someone who would prob Throw You To The Wolves!) about people being too afraid to use “THE N-WORD” even when it is COMPLETELY appropriate re describing thuggish, violent, chimping-out, antisocial, dead weight, freeloading, obnoxious, dishonorable n!ggrish behaviour; Even I am too afraid to say it without c3ns0r!ng myself, although I’ve taken a blogger (Firepower?) up on using words like “Coloreds” or “Negroes.”

THAT BEING SAID, I recently had a Race Traitorous Antiwhite Antiracist (heh, heh) Life Experience where I met a lot of perfectly nice and friendly Nonwhites (Southeast Azn’z); AND I’ll prob have a post coming up about Nonwhites incl Blacks I experienced at a Super-Devout Catholic Church, AND more of the (i.e., my) usual talk on Race vs Religion, ad nauseum. AND Which Races are the Most vs Least Physically VIOLENT To Whites: Negroes, Asians, Mestizos, Mexicans, El Salvadoreans, or Hondurans, that kinda stuff. AND who’s the biggest 4ssholes out of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Thais? I’ve actually heard glowing reviews of Thais ie them being Nice. AND Stay tuned (heh) as I examine the effect Even Friendly Nonviolent Immigrants have on White JOBS! For example, Middle-Working-Class Hospitality Jobs for People Without Fiat Masterz Degreez.

PS Warning:  I’ve got over 100 drafts in the “kitty” just because I Write Too Much, and will now officially DO  “ONE POST-A-DAY” thru the end of the Year (21 more dayz)  just to Clean House. For instance this post, which is a Constipated Turd from November 10.


Greg Johnson, Homosexuality essay in “Confessions of”, where he writes of Augustine and “Montaigne” writing profoundly of Male Friendship, then being “outed” by Postmodern Marxist Queer Theorists, when they weren’t necessarily homosexual, they were just rightfully praising the benefits and beauty of male friendship, and now Men can’t even enjoy Male Friendship without it being GAY. Which makes men more Insecure about their Friendships. And if ANYTHING’s gay, it’s insecurity hahaha. No, not necess “gay”, just beta. Uhh look up and find linx to writings by those authors to get an example of those profound things they said.


Good Old Saint Augustine. Even the most Socially-Anxious Introverted Beta Creeps Are Social Creatures with Social Neeeeeedz. And even the Alphaest Lone Wolf can benefit from Social Contact.


Enjoying Vox Day’s hierarchy of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Sigmas, etc. (Keyword: “SOCIO-SEXUAL HIERACHY”) Because I think Alpha and Beta does oversimplify sometimes. Well, if you get enough sex you’re an alpha, if you don’t you’re a beta, but there is MASSIVE variety among Betas. Some get ok sex, others get godawful sex, some get no sex, and Vox’s hierarchy accurately describes all these.

The Hard Truth is that I am Not Yet Man Enough to Attract And Hold On To the Type Of Traditional, Pure, Womanly, Wifely, Mother-Of-My-Childrenly Woman I want to attract and hold onto as a Primary Monogamous mate. Not saying that in a “WHINY MRA” way, because the good news is: I can BECOME That Kind Of Manly Man. It’s just HAAAARD when you’re a Weak Beta to not show any Beta Weakness. It’s the Classic Catch-22: Need a Job to Get Experience, can’t GET a job without experience. Once you get some tail, you get more tail than you need, and the poor betas that REALLY need it don’t get it at ALL. IMHO the best solution here is simply Legalized Prostitution. That might help you Learn Game quicker, which will help you pull Real and Better Tail quicker. Having Practice Girls makes the whole becoming-a-man process MUCH quicker and easier, otherwise you might still be a 30-year-old ADDultKidz (tm FP) hahahaha.

But “GAME” shouldn’t be seen as Those Separate Skills For Pulling Tail, it should (and WAS) seen as just part of Being A Man. Manly Charisma. Men Have Game. It’s a Natural Part of being a Man. It’s not a way of Jumping Through Hoops To Be Wimminz SLAVE. And the Charismatic Personality will help you in Many other ways that just pulling TAIL, it will make you a Better MAN altogether: better citizen, leader, inventor, entrepreneur, scholar, gentleman, saint, priest, “husband”, father, harem-master, do-gooder, job-creator, every positive role a man can possibly have.


