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Neckbeards gonna neckbeard, autists gonna autis. I should* not be Live Blogging, but muh feelz hahaha. It was all downhill after I started reading 4chan/pol during my Free Time. Blame it for being somewhat interesting.



I r sucker for the screenshots of text With Clear Detailed Advice On How To Do Stuff like self-teaching yourself Fundamental STEMgineer Maths.


ok heh after 1 search i found an archive of 4 chan including /pol.

yep breddy lazy, gotta fix myself fast. but i am interested in the stories of 25 year old NEET sperglord kissless virgins who can’t get a job, can’t get a gurl, can’t get a friend, annoying unlikeable failures, if they go to a shrink they f00k that up too, people who are losers in absolutely every way.

heh. wizardchan type people. /v9k is the wizardest of wizardchan. /r9k is the wizardest of 4chan. they really don’t like when betas with horrible hetero experiences in both quantity and quality try to pass as wizards, because to be a REAL wizard you have to be 100% FULL virgin.

Implicit in definition of full wizard is that you have to have reached 30 years old. Virgin of course. Not sure if you need to be full NEETer, or skilled enough in Math and Science to have done anything useful there. Just be a 30 year old virgin? Not sure if there actually ARE anyone 30 or above on wizardchan, haha.


“we need to redpill women, how do”


youtube “hitler the greatest story never told”

yeah this is a real sh!tpost huh



was looking for the “university politics what kind of engineering should I go into, because we determined STEM is the only thing worth going to college for” in /pol, somebody posted this image near the top, can’t find the thread on 4chan or 4chanarchive, probably should have saved the webpage no? ha.

anyway that image was controversial obviously. because mechanical is supposedly god tier too. trying to remember some of the stuff people said: computer ENGIN is generally better than computer SCIENCE unless you go to top 10 skool for compsci. Ok I’m out, hahaha.

Don’t know if I’d say biomedical is “waste of life tier”. seems a little harsh, although i like the harshness of the chans. But True Waste Of Life Tier is any NON-Stem degree!

chanarchive.org - We need to redpill women. What are good tactics for this. - archived from 4chan -pol- - Politically Incorrect


heh maybe i need to try a notetaking app like evernote because what if you wanted the text and not an img.

heh. me not restraining myself from posting when I feeeelz like an Autist does not Help My Race!

However I like to try to help Losers of My Race Win. Overcome their bad habits, replace them with good habits. Disregard disorder, acquire order.

so the chinese with Tiger Parents Pushing them real hard to get All A’s in Elec Engin: how MANY of those crack under the stress, burn out, say f00k this sh1t, and become asian neckbeard NEETers?  shiftless layabouts? are these just tail end outliers who really don’t matter much, and the average/normal/majority/median Tiger Child does become a resourceful, well-paid winner?

homeless asians, drug-addicted asians, incarcerated asians. or indians. that fail in their STEM education/career.

heh. gonna be a picture-filled post today.



heh autimsm.

that feel when you drive down the freeway and it seeeeeems at least 60% of billboards are about EDUCATION MOAR EDUCATION FIXES EVERYTHING. need moar colleges and more people in college. If moar people went to moar college, everyone would have a Good Job, hahahaha.

Of course I am Butthurt because I am sick and Tired of WORKING for My Work, I just want to Work already, hahaha.

No I do WORK, I am not getting NEETer “AutismBux” from the Gummint like some people. Heh. does uncle sam give murkan NEETs autismbux? I AM trying to IMPROVE my current Babbys First Kareeeeeeer so I can be a Better Person, so I could actually SUPPORT the Three White Children I want to have someday.

>4chan fag sez u r a failure if u make less than 37k a year



“B-But W-What if……he’s RIGHT?”

>natural selection, survival of the fittest, adapt/compete OR DIE

At any rate, yeah I am trying to improve my own Earning Potential and not be some loser who only makes 37k a year, hahahaha. but seriously, kids much younger than me who Did The Right Thing and got a Good Engin Degree are now making 100k a year. because they took Calc 2 in high school, and Calc 3 and Linear Algebra and DE’s and Number Analysis and Statics and Therm in their First year of college, hahaha.

(Some Internet Tuff Guy says that “I’ve never seen an engin student who was doing it Just For The Money ever succeed, they all fail and drop out, become part time help desk, HI HOW CAN I HELP U, RESTART YOUR ROUTER, THANK U CALL AGAIN, HI HOW CAN I HELP U, best buy geek squad at best”)

Black Metal has become all edgy and liberal and mainstream, 16 Year Old Girls Like XASTHUR, so Black Metal Protip: TRY JUDAS ISCARIOT

heh. my Life Pro Tip, it’s all about MOMENTUM. I think if these NEET Wizards had a little MOMENTUM, they would Do Better At Life. Like A Normal Social Life including Friends and Girls, then they wouldn’t complain about their Hard Maths Weeder Courses so much, and not flunk out of skool, and instead become Proud Upstanding White Men some day. But instead they become Poor Broken Men like

-v9k- - Virgin9000



heh heh heh



however I do permit Men to be Beta, Butthurt, and Bitter for a LITTLE WHILE. More than likely, they have RECENTLY experienced a Soul-Crushing Rejection from someone they were in LUV with.

