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Time Machine Post from October 2012


May 2006, Decibel Magazine, “NSBM Special Report” by J. Bennett.

As a longtime black metal fan with a new interest in WN, I come back to this article, which I first discovered in maybe 2010. Interesting for several reasons. It’s technically well-written and enjoyable, but it’s full of Sickening Smug SWPL Snark.

“The Only Kind Of Socialism That Works Is NATIONAL Socialism”

Maybe that IS true, and here I’m talking about The Meaningful Bonds of Intra-Racial Trust and Solidarity as a Support for The Economy. It becomes less about Darkie Parasites And Use Ur E. McShylock Zoggerberg  stealing hard-earned coppers out of your pocket, when you genuinely want to help out Your Brethren who are Down On Their Luck. It ties in well with Ethnostates; Or, Socialism is such an ugly word, but something Like Socialism can only be achieved in a Racially-Pure Ethnostate. Or maybe a Tiny, tiny minarchist Local Front Porch Community with Distributism and Social Credit.

So, we can try to “RECLAIM” the term “NS”, or we can invent a new term for the Black Metal, like “Ethnonationalist Black Metal”.

And some of the Black Metal is more openly Jew-hating, and some of it is more White Pride and paganism.

For me, in MY OPINION, the even more laughable black metal cop-out than “you can mock christians but NEVER jews” is “I’m against racism because The Entire Human Race Is Equally A Pile Of Sh!t” Tuffguy Hateful Misanthrope. These Misanthropes are Too Scared and Faggy to Go All The Way, and might as well be Whiny Faggy DSBM Lifelover fan, haha! Why don’t you go and CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU some more, fag!

No, I like Lifelover and DSBM just fine. Although right NOW, if I HAD to listen to some DSBM, it’d prob be Silencer, or Trist.

But since I’m not a Tuffguy Huge Racist Bully, I prefer the more Positive White Pride Black Metal than the stuff with the more boisterous, “negative” ie anti-black/jew lyrics, like “RAC” lyrics on top of black metal music. Just a personal preference. I barely have time for music anyway. I’m thinking of something like Walknut for example.

I guess DRUDKH would be the perfect example, as they are the Biggest Band to have any kind of Rumoured Racialist Leanings, but they’re not SO Racialist you’d call them “NSBM”, EVER, rather than “folk” or “pagan” or “heathen” or “slavonic”.

Which reminds me, gotta do some research on the rumors that Nokturnal Mortum is FLIP-FLOPPING on their “National Socialism.”

You can tell a guy is PVSSYWHIPPED when he LISTENS to his GURLFRAN telling him to stop reading all this creepy RACIST stuff or I’ll DUMP you.

Like you’re some REDNECK with a REBEL FLAG on his PICKUP TRUCK, and you spend your Saturday Nights getting DRUNK and wanting to BEAT UP f4gz, n!ggurz, and k!kez!

Are All Ethnonationalisms Somewhat Similar? Could White Nationalists and Black Nationalists LEARN things from each other? Do all races NEED to fight each other, or can they just agree on Mutual Noninterference?

Let me reiterate another Profound Point that Always Bears Repeating:Contempt Is Not Anger Is Not Hatred Is Not Violence.These are ALL Separate, Unique things, but they have SOME overlap (not a LOT!) in SOME places (not many!). In other words, Violence CAN have some anger and/or hatred mixed in, but NOT NECESSARILY. Think of a 4-way Venn Diagram. Some anger is good; Heck even a little Hatred can be good! And even some violence is justified/appropriate (although I’m NOT advocating it!) ANd what I feel for Wimminz is mainly contempt, and a tiny bit of anger, and that’s 99% of it. 1% Beta Pedestal White Knight Nawaly Faggy Romantic Love, hahaha.

You don’t need to be SMART to MATE. If WIMMINZ were SMART, they’d SELECT Smart Men to Mate with, thus creating a Smarter Next Generation rather than a Dumber One. DYSGENICS.
(For Racialists: But maybe Whites have been Trained to be Self-Destructive and Masochistic like this!)

In Conclusion, IMHO, A True Sociopath wouldn’t WORRY so much about BEING a Sociopath, so I’m in the clear.

