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time machine oct 04 2012

[live commentary april 2013 : ok let’s start Assuming that Small Nuances have changed since the conception of these Old Posts. Small But Important. ]

Let my Life be a Cautionary Tale that MOTIVATION (faggy word) is IMPORTANT AS F00K. If you have Low Motivation, fix it IMMEDIATELY. Unless you’re Low-IQ. Then you couldn’t go anywhere in life anyway. But being High-IQ with Low-Motivation is real bad. Real faggy. Fix it now. I will try to help you with that, as I try to help myself.

[know what’s a good motivation? not dying on the streets! having a sense of self-respect! being able to hold your head up high! not being a leech vampire parasite on others! Being a Real Man! Being a respectable member of your race and not a shame to your race!]

Wimminz: At their Smartest, they’re just PSEUDOINTELLIGENT LEFTISTS. At average, they suck-up Low-IQ Trendz like they were Big D!x. What a Sh!t Sandwich, uh?

[yes I still agree with that! BUT now I am more compassionate to Women of my Race: Something Of Value Is Being Lost. Instead of getting angry at them I feeeeelz bad for All Of Us as a whole because they have been Poisoned.]

Entitlement. Always a controversial term. IMHO, Most ie Avg ie Beta Men ARE “ENTITLED” to E-Z Access Sex BECAUSE:

1. Wimminz are Stupid and Annoying and you should be compensated for suffering thru that

2. They’re promiscuous as f00k and have been defiled by MANY men with MUCH less time and effort.

Period. QED.

This does NOT mean you are ENTITLED to use violence or Force to get Sex.

It DOES mean you ARE entitled to get angry when you DON’T get sex. Just don’t use violence or force to get it. That’s Immoral. You’re better than that. Just use Game. that’s NOT Immoral.

[heh. Istill agree with that BUT to even USE the WORD Entitled is faggy. Jish. Besides, being So Obsessed With Sex as to write an ENTIRE POST about it, is inherently Jish Perversion! And EVEN WHEN Women of YOUR race are brainwashed to eagerly DEFILE themselves, it does NOT follow that YOU should ENJOY defiling them TOO!  Though I will allow you to enjoy defiling them once in a while.  Not sure how often would be acceptable. Let’s tentatively say once a month. Better than Jish Pornography!]

Now, this is prob gonna get me thrown into Thought Prison by the FedZogz, but I’m Warming Up to Violence. Sometimes Violence is Justified, necessary, not immoral. Like in a War for the Safety of Our Nation. But I’m NOT advocating anyone go out and try to violently overthrow the gov’t, or do Breivik-style Domestic Terrorism! That wouldn’t work anyway!

[OR to do Oscar Yaeger Style One-Man Race War. I’m not encouraging that either. or Any kind of Terrorism. Not sure what I was getting at here, other than Violence is not Inherently Evil, though it can easily be used for evil. It can also be used for good, or to defend Good. And When TSHTF, which uhhh 50% chance will NOT happen in our lifetimes, though our lifetimes Are Setting The Foundations Thereof, you better hope your Descendants are not so scared by Violence that when Violence approaches and threatens them, they are not too SCAWED to return fire with fire.]

When I see a Young Girl in the Peak of Youth (18-21), I 60% of the time, see a Pig who’s taken too Manny Cox. And that’s a SHONDE.

[It IS a SHONDE that You Know Who has perpetuated Social Machines – Media, Gummint, Finance, Education – which encourage Your Women to become Pigs! Grieve for them, and Never Forget Who did it to them!]

If there’s any Young Wimminz in your social circle, don’t shy away from the topic of their Promiscuity! If you haven’t seen them in a month or longer, start your reacquaintance-conversation with “SO, TAKE A LOTTA D!X LATELY? ” They’ll wither before your boldness, and spread their 455es for you if they haven’t already, which they should have!

“GOOD JOB, SPREADY MCA555PEADER!!!!” you can then compliment them.

[ this is WAY too decadent a course of action to take with Your Own Wimmin. If you HAVE to be THAT decadent, I guess make sure it’s with young Khazars, hahahahaha. Try not to be this decadent and cynical, Then you become like the Wimmin you’re shaming, more importantly, you become like The Poison that Poisoned Your Women!]

There’s a valid idea that Wimminz from FREE “Dating” sites like OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish are lower quality / higher number / uglier / crazier / worse than the Wimminz on PAY site like match and eharmony. And that OKC/PoG Grrlz just like ATTENTION whereas Pay-Site gurlz are more serious about actually MEETING you, and when you do meet them,

they’ll prob have a Lower Number and/or be more mentally stable. Maybe. Because the rationale is, they’re paying, you’re paying, everybody’s more serious. Or do they pay? I know the minz pay for the privilege of Having A Chance at Real Wimminz.

But yeah. Like the email from the young man asking Private Man for OKC Advice, or Wimminz and his horror stories about PoF, I just think: CONSIDER THE SOURCE, BABY. It’s a f00king Circus Sideshow of Freakz. (Tool Song?) Or like this guy on MGTOW Forumz sez, “Play Crap Games, Win Crap Prizes!”

But where prostitution is not legal and you’re a 50 year old man who just wants some quick, easy, filthy tail, I can Totes understand!

[ the constant drumbeat of, once you Awaken To Race, none of this neurotic jish kind of sex-talk really even MATTERS anymore. you don’t even think about being some Sleazy Phony to “Get Tail.” You awaken not only to Race but also More Fully to What It Means To Be Man Or Woman, which is what the Nobler Game Thinkers are talking about. You know in

your Marrow that being A Good Strong MAN is more important than “Getting Tail”, and once you become a honest decent strong good Brave Bold Manly Man, A Proud Male Specimen of your race, then you’ll never have to think about or TRY to “get tail” ever again!

okay with all the commentary this post is getting superlong, so go take a break at this halfway point. and enjoy an educational picture too.:














also I just found this great thing on Archive.org of all/most of William Luther Pierce’s broadcasts for American Dissident Voices. There is that other classic thing with 308 audio files, and yes you should listen to all of those, but this pdf/text has all of those AND MORE. The OTHER ones.


yep this one is so good, I might have to put it in the sidebar.