But uh after 6 to 9 months the Beta Bitter Butthurt goes away. I would also say to White NEETs, that if you can’t seem to make any progress on Wimmin and Career, and indeed it can be Legit Literally Soul-Crushing to not make any progress with Wimmin or Career, then just devote all your energy to Physical Training: Getting In Good Shape, not being a Fat Neckbeard, let that be your new starting point.

Stop eating Sh1t”food” and starting Lifting Heavy Weights and Doing Martial Arts!



heh heh that picture is REALLY GAY, but I think We Can All find a Great Kernel of Truth innit.

And the other inspiration thing I can remember, from Varg V quoting Marcus Aurelius: “WHERE YOU CAN LIVE, YOU CAN LIVE WELL.”

And I just saved Several White LIVES, thank you very much! Now go and do likewise, Gents.


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heh now many posts are time machine, this is jan 6 2013.

[ Feb 17 2013 Real Time News: I am thanking The White God for discovering 4chon.net which is my new fav site of the month. You know I enjoy the Trolly Lulz of Encyclopedia D or 4chan, where everyone calls each other j3ws or f4ggots and makes offensive jokes all the time, BUT I do not like how ED or 4chan has a large population of antiracist liberals who, despite using “politically incorrect hate speech”, still at the end of the day, worship You Know Who.

4ch0n.net seems a good solution to all this, &is full of racial realists, possibly white nationalists, wn sympathizers, antisemites, paleoconservatives, pro-whites, etc, but with a nice sense of humor, keeping the stupid teen jokes and lulz you will prob not find at Stormfront (I do not appreciate how EDers and possibly 4channers have spammed/DDoS’ed/trolled Stormfront in the past.)

Examples of good threads I bookmarked:


funny jew pictures based off the classic template, they do some great things with an already great picture

https://4chon.net heh don’t want them trolling ME/h/res/41969.html

a wyatt mann comics. It took me a minute to get that name. you’ve seen his work before. pretty racist stuff, hahaha.


important discussion on Dr Pierce’s personal life, namely, how good of a father was he to his two sons, did he abandon them, etc. do you have to neglect your own family to be a leader for your race. the role of family within race. IMHO you should prob put your immediate family first, and I HOPE Dr Pierce made peace with his children. note there are some “Antis”, it’s not a Total Echo Chamber CircleJerk.

I want to thank Hyperborea Rising


for being my gateway to 4ch0n, as I found the site in his links list, I think he posts there. He seems like a good guy who posts on both My Favourite Blog Eradica, and also on Varg Vikernes’s Sweet New Blog Thulean Perspective, and I’m not SCAWED to directly link to him, haha.

“Internet Culture” documenters describe 4ch0nnet as a racist, antisemitic 4chan for people banned from 4chan etc, trying to shame it for being racist. However this is almost exactly what I’m looking for at this time in my Awakening.

So yeah I recommend it for any whites looking for a good pro-white forum with lotsa lulz. cutting edge.

note: I do not get into other aspects of “Chan Culture” like Hacking and LulzSec and Security and Script Kiddies or whatever, any of that computer hacking crap; OR anime; OR my little pony; however I can tolerate it. more or less.

note: def not to be confused with 4chon.org, who probably think wacists awe scawy and evil

but yeah there are so many chans out there you’d have to be a total basement dweller to know all about all of them. I am just glad to find one that appeals to Little Racists like me and you! If you don’t know What Chans Are Like, ie Random pictures of Tranny Porn every once in a while, it might be confusing.

Also this blog is somewhat on Autopilot with all the Time Machine Stuff, heh hopefully will fix that within 1 month. or at least add in Non Time Machine stuff like this.

HAVE A NICE DAY, don’t take sh1t, be a strong moral honorable Warrior Man, be a good Little Racist, take care of yourself and your families.


the youtube embeds will prob not appear in the email, but they SHOULD(no *) appear on the actual blog.


The Cap, Don’t Pay for your Kids College, could also be seen as, don’t take out huge loans or any loans for college unless you’re gonna become something GOOD like a CHEMICAL ENGINEER, otherwise the money is WASTED AT BEST and will more than likely KILL you. Lose for the family, lose for the children. Everybody loses. Cap sez the money would be better spent on a SPORTS CAR or a TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD than on COLLEGE….and HE’S RIGHT.

Cap gives his unvarnished opinion on why BUSINESS and MBA degrees are worthless just like gay marxist quadraplegic turtle therapy (Tm cap) He sez “volumous” instead of “voluminous” thus he deserves to not be gainfully employed enough to move out of his parents basement hahahaha. jk I like The Cap, wish I knew him when I was 16 thru 19. He wants to REHAB DWELLERS. Get Dwellers out of the BAsement! Keep Kidz from Becoming Dwellers in the first place! Humanz are by nature pretty selfish, but IMHO the Most Selfless Kind of Selfishness is Looking Out For The NExt Generation. Not just long term Your Life, but long term THEIR lives too. We can all do it even if we don’t have any children of our own per se. Cap does it, I don’t think he has children. This is how I interpret The 14 Words, and it’s “pretty much” exactly what the 14 words SAYS: SECURING a FUTURE for your CHILDREN. Now I play fast and loose with the White Part because I think all races are entitled to secure a future for THEIR children. But Whites especially, because whites are doing a piss-poor job of it compared to other races.

