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For the record, I do NOT dislike Messiah Marcolin in Candlemass, though I do prefer the EDM singer atm. Lindqvist or Langqvist or whatever.


(this is a new thing where I plan on making 100 hours of videos for my future heir to watch, because when they are Adolescent and need my Fatherly Guidance MOST, I will prob be very old and demented and dying or dead bc I don’t plan on having heir till age 60, but I still want to be a Good Father to them, so I will do that until I’m forced to go to the Deathbed, and then leave behind these vidyas to help guide them down the Right Path, possibly made when I was 30-40, so my heir could also get to know me as a younger-than-old man.)

Hello Son or Daughter. Right now I’d prefer a son because  even though it’s harder for men to become winners and sire heirs, it’s way easier for Women to go down Sh1t Creek and be Easily Spoilt by their BRIEF Peak of Beauty. Plus I’d need to WORK EXTRA HARD with a daughter. Also because I’m a man, I relate better with other men. However, rest assured that if I ended up having a Daughter, I can confidently say I would Grow to Luv her as much as I would a son.

Heh. I’ve said all this before so I better just make the vidjyaz: Develop Good Habits YOUNG so you Win Young. The good thing about being a man is that you can get a second chance, it’s just that everything takes so much LONGER and is much HARDER WORK when you’re older, hence you can only have heirs at age 60 rather than 40.

Be very physical from a young age, if you don’t like sports, do karate; do basically military training; JOIN the military;

don’t drink the University kool-aid, do as much as you can at a Cheapo Community College despite the STIGMA, get a STEM degree, do Internships, kiss 4sses, first to arrive, last to leave,

be THANKFUL, volunteer at homeless shelter to see how good you have it, don’t do drugs except the OCCASIONAL Herb for Religious purposes; go to church, pray every day with GRATITUDE even if you don’t believe, you don’t really NEED to believe, just don’t be a smug atheist nihilist idiot. If you start swinging that way, go back to the homeless shelter.

Don’t eat crap too much, get strong, use “game” ie develop extraverted charisma at a young age, get a rotation/harem going at a young age so you never grow up putting the p on a pedestal; however don’t ABUSE people;

read read read read read neverever stop reading;

develop a healthy skepticism of Mainstream Media, hollywood, celebrities, tv at an early age;

don’t take sh1t from anyone unless it’s to advance your jerb prospects; jerbs don’t have to be meeeeeaningful, they just have to support you, that’s Meeeeeaningful ENOUGH; save for retirement and healthcare;

don’t smoke too much, maybe no more than 10 cigarets a day; don’t DRINK too much, everybody underestimates how bad drinking is and can throw their lives away without even KNOWING it;

realize there are exceptions to every rule and don’t be so bitter and cynical that you push away good things and people; be friendly and don’t start sh1t just to be an 4sshole, being nice to others USUALLY makes them be nice back to YOU, which makes LIFE EASIER.

Don’t be a Marxist; look at the Return On Investment of EVERY big purchase like EDUCATION; if you’re going to college for something that is at all questionable and even some STEM is starting to get questionable unfortunately. just DON’T GO if there’s any doubt, or better yet, learn a TRADE even if you lose a bit of young tail in the SHORT RUN, because in the long run, you’ll be laughing last and getting more young tail than you know what to do with.

Don’t Marry, always have a Rotation, you MIGHT meet One Special Lady, but there’s ALWAYS more than one. ALWAYS.  100%. So just don’t marry. I think you CAN be Monogamous if YOU think you can, and you meet one of Those Special Ladies, but don’t COUNT on it.

Get really good at your talents and then start a business with them, be your own boss, don’t hire wimminz, do all you can to get around business-stifling regulations, hire hard-working men, mentor young men.

Know how to survive in the wilderness, but don’t become a gonzo nutjob survivalist, just be adequately prepared.

The End. Hahaha. Of course MY 100 hours of Videos to my heir are going to be Individually tailored to MY heir, even if I don’t really KNOW them. I’ll SORTA know them, might even continue making some after they are born – remember, the WHOLE POINT is for me to “be there” when THEY are adolescents but I am unfortunately dead or dying. THEN they watch the videos. Of COURSE I will be active in their lives for the whole time pre-deathbed! AND Home-schooling them. One of the classes will be me taking them to public school to GAME the grrrrlz.


On Nature and Nurture: I still debate it EVERY DAY. I think so many people wouldn’t debate it if it weren’t SO CLOSE. It’s like a superclose presidential election. It’s split RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, FIFTY FIFTY.

Also, I’m like Freud in that I believe that the Nurture you get as a CHILD STICKS much more hardcore than the nurture you get as an adult, so it SEEMS like it’s Innate Nature when it might be Nurture. Except Freud says you get all your foundations before age 5, I disagree and say probably age 5 through age 18 is the most important. At this point Nature and Nurture are indistinguishable and debating it might not even matter.

So, 5-18, everything STICKS better, so develop good habits THEN and it will be MUCH easier to become a WINNER.

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Harems really are the best solution for men. The Social Proof of Other Wimminz Attention keep all/each Wimminz in line. This extinguishes hypergamy before it even starts. If a man just has One Wimminz, that WimminzHamster eventually begins to ask “is this the best I can do? OTHER WIMMINZ don’t even want this guy! I should be competing with other wimminz if this were a REAL Alpha man!” QED, have a Harem, & you will have many well-behaved Wimminz working to keep you happy, rather than One Wimminz Being a B!tch to you. Win Win.

So College can technically never be a “BUBBLE” per se because it isn’t a COMMODITY like a house, ok we get it, COLLEGE BOY. Just suggesting it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Bubble possibly because it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Commodity. Just beginning my Seriousest Reseach on the topic.

So bachelors degree is new high school diploma, graduate degree is new bachelors degree, also of COURSE interested in the devaluation of degrees & superfluous credentialization of jerbs.

Smart Money sez go into the trades. Which Trade is the best (long-term security, ease of finding a jerb).

I think James Altucher has written on this topic, I’ve enjoyed his writing before. Note to self.