And another great Pierce speech I don’t think was in the 308 speeches, “Why Marriages Fail.” Breddy Much an MRA speech, hahahaha. Use it to awaken your Conservative MRA Friends to the Even Bigger Red Pill Picture. He doesn’t even say the J word here, hahahaha.



Went to bed super early with the intention of getting 9 full hours of sleep. Woke up feeling like a Testosterone BAUSS. Full of libido and good Humor.

[yes sleep is VERY important. one SHOULD Make Sacrifices to get More Sleep.]


Dear Mr. von Trier:

You are one of my Cinematic Heroes who is still alive and I would love to be your Assistant. I would need to get paid enough to get health care and live in the worst part of Copenhagen, or Kobenhavn as the Danes call it. I know it’s a Marxist Hellhole, but could it be any worse than Oslo, and besides, even the most Marxist Scand nations are nowhere

near as bad as Spain or France or Greece, why is that, or could they be in 20 years, I dunno. And I know Roosh sez Danish girls are awful, but they’re prob marginally better than American girls. I have watched a ton of Scandinavian movies and can sorta understand the languages, although I’m pretty sure most Danes speak English anyway.

[heh. who cares about ROOSH, and who is really that Sex Obsessed that the “Easiness” of a Country’s Wimmin is a selling point. If anything it’s a symbol of how Decadent, Degenerate, Pornified, Jified, Rotten the country is! And in that respect I hear most of Scandinavia is breddy bad! But there are also Awakened People over there. I predict things are gonna get

REALLY BAD in Scand WITHIN our lifetimes, no more will it be the Idyllic Lily White Socialist Paradise, but it will increasingly become a Violent, Bankrupt, Sh!tskinned Hellhole, and they will not be able to deny it. Anyway Roosh is a smart guy and he’s really not THAT bad and I still read the Roosh Forums once in a while, he is honest about wanting a

Traditional Lady…but I wonder if maybe he has finally poisoned HIMSELF with Too Much Male Promiscuity, which is really not that common. Even taking into account that Men ARE allowed to be More Promiscuous than Women. Anyway I would like for Roosh to become More Racist. I know there was an Anti-Racist Post on his newer blog Game Of Kings

(name?) it was Really annoying because it said Race was Totes Unimportant to A Man, and that Getting Tail was The Most important thing to a man. Breddy Jish thing to write, amirite? But Roosh did not write that article.]

My qualifications are, I’m willing to work 80 hours a week, I know what makes a great film, I know You make great films, and I would just be happy to be doing your bidding provided it was a steady job and I was getting paid enough to live and send some back to my family, that’s very important – they took good care of me and I want to at least try to pay it back. And go see the Danish Doctor once in a while for my gluten and anaemia and cancer checkups and testosterone.

No, I don’t have a Film/Art degree like You do, but I think we would otherwise see 90% eye-to-eye. And I would unfailingly jump through Hoops for you and put the Job first; as this would be a VERY meeeeeeeaningful careeeeer for me, to work with one of my favourite filmmakers.

I appreciate your controversial remarks getting the loserz at Cannez all fired up, and I would gladly make Press Junkets around the world to make similar remarks on your behalf, fully appreciating your fear of flying, and definitely Increase Profit for Zentropa. (Europa?).

[His film-company does some really Jish stuff. Indeed LVT grew up thinking he was a J.  But I think he made some really politically-incorrect comments possibly involving the You-Know-What.  I still like LVT’s movies & I’d like to think he would be open to an Awakening. I like that he is always having some sort of Personal Moral Struggle.]

I would happily do all Your tedious grunt-work.

Please email me at blabla dot com to set up an interview.




Hmm, I might have to TRY a little HARDER!

“will be paid wages during training, except for the first 6 months”

kinda big. kinda high-profile. Lotsa supply of Free Work from Danish Harvard students. Was hoping for a Tiny Company but with Lotta Money to invest in Nonharvard people, hahahaha. Gotta Pay Yer Dues SON!

Zentropa UK in Glasgow. That’s in Scotland!

Yet I fully agree that Companies Have The Right to Hire Tryhards, Companies SHOULD Hire Tryhards, and what better way to Prove Your A Tryhard (sic, hahaha) than to work for free for 6 months.

OK. US Fed Min Wage is 7.25 an hour. Times 40 hours a week. Times how much would be a Good Tryhardship? I’d say 3 months. That would be $3480. That’s how much Value you’re Adding. I would much rather just BRIBE the company with that money up front. 6 months would be slightly under 7 grand, I’d just give em 7 and call it even. I’ve done this calculation before, the dollar value of A Tryhardship (use that word!), and used it to calculate my Bribes. I guess it’s more about the time than the money.

Was reading in my Bible “The Bell Curve” that the dollar value of higher Very Smart people vs hiring just plain old dumb Smart People is Astronomical, in terms of the vastly improved productivity the Smartest Elite bring to their work. So If you can get somebody from the 99th percentile, that’s WAAAAAYYYYYY better, in concrete $$$ term$, than someone from the 98th percentile – MUCHHHH bigger than those “close” numbers might suggest to The Dullard.

Moral of the story: if you’re lucky enough to be A Smart, you HAVE to go to Harvard, or you’ve wasted Your Potential. Smart people are SUPPOSED to go to harvard.

Remember: Third-Tier Colleges GET FOURTH-TIER JOBS. AT BEST. And don’t even get me started on the TAIL!!

