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oct 4 2012 time machine post. that title was not properly introduced in THIS time machine post, wait for it. and is also a tribute to and I credit it to a friend of mine whom I cannot name here. classic quote!

We are in interesting times in the west, particular the US: This generation will do more poorly ECONOMICALLY than the previous, and will do more poorly with Wimminz than the previous. Negative Rate of Change vs a Positive. In the LONG TERM it’s not so big a deal, but considering the course of the previous four or five generations, when things were getting better and better, yes, I’d say it’s BLOGworthy, hahahaha. The best WE can do is try to turn it back to a Positive Rate of Change, or At least push the Negative Rate of Change closer to Zero. Like go from -1 to -.5.

what’s x and what’s y. number of people vs per capita gdp. or income. or wimminz they’ve banged. or length of the avg marriage. or number of male suicides. or number of people on welfare. I dunno. Get creative, make it interesting. num of c0x avg whores take between ages u and v.

Was skimming thru Bell Curve when it touched upon a point I’m very interested in: what about the high-IQ ppl who “fall through the cracks” and DON’T realize their potential by going to elite colleges and then move on to elite, high-IQ careeeeeeerz? The authors assure us that this number is small and getting smaller. THANKS, CHAS MURRAY, hahahaha. But yeah that’s kinda obvious considering the Cognitive Sorting Mechanisms they talk about; that spending pages talking about The Exceptions To The Rule is understandably beyond the scope of the book. So we can conclude these underachievers are 1. not as smart as they think they are 2. they’re lazy and unmotivated to a f00ked-up extreme degree.

Now, the book was pub in 1994, and I’d argue, what’s the trend SINCE then, is that increasing numbers of High-IQ people are underemployed, unemployed, or out of the labor force. The Unholy Trinity Of Underachieving, Low-IQ Lazy Loserhood. This Post-BellCurve Trend IMHO is due to Kollige Degrees becoming increasingly Worthless (See Aaron Clarey) COMBINED with the fact that Supply of Elite Education is NOT growing. By Def it CAN’T Grow: There is an eternally fixed number of spaces at HARVARD. You can’t just INVENT a New Ivy League College.

BUT, you “sort of” can. If anyone could, it’s ZOG Univ Executivez. Cause you have at least one gray area of “Public Ivies”, and I don’t doubt Zoggies could slowly push a school into that realm. Especially if there’s millions of Eager Young Tryhard True Believers desperate to drain their money into the skool.

AND there seems to be a growing “Law Skool Bubble” of young people who get Law Degrees but can’t pay off the 9,000,000,000 $ debt because they made the Life-Destroying Mistake of going to a Third-Tier-Toilet and NOT an Elite Law Skool. IMHO, If Third-Tier Toilets are 9000 times worse than Elite Skools for getting jobs, then they should adjust their prices to 9000X less than the Elite Skool. But YOU-KNOW-WHO would NOT like that!

Another Insidious Zog Morality-Destroying Idea is That Certain Jobs HAVE to be associated with Certain Intelligences. Here Leftist Elites prove themselves to be the Hypocritical Anti-Egalitarian Racist Pigz they really are, and me to be a nice, compassionate, Christ-like guy. I don’t think Janitors SHOULD be Associated with Stupid Underclass. What’s the alternative? Get a USELESS GRADUATE DEGREE in Education or Social Work or Public Relations or Management (Helllllooooo, Wimminz!) so you can get one of those “Higher Status” Jobs? My line of thinking is, who CARES if you have a “Low-IQ” job like say a Forklift Driver as long as you’re HAPPY with the MONEY. Why “Prove” you can get a Masters Degree for something that REALLY doesn’t require a masters degree anyway. Just so you can PROVE to B!tchez that you’re “living up to your potential” and “getting a careeeeeeeeer more in line with your level of intelligence” because you’re “too smart to be working on the line?”

But that’s just the way it IS now, at least that’s largely the way b!tchez and Managerz see it.

So what if you’re smart, but you’re not a tryhard, and you don’t WANT to go to Harvard? Even though your chances of getting financial aid at Harvard are pretty good? Just because you don’t want to live in a world of tryhard jewish faggots?

So my job is to write The Bell Curve 2, for 2012, with a special emphasis on High-IQ Non-Tryhards!

Also, Smart people can be just as, and even more, faggy and intolerable than dumb people! Would you rather work with a bunch of honest troglodytes, or a bunch of faggots “smart” enough to get a bullsh!t masters degree? Tell em if they were REALLY smart, they would have gotten into an Ivy! And then GYOW and start your own business.

That’s the beauty of GYOW. It’s NOT JUST AN MRA THING. It can be your response to the 5-Fingered-Fist (Firepower) of Marxism. Your reaction.  Your way of Scamming The Scammers. Breaking Beta (that’s somebody’s blog hahaha), Breaking Zog. Freedom and Liberty.