He just wants to help kids live somewhat good lives and not be slaves. Make the world a better place for the next generation. heh. but now I’m confused, I guess he is pro-accounting but not pro-finance as far as Picking A Major is concerned? I can see accounting but I thought Finance was also Good.

This is what I came here to talk about. Uncle Bern blasts a even-more-godawful-than-usual article form Jezebel, where they have a guest sex advice “writer” Karley Sciortino aka “SLUTEVER”, who is a “professional” SWPL A5SSpreader who plasters the internet with her naked body and intimidates misogynists with the power of her sexuality and how EVERY girl has a period where she sleeps with LOTS of “rock and roll boys who don’t shower”, and how if you call a slut a slut that means you’re just Jelly cuz “YOU’RE NOT GETTING LAID”. and she actually is attractive enough to bang, but she signifies a new high water mark of Decadent SWPL Hamster. Good Lord It just keeps getting worse! Makes Lena Dunham look like Mother Teresa! This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. She might be putting on an act, but the fact that she is VERY Comfortable with showing her naked body and talking about all her own Lifetime Sex Partners (A LOT), makes me think she IS As Decadent and Rotten and Desouled as she seems. Pass her along to your Wimmin Franz to test them, to see if they Like Her, cause she is a Real Bad Apple. What a Disgusting Cvnt!

I wish she were You Know Whoish instead of apparently Italian! Heh score one for nurture over nature. I think it’s getting closer to 50/50 for that. Harder and harder to tell. whenever I think Nature is stronger, Nurture scores a point. And vice versa. So I’m happy with 50/50 atm.

It also points out that the Jezebel Readership is more “stodgy, frumpy, hardcore feminists who don’t get laid enough” and that Slutever readers and possibly Nonhardcore Feminist Activist but just Average Professional SWPLs are not so Frumpy and just want to Have A Good Time. Do Whatever Feeeeeeeelz good, as long as you’re not hurting…..yourself! But if you do hurt yourself that’s okay to! You’re entitled to a X-year long bender of drugs and c0x and abortionz and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Point Is: The Media Elites want you to think THIS IS NORMAL when it is Highly Abnormal and Immoral and Decadent.

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[Dec 16 2012: experimenting with this experiment where I do a revival of my PREVIOUS BLOG, which was not horrible. Might announce name of it later. Now I already have Too Many Posts, but I’m just playing around here. No need to throw baby out with bathwater re Old Blog. Once in a great while I might Grecycle myself.  The old blog had posts that were way too long, like 5000 words hahaha. I tried to force myself off of F4gg0t Navel-Gazing and 4ss-Spreading by writing in the third person “BKC” after a while, but that didn’t really work, and nowadays I figure just be more “honest” about my Opinions and use “I”. 6,  halfdozen. I also did not censor the swears like I do in this one so the kiddies can read and learn, and so I don’t get Busted by the Antiracist ThoughtPigz.

February 25, 2011

is when I Hurt The World (tm some Metal Review) with THIS post entitled that provocative title of this post. Of course the original post was 6000 words, I’ll try to keep this to 600. Excerpts. not COST (tm Ryu) you too many minutes of your time that could be spent with your Children. Unfort this one’s gonna COST you about NINE minutes (4SlowADDReaderzzz.) Make Honest Effort (In New Year!) to keep them more around THREE minutes. Current Notes/Comments in [Square Bracketz!] ]

BKC wished there were a Burzum 2 he could listen to when he’d listened to all the Burzum he could handle. Like Varg Vikernes’s Engineer Brother had HIS own Black Metal project. What was the Relship like between Varg and his Brother? The Father was suspiciously absent, and the Mother seemed pretty Domineering. Varg seemed closer to his mother and quite distant from his father. They had apparently separated when he was a child. BKC hoped the mother didn’t take the father to the cleaners.

$175 an hour with an actually ATTRACTIVE white girl – with Pictures –  in her mid-20s? SIGN BKC UP! BKC figured it would be more like $300 a half-hour at the LOWEST, with a HORRIBLE METH WH0RE.  Of course the pictures could be fake, but still….  This was not like the Fat Black Trannies in the Back Pages of the Weekly. BKC kicked a few extra dollars into his “Other” Fund.

When it came to the B!tches, being SHORT was even WORSE than being Out Of SHAPE, or UGLY. SHORT was the Kiss Of Death. It automatically made you appear more Beta than you really were. Women HATED Shorts. You had to work your 4SS off to Pull if you were Short. If you were short and ugly, you could blame your lack of pulling on you being Ugly. However if you were Short but Strikingly Handsome, like BKC was, then you knew exactly how Powerful Shortness was. Thing was, BKC didn’t even inherently dislike Shortness. He totally was comfortable with himself being Short. But the B!TCHES! B!TCHES thought it made you SODINI or something! They HATED and FEARED Short! Shortophobics!