[ Heh. I was “In A Dark Place” then, so poisoned by The Poison that Young Tail was my GOD, and that everything else served that master: your career, your Education that leads to that career, that it’s all about getting The Hottest, Youngest TAIL, and as Much of It as you can. Heh. when you start seeing things more thru The Lenses of Race, than through the Lenses of Sex/Gender/Nonrace, do you see how this is a Bad Attitude for Men to have about Women, ESPECIALLY the women of their Race, whom they would like to Mate with?

Also, I know for a fact you can go to a Third-Tier Toilet and still get a Third-Tier Job, hahahahaha. It boils down to Personality and Work Ethic a lot too. Lemme just say I know White Men who went to “Third Tier Toilets” and got Jobs that ANY White Man would be happy to have, and not even with Grad Skool!]

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trying to work on a general unified theory of infatuation aka True Love. This is the Niceguy stuff that Male Commitment is made of, and which Modern Wimmin Hate worse than Racists like me hate jews (hehehe), worse than Antiracists hate whites. This is what makes a guy willingly sign up for marriage. Lose his mind, in other words!

I don’t think it’s entirely bad, indeed, when there’s mutual infatuation I think that’s the best possible thing, One Man and One Woman Monogamously Loving Each Other till the end of their natural lives, having 10 kids and 100 grandkids etc, productive members of society.

OBVIOUSLY, as I’ve propounded before, having the Woman in the Prime Of Youth facilitates infatuation in the man. 18-22 yo Wimmin.

What I haven’t really thought about, is how the MAN being A Certain Age (kinda young) might also influence this.

Example: I saw a Wimmin recently I had not seen in at least 4 years, completely randomly. I had always sorta liked her, but not in an infatuation life-destroying niceguy way. But more than I like Average Wimmin. When I first met her she was in the prime of youth. (latter half.) I was not more than two years older than that. I always regretted not Getting After Her more Aggressively, but I was always having Drama with other Wimmin and General Social Drama and Life Drama and Stress and I just didn’t see her enough. I do regret not Capitalizing on the times I did see her though, she was always friendly to me. If I made 1% the effort I had made as a Niceguy Supplicator, well heck I could have had some fun with this other girl.

ANYWAY. I see her again in a pub now and I just about crapped my pants. She must be NEAR 30 but she still looked fine as hell, nice skin, same innocent look in her face, long-term dating level cute, if not Monogamous Cute, and MAYBE EVEN Monogamy Cute! At 30! WTF! I didn’t know if this was because she was genuinely THAT good looking, or because I had met HER while she was in the prime of youth, and it’s THAT image that STICKS, or if My Brain was in its OWN Male Prime Of Youth (Not Sure What Male Brain Prime Of Youth Is, but it’s longer than 18-22!) and THAT’s what made her stick. Prob both of those. But honestly it seemed her body and skin had not declined that much at all! Still Medium-Term Dating Cute! At 30!

So that opened up a basket case of Painful Memories and Regretz and Sorrow, so I did not go talk to her. I didn’t really care about what she was doing with her life, because she was prob 9000000x more successful and making more monay than I am. Although I’m not 100% sure she went to a Presitigious Graduate Skool! Maybe just a Third Tier Toilet. Not to give too much away, but I had met her at the type of First-Tier Highly Selective Bourgeois Brahmin Jewniversity, where if you are forced to go to a Third-Tier Toilet Grad Skool, then you are considered a complete f00king failure and should blow your brains out, you’re not only not a careeeer-worshipping tryhard, you’re also TOO LOW-IQ to get into a GOOD Grad Skool. Obviously I reject this whole deal, and not just because I didn’t Try Hard enough to get into a Good Grad Skool, because my IQ is EASILY High Enough, hahahaha. And the MAJORITY of Studentz DO go on to Good Grad Skools. They’re not there just to get Bachelorz Degrees. So she was in the Good Minority then, had something in common with me right there.

Basically my Research Question is, can a Man reach a certain age where he’s just TOO OLD To “Fall In Love” Ever Again? That if tomorrow I met an 18-yo Polish Virgin Girl perfect 10 bod, perfect 10 personality, I’d say yeah that’s nice, but not go Koo-koo like I did in the past?

For Girls, they too can get infatuated with males, but it’s only the first 1 or 2 or 3 guys they Let Into Their Spread Uterus. After that, they’re DONE. The Walking Dead, hahaha. This is OF COURSE the bigger SOCIETAL problem than Me Being Too Old To Get Infatuated, hahahahaha. So I just Bang 18 yo gurlz and Don’t Marry, NOT A PROBLEM. I was just taken aback by this Floodgate Of Emotion upon seeing a very unexpected person, who was Technically Way Too Old for me to Feeeeeel any Feeeeeeeelingz for.

So yeah. I can’t help but wonder, that if after like 7 to 10 infatuations, you just get burned out and can’t muster it up anymore. GOOD, say Wimmin, because Infatuation is Too Emotion and That Leads You Astray (You don’t say!). Whereas I say Infatuation is PrettyMuch (heh) synonymous with True Love and is a Signal To Yourself that you should assertively pursue that person as a Lifetime Mate and a Co-Parent To Your CHILDREN. It Beautifully Blossoms into Long Term Love than Sustains long after the person has lost the Radiance Of Youth. You don’t want anyone else, you’d travel long distances, wild horses would have to drag you away, etc.

So yeah I am really nicholas sparks, I am a huge niceguy who’s gets a huge4ss hard0n for that f@ggy bullsh!t! well when i was younger I did – my Final Infatuation Began when I was 26 yo, nothing new since then – now I just get off Analyzing and Theorizing about it!

Those type of Goils, you don’t MIND taking em out to a Nice Expensive Dinner before having the Epic F00kfest. It’s all part of the narrative, hahahaha. You don’t MIND Making Out with em, it’s not like sticking your tongue up a horse’s 4ss. You enjoy the Whole F00king PACKAGE.