Top Tech/Engineering/IT Firms don’t HIRE from THIRD-TIER-TOILETS. Possibly it’s the notion of Creative Risk Takers CREATE the company & get Dedicated, Super-Competent Loyal Company Men to produce for it.

My question is, what’s the best ROI for someone who HAS to or who PREFERS to go to a Third-Tier Toilet??

Even simpler: Which has better ROI, Computer Science Bachelors from TTT, or a Good Welding Cert? Cisco Cert? Electrician cert? As far as I know, TRADE SCHOOLS don’t have Ivy League vs Third-Tier Toilet distinctions, and I LIKE that they don’t. Cuz I have NO RESPECT for Bourgie Tryhard Career-Worshipping College F4gg0tz Wot Never learned the value of WORK.

Harems make men Happier & make Wimminz behave better. Harems are better for EVERYBODY. JUST HAVE A HAREM. ONEITIS IS A SOCIETY-KILLER.

It makes Men S3xually Frustrated, Lonely, ForeverAlone, Pining, Weak, Unsatisfied, Unhappy, Unproductive; it makes Wimminz even more Hamstery, Awful, & Evil. ATTENTION BETAS: WIMMINZ **WANT** YOU TO HAVE A HAREM. This is about the one good idea they DO have.

It worked in the Past & it can Work Again!

But Wimminz don’t SAY they want it, they say they DON’T want it. Avg Men’s problem is they LISTEN to what WIMMINZ SAY too much.

WARNING: I do not advocate Raep, that is violence & I don’t advocate violence; if a Wimminz says “no” when you’re about to stick it in, just calmly grin and say “Fine, Baby, but a word of Advice: no-one likes a TEASE. YOU’RE WELCOME.” then GTFO. Good chance she’ll then throw herself at you (Last Minute Resistance.) & if she doesn’t, move on to another Wimminz in your Harem, no harm, no foul. Harems allow men to stop artificially overvaluing sex because they’re about 9,000,000,000 times less DESPERATE for it, & it stops being such a powerful Carrotstick wimminz can use to control men to do their hamstery bidding.

I would thank You not to Hawk Huge Loogies around me because it is rude and obnoxious, but I wouldn’t blame You to do it around Wimminz, cuz it’s an effective way to get them in your Harem. Macho Man.

encounter broadsides june 2012 college bubble glenn reynolds. yea or nay.

Initial Firepower/Eradica Discovery: (ie, this post was written a little while ago)

just found this blog of firepower/eradica from his comment at heartiste. firepower is super provocative and thinks he’s SO SMART and makes fun of other manosphere bloggers and says the MRM will fail because the guys are a bunch of keyboard jockeys and diapered 25 year olds who don’t actually DO anything.

just spend 30 minutes reading his site, very interesting. seems to be into a broader White Nationalism & Alt Right thing. Don’t like how he Mocks GLPiggy and Dalrock and some of my favourite “sacred cows”, but I don’t think he’s more than 50% full of sh!t either. Heh if he were on twitter I might read more. He and his buddies seem pretty smart & well-read & I don’t mind reading some more. Just gotta remember to haha. Def smarter and Better-Read than myself. Not been reading blogs lately, or ESPECIALLY searching for fresh new blogs like this one. Kind of a Polarizing figure: (“delusional troll”) If I like Him, then maybe some of my own MRA Buddies might stop liking me! haha. &I DEF don’t want to provoke HIM because he would verbally REAM me & I don’t want that. Anyway I recommend checking Firepower’s blog out.

So out of reading blogs, so into my own Narcissism, that I didn’t even know FERDINAND BARDAMU STOPPED WRITING / IN MALA FIDE SHUT DOWN, now In Mala Fide is basically a Manosphere Link Aggregator, all the content taken DOWN.

Firepower has some interesting ideas on blogging, people recycling old ideas, trying to get paid for blogging, traffic, hits, etc. He says, read the stuff when it was written first and best by Charles Murray, Robert Bork, Thomas Jefferson, Orwell, Thomas Sowell. Is the impression I’m getting. He REALLY doesn’t like Chuck Rudd and many prominent manosphere bloggers have BANNED him for his trolly comments. But I don’t find the writing/ideas on his blog BAD!

Just Spent a few solid hours clicking links, subbing to rss of blogs, this is the prob w relying on TWITTER as your personal article link aggregator / new rss reader, bc like 40% of these bloggers don’t use it. but I like retweeting ppl haha.

Hamster-Rationalization For My Moral Laziness / Sloth: It’s not that I CAN’T Work Hard for a Long-Term Reward, it’s that I can’t work hard for ONLY a Long-Term Reward, and want/prefer some short-term rewards pushing me to the long-term reward. But having my basic NEEDS met for food, shelter etc should be ENOUGH of a short-term reward no? Yes and no, haha. Good Lord, I’m NO BETTER THAN THE WIMMINZ I MOCK, EXCEPT I DON’T TIUTA* FROM STRANGE MEN.

*”Take It Up The 4ss”, Credit Wimminz/AfOR, read his blog.

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TV news reporting on Movie Massacre all weekend, ever since it happened. I’ve been riveted but want MORE info on the shooter.

Was looking for Good Books on Virg Tech and George Sodini, can’t really find. SOME mediocre-looking stuff on VT.

FINALLY checking out “Dio Sabbath” aka “HEAVEN & HELL” with their 2010 (or 2009) album “The Devil You Know.” Immediately sweet. Shoulda listened earlier! Took me a while to warm-up to Vinny Appice & to “get over” legacy of subpar IommiSabbath albums. iThink it was Dio’s last proper album. RIP. (note: do NOT forget about 1992 “Dehumanizer”!)

This is a natural progression of my Summer 2012 Metal Listening, which has taken me thru Later Ozzy Sabbath to Dio Sabbath to Classic Doom ie Candlemass and understanding their at-least Four Stages of Development (Classic, Watered-Down, Sabbathy, Revisiting Classic), then to 2009 Heaven and Hell, which REALLY should be called BLACK SABBATH but I think SHARON had some typical Shylockery. Heavy, Riffy, Doomy (but not sludgy, or funeral, or Deathy), with Soaring, Classy, Powerful Singing, Dio Style.