BKC Officially Recommended Varg Vikernes to start a POLITICAL CAREER. You know. Run for OFFICE in Bergen. Start out small. Baby Steps. Or become a Party Consultant/Organizer or something, for whatever Right-Wing party represented his Views the best.

Burlesque was the new Roller Derby was the new Suicide Grrlz. It was always “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same” with these Hipster CvmSlvts.

Being Tall Was The Trump Card of Male Attractiveness, “Male Attractiveness” itself in general being The Trump Card of Pulling, over Wealth and Social Status and even Confidence. Tallness Determines Attractiveness Determines Alphaness. Take two men of equal handsomeness in the face and body, but say one is taller than the other. With every marginal inch of Tallness, Ease-Of-Pulling (i.e., Demand) increases Exponentially. Take two Equally-Facially-Handsome men of say, 5’7″ (very short) and 6’2″ (officially Sexy Tall; but not Freakishly so.) The Tall man will be AT LEAST 100x More In-Demand than the Short man. The Short man will have to Work His B4lls Off to pull the Mere Table Scraps of the Tall Man, who Pulls 8s-10s like Shooting Fish In A Barrel. Of COURSE it’s not fair. But what “equalizes” things a BIT is the Huge Downward Aging Curve for Women that BKC had mentioned many times before. But that doesn’t equalize things between the Tall and Short Men, just between “Men” and “Women”. Hmm.  (BKC’s Database Class was forcing him to think of everything in terms of “Entities.”)

Men got exponentially less pleasure out of “Going Hogging” (i.e., banging women they did not find attractive just because it was WAY easier) than Women did by Banging Shy or Short or Beta-Orbiter Men, because, all things being equal, these Betas were usually muchhhhhh more Attractive than the Hogs. All Women had just gotten F00king Greedy As F00ck. Sense of Entitlement. BKC even predicted that Men got less pleasure out of Banging Paid Prostitutes than the women did when “debasing themselves” to Pitybang a Beta Orbiter.

The beauty part is, since Bl0wing is TECHNICALLY “Sex” (“Oral Sex”, even though Women don’t consider it “sex”), you can use it as kind of a SHOEHORN for you to get all other kinds of s3x: PIV, PIA. Just be like, well, b!tch, we’re already PRACTICALLY there already, I mean my D!CK’S in your MOUTH, and them boom. “These Doors Gonna Swing Wide.” “Door’s Open, Boys! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haw!”

BKC just didn’t see the point to women. The Attractive ones weren’t any fun to Be Around because they were always being Cvnts and B!tches and Slvts and Talking about Stupid Stuff. If they weren’t Sexing You, they were absolutely worthless. The Unattractive ones were probably more Decent, Good People, but then you had to suffer Rejecting them into your own LJBF-Friendzone because they would fall in love with you for spending time with an Unattractive Woman; and, being an Ethical Alpha Man, BKC did not like to String Broads Along like that. Unilaterally. The trick was, just use game to Bang the Attractive Ones, then get the HELL out of there ASAP. Build-Up your own Personal Harem of 20-30 Attractive B!tches so you can Bang On-Demand and not get Bored, or Trapped, or Dumped.

[I was trying to make a point by intentionally using the word “b!tch” so much, hahaha. and it IS a pretty powerful and often accurate word, might bring it back!]

There was a controversial article by “Kay Hymowitz” (hehehehe) in the WSJ doing the typical Narcissislut Whining about Peter-Pan Men who refuse to “MAN UP.” [Time Machine! Remember THAT, Manosphere!] Note: When a Narcissislut tells men to “MAN UP”, that is textbook “Shaming Language”: she is upset that these men are Going Their Own Way and are rightfully finding Modern Women to be too Crazy and Unreliable to do anything with but Pump And Dump, and so then Modern Women Whine about “Where have all the good men gone?” and 30 year old men who would rather play xbox than be Henpecked by a Narcissistic, Castrating Broad. The WSJ apparently had a lot of quasi-MGTOW type comments, comforting, because that was more of a “Conservative, Traditional, Non-Liberal” paper than the New York Slimes, [I was not aware of “Neocons” in early 2011 haha] which would have been a better place for that article. Although BKC gave it a quick read and Hymowitz was actually marginally less man-blaming than the sensational title and pictures of the article and her book would have you think. Men Take Forever To Grow Up Because It Takes FOREVER to get through f00king GRAD SCHOOL and get a f00king BIGBOY JOB, B!TCHES. Not all guys Never Get Rejected, so it takes them longer than age 22 to get their f00king PhD, because their PhD is not handed to them on a golden platter, B!TCHES. They face Glorious, Grateful, Character-Strengthening Rejection from Jobs, Careers, Grad Schools, Internships, WOMEN, etc, and so thus they HAVE to play video games to pass a little bit of that rejection-time and assuage the Crippling Depression of Constant Rejection, B!TCHES. And being a Winner At WoW is way better than getting Rejected by Everything and Everyone in Real Life, B!TCHES. B!TCHES. B!TCHES.

