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[note: BONUS POST / LEAK: This newer one accidentally “leaked” onto the RSS feed yesterday due to my hastiness with the publish/schedule date/button. SO, might as well make it officially available at this time. “ENJOY”!]

Top Companies recruit only from Top Universities. If you went to a Crappy University, expect to work for no better than a Crappy Company. Problem is, Crappy Universities are still expensive as hell, and gullible kids gamble their lives away thinking they’ll work for a Good Company Eventually, White Knights wanting to find a Good Woman To Marry, etc.

No, I’m just being grumpy and pessimistic bc I’m tired and crabby and sick of seeing people everywhere. To Rebut: I know PLENTY of people who went to Crappy Universities and got PERFECTLY good jobs. So yes it can be done. You just won’t find RECRUITERS from that company at your SKOOL, EAGER to GIVE you a Careeeeeeeeer, like you would at Harvard.

But just because you are a College Grad and are “supposed” to have a higher IQ (110 vs avg 100) doesn’t mean you are SMART, look at all these stupid Wimminz getting “GRADUATE” degrees in “EDUCATION”, hahahahaha. I don’t care if that’s offensive to Wimminz. It offends me that these are the ZOGz shaping our Youf. Home Skool, Baby!

“Class” by Paul Fussell. Looking for a good shortish funnish book on Class In America, this might be a good one.

BRAHMIZOG. Hahahaha. Tired and short of temper. No energy and a disturbing sense of DESPERATION over everything and nothing. Strangely enough, feeling quite libidinous despite this complete lack of energy. Just want to get ballzdeep in a beautiful long-legged bright-skinned 18yo virgin girl and let it rip raw dog, just drain a huuuuuge b4ll-draining l04d that goes ON and ON and ON; then crash into a stupor, wake up to eat a nice meal, go back into stupor.

It is no joke that I enjoy FRIED CHICKEN every bit as much as Blacqs. I will go to a RESTAURANT and order A FRIED CHICKEN DINNER. not chicken STRIPS, mind You. (Although I enjoy Chicken Strips too!)

Fell asleep at 6pm while watching “Soylent Green” (Eradica Recommendation!), it was good, but I was that tired, “pretty much” slept till 5am next morning, so, feeeeeeeeling a bit better now.

So ZOG perpetrates Shady Scheming at the Macro, Structural Level; but I’d argue WIMMINZ Outzog the Zogs on the individual, micro, interpersonal level – wreaking MUCH more havoc in the lives of those around them than individual Zogs ever will. Most average working slobs will rarely cross paths with a Powerful Zog-Person the way they will with Wimminz.

I saw a stupid TV news bit on a stupid story from a stupid wimminz magazine on What Wimminz Find Most Attractive In Minz. Certainly they didn’t say “Alpha”, but it was pretty clear; but my favourite thing was “gets ready quickly”. Whether you’re ready to jump and serve her; jump and get to WORK at your Influential, High-Prestige, Elite Careeeer; aren’t a lazy Bum with no ambition, no productivity, has no energy to be a powerful man.

So Iaughed at that, as I am not a “mornings person” and am very grumpy and surly for the first 3 or 4 hours after getting up at 5am, move very slowly, taking a shower or going to the bathroom is a huge chore, need to drink 2 huge coffees, etc. Almost like being hungover with no alcohol.

But I am not ANGRY or RESENTFUL about it, because it means I HAVE a job and am being somewhat productive. So I drink my gallon o’ coffee and do what I need to do. But it’s not particularly FAST. And I don’t go to the GYM at 4:30am like a REAL TRYHARD.

TITO PERDUE. There’s a name I need to mention more. Published novelist, possibly by Mainstream ZOG Publisherz, who has decidedly nonzog sympathies and is friendly with many of the new rightists. 74 year old alabama man also assoc with “southern US literary tradition”, faulkner and all that.

Where did Greg Johnson get his PhD, what was his dissert, how possibly would it be for him to Be Active in a Leftist ZOGiversity and try to turn the tide?

I might have read somewhere that the “notorious” Prof Kevin MacDonald (Long Beach) is kinda “don’t rock the boat” in his teaching life and does a super vanilla Psych 101 course where probably 100% of the kidz don’t know who he is.

I think Andy Nowicki also teaches kidz English in Kollige. If these guys could get hired despite their Clear and Present Controversial Views, would talking about them in class get them fired?

Maybe set a demarc at 50% of Saved Posts, where don’t intend to publish the older stuff at ALL because it’s still “formative.” That or post 4 times a week with a “bonus post” on Sunday or Saturday.

Good Lord. Mrs Varg Vikernes’s blog has been HACKED by “Morrocan Ghosts.” But I’m still getting the RSS. Mrs V has interesting stuff about Thals (paging Koanic Soul and the seemingly-growing Alt-Right who are interested in Thals!) but she doesn’t post that often and really didn’t need to be hacked. All because the Vikernes-Cachets are far-right “racists” and American Hackers are often OWS-lovin’ Leftists.