Obv Solitude Aeturnus might be a logical next step, or Rob Lowe (heh) fronted Candlemass, also looking at Saint Vitus. I only heard their “V” album, which was PROB not the right place to start.


I’ll give it a HIGH Bee Plus! 3.5/5.   = 70%. sounds too low. High B+ is like 90%! Might even say A-Minus. Really cannot even fabricate a quibble with this movie!

I “CHEATED” because I watched 60% of movie with Commentary ON. My impulse. Almost more interested in getting inside Six’s mind than watching actual movie. Commentary was Six and the Star/Maniac, Laurence R. Harvey. They gave a very nice, friendly, funny, informative, interesting commentary.

IMHO, Six is the real star of the THC franchise (third, final movie promised! Yay!). He’s the mastermind, the auteur. The writer, creator, father. Bonus features contain nice interview with. young, boyish-faced, handsome Dutch man seemingly always in Casual White suit and straw hat. I REALLY like that look! seems like Fun Guy to Hang Out With: Smart, Funny, Fun. Quite Charismatic, Likeable.

Blue Pillers and Wimminz automatically assume that the guy who MAKES these movies must be a Creepy Psycho, but I know better, and I was  counterassuming he would be a fun, nice, normal guy, and of course I was RIGHT.

Almost as if to say, “You Don’t Know ME, Wimminz!” he lifts up his pet dog, a Very Cute Pug, during the interview.

THC2 is a very well-done, nearly perfectly-executed movie IMHO, and further establishes Six as a True Artist and True Auteur in my mind, and I hope he doesn’t get pigeonholed into “Gross-Out Horror” or “Torture Porn” or “Gorn”, although he’s very good at that. I know and HE knows he can do more, though.

They mention Bela Tarr in the commentary re Tarr’s bleak, gritty settings. Bonus Points! THC2 was also very gritty-looking, a 180 from THC1, which Six explained was very intentional. And very effective, IMHO. Still very well shot, looks beautiful, KINDA artsy even, but not off-puttingly so.

Ambitious and the next logical step after THC1. Wisely tries to do something COMPLETELY different from the Iconic, Unforgettable Dr Heiter (Dieter Laser) of THC1, arguably the best part of that movie. Dat Jaw, haha. The villain of 2, Martin, still has big shoes to fill. IMHO he’s marginally “worse” than Dr Heiter, but keep in mind he’s not supposed to be “cool.” He’s SUPPOSED to be a pathetic loser, cast out from family and society, abused and damaged, disgusting and ugly, unlikeable, his only Joie De Vivre is THC. And throughout he becomes more likeable in his own horrible way, see his dancing gleefully, his impatience for the big coup de grace. The performance of Harvey leaves nothing to be desired. More of a GROWER than Dr Heiter, though haha. He doesn’t LOOK as evil, but rest assured he’s quite deranged.

Ultimately, BETTER than I expected, possibly an overall better film than the first! I applaud Six and his Honest, Unique Vision, and look forward to the Finale, and especially to his future work. This is a Young Auteur TO WATCH!

SHOULD watch again with NO commentary. Movie was 90% no dialogue, so I figured why not, but the sound effects create what Six describes as a “tone poem.” Basically unsettling ambient “noise” like Silent Hill or sommat. Could be corny for 90 minutes, but seemed effective for the 40% of the movie I watched sans comments. Creepy Sounds Enhanced Grim Tone.

Movie was serious as hell but w moments of Black Humour. Perfect. Yet in the commentary they were Cracking Up Laughing, having a Grand Old Time, even during the WORST parts. Made movie seem less grim, so I was sure to turn off commentary once momentum was obviously aiming towards its peak. Glad this Hilarity did not seep into the film itself, but also glad that they had a lot of FUN making and watching it. Would have it no other way – I expected they did! & the Dark “humour” that DID appear in movie was effective, not out of place. Tom Six is Openly Anti-Politically Correct, and I really appreciate that.

THC1 really was NOT gory or too disgusting. Didn’t show a lot of the dirty details. THC2 DOES. Again, a logical continuation of THC1. Related to, but Different. Six described he wanted the trilogy to flow together…….like a CENTIPEDE. 1-3, 4.5 hours of centipede. I hope he succeeds. Part 2 definitely did. 2 for 3. Ideally you WOULD watch them all together.

Ideally, would like to see Six evolve into more “psychological” horror/suspense, even Mockumentary if he wants; and THEN into non-horror drama/suspense/thrillers/mysteries. He seems too skilled a filmmaker to be stuck in “horror”, even if he shows horrifying things. For me, he MIGHT fit in NICELY alongside Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe, two of my all-time faves. Wish Netflix had his pre-THC stuff, but don’t think there’s a LOT anyway, ie, THC1 was def his first “big” film. Anyway, hopefully in 5 years he’ll be remembered for more than THC. Kid’s got TONS of potential!

The dialogue with the Shrink was hammy beyond belief, but pretty sure that’s intentional, & not indicating that Six can’t write good dialogue. As I recall, the monologues by Dr Heiter in 1 were good. Been a while since I saw that one!

Summary: enjoyably & effectively artsy, but not overly so; vile, disgusting, & graphic; great performances, writing, direction, vision; great example of an exciting, Smart Young Auteur at the top of his game.

PS: According to Twitter / @tom_six , it’s a semireg thing for WIMMINZ to get HUMAN CENTIPEDE TATTOOS. Obv he’s well within his rights to be flattered, but I am NOT amused. See: Normalization of Perversity; 50 Shades of Gray; Crazy Suicide Wh0res; Tatt Wh0res; Horror Wh0res; but very useful as a SIGNAL saying: “I’m CRAZY and put out EASILY for even novice game, but watch out for False Raep Accusations and other Craziness, DEF DO NOT: give me high position in Harem, OR choose as a mother of one of your heirs, OR choose as one of your nonlegal spirit-wives, OR respect me, OR take me home to meet your fam, etc.”  These Wimminz are into THC for its “5 Minutes Of Fame” and Shock Value. If Six goes on to become a More Serious Filmmaker like I hope he does, in 5 years they’ll forget his name and get a tatt of the Next Variation of Human Centipede, unless they’ve become Born Again Churchians of course.

