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Time machine post from september 2012


I think it’s Uruguayan, that’s a first for me. The main girl was pretty cute, very skinny and frail, I would easily tear her in half and enjoy it at least 20 times. Decent story & decent execution, I just was Not That Into It, the Target Audience, I suppose, is simply people who Like Things more than I do. Haunted Abandoned House, one continuous 79-minute shot, skillfully done handheld camera (not too jittery or obnoxious), I was expecting to like this a lot more, but it was pretty boring. Not BAD though, maybe I just wasn’t in the MOOD. Sure the girl was being STUPID (“why don’t you just run out of the house!”) but that’s to be expected. Just not in the mood. However, IMHO, It’s part of a Horror Movie’s Job to put you in the mood. This isn’t 3 hours of Andrei Rublev or sommat. Still, not unwatchable. Better than Mainstream TV. You can’t even find a corny History Channel “documentary” anymore with the greek guy with the red face and crazy hair  because every channel’s too busy with increasingly retarded “reality” shows. So with TV, I’m “stuck” watching Fox Newz, and even THAT gets old after a while. It’s prob just a Tool Of Zog anyway, hahahahahaha. (Not that Movies aren’t!) Best part was when she loses her lamp and has to use the camera flash bulb to see in the dark, getting a half second of blinding light, then stumbling around in total darkness in between. Played to rather effective horrific effect, fortunately. Not gonna run out and queue the American Remake anytime soon, though.

I don’t have a “Gaping Wound”, I just have a Big Freezing Black Icebox where my heart used to be (remembering vaguely some stupid hit song from about 4 years ago), hahahaha. It’s entirely possible that I could then cause Psychological Baggage to a Nice Nawalt Girl, but I’LL TRY NOT TO. Not like I’m NOT HONEST when it counts. Would not tell a 1% Nice Nawalt that I’d Commit, just to get S. Would just get easier non-committal sex from the 99% Awaltz! KARMA, B!TCHEZ!!

So what do I care if our High-IQ Cognitive Elite are sifted out and shipped away? Don’t I believe that all people are NOT equal, and that Like Should Be With Like, and so shouldn’t the High-IQ’s have their own little enclave, like the J’s and the B’s and the Wimminz? Not NECESS, because I think Race Trumps IQ, and that each race HAS their OWN Cognitive Elite, and they will WANT these people to STAY WITH THEM to provide effective leadership, economic development, etc, rather than be STOLEN BY ZOG to SERVE ZOG & NOT YOU.

Will it get to the point where you have to Master Differential Equations & Organic Chemistry 3 to be a Receptionist? Answer phones, use Word/Excel, schedule appointments? Probably.

Or there will be a Telecom way to Outsource Reception to Cheaper International Labour. How could you outsource MacDonalds cooking & service?

What’s the LOWEST level of Skill OR Education OR IQ that you’ll be able to getawaywith to make an Average OR Living Income? No, not $30 an hour like those greedy public union scumbagz, hahahahaha.

Obviously, Trucking and Trades and physical un-outsourceable things are the best to go into, because it prob won’t be cost-effective to import TRUCK DRIVERS from Chindia. Right?

This brings me back to my original question which has been Destroying My Brain 4Yearzzz: is it ROI-y to get an in-demand degree (Chemical Engineering) from a not-in-demand college (SouthWestern West Virginia State), OR should you just become a welder or truck driver?  (This question is for men only – obv if you’re a Wimminz, you get a degree in something retarded like Special Education or Social Work or Hospitality Reception or How To Get Phat Elbowz)

Weak Battery. The battery does not hold a LOT of energy, it gets DEPLETED QUICKLY and EASILY, so you’re ALWAYS recharging it, but the Full Charge ends up always being pretty weak, and hopefully not getting weaker.

My VALUE-ADD (Fagspeak (tm BKC) ) here is that I’m KindaPrettyMuch (Fagspeak (tm BKC)) speaking to an audience of Prospective SINGLE FATHERS. Men who want to have heirs and raise them up GOOD, WITHOUT the inference of Wimminz. Not PROMISING to do this personally, especially because I don’t have the resources or maturity to raise a Good Heir by myself, and will be a LONG time before I get to that point. Just saying it’s a Valid & Honorable Idea.


I like Nice Buttz on my Young Wimminz, but I can also be a sucker for Nice Long Legz on my Young Wimminz. Gams. Walking Stickxz.

Production on Arghoslent’s “Hornets” beats production on same’s “Incorrigible Bigotry.” Slightly more “organic” on the guitars and drums. IMHO.