The amount of TIME you spend with a Woman/Wimminz/Whore should be INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to her NUMBER.

If you’re even THINKING about a monog longterm w a Wimminz, simply ask yourself “What’s Her NUMBER”? and if it’s not LOW AS F00K, you’re making a BIG MISTAKE. E-Z.

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March 7, 2013: NEW POST! NOT “TIME MACHINE”! which basically boils down to: more racist, (and racist is GOOD), more hateful (and a little bit of hate is GOOD!), using The K Word a lot (just blowing off a lil steam, prob eventually use it a little less), and pretty slapdash and slipshod and incoherent, which is not so good.


College is A K!ke Casino – why would you DOUBLE DOWN on a LOSING BET? ok, partially because of White Pride, and THAT’s a good thing, but white pride will still not help your odds winning a k!ke game. so you hate skool & get a bachelors degree and then figure MORE SKOOL is the SOLUTION? DOUBLING DOWN AT THE K CASINO? yeah, the pride is f00kin with you, you don’t want to be wrong, you don’t want to have wasted TONS of time and money, but that’s exactly what you’re wasting even MORE of!

the best thing you can do is say f00k the K’s & not become their DEBT SLAVE.

if becoming a Health Information Technologist doesn’t work, become a welder.

if being a Welder doesn’t work out, become a Climate Control Tech.

if that doesn’t work, become a X Ray Tech.

if that doesn’t work out, become a Medical Assistant.

if that doesn’t work out, become a “Power Engineer”.

if that doesn’t work out, become a CNC Molder Machinist (heh.)

if that doesn’t work, become a Surgical Technologist.

if THAT doesn’t work out, you’ll prob be senile or dead and then at least you tried. gave it the good ole college try hahahaha. white college, not K college. f00k K’s.

absolutely disgusting, how such a small group of people can weaken/poison/cancer such a large group of people. it’s not like we’re being swarmed by 90000000000 K’s. whites outnumber K’s 100 to 1, & yet they can still do all this damage. real underdog story amirite hahahahaha.

it’s because whites are so NICE and forgiving and kind and welcoming and accepting. Our Kindness Is Our Greatest Weakness.

[star trek tangent: we Sperg Wannabes really identify with Data because he is super smart and has bad social skills. but deep down spergs are lonely and crave Human Contact and Luv and Affection, they just can’t get it, or don’t want it from the annoying idiots and turks that surround them.]

we whites need to be careful not to too quickly write other whites off as white trash or murkans or idiots just because they are dumb and annoying and like the murkan cartoon of the murkan bear guy on the scooter with the american flag shirt scootering back and forth with the bottles of diet coke. or one white is too low class trailer and antiintellectual, while another white is too bourgey and SWPL and intellectual.

we must see whites as our Brothers and Sisters! unless of course they betray our trust by REALLY selling us out to YKW. the goddam K’s using CLASS and their K college to divide and conquer whites, turn whites against whites, cuz some of em have more book learnin. f00k books. f00k K’s. naw hahaha, SOME books are good. lotsa books. just not the K college books.

i meant a picture like this hahahaha



WHITE MAN, what you should ask yourself is, WHAT HAS YKW EVER DONE FOR YOU. Well uhhhh he made a more tolerant and peaceful society. More civil rights for all. So that people get jobs in a meritocratic manner, the best person for the job.

Wrong wrong & wrong, and even if they were true, those things wouldn’t help you anyway.

Also not talking about J3vvish Doctors who may have saved your life in the hospital or sommat.

I am talking about J3vvs who have individually Proved Their Love for you and gave you something which you were deeply grateful for.

Who has done this for you? Other whites.

Stop jumping to protect and defend K’s! WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR YOU???

No, I’m NOT suggesting anyone go out and “KILL K’s”. I’m saying Fight The K’s symbolically and individually, by not falling for their scams, not becoming their SLAVE, by becoming a Free Strong White Man raising Healthy White Children. At least 2 or 3! This is the Best and ONLY way to overcome the K Plague, is if each white can do this! don’t NEED to Kill People! although in 40 or 50 years, you might want to have

a lot of gunz &barbed wire around your house like they do in south africa, so you can protect your WIFE &CHILDREN from the hordes of violent marauding colored barbarians the k’s are flooding your country with! & you better be sure THEY’ll have guns! Funny you don’t have any K neighbors saying diversity is so great! They only say that from the safety of their elite neighborhoods!


create white propaganda encouraging whites NOT to go to college, well, not to take out any LOANS to go to college; if they do, one of those real tryhards who honestly LIKES and EXCELS at skool, then do a HOT STEM degree; otherwise, do a HOT TRADE &  make money and have families and prosper – escape the K1K3 YOKE.