PLUTOCRACY vs OLIGARCHY. heheh. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Plutocracy don’t forget about metapedia. whenever someone talks about “metapolitics” that’s code for they’re a right-wing racist. one of the good kinds of racist, hahahahahaha.


So I can feeeeeeeel a Sea Change of myyyysellllf and by extension this FlogBlog becoming SLOWLY, SLIGHTLY less Anti-Woman, less Hostile to Wimmin. (I don’t NEED Women, but I would LIKE a Nice, Good, Decent Woman to settle down with One Day, but if I don’t, I won’t DIE, I’ll just become a Single Father, although, Ideally, a Child “Should” know their Mother.) Wimmin aren’t The Enemy. It’s hard to say Who The Enemy even IS – Zionists, Plutocrats, Ruling Elites, etc – but it’s Not Wimmin Themselves. Wimmin have certainly “internalized” the “value system” of The Enemies, so it can be confusing. Or you can also def say that Wimmin are Poisoned and Ruined by “Decadent, Amoral Junk Culture.” Let’s go with that. But Wimmin are NATURALLY Conformist, they are more prone than men to look for someone or something to Lead Them. And right now they’re sucking down that Junk Culture and thus becoming quite Junky. And OF COURSE The Ruling Elites want to turn Men and Women against each other. Divide and Conquer. Make Wimmin Wards of the State, and gradually eliminate Non-Elite Men altogether & use them as Fodder/Fuel. But WE have the power to fix that!

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here’s another 2-parter. yes the title is a joke as right now I Am “A MODERATE” and here I pretty much kinda essentially basically moderately defend that, hahaha.

on eradica they are talking about the downfall of the manosphere, and of course ryu is saying good riddance to these weak, whining faggots, they will make good SLAVES, if they can’t take a teensy weensy bit of abuse now. And then he linked to Complementarian Loners, who are shutting down, and made some derogatory remark about them being cowards and weaklings too scared or ignorant to confront the REAL Big Picture which is, of course, Race and Jews and Demography.

I was a bit insulted by proxy because I always liked CL and if they’re cowards then I’m a bigger coward. Heh. Ryu might even be better at ruffling feathers than Firepower. However right now I am lucky to read two blogs a day, and those are Eradica and Mindweapons. YOU’RE WELCOME, hahahahaha. I just don’t have the time and energy to read tons of blogs, YES, I have a jam-packed RSS Reader which is PRETTY well-organized.

And then I just learned (well, I was reminded of) that the PUA/Game Blogger Social Kenny has a very big personality and takes credit for getting blogs shut down. I’m not sure exactly what this means. Usually it involves “race-baiting” and “them provoking him first.” Then SK says they are racists and then their site mysteriously disappears or they shut it down. What I HOPE is not going on, and I am NOT saying SK is doing this, and I hope that NOBODY would do this; but Theoretically, you could complain to WordPress Staff that so-and-so is a Racist and made Racist remarks towards a Person Of Color, and that would certainly be enough for a WordPress Employee to Pull The Plug, and immediately Your Racist Blog has been deleted.

This could certainly happen to Widdle Ol Me I suppose. Anyway MY point is, I don’t understand all these people pulling their blogs even voluntarily. Are they too discouraged by hostile comments? Then be a coward like me and close comments, hahaha. Are they discouraged by Decreasing Traffic, that they can’t reach a large enough audience? Well, as some blogger said, you can’t EXPECT to REACH a lot of people with “Red Pill” Material, be it Soft Starter Red Pill of Anti-Feminism, or Hard Final Red Pill of Race Realism or Anti – Zionism. Yeah, you’ll reach the most people doing Straight Game stuff like Roosh, just because tons of 26-year-old Sperg Virgins want to Learn How To Get Laid, more people than are interested in Racialism or even “Men’s Rights.”

But my main purpose for Writing is It’s A Fun Addiction for me. I always wrote a ton before there were even Blogs, ever since I was a Wee One, an ACTUAL Kid, hahaha. It was a Serious Hobby, always has been, always will be; rather than have it be “An Addiction”, I am constantly struggling with it, rather than letting it control me. And when it’s going well, the result is Good Writing and for me, Haaaaaappy Feeeeeeelingz.