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madtrimming o’words, YRWELCOME!

sat down & listened 2 hours of Turner Diaries. Very gripping. Could make great movie, hahaha. Dr Pierce helluva guy, helluva writer. Smart as whip. Great speaking voice. Oration. Got 25% thru. They are planning Blowing Up An FBI Building, hahaha. extremely extreme stuff in here, surprised ZOG let Dr Pierce Live, haha. also writes about purging COWARDS &WEAKLINGS &TALKERS and other guys LIKE ME from The Organization because they do no good. Talking &saber-rattling; when it comes right down to it, they “MEEKLY SUBMIT.”   hit real close to home.

“Shabbos Goy” is goy does work for Jews on sabbath because jews forbidden. what Pierce/Turner referred to the Sheriff Cook County as; ultimately (SPOILER!) assassinated by The Organization. book very extreme: violent, throats getting cut, people’s skulls cleaved in twain.

Instead of KareeeeerBuilding, PumpingIron, WorkingRetail, or somethingProductive, I’ve spent large amounts Thanksgiving Dayz Off by: Listening “My Awakening” &”TurnerDiaries” &sleeping. Pierce seemz extremist as f00k, while Duke as a peaceful nonviolent moderate, much more like self. But it’s impossible not to be gripped by Pierce’s book. Being shocked by its extremism is something everyone can Profit from IMHO. also mixes in prescient and profound stuff alongside  throat-cutting& hanging &terrorism &blowing-up Zoggovt Bldgz &making bombz &attaching landmines to grenades to create Supergrenadez &blowingup the FBI &cutting Jewz throatz ear-to-ear & grimly accepting they must kill many innocent white wimmin &children to achieve greater good, because too far gone to avoid collateral damage, and it has to be done, and separates men from traitors, who deserve nothing more than execution. Holy Sh!t. If I wasn’t on A List YET, I sure am now!


On archive.org warning saying Turner Diaries ILLEGAL some countries, be careful.


example of memorable bit, turner commenting on big picture,&  boil-the-frog approach by which The System enslaved its citizenz

Pierce obv very powerful &talented writer &speaker. but me personally I’d be executed like the economic-minded Conservative, because I was a self-centered conservative & vnot true REVOLUTIONARY, did not follow The 14 Words with Religious Fanaticism. Moderation is Weakness, which is slippery slope to treason. Kill Moderates.

White Nationalists, rest assured I’d be Executed as A Cowardly Nonviolent Conservative Talker by The Organization in “Turner Diaries”, so, don’t get the wrong impression of me. I would be Totes Hanged as a Traitor Coward on The Day Of The Rope! (more later.)  Maybe I can’t be a “White Nationalist Sympathizer”, even IF I “prefer” to mate with whites, even IF I “prefer” a segregated, nonmulticultural society. Nope, I have to put up or shut up, by doing violent revolutionary actions.

While I enjoy partaking in powerful and provocative literature, &I believe The World Would Be a Better Smarter Place if Everyone Read The Turner Diaries For Themselves, I have to take break when I realize it’s calling for my death &calling me a coward & traitor, so then Iturned to the more Kind &Gentle Dr Duke, hahaha. skipped to Jewish Question, which might be his “Jewish Supremacism” book tacked-on to “My Awakening” torrent. starts off talking about how he always respected Jews &how he never HATED Jews, &rejects epithet “anti-semite” being applied to him. But by high school he’d started hanging out in Citizens Council office in New Orleans, &devouring their racialist books. old lady there turned him onto Jewish Communism Connection. DDD incredulous: NO, something THAT ridiculous &anti-semitic can’t POSSIBLY be true, but he did right thing &started reading &researching the topic like madman. Search For Truth. Uncovered Huge Jewish Role in Russian Revolution of 1920s. Bolsheviks etc. How Jewishness is more than a RELIGION, it’s a RACE, unlike Christianity. How you can be a Jew even if you’re a huge atheist. Trotsky’s lunches with Rothschild, Rothschild’s gigantic financial pressure on Russia, etc. presume more talk on Jewish participation in Gulags &Holodomor etc, where so many gentiles died, makes holocaust look like gentle summer breeze hahaha.

Shocking was Duke’s talk on The Talmud and its horrendous view of Gentiles as Animals, best of which deserve death. Rob, rape, steal, kill gentiles, they’re incredibly inferior to jews, &every kind of violence &betrayal is justified against gentile pigs. Duke brought up interesting point: you rarely SEE a Talmud, though you see thousands bibles every time you walk out door, get rained-on with bibles, but don’t even KNOW what the Talmud IS. Because Christians are New Testament &Universalist &catholic &want to evangelize  people all races, while jews are chosen people &wanna keep religion exclusive &secret &exclude inferior gentiles, &not convert anyone. can’t go into BOOKSTORE or LIBRARY and find talmud, gotta go to SYNAGOGUE. OK, NOW can just go on internet. Find English translation of Talmudz with disclaimers that anti-semites like david duke trying portray Talmud as hateful anti-gentile book, hahahaha.