So if you don’t Make It Work by age 26, Hang It Up, Write It Off, Cut Your Losses, and focus your ENERGY on more IMPORTANT things, like managing a SMALL Harem (2 to 4) of 18-yo Wimminz, making monay to be a Good Single Father, and making the world a better place for the Next Generation of Your Family and Your Super-Extended Family, wink wink nudge nudge if ya know what I mean!

but yeah that was exactly the type of think you gotta be mindful of, dr kabat zinn would say don’t let it bring up back memories and suck you down. Nope. Just got a fresh disc of STAR TREK and gonna ENJOY that. Yet still be Mindful of Strengthening My SuperExtended Family!! NOT FANTASIES of / worrying about DAMES!

I think I left off Battlestar Galatica on season 3, so start there if I want to start watching agian. I know they were on the planet (new caprica??) getting bombed by the jews I MEAN Cylons.

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[12-15-12: this is a Time Machine Post (tm BKC) orig written on July 27, 2012, and will take 5 minutes to read if you are an ADDultKidz (tm FP w modz by BKC) like me in the Slowest Quintile of Readers.]

COMMODITY CLASSES. Useful Core Classes All Useful STEM students must take, predictable textbooks & material, can and should take anywhere for the lowest price, not much diff bw TTT & MIT.

took math placement test (required), placed into Calculus 1. Not sure if one CAN place into Calc2. Did not prepare or study. Simply remembered stuff from 10 years ago that helped: soh-cah-toa, FOIL, pythagorean. got f00ked on some of the more advanced trig stuff. my max EXPECTATIONS were placing into Calc1, so those were met & I was happy. By the time I complete degree at age FORTY I will be DEFINITION EMPLOYABLE, because Tech Employers LOVE to hire FORTY year old new grads from TTT’s with little experience over TWENTY year old grads from MIT! Waaah waaah. F00k this sh!t, just go into Welding. Or Cisco Academy.

Armageddon1115 mentioned how too much of the MRM is about watching & sorta encouraging MRM’s to fight & argue and not enough on Positive Action, actual things men can do to live better lives, but endless & unproductive debates, comment wars. Heh. Now I’m glad I haven’t started my YouTube Channel yet.

And also for the reason that I don’t want to get into comment wars, I don’t want to argue with ANYONE right now, not even Feminists, Wimminz, or Leftists! Also I’m very bad at taking Constructive Criticism, let alone Internet Tuff Guy Criticism!

Although I am proud to be an Internet Tough Guy myself by arrogantly stating my opinions as fact. I just don’t want to publicly argue about it! Honestly don’t have the time or energy.

Barbarossaaaa made the interesting, compelling argument that maybe the Nuclear Family is NOT the best idea for the good of society. He & Stardusk make the compelling (redundant yeah SUE me) point that technology has changed our world SO much SO quickly that we just can’t go back to that. Coupled with economy & standard of living that encourages Wimminz to have their own Meeeeeeeaningful (& Lucrative!) Careeeeeeers. Simply put, Wimminz don’t NEED men anymore, well if they ever NEEDED men, but now they need them much less, and they are not shy about Going THEIR Own Way!

A Traditional Wife/Mother will not think twice about abandoning her Traditional Nuclear Family if it’s possible & non-shamed for her to take a BETTER OPTION, whether in her own career, or leeching off a more successful man. see Briffault’s Law, Hypergamy.

This contrasts with Rocking Mr E, who says the Nuclear Family is the Best Way to Raise Children.

Wimminz are proving that they don’t WANT to have Traditional Nuclear Families.

So what are viable alternatives? Because we can agree that we want to raise Well-Adjusted Children, I hope?

I’m just “BRAINSTORMING” Ideas. Maybe a Single Father who works from home, works just enough to support himself & his children, & homeschools the children while he works at home?

Maybe two well-adjusted Gay Men? I think Rocking Mr E is not too hot on Gay Parents, but I’m still optimistic that two Gay Male Fathers COULD POSSIBLY raise a well-adjusted child, provided THEY aren’t nuts, but they PROBABLY will be. But less so than Two Lesbian Mothers!

Barb mentioned an interesting study in sweden about divorces among gay men & women; basically the lesbians were FAR AND AWAY the leaders of the divorce pack, with a rate like 160% that of Gay Men.

So, you give Wimminz the OPPORTUNITY to get rid of men, and they will quickly and gladly take it, Barb says. He points to how QUICKLY divorce rates are RISING in India and China just in the past 20 years, when they had Industrialization, Modernization, Rapid Econ Growth mirroring a more prolonged process in the US. It doesn’t take Wimminz 40 years to Go Bad, it only takes about 10. The Catalyst/FUEL is Always there. They’re not being COERCED by Gov’t, the Gov’t is simply making it EASIER, removing the BARRIERS, and Wimminz are saying “SOUNDS GREAT TO ME!”

So I laid there thinking and came to a few No-Brainer Conclusions that I thought were still profound:





Even BILL GATES’s wife has her moments of doubt, that she could do better.

WIMMINZ DON’T EVEN HAVE LONG-TERM LOVE FOR ALPHAS! They can get bored with ALPHAS same as they do with Betas, it just TAKES a little longer, and the Wimminz’s feelings of Infatuation & Lust are more strong at the beginning so she prob REALLY gets into the TIUTAing for a while at the beginning, all screaming and sh1t.

Even DAVID BECKHAM’s wife gets bored of HIM, and if that marriage fails, it will be HER who initiates it, even if he is better looking-than her.

Wimminz are an element of chaos, disorder, entropy, instability. Wimminz are NATURALLY BIPOLAR. Men naturally desire & work towards Stability, Wimminz….DON’T. In The Modern Western World, put together a stability-loving man with a stability-destroying wimminz and the wimminz will usually win out, because she has MORE INCENTIVE to LEAVE her husband than to STAY with him.

As long as Wimminz have Lucrative Career Opportunities, this will remain the case.

So what do we do? Say wimminz can’t have careeeeeeers? can’t vote? These genies are already way out of the bottle & prob can never go back.