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[BKC sept 9, 2012: just to PROVE how much of a TRYHARD I’m NOT, this is an old post written about JUNE 20, 2012, which I SAVED bc I didn’t want to publish more than 800 wds 3 times a week. So now I’m scheduling posts for the month of sept 2012, 3 per week, and reaching back into the tryhardkilling VAULTS for this one. which ultimately gets published on sept 28 2012.]

[sept28: LONG POST WARNING, 1350 wds. Also: won’t sched ENTIRE MONTH in advance anymore prob; now trying one WEEK in advance, & get good MIX of REALLY RECENT and somewhat older posts…but leaning towards the more recent. “Write” too much for own good; abs don’t wanna POST that much!]

WAZZZZZZZAAPPPP, MEN! [Here I come out wearing a Nice Suit and give everyone a Firm Handshake!]

How You Doin FELLAZ? Great to be back again, GRATE-FULL to be here, we are gonna have some FUN TONIGHT!. I’m gonna have some FUN at least, & if you can have 1% of that fun too, then I’ve done my JOB, I’ve been PRODUCTIVE, and successfully combined WORK with FUN.

Never really thought that WOMEN might read, honestly never really thought ANYONE might read until I got A Tweet Recently. Well that’s honestly better than Comments, I might Poop My Pants if I got a comment, cuz it would probably be Snarky or Trolly & I’d have to delete it anyway. So I’m happy with No Comments, I should just BLOCK ALL COMMENTS already.

wasted enough words. 121.

musical guest on show tonight is France’s Own Satan-Loving Teen Wonders, HIRILORN! (pre-Deathspell Omega for non-metal folks. Haven’t sampled yet, but reviews suggest more epic & melodic than DsO’s hateful & orthodox & mathy.) [edit: that’s absolutely right. heh. this post from the vaults thing is like playing with a TIME MACHINE, hahaha. Also I’d now like to bring out Blut Aus Nord. On another show of course. Need at least One Full Season of Shows eh?]

conversation guests are Bernard Chapin, Barbarossaaaa, Stardusk, Armageddon1115, Stardusk, John The Other, Girl Writes What, Typhon Blue, Paul Elam, Heartiste, even some Game whippersnappers: RooshV, BronanTheBarbarian, FreshFlyYoung, Frost, uhh Gmac, Honestly I’ve not been keeping caught up with the Game world as much as MRA & MGTOW, & I’m not even up on those. All Red Pill Men are WELCOME, & OpenMinded BluePillMen of Course.

[edit: I would also have the Eradica “peepz”, Neckbeard Chronicles, & Nydwracu. How bout Moldbug too.]

Special appearances from Mark Steyn & Varg Vikernes. Not to compare those two men, other than I like them both.

Uhh next show we’ll have Alex Kurtagic & the guys from Drudkh, as long as we’re discussing Newish Rightish & Black Metal. [edit: why just kurtagic [ok I was just connecting HIM to DRUDKH thru his record label “Supernal Music” duh], how about some other prominent names from Counter-Currents & Alternative Right. Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, bla bla bla. you can tell this is old haha]

Since I’m the Host, I will also let my Friends come on and talk about things they’re interested in or good at.

No Commercial Breaks, no Irony, no Lamestream Fashion Small Talk, just good clean fun. Would prefer if you dressed up nice and didn’t curse like an underclass “shine-ape” [edit stole that from Ryu, not even sure what it MEANS but it sounds real insulting].

bring together Lars von Trier and Woody Allen to make them do a movie collab.

I might make David Lynch & Gaspar Noe do the same, or at LEAST I’ll just bring them both on and have good talks, good times. I will let David smoke cigarettes on the air like back in the day. Although he better quit soon because he’s too old to be smoking cigarettes, gets riskier at that age.  & my guests can Drink too, just don’t get too sloppy on air.

OK obviously this would be too much for ONE show, this would be a good SEASON’s worth of shows though. You have to agree it would be a SICK show. Never thought of doing a “late night talk show”, thought of doing a “Serious sober radio talk/interview show” but I think I’d also enjoy the FUN aspect of a late-nite talk show, but ALSO plenty of SERIOUS talk. Intermingled with a bit more jokes, though. YOLO after all hahaha.

Anyway it would cause the Entire Lamestream Media to wither and melt away like Ark Ov Covenant. Couldn’t HANDLE so much YOLO or Keeping It Really Real or Smart or Fun or Honour or Honesty.

Can’t bring myself to finish Varg Vikernes’s book “Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia”, although YES I felt COMPELLED to buy it cuz of mancrush. Anyway he emphasizes the point that Ancient Scandinavians, unlike Modern JudeochristianIslamic/”Middle Eastern” religions, were not about mendacious pseudo-faux-“Morality”, but about HONOR. Honor was the The Only Real Morality. While I don’t dislike Xians as much as Vikernes, I do appreciate HONOR quite a bit like he does.

Fantasizing: BKCTMOAPGHOW’s Late Night Talk Show will be more SERIOUS than CharlieRose & BookTV & CSPAN combined, AND more FUN than..Craig Ferguson? (ICanTolerateHIM.) Tom Green? Honestly not an expert, don’t usually LIKE LateNiteTalkShows cuz stuff like Fallon & Kimmel EMBODIES EVERYTHING THAT DISGUSTS ME RE LAMESTREAM MEDIA.