This page tries clear up “kill gentiles myth” haha.


Moses Hess, founder of Labor Zionism; connection between Marxism &Zionism, “two squabbling brothers” who seem different, but always agree in end.



reminded what I said re “two kinds o jews” seemed superficially different, zionist neocons vs israel-divesting cultural marxists. but maybe infact two sides same coin.

Chechar really hypes“Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany” by Thomas Goodrich as one of greatest books ever. Brutalization, rape, torture, murder, genocide of white germans by russians & jews & allied forces in years after WW2. how bad it really was gets sugarcoated by Mainstream Media. And that whites really deserve Retribution or Reparation or at least A Big Apology for atrocities committed against them that were just as bad or worse than The Jewish Holocaust or American Black Slavery. You can buy the book direct from author at very reduced price, I should*do this.

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Would you rather have an 18-year-old girl who’s taken 100 cox, or a 40-year old who’s taken 10 cox? Actually, probably the 18-year-old, because Youth Does Trump All. NO, we’re NOT talking Love And Marriage here.

18-yo big wh0re vs 40 yo unfathomable wh0re, of COURSE you take the 18yo.

It’s a 1/x graph, that’s my new metaphor. Wimminz (Longterm/Commitment) Worth as a function of How Manny Cox they’ve taken. X = c0X.  As you can see, those first two cox are KILLER, then after that, a 5-coq wh0re is a 10-coq wh0re is a 500-coq wh0re. Next time you feel ambivalent about A Special Wimminz, remember the 1/x graph.

MAYBE EVEN 1/(X^2) !!!!

(or, if you’re feeling like a Beta Niceguy Friend, 1/(.5 * X) . Then the graph expands/stretches upward&outward to give higher values for more c0x.  But don’t be That Guy. Don’t be a Faggy Friend Virgin who puts the P on an Overvalued Pedestal! that’s the green graph. can’t remem what the other ones are. red is 1 / (2 * x).  blue 1/x ; purple 1/(x^2))

Gonna stop being so White Knighty. Now the gloves are off! I will call a pig a pig! If some slut shames YOU, you shame her right back! If some slut doesn’t have ENOUGH shame, you ADD shame! NO, you should NEVER Stalk or do Violence against people, but you SHOULD send copies of Compromising Pictures to her FAMILY, FRIENDS, and CAREEEEEERZ! That’s the COST of being a Decadent Wh0re!

You can be Angry and never use violence. You can even be a LITTLE bit HATEFUL and never use violence. (I would describe it as intense contempt/disrespect/judgment. But not so overwhelming that you get out-of-control angry/emotional.)

Observe Wimminz. It will become immediately, increasingly obvious that, in their “Morality”, ANGER and HATE are the WORST possible things (Creepy!), while VIOLENCE is WAY less worse and can ALWAYS be Hamstered Away. (Unless it’s Violence against Nonwhites, notice.)

I don’t have ANY problem with Jewz (or Blax or Wimminz or Mexicans or Hondurans or Laotians or Cambodians or Chinamen or Albanians or Turks or Arabs or Berbers or Pygmoids) AS INDIVIDUALS, it’s only on a GROUP basis that I might have any Beef with the AVERAGE GROUP. But meeting people one-on-one, I don’t care WHAT they are. UNLESS that Individual begins Reverting To The Mean.

It’s ENTIRELY possible that I would like an Individual Jew or Wimminz more than an Individual WHITE MAN! (I just can’t give many RECENT examples, hahahahahahahahahahaha!)

This is what I mean by being a LITTLE Racist and not a BIG Racist.

Melodic Death Metal, not to be confused with MELODETH. Garden of Shadows, possibly Arghoslent? This Garden of Shadows (“Oracle Moon”) sounds immediately pretty t!ts and not faggy at all like that screamy skinnyjeaned melodeth. Talking about Chill Longhair guys that play True Metal that is heavy, epic, beautiful. Much more likely to be over age 30 than under. Maybe even 40. That’s what I’m talking about.

My moral code is very basic: 3 Commandments at the most (FOR MY HEIRS)

1. Don’t be violent (unless self-defense.)

2. Don’t be a lying stealing dishonest j00ing dishonest fake hypocrite phony.

3. Don’t be faggy. (Obv lotsa overlap with 2.)

and if you’re a little bit lazy, oh well, as long as you’re not one of THOSE three. There’s much worse things to be than lazy.