I was looking for the implication that The Feds or Jackbooted ZOG Thugs were Throwing Crimethink Blogs into the Memory Hole etc, imprisoning bloggers for Blogging, state police fighting the Free Speech of Citizens, etc. Yes Free Speech is a Big Deal, even in First World Countries like ENGLAND or GERMANY you can get IMPRISONED for TALKING about the HOLOCAUST. Like if I were living in England or Germany I would have second thoughts about even WRITING that sentence!

Ryu said something very provocative commenting on the final entry of CL, telling the authors there that if they were REALLY worried about their Children and their Children’s Futures, they would be worried more about the Country these children will live in. What good is turning inward and raising good children, if they are just going to get Slaughtered By The State?

And then I thought of why guys like Ryu or FP or Chechar are so meeeeeeean to people they probably have a lot in common with, rather than saving this venom for the Real Enemies; and then I figured that it’s USELESS to use Verbal Venom against your Real Enemies – do you think you’re actually gonna Change THEIR minds and convince them of anything? Best to protect yourself against them. (Heh. I “almost” said “and fight them in other ways”.) So it’s better to find the proverbial chinks in the armor, what you perceive as weaknesses on YOUR side, and try to convince THEM and radicalize them. Maybe he’s trying to Shock and Offend them into Action.

Me personally I don’t associate Moderation with Weakness. “Because you’re a Conciliatory Coward who WOULD sell-out your Race just for three hots and a cot, and willingly TIUTA from your Multicultural Marxist Masters so long as they gave you Creature Comforts and didn’t throw you in the Gulag or Gas Chamber!”

But WHY would Moderates be Weak? WHY is it better being mean to people on your side than people not on your side? Because you’re TESTING the people on your side to see if they’re STRONG or WEAK, because you want Strong people on your side, and Weed Out The Weak? I guess that’s the motivation. In that case, I’m not really on the side of the people I thought I was on the side of; Weak People are on No One’s Side.

For example, either Ryu or FP was Talking Smack about Captain Capitalism, and I thought, WHOA the Cap’n is a pretty Kewl Dude, why would you diss him like that? And why do I care so much what RYU and FIREPOWER say in their MEAN COMMENTS and who they like and who they don’t like??

Heh. Prob because like I said, Eradica is one of my top go-to sites. The articles are good and real eye opening. Even sometimes the comments Value Add when they’re not Bashing Other Bloggers who don’t think 100% the same things they do, hahahaha.

continued in part 2…


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madtrimming o’words, YRWELCOME!

sat down & listened 2 hours of Turner Diaries. Very gripping. Could make great movie, hahaha. Dr Pierce helluva guy, helluva writer. Smart as whip. Great speaking voice. Oration. Got 25% thru. They are planning Blowing Up An FBI Building, hahaha. extremely extreme stuff in here, surprised ZOG let Dr Pierce Live, haha. also writes about purging COWARDS &WEAKLINGS &TALKERS and other guys LIKE ME from The Organization because they do no good. Talking &saber-rattling; when it comes right down to it, they “MEEKLY SUBMIT.”   hit real close to home.

“Shabbos Goy” is goy does work for Jews on sabbath because jews forbidden. what Pierce/Turner referred to the Sheriff Cook County as; ultimately (SPOILER!) assassinated by The Organization. book very extreme: violent, throats getting cut, people’s skulls cleaved in twain.

Instead of KareeeeerBuilding, PumpingIron, WorkingRetail, or somethingProductive, I’ve spent large amounts Thanksgiving Dayz Off by: Listening “My Awakening” &”TurnerDiaries” &sleeping. Pierce seemz extremist as f00k, while Duke as a peaceful nonviolent moderate, much more like self. But it’s impossible not to be gripped by Pierce’s book. Being shocked by its extremism is something everyone can Profit from IMHO. also mixes in prescient and profound stuff alongside  throat-cutting& hanging &terrorism &blowing-up Zoggovt Bldgz &making bombz &attaching landmines to grenades to create Supergrenadez &blowingup the FBI &cutting Jewz throatz ear-to-ear & grimly accepting they must kill many innocent white wimmin &children to achieve greater good, because too far gone to avoid collateral damage, and it has to be done, and separates men from traitors, who deserve nothing more than execution. Holy Sh!t. If I wasn’t on A List YET, I sure am now!