create flyers, simple one sheet flyers or billboards or posters, basically countering all the K propaganda in skools which urges whites to kill themselves.

atm I am more anti-k than anti-black: i believe if you solve the k problem, the black problem will then solve itself.

steer clear of any negative or hostile imagery in the flyers. just have smiling, happy, strong, proud, healthy, fertile white people succeeding in life because they became plumbers or hvac or HIT or lab techs or surg techs or xray techs or welders or oilmen.

show pictures of happy white families with 3 young children, happy white neighborhoods, free of the k yoke.


march 9 2013

going further into the chan rabbit hole. 4chon, stormchan, talk on the stormchan meta board suggests that 4chon is in decline, and people looking for a serious pro-white community should stick to stormchan. 2chon, 5chon (or chan??) and wizardchan are other chans which stormchan has listed as possible sources for contributors. debate over trips vs anons. what is the right level of debate.

JIDF Jewish Internet Defence Force using real ALINSKY tactics on pro-white organizations. how true is 4chon. what exact are “newggers”. suggesting the 4chon /new board is being “taken over” by “white nationalist conspiracy tinfoil hat” types. but NAWNALT.

i am not big on conspiracies, but I am pro-white, and I am not fond of YKW. are some 4chonners just “pretending to be anti-semitic” as a gimmick? what’s the point of that?

I like the huge kissless virgins on the wizardchan. they think their sperglordness makes them wizards but it just makes them foreveralone virgins. But I love reading Life Stories of Losers like that. I don’t think they’re Bad People! At All! I can relate better than most “normalfags!”

Forgot about “Tagechan.”

TL;DR there are a ton of chans out there, all at their own snapshot in time, chans change and shift and live and die, it can be hard to say what the ideology of any given chan is, groups break off and form their own chans, always “inherent tension” in a chan. Stormchan might be on the way up, and is prob a better chan To Watch than 4chon, although IMHO it does not have regular enough posts ATM. It will take at least 3 months of immersing self in various chans to get a handle on them and report on What They Are. but Stormchan’s “stock” is highest IMHO ATM. In General Chans are Fun and often informative/educational, and not AS Poisoned by Cancer than Reddit, which is full of wimmin S’ing Maddow’s D, who screeeeeeeech “rape apologist scum!”  or “racist rapist!” when you call something “gay” or GOD FORBID “faggy” or “jewish.”


stupid word of the day is “HNNNNNNGGGGG!!!” which either indicates a meme of a guy having a heart attack, or animu otaku virgins obsessing fetishistically over sommat, or a way “tumblfags” announce themselves on an anonymous one on one chat thing called omegle which I’d also never heard of.

I prefer to keep it simple and encourage an interpretation of you getting a raging hardon over something.

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IF you’re curious about “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” despite how F@GGY and WEAK it sounds – and there is a LOT of chaff to sift thru, and THAT will make you depressive suicidal REAL quick, haha – then a Good Band to Start with is TRIST from Czech. T (it’s one guy, that’s his name) is The Real Deal. I like to think of it more as CHILLOUT BLACK METAL. That is a MUCH better name for the GOOD DSBM bands. Like Trist. Heh. Kinda sounds like Hypothermia but a little better.

So I’m sold on the argument of the Gun Nutz. That Skool Shootings started increasing in the mid 1990s once there were big federal gun control laws passed creating no gun zones and such. So psychopaths who want to kill lots of people will go to a gun free place like a skool or campus or church. And also something tells me they won’t have a problem with getting their gunz illegally. Dunno. Just seems like SIMPLE COMMON SENSE to me. If someone can’t legally get a gun and they’re crazy enough to want to shoot people, they’ll find a way to get gunz. Now say the teacher had a gun and they could have shot the Sperg Psycho after he only killed 1 or 2 people rather than 27 and then the ziomedia would be saying how GREAT GUNS are, hahahahahah jk no they wouldn’t.

Following The Cap’s Advice, I will continue to Not Try and be a Morally Lazy Loser till I’m 35. Makes getting my STEM degree seem less intimidating hahaha. I HATE (as in, really annoyed by, not I wanna shoot them!) these f@ggot 18 year old TRYHARDS that take 20 credits of Hard Stem Classes every term. These are the kinda kidz that when Final Exams are over and Classes are Over, they’re STILL Studying in the Library 12 hours a day. SERIOUSLY. But I don’t really hate or blame them. Maybe they’re being Pushed. Maybe they’re serious about getting that Real Power. Maybe they haven’t reached the conclusion yet that it’s OK to Cheat the Cheaters. I certainly was Morally Opposed to Cheating when I was their age.