Somewhat want a return to the Old Days where you DID have Smart people in Unsmart Jobs. Then you wouldn’t have to PROVE you’re Smart but going to Zoggige and Getting a Smartguy Job, and you wouldn’t get contempt from the smarts above you and resentment from the Dumbs next to you. Because there’d be Smarts all over, including some next to you. Yes, I know I’m all against integration and mixing and attempts at homogenization, but regarding Smarts might be my big exception: IMHO, (race-segregated, hahaha) societies CAN benefit from Mixing Smarts with Dumbs. IMHO. Although this is not one of my strongest IMHOs.

Are there “Moderate Muslims” who are not Bloodthirsty Violent Jihadists determined to violenty seize power of their nations and then attempt to violently defeat Israel and the US? Are there Jewz who are not Zog? Sure! But seriously folks, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these “Moderate Muslims.” Why don’t THEY try to seize power and become Anti-Zog Friends to the US?

Is Poker Zog? What about Vidya Games? Blogging? Zog Blog?

Definitely Fagcebook. Zog IS Faggotry.

The Zoggification Of The Family.

When I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing AC in 2007ish and dear old Seth Putnam was still with us, he’d taken to using the term “jewish faggots” multiple times during the show as he was getting Waested As f00k. This is classic nomenclature which I will also be using, and I have a new one: “faggot c0cksuckers”. Anselmo was much more coherent than in his Drug Dayz, in that he was speaking full sentences at a normal speed in normal fluctuating tones of voice like a normal person, but he still has a filthy mouth and talks like a white prison n!ggur, using the word “c0cksucker” several times for absolutely no reason.  So I decided to bring that word back too.  jewish faggot c0cksuckerz.

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Searching for the statistics of the correlation between how quickly you finish exams in Calc 1 vs your Median or even Avg Career Income. F.e., I feeeeeeelt stupid and ashamed thinking carefully about my test while fully 75% of the class was finishing and getting up around me.  I finished at 1 hr 10 minutes, first person done was at about 40 minutes. Either they were failing miserably and Just Giving Up, or they were SAILING thru it. It wasn’t HARD, it just took TIME. No serious doubts, initial “gut feeling” is that I got close to 100% correct. Making sure to show all work, all steps, I still have to THINK about How To Factor x^3 polynomials, etc. When I got done there was, in my defense, an Azn and a bunch of Nerdy Neckbeards taking the test, ie, Judging these People by their Physical Characteristics, you’d guess they were smart. Anyway I just don’t want me getting my 100% Slooooowly to condemn me to a life of basement-dwelling.

I do not like Conspiracies, I think they’re stupid and gay, but my notion of ZOG is not a conspiracy at all, it’s more of a “man behind the curtain” “Wizard of Oz” sort of thing. The little old man in the wheelchair in Mulholland Drive, or the Bum Behind The Dumpster if you will. You never see them doing the controlling, but they’re the ones making the important decisions, while putting a Non-ZOG-looking frontman as a figurehead so nobody suspects. However a Rich Rightist Old White Guy would certainly be a better cover than a Leftist Black Guy, eh?

Trying to determine when Mainstream Media really jumped the shark. I suppose it always has in some way, but for example, 80s movies like “Caddyshack” and 90s TV shows like “Married With Children” would NEVER get made today. NEVER. I’m sure I’m Grecycling this “thought” from elsewhere.

Welfare/”Workfare” reforms under Clinton, compare state of Welfare then to now. Do Non-Phony Rightists support what Clinton did?

“Men Behind The Sun”: cult movie about “Unit 731”, where hostile Japanese occupying parts of China did horrific, horrendous experiments on the Chinese that would make Dr Josef “Angel of Death” Mengele blush. Knowledge base on this is very dim. But the movie was very graphic and up there in shock/gore/disgusting pantheon. But at least it can’t be worse than “3 Guys 1 Hammer” just because it’s not REAL. Although I guess there was Real Autopsy footage inserted, & something about a cat being eaten alive by mad rats. In other words, GREAT Pre-Sex Movie w yer Wimminz!

Private man brings up important points of: what does it say about our society when some of the Smartest, Best Men CHOOSE not to have children & pass on genes? IE Professor Mentu getting a vasectomy. Then PM talks about “going poolside” which he defines as watching the western world decline as you are powerless to help it other than by blogging.

I like PM quite a bit, great writer, but I know Firepower does not like the “poolside” approach, which is not a solidly-defined thing, but arguably it does border on Hedonism. Either way I like the term & will start using it more. Yes, I know Roissy first popularized it. But a notable Conflict in My Life As A Western Male is should I do poolside or non-poolside. Obviously Poolside appeals to my considerable Lazyness and Hedonism, but it seeeeeeeeems very morally sketchy. (Far be it from me to Morally Judge Private Man, as I quite LIKE him!)