MY show WILL set new standards for SERIOUSNESS *AND* FUN. NEW PARADIGM.

Peter Dinklage is Great Actor, certainly deserved his big award for T&C, great in The Station Agent, aGradeAMovie Everyone should see; BUT what I’d REALLY like to see him in is A Serious Drama where his Smallness is NOT a Factor & You can focus mainly on his Acting Skills. Tho StationAgent did VERYAdmirably @ NOT focusing on smallness.

Hope Dinklage is not a HollywoodDemocrat. Adam Baldwin is one of the Celebs that has reputation for NOT being. Minority in that town.

Yes my show will ALSO include Life Advice on Jobs/Careers, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Networking, Dealing w Wimminz, GYOW, any&all. USEFUL.

With Christ, You Only Live….FOREVER! Like a VAMPIRE! Thus, Christians = Vampires, & Nonatheists = Violent Homophobic Misogynist Redneck Idiots. Heheheheh. But seriously folks. This is the diff between 49% & 51% faith. Not really more sure that a God exists or even CAN exist, but you’re more optimistic/hopeful. Even if you’re just doing Pascal’s Wager. Worse reasons to be optimistic.

Though the Provocateur Contrarian in me still wants to Skewer all Sacred Cows & Offend people for the sake of Offense. Blasphemy. But at my 51% faith, I find vocal Atheists more Offensive than vocal Nonatheists, hahaha.

DSM5: Anger Disorder, Laziness Disorder, Apathy Disorder, Output Failure Disorder, Beta Disorder, Loser Disorder, MGTOW Disorder, Herbivore Male Disorder, Not Manning Up Disorder, hahaha. Everything Ever is a Disorder, It’s not your FAULT, you have no Responsibility or Accountability.

I suppose Wimminz are like TERRORISTS in that you’d be wise never to NEGOTIATE with them. Futile. Like Negotiating With An Infant. They Are Idiots. hahaha jk NAWALT

Don’t ever take Wimminz out on “Dates” because other guys have banged it for FREE, so that is her NEW PRICE CEILING. CEIL-LING. That means the price can NEVER go HIGHER than that. CAP.

Corollary: Men are usually very rational & good at knowing a deal vs a screwing EXCEPT when it comes to Pv$$y.

You COULD argue the PRICE of Pv$$y isn’t even UP TO the Wimminz, it’s up to the MARKET (ie, men) & whatever price it will bear. Meaning all those Free Giveaways when Young, Dumb, & Most Beautiful will NOT NECESS set a Price Ceiling. Because she CAN and HAS and WILL get a higher price for it later even when it’s depreciated INTRINSICALLY.

Sucker born every minute, as long as there’s a desperate sucker out there willing to pay more for it…and there usually is.

So yeah maybe she gave it away on Same Day while studying Human Resources, Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Psychology or Computer Art in College at age 19, but if she can get a handsome rich doctor when she’s 30 to bankroll her Mob Wife Wannabe Celebrity Existence, well, that’s ON HIM, RIGHT?

And also it’s not ALWAYS about money. Sometimes 5 minutes with a Supremely Charismatic Alpha, were we to put a dollar value on it, is worth MORE than 5 years with a financially stable Beta providing unlimited ATM access.

OR, similar to how men’s Deal-recognizing Pathways are short-circuited by Tail, Women’s Money-Greedy-Grubbing Pathways are Short-Circuited by Hypergamy for Alpha Charisma, EVEN WHEN she’s SCREWING HERSELF out of Future MONEY??


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Had a TERRIFYING dream (nightmare) recently in which sinners were punished-to-death IN CHURCH as part of the “mass”, in front of the congregation, lorded over by really sinister, sadistic, evil, serious, grim judge-like priests/inquisitors. Everyone was pretty well-dressed, well-spoked, & serious, and the deaths were VERY graphic, VERY Painful, VERY torturous. The one I remember was, the “evil” sinners were made to drink burning, boiling acid, destroying their esophagous and stomach and whatnot, then they would vomit it all over themselves, burning whatever parts of the body it touched; blinded by pain and terror, they would fall to their knees to beg for mercy and begin crawling upwards a kind of slippery-slope conveyor belt covered in slippery mud, climbing up but always slipping down, until the ramp suddenly ended and bounced them into a huge propeller-like blade, circulur, whirring blades, just very huge and very sharp, where they’d plunge headfirst and be sliced into thin slices and come out as a heap of bloody slices at the other end.

The priests warned this may be graphic, and the smell of burning flesh and vomit and death might become very strong and we in the congregation might become sick. But it’s for your own good. These evil sinners were getting what they deserved, and if we didn’t behave, we’d be in an even more creatively, horrifyingly sadistic execution NEXT time, to serve as an example & deterrent.