I  will open comments for this one post just in case TOM SIX HIMSELF wants to comment, haha.

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So, NAPPING is probably more useful/productive than Blogging Past the Safe-For-Hobbyists Limit, which prob many bloggers go over. Or watching Gaystream TV.

READING blogs is better than WRITING blogs, bc then you have a better chance of LEARNING something.

PLUS you’re not contributing to the Total Amount Of Blogs, and if your stuff is Worse than Average, then you’d be BRINGING DOWN the average.

Grimly Excited by the investigation on the Aurora Colorado Shooter. As I said this is a hobby of mine.

I GUARANTEE he is a Virgin. More attention should be given to the Virginity of these Shooters. I hypoth that Sexual Frustration leads to at least 70% of these shootings. Beyond that, prob some schizophrenia, or bipolar; abuse from parents, the usual suspects.

College Girls Show THEIR Hand by expressing shock, disbelief, privileged naivete & inability-to-relate, that ANY Man could be a Virgin past the age of 18, or especially 21. But I hypoth it happens a lot to Male Science Students. He was an honors student at UC Riverside, in Neuroscience. Not the worst field certainly, but also not the best in terms of Hardest Sciences. This is basically a more scientific version of Psychology, so there were prob more Wimminz in this program than say MATH or CompSci or ChemE. Don’t know much about Riverside other than it’s HUGE. Saw an “Undercover Bosses” where the President of UCR went undercover. Huge student body, very multiculti, lots of Azns, Latinas, Blacks.

Not a Third-Tier TOILET but prob not a “Public Ivy” like its UC brethren BERKELEY.

I would think this “middle ground” status would make the Girls Party Animals Dying To Get F00ked. But I guarantee he was a Gameless Omega who was Nervous around girls and buried himself in studying. Hence, honors student, 24 year old virgin.

If not a virgin, then probably only B4nged a COUPLE of times and was DUMPED by the WIMMINZ for being too clingy, and couldn’t get over that; OR, had only banged drunk disgusting 5’s and thought “this is IT? is THIS as good as I can do?” and got bitter.


I thought I heard something from an Ethnic San Deigo Neighbor saying he couldn’t Find A Job with a Masters Degree, so then he decided to Wait Out The Bad Economy In More Grad Skool. Not sure if true, but would be interesting.

My Hypoth: Disenchanted, bitter Young Men who take on a lot of debt for College, only to find they picked the Wrong Major, can’t get a job, thus become very Frustrated. Add to that the frustration of being a 24-year-old Virgin and, ticking time bomb.

Wanna know more about his dropping out of the PhD program. Was it at UC Boulder or a less prestigious UCol? Because if you get a PhD from a Third-Tier Toilet, then you can only get a prof job in a fourth-tier  toilet or community college, and that’s understandably difficult for the PhD student to accept, although you’ve GOT to accept it, or you’re going to be a very unhappy person, haha. I couldn’t have accepted it at 24! Heck it caused a lot of frustration for me at 24!

To get a nonadjunct job in a THIRD-TIER TOILET, you need a PhD from an IVY, or close to. At my local Third-Tier Toilet, the profs have PhDs from VERY prestigious schools. Yeah this is anecdotal haha.

Wish I could fast-forward this investigation and see what they find about this guy!

The booby-trapping of the apartment is an interesting oddity. And why did he TELL them? why did he WANT to be captured alive?

Anyhow this does demonstrate the Action-Power of One Determined, if deranged, individual.

Sure, the victims might have been “Brandons” and Ritalin Rangers and Reality-TV watchers and Sheeple and Blue-Pill Gobblers and not even bright enough to write a regurgiblog, but I’m still a Traditional Black-and-white Moralist enough to believe they didn’t deserve to DIE!

You could argue he was SAVING them from a lifetime of  servitude, slavery, FODDER… but then he would have found a more painless and less terrifying way to “euthanize” then.

Although Wimminz could never rationalize having S3x with such a Creepy Omega, they CAN rationalize a Mass Shooting as not being Inherently Wrong or deranged or Psychotic. Because there’s a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for this! He was emotionally disturbed! NOT CRAZY! He was raeped by a priest! NOT EVIL!

(Counterarg: Maybe Wimminz are trying to say that because he’s not legally insane he SHOULD be held accountable/responsible for his actions. And I would agree with that!)

IMHO,  shooting innocent people is ALWAYS a sign or Crazy OR Evil! Fail to see the Political Statement there. It’s not HARD to think of an Obviously Politically-Motivated Target: Examples right of the TOP OF MY HEAD:  a Government Project full of 9000 poor criminal blacks, or a bank filled with 9000 jews, or the fed reserve or a mosque; federal bldg like McVeigh, Congresspeople like Arizona/Loughner. Sure those people would still be innocent victims of course. But a MOVIE THEATRE? No discernable motivation EXCEPT Pure Mindless Ticking Time Bomb Sexual Frustration, much like the Virg Tech shooter, George Sodini, Columbine, etc.

So that’s my working hypothesis: Oneitis and Sodini-like Celibacy, or just b4nging no higher than 5’s, so thus not getting real satisfaction.

When you bang 5’s, that’s only about 2 times (at most) as satisfying as j3rking-off, so the guy sez “This is IT? this is the BEST I can DO?” and that’s a bit humiliating. Ideally It should be at least 10 times as satisfying as j3rking-off. Makes the guy go “H3ll YEAH that was SWEET.”

Not to trivialize the innocent people who died. But I am interested in the gunman’s Sex Life, just as I am interested in most Mass Shooting Gunmans’ Sex Lives.