Also, some men, Mentu presumably, have no desire to be Single Fathers. But I wonder how many do. I have a SMALL urge as for myself, and certainly in the logistics of how would A Man do this, and the Legal and Social hurdles.

I am Well Aware that I shouldn’t get TOO excited about Mitt & The Republicans, because this Watered-Down Phony Rightism will still be advancing ZOG ultimately. Maybe I’m just easily-persuaded by charismatic Rightish-Lip-Service on TeeVee. Probably a dangerous amount of Normal People ARE!

ukrainian holodomor, forced starvation of 12 MILLION ukrainians in 1932. international verdict still out on whether it’s technically a “genocide.” You don’t hear about THIS in marxist antiwhite history, hahahahaha. ht to mindweapons for schooling me.

Though everyone should appreciate George Orwell for giving us some interesting ways of thinking about things, would Orwell really be on our “side?” I know there’s one blogger whose pet project is talking about how actually uncool and leftist Orwell really was. That if he was a “libertarian”, he was a much more Leftist than Rightist one. Nonetheless he was prob still a fun guy and I would prob enjoy a night of drinking and whoring with him.

turn on the “news” and there are more riots in the arab world, egypt and libya and yemen in particular, re this “islamic innocence” hoax video which I still haven’t seen but is supposedly antiislam and some muslims are pigbiting mad about it. I was switching back and forth from Hannity on FNC and then Madcow on MSLSD to get “both sides,” hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Madcow spoke of a “Right-wing conspiracy” trying to spread rumors that the US was behind the video, ie, that Our Leaders INTEND to incite arab riots. but since arabmuslim riots and potential islamist govts would be very anti-US and certainly very anti-Israel, how in the world does THAT benefit ZOG? What happens if a new Radicalized Muslim Arab World organizes to destroy Israel? would that be a GOOD thing for Anti-ZOGgers and WNs? But the bad news is, the US would certainly get dragged in to back-up its little red-headed stepchild so to speak. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAR 3.  Heh. Yeah I am very ignorant on all this, I just want an Average Job and some Above-Average Teen Tail.

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Good Inner Game: Tell Yourself that She Didn’t DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR D!CK INSIDE HER.


Newz Flash, Wimminz: Fellaz are NOT like a KOLLIGE KLASS you can safely DROP in the Drop/Add/Refund Period. If the guy’s too faggy that you don’t like him after you’ve already let him in once, you can’t just say it didn’t count. That will always be a notch permanently dragging your mate value down. So you might as well give the poor chump some Severance Bangz to improve World Karma.


Bandz that are NOT on Spotify: Clandestine Blaze.


I don’t think You are a: pervert, racist, pedophile, child molester, sociopath, rapist, racist, ephebophile, murderer, torturer, nazi, anti-semite, scumbag, OR creep. I think You are a Very Talented Musician and Artist and Good Guy Mikko & I would like to Meet you one day! I would totes buy a Clandestine Blaze T-Shirt if your website wasn’t so confusing. Is Amazon & Paypal THAT bad for Small Businesses? (YES, I KNOW it’s ZOG. & So is Spotify.)

So maybe my Career-Religious-Calling can be to Found a White Alternative to Spotify, Paypal, and Amazon. I AM THE WHITE JEFF BEZOS!!!!

No, I’m NOT saying All White Nationalists Do Not have a Sense of Humor! But maybe I’m less serious than the avg WN.

But they do pose an important, serious question: what’s your price for you selling out your Race? I’ll start. I’m DESPERATE for the SURVIVAL NEEDS of a Good Job, so I might well sell-out European-American whites for 3 hots and a cot. And health care. Which would certainly get me kicked out of the Northwest Front. So clearly the solution is to set up White-Friendly, non-Zog Systems of Survival so Whites don’t get put into these ethical dilemmas in the first place.

And in my Ideal, Peaceful Race-Segregated World, the White Nations would not be FIGHTING with the Black Nations & Jewish Nations & Azn Nations & Wimminz Nations. They would trade peacefully. COEXIST, MAAAANNNN.

But wouldn’t Azn’s willingness to sell their Labour for rock-bottom prices cause Inherently Economic Tension between Asians & Whites? Because Asians are inherently better at living on less money???? See there it breaks down. Because In My Ideal Race World, Races CAN be equal on SOME terms, notably, having the same basic survival needs, which would be PRICED the same across the board. Right?

David Duke. How’s his Reputation these days? I thought he was a Medical Doctor, right? That means he has to have an avg 120 IQ. High-IQ relative to the Avg 100.

Anyway, point is, I don’t know WHAT Jeff Bezos IS, but if I had to guess, it would be Jewish and/or Latino. Jewish Mother, Latino Father. now checking Wiki. WOW. Born “Jorgensen.” Teen mother, remarried a Cuban Bezos. Maternal side had been in Texas for “generations.” Hmm. I WAS WRONG.