The Antiwhite Race Traitor Self-Loathing-White Leftist Seth MarxFarlane STILL can come up with some good jokes IMHO. My fave right now is
Peter: You AGAMEMNON (With) Me?
Quagmire: Huh?
Peter: Yeah I dunno either, I just heard that word and didn’t know what it means, so I decided to use it!

thinking again about Stories to get people Fired Up. Nourish the Soul. Defeat Laziness. Inspire Action. Books are fine if they’re good and not boring. Even 1984 or Turner Diaries got boring. you almost NEED something like a Big Movie or a Prole HUnger Games Novel to really Pump people up. I was thinking that Ideas Like Ours are not exactly getting money thrown at us by Ziowood Projewcers to make Pulse-Pounding Epic Moovies. However you don’t need money to buy talent, you can still make a good movie on a shoestring budget if you’re smart enough. Examples, though these do not promote Our Message: Paranormal Activity, Joe Swanberg.

But I was thinking some of the Stories we want to tell will have Big-Budget elements: wars, huge civilizational changes, future utopias and dystopias. I figured a good way to do that would be to do PLAYS or RADIO DRAMAS or RADIO PLAYS or something like Lars Trier’s “Dogville” where you just have the actors on a blank black stage, no props, no sets. Then have good actors deliver good writing and a good story. You don’t need 9,000,000 dollar cgi and renting out lavish settings.

heh. maybe cause I was listening to the 1950s Mystery Radio Shows on Sirius Radio and thinking wow this is corny as f00k but also pretty fun. Why can’t we bring this form back and do something REALLY Fun and Less Corny with it? We could use it to win hearts and minds!

You could theoretically do it ALL BY YOURSELF, although it would help a lot to get one extra person to help do voices. and that’s prob easily doable unless you’re a TOTAL Omega Virgin NEckbeard Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Dweller Unemployable Introvert Creep and don’t know ANYBODY. Heck. do it over SKYPE with you other neckbeard internet buddies. You could even have YOUR MOM do it in a pinch, hahahaha.

PLAYS. RADIO DRAMAS. Narrator will Stoke your imagination to get the setting, maybe some sound effects, but main thing will be dialogue. and narration to make sure the proles get the message. As Winston Smith says, they have the numbers, if they only REALIZED this strength, they COULD change society overnight.

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[Dec 16 2012: experimenting with this experiment where I do a revival of my PREVIOUS BLOG, which was not horrible. Might announce name of it later. Now I already have Too Many Posts, but I’m just playing around here. No need to throw baby out with bathwater re Old Blog. Once in a great while I might Grecycle myself.  The old blog had posts that were way too long, like 5000 words hahaha. I tried to force myself off of F4gg0t Navel-Gazing and 4ss-Spreading by writing in the third person “BKC” after a while, but that didn’t really work, and nowadays I figure just be more “honest” about my Opinions and use “I”. 6,  halfdozen. I also did not censor the swears like I do in this one so the kiddies can read and learn, and so I don’t get Busted by the Antiracist ThoughtPigz.

February 25, 2011

is when I Hurt The World (tm some Metal Review) with THIS post entitled that provocative title of this post. Of course the original post was 6000 words, I’ll try to keep this to 600. Excerpts. not COST (tm Ryu) you too many minutes of your time that could be spent with your Children. Unfort this one’s gonna COST you about NINE minutes (4SlowADDReaderzzz.) Make Honest Effort (In New Year!) to keep them more around THREE minutes. Current Notes/Comments in [Square Bracketz!] ]

BKC wished there were a Burzum 2 he could listen to when he’d listened to all the Burzum he could handle. Like Varg Vikernes’s Engineer Brother had HIS own Black Metal project. What was the Relship like between Varg and his Brother? The Father was suspiciously absent, and the Mother seemed pretty Domineering. Varg seemed closer to his mother and quite distant from his father. They had apparently separated when he was a child. BKC hoped the mother didn’t take the father to the cleaners.

$175 an hour with an actually ATTRACTIVE white girl – with Pictures –  in her mid-20s? SIGN BKC UP! BKC figured it would be more like $300 a half-hour at the LOWEST, with a HORRIBLE METH WH0RE.  Of course the pictures could be fake, but still….  This was not like the Fat Black Trannies in the Back Pages of the Weekly. BKC kicked a few extra dollars into his “Other” Fund.

When it came to the B!tches, being SHORT was even WORSE than being Out Of SHAPE, or UGLY. SHORT was the Kiss Of Death. It automatically made you appear more Beta than you really were. Women HATED Shorts. You had to work your 4SS off to Pull if you were Short. If you were short and ugly, you could blame your lack of pulling on you being Ugly. However if you were Short but Strikingly Handsome, like BKC was, then you knew exactly how Powerful Shortness was. Thing was, BKC didn’t even inherently dislike Shortness. He totally was comfortable with himself being Short. But the B!TCHES! B!TCHES thought it made you SODINI or something! They HATED and FEARED Short! Shortophobics!