I was a young child and was sitting next to my mother in the congregation. The church was ornate but also dim and sinister and scary. I was terrified that people were being TORTURED TO DEATH IN CHURCH, right in front of me. I WAS Allowed to cover my eyes, which I did very forcefully to block out EVERYTHING, however, the portent of the Wafting Fumes Of Burning Vomitous Death were not as avoidable, or the horrible screams of the damned. I covered my eyes well before the proceedings began but was very anxious awaiting signals from smell and sound that things had begun. I was crying and panicking. I was worried I would be called up to join the Damned as I had not been a very good boy that week, kinda a selfish d!ck. I did not get any comfort from my mother, which was out of character, which made me think, uh oh, she’s on the church’s side. This dais of priest/judge/inquistors, a bunch of grim old men who definitely got-off on the torture but in a very grim, serious, unsmiling way. I couldn’t believe we were a part of this sick cult. However the level of organization and “professionalness” indicated that it was much more than just a “cult”. Basically it was an Inquisition-era Catholic Church X 9000.

Miraculously I survived, did not get called up. I begged gratitude to god in a very fearful, supplicating way, knowing full well if I didn’t act PERFECT, I would be NEXT, and it would NOT be quick and painless.

For the next week the children went through a series of Morality Programs, Games, School, Education, where we were PROBABLY being graded on How Well We Did The Right Thing, and if you got below a certain threshhold, it was hellish torturedeath for you. I think that was the thing, to portray an actual re-creation of Hell Itself as part of the Mass Ceremony. Because it was pretty well-engineered sadistic torture.

I went into the Education Programs with the best of intentions, a fearful supplicating attitude, I was desperate to do very well, but I kept making stupid, unintentional mistakes, prob because I was so nervous. I could tell I was SLIPPING, and if I didn’t stop making stupid nervous mistakes, I’d be tortured to death next week in an even worse way.

Interpretation: Pretty straightforward on the surface. BUT this is not how I feel about the Church Now, and not really how I felt about the Church during my Anti-Church period, not even when I went to “scary” Catholic school as a child. Some of it was a LITTLE weird, but nothing like THAT. I certainly wasn’t constantly afraid of death and torture and hell and damnation. So I’m not sure where the dream came from. Bottom line, it was Scary As F00k, and I was for once glad to not be sleeping & to be tired if it meant not being in that nightmare. Had to write it down, because this will prob be one of the Top 4 Nightmares Of 2012, hahahahaha.

I am interested in dreams and nightmares and used to discuss them on the Old Blog. Would like to still discuss them, just only half as much so as not to be a navelgazer. I get really vivid stuff that would make GREAT movies, in this case, a really scary horror movie. So I might recycle the dreams into Movie Ideas at some point, cuz they are WAY more creative & interesting than anything I come up with while awake.

Not insanely attracted to Wimminz any more, still wanna bang as many & as attractive as possib OF COURSE, but overall libido seems declined. But I saw a girl who I immediately took notice like a live wire. A solid 7.5 or 8. NATURALLY she was YOUNG, early 20s at oldest, and this came through most in her Nice Cute Face – glasses (nonhipster) and No Makeup and Overall Skin Quality: sorta Pale/White ie No Tanning, But this real CLEAN, RADIANT look to her Young White Skin. So Smooth, So Clean, So Young, getting aroused just looking at the SKIN of her ARMS. So couple that with overally youth, cute nice face, no artificial superfluities, and I wanted to bang like a raging animal. Liked the sense of innocence and HONESTY. Like here’s just a Normal Young Girl in the Peak Of Natural Beauty.

Instantly got the impression that “she’s a NAWALT, one of the Good Girls, THIS is the kinda girl you COMMIT to” and I felt all Chivalrous and White Knight and Gentlemanly and Respectful, rather than “Oh lookee, another Filthy 4555preading Pig For My Rotation! Another Lousy Wh0re who’s been filled-up with 9000 C0x, what’s one more!” It was interesting to get such an immediate, strong, decisive reaction. I got the impression that she was the GF of another young man at her table. He looked like an OK guy, but I was still a bit jealous of him. She seemed Rare and Different. Could not forget about her for the rest of the day!

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Also I should mention The Neckbeard Chronicles. He is a “fresh new” manosphere/alt-right guy I noticed a little after Firepower. What I like about him is that, like me, he brings a huge game/sex angle to the table because he’s a “sex addict” like me, and has a very “immature” sense of humor. Also he’s somewhat ambivalent about the WNs that we all naturally cross paths with in the red-pill & alt-right worlds. Although maybe he does Bait WN’s too much, much more than I want to!

As for me, I don’t mind WNs one bit. But let’s Tawk about the term “Holohoax” for 2 seconds. I don’t have any particular reason to LIKE Jews. I like teen Jewish Girls because they’re Teen Girls; AND, most importantly, I have somewhat “internalized” the Bourgeois Brahmin Status Success Education Career Cultural Fetish as exemplified by Western Jewry – top IQs, top schools, top jobs, all wrapped up in an interesting somewhat homogenous (sub?)culture. Which as a White Underachieving “Vaisya” (Is it OK with Firepower if I still like Moldbug? Yes I KNOW he’s a Jew! Or 90% likely to be!) I have resentment towards this success, which I prob shouldn’t. So anyway I don’t believe the Holocaust is a “hoax” and that indeed many Jews were killed.