But just because he IS white doesn’t mean he can’t be ANTI-White!

No Graduate degree, just a Princeton BS in CompSci & ElecEngin. And that’s better than a Grad Degree from 99% of Skoolz!

Heheheheh. Writers on AntiWhite Violence need to talk more about the ASIANS that ARE Violent and Thuggish: the Hmongs and Poor Thaiz and Camboz. NOT The High-Achieving Japanese & to a lesser extent Chinese Americans.

In other words, these Asians might as well be NON-Asians!

There is a cute 16 year old Polish Girl (although she needs to stop playing with her eyebrows & just grow a unibrow already!) who follows me on Last.fm and about ALL she listens to is NSBM and Racist / Nationalist Black/Volk Metal. WOW. And, not to divulge too much biographical information, but I’ve got a fair amount of The Slav in me and feel VERY favourably towards the Poles. Full Disclosure. You don’t have to like them as much. Like your OWN ethnicity/nationality, SON!

OK. So it’s better to just take ONE EASY CLASS than to take NO Classes, if you’re Sick Of Skool cuz it’s blatantly gay. Gaytantly. I’m just too old and crabby to be in a room filled with chattering KIDZ. I’m ADD, but these kidz are adHd. Next term I am taking Calc 2 ONLINE. I keep vacillating between Hard STEM and Easy Biznass. I suppose Quantitative Finance might be a Good Intersection. Heh. Jewish Faggot Bankerz.

Or “Biz IT”, Or Welding, Or Networking. Who gives a f00k. Tryhard jewish f4gg0tz do, that’s who.

“TAR-SKINNED PYGMOIDS OF THE DENSE BUSH”. Ho ho ho. If Arghoslent is the Band of the Month, that might be their song title o the month.

These Nonamericanz like to make huge pre-flop raises!

Heh. Yes I SHOULD be looking for a Better Job right now instead of playing Poker and listening to music and blogging and being Poolside with Cheap Tail.

all in, dueces full of threes, win 994 chip pot.

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Also I should mention The Neckbeard Chronicles. He is a “fresh new” manosphere/alt-right guy I noticed a little after Firepower. What I like about him is that, like me, he brings a huge game/sex angle to the table because he’s a “sex addict” like me, and has a very “immature” sense of humor. Also he’s somewhat ambivalent about the WNs that we all naturally cross paths with in the red-pill & alt-right worlds. Although maybe he does Bait WN’s too much, much more than I want to!

As for me, I don’t mind WNs one bit. But let’s Tawk about the term “Holohoax” for 2 seconds. I don’t have any particular reason to LIKE Jews. I like teen Jewish Girls because they’re Teen Girls; AND, most importantly, I have somewhat “internalized” the Bourgeois Brahmin Status Success Education Career Cultural Fetish as exemplified by Western Jewry – top IQs, top schools, top jobs, all wrapped up in an interesting somewhat homogenous (sub?)culture. Which as a White Underachieving “Vaisya” (Is it OK with Firepower if I still like Moldbug? Yes I KNOW he’s a Jew! Or 90% likely to be!) I have resentment towards this success, which I prob shouldn’t. So anyway I don’t believe the Holocaust is a “hoax” and that indeed many Jews were killed.

“That Being Said”, I have no problem making jokes about k1kes being shoveled into ovens, and I have no problem with criticizing The Power Of Jewish Bankers. Hey, I don’t actually KNOW any jews, I live in a Vaisya hood. I have no pressing reason to Defend or Kiss Jewish Ass. However if I met a nice jewish man, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem befriending him, provided he wasn’t too jewy a jew (note: does not refer to the religious judaism, in fact I’d prob get along well with Hardcore Orthodox Hasids!) !

Or my Moral Laziness and Spinelessness prevents me from Trying Hard on things that DESERVE to be tried-hard-on!

That is why I argue that Men need to satisfy their stupid sexual needs before they can be productive in other areas. Well, us men cursed with an above-average libido. The hotter, younger, better, more teen tail in your rotation, the more of your time, energy, and talent you can devote to the REALLY important things in life. But when you don’t meet that minimum threshhold of teen tail, EVERYTHING else suffers. Working hypothesis.

Wimminz(Blogger, not the actual wimminz) suggests to get a Young Wimminz’s True Number, take her age in Months and subtract 150. This basically means that Modern Wimminz start taking c0x at 12.5 years of age and then continue to do so at a rate of one new kok per month. Probably a bit of an overestimate, but prob not as much of an overestimate as you’d think!