On archive.org warning saying Turner Diaries ILLEGAL some countries, be careful.


example of memorable bit, turner commenting on big picture,&  boil-the-frog approach by which The System enslaved its citizenz

Pierce obv very powerful &talented writer &speaker. but me personally I’d be executed like the economic-minded Conservative, because I was a self-centered conservative & vnot true REVOLUTIONARY, did not follow The 14 Words with Religious Fanaticism. Moderation is Weakness, which is slippery slope to treason. Kill Moderates.

White Nationalists, rest assured I’d be Executed as A Cowardly Nonviolent Conservative Talker by The Organization in “Turner Diaries”, so, don’t get the wrong impression of me. I would be Totes Hanged as a Traitor Coward on The Day Of The Rope! (more later.)  Maybe I can’t be a “White Nationalist Sympathizer”, even IF I “prefer” to mate with whites, even IF I “prefer” a segregated, nonmulticultural society. Nope, I have to put up or shut up, by doing violent revolutionary actions.

While I enjoy partaking in powerful and provocative literature, &I believe The World Would Be a Better Smarter Place if Everyone Read The Turner Diaries For Themselves, I have to take break when I realize it’s calling for my death &calling me a coward & traitor, so then Iturned to the more Kind &Gentle Dr Duke, hahaha. skipped to Jewish Question, which might be his “Jewish Supremacism” book tacked-on to “My Awakening” torrent. starts off talking about how he always respected Jews &how he never HATED Jews, &rejects epithet “anti-semite” being applied to him. But by high school he’d started hanging out in Citizens Council office in New Orleans, &devouring their racialist books. old lady there turned him onto Jewish Communism Connection. DDD incredulous: NO, something THAT ridiculous &anti-semitic can’t POSSIBLY be true, but he did right thing &started reading &researching the topic like madman. Search For Truth. Uncovered Huge Jewish Role in Russian Revolution of 1920s. Bolsheviks etc. How Jewishness is more than a RELIGION, it’s a RACE, unlike Christianity. How you can be a Jew even if you’re a huge atheist. Trotsky’s lunches with Rothschild, Rothschild’s gigantic financial pressure on Russia, etc. presume more talk on Jewish participation in Gulags &Holodomor etc, where so many gentiles died, makes holocaust look like gentle summer breeze hahaha.

Shocking was Duke’s talk on The Talmud and its horrendous view of Gentiles as Animals, best of which deserve death. Rob, rape, steal, kill gentiles, they’re incredibly inferior to jews, &every kind of violence &betrayal is justified against gentile pigs. Duke brought up interesting point: you rarely SEE a Talmud, though you see thousands bibles every time you walk out door, get rained-on with bibles, but don’t even KNOW what the Talmud IS. Because Christians are New Testament &Universalist &catholic &want to evangelize  people all races, while jews are chosen people &wanna keep religion exclusive &secret &exclude inferior gentiles, &not convert anyone. can’t go into BOOKSTORE or LIBRARY and find talmud, gotta go to SYNAGOGUE. OK, NOW can just go on internet. Find English translation of Talmudz with disclaimers that anti-semites like david duke trying portray Talmud as hateful anti-gentile book, hahahaha.


This page tries clear up “kill gentiles myth” haha.


Moses Hess, founder of Labor Zionism; connection between Marxism &Zionism, “two squabbling brothers” who seem different, but always agree in end.



reminded what I said re “two kinds o jews” seemed superficially different, zionist neocons vs israel-divesting cultural marxists. but maybe infact two sides same coin.

Chechar really hypes“Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany” by Thomas Goodrich as one of greatest books ever. Brutalization, rape, torture, murder, genocide of white germans by russians & jews & allied forces in years after WW2. how bad it really was gets sugarcoated by Mainstream Media. And that whites really deserve Retribution or Reparation or at least A Big Apology for atrocities committed against them that were just as bad or worse than The Jewish Holocaust or American Black Slavery. You can buy the book direct from author at very reduced price, I should*do this.

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I had just started listening to David Duke’s “My Awakening”, the updated audio version read by him in his nice gentle soothing voice, had a hard time tearing myself away to listen to Election Results after some of the early ET poll closes, 6pm, 7pm ish. REAL Gripping, I recommend it to ALL. Shoulda come to this one a LOT sooner.