Another PhD Research Project: How MUCH have Jews historically followed a K-Reproduction strategy vs an R one, noting of course that these are TRENDS and not specifically Biological, Scientific Chemicals? So which side of the trend do They TEND to?

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r-selection Peoples assimiliating into a heretofore historically K-selected society. I’m naively optimistic it can be done. Like the 50-year old black man in a security guard uniform I saw standing in the freezing cold at the bus stop at 6:30 am. He’s doing HIS part. Congratulations, he has now achieved the Bare Minimum of Respectability, hahaha.

How about this: For Avg IQ, say the ranking goes like this, from highest to lowest: Asian Men, White Men, Black Men, Asian Women, White Women, Black Women. Meaning a secondary sorting based on gender, not race. Meaning Black Men are SIGNIFICANTLY smarter than White Women. Does it then follow that Black Men would be more likely to assimilate into a K-society? BUT, White Women are already K, so they wouldn’t have to SWITCH from r to K like the blacks. BUT we can see that White Women have very little trouble “switching” from Natural K to race-unnatural r when they are pushed by the r-Media and r-Marxism and r-Decadence of the New r-West. Interesting questions indeed!

But what if the Intelligence Ranking is more like: Asian Men, White Men, Asian Women, Black Men, White Women, Black Women. Now White Women and Black Men aren’t so far apart any more. One simple transposition, and then White Women are smarter than Black Men. And what if that is the case.

And aren’t some Asians more r-selected (warmer climates) and others more K (colder?) But All Asians are pretty Smart, right? So r vs K is not STRONGLY corrrelated with IQ. Especially if you consider that maybe Jews are more r than K, but they are also arguably Smarter than Whites!

And what about “Middle Easterners” or “Arabs”. Nonjew Nonwhites, hahaha. They’re pretty smart, prob close to whites, let’s say they are as much below whites as jews are above whites.

Basically I need some Rushton type guy to talk about The Other Big “Races” other than “The Big 3”, ie, Asians, Whites, and Blacks, ie, Indians, Jews, Arabs. Don’t think “Arab” is the best nomenclature, hahaha. I think you could consider Arabs and Jews both to be “SEMITIC” Peoples. Then I was reading on some conspiracy site that Whites are actually descended from Jews, and that the 12 Tribes of Israel each correspond to various Big European Tribes. INTRADASTING.

r/K might be more strongly correllated with individualistic vs collectivistic societies, than with IQ. Big Clannish Distrustful Racially-Obsessed Extended Families of r-selecteds, vs Smaller, Nicer, more Altruistic and ExtraFamilial Camraderie & trust of White K-selected societies.

Also, you’d ASSUME that Women of ANY race would be more K-selective due to their uterus, and men of ANY race more r-Selective, willing to bang anything that moves, BECAUSE the Women are so K-selective. So why are Wimminz of Any Race, but ESPECIALLY more western, white, K-selected Races, so Eager, Dumb, Short-Sighted to jump on the r-selection bandwagon of decadence and promiscuity and short-sightedness?


I got more frustrated with this one than I have with a movie in a long time. Because Refn has established himself as a Good Director in my mind, otherwise I wouldn’t even care. And the movie, up to the end, was pretty darn good, albeit not what I expected. It was actually VERY, VERY David Lynchy, as if Refn were paying Blatant Homage to Lynch, which I didn’t mind at all. More directors SHOULD! Brian ENO gives a good score. Hubert SELBY Jr co-wrote the script with Refn. Prob one of the last things Selby did before he died. Note to self, do more reading of and about Selby, seems like he would be RIGHT up my alley. (Of course “Requiem For A Dream” is in my Top Ten Movies.) John Turturro does great acting. The movie looks great. It created a nice mysterious dark Lynchlike tone. Then it craps out with a huge WTF ending. “THAT’S IT???!!!” Imagine if “Mulholland Drive” ENDED right before they went to Club Silencio; actually, right before the dykeout when they were both staring at the blue box. COME ON. So I’m HOPING there are tons of little intentional CLUES buried in the movie that MAKE it make sense. But even if there’s NOT, that was no reason for Refn to go BANKRUPT, as it was still a very well-made and provocative movie. I’m glad he bounced back though, with the much more “accessible” (and enjoyable!) Pusher 2 and 3.