BKC Officially Recommended Varg Vikernes to start a POLITICAL CAREER. You know. Run for OFFICE in Bergen. Start out small. Baby Steps. Or become a Party Consultant/Organizer or something, for whatever Right-Wing party represented his Views the best.

Burlesque was the new Roller Derby was the new Suicide Grrlz. It was always “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same” with these Hipster CvmSlvts.

Being Tall Was The Trump Card of Male Attractiveness, “Male Attractiveness” itself in general being The Trump Card of Pulling, over Wealth and Social Status and even Confidence. Tallness Determines Attractiveness Determines Alphaness. Take two men of equal handsomeness in the face and body, but say one is taller than the other. With every marginal inch of Tallness, Ease-Of-Pulling (i.e., Demand) increases Exponentially. Take two Equally-Facially-Handsome men of say, 5’7″ (very short) and 6’2″ (officially Sexy Tall; but not Freakishly so.) The Tall man will be AT LEAST 100x More In-Demand than the Short man. The Short man will have to Work His B4lls Off to pull the Mere Table Scraps of the Tall Man, who Pulls 8s-10s like Shooting Fish In A Barrel. Of COURSE it’s not fair. But what “equalizes” things a BIT is the Huge Downward Aging Curve for Women that BKC had mentioned many times before. But that doesn’t equalize things between the Tall and Short Men, just between “Men” and “Women”. Hmm.  (BKC’s Database Class was forcing him to think of everything in terms of “Entities.”)

Men got exponentially less pleasure out of “Going Hogging” (i.e., banging women they did not find attractive just because it was WAY easier) than Women did by Banging Shy or Short or Beta-Orbiter Men, because, all things being equal, these Betas were usually muchhhhhh more Attractive than the Hogs. All Women had just gotten F00king Greedy As F00ck. Sense of Entitlement. BKC even predicted that Men got less pleasure out of Banging Paid Prostitutes than the women did when “debasing themselves” to Pitybang a Beta Orbiter.

The beauty part is, since Bl0wing is TECHNICALLY “Sex” (“Oral Sex”, even though Women don’t consider it “sex”), you can use it as kind of a SHOEHORN for you to get all other kinds of s3x: PIV, PIA. Just be like, well, b!tch, we’re already PRACTICALLY there already, I mean my D!CK’S in your MOUTH, and them boom. “These Doors Gonna Swing Wide.” “Door’s Open, Boys! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haw!”

BKC just didn’t see the point to women. The Attractive ones weren’t any fun to Be Around because they were always being Cvnts and B!tches and Slvts and Talking about Stupid Stuff. If they weren’t Sexing You, they were absolutely worthless. The Unattractive ones were probably more Decent, Good People, but then you had to suffer Rejecting them into your own LJBF-Friendzone because they would fall in love with you for spending time with an Unattractive Woman; and, being an Ethical Alpha Man, BKC did not like to String Broads Along like that. Unilaterally. The trick was, just use game to Bang the Attractive Ones, then get the HELL out of there ASAP. Build-Up your own Personal Harem of 20-30 Attractive B!tches so you can Bang On-Demand and not get Bored, or Trapped, or Dumped.

[I was trying to make a point by intentionally using the word “b!tch” so much, hahaha. and it IS a pretty powerful and often accurate word, might bring it back!]

There was a controversial article by “Kay Hymowitz” (hehehehe) in the WSJ doing the typical Narcissislut Whining about Peter-Pan Men who refuse to “MAN UP.” [Time Machine! Remember THAT, Manosphere!] Note: When a Narcissislut tells men to “MAN UP”, that is textbook “Shaming Language”: she is upset that these men are Going Their Own Way and are rightfully finding Modern Women to be too Crazy and Unreliable to do anything with but Pump And Dump, and so then Modern Women Whine about “Where have all the good men gone?” and 30 year old men who would rather play xbox than be Henpecked by a Narcissistic, Castrating Broad. The WSJ apparently had a lot of quasi-MGTOW type comments, comforting, because that was more of a “Conservative, Traditional, Non-Liberal” paper than the New York Slimes, [I was not aware of “Neocons” in early 2011 haha] which would have been a better place for that article. Although BKC gave it a quick read and Hymowitz was actually marginally less man-blaming than the sensational title and pictures of the article and her book would have you think. Men Take Forever To Grow Up Because It Takes FOREVER to get through f00king GRAD SCHOOL and get a f00king BIGBOY JOB, B!TCHES. Not all guys Never Get Rejected, so it takes them longer than age 22 to get their f00king PhD, because their PhD is not handed to them on a golden platter, B!TCHES. They face Glorious, Grateful, Character-Strengthening Rejection from Jobs, Careers, Grad Schools, Internships, WOMEN, etc, and so thus they HAVE to play video games to pass a little bit of that rejection-time and assuage the Crippling Depression of Constant Rejection, B!TCHES. And being a Winner At WoW is way better than getting Rejected by Everything and Everyone in Real Life, B!TCHES. B!TCHES. B!TCHES.