My hypoth is that Raging Sexual Frustration causes these men to Lash Out in ways that are unfocused and Antisocial, rather than intentionally Islamist or Political Terrorism. He’s not trying to make a larger statement, he’s just trying to get random revenge on a society that never accepted him.

Heh. That’s my SPECULATION. Of course I will be watching this investigation develop, as I have a long-standing interest in these types of criminals, what motivates them to do what they did.

Have a Good Day, don’t shoot people, don’t Plan to shoot people, however don’t be Afraid or unable to DEFEND yourself if you are ATTACKED.


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Great Firepower post explaining Why He Is Suspicious of Blogging/Bloggers:

part 2:

Boils down to: all talk, no action. rehashing the same stuff ad nauseum. echo chamber, circle-jerk, keyboard warrior, ritalin ranger (I’m plagiarizing that one from FP!), pretending the obvious is profound, repeating the same things over and over and over again and pretending it’s new and they’re so smart for coming up with it, when the ideas are basically Charles Murray’s.

I don’t like his Mean Tone, but I do like his POINT: that at some point BLOGGING becomes pointless. If you really believe what you’re writing, the time comes to ACT on it, and no-one’s ACTING, they’re always “one outrage away from action.” (FP comment) and their actions prove they are more interested in being Internet Celeb Bloggers than actually Practicing what they preach.

Needless to say FP’s words have been resonating with me. What IS the best way for MRA’s and Red Pillers and indeed Patriotic Americans to ACT? He says some pretty extreme stuff about being in Foxholes and knowing how to use a Gun and I’m not sure where he’s going with that. He clearly thinks the Shit will Hit The Fan soon, and that will involve violence against Average Americans, that we should know how to protect ourselves from. Will the violence come from Angry Ethnic Mobs? Blacks? Muslims? Albanians? Poors? Domestic Terrorists? Angry Young Unemployable Men? State-Controlled Jackbooted Thugs? A combination of all?

Within the limited context of Men’s Rights, I Believe Game and MGTOW ARE two routes of effective ACTION. One is to meet your sexual needs with the least risk to yourself from Wimminz (ideally, although Not All PUA’s Are Like That, and either take Pvssy-Slaving Risks, or are Big Sell-Outs trying to Fleece Desperate Omegas); MGTOW is how to generally live your life in the best way possible, with as little interference/thievery from Wimminz as possible.

Now, there are many different ways of doing each of those things, which leads to a lot of Unproductive Typing.

Also, not enough talk (or action, heh) on Legal Action against feminist laws. Even as ridiculous as a MRA March On Washington would be, it would be a more visible and productive action than Thomas Ball burning himself to death at the courthouse.

So. FP is saying, and I agree to an extent, that Typing the same things over and over is a form of pseudointellectal masturbation, and simply not a productive use of energy anymore, if all we’re doing is regurgitating old ideas because we are too AFRAID TO ACT.

FP said it much more succinctly & beautifully in the linked post.

But I STILL don’t approve of attacking Dalrock, GLP, or Ferd so much. While the acronym HATSOFF (Heard All That Sh1t on Fox, Ferdinand) is funny, Ferdinand certainly served a few Red Pills in his day. Sometimes the first place we hear about other people’s Old Ideas is through bloggers being the messenger.

And doesn’t Dalrock do a fair amount of “Original Research” with his Graphs and Survey Data? I certainly don’t try that hard!

But FP WANTS us to Try Hard to save our country. To wake up from the Ritalin, ADD, derpression, laziness, TV, media, opium of the masses, bread and circuses, tunnel vision, etc. and save our country & make it better for future generations. That’s the Real Red Pill.

In other words, I should spend less time BLOGGING; take that time and energy to get a Minimum Bigboy Jerb, THEN use THAT position of power to secure myself & my future, & if I can manage to do that, use the remaining time and energy to help other men secure THEIR futures. Of course a big problem is that many men can’t even begin to secure their own futures; I might not even get to that point of making MYSELF strong enough to help others. Many man DIE before reaching that point. Because it IS so hard to “make it.” To BE a Bigboy, if not a True Alpha.

Doing BARE MINIMUM is HARD, VERY HARD. That’s why Butthurt Basement Dwellers complain & whine on blogs. Is the best thing to do here just to blow your brains out and stop Being A Big Buzzkill who doesn’t DO anything? Because The Founding Fathers had it WAY HARDER. Dying of diseases we can now easily cure, life expectancy of 40, 10 mouths to feed, doing back-breaking, spine-shattering labor in the fields 23 hours a day, couldn’t BLOG, couldn’t READ, tiny number of people, no technological tools compared to today, and yet they managed to Establish America. & Today we have so many more people, so much more potential power, yet people are so LAZY they don’t CARE if it all goes down the TOILET. How and why did THAT happen, FP asks, and How and What can we do to ACT?

FP’s strong words have forced me to reconsider why I am “blogging”. If it’s just for Selfish Personal Pleasure, why publish it at all? Isn’t that another level of disingenuity / dishonesty beyond wanting people to post only “backslapping, you blog brah!” (FP) complimentary comments & censoring the rest? Because I want to PROVE I’m Smarter than WIMMINZ who don’t blog because they’re busy with their Meeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer? Which I should be TOO, in the sense of Spending A Lot more Time WORKING, even if I prefer doing REAL HARD WORK at a JOB.

The reality is, Blogging is LESS Meeeeeeeeaningful than these Wimminz Careeeeers because you’re not getting PAID.

It’s legit to have HOBBIES in Your life. But I Wonder if Bloggers are just the TYPE of guys who like Blogging In Circles and who easily let it become more than a hobby, then it becomes unproductive & an energy-waster. It’s FINE to have FUN. I just don’t want to ESCAPE into FUN all the TIME.

I guess the ideal would be to have something be fun AND productive; so you could have Fun While being productive with your life. But blogging probably ain’t it.

It’s too SAFE, it’s Hiding in your Comfort Zone, Avoiding Discomfort.