Yep, that Selby looks Bleak As F00k. Enjoy! I do not read fiction unless I have a DAMN good reason to. (and in 2013 I think I’ve found that reason!)

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great search term brought someone here: “MRAs are bitter because women get to choose their mates” . Maybe. You got a point there, searcher, albeit a bit crude. This is why I believe in Game/Charisma: Men must develop and perfect THEIR ability to choose THEIR mates, rather than hang out by the wall at the dance and WAIT to get picked by the Ugly Girl after all the Tall Handsome Charming Athletic Leaderly Charismatic Men have been chosen.

So I might be A Little Racist; But I don’t HATE Nonwhites for being Nonwhite; BUT I might also be A Little White Supremacist and believe that As-A-Group, The White Race is a More Evolved, More Intelligent, More Moral, and BETTER Than the Black Race, but I don’t hate blacks for it, in fact maybe even PITY them for it, and recognize that an individual black CAN be as Good as some individual white; but the main thing you CAN say about ME is that I’m Generally Against Mad Multiculturalism – the state essentially FORCING very different groups of people to live together. I say Resegregate the races and all races will be haaaaaappier. Crack down on Illegal Immigration, even Legal Immigration. Use Our Taxpayerz Money to Monitor and Punish Employers who Illegally Hire Illegalz. The End.

Lights were off at 6:30pm last night! Paleo Bedtime. I established that I need the Upper Limit of Sleep – 9 hours – and will make Big Sacrifices to get it: social life, hobbies, wimminz. Because the sacrifices are WORTH IT, because the cost of not getting 9 hours of sleep is THAT bad. BUT: Morally Lazy Loser Depressed people would want to sleep 24 hours a day if you let them, and I do have a little bit of that. BUT the Greedy Plutocrat Medical Establishment might be lying to you about both Sleep AND “Depression” just like they lie about CANCER! So they can SCARE you with CANCER, make a MILLION bucks off your cancerous body, then you DIE in  6 months or one year or 5 years or 10 years of CANCER, when you coulda just CURED yourself of CANCER with a DR HULDA CLARK ZAPPER and eliminating TOXINS from your diet!

Ok was reading something, possib a comment on West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) that American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor referred to anti-semites as “DEGENERATES” or “DEPRAVED” or something else that could be construed as JT/AmRen being Soft On Jews. Jewlovers. Shabbas Goys, hahaha. I don’t know. I guess a quick internet search “amren jews” might help.

OK. had a breakthrough. On Day 48 of Rejection Grief. It’s not Grief over REJECTION, THAT probably only took 21 days or so. It’s MUCH moreso a Struggle To Destroy The PEDESTAL. A pedestal that was 100 MILES HIGH. And I can only take 1 mile off it per day. Thus, 100 days. This makes a lot of sense, considering it WAS a BIGASS Pedestal. At LEAST 100 Miles. Proverbially. So yeah every day I destroy 1 mile of it, and that’s nothing to sneeze at… until I remember the pedestal was at least 100 miles tall anyway. Heh. I considered that I might have to increase 100 days to….120 days or so. 4 months. why not.

Chapter 8 For My Heirz: How To Destroy The Pedestal Once You Realize It’s Not Really The Rejection Per Se That’s Crushing You

Uhh take 100 days and at the end of each day cross off that day’s number and say, “I have now gotten one day closer to destroying the pedestal, today I went from destroying the pedestal 50% to 51%, good job me.” Recently I passed day 50 and thought “does that feeeeeel right? does The Pedestal Reeeeeally Feeeeeel 50% gone?” It’s gone a little bit, but not yet 50% I don’t feeeeeel. So: let’s say 30%, that’s closer. 30/50 as 100/x. 30x = 50*100 = 5000 / 30 = x = 500/3 = 166.66667 days To Fully Destroy The PEdestal.  167 days. Yikes. OH WELL. At least I can do Almost The Bare Minimum Of Life, which, while unfortunately does not include Optimal KareeeeeerBuilding, it thankfully includes Not Getting Fired, not dying on the streets, not getting Raeped In Jail, not having cancer or aids, etc etc. NOT BAD UH?