Men Were Getting Smarter. They were finally wising up to the Inglorious, Hamstery Hypocrisy Of All Women. Men were realizing the difference between Bullying, Shaming Language and legitimate criticisms. So it took you until age 30 to finish your master’s degree. Does that really make you a Failure At Life? Does that really Justify All Women In Not Tingling For You? Believe Men: As soon as you “Man Up” and concede to All Women’s Demands, you’re just becoming a Mangina and giving them another thing to NOT-tingle for you about: “Oh, he’s too submissive because he only manned-up when I told him too. And it wasn’t even True Manning-Up. That was just B!tchy, Bullying, Shaming Language. And he fell for it. Where Are All The Real Men?”

Here’s another Great Hypocrisy: Women Want Graduate-School-Graduate Career Men, yet a lot of the Feminizing Liberal Claptrap spewed in The University serves to NEUTER Men, which TURNS-OFF even the College-Educated WOMEN!!! (Although the Women might be somewhat loath to admit this, or maybe not, because They could Have It Both Ways: “We want everyone to go to college and get good college jobs, but the college environment that is sexy to us makes men unsexy, but we still want ‘fried-ice’, the liberal swpl socially-conscious college-educated guy with a good job who isn’t TOO sensitive but also isn’t Too Wall-Street.” Because in the Modern World it was GOOD to CELEBRATE the HYPOCRITICAL AMBIVALENCE in your own attitudes, values, and personality!!!


So, men were Getting Smarter; more men were starting to GTOW than even MGTOW even realized; men didn’t hate women women for being Filthy Animals, but for being Filthy-Animal HYPOCRITE B!TCHES who said one thing and did the opposite, and who were essentially selling this entire generation, if not the human race, down the f00king river. No, the human race as a whole was much more resilient, and would eventually experience a Bounceback, or a pendulum-swing if you will, but this generation’s men were going to be the Big4ss Victims who had to Face Women At Their Worst so Future Generations wouldn’t have to.

Besides, it took some men a few years to realize how big of a Racket College was, and to Respond To The Racket and get their Career Started. Or some men may have been Funneled into College where it would not provide the best ROI, because it was such a big Racket; and they personally would have developed their lives a bit quicker through other routes, such as the Military or Trade School. These Unsure Boys do NOT need the Emasculating, Career-Delaying effects of The Big-Business University Masquerading as A Bastion of “Liberal Education”. Well, the “Education” was certainly Liberal, but the Real Bigboy world is NOT, despite the screeching of 22-year-old SWPL girls in NYC fee[eeeeeeeee]ling good about their first masters-degree entry-level job and then telling the world how great they feel about it. And making the world a better place because they wrote their Life Script to have a Meaningful Work/Life Balance.


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THANK YOU TO ROBERT STARK AND SDAEDALUS for the Follows! These people are “KINDA” A Big Deal, and I would advise them to strictly “manage expectations” hahaha. If you want Smart, Informed, “Pointy-Headed” Race-Conscious Or Ultraconservative Writing, try The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents or any number of wonderful places (I’ve not given nearly enough praise for TOO!) My own FlogBlog exists mainly to selfishly scratch my Writing Addiction!

Also Try not to email me for the next couple months, as I have let that get real backed up and don’t know when I’ll get back to it. Maybe Thanksgiving or CHRISTmas/Saturnalia time. That applies to the whole world too, I am in Hermit Mode now. Just Blindly Flogging for Fun’n’NoProfit, trying to keep Narcissism at 49% or under, no promises, been grumpy lately. I even take back what I said in a(n unpublished!) post about Mr Stark sounding slightly “spergy” –  I admire Your GOOD WORK and plan on listening to a lot more of Your shows!

Long Post Warning: 998 Words. Just pretend it’s 700.

And Happy Halloween, and Wimminz (aka “Murdererz”, wait til you see the full brunt of this Upcoming Nomenclature Shift) remember: Dress like a wh0re ONCE, even if just for “fun”, then a wh0re you will Always Be! Slippery Slope! Myself, I was thinking of Going As Bernanke, Blankfein, Rothschild, or Zoggerberg this year, try one of those instead. NONSEXUAL Costume. NOT SEXY/SEXUAL. Maybe Merlin Miller. Not to associate him with those others one bit! I Gotta do some Research on him.