“That Being Said”, I have no problem making jokes about k1kes being shoveled into ovens, and I have no problem with criticizing The Power Of Jewish Bankers. Hey, I don’t actually KNOW any jews, I live in a Vaisya hood. I have no pressing reason to Defend or Kiss Jewish Ass. However if I met a nice jewish man, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem befriending him, provided he wasn’t too jewy a jew (note: does not refer to the religious judaism, in fact I’d prob get along well with Hardcore Orthodox Hasids!) !

Or my Moral Laziness and Spinelessness prevents me from Trying Hard on things that DESERVE to be tried-hard-on!

That is why I argue that Men need to satisfy their stupid sexual needs before they can be productive in other areas. Well, us men cursed with an above-average libido. The hotter, younger, better, more teen tail in your rotation, the more of your time, energy, and talent you can devote to the REALLY important things in life. But when you don’t meet that minimum threshhold of teen tail, EVERYTHING else suffers. Working hypothesis.

Wimminz(Blogger, not the actual wimminz) suggests to get a Young Wimminz’s True Number, take her age in Months and subtract 150. This basically means that Modern Wimminz start taking c0x at 12.5 years of age and then continue to do so at a rate of one new kok per month. Probably a bit of an overestimate, but prob not as much of an overestimate as you’d think!

My own estimate would be, and maybe this is just to show my own “prejudice” and bias, ie, that I am MUUUUUCHHH more of a Pedestalizing White Knight than Wimminz!: Girl starts taking c0x at 16, ok FINE, 15, and then takes 3 cox per year until College/18. So, up to 9 cox. In College, it’s 6,10, or 15 Cox per year for 4 years, ie, add 40 cox. So, age 22/New College Grad: 49 Cox. Now you have to adjust that number if they Study Abroad, or go to a Party School, or don’t go Home to The Farm during the Summers, (where there are no Cocqs).

This is why I look for Nonlegal Wives amongst Wimminz who did not Go Away To College, but rather lived with their Parents while going to Unprestigious Commuter Colleges. They prob take only 20 cox during their college years. Not bad!

Just think of it like, how many cox has she SEEN up close and personal, (regardless whether that cok went up her 455, in her mouf, or in the Beef Curtains, it all counts!) versus how many Beef Curtains have YOU seen up close and personal, Beta Boy???

That’s how you can get Beta Pedestalizers to see what Filthy Pigs Wimminz are.

Wimminz also suggests that the New Generation is even MORE decadent because they have smart phones and tech toys to record all this with AND have been raised in Postmodern Immoral Fatherless Families by Wimminz so the promiscuity snowballs. This inspires me to several hypotheses:

1. Among the MiddleSkool/HighSkool Yoof, literally EVERYONE’s “Doing It” and even BETAS are getting tail because everyone’s banging everyone

2. if THIS is true, then guys don’t really CARE if wimminz are slutz, and thus they grow to adulthood with REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, as compared to guys that are closer to my age and older. Let’s just say late twenties and older as of 2012. Because back in OUR day, which really wasn’t THAT long ago, but was long enough such there’s seemed to be a noticeable shift, Everybody most definitely was not getting tail, ESPECIALLY Beta Nerds. So now we have 30-year-old unemployable manboys whining about sexbots and game and teen tail, hahahaha, rather than having a harem of easily-attained, status-specific, hunger-games nerdwhores to satisfy their urges, which we did through not-as-easily-available, slow dialup Internet Pron or, if you’re on the Upper Cusp, ACTUAL PRON MAGAZINES. THAT might be a good benchmark/barometer!

A. Is GAME only valid for men born before 1988 (approx!), because, with the Current Younger Generation, EVEN BETA DORKS are getting laid at age 16?

B. Do I have to go HIGH SKOOL UNDERCOVER to find out?

Working hypotheses/research questions. I’m SURE 2012 Teen Boys still Beat off to Infinitely-Available Net Pron of all sorts, but how much Real Action, even if it’s “JUST” with “DORK GIRLS” (chubbies, under-7’s), are they getting “on the side”? Are there more such “dork girls” now than 10 years ago? Are High Skool Beta Dorks signif less sexually frustrated than they were in 2000?

More importantly, I’d argue that GAME WILL become more important starting in College and in the Real World beyond as the “playing field” is made “unequal” and Wimminz Natural Biological Predilection towards Alpha Men becomes more and more pronounced.

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Good Lord, I’ve been Blogrolled by My Hero Firepower! Was just reading happily along on Sept 7 2012 on an Unproductive day Off, being a lazy pvssy-addicted brandon race traitor not reading robespierre but rather jerking-off to white wimminz getting impaled up the a55 by huge blaq coqs, when I notice I was in his blogroll.

It might be just because I link to him alot, and he thus gets trackbacks alot from me, but if he really read this, he’d know RIGHT AWAY what a LAZY WHINING BRANDON I am!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes it down, but it was/is a nice ego rush, getting Blog Luv from a Blog I Like. Not that I’m into Blog Whoring! But I do like Moderate, and Kind, Attention! What non-self-loathing male doesn’t?? But we do seem to have a lot of self-loathers. I fight it too.