So we ADAPT. Men are USELESS to Wimminz; Wimminz are much MORE useful to men, because of their Hot Young Bodies and their Reproductive Abilities.

So I do agree with Barb that the Artificial Womb is a Possible & def Interesting way to FREE men from their Dependence on WIMMINZ to REPRODUCE. RockingMrE doesn’t like it, but I don’t really agree 100% with him there. That’s ok. I can slightly disagree with him on one thing & still like & respect him as a man!

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In my time of sorrow I have decided to grow a huge hipster unemploymentbeard. It gets asymmetrically curly on one side, so it occured to me to use faggy conditioner on it to see if that could straighten it & make look Neater.

SPeaking of Employment, Underemployment, AdultKidz (tm Firepower!), etc, we’ve all seen SEVERAL TV Commercials that Shame AdultKidz who move back home and are such big lasy loser failures they can’t get jobs. The first I recall was a Taco Bell commercial from at least 2 years ago, the “Good To Go” Crunch Wrap Supreme: “Good to go…….gettajob.” Then there was a Burger King one or something about fast food spicy chicken nuggetz, with the AdultKid playing videogaymz in the basement, his parents are about to tell him to Gettajob, but they see his AWESOME fast food choice and decide he’s got his sh!t together after all. The new one is this Tide Laundry Detergent commercial where the parents are doing their AdultKidz laundry and saying it makes them look…dramatic pause…EMPLOYABLE.  I know there’s at least one or two other ones I’ve forgotten.

While I agree AdultKidz DO need to be shamed out of their LazyLoserness And Entitlement, I WAS somewhat offended. A part of me still thinks that if you shell out 9,000,000,000 $ for an education, that SHOULD “ENTITLE” you to a job at least equivalent to what Older Generations would get at age 18 right out of high school or before.

That’s mitigated somewhat by Kidz who CHOSE Stupid Degreez; but THAT’s mitigated somewhat by kidz with Smart Degrees From Crap Skools who can only get Crap Jobz. But THAT breaks down because there are plenty of people who get SemiCrap Degrees from Crap Colleges and get Good Pseudosmart Biz Jobs.

Moral of the story: just get a Biz Degree and Network All The Time so you can make nice with someone who will eventually hire you. F00king Balllicking Faggotz.

Heh. Getting closer to just applying for the Northwest Front already and just be a good honest hardworking White Farmer for the rest of my life. THAT’S NO SO BAD, uh?

Honestly. White Nationalism or the friendlier term “ETHNOnationalism” sounds a bit SCAAAAARY on the surface, but you have to admit it’s a hella good alternative to what we have in The Modern West. HELLA good. Sounds better & better to me every day. But supposedly WN Wimminz are FREAKZ, even more crazy & dark-coq-loving as regular wimminz. So I’m not sure how the Wimminz situation could be handled.

For a while I thought, ok, ez, you simply separate Single Men, Single Wimminz, and “Married” Men/Wimminz Families. Just keep everybody separated. But what might be workable/doable for races seems a bit overcomplicated, separating the sexes of one race. Or is it? Or maybe have the Married Families live in the Main World of Single Men and just keep the Single Wimminz off in their own little coqless world, I think that would be pretty good.

So Charismatic Alphas are invading CHURCH to find Moral, Low-Number Wimminz for LTRs, so that now Betas have to learn Game to Game NAWALTs. Maybe so, maybe so. That actually sounds about right. I aint no Game Denier. Game helps ALL men for ALL Wimminz, High-Number AND Low-Number; and Low-Number Wimminz aren’t gonna be magically more attracted to Low-Number Beta Men. Just because a Wimminz has a Low Number doesn’t mean you can pull her without good game. Maybe this is where I screwed up with the recent Nawalt.

Now that’s a horrible thought for the beta: IF ONLY MY GAME HAD BEEN BETTER, THIS WOULD HAVE WORKED.

Oh well. I did the best of my ability, for what I had at the time, and my attitude/personality is 9,000,000 times more alpha than what it was when I was young. Interestingly enough, my SOCIAL STATUS was Pretty Alpha at that time, but now it’s Omega as Sh!t.

OH F00KING WELL. Life goes on, and I am grateful for my family and friends, and not to have CANCER or be HOMELESS or be in JAIL, getting Raeped up the 4ss by big scary minz with neck tatts. SO WHAT if  Beautiful 18 year old girls are taking up the A and loving it.

Ideally, Minz and Wimminz should support and strengthen and “synergize” (faggy buzzword) with each other in their Traditional Rels. Selling Out or 4ssraep should NEVER enter the picture.

I asked before, where exactly are young betas learning that it’s ok to be a beta? For me, I blame the beautiful, classic Temptations song “My Girl.” You’re IMMORAL if you don’t like this unf00kwithable song; but it DOES present many risky pedestalizing notions that young blue pill men aren’t prepared to deal with.

I grew up with sappy, sentimental Black Motown Love Songs like that (Side Post: but didn’t White Jewish guys WRITE many of those classics? WTF? [edit: I must have written that before I realized how Obviously Jews are Not Whites!] And how can something as Honestly Tender as “My Girl” be Sick Twisted ZOG?). But the hipster SWPL “Luv songs” of today are 9,000,000,000 times worse. So Much faggier. Fagz Respecting Wimminz for being so Strong to Take Trainz O’ Cox. Modern MUSIC is where a lot of betas get it, I’d reckon. And I ain’t talkin about Arghoslent, hahahahaha. (They’ve been around for 22 years anyway.)

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I don’t like PseudoIntellectuals. At LEAST 60% of people who seem Intellectual are PseudoIntellectual. BUT: I generally like PseudoIntellectual WIMMINZ more than UNIntellectual Wimminz. (not sure if I could say same about the Minz; don’t have much of a prob w Unintellectual Minz.) Well, a PseudoIntellectual Minz is prob equiv to a Full-Blown Intellectual Wimminz, so, chew on that.