So yeah. I am hooooooping for a more true, non-zionist, paleoconservative movement to form, in these next 4 years. I just don’t want to work to do it, hahahahaha. No but seriously folks, I WILL volunteer time and effort. I will even try working with Latinos! I’m willing to give Nonwhite (& Nonzionist / NonNeoCon!) Conservatives a chance, maybe TWO chances, before I give up on them and get more serious about Racial Separatism, WHICH, BY THE WAY, ABE LINCOLN SUPPORTED. According to David Duke. Who actually read what Lincoln wrote. Free the slaves, AND THEN encourage them to Go Back. YES I’m WELL aware of the problemz in LIBERIA. Just saying that The Founding Fathers and Lincoln were NOT in favour of a Multicultural State as it is today, EVEN IF they were in favour of No Slavery.

REALLY like what I’ve listened to of the David Duke book so far.

But I have reached my naptime of 318pm. I am lazy and lethargic which is not a Good White. As a child David Duke would read science books voracious and explore the wilderness voraciously. Including setting up his own Weird Little Zoo. I had no idea he was so into the science. But he would go out there and imagine he was Davy Crockett and get bit by snakes and catch and cook fish and build canoes and learned how to build houses from his father, was the antithesis of lazy and lethargic. His biggest Family Trouble was his Mother was a big drinker but he dealt with that in a healthy manner and forgave her and she eventually stopped drinking. Yeah I know Duke cheated on his wife and gambled lotsa money away too, but overall, I’m very impressed.

But lemme just be honest and say that the major thing holding ME back is not Zionists or Plutocrats or Minorities or Wimminz, but MYSELF. Laziness. My Tragic Flaw. Whatever the Greek word starting with H Firepower used that means “tragic flaw.” For me, it’s Laziness and Cowardice. Period. The End. So don’t think I’m BLAMING Wimminz, Jews, or Blacks for MY Downfall. Just America’s, hahahahaha. I’m no role model, except to say, Don’t Do As I Do, My Son. I haven’t totally Given Up on myself, but I have partially given up on myself, so the Going is SLOOOOOOOW as f00k. At this rate I will be staring down the barrel of Zionist gunz but will have been too lazy to prepare to defend myself. Might not even be Zionist Jackbootz, but just angry violent ethnic mobz looting and killing for fun, endangering my family while I whine about Nawalt Infatuations and Underemployment and Laziness!

Heh. Thinking about cutting back the blogging to 3 posts per week. Until I can personally DO more. Then maybe write about THAT, once I actually DO it. Heh. Good thing I’m only posting HALF of what I write anyway. This is TOO MUCH.



Alex Linder responds to Greg Johnson. Okay this is where a “falling out” is happening, hahaha. Linder is saying Johnson is all talk, no action, just a pointy-headed prognosticator with no balls. Bringing a tiny knife to a huge gunfight.

This blog is “An Appendix to The West’s Darkest Hour” done by this guy Chechar, who are kinda saying Greg Johnson and James O’Meara are homosexuals and not doing a good job with WN. I don’t think I would say that, after all I just confessed a Mancrush on Greg. Then again I WOULD like Greg, because I too am a niceguy pacifist feminized nonviolent scared-to-fight fag coward, hahaha. Infighting like this makes me not want to be part of ANY group and just GMOW. BUT more Significant Social Change can best be accomplished In Groups and not as GYOW Individuals. Cmon fellaz, we’re all against Zionists here!

Anyway he has a nice preview of KMAC’s book “Culture Of Critique”, so, I def recommend that! Also Chechar’s main blog The West’s Darkest Hour is well worth reading – hell might even PRINT OUT 10 pages! – though potentially intimidating to the newb.

Hell NO I’m not a PROFESSIONAL WN or an EXPERT New Rightist! I’m a NEWB!! A NOVICE!! I’m JUST GETTING INTO this stuff! Think of this more as NOTES on a Research Interest! You want something SERIOUS from Established Experts, go to one of the people on the blogroll. They’ve been INVOLVED for YEARS. I’ve just been READING off and on for less than ONE year. Wahh Wahh don’t attack me or leave mean comments or send mean emailz, I’m just a Sensitive Widdle Beta Boy! Waahh waahh, give baby his baba!