It is IMPERATIVE that I address the idea of Marxist/Leftist Anti-Israel-ness. For example, Jewish Social Justice Activists at Elite SWPL Universities Who Have Social Justice Activists, who correctly recognize the Oppressive Brutality of The State Of Israel towards The Palestinians, and then call for “Divestment” and Not Supporting Israel and all that. How does this fit in? Whose side are these people on? Are They Useful Idiots Running Interference and Not Even Realizing It? Certainly we can agree that all the usual suspects of marxist causes they champion (decadence, multiculturalism) are bad, but did they happen to get something right for once with all the anti-israel stuff? maybe, maybe not, I must Do Homework.

Decided to break out the old geetar and practice one of my Go-To Songz, “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach. Fun and satisfying to play. In my New Phase of Born-Again Religious Devotion, I interpreted the song as A Prayer of Thanks To God, which, IMHO, it accomplishes beautifully; and then I tried to think of music that also Joyously and Thankfully Praises God in a similar way, NOT in the Corny-Ass way of Modern Church Music, NOR the super-solemn stuff of Old Church Music (that latter I DO enjoy greatly, particular Monks Chanting; see below for a Hypothesis on Prayer Music both Sad and Happy via Black Metal). So I wanted something Serious, but not Solemn or Sad. Cause sometimes You’re BEGGING God for strength to help you through the proverbial Valley of Tears, but other times, you want to give thanks for the gift of life, because you really don’t have it THAT bad, ya whiny crybaby. Unless you DO, and MANY people do. Sucks to be them! Try to help them out if you can.

If you’re a True Believer, that helps you be a Real True Tryhard with your Education, like really Religiously Studying Your Flashcards and Religiously doing your Unpaid Internships, so you can have an “easier” (though it’s not really “easy” because you’re Trying and Working HARD!) time finally getting the careeeeeeeer than the Cynical Red-Pill Dweller who thinks Educationz are a SCAM. If you think The Whole System is BS, you won’t work as hard, you won’t try as hard, you won’t bust your 455 on Unpaid Internships, and then you’ll ultimately never get that Cushy Cubicle Job: Steady Work, Full-Time Work, Average Income, Health Care, Maybe a Retirement Plan, Probably not Job security, Prob not Overtime, but it’ll be Steady Work while it lasts and you won’t destroy your back or body and become addicted to Opiates, or working with Tuff Guys who want to Knife you like in a Prison Gang, you’ll just have to deal with Stupid Wimminz TALKING, and that is certainly better than getting a knife in the back from a Felon, getting Mesothelioma, or Being in Constant Tortuous Pain for the rest of your life. Then you can install a Tread-Desk and PRETEND to “Work”, while really just reading and blogging, smile and nod your head while all the Murdererz around you get older and fatter and stupider, and you can be ever more happy and thankful you aren’t Enslaved to one of them!

One commercial for a Local “Public” University said “Don’t think of it as 4 years of school, think of it as The Four Years of Crucial Experience That Is Preparing You For That First Interview.” I thought that was pretty telling. Can readily be interpreted two ways, guess which way I chose haha.

So, business it is. Where does The Introverted Businessman have the best odds. Probably Accounting. Accounting it is. Or Quantitative Finance. Wanna PROVE I’m SMART enough to Pass Hard Maths, which I AM, just don’t want to WORK as HARD as an ENGINEER. Need a career where you can call people faggots all day. But Not do Body-Breaking Physical Labour with Violent Felonz. BUT: NON-Body-Breaking Manual Labor with NONviolent Felonz is A-OK, note!

So how’s this. Transcendent Atmospheric Black Metal that captures both the Depths of Despair, a more honest version of “Depressive” black metal, where the end goal is not (always) Suicide, as it is in DSBM, but some sort of Happy Ending, whether that’s giving Praise to God, or Becoming Your Own Ubermensch God, culminating in something very Triumphant and Wagnerian. But Atmospheric, Epic, and fairly Raw/Organic/Unfaggy Black Metal will be the Main Palette here from which this music is “drawn.” Healthy Dash of Race-Consciousness thrown in there too, and Anti-Leftism. Light as Well as Darkness, though it’s strange to think of “Light” Black Metal. Unless you’re Alcest with his Fantasy Happy Land, hahaha, but I do kinda like that. Christian Black Metal giving Praise To The JewGod, now THAT doesn’t sound corny!

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“was the virginia tech shooter sexually frustrated”. Do you even need to ASK?? Many Men ARE, but Not All Men Who Are Sexually Frustrated Go On Shooting Sprees! But I’d argue Most Men who go on shooting sprees ARE sexually frustrated!