Firepower has in the past day moved that On Blogging post to the top of his front page, a fitting seeming mission statement, and Discussion (hehe) is increasing on Actual Tangible things People can DO to improve our lives & culture. FP and Ryu talk about “WHITE NATIONALISM” a bit, which to many sounds “extreme” or “racist”, but I don’t really mind it. It doesn’t mean you Hate Blacks. IMHO, It’s not much different from saying Men and Women are Biologically Different and That’s OK.  I’m not sure HOW different races/ethnic groups are from each other, biologically, but, regardless of nature/nurture, it does seem some groups are very resistant to assimilation, and NOT in a good, healthy, productive way.

Heh. After 1100 Words, time to Drop The Hobby, it’s more productive/overall better to look at or go for a Brisk Jog. While those things aren’t FUN like BLOGGING, they are indeed truly meeeeeeeeeaningful.

So have a Good Day, we had another Mass Shooting at a Dark Knight Rises showing in Colorado, approx 13 dead. I do find Mass Shootings very fascinating. It def gets people’s attention for a while, then you forget about it, until another one happens x months later. Most times it seems the shooters are trying to Make A Statement about The Decline Of American Society using “Domestic Terrorism”, but I don’t think they’re going about it the right way. I do not support violence! Unless in Self-Defense! (Yes, I UNDERSTAND how the concept of “self-defense” and “standing your ground” is a MINEFIELD.)

Good actions you CAN take include: Working Out, and Openly & Publicly & Nonviolently shaming & shunning Bad Behaviours of All Sorts.

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Right now my ShortTerm Queue is alternating among: Mumblecore, Aki Kaurismaki, Hiyao Miyazaki, Foreign Horror, Werner Herzog, Tarkovsky, LarsVonTrier, GayOfThrones.

B+, maybe even A-.  Much Better than I expected. prepared to tear it apart. I ALREADY HATED Lena Dunham& everything she stood for, the evil effete ennui privileged SWPL Decadence & Laziness of Arts Grads Avoiding WORK. BUT I figured should actually WATCH SOMETHING she’s done before Ijudged. “Tiny Furniture” was  most efficient&effective starting point.  Wanna watch “Girls” but not privileged or employed enough to have HBO, because I didn’t get my Medical Degree from HARVARD.  Long Post. REALLY TRIED to keep it to 1000 words, but couldn’t stop.

said before Ihated everything Mumblecore & Dunham symbolizes: SWPL privileged hipster first-world brooklyn f4gg0ts, entitled, socialist, leftist, TRYHARD, don’t know meaning of work, neurotic, j3wish, crazy, bipolar, rich, annoying rich pig scum of earth, goto  Bard College. But I let Andrew Bujalski “get away with it” because he’s “actually” good. (Or IS He?) As much as PAINS me to say it, maybe “Tiny Furniture” is “actually good” too, & here Dunham is like female Bujalski.

her REAL sister plays younger sister, and PROBABLY her real mom playing her mom. Interesting. Anyway the sister was beautiful, I fell in infat with her immediately. Pre-peak, peakING, beautiful little high-achieving J3wish Tryhard Cute-Glasses-Girl.

Liked how Dunham portrayed herself as HUGE LOSER. If she’s gonna be NARCISSIST, might as well be SELF-DEPRECATING one. Same excuse Iuse, hahaha. She doesn’t pretend to be tooDEEP or SMART. f00king FAILURE, UGLY DUCKLING who NEVER got pretty, PAST her PEAK & she might even KNOW it, only DOWNHILL from here & she’s “only” 22. She can’t get a good job & will probably be less successful than her mother & sister, went to college for NOTHING. There was a sense of HONESTY I was not expecting. I appreciated that.

I’d never gotten good look at her til now, & I never knew she was so “FAT” and “UGLY” and FRUMPY. & She KNOWS it, making Jokes about her unfortunate Big Stomach and Small T!ts combination. NO, she’s not UGLY, but she’s DEF not PRETTY either. Very Plain and Frumpy, & I can sympathize with those people better than people who ARE pretty, but think they’re ugly because daddy/brother/uncle/teacher raeped them up the 4ss too much.

Extras: conversation with recently-deceased Nora Ephron. Never got into her work so much, but apparently influential for Wimminz Writers and Filmmakers. Mentioned Gloria Steinem. Not sure who’s Hamster Wheel won there. Prob Ephron bc she’s older & hamster’s had more practice. Excruciating but somewhat enlightening talk. Mentioned Woody Allen, they both love, I love, common bond there. Ephron said she didn’t want people to make bigdeal out of her being Female Filmmaker, she was just trying to be a “New York” filmmaker like Woody Allen or Mike Nichols. OK, FINE. I AGREE. But then sez 2 seconds later she sez sth about How Dunham is great role model for Female Filmmakers, & why don’t more Wimminz make Films?


So I think Dunham IS sincere in having being bit by the Movie Bug. I can tell, I’ve kinda been bit by it too, and the Writing Bug. I would “totes” make a movie if it weren’t so damn HARD & took so much EFFORT.

Extra with a short talk by Paul Schrader was Spot-On & summed up everything I’m trying to say here. Dunham’s representative of a cult movie movement that’s become saturated, and she’s brought it to its artistic peak and possibly logical conclusion. Well-written and acted movie with a very intentional Structure/Composition that brings it above average “Mumblecore.”

It was interesting she essentially wrote her Father out of the movie, since IRL she has a Father, but movie doesn’t. I was thinking, “THIS IS **EXACTLY** WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A FATHER IN THE HOUSE, AND TOO MANY CRAZY C00NTZ RUNNING AROUND IN SWPL TRIBECA.” That Father needs to Man Up because his daughter is going off the rails, she needs a stronger male influence in her life, quite desperately.

& Taking Casual C0cks from the Cute Chef isn’t gonna help, it’s gonna HURT.