Men Were Getting Smarter. They were finally wising up to the Inglorious, Hamstery Hypocrisy Of All Women. Men were realizing the difference between Bullying, Shaming Language and legitimate criticisms. So it took you until age 30 to finish your master’s degree. Does that really make you a Failure At Life? Does that really Justify All Women In Not Tingling For You? Believe Men: As soon as you “Man Up” and concede to All Women’s Demands, you’re just becoming a Mangina and giving them another thing to NOT-tingle for you about: “Oh, he’s too submissive because he only manned-up when I told him too. And it wasn’t even True Manning-Up. That was just B!tchy, Bullying, Shaming Language. And he fell for it. Where Are All The Real Men?”

Here’s another Great Hypocrisy: Women Want Graduate-School-Graduate Career Men, yet a lot of the Feminizing Liberal Claptrap spewed in The University serves to NEUTER Men, which TURNS-OFF even the College-Educated WOMEN!!! (Although the Women might be somewhat loath to admit this, or maybe not, because They could Have It Both Ways: “We want everyone to go to college and get good college jobs, but the college environment that is sexy to us makes men unsexy, but we still want ‘fried-ice’, the liberal swpl socially-conscious college-educated guy with a good job who isn’t TOO sensitive but also isn’t Too Wall-Street.” Because in the Modern World it was GOOD to CELEBRATE the HYPOCRITICAL AMBIVALENCE in your own attitudes, values, and personality!!!


So, men were Getting Smarter; more men were starting to GTOW than even MGTOW even realized; men didn’t hate women women for being Filthy Animals, but for being Filthy-Animal HYPOCRITE B!TCHES who said one thing and did the opposite, and who were essentially selling this entire generation, if not the human race, down the f00king river. No, the human race as a whole was much more resilient, and would eventually experience a Bounceback, or a pendulum-swing if you will, but this generation’s men were going to be the Big4ss Victims who had to Face Women At Their Worst so Future Generations wouldn’t have to.

Besides, it took some men a few years to realize how big of a Racket College was, and to Respond To The Racket and get their Career Started. Or some men may have been Funneled into College where it would not provide the best ROI, because it was such a big Racket; and they personally would have developed their lives a bit quicker through other routes, such as the Military or Trade School. These Unsure Boys do NOT need the Emasculating, Career-Delaying effects of The Big-Business University Masquerading as A Bastion of “Liberal Education”. Well, the “Education” was certainly Liberal, but the Real Bigboy world is NOT, despite the screeching of 22-year-old SWPL girls in NYC fee[eeeeeeeee]ling good about their first masters-degree entry-level job and then telling the world how great they feel about it. And making the world a better place because they wrote their Life Script to have a Meaningful Work/Life Balance.


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On thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, I always fail to remember, our Noncollege Town gets flooded with all the Beautiful, PRIME OF YOUTH College Kidz that Come Home From (Getting Pounded At) College. I went out to a local bar/restaurant and there was a table with 20 College Kids, half of which were beautiful prime of youth girls, half of which were handsome, successful, up-and-up boys. People that Go Away To College, like to the Bigger Party State colleges in the state rather than the closer local ones, Living At Home and not being as Promiscuous in Parents’ Basement. The girls were young and beautiful but still Seeeeemed annoying and dumb and chattering and playing with their phones and blank stares and Whorish Fashion… but slightly “Classier” State College Whore Fashion. White, Too! Many of the Local White Girls DISAPPEAR To College right as they’re STARTING The Prime Of Youth, so for suckers like me, they practically don’t exist, hahaha. What’s left are….White Trash and Nonwhites. I’m exagerrating, there’s still a decent number of white girls left, but boy howdy, would their price be driven WAY WAY DOWN if these OTHER girls were still in town! DAAAMN!

What’s it called again when you have No Energy and No Motivation, No Will to Do Anything? The Horde of Communist Anti-Americans Amng Us call it “Depression”, but that’s a farce, fraud, and a hoax! I call it MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS. DEAD WEIGHT.  IF YOU’RE A LOSER, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, IS BY BLOWING YOUR BRAINZ OUT!



As I was driving at night I was thinking I didn’t have anything against blacks for not being of my race (WHITE), I just didn’t like it when they got together in huge unruly mobs and CHIMP OUT. Now, we can easily say that, On Average, Groups of Blacks are more likely to Chimp Out than Groups of Whites. My question is, how much LESS did blacks Chimp Out in the Segregated Neighborhoods of the Old Jim Crow Days? My point is, people still obviously segregate themselves. To a large extent. A white isn’t going to choose to move right in the middle of the black ghetto. The worst ghetto black probably won’t show enough personal initiative to go to a gummint worker and apply for a house smack in the middle of a white neighborhood (rather, you can get slightly less-worse ghetto blacks to move in black groups into apartments CLOSE TO white neighborhoods, and there the chimping-out problems start to Creep In like a Cancer.)

For example, you probably won’t see a Poor Inner City Black Thug being “forced into” a neighborhood of McMansions where everybody is White or Jewish AND has a masters or better degree, great job, top 15% income or so, Murray’s Superzip Belmont Brahmin Elite if you will. It’s much more realistic if the neighborhood is, say, Solid Vaisya Working Class, certainly even Upper Working Class. Heh. Yes I am interested in the demarcation between Upper and Lower Working Classes, there’s prob a middle in there too haha.