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Of course we cannot forget how HW Bush and W Bush, along with Clinton, were Total Globalizerz who sold our nation’s future down the river, doesn’t matter what PARTY they were, doesn’t matter how “RIGHT” or “LEFT” they were. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, all that stuff, huge precipitous decline of america manufacturing and a growing trade deficit and ascendance of china. It didn’t begin all that long ago! Early 90s, late 80s! During Our Young Lifetimes!

Dear Heirs. If more Parents gave their Children a 500 page BOOK, written by the parent, when the child was maybe 1 year away from adolescence, and said read this, this is what I’m TRYING to teach you even if I don’t SAY it so well because I’m TIRED from WORKING FOR YOUR LIVING, then MAYBE the world would be a LITTLE better place. If you don’t have the time or money to Homeskool them yourself, and many don’t. Give them a Book you Wrote, and/or Videos For Your Heir. This is becoming My Blog To My Heirs. Heh. I’ll print out the best parts and give it to them in Book Form. Who doesn’t like books. Besides Wimmin and blax, hahahahahahaha.

Prairie Little Europe, is that what it’s called? Small communities of Whites helping each other and preserving White Interests, essentially creating their own new white cities in the middle of the plains.




First heard about this in the April Gaede interview on the Stan Hess show. Though I think Prussian Blue is Corny and Retarded, Mrs Gaede’s got a much more interesting idea this time. Not sure if she invented it, but she is active in the Kalispell Montana site.

I guess this is not the first thing of its kind, there are PROBABLY other similar communities in the middle of “nowhere”, it’s not like you see ads saying “WHITES, MOVE TO IDAHO!” on TV, hahahahahahaha.

What to do with the Smart Blacks, the blacks who are just as smart as whites? You could say that they should then become leaders of Black States, but r-Masses (heh) of Black Morons might be by definition Ungovernable, and overthrow anyone who tries to lead them unless it’s a brutal-4ss warlord/dictator, Idi Amin etc. I would not want to force Smart Blacks to become Sadistic Despots. So in my Little Europe, I would allow these Smart Blacks as Refugees. Give them a peaceful place to live. Human Rights, hahahaha. Just use a damn IQ test. OR, see if they have a Recidivistic Criminal Record. EASY.

Heh. Maybe I should move to a town Like Kalispell. I worry that the Oil Towns in North Dakota, though offering SICK money, might also attract ethnic ruffians. Also I HATE the cold. Real Ironic, that, since it’s largely The Cold that helped Whites Evolve Into Whites!

How about Flagstaff Arizona? someplace in Utah? I don’t dislike Mormons per se. Because you know what ELSE Mormons are (not), hahahaha.

LOA, UTAH, BABY. LOA, UTAH. Not too far north, not too far south, SURROUNDED by forests. Didn’t realize Utah HAD so much forest. OK the green doesn’t mean FOREST on google maps, in this case, it means MOUNTAINS. Hmm.

Okay. You can go to a SWPL metropolis to find your mate(s) then bring them back to Loa, Utah to Re-Brainwash them. Good-Brainwash them. Assuming they haven’t already r-selected themselves into Oblivion. And it’s REALLY Presumptuous and Patriarchal and Racist to assume that these young single wimmin ready for the mating will already BE in the Mini Ethnostate. Heck it took me until I was 30 to figure it out, hahaha.

I calculated it would be Decadent and Nonwhite and too r-selected to have TOO large of a Harem, so THREE would be the perfect number of wives. Any less then you lose hand/power/masculinity, any more and then it’s both decadent AND too hard to manage. You have TEN wives, then that’s too much WORK and too much RISK. So try two to four wives instead. GOOD ENOUGH.


Looking for a warm, foresty place, away from the coast. I’ve actually been in that general Appalachian Mountain region and can vouch that it’s very nice. Charleston, west virg. If I’m moving, I’m not moving again. It has to be WARM. WARMISH.

Knoxville, TN. Asheville, NC. Haven’t ruled out Texas, I like Texans. North Texas. Panhandle. Amarillo. Kosciusko, Mississippi. City with a Polish name haha.


Knoxville vs Asheville.