Appreciated Dunham’s HONESTY, though. This movie does NOT reflect well on FEMINISM. This is the Modern Western Family Unit & Neuroses enabled by Feminism, & the movie does not CELEBRATE it. Dunham Criticises her “MALE FEMINIST” ex-boyfriend. We KNOW INSTANTLY that she would Get F00ked by that Hot Chef Who Gave Her “Negs” all the Time in a HEARTBEAT, that she would gladly spread for him in a PIPE, no condom, even though he had a girlfriend, AND that she (Dunham) would fall in love with him, and that he would never call her again “See you Soon!” she says excited, “see you LATER”, he says, distracted, running away, afraid of getting caught. This is the effect STRIKINGLY HANDSOME men have on Wimminz. & Honestly, he WAS way too handsome for her.

It’s kinda like Beta Men dealing with Attractive Women, haha. So yeah, Wimminz get this too, only when dealing with the Top 20% Attractive Males, but not YOU, beta boy. They just take it OUT on you after they’ve been RODE HARD & HUNG-UP WET.

I was thinking that Women become SWPL Hamstery Wimminz because of REJECTION. Women aren’t Good at taking rejection over and over and over again like MEN are, it actually WEAKENS Wimminz and makes them Crazier and Weaker and WORSE. Every time a Wimminz gets pumped and dumped by a really handsome guy, she becomes more crazy.

Though I DON’T think the movie is Criticising Feminism Itself. In this sense Dunham herself is still Solid Blue Pill Wimminz. She’s “Sentient” enough to know she doesn’t like Sensitive Feminist Men (BETA!) & Prefers Cocky, Distant, Neggingm Handsome, Charismatic Men, & she goes thru with Stupid Decisions KNOWING they’re stupid, but she still Prattles on about WOMEN-IN-FILM & Gloria STEINEM.

But I thought the scene where she gets humiliated by her LITTLE SISTER was very effective. Sister is 17 years old, BEAUTIFUL, PRE-Peak, Tryhard, won a national poetry award, about to get into a LEET BOURGE UNIV & most certainly SHE won’t be coming back home afterwards because she will be a SUCCESS like the Successful Mother, Not a LOSER like the coming-back-home Frumpy Older Ugly Duckling Post-Peak Daughter Who Never Got Pretty & Will Only Get Uglier. That scene was hilarious, honest, and sad. Older sister was JEALOUS of younger sister (and she has every REASON to be!) & then younger sister b!tchily calls her out “look at you, so DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION from 17-YEAR OLD BOYS you parade around in your UNDERWEAR!” is a naked slap in the face, although what I just said 2 lines above would have been even worse!)

& she DOES parade around in her underwear too much. I don’t know if this is supposed to be “Fat-Acceptance.” She’s not even “fat”, she’s not hideous or really UGLY or anything, she’s just an average non-pretty, non-ugly girl, a perfect 5-6. So I do sympathize with her realizing her cruelly diminishing mate value, and juxtaposed with the even more cruel shining radiant increasing beauty of the younger sister – who is her Real Sister! – it’s especially Poignant. Also she never goes around narcissistically telling everyone she’s “beautiful” or anything. I think she might just be Comfortable with her Average Body, and I’m actually ok with that, if that’s really what she’s doing.

So she probably DOES know that that Chef is TOO Handsome, that he Won’t Call, that she IS making a stupid mistake, but she can’t HELP it, because he’s just THAT hot. Not sure Feminists would love that! They’d want to interpret it as “You Go Girl! You BE Accepting of yourself, You Bang Whoever You Want, Whenever You Want!” (I don’t even WANT to look up feminblogs/jezebel reviews of TF/Girls/Dunham, bc I’m sure they’re GUSSSSHHHING.) But it’s clearly not portrayed as that. I don’t think. She needs a Moral Center. She needs a Father!

Doesn’t Examine Reality that a GUY with Equal Sexual Marketplace Value (ie Beta Male, 80% of Men) does not get to have even ONE one-time hook-up with a COMPARABLY HOT WIMMINZ (comparable to the Hot Male Chef that is). He’s DESPERATE to EVEN BE “Pumped & Dumped” Emotional Condom for some Girl, meanwhile, a “Beta” Woman could get Pumped and Dumped like this ONCE A MONTH if she wanted! hahaha.

Also, that Beta Male would NOT have the PRIVILEGE of having a “College Girlfriend” like Aura Freeman (Lena Dunham) had “The Standard College Boyfriend”, just like her Flaky Artist Mother before her. She’s either being dishonest in saying she doesn’t miss him, OR she’s being immoral in discounting his human value & viewing him as a Disposeable, Replaceable ENTITLEMENT.

And also Alex Karpovsky, the guy who’s in EVERY Mumblecore movie, the consummate annoying SWPL Brooklyn Obnoxious UGLY Harelip J3w, and he’s playing that role TOO well once again. He treats her like garbage too, & she wants his hideous disgusting nutz FOR it. Usually I don’t like stuff that’s so Insecure and Self-Deprecating (“oooh I’m garbage and I deserve to be treated like it, beat me, raep me, boss me around, pull my hair & choke me & slap me while I TIUTA”), but I just didn’t expect Lena Dunham to be Self-Deprecating, but I think in a way she MIGHT BE sorta criticizing the Empty No-Values of SWPL Mumblecore Crappy No-Life-Experience Millennial Generation just the same way I am (although I do so much more blatantly!), and maybe I had Gotten Her Wrong all along.

Or at least a LITTLE bit wrong. Not in LOVE with her though.

But this is just ONE movie. I will reserve my final judgment because I don’t have ENOUGH INFORMATION regarding her views on Feminism, Millennial Narcissistic Immorality, Sexual Marketplace, Men. (Though the ACTIONS of her CHARACTER Shames Betas & Luvs Alpha C0ck,  not a good sign) I hear she Jumps The Shark with “Girls”, hahaha. (The one comment I’ve allowed so far was actually by a SWPL Brooklyn Girl-Blogger who criticizes Dunham for not being realistic re Financial Realities in “Girls.”  &She probably stupidly takes too many c0x as well in the show!) At any rate, “Tiny Furniture” was better than I expected, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it.