Maybe I’m getting on a Class Kick again. Remember I’m not even a huge Racialist, even though I have had a bit of a Race Awakening, because I still think Sex, Class, and Intelligence are APPROXIMATELY as Important as Race. But Sex, Intelligence, and Race are Hereditary, and Class is a Function of Intelligence and Family, thus, Class is hella hereditary as well. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

I was at a pub drinking a cola and eating a sandwich before seeing a Jewish Singer whom I adore and have no plans to stop adoring, when I was Delighted to see two “Girls” safely PAST The Prime Of Youth ™ in that they were clearing past 22 and Their Skin Radiance/Gleam was starting to diminish…..BUT they were still younger than 30 and very, very physically attractive. Got the Biochemicalz Flowing QUITE Handily. This was comforting because it reminded me I’m not LIMITED to 18-22 Prime Of Youth Girls to Satisfy my Manly, if slightly Decadent, Desires. Wouldn’t MARRY em though!

Gotta research Common-Law Marriage. Since I am staunchly against Legal Marriage. But states have laws saying that once you’ve been with a wimminz X years, then you’re as good as married, with many of the forces of zoglaw behind that. But it differs from state to state, wrt to number of years, and the penalties involved. I guess a good easy rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a separation after 5 years. Just MOVE OUT. Of course at this point, 5 years is unthinkably long for Committment To Any Wimmin, although The Power Of The Pedestal (not the Pvssy Per Se!) can make a man do funny things with HIS most important Natural Asset: His COMMITMENT.  NEVER GIVE THAT AWAY FOR NOTHING!

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Good Inner Game: Tell Yourself that She Didn’t DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR D!CK INSIDE HER.


Newz Flash, Wimminz: Fellaz are NOT like a KOLLIGE KLASS you can safely DROP in the Drop/Add/Refund Period. If the guy’s too faggy that you don’t like him after you’ve already let him in once, you can’t just say it didn’t count. That will always be a notch permanently dragging your mate value down. So you might as well give the poor chump some Severance Bangz to improve World Karma.


Bandz that are NOT on Spotify: Clandestine Blaze.


I don’t think You are a: pervert, racist, pedophile, child molester, sociopath, rapist, racist, ephebophile, murderer, torturer, nazi, anti-semite, scumbag, OR creep. I think You are a Very Talented Musician and Artist and Good Guy Mikko & I would like to Meet you one day! I would totes buy a Clandestine Blaze T-Shirt if your website wasn’t so confusing. Is Amazon & Paypal THAT bad for Small Businesses? (YES, I KNOW it’s ZOG. & So is Spotify.)

So maybe my Career-Religious-Calling can be to Found a White Alternative to Spotify, Paypal, and Amazon. I AM THE WHITE JEFF BEZOS!!!!

No, I’m NOT saying All White Nationalists Do Not have a Sense of Humor! But maybe I’m less serious than the avg WN.

But they do pose an important, serious question: what’s your price for you selling out your Race? I’ll start. I’m DESPERATE for the SURVIVAL NEEDS of a Good Job, so I might well sell-out European-American whites for 3 hots and a cot. And health care. Which would certainly get me kicked out of the Northwest Front. So clearly the solution is to set up White-Friendly, non-Zog Systems of Survival so Whites don’t get put into these ethical dilemmas in the first place.

And in my Ideal, Peaceful Race-Segregated World, the White Nations would not be FIGHTING with the Black Nations & Jewish Nations & Azn Nations & Wimminz Nations. They would trade peacefully. COEXIST, MAAAANNNN.

But wouldn’t Azn’s willingness to sell their Labour for rock-bottom prices cause Inherently Economic Tension between Asians & Whites? Because Asians are inherently better at living on less money???? See there it breaks down. Because In My Ideal Race World, Races CAN be equal on SOME terms, notably, having the same basic survival needs, which would be PRICED the same across the board. Right?

David Duke. How’s his Reputation these days? I thought he was a Medical Doctor, right? That means he has to have an avg 120 IQ. High-IQ relative to the Avg 100.

Anyway, point is, I don’t know WHAT Jeff Bezos IS, but if I had to guess, it would be Jewish and/or Latino. Jewish Mother, Latino Father. now checking Wiki. WOW. Born “Jorgensen.” Teen mother, remarried a Cuban Bezos. Maternal side had been in Texas for “generations.” Hmm. I WAS WRONG.

But just because he IS white doesn’t mean he can’t be ANTI-White!

No Graduate degree, just a Princeton BS in CompSci & ElecEngin. And that’s better than a Grad Degree from 99% of Skoolz!

Heheheheh. Writers on AntiWhite Violence need to talk more about the ASIANS that ARE Violent and Thuggish: the Hmongs and Poor Thaiz and Camboz. NOT The High-Achieving Japanese & to a lesser extent Chinese Americans.

In other words, these Asians might as well be NON-Asians!

There is a cute 16 year old Polish Girl (although she needs to stop playing with her eyebrows & just grow a unibrow already!) who follows me on Last.fm and about ALL she listens to is NSBM and Racist / Nationalist Black/Volk Metal. WOW. And, not to divulge too much biographical information, but I’ve got a fair amount of The Slav in me and feel VERY favourably towards the Poles. Full Disclosure. You don’t have to like them as much. Like your OWN ethnicity/nationality, SON!