There were some people on the amarillo forum asking how racist the people would be against a gainfully-employed, upstanding citizen black couple moving in. Note, I’m not THAT kind of “Huge” White Racist – it’s not the gainfully-employed, responsible, mature productive law-abiding citizen Blacks I’m concerned with!

actually I need to find a city of autistic, lazy introverts who do horribly on job interviews and are still gainfully employed, hahaha.



Jew Dork Slimes patronizing working family men hahaha

(hope you cannot deduce My Real Name from all that Google-Added stuff in the URL because I just copied the links str8 from the google results page, haha)

I’m slowly pumping myself up for it Mindweapon, hahaha. These mainstream news sources do give “nice” little slices of life. Often addressing my concern about violent miscreants. Not that I TRUST the Slimes, but I’m looking for something that shows these aren’t just a bunch of violent felonz, but honest family men who just want to work and sleep and not get loaded. But I do pity them for their untrustworthy wives back at home, prob complaining about their husbands who have to WORK, and getting REAMED by Alejandro and Letalvis the meter-readerz hahahaha and then STEALING over half of hubby’s HARD-EARNED Oil Field Money. No Thanks! I’d rather keep my money!

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just because I oppose anti-whites doesn’t mean I oppose ALL NONwhites, just those that are Antiwhite! Namely, Jews! No, not ALL Jews. Just the gung-ho zionist neocon ones, and the swpl marxist family destroying ones.

IMPORTANT: But much of the leftist marxist immigration-loving, white-hating, family-destroying jews ALSO are anti-israel. For example, Barry and his buddies. Because of Israel being an Oppressive Colonizer. So at this point I must say I’m more again THESE kind of jews than I am against Neocon Arab-Baby-Eating Zionists! I’m not trying to Wipe Israel Off The Face of the earth, in other words! I would just like Israel to Behave Better – ie, not get the US involved in wars – and get Jews to behave better – ie, not be antiwhite decadent america-hating marxists!

At Least Two Kinds of Jews: Zionist Neocons and Cultural Marxist Leftists. Both are Bad, and I hypoth that the latter supports the former more than they claim to. I am cautiously optimistic there’s a few Good Jews who fit into neither group. For example, I like Leonard Cohen, Woody Allen, Larry David, Philip Roth, Bob Dylan. But Allen is a neurotic antirightist (albeit mostly harmless and has made many good movies); David is a plutocrat neurotic leftist (though he is hilarious and so is Jerry Seinfeld for that matter); Roth is a neurotic Zionist and the one I’m least attached to, though I did like the Sexual Frustration and Neuroticism in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”


Mindweapon talks about being a “Google Felon” and how this has barred him from ever getting a soft emasculating office cubicle job ever again. Now he doesn’t see this as a problem, because he has worked those jobs before and not liked them, and prefers roughneck labor where you can say whatever you want. I understand his point, and he makes a very compelling argument for moving to the Oil Sands to get an honest free man’s job. I Hear Ya! And Yes I think about it every day. (“less thinking, more doing!”) “THAT BEING SAID”, at this point, for better or for worse, I’m idealizing The Emasculating Cubicle Job. I see myself as nodding my head, not making any waves, making 10 seconds of small talk with the chattering wimminz, doing my work quickly while they chatter for 8 hours, but not doing MORE work than the average, so I don’t get noticed, and could quietly read and write other stuff, because my REAL Life’s Work would take place AFTER I got out of Work. I’m not knocking Mindweapon AT ALL. I Like’n’Respect Mindweapon! He’s a Helluva Guy!

someone could easily say about ME, “Oh this hateful creepy racist virgin neckbeard jackass named My Real Name from My Town and My Social Sec Num writes this racist antisemitic antiblack blog called BKC, never hire him ever,” and then I’d be a Google Felon too! But I trust that small number that COULD do that, NOT to do that….or not to TELL someone ELSE who would do that. I trust those ten or so people just fine. I just never THOUGHT that they might MENTION something to somebody outside of the Circle Of Trust, like maybe just drunken party chatter, not thinking it would do The Real Me any harm, and then the outsider would go and harm me. But why? Because they feeeeeel a faux-moral duty To “Out” race realists like that Jezebel Scumbag did, who shoulda never gotten a Writing Careeeeer but is now trying to ruin other kidz careeeeerz in the KolligeKareerKomplex. KOLLIGE-KAREEEER KARTEL. O GOD THERE’S A NEW TITLE. I am SO CLEVER!