In other words, a “PseudoIntellectual” Wimminz, given the average intelligence of Wimminzhood, is prob more like a full-blown Intellectual Wimminz.

Find ONE wimminz who doesn’t care about stupid celebrity, entertainment, fagcebook, fashion, clothes, TV or shopping bullcrap. Troglodyte, UNintellectual bullcrap. You CAN, but it’s not EASY. Then you’ll have a fine (pseudo)Intellectual Wimminz, and that can’t be more than 20% of the whole.


It doesn’t MATTER if more Wimminz are going to COLLEGE or even GRAD SKOOL. You don’t need to be SMART to grad grad skool, believe it or not. Nope. You just need to be a flaky betch and MEMORIZE 9,000 FLASHCARDS and give piles o’ crap to betas, go to the bar, get drunk and take d!x when you get too STRESSED OUT FROM MEMORIZING FLASHCARDS, and be sure to Stay Confident and Secure and have a Healthy Self-Esteem! Parroting Neoliberal College Indoctrination helps too! But you DAMN SURE don’t have to be INTELLIGENT!!! You can be STUPID, and if you’re a Wimminz, you can be MORE Stupid!

GIVING ppl crap leads to you BECOMING a PIECE O’ Crap, which leads to you finally becoming a PILE O’ CRAP.

So GreatBooksForMen actually wrote a post & I think some comments somewhere in Non-GBFM Ritalin Voice. Serious stuff!

It’s real bad when guys/betas look at pictures of attractive wimminz and go “oooohhhhh my gooodddddz” like they can’t BELIEVE HOW HOT She is, and that they could NEVER pull a girl like THAT, they don’t DESERVE a girl THAT HOT, even if it’s just some “classy” pr0n photo of her spreading her uterus or 4nus but giving a coquettish artsy fartsy face. f00K That Sh1T! B1tch is spreading her 4ss for the whole world, and just because she’s young and not fat you think that’s too GOOD for You?

Promiscuous Wimminz are not suitable for (nonlawful!) marriage, & not suitable for heirs, so they should serve as “COMFORT GIRLS” for Betas. (pretty sure Firepower would classify this use of “should” as “Typical MRA Whining”, haha, he’s an 4sshole, but I still like his stuff).  (It was This Comment By Whammer on Heartiste’s post on Aurora Movie Massacre that first signif tuned me into the term/concept of “COMFORT GIRLS”, which is a goodun!) They might be Wh0res, but they’re avg more attractive than Homeless Wh0res in Dalit/Helot Ghettoes charging $20 for a BJ for Crack!

gonna try not to repeat myself TOO much on this Blog. Meaning maybe one day the posts will slow down. Well, I’ll repeat stuff only when I’m saying it in a Clearer, More Powerful, Shorter way. Axioms and “Koans” (Koanic Soul, heheh) that get stuck in your Brain & you never forget.

NarcissAlert: I never played the popular game of “Poker”, despite missing out on potential fun and profit, simply because the Rules of many Men’s Games seem opaque to me. There is a nice thing at games.com where one can “practice” texas hold-em, and my new project is to learn it well enough to play an actual game with actual men. I was winning a good num of hands but my betting style was ALL WRONG.

Moldbug. Why is he important. Because he’s truly GHOW and his passion is serving up Red Pills, in a very fun, provocative, readable package. He would rather do that than work a respectable bigboy job as a Software Developer with a Brahmin degree; he’d rather Milk his Buyout Money as long as possible, and BLOG. Sounds good to me! He also has a wife and child. This could be a trap of course, but it could also be a sign that he is not a “lone unabomberish psycho”, like the so-called “white supremacist” that shot-up the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin after his gurrrlfran dumped him & he prob didn’t have any OPTIONS for Sex On The Reg.


You’re not gonna be able to help others if you’re not healthy and strong. So get yourself healthy and strong first. This could take a while. Drink AppleCiderVinegar. Avoid CARDIO like MARRIAGE. Focus on Strength, Core, MMA, HighIntensityInterval, Insanity, Kettlebells, Chest, Pushups, etc.

Uh you might be allergic to Gluten and not know it, so all that Gluten’s making you Tired as f00k. Avoid it like Wimminz who are being Wimminzly to You without Spreading at your behest and convenience.

As you get in better shape, You will prob find it easier to Pull Young Tail and then establish a Rotation of Young Tail. It might not have as high an Avg Attractiveness as you’d like, but keep Working Out and not putting the Pvssy on a Pedestal, and it will get better.

So after a few months you will be healthy and strong and well-sexed and full of energy and ready to conquer the world. This should be your Average State.

So, if you’re going to a Third-Tier Toilet (or Worse), does it MATTER if you get a Hard Engineering Degree, or an Easy Business Degree? Will the Difficulty in Jobsearching for a GoodJob correspond to the difficulty in Getting Degrees? Or is it More Effective just to coast by and get the Easy Biz Degree because Nobody wants to HIRE from a 4th-Tier Sewer ANYWAY?

Not sure. Heh. Maybe cause I was watching “Office Space” and the guy selling mag subs pretending to be a recovering crack addict was making more money doing that than as a Software Engineer which he’d been Laid Off from. This film prob corresponded with the decline of the IT Bubble, but is it REALLY THAT BAD for CompSci Majors from Fourth-Tier Sewers? Wish they’d talked about their Educations more. In a Fictional Satirical Comedy Movie.

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Harems really are the best solution for men. The Social Proof of Other Wimminz Attention keep all/each Wimminz in line. This extinguishes hypergamy before it even starts. If a man just has One Wimminz, that WimminzHamster eventually begins to ask “is this the best I can do? OTHER WIMMINZ don’t even want this guy! I should be competing with other wimminz if this were a REAL Alpha man!” QED, have a Harem, & you will have many well-behaved Wimminz working to keep you happy, rather than One Wimminz Being a B!tch to you. Win Win.