Without saying anything more, I have reason to have a hunch that Firepower and I actually LIVE in a proximal (proximate?) region, wherein a Physical Meetup with Foodinsky and Dranks would be shockingly feasible. I would also slip him an envelope filled with as many crisp benjamins as I could muster to bribe him to get me a 1st-shift lazy office job with healthcare, hahaha. Email me at bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at ymail if you’d be into that. I gotta get myself up to bare minimum before I can serve the Greater Good, hahaha.

See, it’s that kind of Lazy Mentality. Laziness is nothing to be PROUD of, and I shouldn’t be SEEKING a LAZY JOB to support myself. But my response is, in general, yes, laziness is bad and should be shamed and shunned, but if Work is Itself a Necessary Evil – Albeit Maybe a form of praise and gratitude towards God – then maybe we’re within our rights to desire an EASY job and then just be non-lazy outside of work? But we shouldn’t be Lazy in Praising the Lord! But I’ve already admitted being a Bad Christian. Not the WORST, not even a Bad Guy, but certainly not a great one. At any rate, I’ve always had a terrible work ethic. BUT, paradoxically, when I AM on the job, I DO TRYHARD to do my best, and honestly perform better than the average, because I appreciate the value of Work-As-A-Necessary-Life-Supporting-Evil, ie Resources To Survive.

So here’s another Trackback for ya Buddy, Firepower’s post on Men’s Participation in the Labor Force being the Lowest Ever, whilst Lazy Unemployed Men’s Rights Brandons Whine about SEXBOTS!

That hit very close to home. So these aren’t just even “merely” unemployed, they’re the infamous “DISCOURAGED Unemployed” who aren’t even COUNTED in the LABOR FORCE because they’ve STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK. This has always been a big interest of mine. “”Losers”” too “”Lazy”” to even continue Looking For Work. (Double-quoted because some are lazy losers, some are not.) Then go on Welfare or to their Mama’s Basement and become even bigger loser parasites. Welfare Queens with 9000 Criminal Babies, Criminal Gangbangers, Crack Addicts, Violent Mobs, or, on the lighter&MARGINALLY morally-“superior” end of the spectrum, fat doritos-eating, mountain dew code-red swilling, comic books, mama’s basement, NECKBEARD virgin omega obese loser males where the best thing they can realistically do for themselves and the human race is to blow their pathetic whining brains out, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

so where do we go from here? me personally I give thanks for having a good fambly not making me go on “ASSISTANCE”, try not to WHINE too much, try to act when I can, and take calculus 1, hahahaha. and do pushups and drink bragg’s apple cider vinegar and pretend I’m Phil Anselmo or Ronnie James Dio or Charles Bukowski or Bernard Chapin or Daniel Plainview or Lloyd Blankfein (ha) and just try to be honest and non-hypocritical. I’d like to think that’s Wot Firepower Likes About Me, hahahahaha. I try not to be a LYING PHONY, unless of course it’s the polite Little White Lies that you tell for the Greater Good of Boosting Your Male Friends Up when they’re Down.

Back on track: Discourageds ARE a huge problem. Men Not Working. Unemployed and increasingly UNEMPLOYABLE. This Bigass Problem certainly hovers over my own life like a huge black cloud, it’s why I’m always talking about jobs and jerbs and careeeeers and bigboys and education. Hell F00king YES this is much more important than “Men’s Rights.” Or, Men’s Rights could become a lot more relevant if they took Employment as their Main Issue. Getting MEN BACK TO WORK.

Yet I still LIKE the idea of SEXBOTS, not gonna lie. In my lazy quest towards Mandatory Entrepreneurship, I’ve thought about what it would take to start my own Sexbot Business. R&D and then bringing a good product to the masses of men. Thought but never acted, “hahahahaha.”

“Love-Hate Relationship” with LAZINESS. LIKE it because I hate expending energy & effort & being a tryhard, hate it bc it’s immoral and weak and wrong and bad & it clearly makes one a Loser At Life.

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Oh yeah. forgot. Even if pro-choicers don’t get sexual pleasure from actually getting the fetus sucked out, I like “mischaracterizing” them as such simply because it OFFENDS Leftists, specifically FEMINISTS. Gives them another 10-foot pole up their 455.

Also, I feel another AXIOM comin thru:




Menz like Young & Purty. That’s value-neutral. There’s good girls AND crap girls who fit that criteria. Wimminz, on the other hand, like Alpha Traits: Powerful, Dominant, Sociopathic, Arrogant, Violent. These all point to a Pump-And-Dump. When a man is good for a wimminz long-term, it’s BECAUSE he has some Beta Traits. (remember: the ideal is to have a good alpha/beta RATIO, NOT to eliminate all your beta traits entirely.) BUT: eliminating beta traits entirely will give you the highest possible alpha ration, which will let you pull the most and best tail, at the “cost” of you becoming a violent sociopath and Scarface is your Hero. (I’ll be the first to admit, Scarface is a GREAT Alpha Male Role Model.)