OK. So it’s better to just take ONE EASY CLASS than to take NO Classes, if you’re Sick Of Skool cuz it’s blatantly gay. Gaytantly. I’m just too old and crabby to be in a room filled with chattering KIDZ. I’m ADD, but these kidz are adHd. Next term I am taking Calc 2 ONLINE. I keep vacillating between Hard STEM and Easy Biznass. I suppose Quantitative Finance might be a Good Intersection. Heh. Jewish Faggot Bankerz.

Or “Biz IT”, Or Welding, Or Networking. Who gives a f00k. Tryhard jewish f4gg0tz do, that’s who.

“TAR-SKINNED PYGMOIDS OF THE DENSE BUSH”. Ho ho ho. If Arghoslent is the Band of the Month, that might be their song title o the month.

These Nonamericanz like to make huge pre-flop raises!

Heh. Yes I SHOULD be looking for a Better Job right now instead of playing Poker and listening to music and blogging and being Poolside with Cheap Tail.

all in, dueces full of threes, win 994 chip pot.

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[note: BONUS POST / LEAK: This newer one accidentally “leaked” onto the RSS feed yesterday due to my hastiness with the publish/schedule date/button. SO, might as well make it officially available at this time. “ENJOY”!]

Top Companies recruit only from Top Universities. If you went to a Crappy University, expect to work for no better than a Crappy Company. Problem is, Crappy Universities are still expensive as hell, and gullible kids gamble their lives away thinking they’ll work for a Good Company Eventually, White Knights wanting to find a Good Woman To Marry, etc.

No, I’m just being grumpy and pessimistic bc I’m tired and crabby and sick of seeing people everywhere. To Rebut: I know PLENTY of people who went to Crappy Universities and got PERFECTLY good jobs. So yes it can be done. You just won’t find RECRUITERS from that company at your SKOOL, EAGER to GIVE you a Careeeeeeeeer, like you would at Harvard.

But just because you are a College Grad and are “supposed” to have a higher IQ (110 vs avg 100) doesn’t mean you are SMART, look at all these stupid Wimminz getting “GRADUATE” degrees in “EDUCATION”, hahahahaha. I don’t care if that’s offensive to Wimminz. It offends me that these are the ZOGz shaping our Youf. Home Skool, Baby!

“Class” by Paul Fussell. Looking for a good shortish funnish book on Class In America, this might be a good one.

BRAHMIZOG. Hahahaha. Tired and short of temper. No energy and a disturbing sense of DESPERATION over everything and nothing. Strangely enough, feeling quite libidinous despite this complete lack of energy. Just want to get ballzdeep in a beautiful long-legged bright-skinned 18yo virgin girl and let it rip raw dog, just drain a huuuuuge b4ll-draining l04d that goes ON and ON and ON; then crash into a stupor, wake up to eat a nice meal, go back into stupor.

It is no joke that I enjoy FRIED CHICKEN every bit as much as Blacqs. I will go to a RESTAURANT and order A FRIED CHICKEN DINNER. not chicken STRIPS, mind You. (Although I enjoy Chicken Strips too!)

Fell asleep at 6pm while watching “Soylent Green” (Eradica Recommendation!), it was good, but I was that tired, “pretty much” slept till 5am next morning, so, feeeeeeeeling a bit better now.

So ZOG perpetrates Shady Scheming at the Macro, Structural Level; but I’d argue WIMMINZ Outzog the Zogs on the individual, micro, interpersonal level – wreaking MUCH more havoc in the lives of those around them than individual Zogs ever will. Most average working slobs will rarely cross paths with a Powerful Zog-Person the way they will with Wimminz.

I saw a stupid TV news bit on a stupid story from a stupid wimminz magazine on What Wimminz Find Most Attractive In Minz. Certainly they didn’t say “Alpha”, but it was pretty clear; but my favourite thing was “gets ready quickly”. Whether you’re ready to jump and serve her; jump and get to WORK at your Influential, High-Prestige, Elite Careeeer; aren’t a lazy Bum with no ambition, no productivity, has no energy to be a powerful man.

So Iaughed at that, as I am not a “mornings person” and am very grumpy and surly for the first 3 or 4 hours after getting up at 5am, move very slowly, taking a shower or going to the bathroom is a huge chore, need to drink 2 huge coffees, etc. Almost like being hungover with no alcohol.

But I am not ANGRY or RESENTFUL about it, because it means I HAVE a job and am being somewhat productive. So I drink my gallon o’ coffee and do what I need to do. But it’s not particularly FAST. And I don’t go to the GYM at 4:30am like a REAL TRYHARD.

TITO PERDUE. There’s a name I need to mention more. Published novelist, possibly by Mainstream ZOG Publisherz, who has decidedly nonzog sympathies and is friendly with many of the new rightists. 74 year old alabama man also assoc with “southern US literary tradition”, faulkner and all that.

Where did Greg Johnson get his PhD, what was his dissert, how possibly would it be for him to Be Active in a Leftist ZOGiversity and try to turn the tide?