So College can technically never be a “BUBBLE” per se because it isn’t a COMMODITY like a house, ok we get it, COLLEGE BOY. Just suggesting it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Bubble possibly because it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Commodity. Just beginning my Seriousest Reseach on the topic.

So bachelors degree is new high school diploma, graduate degree is new bachelors degree, also of COURSE interested in the devaluation of degrees & superfluous credentialization of jerbs.

Smart Money sez go into the trades. Which Trade is the best (long-term security, ease of finding a jerb).

I think James Altucher has written on this topic, I’ve enjoyed his writing before. Note to self.

Top Tech/Engineering/IT Firms don’t HIRE from THIRD-TIER-TOILETS. Possibly it’s the notion of Creative Risk Takers CREATE the company & get Dedicated, Super-Competent Loyal Company Men to produce for it.

My question is, what’s the best ROI for someone who HAS to or who PREFERS to go to a Third-Tier Toilet??

Even simpler: Which has better ROI, Computer Science Bachelors from TTT, or a Good Welding Cert? Cisco Cert? Electrician cert? As far as I know, TRADE SCHOOLS don’t have Ivy League vs Third-Tier Toilet distinctions, and I LIKE that they don’t. Cuz I have NO RESPECT for Bourgie Tryhard Career-Worshipping College F4gg0tz Wot Never learned the value of WORK.

Harems make men Happier & make Wimminz behave better. Harems are better for EVERYBODY. JUST HAVE A HAREM. ONEITIS IS A SOCIETY-KILLER.

It makes Men S3xually Frustrated, Lonely, ForeverAlone, Pining, Weak, Unsatisfied, Unhappy, Unproductive; it makes Wimminz even more Hamstery, Awful, & Evil. ATTENTION BETAS: WIMMINZ **WANT** YOU TO HAVE A HAREM. This is about the one good idea they DO have.

It worked in the Past & it can Work Again!

But Wimminz don’t SAY they want it, they say they DON’T want it. Avg Men’s problem is they LISTEN to what WIMMINZ SAY too much.

WARNING: I do not advocate Raep, that is violence & I don’t advocate violence; if a Wimminz says “no” when you’re about to stick it in, just calmly grin and say “Fine, Baby, but a word of Advice: no-one likes a TEASE. YOU’RE WELCOME.” then GTFO. Good chance she’ll then throw herself at you (Last Minute Resistance.) & if she doesn’t, move on to another Wimminz in your Harem, no harm, no foul. Harems allow men to stop artificially overvaluing sex because they’re about 9,000,000,000 times less DESPERATE for it, & it stops being such a powerful Carrotstick wimminz can use to control men to do their hamstery bidding.

I would thank You not to Hawk Huge Loogies around me because it is rude and obnoxious, but I wouldn’t blame You to do it around Wimminz, cuz it’s an effective way to get them in your Harem. Macho Man.

encounter broadsides june 2012 college bubble glenn reynolds. yea or nay.

Initial Firepower/Eradica Discovery: (ie, this post was written a little while ago)


just found this blog of firepower/eradica from his comment at heartiste. firepower is super provocative and thinks he’s SO SMART and makes fun of other manosphere bloggers and says the MRM will fail because the guys are a bunch of keyboard jockeys and diapered 25 year olds who don’t actually DO anything.

just spend 30 minutes reading his site, very interesting. seems to be into a broader White Nationalism & Alt Right thing. Don’t like how he Mocks GLPiggy and Dalrock and some of my favourite “sacred cows”, but I don’t think he’s more than 50% full of sh!t either. Heh if he were on twitter I might read more. He and his buddies seem pretty smart & well-read & I don’t mind reading some more. Just gotta remember to haha. Def smarter and Better-Read than myself. Not been reading blogs lately, or ESPECIALLY searching for fresh new blogs like this one. Kind of a Polarizing figure: (“delusional troll”) If I like Him, then maybe some of my own MRA Buddies might stop liking me! haha. &I DEF don’t want to provoke HIM because he would verbally REAM me & I don’t want that. Anyway I recommend checking Firepower’s blog out.

So out of reading blogs, so into my own Narcissism, that I didn’t even know FERDINAND BARDAMU STOPPED WRITING / IN MALA FIDE SHUT DOWN, now In Mala Fide is basically a Manosphere Link Aggregator, all the content taken DOWN.

Firepower has some interesting ideas on blogging, people recycling old ideas, trying to get paid for blogging, traffic, hits, etc. He says, read the stuff when it was written first and best by Charles Murray, Robert Bork, Thomas Jefferson, Orwell, Thomas Sowell. Is the impression I’m getting. He REALLY doesn’t like Chuck Rudd and many prominent manosphere bloggers have BANNED him for his trolly comments. But I don’t find the writing/ideas on his blog BAD!

Just Spent a few solid hours clicking links, subbing to rss of blogs, this is the prob w relying on TWITTER as your personal article link aggregator / new rss reader, bc like 40% of these bloggers don’t use it. but I like retweeting ppl haha.

Hamster-Rationalization For My Moral Laziness / Sloth: It’s not that I CAN’T Work Hard for a Long-Term Reward, it’s that I can’t work hard for ONLY a Long-Term Reward, and want/prefer some short-term rewards pushing me to the long-term reward. But having my basic NEEDS met for food, shelter etc should be ENOUGH of a short-term reward no? Yes and no, haha. Good Lord, I’m NO BETTER THAN THE WIMMINZ I MOCK, EXCEPT I DON’T TIUTA* FROM STRANGE MEN.

*”Take It Up The 4ss”, Credit Wimminz/AfOR, read his blog.

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So, NAPPING is probably more useful/productive than Blogging Past the Safe-For-Hobbyists Limit, which prob many bloggers go over. Or watching Gaystream TV.