My own estimate would be, and maybe this is just to show my own “prejudice” and bias, ie, that I am MUUUUUCHHH more of a Pedestalizing White Knight than Wimminz!: Girl starts taking c0x at 16, ok FINE, 15, and then takes 3 cox per year until College/18. So, up to 9 cox. In College, it’s 6,10, or 15 Cox per year for 4 years, ie, add 40 cox. So, age 22/New College Grad: 49 Cox. Now you have to adjust that number if they Study Abroad, or go to a Party School, or don’t go Home to The Farm during the Summers, (where there are no Cocqs).

This is why I look for Nonlegal Wives amongst Wimminz who did not Go Away To College, but rather lived with their Parents while going to Unprestigious Commuter Colleges. They prob take only 20 cox during their college years. Not bad!

Just think of it like, how many cox has she SEEN up close and personal, (regardless whether that cok went up her 455, in her mouf, or in the Beef Curtains, it all counts!) versus how many Beef Curtains have YOU seen up close and personal, Beta Boy???

That’s how you can get Beta Pedestalizers to see what Filthy Pigs Wimminz are.

Wimminz also suggests that the New Generation is even MORE decadent because they have smart phones and tech toys to record all this with AND have been raised in Postmodern Immoral Fatherless Families by Wimminz so the promiscuity snowballs. This inspires me to several hypotheses:

1. Among the MiddleSkool/HighSkool Yoof, literally EVERYONE’s “Doing It” and even BETAS are getting tail because everyone’s banging everyone

2. if THIS is true, then guys don’t really CARE if wimminz are slutz, and thus they grow to adulthood with REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, as compared to guys that are closer to my age and older. Let’s just say late twenties and older as of 2012. Because back in OUR day, which really wasn’t THAT long ago, but was long enough such there’s seemed to be a noticeable shift, Everybody most definitely was not getting tail, ESPECIALLY Beta Nerds. So now we have 30-year-old unemployable manboys whining about sexbots and game and teen tail, hahahaha, rather than having a harem of easily-attained, status-specific, hunger-games nerdwhores to satisfy their urges, which we did through not-as-easily-available, slow dialup Internet Pron or, if you’re on the Upper Cusp, ACTUAL PRON MAGAZINES. THAT might be a good benchmark/barometer!

A. Is GAME only valid for men born before 1988 (approx!), because, with the Current Younger Generation, EVEN BETA DORKS are getting laid at age 16?

B. Do I have to go HIGH SKOOL UNDERCOVER to find out?

Working hypotheses/research questions. I’m SURE 2012 Teen Boys still Beat off to Infinitely-Available Net Pron of all sorts, but how much Real Action, even if it’s “JUST” with “DORK GIRLS” (chubbies, under-7’s), are they getting “on the side”? Are there more such “dork girls” now than 10 years ago? Are High Skool Beta Dorks signif less sexually frustrated than they were in 2000?

More importantly, I’d argue that GAME WILL become more important starting in College and in the Real World beyond as the “playing field” is made “unequal” and Wimminz Natural Biological Predilection towards Alpha Men becomes more and more pronounced.

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How Many Math Classes Must You Take, before you are Competitive Enough in the Job Market, that you are SO In-Demand, that it’s SO EASY for you to get a Bigboy Job, that the HARDEST thing you have to do is to DECIDE between MULTIPLE ATTRACTIVE JOB OFFERS????

In High-IQ West, Jobs Find YOU!

Yes, being somewhat facetious, since this is not necess a causational/causal? relationship bw Highest Level Of Math Completed, and Easiness of Total Job Search Per Job Offer!

Does a REAL Sex Addict have to Jerk-off uncontrollably several times a day? Hell YES! So If you don’t do that, then you aren’t a Sex Addict. You might just be a PedestalPerson Oneitis Infatuation Addict! So try jerking-off uncontrollably 10 times a day to break yourself of THAT! That, or constantly getting down on your knees and praying and begging. Obviously Vigorous Physical Strength Exercise is the Best Route here.

It seems to me that those who find Drudkh Boring might find Blood Of Kingu Less Boring. More Compelling.

Don’t Make Excuses for Wimminz! If they do nothing but Be Stupid and Annoying and Suck D’s that aren’t yours, don’t make excuses for them! Don’t HANG OUT with them and listen to them TALK about all those D!X! WEAK! Talking about the Alphas who are Gaming them, or TeeVee, or hair, or the latest “50Shades” type Thing, or how to make the Creepy Betas in their Friendzone Squirm Cuz It’s Fun To Make Betas Suffer. These Wimminz are INFERIOR HUMAN BEINGS! No WONDER they have no problem Murdering Their Babies! Damn! How can You even want to BANG that trash?! You’re better than that!