I might have read somewhere that the “notorious” Prof Kevin MacDonald (Long Beach) is kinda “don’t rock the boat” in his teaching life and does a super vanilla Psych 101 course where probably 100% of the kidz don’t know who he is.

I think Andy Nowicki also teaches kidz English in Kollige. If these guys could get hired despite their Clear and Present Controversial Views, would talking about them in class get them fired?

Maybe set a demarc at 50% of Saved Posts, where don’t intend to publish the older stuff at ALL because it’s still “formative.” That or post 4 times a week with a “bonus post” on Sunday or Saturday.

Good Lord. Mrs Varg Vikernes’s blog has been HACKED by “Morrocan Ghosts.” But I’m still getting the RSS. Mrs V has interesting stuff about Thals (paging Koanic Soul and the seemingly-growing Alt-Right who are interested in Thals!) but she doesn’t post that often and really didn’t need to be hacked. All because the Vikernes-Cachets are far-right “racists” and American Hackers are often OWS-lovin’ Leftists.

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Oh yeah. forgot. Even if pro-choicers don’t get sexual pleasure from actually getting the fetus sucked out, I like “mischaracterizing” them as such simply because it OFFENDS Leftists, specifically FEMINISTS. Gives them another 10-foot pole up their 455.

Also, I feel another AXIOM comin thru:




Menz like Young & Purty. That’s value-neutral. There’s good girls AND crap girls who fit that criteria. Wimminz, on the other hand, like Alpha Traits: Powerful, Dominant, Sociopathic, Arrogant, Violent. These all point to a Pump-And-Dump. When a man is good for a wimminz long-term, it’s BECAUSE he has some Beta Traits. (remember: the ideal is to have a good alpha/beta RATIO, NOT to eliminate all your beta traits entirely.) BUT: eliminating beta traits entirely will give you the highest possible alpha ration, which will let you pull the most and best tail, at the “cost” of you becoming a violent sociopath and Scarface is your Hero. (I’ll be the first to admit, Scarface is a GREAT Alpha Male Role Model.)

So even if Beta can be humanistically, spiritually, morally Good, it JUST IS NOT ATTRACTIVE TO WIMMINZ, not that you should CARE about Attracting Wimminz anyway, but my POINT is, if that Young and Purty Girl ALSO turns out to be kind and nice and innocent and pure and faithful, the man is prob gonna get EVEN MORE attracted to her; WHEREAS, if the hunky Alpha Tuff guy starts getting sensitive and listeny and communicative and open and nice, then the wimminz will become gradually LESS attracted to him. Such Niceness is “Labia-Curling” (Roissy or somebody, haha), even in the Hottest Minz.

So, if tons of Girls in non-STEM degrees take Calc 1, does that make Calc1 valuable for getting a Jerb? By definition, no. It gives you no special edge, other than being Generally Useful and preparing you for the Real Hard Math Classes that WILL give you an edge. But will then they give you an edge over other engineers, some certainly more tryhard or higher-IQ or Cognitive Elite First-Tier than the “Average Slacker Engineer”? who I really need more role models for. I guess one might be Peter from Office Space, you can’t even really TELL he’s an engineer, unlike Samir or Michael, even though they’re all equally expendable. (Obv I would not want to be expendable and would want to supplement my STEM with some Biz to be more like Lumberg….but I don’t want to start off with Biz and then Supplement THAT with STEM. But that’s not out of the question either. Prob EASIER, and therefore MORE up my alley. Should think about reprioritizing.

Even if Calc1 is ultimately useless, you can’t argue that it’s MORE Useless than Sociology!

Was listening to  the tragically late Jonathan Bowden “The West Bites Back” on Counter-Currents. Heckuva guy, we really lost a good one there. He said, and he’s certainly not the first, that we can’t become complacent, we can’t become comfortable, that we must struggle, there might be violence and there will definitely be pain and discomfort and suffering, if we want to Improve The World for the Greater Good. Don’t be so scared of Blood and Violence. Can’t be a pacifist when there’s a Race War on. Bravery, valour, dying in battle, etc. I GET all that. So the new question is, am I willing to fight, or would I rather sit on the sidelines and BLOG?

While I’m NOT “A WN” and I AM tempted by Teen Tail, I am “CONCERNED” about The WEST being in decline.

If you have EVER gotten the urge to COMMIT to One Wimminz, you know, Infatuation, Pedestalitis, Oneitis, All-Consuming Romantic Unconditional Unrequited Luv, then that’s ALL the Beta You EVER need, FOR LIFE. Talked about Ratios, and IMHO the best ratio is a little of Beta and a Lot of Alpha. THAT much beta is ENOUGH to last you all your LIFE, even once you get OVER it; just HAVING HAD it will permanently meet your beta threshhold, because 100% Alphas NEVER put a Wimminz above them like that, never let wimminz GET to them that much, don’t CARE that much, don’t give away that much of themselves, don’t get hurt so bad. Once you get it once, it’s like CANCER, and the best you can hope for is Remission.

Not to say ALL Beta Traits are BAD like this. This is KINDA PRETTY MUCH COMPLICATED. Secure, Non-Soul-Crushing Love might be a POSITIVE Beta Trait, as well as Faithfulness, Kindness, etc.

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