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HONESTY: I must Confess that while I never cared about Blog Hitz, I was SURPRISED to see I’ve gotten SO MANY (1200 as of early nov 2012.) 10-20 hits per day. So this has gotten Bigger than I ever expected, AND it seems to be slowly GROWING, which is both Scary AND Exciting. AND I have to Admit that I am taking this opportunity to Fart Around with “Marketing”. IE, if I do such-and-such, what happens to my traffic? For now, that means, how many words do I make the posts, how often do I post the posts, etc. 650-800 word posts on M, W, F, and Sun seem to “cause” slow, steady growth. I really don’t CARE if that growth is reversed, because being A Popular Blogger means one is held to a Higher Moral Standard (hahahahahahaha) of Blog Whory, but I’m trying to pretend I know something about “Web Marketing”, so I can make myself Minimally Average Employable, and add a nice Bullet Point to my REZ. Well, not really, because then they’ll ask OH WHAT SITE WAS THIS FOR and then what.

New Posting Sched: every 42 hours. 4 posts per week on equal/even intervals. 7*24/4 = 42
Mondays 12:01 am
Tues 6pm
Thurs 12pm
Sat 6am


MARXIST PIG LEFTIST WIMMINZ “JOURNALISTS” at Jezebel / Gawker / Wonkette /Gizmodo / Zog Family Destroyerz Inc, Slate, Salon, NYT, The Nation, Adbusterz, etc: We don’t use our Real Names NOT because we are Anonymous Cowards; we don’t use our Real Names because WE, Unlike YOU, have to WORK REAL JOBS for a LIVING, and we can’t VOICE our OPINIONS PUBLICLY without making ourselves UNEMPLOYABLE PARIAHS!!!

But there are people On Our Side who DO use their real names, You can think of at least 20 examples, and yes, I concede they are more Courageous than those of us who don’t.


NOTE TO SELF: BUY SOME PAT BUCHANAN BOOX. I recall there are great prices at Amazon. (note: just bought “suicide of superpower.” wait n see if Pat is a NeoCon or a TrueCon, hahaha. How Z10n15t is he? Hopefully not much!


weird dream:  way too revealing and boundary-crossing, and Alpha Men do not Share Secrets so Openly, like the F4gg0t B!tch in Jail who Happily Spreads His Buttzcheekz for his Black Masters. “Oooh Yay! *clap clap clap* Time for my daily Fill-Up!”

So I was in a house and there was a party and the girl sitting on the couch across from me was known as a Huge Slut who would take Any & All Comers. I had not “gotten lucky” yet. She did not look too skanky, in fact, she looked young and beautiful, although not necessarily innocent. Had that slutty twinkle in her eyes that let you know she loved a good reaming. I sighed and said something ridiculous like “So when are we going to MAKE LOVE”, and she gave a little flirty token resistance; then I took my Semihard D out of my pants and waved it around saying, “Come on, you KNOW you want a piece of THIS.” Great line & great gesture on my part. Great Game! Then she spread her crotch revealed a very weird, hairy, and foldy/lippy labia. She said she had FIFTY labias. It looked like it. I was just a big foldy fleshy area that sounds absolutely disgusting to describe, but attached to her cute 18 year old body, it was somehow “Sexy.” “Oh Yeah Gimme Summa DAT!” I said, and dove headfirst into this “Hot Mess”. At that point, she Queefed On Command directly into my nostrils, and rather than get upset, I was all excited about it, like “OH YEAH, 18 YEAR OLD PVSSY, SEXY PVSSY-FARTZ, GIMME MORE!”

So, very DECADENT. I try not to be that decadent any more. I think the reason for all this was that the dream girl was based on a real life young girl I had been in Heirmaking Wifemaking Love with many, many years ago. She had been in the PRIME of youth. I regretted Betaing out with her, because had my game been better, I could have “enjoyed more time with her” (BANG BANG BANG) rather than felt like I was left high and dry. Incidentally, she WAS too promiscous, but her looking young and innocent countered that somewhat.


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[OK so the election is over. But here I am on 11/3 scheduling this.  Predicting a “tight race”, within 1%. Maybe 2. Would not be surprised either way. OBV hoping for Mitt even if he is a Huge Zoggy Plutocrat.]