READING blogs is better than WRITING blogs, bc then you have a better chance of LEARNING something.

PLUS you’re not contributing to the Total Amount Of Blogs, and if your stuff is Worse than Average, then you’d be BRINGING DOWN the average.

Grimly Excited by the investigation on the Aurora Colorado Shooter. As I said this is a hobby of mine.

I GUARANTEE he is a Virgin. More attention should be given to the Virginity of these Shooters. I hypoth that Sexual Frustration leads to at least 70% of these shootings. Beyond that, prob some schizophrenia, or bipolar; abuse from parents, the usual suspects.

College Girls Show THEIR Hand by expressing shock, disbelief, privileged naivete & inability-to-relate, that ANY Man could be a Virgin past the age of 18, or especially 21. But I hypoth it happens a lot to Male Science Students. He was an honors student at UC Riverside, in Neuroscience. Not the worst field certainly, but also not the best in terms of Hardest Sciences. This is basically a more scientific version of Psychology, so there were prob more Wimminz in this program than say MATH or CompSci or ChemE. Don’t know much about Riverside other than it’s HUGE. Saw an “Undercover Bosses” where the President of UCR went undercover. Huge student body, very multiculti, lots of Azns, Latinas, Blacks.

Not a Third-Tier TOILET but prob not a “Public Ivy” like its UC brethren BERKELEY.

I would think this “middle ground” status would make the Girls Party Animals Dying To Get F00ked. But I guarantee he was a Gameless Omega who was Nervous around girls and buried himself in studying. Hence, honors student, 24 year old virgin.

If not a virgin, then probably only B4nged a COUPLE of times and was DUMPED by the WIMMINZ for being too clingy, and couldn’t get over that; OR, had only banged drunk disgusting 5’s and thought “this is IT? is THIS as good as I can do?” and got bitter.


I thought I heard something from an Ethnic San Deigo Neighbor saying he couldn’t Find A Job with a Masters Degree, so then he decided to Wait Out The Bad Economy In More Grad Skool. Not sure if true, but would be interesting.

My Hypoth: Disenchanted, bitter Young Men who take on a lot of debt for College, only to find they picked the Wrong Major, can’t get a job, thus become very Frustrated. Add to that the frustration of being a 24-year-old Virgin and, ticking time bomb.

Wanna know more about his dropping out of the PhD program. Was it at UC Boulder or a less prestigious UCol? Because if you get a PhD from a Third-Tier Toilet, then you can only get a prof job in a fourth-tier  toilet or community college, and that’s understandably difficult for the PhD student to accept, although you’ve GOT to accept it, or you’re going to be a very unhappy person, haha. I couldn’t have accepted it at 24! Heck it caused a lot of frustration for me at 24!

To get a nonadjunct job in a THIRD-TIER TOILET, you need a PhD from an IVY, or close to. At my local Third-Tier Toilet, the profs have PhDs from VERY prestigious schools. Yeah this is anecdotal haha.

Wish I could fast-forward this investigation and see what they find about this guy!

The booby-trapping of the apartment is an interesting oddity. And why did he TELL them? why did he WANT to be captured alive?

Anyhow this does demonstrate the Action-Power of One Determined, if deranged, individual.

Sure, the victims might have been “Brandons” and Ritalin Rangers and Reality-TV watchers and Sheeple and Blue-Pill Gobblers and not even bright enough to write a regurgiblog, but I’m still a Traditional Black-and-white Moralist enough to believe they didn’t deserve to DIE!

You could argue he was SAVING them from a lifetime of  servitude, slavery, FODDER… but then he would have found a more painless and less terrifying way to “euthanize” then.

Although Wimminz could never rationalize having S3x with such a Creepy Omega, they CAN rationalize a Mass Shooting as not being Inherently Wrong or deranged or Psychotic. Because there’s a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for this! He was emotionally disturbed! NOT CRAZY! He was raeped by a priest! NOT EVIL!

(Counterarg: Maybe Wimminz are trying to say that because he’s not legally insane he SHOULD be held accountable/responsible for his actions. And I would agree with that!)

IMHO,  shooting innocent people is ALWAYS a sign or Crazy OR Evil! Fail to see the Political Statement there. It’s not HARD to think of an Obviously Politically-Motivated Target: Examples right of the TOP OF MY HEAD:  a Government Project full of 9000 poor criminal blacks, or a bank filled with 9000 jews, or the fed reserve or a mosque; federal bldg like McVeigh, Congresspeople like Arizona/Loughner. Sure those people would still be innocent victims of course. But a MOVIE THEATRE? No discernable motivation EXCEPT Pure Mindless Ticking Time Bomb Sexual Frustration, much like the Virg Tech shooter, George Sodini, Columbine, etc.

So that’s my working hypothesis: Oneitis and Sodini-like Celibacy, or just b4nging no higher than 5’s, so thus not getting real satisfaction.

When you bang 5’s, that’s only about 2 times (at most) as satisfying as j3rking-off, so the guy sez “This is IT? this is the BEST I can DO?” and that’s a bit humiliating. Ideally It should be at least 10 times as satisfying as j3rking-off. Makes the guy go “H3ll YEAH that was SWEET.”

Not to trivialize the innocent people who died. But I am interested in the gunman’s Sex Life, just as I am interested in most Mass Shooting Gunmans’ Sex Lives.

My hypoth is that Raging Sexual Frustration causes these men to Lash Out in ways that are unfocused and Antisocial, rather than intentionally Islamist or Political Terrorism. He’s not trying to make a larger statement, he’s just trying to get random revenge on a society that never accepted him.

Heh. That’s my SPECULATION. Of course I will be watching this investigation develop, as I have a long-standing interest in these types of criminals, what motivates them to do what they did.

Have a Good Day, don’t shoot people, don’t Plan to shoot people, however don’t be Afraid or unable to DEFEND yourself if you are ATTACKED.


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