MEN NEED TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR WIMMINZ, possib even more than Wimminz need to stop making excuses for themselves. YOU’RE ALLOWED to criticize Wimminz for the stupid sh!t they do, it doesn’t make you a HATER, ANGRY, CREEPY, or BITTER….it makes you RIGHT. Honest. A teller of the TRUTH Wimminz don’t want Men to figure out. So then they get mad when you call a PIG a PIG. Typical. STANDARD!

So why work hard if hard work is not going to be rewarded? Theoretically you would because the hard work would nourish your immortal soul and be a form of prayer and gratitude. That’s a stretch, so….only work as hard as you need to to keep from needing HANDOUTS. And don’t forget to SCAM THE SCAMMERS.

If you don’t buy into the Careeeeer-Worship and the mandatory College-Worship that makes you be a huge True Believer Tryhard during College, you’re gonna have a Real Tuff Time Proving yourself to be a Real Team Player who’s worthy of a Good Careeeeeeer. So it’s time to start thinking about Being Your Own Boss. Doesn’t even really matter WHAT you do, so long as you’re your own boss and don’t have to prove yourself to anybody BUT yourself. Being Directly responsible for the very EXISTENCE of your OWN job will give you that “sense of purpose” to do ANYTHING, even serving Hangry McCustomers or Mindless Wimminz Work. Because it’s contributing Directly to YOUR Company.

Yeah, by being such a Grumpy Cynical Apostate to the ColllllllegeCareeeeeeer Religion, I’ve made my own Entrepreneurship Mandatory. Mandatory Entrepreneurship, hahahaha. So, what Good or Service can I Sell You, hahahahaha. Can I Sell You some College Humanities Leftist Claptrap? Sell you some NarcissiBlogging? The Product That Keeps On Adding Its Own Value!

Dunno. Just think that if The Govt is gonna Overreach by Providing Public Education through Grade 12, a huge expenditure, but ultimately useless because College Is Mandatory For Jerbs, then they might as well go all-in whole hog and Provide Free College as well. Obv I’m not TOO hot on this idea, I’m just sliding down the slippery slope. Yeah Nonrich people can actually get some decent Handouts, Pell Grants and such, & you don’t have to take 30 credits at once, and you can take very simple steps to ensure you don’t take on ANY debt to complete college. So extend this even further and provide Free Public College like in Sweden or some sh!t. Already 16 trillion in debt, why not give the people something they actually NEED. Devil’s advocate here, hahahaha.

THAT, or ELIMINATE all education programs based on their uselessness. Eviscerate Humanities and Social Sciences and anything that’s not demanded by the job market. Get rid of the Bachelor of “Arts” altogether, only have Bach SCIENCE degrees EVAR. College will become synonymous with Engineering College. STEM college. If there’s no jobs in that field, Gut The Department. And then provide “Free” China-Funded Engineering programs, and that’s what “College” becomes, rather than a Demonratic Wimminz FukkFest. Actually MAKE the students LEARN something VALUABLE.

In My Ideal World, hahahaha. Also supply Young Comfort Girls to the Hard-Studying Hard Sciences Students to Train Their Game and give them Mandatory Minimum Sex with at least a 7.0 at least once per week while training them on proper Social Skillz, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

In my Totalitarian Fascist Marxist Leftist Maoist Antidemocratic Liberty-Suppressing Brutal Dictatorship, hahaha.


shortee. think I’m reaching end of my Swanberg period. Pretty ambivalent about this one. Maybe I like greta gerwig more than I think, as this one seemed “strange” without swanberg’s familiar faces. compared to his earlier stuff, it seemed more serious, a BIT more artsy. But for me it wasn’t super compelling. I liked “Nights and Weekends” more, might have even liked “Hannah takes the stairs” more!

In this one we have a pair of bathsh!t crazy sisters who both have big problems with faithfulness. It’s like so conservative and creepy and war on wimminz and stuff. I was glad to see the better sister call out the worse sister for her cheating bullsh!t, but, of course, that was the end of it. There were no permanent consequences to her immorality, and, indeed, in the real world, many times there’s NOT. You can cheat and get away with it. But that doesn’t MAKE it Not-Wrong, and in MY Ideal Movie, I would have gone out of my way to make that clear! Besides, the “better” sister is partially mad because SHE’s unfaithfully, immorally in luv with the same guy, she just hasn’t actively cheated….YET. But she’s still an “ACTRESS” whose “job” it is to be a big phony and have fake-sex on stage with strangers in front of strangers.

So most of the characters were unsympathizewithable. My fave was prob the semi-Beta musician Justin Rice simply because he seemed the most honest simply because he was in the movie the least.

But even when Swanberg has a Miss, it’s watchable and it’s Not Overly Long. Just make movies about Men, they’re more interesting and have better life stories than Wimminz, who are nothing but crucibles of uncontrollable and ultimately meaningless emotion, except when they do immoral things that hurt people and don’t get punished for them.

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