Nicholas Lysson, “Holocaust and Holodomor: Origins of Anti-Semitism”http://desip.igc.org/holo_lysson.html try to read this one too.

Maybe gender/SEX is a KIND OF RACE. No, no, I semi-jest, but you can see how Sex is LIKE Race: Biological Differences that we must honestly understand, appreciate, and learn to live with. We can send a Man To The Moon, WE GOT THIS!!!

How about this: small citystates where people voluntarily migrate based on Political Beliefs. So people who are extremely traditional and conservative could move to the Ultraconservative State, even members of diff races who share these beliefs. Ultraconserative Blacks, Whites, Jews, in their own Ultraconservative Citystate. Working Together, but probably living peacefully side-by-side in Ethnic Neighborhoods. Maybe. If that doesn’t work, then try Ethic Citystates. OR, HOW ABOUT A K-SELECTION CITYSTATE!!!It’s now PLAIN AS DAY to me. The Media and Ruling Elite encourages an R-Strategy among people (ie whites, europeans) who would be better suited to a K-Strategy. Make all the world an animalistic R-Jungle.

This K vs R might even become More Important Than RACE to me, hahaha. Fair Warning!

Also it’s clear The Ruling Elites or Plutocrats or Ziomedia or  International Bankers or WHATEVER you wanna call them are “tacitly” encouraging all Americans to adopt an r-repoduction strategy: promiscuous women, low parental investment, no fathers; when the Traditional White Way of life has been the K-reproduction strategy: discrete mating, monogamy, high parental investment, nuclear families. It especially stings as-a-white to see My Fellow White Wimmin embracing the r-lifestyle so wholeheartedly. As-a-White-Man, I wish they’d STOP and THINK about this more; but WOMEN of ANY race really have no INCENTIVE to STOP and THINK about their mating strategy, r OR K, because they will always have an EASY time SURVIVING because of their PVSSY and UTERUS. MEN are the only ones who ever had to WORK and STRUGGLE to SURVIVE.

I also keep forgetting that the Popular Vote was MUCH, MUCH closer than the Electoral Vote LANDSLIDE suggests. So maybe we haven’t Lost Our Country Yet. It’s possible – perhaps PREFERABLE! – that The New Conservative Movement in the US could take a Golden Dawn style.

You can tell I’m Just Getting Into This, because I’m only NOW reading JP Rushton, and perhaps his name is in my mind because he JUST Passed Away in October 2012.

J Philippe Rushton, Free Online Version of Abridged Version of Race, Evolution and Behavior. This link was a great find, made me haaaappy. IMHO.

You KNOW you have the Wimmin on a pedestal IF… you have more Meeeeaningful Spiritual Fun just going to LUNCH with her, than from BANGING some Awalt. Now, is this because you’re deluded, or because she’s actually Different? Does it even MATTER? Unless she is ready and willing to serve you as a Good K-Wife, then no, it doesn’t.

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My Most Racistest Hypothesis YET: Regarding my Hunch that Growing numbers of Jewish Girls are marrying Gentile or Nonjewish Men: Maybe it’s a Long-Term White Genocide Strategy where they attempt to “breed the whiteness” out individual white men, one at a time, over several generations. Really very simple: they will have a babies that are 50% white, 50% jewish. The KEY PART of the plan is that THESE children MUST  marry and MATE WITH 100% jews. Then the offspring there will be 75/25. Repeat the process, then approx 88(heh) / 12. You can see where this is going. So the Jews “give up” one of their wimminz now, to effectively erase the white heritage of the white they’re mating with, several generations down the line. This Strategy can Obv work with different races!

But I was shocked to learn there is a LAW on the books in Israel prohibiting Jews from marrying nonjews. Well, not VERY shocked. Just another example of the HYPOCRISY of the Zionists, hahaha.

Kinda like Zogmedia brainwashing Americans that Ethnostates are evil and racist, but what is Israel but an Ethnostate – a really bad, hypocritical, deceptive, dishonest, unethical Ethnostate? THAT’s the problem, NOT the NOTION of An Ethnostate itself!