So even if Beta can be humanistically, spiritually, morally Good, it JUST IS NOT ATTRACTIVE TO WIMMINZ, not that you should CARE about Attracting Wimminz anyway, but my POINT is, if that Young and Purty Girl ALSO turns out to be kind and nice and innocent and pure and faithful, the man is prob gonna get EVEN MORE attracted to her; WHEREAS, if the hunky Alpha Tuff guy starts getting sensitive and listeny and communicative and open and nice, then the wimminz will become gradually LESS attracted to him. Such Niceness is “Labia-Curling” (Roissy or somebody, haha), even in the Hottest Minz.

So, if tons of Girls in non-STEM degrees take Calc 1, does that make Calc1 valuable for getting a Jerb? By definition, no. It gives you no special edge, other than being Generally Useful and preparing you for the Real Hard Math Classes that WILL give you an edge. But will then they give you an edge over other engineers, some certainly more tryhard or higher-IQ or Cognitive Elite First-Tier than the “Average Slacker Engineer”? who I really need more role models for. I guess one might be Peter from Office Space, you can’t even really TELL he’s an engineer, unlike Samir or Michael, even though they’re all equally expendable. (Obv I would not want to be expendable and would want to supplement my STEM with some Biz to be more like Lumberg….but I don’t want to start off with Biz and then Supplement THAT with STEM. But that’s not out of the question either. Prob EASIER, and therefore MORE up my alley. Should think about reprioritizing.

Even if Calc1 is ultimately useless, you can’t argue that it’s MORE Useless than Sociology!

Was listening to  the tragically late Jonathan Bowden “The West Bites Back” on Counter-Currents. Heckuva guy, we really lost a good one there. He said, and he’s certainly not the first, that we can’t become complacent, we can’t become comfortable, that we must struggle, there might be violence and there will definitely be pain and discomfort and suffering, if we want to Improve The World for the Greater Good. Don’t be so scared of Blood and Violence. Can’t be a pacifist when there’s a Race War on. Bravery, valour, dying in battle, etc. I GET all that. So the new question is, am I willing to fight, or would I rather sit on the sidelines and BLOG?

While I’m NOT “A WN” and I AM tempted by Teen Tail, I am “CONCERNED” about The WEST being in decline.

If you have EVER gotten the urge to COMMIT to One Wimminz, you know, Infatuation, Pedestalitis, Oneitis, All-Consuming Romantic Unconditional Unrequited Luv, then that’s ALL the Beta You EVER need, FOR LIFE. Talked about Ratios, and IMHO the best ratio is a little of Beta and a Lot of Alpha. THAT much beta is ENOUGH to last you all your LIFE, even once you get OVER it; just HAVING HAD it will permanently meet your beta threshhold, because 100% Alphas NEVER put a Wimminz above them like that, never let wimminz GET to them that much, don’t CARE that much, don’t give away that much of themselves, don’t get hurt so bad. Once you get it once, it’s like CANCER, and the best you can hope for is Remission.

Not to say ALL Beta Traits are BAD like this. This is KINDA PRETTY MUCH COMPLICATED. Secure, Non-Soul-Crushing Love might be a POSITIVE Beta Trait, as well as Faithfulness, Kindness, etc.

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yes obv partially a ref to “it’s always sunny” which I don’t reg watch anymore but that joke is still funny.

Note: read more Captain Capitalism, and WATCH HIS YOUTUBE VIDYAS. This guy Aaron Clarey is VERY UNDERRATED by me and many others! new mancrush coming on if I have the time, and with my faggy calculus class, I might not. But hey. You gotta see all that fagginess as future money in your pocket from a Good STEM Jerb. Paying Dues While Scamming The Corrupt School Scam. Scam The Scammers.

not bad material, no Beef with Calculus itself, beautiful mathscience; and though it IS a “Commodity Course” it’s a USEFUL CommodCourse, unlike AfrikkkanWimminzBasketWeaving&IndigenousEcstaticDance101. Still this doesn’t absolve instructor if they are a Prick intending to be as hard, chaotic, & confusing as possible. That’s called Doing A Shoddy Job and should get you FIRED. Especially when OTHER PEOPLE can present it in an understandable and clear way. Then just do as they do, 4ss. Well, he’s PROB a Good Family Man who unfort has no idea how the modern world works, & without his tenure job he WOULD NOT SURVIVE, and he doesn’t deserve DEATH just because he’s OLD. He’s just blue pill as f00k and he thinks being “tough” like this is helping students REALLY get the material (which it doesn’t). He doesn’t understand that We Are Just Trying To Get Jobs, and he had it 9,000 times Easier in Getting A Good Job, and would not survive as a young man today.

Heh. Firepower clued me into the Slang Term “BINGO WINGS”, which is hilarious.

Wimminz Cost Benefit Analysis. Is Semi-Reg Sex REALLY Worth all the Bullcrap and the POISON? Wimminz are like POISON that SLOWLY KILLS YOU and rots your brain and SOUL just because you’re addicted to Pvssy & Infatuation & Feeeeeeeelings just like I am, just like most men. I just Roundly Refuse to enter into a Lopsided, POISONOUS CONTRACT to get it!