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Had to change that from “Best Post Ever” because I would like to keep that possibility eternally open.

let’s make an argument about the Sinfulness of Sin: One lonely omega beating-off to pron all the times in his LIFE is prob not AS SINFUL as One Wimminz Choosing To Appear In One Porno One Time. Chew on that one, Mr. Chew!

You shouldn’t LIKE Wimminz because they will IMMEDIATELY, EASILY Open Their Uterus, and later murder babies from guys who don’t like them and who they don’t really like either, just because they’re Big and Handsome and Sexy, meanwhile make YOU jump through HOOPS just to HANG OUT with them and BUY THEM DINNER, and No Uterus For You, After All That! JUST SAY NO! F00K THAT SH1T!!! DIRTY WH0RES! COST PER BANG is $0.001 for Sexy Men and $9,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for YOU? NOPE, DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!

PORNOGRAPHY DEGRADES MEN EVEN MORE THAN IT DEGRADES WIMMINZ. These Wimminz already have very little self-respect to lose, doing even One Vanilla Porno scene can wipe out almost all of your self-respect, so subsequent scenes don’t really do much. But some Lonely Omega Dweller, beating off ForeverAlone day after day, chipping away at his self-respect like water torture, now that’s horrible. Gradually comes to believe that the best he deserves is some filthy porno wh0re. That’s the REAL tragedy.

Wimminz are terrible at long-term financial planning and especially housing. They will pay exorbitant housing costs for bullsh1t cultural cachet SWPL Brooklyn “Coolness” that isn’t really worth the money, because being Envied by Other Wimminz is PRICELESS. They are impulsive and will make Major Life Decisions without thinking, always assuming, not even consciously, that some Man will Bail Them Out if things don’t work out perfectly, and, They can usually find a man who WILL! Give them a place to stay, give them a job, etc. WHAT A WORLD OF WIMMINZ! THIS is why I don’t Respect Wimminz! Because they have no HONOR or HONESTY!

Women vs Wimminz. It’s a fuzzy line sometimes. Sometimes you think they’re Women but they end up showing themselves as Wimminz. Oh well. Cut Your Losses and Move On to someone Worth Your Time.

Wimminz always expect Men to “move on” and “get over it” very quickly, because Wimminz are used to “getting over” men very quickly, because they view men as Disposable Sex And Money Machines. When one isn’t PERFECT, dispose of and pick another. Of course Wimminz “get over” THAT easily! Gradually losing this power-to-choose-use-dump-and-replace can make a Wimminz even more Crazy, as can when the seemingly-disposeable man has the B4LLZ to dispose of HER FIRST.

D4MN, this could be a Post Of The Month! Don’t Hold THIS one back!

On Sat mornings, instead of just cartoons for the kids, now they also have Career-God Indoctrinations for the High School students where they interview especially AMBITIOUS young people. Today was a cute, smart 16-year-old girl talking about her Hard Work to become an Entrepreneur in selling Eco-Friendly Sugar Packets. She emphasized the importance of never giving up, believing in yourself, being able to handle rejection and persist on until you reach your goals. 16 years old. Haha, I’m just jelly this indoctrination didn’t sink into my brain when I was 16, otherwise I might have been successful like her.

The more Successful a Man is, the More Co-Ed his Social Circle Is. IE, the more he is seen around Women/Wimminz, and the more likely THEY are to be attractive.

Unsuccessful Nerds rarely hang-out with Wimminz, and when they do, they’re not likely to be Attractive.

Then these nerds b34t-off to attractive but nasty, dirty porno wh0res and think they’ll never be able to pull that “GOOD”, and because they have no confidence, charisma, game, success, social status, popularity, charm, social dominance, and are also probably ugly and fat, then they’re RIGHT. They become right.

There’s a slippery slope and a self-fulfilling prophecy there too.

The major problem with Bribing People to Get A Job is because it’s not a LEGAL CONTRACT, they could send Ethnic Mobsters over to Break Your Legs if you don’t CONTINUE TO PAY after you’re UNFAIRLY FIRED from the job you bribed so much money to get. Problem w Bribes is that you can’t ENFORCE their FAIRNESS.

newSearchTerm resulting in ThisBlog: “bernard chapin loser.” I mention Bernard Chapin a lot, and losers a lot, but I think Bernard Chapin is one of the Biggest WINNERS EVER. Let there be no doubt about that!

I am So Over this MRA Left/Right Rift thing. Let’s just agree to disagree, that some MRAs are Left-Leaning Libertarians and other MRAs are Right-Leaning Libertarians, and that’s its ok for there to be a Libertarian Left AND a Libertarian Right.

But: Feminism is intimately intertwined with The Left. Or with Big Bankers seeking to divide and conquer The Western Populace. And Leftists would take offense to the idea that Big Bankers are Leftists. So maybe we can agree they’re Totalitarian as f00k!

As far as What To Do About Wimminz: B4ng them if you want to, Avoid them if you want to, just take precautions not to get hurt or hosed by them, and know that not-avoiding women carries more RISK because you’re Actually Encountering Wimminz who might Use or Lie About you, put you in Jail, ruin your Life, etc.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad if you can’t get Wimminz out of your mind, or you are always suffering from Infatuations. Some Men just get these more than others. It hearkens back to Our Natural Human Urge to Want To Be With Women. Men have always had these Heterosexual Partnership Urges stronger than Wimminz do, who have no Serious Reciprocal Love for Men, and that’s truly a shame and worthy of some sadness. Just don’t blame yourself.

If you have a very high libido, and many men do, and if you don’t want to go broke using Attractive, Expensive Prostitutes: get the largest HAREM you can so you can get tail whenever YOU want. Build the Harem using Game: Charisma, Confidence, Cockiness, Humor, 455holery, Machismo, etc, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time & energy Working Out, just work out your Chest, Arms, and Upper Body so you Look Stronger and the B!tches give you the LOW Cost Per B4ng rather than the HIGH. Having a Harem with Lots of Diff Wimminz will make EACH wimminz want to / compete more to get F00ked by you, because they know THEY’RE expendable.

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