So basically, if your degree is not on this list (“Best Undergrad Degrees By Salary”), which you should check at least once a year, then just DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. It’s just that simple. They shouldn’t have to make a LAW Outlawing All Arts Degrees. Aerospace Engin, Chemical Engin, Computer Engin, Electrical Engin, Economics, Physics, Mech Engin, CompSci, Industrial Engin, Environ Engin. Period. The End. OK I might make an exception for Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering! Memorize that list from your first day of Grade School.

But what if you get a “High-IQ Degree” from a “Low-IQ” (Fourth-Tier Sewer, Third-Tier Toilet, Second-Tier Sh!tter, etc) Skool? Is that worth any more than a low-IQ degree from a High-IQ Skool?

It Boooooooothers me that there has to be High-IQ vs Low-IQ Kolliges at ALL!

Being A Lazy Loser, I always look for Shortcuts. But it’s smart to look for Shortcuts if the Prescribed Way is Wack and a Scam – like CareeeerCollllige. So how do you know if you’re real lazy, or just smarter than 98% of people, hahahahaha.

Anyway, Poors and Working-Class can DEF get into Harvard with a generous FinAid package, if they’re a good enough lil’ Tryhard. Heh. I should cared more about going to Harvard back in the day. Then I REALLY coulda majored in something Useless and still got a good cushy gummint union jerb, or something in the Top Fortune 400-500 Best Companies To Werk 4. Compared to if you had gotten the same Useless Degree at a Second-Tier Crapper. (Because is there REALLY any difference between Second and Fourth? Either you’re in the First or you’re NOT.) The Bell Curve Part 2, 2012 by BKC.

Is “Manjaw” for Wimminz synonymous with “Well-Defined Jaw”? Dunno. Like if you even NOTICE their Jaw for whatever reason, does that automatically make it a Manjaw, or does it actually have to be a BIG, SQUARE, GI Joe MANLY MAN Jaw? Don’t really CARE, a Wimminz can still be very attractive with a Manjaw (would totes TEAR IN HALF Emily Deschanel a couple times), I’m just concerned about the fidelity/cuckoldry angle. I CARE about my HEIRS, and I WANT them to be MINE, or else they ain’t gettin any o’ my HARD-EARNED money, honey.

Read somewhere that EIGHT SETS of Reps of Strength Stuff is Ideal. Seems like a lot of sets. I guess it depends on the type of exercise, hahaha. Dunno. Just want a Shortcut to a Huge Muscular Manchest & Manshoulders.

I had to finally HEAR Blut Aus Nord for myself, just stop reading reviews. Turns out a good 80% of All BaN’s stuff is surprisingly right up my alley, despite any pseudo-association w Art Or Hipsters or Swpls. To my ears, this is Pure No-Joke Trippy Atmospheric Modern Black Metal that might go VERY well with Medicinal Herb. Mind-expanding but not DIFFICULT to listen to. very DARK, but also very FUN. The guy’s too productive though, hahaha. He CLEARLY ENJOYS MAKING MUSIC. It’s not an EXCRUCIATING CHORE for him.

Was reading on Kratos Power or KratosBlog or KratosSomething (selfImprovement/PersDevelopment blog I found thru RooshForums) talk on Mastery/Learning Curve, and that the biggest thing is just Slogging Thru the Learning Curve of most things, which will be Tuff, Frustrating, and Unrewarding. But one day in the distant future, you will be real good at it and it will be easy. The main thing is to PERSIST and NOT GIVE UP. So maybe just do a LITTLE BIT every day, but not so much you get BURNED OUT. Apply to learning the Hard Maths and Sciences and Skills that will get you Multiple Job Offers.

If I were around Wimminz as much as Other Wimminz are, I might well be Batsh!t Cray TOO! Just Dump The Dead Weight! If someone SUCKS, simply REFUSE to let them into your Life! You’re only as good as the people you choose to associate with! DEF go for Quality NOT Quantity in the Social Life Dept! But try not to be a Recluse either. But it’s better to be a Recluse than have a Large Quantity of Shoddy Quality. Err on the side of Recluse.

WIMMINZ GET THEIR NEWS AND POLITICAL OPINIONS FROM JON J3WART. This is SO Commonplace, that me saying that doesn’t raise any eyebrows: “Yeah, so what? I watch Jon Stewart almost every day too.”

Heh. We need to get You to the point that you Never WANT to watch Jon Stewart ever again, and seeing his smug swpl face on TV makes you change the channel immediately.

I wonder if even reading the j00 york SLIMES would be better than watching jon j00wart?? Time Mag? J00zweek? ZOG Today??

Hahahahaha I can still Joke about Serious stuff because I don’t have any HEIRS yet I want to protect. I can Joke because I have too much Privilege and Protection.

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