Beta Men: What Love have Wimminz ever shown YOU? So why do you keep loving THEM? It’s always No No No, LJBF, You’re not manly enough, you’re doing this wrong, you had your one strike and now you’re out, this is why I don’t like you, and then even if you were beta enough to “fix” that one thing, then there’s another thing, and on and on and on…. why AREN’T you DONE with this Obvious Bullsh1t??? JUST SAY NO!!! GYOW!!!

60% Of Women are Wimminz-Like-That, and 60% of Men are so Blue Pill they say “Oooookay, I’ll settle for That, Wimminz are RIGHT, I DO have Impossibly High Standards” and then sign up for long-term monogamous contracts with these LOSERS, and then get Taken Over A Barrel before x years, TSHTF and she’s not haaaaaaaaappy.


F00king Idiots.

But I Ain’t Mad. It’s just the way it is, I can’t change it, I can’t do anything ABOUT it, I just ACCEPT it, and use it to my ADVANTAGE when I can. Men don’t pay a PRICE for Sex, other than the WORK they have to do. They don’t pay a Soul/Spirit/Integrity Cost, I mean. That’s why Studs Rule and Sluts Drool, why it’s ok for men to bang lots, not ok for wimminz to get banged lots. because men do all the WORK, said it 9000 times. And every time a wimminz spreads, she Pays The Soul Toll. Again and again. So that now, 60% of Women are Wimminz: BENEATH BANKRUPT. And this is what 60% of men are LEGALLY MARRYING. Don’t marry! And if you do, DEF don’t marry wimminz with no honour!

And yet NAWALT, and I still honestly believe that. That’s why I say 60% and not 100%. (Heh, honestly 60% is “probably” too low!)

Speaking of Things Repeated 9000 Times: Just because you don’t Respect Avg Women doesn’t mean you HATE Wimminz. You can disrespect something coolly without hating.

VIDYAS FOR MY HEIRS: The only 3 things you ever need to remember:



3. Be GOODGUYGREG (in the sense of Kind & Honest & GoodGuyGreg & not a D!ck to people who aren’t a d!ck to you, NOT “nice” in the sense of “stupid” or “niceguy.”)

Lots of people are only two of these, and they suck b4llz. If you’re all three then you are SOLID GOLD T!TS.

Obviously there are EXCEPTIONS. Don’t be a hard worker if you can get the same results with easy work. Don’t be GoodGuy when people are screwing you. Have some self-respect and stand up for yourself.

Story from January 2011 on Phil Anselmo in New Orleans Times Picayune. Reviving my mancrush of my old (first?) adolescent mancrush. Interesting to note that he established what seems to be a Traditional, Monogamous, Long-Term Rel with A MUCH Younger Girl. She was a (presumably under-22) College Student becoming his Assistant/Intern when he was approx late thirties. Her age supports my Women’s Peak Age Is 17-22 Hypothesis. Also, it’s notable that she’s not “Gorgeous” or “Hot” or “beautiful” or “sexy” and is indeed kinda “weird”-looking. Plain Jane. Not ugly, but not super pretty. Really Normal-Looking. HE’s prettier than SHE is.  (Heartiste’s Hugh Jackman Hypothesis) She looks goofy in some pictures. But it’s clear that she has a very nice smile and gives off a real nice, young,  innocent, pure, clean, honest vibe and probably hadn’t taken too Manny Cox before riding Philip’s Big Italian Stallion, and that prob seriously contributes to the success and stability of their Rel. That, and he’s prob a Oldskool Real Alpha Male who doesn’t take Sh!t.

Well Mazel Tov to them. L’Chaim. She SEEMS (looks) like she could be a NAWALT. A Woman and not A Wimminz. Interestingly enough, internet sez she comes from a fairly Brahmin Neighborhood, went to LowerBrahminUpperVaisya University (where the Lower (i.e. nonjewish) Brahmin mix with the Upper Vaisya) and now she’s with a guy who Exemplifies Lower Vaisya.

(internet site high in google results that has Too Much Bio Info on her. And I know those things about her hometown/university only because I’ve lived in that state, & familiar with the areas. And a touching pic of her & Anselmo with RONNIE JAMES DIO.)

So, he credits her with helping him get off drugs for good – she gave him an ultimatum. Usually wimminz don’t do this unless they’re really into you, otherwise it’s one strike and you’re gone: “Go Die In A Gutter While I Jump On The Carousel And Forget You Ever Existed.” So he chose her, and says interestingly Un-Anselmoian beta things like “She’s My Anchor, I Love Her, Don’t know where I’d be without her” etc. Which is cute, seeing this big tatted-out alpha tough guy get soft for a wimminz. I think that’s supposed to be the ideal – He’s not being Emotionally Promiscuous, it’s only for her, only she can get through his tough shell. (Roissy, Chris’s CommentOfWeek.) Also, it’s good they’re not married “despite” having been together for like 6 years. He was already married once, and prob learned an expensive lesson there. Anyway, say she turns bad and dumps him. He’s got a lot Emotionally Invested in her, and would probably get Upset. Given his History, would he Fall Off The Wagon? That’s the key. Don’t give up your HEALTH and WELL-BEING for a WIMMINZ!

In conclusion, she seems like a Nice Girl who wouldn’t do that, don’t want to jinx anything, just whistling past graveyard like I always do.

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