Over At Eradica they talk about the Decadence of the US Military, well, not “Decadence” in the same way Our Wimmin are, but, more in the sense that the soldiers aren’t these Big4ss “HEROES” or “WARRIORS,” “RUNNIN’ & GUNNIN’.” and “Making The World Safe For Democracy” (not that “DEMOCRACY” is the greatest thing anyway!) I really have no place to comment on that OTHER than I’ve gone on record in the past as saying Joining The Military would PROBABABLY have been a Good Move for Me, as far as making me a Disciplined, Responsible, Accountable, Work-Hard, Mature, Alpha Young Man, instead of a Lazy, Entitled Omega PUNK. And, as a Lover Of America and Red-Blooded Patriot, I would idealize the Character and Integrity of our Armed Forces both as a Group and as individuals. But the Eradica Chaps present an alternative viewpoint, that perhaps these soliders are just Punk-Ass Jackbooted Enforcers of Zog, Douchebag Idiots on a Power Trip, pretty much just 4sshole COPS hiding behind a badge, thinking that gives them the right to be Savage. No Honor in other words. AND increasingly bad at physical combat.

My own position is, I’m a bit more friendly to the Military Men; However, I’ve never Been In The Military, so I can’t really say. I’m sure there ARE plenty of Jackbooted Zog Pussy F4GG0T B!TCHEZ throwing little old White ladies over cliffs for Bibi Netanyahu.

Even though I am not a FullBlown White Nationalist, I AM a Full-Blown WHITE, and not ashamed of my Whiteness, and will defend Whites when they are threatened.

My point now is, I shouldn’t take so much pleasure or schadenfreude from vocally calling Wimmin, including White Wimmin, Wh0res. I “should*” be more sad to see them Throwing themselves away, and doing what I can to STOP them, to save them from themselves. If I mate with someone, and Mating Is My Main Goal, then it’s probably gonna be a White Woman, I’d Prefer it to be a White Woman, So when white wimmin are Decadent, I shouldn’t just sit poolside and say “exxxxxxcellent”, I should be trying to save them. Or at least not being so happy about it. But honestly I am NOT HAAAAAPPY about it, folks! This isn’t really “Schadenfreude” on my part, it’s str8-up Schaden!

COWARDICE. COWARDS. YOU ARE A COWARD, COWARD. Heh. These are very offensive words. Right up there with HYPOCRITE and PHONY and DISHONEST and DISHONORABLE and WHINER and LAZY. You don’t want to be a COWARD, to AFRAID to STAND UP for what’s RIGHT, because you’re too attach to COMFORT and SAFETY. But I am a bit of a Coward! It’s closely related to the Laziness.


Robert Stark talks to Mark Weber about CONSPIRACIES. When are they reasonable and when are they just nutty tinfoil hat stuff. Note to self: Listen to this show ASAP.

Also: http://www.phoenixism.net/?p=12266 ; An Unmarried Man / Pheonixism: “THE CULT OF CAREERISM” ; Holy Jeez. I found this article just after scrolling down on his main page after clicking the link to his blog from where he was interviewed by Robert Stark. Almost Exactly the same as “my” “CAREER IS YOUR GOD, CAREER WORSHIP, CAREEEEEEEEEERZ TRYHARDZ”  “theory.” Talk about a Like Mind and Kindred Spirit! I have a feeling this guy’s gonna get Blogrolled just for that one article! Plus He’s Mexican-American So I’m not a Huge Racist, hahahaha.

What I don’t like about WNism is that I’m confident in the power of Nurture to Trump Nature, sometimes. Like the Blacks who turn out just fine, because they were essentially raised as Whites, with White Values. Heh. Looks like I’m defeating my own argument, because I’m still agreeing with WNs that there are inherent differences between Whites and Blacks.

What I don’t like about MRA’s is that it seeeeeeeeeemz “unnatural” for men and women to be Natural Adversaries, to be enemies, fighting each other in a war of attrition, a zero-sum game. In an ideal natural world, women need men just as much as men need women. Men and Women are Complementary. MRA’s being Hostile and Combative towards wimmin will only be as helpful as Feminists being Hostile towards Men. And even if you just Avoid Women, not being hostile, but just saying, Well, because Women suck so bad, I’ll just avoid them, for my own good, yes that will do you more good than associating with unhealthy women, but it will still suck at best, because of Man’s Natural Desire to Be With Women, and trying to drive that out with the proverbial pitchfork just isn’t gonna work. Men will always Want To Be With Women, and when that desire is denied, it comes back up as something more weird. But by all means, if all the women you meet are unhealthy beotchez, Decadent Wh0res, absolutely, then avoid them 100%.

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