Greg’n’Kevin (heheh) (Counter-Currents Podcast) were talking about essentially what is/was r-reproduction of nonwhites vs K-reproduction of whites. Prob largely due to the cold, hostile climates whites evolved in: they needed small, strong, self-sustaining groups, ie The Nuclear Family. High Parental Investment. Ideas of Trust and Reputation were important. Quality over Quantity. Whereas in the r-selected, exactly the opposite occured. Just pop out babies like bonobos, and lie cheat and steal, because the only morality is that of your immediate and extended family. But to other families, you could do completely dishonorable and horrible 3g1h things which whites would find nauseating and immoral.

Then they mentioned how the general political climate, even among Mainstream Conservatives, is one of phoniness and distrust; and how a Better Movement would emphasise honesty and integrity and truth-telling and trust. I couldn’t really argue with that, other than to add that maybe you shouldn’t worry about being honest with your enemies or those who are not honest to you.

For example, it’s ok to lie a little to get a Job, or lie a lot to get some Decadent Declining Western Teen Tail.

see what I mean, it’s interesting stuff, even if you don’t 100% agree with it.

Personally, my “weakness” is that I’ve always – WELL before getting on This Racist Kick – been “overly” tolerant of blacks and “underly” tolerant of Jews – and you can still see that.

So now Jared Taylor is speaking at Texas A&M Univ this week. My question is, why doesn’t he speak at a Univ EVERY week, and not wait for Controversial White Student Unions to form, then BRING him to campus, because as we’ve seen, that’s a rare occurence.

Not knocking Jared Taylor, but in My Ideal World, prominent Whites would regularly Go On Tour – like faggy BANDS do! – to drum up support, awareness, education. Because they’re sure as heck not going to be allowed into Mainsteam Media. Ideally, in every US state, once a month, you could go to an event from a prominent White: Taylor, David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, Greg, the VDARE guy Brimelow, Occidental Observer, Council of Conservative Citizens, American Third Position Party, Heck “even” Steve Sailer – there’s no shortage. Bring Bloggers on tour with them: Firepower, Ryu, Horus, damn there’s even less of a shortage of BLOGGERS! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing ROISSY doing this, even if he is nonwhite – I think he could be a good prowhite nonwhite ally, hahahaha. (this refers to the Rumor that he MIGHT be Jewish)

So yeah. I think the Travelling Event Tour is a very potentially powerful thing, don’t let its value be cheapened by the fact that the main people that go “on tour” are stupid music groups.

I saw Mark Steyn on FNC for 30 seconds the other day, and was reminded of how I had a big mancrush on him earlier in the year and wondered why he was never on FNC. Was he too real and too honest? Was he “not popular” enough? But maybe he’s just another lying Zionist! A “Fox Newz Conservative-4-Dummeez”!  Could be. I still think he’s VERY charming and charismatic, and if I were Virgin Teen Tail, I would want to Spread For Him Before 10 Dates, but if I were Virtuous and Honorable, I would say, You know I have to make you WAIT Ten Dates, Mr. Steyn, and he would say Yes I Know,That Is The Right Thing To Do, and then she would actually be honest and follow through with that promise, that is, honestly wait ten dates, then spread for and commit to him after that, and give him beautiful Ginger Babies.


“Counter-Currents Radio Network”. Sept 2012. I am way behind the times! Seems like Voice of Reason has ceased, it certainly hasn’t been updated since about June. So the volks at CC want to breathe new life into it. Good idea! Interesting comment here on Should The Manosphere be discussed. There aren’t any great Manosphere podcasts or radio shows (well, other than A Voice For Men, but some people might not think that is “Great”) (plenty of Youtube Channels though); and somebody commented that Manosphere is counter-productive and divisive, it’s against the goals of WN apparently, or is at least too anti-women for WN. My position as of Nov 1 2012 is, I am now somewhere between the two, and reserve the right to Ally with Honorable Nonwhites who are not Anti-white; AND reserve the right to call Avg White Wimminz Decadent Wh0res. Avg Nonwhite Wimminz are Decadent Wh0res TOO, but I don’t really CARE because I don’t really want to MATE with them. With White Wimminz, I actually CARE when they Throw Themselves Away because it hurts them AND me. I Dislike Because I Like.

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